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File 158281180079.jpg - (92.17KB , 850x850 , __chroniko_kaiba_drawn_by_amiyakinyu__sample-ee356.jpg )
25323 No. 25323 [Edit]
Post random things you remember. Little things that left an impression on you.

I was driving with my mom somewhere around the time I was in middle school. It was a long ride. I summarised the plots of eva and saya no uta to her. She seemed bored and a little put-off, but I think she was listening. Then she started talking about how Japanese people have a genetic propensity for cruelness which explained why they would make such things. I thought it was an interesting theory.
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>> No. 26176 [Edit]
I don't like the term failed normalfag becuase it insinuates that either the things normalfags want have value, or someone isn't actually a normalfag. Low rank normalfag would be better.
>> No. 26177 [Edit]
>the kind of person that craves for the normalfag life and thinks that things like getting a grillfriend will solve all his problems
There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting that.
>> No. 26178 [Edit]
I hate stupid, foolish people, so there is something wrong with it. Fucking brainless cattle. I don't come on the to tc to see this type of shit. There's a million other places for it, so why is it so difficult to keep this insipid, mindless garbage that's regurgitated ad-naeuseum somewhere else? How hard it to understand that people cannot and will not measure up to 2d characters? What are they even doing on here? What is the thought process behind it? They can go to some dating site and pursue their idiotic goals. I have to say all this, I can't just ignore it and let it keep going. This needs to be put out there. I have to state this message as clearly and strongly as possible to put it on record.

Post edited on 26th Nov 2020, 6:20pm
>> No. 26180 [Edit]
It is, because the person is craving for something that doesn't really exist. It's bad for the person and it's bad when the person pollutes anywhere he goes with the same kind of thoughts. And I can understand a moment of weakness, we all can have doubts and I'm not really intolerant, but not a perpetual drama that eats someone's life.
>> No. 26181 [Edit]
File 160647360170.jpg - (1.08MB , 1108x1464 , 4fd715edd43524620416ce33c899e234.jpg )
>It is, because the person is craving for something that doesn't really exist.
I see where you're coming from but that's something I can't agree with. It's a natural desire that is only further conditioned in most people by media and people's expectations. One I might even feel so bold as to say even people with waifus want or enjoy. To love and be loved by a lover and maybe even have faithful friends. An ideal life with ideal peers.
I agree with the rest of what you said, the reality is that most of the time it just doesn't exist and life is not always so glamorous, everyone here knows that. But even so, not everyone lives the kind of life that disillusions them so early in their life instead of experience hammering it into their thick skull only breaking through when they're old. But saying it's wrong to want natural human desires is, in my opinion, somewhat ignorant and doesn't make much sense. Don't assume I'm saying you should let in normalshits though, absolutely not.
>> No. 26182 [Edit]
I never say it was wrong to have those desires, because it's not something you decide, what I meant is you shouldn't abandon yourself to those desires. There's more in life, be normal or not be normal but don't fall for impossible idealizations or reality will crush you in one way or another. I don't think you need any particular experience to reach this conclussion, just to have your eyes open and accept things for what they are.
>> No. 26183 [Edit]
See, this >>26178 >>26180 is what I was talking about.
They're trying to enforce this toxic, obnoxious wizardchan mentality even though it doesn't belong here.
>> No. 26184 [Edit]
What part of 2d > 3d do you not understand? It's not complicated. I've never used wizardchan, but as far as I know, they aren't about 2d or appreciating anything. You can't conflate these things for your own convenience. Tohno-chan is a website that first and foremost focuses on 2d. It's really, really simple, and all anybody has to do it turn on their brain to understand it. I don't care if that's "toxic".

This sentiment isn't new by the way

Post edited on 27th Nov 2020, 12:28pm
>> No. 26185 [Edit]
Really nice story, anonymous. I remember similar things about the "clubs" where the parents drop you with other kids and expect you to have fun (especially after school since my parents always worked late). I always found it really uncomfortable, and I couldn't tell how genuine people were with their closeness.

Why did you go back to your hotel room after drinking? It seems like that wasn't very much alcohol but I suppose if you were young and never drank before it could have been confusing. Normally people drink a lot more than that on New Year's Eve since it's a big celebration, but also it's supposed to make you feel hot and fuzzy, that's what gets people to socialise. Did you at least wait until midnight to go back to your room? They probably thought you are rude if you are leaving before.
>> No. 26186 [Edit]
File 160674784731.jpg - (171.34KB , 640x640 , lolibooru 285495 bad_pixiv_id dd_(ijigendd) elbow_.jpg )
>Why did you go back to your hotel room after drinking?
It was already after midnight and people were getting ready to move on to the "disco"(what Russian-speakers call a place to dance while listening to music). My mother is a lightweight(so maybe I am too? plus I was and still am 5'7, 120 lbs) and I had never drunk that much before like you said, though I have had a bit of champagne in previous years. My thought process was that I didn't know if I was drunk or how intoxicated I was, but I was more likely to do or say saying embarrassing, so I got quiet and wanted to isolate myself quickly. I also just felt physically uncomfortable and maybe there was some pressure in my head.
>> No. 26187 [Edit]
> "disco"(what Russian-speakers call a place to dance while listening to music).
I thought this was the common (and only) meaning of disco? Even spanish has the word discoteca, so I don't think it's russian only.
>> No. 26188 [Edit]
>(and only) meaning of disco?
I'm not sure about the average American, but to me disco means the dated 70s music genre. I actually remembered it wrong, they call it a "discotec" I think. When I think of a place to dance, night club, ballroom and dance floor come to mind first.
>> No. 26189 [Edit]
>but to me disco means the dated 70s music genre
The genre is presumably named after the type of music that would be played at a disco (at least in that era).
>> No. 26190 [Edit]
You couldn't be more wrong. While wizchan is all about witch hunting and overreacting, and that made me hate the place, I just expressed my thoughts and advice, little else. If you feel like you really need to talk about that stuff or express your desires then you're free to do it if moderation is ok with that, I will never try to impose my beliefs in anyone since I lack what's necessary for that and I'm no one to say what belongs here and what not, at most I will discretely express an slight discomfort.
>> No. 26191 [Edit]
File 160697302751.jpg - (368.43KB , 900x900 , 5b42e37e2faf8b5bb59b8c67469ece94.jpg )
In highschool, I went on /co/ once out of morbid curiosity. While there, I got into an argument with someone about whether or not the "animesnob" is a good critic. Eventually, it got to the point where I would spend 30 minutes writing a reply and waiting 30 minutes for them to respond. Somehow, this lasted until 6am when I finally went to sleep. I think I got the last word in, but the next day the thread was already gone, so I'm not sure. For some reason, I still deeply regret participating in this. This wasn't a regular thing for me. I never went on /co/ again. Part of me thinks that I wasn't arguing with a person, but a demon whose sole purpose is to waste as much of humans' time as possible.
>> No. 26192 [Edit]
That's a sick degrading behaviour and you should abstain from it in the future. I know that because I have done it in the past. I could get into the most stupid internet arguing for hours, and I never got anything positive from it, just annoyed others and myself. Since years ago I mostly avoid it and the sole thought of having anything outside a friendly conversation in good terms feels more and more nauseating with time.
I would like to say it's because I have matured but it's probably just my brain deciding to stop doing something stupid for once, a really diminished self-steem that makes me unable to stand an strong point on anything and being more appreciative on whatever time I have left. I still remember all that wasted time and energy with regreet and shame though.
>> No. 26193 [Edit]
/co/ and places like it are sick. Shunning anime in favour of mediocre western cartoons is ridiculous.
>> No. 26194 [Edit]
File 16070233582.png - (796.03KB , 850x1133 , 93A85078-2F58-4495-B5AC-AD632105587E-2677-00000434.png )
I've had prolonged arguments on the internet since then, but none have been nearly that prolonged or cut into my sleep. What makes it even worse is that I did it in a place I wasn't invested in to begin with.
>> No. 26195 [Edit]
You consider anyone who has different tastes than you to be ridiculous?
>> No. 26196 [Edit]
Generally no. It's that specific case that baffles me.
>> No. 26197 [Edit]
Lately I've been having fragments of memories of what I was specifically doing at the time I watched an anime I saw years ago. I was thinking about how I was sitting in bed watching the Galaxy Express film late at night even though I had a test in the morning and just not caring about that. That was probably about 8 or 9 years ago now and I guess nothing much has changed since then.
>> No. 26198 [Edit]
What's different in this case? I can't see what's so sick about them having a board dedicated to the stuff they like.
>> No. 26199 [Edit]
It's not that they have a board, it's the attitude that board has and how it spreads. I'm not explaining this well, but mostly my problems with the western cartoon/comic community is that they look down on anime and its fans a lot, and especially otaku culture related things. I suppose I'm perpetuating a cycle by just hating them back but I really do dislike them. This is kind of off topic for this thread though.
>> No. 26200 [Edit]
I think it goes both ways.
>> No. 26201 [Edit]
File 160744184422.png - (674.58KB , 800x1000 , ff5371d8967574fe6d4083b8e0cacd44.png )
Sometimes, when I spend an inordinate amount of time doing something, I can't go to sleep at night because I obsessively think about doing that thing and it's all I can see when I close my eyes. This doesn't happen every time, but sometimes, for whatever reason, my mind gets stuck in a horrible loop. Once I played Pokemon emerald for an entire day, like ten or more hours straight. At night I closed my eyes, but the game was still in front of me, so I spent the whole night tossing and turning while trying to think of something else.

This happened to me yesterday, but with math this time. I had been studying for an exam for three days, seven to nine hours each day. For some reason, it only happened after the exam. All I could see when I closed my eyes was numbers and nonsensical, impossible problems. My mind also made bizarre connections between my body parts, the blanket and math symbols. My left hand was an =, my head a 3x and my right hand a 4pi. I went through eight hours of this shit and I'm afraid.
>> No. 26202 [Edit]
Being stuck in fight-or-flight. Trying to stop those thought loops makes it worse. Divert your attention onto something else.
>> No. 26206 [Edit]
Yeah this happens to me too. With programming, math and games.
Last I remember was fire emblem and when sleeping I was nonsensically trying to get in a more comfortable position in turn based movement. I hate it.
>> No. 26210 [Edit]
This also happens to me, especially with math. When I was studying abstract algebra, I would sit in bed thinking about groups, fields, and polynomials for a long time before eventually falling asleep and dreaming of those same things. I think it is sometimes referred to as the Tetris Effect.
>> No. 26211 [Edit]
>I can't go to sleep at night because I obsessively think about doing that thing and it's all I can see when I close my eyes.
I face this issue at well. When I lie in bed I still keep thinking about how to solve something or generally just pondering things. And then when I think of something I feel the need to write it down so I don't forget it, so I have to get up from bed and so it ends uptaking ~3 hours to fall asleep (which I suppose is still somewhat fortunate seeing as it seems it your situation is far worse).

The only thing that really works for me is trying to prevent those types of ponderings by avoiding mentally stimulating work and limiting myself to mindless things. But then I end up getting bored, so it's quite a hellish cycle. Perhaps I should work on trying to learn how to "clear my mind" as you mentioned in (>>36941). But the issue is I genuinely enjoy thinking about things, and sometimes I do indeed have solutions come to me while my mind is drifting as I'm trying to sleep (supposedly a noted phenomenon in hypnagogia. It also does indeed manifest in the "Tetris effect" as >>26210 mentioned).
>> No. 26213 [Edit]
File 160781290265.jpg - (3.38MB , 4096x2304 , 897e19184bb14f0c08026211c41e4b4b.jpg )
In high school, there was this policy that students couldn't be upstairs during lunch. They could be wherever they wanted downstairs, but upstairs was off limits. As lunch was about to end, I was standing outside the stairwell among a crowd of people, waiting to go to my next class. Nearly everybody was talking to one or more other people. I was day dreaming.

Out of nowhere, at least in my memory, a kid who wasn't talking to anybody either came up to me and said something kind of embarrassing I can't remember, maybe a joking complaint about the wait or something. I knew he wanted me to respond with something, but I just gave a one word reply and barely looked at him. In my memory at least, he was kind of chubby and baby-faced. He then told me he was a sophomore and asked me what year I was. Senior. I think he was disappointed by that.

I don't remember if he said anything else, but I never saw him again. I never had classes with him or otherwise saw him before this either. Maybe I come across as mean in this story, but I disliked the vibe and connotations of the interaction. I didn't like how he assumed I wanted to talk to somebody or that my feelings were in any way similar to his own. Maybe I felt "preyed upon". I think he was trying to make a friend or something, but the interaction was objectively pointless. Even more so because I was a senior and like two months away from graduating.

What's funny is that I probably remember this better than he does.
>> No. 26227 [Edit]
>she started talking about how Japanese people have a genetic propensity for cruelness
your mom sounds epic
>> No. 26274 [Edit]
>My mind also made bizarre connections between my body parts, the blanket and math symbols. My left hand was an =, my head a 3x and my right hand a 4pi. I went through eight hours of this shit and I'm afraid.
This will happen to me a lot if I do something too much before sleeping. One time I woke up thinking my body was military strategy map trying to plot nukes on itself and figure out which yields would be the most productive for different targets.
>> No. 26275 [Edit]
File 16095271403.jpg - (116.09KB , 850x601 , A6F8AA2C-EC94-4805-BCC5-DAFDEC2AF9A7-13678-00000C7.jpg )
It was the first day of health class(don't ask me why we were doing this there) during my senior year. Everybody in a class of thirty people had to stand in one corner of the room depending on their "communication style". The four options were emotional, people who agree with whatever the other person says, "contemplators"(people who don't have an opinion on most things and take a long time to think when asked for theirs') and outspoken(people who just say what they think point blank). Most people and every girl stood in the emotional or agree with the other person corners. A few annoying guys stood in the contemplator corner, all of which I later found out used reddit. And I was the only person who stood in the outspoken corner. I then had to explain, by myself, how great outspoken people are since nobody else was available. I know this sounds really stupid and unbelievable, but it actually happened.
>> No. 26276 [Edit]
Well are you outspoken? If not then that situation is quite ironic (although why would you go to that corner then?)
>> No. 26277 [Edit]
I am. What suprised me was that nobody else in that room identified that way.
>> No. 26296 [Edit]
File 160990929095.jpg - (106.70KB , 850x680 , uro.jpg )
Was walking around a park with a friend I had once and a gypsy woman wanted to read my fortune. I thought "Why the hell not?" and gave her a few coins to tell me. She said some generic/broad things, like that I'll have a very good future, but she had also mentioned something about getting me getting married to an American man. Coincidentally, when my mom had visited a fortune teller years ago and asked about me, the fortune teller had also told her I'd get married to an American man.
>> No. 26298 [Edit]
Being outspoken is one of those things that outs you as an assertive person, which is a problem when people are expected to be more docile than ever before. The idea of strongly holding an idea that is your own is high heresy against the church of never failing to consider each and every point of view until you are convinced that yes, you SHOULD give up your own interests and ideals in deference of other people. I am not talking about any one specific example.
>> No. 26301 [Edit]
And yet society idolizes and promotes outspoken people. The "free-thinking" outspoken man is revered in the media as a symbol of the American spirit, and more practically in the workforce it is those outspoken individuals who shamelessly take credit for others that will be given promotions.
>> No. 26302 [Edit]
Sometimes I don't know if I'm a weirdo for being unable to hold strong opinions, or I'm a normal for the same reason. It's confusing.
>> No. 26306 [Edit]
File 161000177615.jpg - (164.11KB , 849x1200 , 85b56d3815f60d588dd06771c57bd2cc.jpg )
>And yet society idolizes and promotes outspoken people.
It's selective with this. The only promoted ones are the people who state the "correct" opinion, the opinion most agree with that is considered the most socially acceptable.
>The "free-thinking" outspoken man is revered in the media as a symbol of the American spirit
This might be true of what some people think but in practice if the free-thinking outspoken man disagrees with the masses, even if his opinion is as American and logical as it gets, he will be absolutely despised. This kind of archetype just makes an interesting character but not always a well-liked person, especially now.
But you probably already know this.
>> No. 26507 [Edit]
File 161902697379.jpg - (457.16KB , 1217x777 , c5ad196485fbffc906e62a2100c31cf6.jpg )
I was at my middle school graduation, walking in a straight line with the others in my grade to the gym. This girl I talked to a few times in math class who was behind me suddenly said "Anon, nobody likes you". Not in a loud voice, but enough from me to hear. My initial reaction was confused disbelief. At that point, I remembered hearing she had done something similar before to another girl. I guess was that that's her "bullying strategy", waiting until the last moment to insult somebody so she wouldn't be reprimanded. The entire rest of the ceremony was left, so I decided to emotionally numb myself and disassociate from my surroundings.

We sat in rows in the center of the gym and would get called up one by one. We then had to walk to the front onto a stage, say our name in a microphone, and receive a t-shirt from the principal. Everybody that went up got an overly loud applause, mostly from their friends. I just waited and waited, totally out of it until they called on me. I went up and said my name. A lot of people didn't clap and the applause was noticeably quieter than other peoples'. I got the stupid t-shirt and went back to my seat.

Few years later, my highschool graduation was coming up. I decided not to go to it because of my previous experience, and this one would require us to go to school an extra day and do a whole rehearsal. Strangely enough, I was kind of friendly with the highschool gym teachers. I wasn't athletic or did any sports, but I talked with them fairly regularly. Maybe it was out of pity or something, but I don't know for sure.

While we were signing something for the graduation in our gym, I went up to them and explained I wouldn't be doing it and hadn't bought the gown and shit. They were genuinely upset. Like I was committing sacrilege. One of them basically ordered me go to the office and tell the people there I wanted to buy a gown. I did go there, but instead told them I wouldn't be doing it and they needed to mark me as being absent or something.

I let the guy know I did this via email later that day. He responded that he wanted to see me, which got me a bit nervous. So I went to the gym teachers' office and he was sitting there alone. Instead of getting mad, he got weirdly sentimental and started going on about how I had taught him so much, that some people wanted to live a "quiet life" and not everybody is interested in "exciting things". He almost seemed like he was tearing up, shook my hand and thanked me. I just stood there, in front of him, listening and feeling a bit uncomfortable. I said some polite words and that was the last time I ever saw him.

The school office expected me to physically go there to pick up my diploma, so I called them and told them to mail it to me instead. Got it a week later and put it in some closet.
>> No. 26508 [Edit]
I had someone at a job say something similar to my face. Didn't mean much though, her opinion meant nothing to me anyway. Besides, this person wasn't exactly popular at this work site, I've had to listen to others endlessly complain about them while not giving two shits then either. Popularity means nothing if these people can't or wont do anything for you anyway. Might as well be told an ant doesn't like you.
>> No. 26511 [Edit]
To contrast the thoughtful posts, today I remembered the night where my dad hurriedly walked into my room as I was enjoying a nukige. There was the typical awkwardness and embarrassment, but that's expected and uninteresting. Instead, what impressed upon me was his remark (paraphrased): "Why do they look like aliens?" Later that night we watched a movie about aliens. I'm not sure if it was on purpose or not.
>> No. 26633 [Edit]
File 162572482124.jpg - (20.02KB , 500x600 , f4190b0bb3440081f98dc8b25d8385f7.jpg )
In fifth grade, I was standing around an empty hallway one day and picked up a quarter from the floor. A bit after, the principal came in from around the corner. I remembered it was his birthday today, so I gave him the quarter and said happy birthday. He was clearly uncomfortable and trying to act glad. I really enjoyed that.
>> No. 28188 [Edit]
File 168322026887.jpg - (890.76KB , 1710x2048 , 11324047947af87da9998e8b974e5ab8.jpg )
A few years ago, I went through my older sister's things in her old room. These days, she's nice enough to me, but while growing up, she was a cunt to her immediate family, especially me. To her rotating circle of friends though, she was nothing except sweetness and light.

I found a lot of her writings from across her life. Elementary, middle and high school. Some of it was for class, some of it was like a diary. I wasn't mentioned in any of it. Our parents were there, not me. Not once. You'd think she was an only child.

Our mom says she does care about me, but I don't feel it. It's not that she's a "cold" person either. I think she has some tenuous sense of obligation to me, so she'll help me out with certain things, but there's no warm feelings.

Post edited on 4th May 2023, 10:11am
>> No. 28242 [Edit]
I went to therapy in middle school and did not like it.

Because of it putting me in a bad mood, I created a safe space consisting of simply a blue metal chair on a concrete platform with cracked edges in a black abyss.

Years later after a nightmare where imagined flipping off a demon in my house, I remembered the concrete platform and now use it whenever overstimulation or simply sad moments occur
>> No. 28290 [Edit]
I saw my once upon a time therapist at Target while I was out with some people. He said hi to me and asked if I was still listening to the new Daft Punk album. It was embarrassing.
>> No. 28615 [Edit]
File 170396262628.jpg - (546.98KB , 1102x1102 , e5a142955fc153d681144c6d9db1ec5d.jpg )
Ten years ago, right before 2014, I predicted it would be a "retro year", a year where people would be really interested in retro things. I was 12 back then.

sigh what the fuck happened?
>> No. 28616 [Edit]
>a year where people would be really interested in retro things
maybe not retro, but the last few years have seen an increase in nostalgia-seeking
>> No. 28635 [Edit]
File 170412088079.png - (539.23KB , 1115x592 , image13.png )
I remember back in middle school, my dad used to take me to religious school on the weekends with my brothers and I hated going there, so I used my flip phone with no wifi to take pictures of anime memes I thought were funny on the computer before going and look at them while I was there. This was in the early 10's. I laughed about this a few days ago to myself, but I thought why not remember it again.
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