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File 149418623294.jpg - (162.60KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Brave Witches - 08 [1080p]_mkv_snap.jpg )
22622 No. 22622 [Edit]
What keeps you from committing suicide?
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>> No. 24172 [Edit]
What is your website? I would love to drop by sometime.
>> No. 24246 [Edit]
My mom has had a tough life I could never do something that would hurt her like that.
>> No. 24247 [Edit]
It cheapens the death. Like someone taking a selfie of themselves crying. Pathetic attention whoring to the bitter end.
>> No. 24250 [Edit]
What a fetid cunt you are.
>> No. 24251 [Edit]
You don't go to Gensokyo if you kill yourself... That isn't how to get there.
>> No. 24252 [Edit]
This is the only thing that keeps me going. Once my mom passes away however, all bets are off.
>> No. 24253 [Edit]
>Pathetic attention whoring
I'm sorry you see it that way, but some people need desperately need that attention. I don't think it's pathetic. Most people want to feel loved or cared for or noticed to some degree. It can be hard living life like some ghost, being treated like you're invisible by the world you're stuck living in. It can make life feel really empty and pointless. I don't blame someone for wanting to say "I was here" as they go out. I've considered doing the same.
>> No. 24254 [Edit]
Fear, mostly. I also love my parents to the point I wouldn't want to hurt them anymore than I already have.
>> No. 24257 [Edit]
I’m a cunt for not approving of someone filming their suicide. How warped has your mind become from image boards?
>> No. 24258 [Edit]
Maybe he's Australian? You know how they like to call everyone a cunt.
>> No. 24259 [Edit]
You can take that approval and shove it, it was never yours to be given.
>> No. 24260 [Edit]
My opinion doesn’t affect anything so I don’t know why it is so upsetting.

Suicide? Sure.

Suicide as a cry for attention? Dumb.

Don’t see how that view evokes such a reaction.

Don’t you think a community that gets off on watching suicide live-streams is sickening?

Not replying after this. Don’t want to clutter thread.
>> No. 24261 [Edit]
I feel guilty about the legal ramifications suicide brings to my peers, I remember a board used to have say “no last posts, no i’m killing myself at x” because it becomes a legal problem for others
The last thing i’d want is to make other people troubled or unhappy. I wish I didn’t exist.
>> No. 24267 [Edit]
I still find enjoyment in new entertainment that comes out.
>> No. 24318 [Edit]
File 155607667695.png - (265.14KB , 640x466 , hanyuu.png )
Mom would be sad

Also because of general cowardice. I don't want to go through the possibility of experiencing the physical pain that may come with it and probably have some lingering fear of death still.
>> No. 24321 [Edit]
Suicide leaves ones mind so clouded they won’t be able to enter the Pure Land and leaves one with negative karma.
>> No. 24322 [Edit]
If Buddhists don't believe in reicarnation, their logical solution to suffering would be suicide.
>> No. 24323 [Edit]
But most of them do? Isn’t reincarnation like the whole point of most dharmic shit?
>> No. 24324 [Edit]
They do but it's not allowed. Kind of like how if a Christian does it he does not go to heaven but hell, if a Buddhist does it he will go to hell as well.
>> No. 24325 [Edit]
What I am trying to say is that like all religions, Buddhists hinge its philosophy on a number of yet proven supernatural beliefs, in this case reincarnation. Without this beliefs the whole philosophical structure will fall apart. The point of Buddhism is that our current mundane existence is suffering. Unlike other beliefs, Buddhists reject the idea that true happiness and liberation from suffering is possible in this world. Their solution is to get rid of all of your attachments, that way you will cease to reincarnate upon your death. While the Sutras is very obscure on the topic of what this enlightened existence or non-existence is like, we can at least infer that at the core of Buddhists belief is the denial of an unenlightened life in the world, the Samsara, which might as well be the life all of us know until death. What I am trying to say in my post is that, if you were to hypothetically take out the belief of reincarnation and afterlife from Buddhist philosophy, the logical conclusion would be suicide. After all, you have rejected that happiness and liberation is possible in this life, so there is only two way to resolve this problem, to achieve complete non-attachment in this life or to kill yourself. In the first method, not only will you have to painstakingly train and continue to suffer in this world for many years, it is not guaranteed that you will reach any major spiritual advancements and beside you will die and meet oblivion eventually. In the second choice however, not only will you meet the inevitable so nothing will change in the long term, you will also be free from suffering in a much faster time.

Of course if you assume the oblivion of death every religion become pointless, but especially in a life-denying religion like Buddhism would the philosophical remnants so readily point to suicide. At least how I see it, Buddhism isn't an ideology of finding meaning or happiness in life, but of coping with suffering. There is still lines in the bible that praises life and god's creation. The Taoists teaches of value in being one with the universe. But in the Sutra, from what little I have read, it has always been "Practice! Practice to sever your attachment. So that you may cease to be born in this world! So that you upon your death, you shall be free!". But what if there is no cycle of rebirth, no karmic fetters binding us to existence? All that's left is to kill ourselves. I think of Buddhism as one of the greatest religion in the world, for it uses logic in its teachings. Logic on how suffering comes from attachments and freedom comes from eliminating attachments. But if one can eliminate desire and following it suffering by killing oneselves, what uses is the hours of meditation and Sutra reading?

I don't think that life after death exists. It seems to me that the only reason to continue living is either because there is something worthwhile in life or cowardice. I don't have the former and I don't think Buddhism can help me find it. The second is the actual reason why I am still alive, and Buddhist practice can help me cope with the suffering. But at the end of the training, when I have managed to sever my attachment to cowardice, I too will have no reason to continue practicing Buddhism instead of dying. Though after all this rationalization, it is more likely that my gripe with Buddhism is that it did not solve my problem instantly and I simply lack the discipline to practice it. I do think that Buddhism has more worth than other religions out there, it's just that it's a very despairing view on existence. I don't even know what I am on about.
>> No. 24327 [Edit]
For me, hobbies make no difference because I no longer find joy in them. I've considered suicide nearly every single day for about 5 years, but somewhat seriously for about 3.

Right now, everything makes me miserable, so the thought of ending it doesn't scare me that much. I went to the urgent care once for something, and the doctor told me to go to the ER and get checked out because it could be a blood clot. But I decided I'd rather risk death than be in debt a few thousand dollars for the hospital visit, and it sort of surprised me how okay I was with the thought that I could die.

I think that life is a gamble. I know that if I end it, then I end my chance for happiness. The thought that scares me most is that if I gamble on life, and it turns out to be nothing but misery even 20, 30, or 40 years from now, I will really regret having put up with it for so long.

But, I know that it could one day turn out that I could be happy, and if that happened, then I would feel really relieved that I didn't so something so dumb as to end the chance to feel that emotion.

So for now, I do nothing. I continue to exist this way, unable to commit to living or dying, because both options seem to have fair points.
>> No. 24328 [Edit]
Why is your life so miserable fren? What makes you sad? I mean I'm pretty ronery to but I've never been depressed like that.
>> No. 24356 [Edit]
A bit late but I think reincarnation is supposed to be a bad thing, which is kind of the point of the post the other anon is making but I don’t see how suicide would be the solution when it would just make your suffering worse.
>> No. 24357 [Edit]
This was a weird write up, but to be fair many of the sutras have endured centuries of translation and debate. And I don’t think it’s negative or life-denying. Surya Das said this on the matter “Buddha Dharma does not teach that everything is suffering. What Buddhism does say is that life, by its nature, is difficult, flawed, and imperfect. [...] That's the nature of life, and that's the First Noble Truth. From the Buddhist point of view, this is not a judgement of life's joys and sorrows; this is a simple, down-to-earth, matter-of-fact description.”
Make of that what you will.
>> No. 24399 [Edit]
This is a weird thing to bring up but do you think the people that had no issues ending their lives is why this site has so many issues connecting with people with similar interests like they used to in the old days? people in their 20s have either moved on or killed themselves, which is an epidemic.
People who have gotten this low in life and still not committing suicide is somewhat comforting.
>> No. 24400 [Edit]
If you’re in a comfortable enough position to be a hikki/NEET what is so bad where you are considering suicide? Mental health
>> No. 24402 [Edit]
>If you’re in a comfortable enough position to be a hikki/NEET ...
Let's be real though. Although being a NEET is a "good problem to have" as it were, there is always a constant anxiety that it will end. Few people are in a comfortable enough position to live that way forever.
>> No. 24413 [Edit]
im a hikineet and i dont carew if it ends, ill just an hero when that happens
>> No. 25100 [Edit]
would ruin my best friends life
>> No. 25101 [Edit]
cant bear imagining my mum suffering after i died
>> No. 25105 [Edit]
I will turn 33yo this year and I'm already full of this world since I can't have a decent life where I live. I'm from some third world hellhole where you can be killed over a cheap smartphone and 10 dollars, it's a hell, I don't want face such reality anymore, I'm full of this shit.
What keeps me from kill myself is my mom, but I have plans to kill myself this year if everything gets unbearable.
>> No. 25106 [Edit]
File 157810630183.jpg - (45.52KB , 451x558 , heart.jpg )
>> No. 25108 [Edit]
Delusion that things might become better one day.
>> No. 26486 [Edit]
Essentially just hedonistic enjoyment of media and the future possible shows that I might enjoy.

It's interesting that at its core most people usually live either for the sake of someone else, or for the sake of experiences (via hobbies or media). Yet when asked this question, the majority will go on about "life" is intrisically beautiful or how it's a gift that should not be squandered – and they clearly seem to buy into that.

In an ideal society, suicide would be socially accepted and you could consent to voluntary euthanasia just like any other medical procedure. The fact that society prizes "free-will" so much but refuses to accept this is mind boggling. And it's often those who claim that "suicide is selfish" who will selfishly try to extend the life of a family member during old-age regardless of whether they're actually comfortable or not.

That was well-written, thank you for the post.
>> No. 26487 [Edit]
>In an ideal society, suicide would be socially accepted
Nobody really cares when somebody commits suicide, at least if they're not a white female. They don't want euthanasia to be legal or openly accept suicide as a valid option because they don't want to think about it and feel bad, or worse, start questioning the value of their own life. The majority is totally fine with others killing themselves where they can't see or hear about it.
>> No. 26493 [Edit]
I have a vision of how I want the end to play out and I'm waiting for the ideal opportunity.
>> No. 26498 [Edit]
Buddhism says that you should not kill yourself because behind the suicidal intent is often the desire for a better life and the main goal of Buddhism is to destroy all desires. But if you choose to end your life without that desire, then you are free to take it, like those monks who burn themselves out of protest. Nothing is 'against the rules' in Buddhism, like in Abrahamic religions, the rules are meant merely as a means to an end, with the end being enlightenment. At least this was the case in the original, Orthodox Buddhism but some people who ended up adopting it did add more standard religious stuff like a belief in an afterlife.
I have read that 'suffering' is actually an incorrect translation of samsara that gives the religion the image of a defeatist philosophy when it's not per se. Samsara is supposed to mean something like 'restlessness', a constant inner chaos and inability to take life as it is as a result of your desires.
>> No. 26499 [Edit]
File 161886494710.jpg - (475.71KB , 827x1200 , RainbowBody.jpg )
I even heard of particular techniques used by some buddhist practitioners to end their own lifes, like literally stopping your heart at will or even crazier stuff like completely disintegrating yourself in a body of light (only nails and hair were left, apparently). It's probably mostly bullshit, but still, the idea is there. Also there's the process of self-mummification, a really slow and particular kind of suicide, and that one's real for sure.
>> No. 26503 [Edit]
I wouldn't be surprised if the more advanced monks could actually stop their heart-beats somehow. I think that some of these Buddhists may have near-superhuman control over their bodies to a realistic extent, like one thing they say is that a person who is enlightened or close to that state no longer feels physical pain. If you look at footage of that Vietnamese monk who burned himself to death, there is zero movement or sound from him, whereas most people would obviously be running around screaming when set on fire.
>> No. 26504 [Edit]
I can certainly believe it; there have been instances where normal people undergo "disassociation" in response to heavy pain, where they're aware of it but it doesn't bother them. It's not hard to imagine that someone who practiced extreme control control could voluntarily bring themselves to that state.
>> No. 26505 [Edit]
I know they could do things like changing body temperature at will, like melting the snow around them. I remember some anecdote of a practitioner that knew how to do it but argued it wasn't particularly worth learning since these days we can easily get proper clothes for the cold. And as you said they could master control over pain and body reactions as some vietnamese monks proved beyond doubt, I always found that really impressive. The idea of disolving your body into light seems quite more fantastical, though the mere concept is fascinating. Then there's other crazy stuff like levitating, I was told that was pure myth but what they could actually do is unreal jumps from a meditating sitting position, don't know how or what was the purpose. Shoko Asahara showed himself doing that in that silly Aum Shinrikyo anime so maybe there's some basis or a tradition behind it.
>> No. 26506 [Edit]
>don't know how or what was the purpose
To look cool. Looking cool and trying to escape death(total oblivion) explains most of religion.
>> No. 26509 [Edit]
I believe they could change their body temperature since Wim Hof has demonstrated enduring extreme cold climates with advanced breathing techniques. But the flying and turning into light stuff sounds too unbelievable, especially since Shoko was a conman who never showed any definite proof. Maybe stories of that happening had some sort of symbolical meaning that we are missing.
>> No. 26510 [Edit]
I mentioned Asahara because I heard of the weird jumping from a certain person who assured he witnessed it (also denied the levitation was ever a thing), and while it didn't make too much sense he was really convincing so it got stuck in my mind. Then many years later while watching Aum Shinrikyo videos I recognized the same thing that person described.
>> No. 26521 [Edit]
I've read that the the "Wim Hof method" is an adaption of various Tibetan tunmo techniques (and more generally, breathing technique/breath control/pranayama has been the focus of traditional yoga). I don't particularly like his branding/advertising aspects – and I'm not sure that the cold exposure is really as important as the breath control – but at the very least he's willing to work with researchers and undergo studies so that the effects of these things can be better documented.
>> No. 26534 [Edit]
File 161959772977.jpg - (123.65KB , 1920x1080 , cap_[Nii-sama] Slow Start - 02 [1080p][BD][HEVC][1.jpg )
I hope COVID didn't make things unbearable for this anon.
I've said this before and I'll say it again. I'm sorry this world can be so cruel.
>> No. 26535 [Edit]
Wish I could save all the NEETs, hikkis, and depressive types. I swear, if I ever fall into money, I'll do everything in my power to save as many of them as possible.
>> No. 26536 [Edit]
Raised Catholic and I can't help but believe in a God. I don't want to burn in hell forever and ever and ever just because I hate living. I'm trying to think long term about eternity. Even if Christians are wrong, basically every religion ever made looks down on suicide and I fear punishment

In other words, I'm a pussy.
>> No. 26537 [Edit]
>basically every religion ever made looks down on suicide
Not Buddhism, though they pretend it doesn't count as suicide if meditation is involved. The rules are made by the living and the living doesn't want their workers leaving their post too soon. People who commit suicide never get the chance to make their own religion which the living follow.
>> No. 26538 [Edit]
There really isn't much we can do is there? Unfortunate that some of us broke through the barriers of ignorance - the only thing that could make living in places like these bearable. I'm in an almost identical situation except I don't get along well with my mother.
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