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File 150888915651.jpg - (729.27KB , 845x1200 , 149177082560.jpg )
23024 No. 23024 [Edit]
Last one is on bump limit.
Post Cute Anime Girls Every Time you Think About Killing Yourself v2
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>> No. 24753 [Edit]
I didn't say anything about forgiving yourself. Forgiveness is for the wronged party to worry about. What I mentioned was acceptance, and that is just that. To accept that these are things I have done in the past and that I cannot do anything about now that they have been done and that those are traits I have in the presebt. It means affirming them as fact, as part of reality. In fact 'forgiving oneself’ is truly complacency with ones faults. Thinking that 'I am a bad person therefore I cannot help but do bad things' however is the exact same thing without even making the hollow promise of trying to do better. And that's what I would call a cope, because you choose to disregard that you have the choice to decide how you act in the future and what attitudes you take and instead choose to excuse yourself from trying and wallow in comfortable self-pity over the static and therefore safe past. But the past does not matter one bit and trauma is an excuse not to muster up the courage to behave the way you want to behave.
>> No. 24754 [Edit]
In fact I would say this excessive focus on your wrongdoings in the past is delusional at worst and emotional blackmail at best; If I only feel bad enough about these things I will be forgiven and it will be as if they did not happen. You have not accepted them yet as things you did in the past, and as things in the past they have no claim on your future.
>> No. 24755 [Edit]
File 156988507635.jpg - (393.41KB , 800x1200 , 1568971550108.jpg )
I do try to be a good person now, and I would never do those things now, partially out of fear of punishment. But they happened and I'm not the kind of person who accepts bad things. I hold grudges for decades, and as for myself I cannot let go of hate, even after decades pass. It is unchangeable, and inevitable, yet it still scares me. And I have never been able to accept them, not even forgiveness but simple overcoming was impossible. I still hate the me of those days, and the me of those days constantly lingers in my thoughts, telling me that I will go to hell.
>> No. 24756 [Edit]
Assumptions galore. We don't even know what he did.
>> No. 24759 [Edit]
Generalisations, not assumptions. The assumption was that as someone complaining about 'being a horrible person' in a 'post a cute anime girl if u feel sad' thread on this kind of website he likely did not do anything substantially bad, that is something that for example would invoke legal action against him. Thus he is likely one of the many morose people dwelling on relative trivialities due to an unhealthy mindset and a lack of more recent experiences to engage them.
But maybe he did kill someone's mother and raped their dog. Even then regarding effective courses of action his options amount to accepting it and moving on or killing himself in atonement.
>> No. 24761 [Edit]
It's not something as silly as just being a NEET or lazy. I don't care about that. Without going into detail, I hurt someone else when I was younger and I can't get over it.
>> No. 24762 [Edit]
Were you a bully?
>> No. 24766 [Edit]
File 157027049919.jpg - (5.07MB , 2708x3937 , a1f71e672fc7f36d4f9e334933bb28cd.jpg )
>> No. 24774 [Edit]
File 157073304992.gif - (0.98MB , 500x281 , 1567465939985.gif )
I don't want to die, but I don't know if I can truly live in this world either.
>> No. 24782 [Edit]
That's okay, live in your own world instead.
>> No. 24794 [Edit]
File 157196071339.gif - (0.98MB , 500x375 , lumgif.gif )
Lately I don't even feel that bad "mentally", but intellectually I think it's nearly time to go.
I will have to get a job again in the near future. I don't think I actually enjoy the rest of life enough to outweigh that. Can't take it easy when you're exhausted and know you have to get up the next day. It's like this looming thing over your head at all times.
But I'm under no illusion that I can actually do it. Would have died years ago if I was brave enough.
>> No. 24797 [Edit]
File 157204109029.jpg - (394.95KB , 2048x2048 , fec5a8d61715b8aeb474fceac318e1a9.jpg )
I really underestimated how bad being a wageslave really is.
I always thought about all the things I could buyfag but now the most productive thing I can think about is how long I have to save up to get a usable amount of time of NEET out of it.
>> No. 24808 [Edit]
I warned you.
>> No. 24809 [Edit]
It's worse when you have to save money and you feel guilty everytime you spend something. You end being unhappy when you work and unhappy when you try to have fun.
>> No. 24810 [Edit]
File 157241804818.png - (3.22MB , 2047x1447 , __original_drawn_by_qooo003__efcde5e841f56653e0ee6.png )
My mother has been trying to suggest me to learn japanese and animation haha just because I like anime haha. She thinks that there is a silver lining to being a escapist loser and I'll become successful if I just pursue what she thinks my dream is or whatever haha. She wants me to be a cheap disposable labor in japan so I can get paid peanuts and still make a lot of money because my country is poor haha. My situation isn't even that bad. I am just incompetent but not completely non-functional, but the dumb bitch can't take it if I am not some successful scion of the family that she can brags to what few friends she has. I am struggling to learn actual employable skills like being a codemonkey, I don't have the discipline to spare to learn moonrunes nor would I want a social job like translating or do something as stressful as being cheap labor in a foreign country.
>> No. 24811 [Edit]
Ah, that makes me remember when my father told me to learn how to "make videogames" just because I spent my time playing, while I can't even install Windows without breaking something.
Some people can't understand some of us are literally good for nothing.
>> No. 24812 [Edit]
I think everyone is good for something. The way in which modern society is constructed however only rewards those with a select few specific skill sets.
>> No. 24813 [Edit]
True. As long as the body is normally functioning, anybody can do manual labor until they break down.
>> No. 24814 [Edit]
Boomer mentality: oh, my kid likes stuff, why can't they leverage that financially and be one of those billionaire nerds I see on the TV?
>> No. 24815 [Edit]
I wonder why while being so dumb sometimes they managed to be so succesful (some of them). I had a workmate in his late 50's, he earned four times me, no degrees of any kind, an absolute winner retired at 59. His advice was just "be the best at what you do and you will be rich". Most of the time he didn't do shit.
>> No. 24818 [Edit]
I think the 50s was probably the best decade to be born in for an ordinary person. Just in terms of wages compared to the costs of life -- mainly rent/housing, but in America you could also add tuition and medical care to that list.
>> No. 24824 [Edit]
The 50s were right after world war 2 so it's most likely the fact that that US economy was unnaturally good (because everyone else's was decimated). Same effect happened after world war 1 during the roaring 20s. There was also the Cold War tensions which probably might have had something to do with it.
>> No. 24849 [Edit]
i cant take much more of it, every season more and more cute girls are engineered to tug at my heartstrings and its going to be the death of it its driving me insane
>> No. 24879 [Edit]
File 157344685646.png - (630.89KB , 906x510 , Spoiler Picture.png )
I think it's nice your parents care enough to think about your future.
>> No. 24883 [Edit]
File 157349953131.jpg - (4.82MB , 2591x3624 , 9d210441d86db75f9c4fa61dda2b18f1.jpg )
>> No. 24889 [Edit]
File 157358455651.jpg - (501.91KB , 1000x1415 , 741ab01abef66e7574fe8a33b9a2efb2.jpg )
>> No. 24905 [Edit]
File 157390377960.jpg - (131.19KB , 1000x1528 , 130809931410.jpg )
I don't know how I keep going after all this time, but I just do.
>> No. 24906 [Edit]
File 157405573521.jpg - (649.04KB , 2618x1812 , 05b3252482eeaa126254ded7f6b1a7c9.jpg )
I want to be good at math.
But I have neither the creativity nor appropriate intellect.
So what's the point?
>> No. 24907 [Edit]
File 157421808711.jpg - (199.73KB , 707x1000 , semi_lewd_etna.jpg )
Today I have a headache and I think I might be getting a cold. Why the fuck am I trapped in this flesh prison? Who would consciously make a person to exist?

I feel that. If I had a dexedrine prescription back in the day maybe I could have finished a PhD in experimental physics with very, very hard work. Might have got a job as a technician or something. Theoretical? Nope. Pure maths? Not a fucking chance.
>> No. 24908 [Edit]
File 157431523973.jpg - (767.25KB , 1040x1440 , 50149567_p0.jpg )
Yesterday was my birthday. I didn't even notice until I saw that my dad had sent me an e-mail (which, as always, I didn't reply to).

If you want to feel smart doing something mathy without needing much background knowledge, check out which is about building an entire computer just from binary logic gates. Or maybe you'll get stuck and feel stupid instead, but either way I had a lot of fun with it and learned a lot about how computers work.
>> No. 24909 [Edit]
Happy late birthday.
>> No. 24911 [Edit]
>I feel that. If I had a dexedrine prescription back in the day maybe I could have finished a PhD in experimental physics with very, very hard work. Might have got a job as a technician or something. Theoretical? Nope. Pure maths? Not a fucking chance.
What do you do now? NEET?

>If you want to feel smart doing something mathy without needing much background knowledge, check out which is about building an entire computer just from binary logic gates. Or maybe you'll get stuck and feel stupid instead, but either way I had a lot of fun with it and learned a lot about how computers work.
Thanks for the recommendation, that looks fun. What I really need is some way to improve my ability to think in the abstract.
Happy (belated) Birthday, for what that's worth.
>> No. 24912 [Edit]
Screwed up: second paragraph is for >>24908
Can't get the edit function to work. Damn extensions.
>> No. 24913 [Edit]
>which, as always, I didn't reply to
why not?
>> No. 24914 [Edit]
>What do you do now? NEET?
For the moment. It probably won't last much longer.
>> No. 24917 [Edit]
File 157455449079.jpg - (511.36KB , 1252x1670 , 0808a654c19bf532d2556de244c29226.jpg )
>> No. 24927 [Edit]
File 157474175354.png - (300.67KB , 630x900 , 1571715481121.png )
i dont know what to really say anymore. ive already complained about my life here and elsewhere but its not enough. something is missing but i dont know how to fill the gap, i dont know where else to go or what else to do
>> No. 24928 [Edit]
File 157480655820.jpg - (76.29KB , 845x466 , homura_double_fisting.jpg )
Fucking jinxed it with this. Got a letter from the dole office this morning and they've cut me off. Might walk in there and set myself on fire. Or go full lumpen and start selling drugs or mugging people.
>> No. 24929 [Edit]
>start selling drugs or mugging people.
Don't make society worse than it already is.
>> No. 24930 [Edit]
It's a joke. Lighten up, I'll probably just get a job and kill myself 15 years from now.
>> No. 24956 [Edit]
File 157533577828.jpg - (1.30MB , 1516x2200 , 1544549749034.jpg )
Thank him!
>> No. 24969 [Edit]
File 157566857230.jpg - (57.49KB , 640x904 , h24kpMGKVMMDdN7k_Fjdk3JKGzWVp3DXN3K-C2RFeOM.jpg )
>> No. 24970 [Edit]
File 157567411771.jpg - (219.09KB , 1667x1250 , 1574357321210.jpg )
As I've gotten older suicidal thoughts have gotten less frequent and I don't get as visibly upset by them... however they're much more serious... I know I won't do it quite yet but it certainly feels as if it's approaching. For some critical mass of lifetime disappointment to catch up to me. I wonder what form it's going to take.

Tick tock, tick tock. Another year on the clock. How much longer until I drop?
>> No. 24975 [Edit]
File 15760463539.gif - (380.97KB , 592x654 , 1571871345562.gif )
All I can think about for the last month is how inevitable death is, and also how all things end in time and that the end of all things comes to pass. I cannot eat a meal without thinking that it will soon be over, and how all time will relatively soon be over, and how we are trapped in the passage of time and unable to freeze moments. Death itself will one day come and end all our good times and all our bad times, and that time will eventually be today. A year from now, five years, ten, fifty, I will look back at this and realize that this moment in which I wrote this become that moment so many times later. And in all of this, I dread the ever closer death of my self, and I wish to get it over with. To me, death seems like the only goal in life, and all other things I am unable to enjoy despite how much I used to love doing them. I may kill myself some time in the next year just to get it over with. I've thought like this for years but it's become too much for me to bear now.
>> No. 24976 [Edit]
I have such thoughts too only I don't want to die, I want to live forever. Science might help to some degree but it may only prolong it and it could be expensive and only for the elite, having everybody be able to live forever would be a bad idea anyway. So my plan is to make a scientific study of magic to see if it can have any affect on anything and then from there I will try to see if it can effect longevity. I am approaching it with doubt but we will see.
>> No. 24977 [Edit]
>So my plan is to make a scientific study of magic
I really hope you're joking. This is just embarrassing.
>> No. 24978 [Edit]
What I mean by that is that I will find types of magic magic that can be measured and compared to a control to see if it has any effect at all and if it does then I will move on to further study. So if there was a spell to make plants grow I could grow some plants with the spell and some without to see if that has an effect, I don't think it will but it's worth a try.
>> No. 24979 [Edit]
Yeah, it's not like people were trying that shit for hundreds of years without getting their intended results or any at all. Go ahead though. Tell us if you find anything.
>> No. 24980 [Edit]
That's called parapsychology. If you're interested in scientific method, that's a good way to learn more about it, even if you don't personally believe in such things.
>> No. 24981 [Edit]
You're among wizards, anon.
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