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File 133163198293.png - (296.04KB , 800x629 , 4f2d6891414ae7a265ffbd575aa70ec0.png )
8903 No. 8903 [Edit]
Figured it would be better to keep it in one thread, rather than make a ton of small ones every so often...
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>> No. 35315 [Edit]
>> No. 35316 [Edit]
You can't be serious...
>> No. 35317 [Edit]
I seriously hope he gets the death penalty.
>> No. 35322 [Edit]
I didn't realize that both hataraku saibou s2 and the black version were both airing this season. S2 seems to be done by a different studio and something seems off; I don't know if it was just that first episode, but there was barely any medical content and the pacing/tone felt more like a shounen show with lots of yelling and action rather than the SoL-esque pacing that was there before. Ironically saibou black seems to be closer to the content and pacing of s1 (modulo the darker setting).
>> No. 35323 [Edit]
File 161039243452.jpg - (847.26KB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Non Non Biyori Nonstop - 01 (1080p) [.jpg )
>> No. 35324 [Edit]
The first season was by the same studio but I do agree the pacing was a little different. I still prefer it to black however, black had some interesting ideas but it feels too contrived.
>> No. 35326 [Edit]
>The first season was by the same studio
Ah you're right, my bad.
>> No. 35327 [Edit]
File 161047838672.jpg - (805.21KB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Wonder Egg Priority - 01 (1080p) [EDD.jpg )
Wonder Egg Priority seems promising. Something about it reminds me of Kon Satoshi's works although it's different and certainly more "modern". It's an original series with an intriguing concept, looking forward to see how it will turn out. Hopefully it will be good and I hope there won't be too much suffering and pain. There are some elements that could potentially put me off but we'll see. The characters are cute and there are shades of yuri but so far it seems to revolve mainly around the theme of friendship.
>> No. 35328 [Edit]
>I hope there won't be too much suffering and pain
Considering the thematic elements of the first episode I'm pretty sure that there's going to be a non-trivial amount of suffering or at least angsty themes. It's interesting that reactions to this initial episode have been pretty positive; I'm personally not completely sold on the characters or plot (mostly because we don't have much yet to work with aside from the broad strokes), but it holds enough potential to keep an eye on. If the rescuing of Nagase (who seems to have killed herself and that Ai feels guilty about?) and intertwined bullying of Ai do indeed turn out to be the scaffolding around which the series is drawn, then I hope they do properly flesh out the characters; sadly many other such shows fall into the trap of focusing on execution over character dynamics – merely using the characters as pawns to advance the plot).

Post edited on 12th Jan 2021, 4:52pm
>> No. 35341 [Edit]
File 161109833791.jpg - (649.72KB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Wonder Egg Priority - 02 (1080p) [255.jpg )
Personally I'm drawn in by the relatively novel theme of the anime and its artistic value. I'm the type who only watch SoL anime most of the time as I prefer heavier themed medias in manga form so this was something new. Having watched the second episode I suppose I'll continue watching it although the occasional edginess rubs me off the wrong way. Off tangent but I really dislike male characters in modern Japanese medias.
>> No. 35343 [Edit]
File 161110418822.png - (1.48MB , 1000x1366 , dcb13ed4a54fed6c841bcdb02c43286a.png )
>Off tangent but I really dislike male characters in modern Japanese medias.
Why do you hate them?
>> No. 35344 [Edit]
File 161110539583.jpg - (207.43KB , 1482x1367 , __oomuro_hanako_takasaki_misaki_ogawa_kokoro_and_s.jpg )
I think characters in the past are more gritty/hardboiled and hold righteousness/integrity as an ideal and I grew up with those. Characters nowadays seem to revolve around coolness as an ideal and are made to be more relatable than someone idealized/to look up to. Character nowadays also takes a lot from shonen/shojo MCs as well as traits from romantic/harem genres. Looks wise everything has been bishonen-ified. I guess my rant basically points to them taking everything I dislike and mixing them together. It probably evolved in a different direction from me, thank goodness there are still lots of SoLs for me to enjoy. I think the likes of Tetsuya Nomura, Evangelion (Shinji), VNs and Heisei (Kamen) Riders contributed a lot to the modern Male Character ideals.

Post edited on 19th Jan 2021, 5:18pm
>> No. 35345 [Edit]
File 161110750160.jpg - (275.72KB , 850x666 , sample_c449a74eb7861f029b2b86d68a6ba2b0.jpg )
It's odd that making a character more relatable makes you hate them. Those old school power fantasy male characters are entertaining in their own right, but modern ones feel like a reaction to those impossible standards and offer more depth in my opinion. Most of my fondest memories with anime come from some relatable guy's strife and growth.
>> No. 35346 [Edit]
File 161110981910.jpg - (523.54KB , 1600x1200 , __kemomimi_chan_original_drawn_by_naga_u__8f072ee5.jpg )
That's fair, I know I'm the one who can't adapt to these changes that's why I choose to focus on genres I like. I can understand why things develop in such a way and why it would be more popular but personally the so called relatable modern characters aren't relatable to me at all. Older characters don't necessarily set impossible criteria, though I know there are many characters like that and that's due to the simpler nature of older writings. I would say it's simply a difference in values. Characters like Majima and Kiryu from Ryu Ga Gotoku are ones in recent memory that I think are decent. I would say that depth are arguably more subjective. Some might argue that there are more character progression with newer characters but I don't think that that is the case, it only seemed that way because their flaws are more visible. Speaking of which the MC of Hataraku Saibou Black gets on my nerves.
>> No. 35403 [Edit]
File 161198838937.jpg - (79.47KB , 474x674 , leu.jpg )
>Kakegurui Twin Live-action Web Drama Starts Streaming on Amazon Prime on March 26
The official website for the live-action adaptation project based on the gambling themed manga Kakegurui announced today that a live-action web drama adaptation of its spin-off series Kakegurui Twin will start streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.
>> No. 35406 [Edit]
>live-action adaptation
Why would you post this in an anime news thread?
>> No. 35417 [Edit]
I'm quite underwhelmed by the way it's turning out. When every new episode introduces a new character with some kind of tragic backstory it's hard to really care about any of them.

On the flipside urasekai picnic is more interesting than I would have thought given the format of the first episode.

Post edited on 1st Feb 2021, 11:57pm
>> No. 35442 [Edit]
File 161305273946.jpg - (681.48KB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Wonder Egg Priority - 05 (1080p) [620.jpg )
I'm still undecided but it's still interesting enough to keep me going. It's well animated and the designs are pleasing to the eye but at the same time I dislike the modern sensibilities it exhibits at times. The premise is potentially interesting as I've said before but it fails to evoke any real emotions for me thus far. I haven't kept up with Urasekai but I have been following the manga for a while before it aired. I think the anime did some things better than the manga but the opposite is also true. Similar to WanEgg I think the concept for Urasekai is interesting but it is also riddled with niggling flaws.
>> No. 35443 [Edit]
It's not hard to make threads. This doesn't really seem like news...
>> No. 35444 [Edit]
Well, you're right. This post isn't news.
>> No. 35446 [Edit]
File 161325819358.jpg - (973.76KB , 1920x1080 , [Erai-raws] Vlad Love - 02 [1080p][Multiple Subtit.jpg )
Vlad Love is finally airing.
>> No. 35447 [Edit]
I'm a little upset that it came out all at once.
>> No. 35459 [Edit]
My guess is that they are probably trying to catch up and make up for loss time, I think the episodes will air as normal from here on.
>> No. 35496 [Edit]
File 161441456785.png - (892.91KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot_2021-02-27 TVアニメ『小林さん.png )
>> No. 35507 [Edit]
File 161498083847.jpg - (54.89KB , 750x500 , EvtSyDUVEAwAhZ-.jpg )
Following the recent premiere of ARIA The CREPUSCOLO, another anime sequel was announced, titled ARIA The BENEDIZIONE, the final chapter of the Blue Curtain Call trilogy.
>> No. 35591 [Edit]
File 16180808628.jpg - (219.63KB , 844x1200 , 9784088913841_120[1].jpg )
Akebichan no Serafuku is getting an anime adaptation. The art in the manga is unique and picturesque but I never really got into it for some reason. There were quite a bit of innuendos that might have put me off whilst I was reading it since I was in a different frame of mind and looking for a different kind of manga to read. It also evokes a certain quality that reminds me of older manga in a good way.

Post edited on 10th Apr 2021, 12:48pm
>> No. 35611 [Edit]
File 161869372681.jpg - (1.42MB , 1728x972 , EzFk_c7VUAUPh5I[1].jpg )
>> No. 35623 [Edit]
File 16192335853.jpg - (44.94KB , 474x317 , 20210425.jpg )
The live-action movie series adaptation of Nobuhiro Watsuki’s Rurouni Kenshin manga is returning with a not one, but two new movies! And now, Warner Bros Japan has released a new trailer for the second of these two movies. It features Kenshin in his days as the hitman called Battousai, as well as how he met his wife, Tomoe.
>> No. 35624 [Edit]
>live action
Sounds awful.
>> No. 35625 [Edit]
Late to the party, but I'm excited iff the anime's visuals will be in the strike range of the manga's graphical beauty. Also, to those enjoy ecchi and cute things in general, the mangaka's various artworks and doujin are worth looking into. (With that said, I also haven't kept up with the manga for reasons.)
>> No. 35626 [Edit]
File 161924402354.png - (151.49KB , 480x360 , _-rJyOeG9d3m0_mp4_snapshot_01_15.png )
Nice anime you have there.
>> No. 35638 [Edit]
There's a new madoka movie coming out, "Walpurgis no Kaiten." Not surprised that they're still milking this franchise
>> No. 35640 [Edit]
Hopefully they'll un-fuck things and end it properly again.
>> No. 35653 [Edit]
>> No. 35662 [Edit]
Metal Skin Panic: MADOX-01 Anime Hits Kickstarter Goal

Planned Blu-ray contents:

A new HD transfer of MADOX-01, created especially for this edition, in both the original 4:3 presentation (pillarbox) and a 16:9 version approved by Director Aramaki.
The original SD "Weapons of MADOX-01" featurette, that describes the real-life weapons systems featured in the show.
English subtitles, both our regular colored subtitles, colored SDH subtitles, and SDH captions.
Our English dub, with SDH captions.
Color and Line art galleries.
All the bonus features included on the 2003 DVD release, including a commentary track, two interviews (one of which is mostly Robert embarrassing himself), the original Japanese documentary, and an Easter Egg IMDB describes as a "disturbing behind the scenes look at AnimEigo."
List of all Kickstarter backers on the disc.
6-panel printed insert containing a poster on one side and a list of backers on the other.
Easter Eggs and other hidden content. Or maybe not. It'll be up to you to find out.
As with all our Blu-rays, the disc will not be region-locked.

Source: @AnimEigo
>> No. 35712 [Edit]
File 162166983626.jpg - (49.15KB , 385x500 , 20210523.jpg )
Berserk Manga Creator Kentaro Miura Passes Away at 54

>> No. 35715 [Edit]
It was posted in the news thread in /ot/ in case you didn't know and would like to talk about it.
>> No. 35733 [Edit]

Nice cast.
>> No. 35753 [Edit]
File 162333426293.webm - (63.61KB , ber.webm )
>> No. 35754 [Edit]
Looks like Di Gi Charat is still alive and getting a new anime.
>> No. 35756 [Edit]
File 162352607145.png - (3.23MB , 2333x2850 , __usada_hikaru_dejiko_puchiko_and_gema_di_gi_chara.png )
>> No. 35780 [Edit]
I don't think Gamers will ever let it truly die.
>> No. 35782 [Edit]
File 162536111472.jpg - (353.73KB , 1500x500 , 1500x500[1].jpg )
I can't believe it, I never expected there would ever be a second season of this. This makes me happy.
>> No. 35837 [Edit]
>> No. 35838 [Edit]
I don't have enough energy to get upset about these things anymore.
>> No. 35841 [Edit]

"KADOKAWA president Takeshi Natsuno voluntarily returns a portion of his remuneration (20%), saying he "deeply regret/reflect" his comments promoting manga censorship."
>> No. 35842 [Edit]
This faggot should voluntarily step down, and if he doesn't, the board should remove him (if they have the power to do so).
>> No. 35866 [Edit]
File 162890270235.jpg - (137.45KB , 826x446 , 20210829.jpg )
My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission Makes Its 2nd Place Debut @ the Japan Box Office
Mamoru Hosoda's "BELLE" has reached the 4 billion yen mark

Macross Delta the Movie: Zettai Live!!!!!! hits cinemas in Japan this autumn. To pre-game for the big premiere, a new Blu-ray box of the TV series is coming out, full of cool bonuses for Walküre fans.
Macross Delta Releases "Walküre Edition" Blu-ray with Beautiful New Art
Home video release will include concert videos, a photo book, and vendor-specific bonuses
>> No. 35899 [Edit]
File 16313193334.jpg - (104.45KB , 640x360 , cooler2.jpg )

The official website for Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z, the second installment of the train transforming robot anime franchise Shinkalion, has announced that Rei Ayanami will appear in its forthcoming crossover episode with the Evengelion franchise to be aired in Japan on September 17, 2021.
As reported, Shinji Ikari to be voiced by his original voice cast Megumi Ogata has been also confirmed to appear in the episode. Ayanami previously made her guest appearance in the 31st episode of the first Shinkalion TV anime aired in August 2018, along with Soryu Asuka Langley. We don't know at this point if Asuka will also appear again, or if they'll have dialogue spoken by the original voice actresses.
The crossover episode will also feature "Oni Eva" (Demon Eva). It is a giant monster created from the statue of Eva-01 at the Toei Kyoto Studio Park by an unknown enemy named Teoti.
>> No. 35900 [Edit]
So, what exactly is Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion about? I've been thinking about this series a lot since it came out because of the Hatsune Miku crossover, but i haven't had enough motivation to watch it. How are these crossovers even happening?
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