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File 150888915651.jpg - (729.27KB , 845x1200 , 149177082560.jpg )
23024 No. 23024 [Edit]
Last one is on bump limit.
Post Cute Anime Girls Every Time you Think About Killing Yourself v2
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>> No. 24169 [Edit]
I dont have a problem with parkinson or deteriorating vision, but I am really scared of Alzheimers. It seems horrible to loose your memory and abillity to think clear. If I would get diagnosed I would probably kill myself on the same day.

(No picture because something is going really wrong with my PC right now)
>> No. 24170 [Edit]
File 155288542828.jpg - (199.54KB , 1052x1200 , 4e3807f8c588c7b5e139ebb63199a8d6.jpg )
i cant think clearly anymore
>> No. 24248 [Edit]
>>23269 hey this is one of my all time favorite images
>> No. 24249 [Edit]
One of my extended family members is beginning to experience memory loss and it is extremely depressing. Within 10 years all my extended family will be gone. The depression will become so crushing as everything I've known withers and fades. How on earth will i hold down a job at that point i don't know. I barely make it through the week as is. I can't even talk about my family members passing away without breaking down in tears. Life is a curse.
>> No. 24256 [Edit]
File 155342336635.jpg - (360.99KB , 850x1202 , 4a673af688698159313b0c63ca9572bac3d4be4f.jpg )
>> No. 24262 [Edit]
File 155365783510.png - (300.54KB , 829x720 , 7f1b34d9f843810d2e92810e56be0b489d7ce833246681eda7.png )
Haven't posted here in years. There are roadworks on my street, there is a jackhammer going non-stop. This piercing noise. I just want to be asleep but even that is too much to ask. Life is just a series of little pains and annoyances and for what? I don't even enjoy anything. I never consented to being here. Fuck, why the FUCK am I still alive?
>> No. 24263 [Edit]
File 155366439260.gif - (94.54KB , 500x460 , tumblr_m0n1iqGPG01qlelp0o1_500.gif )
I hope you get some good sleep soon, Anon!
>> No. 24264 [Edit]
Thanks. I have ear plugs and some pillows to put over my head, so that helps a bit. Hopefully the work will finish some time this week.
>> No. 24269 [Edit]
File 15540754192.jpg - (328.91KB , 700x981 , 0345.jpg )
I wish people weren't so mean
>> No. 24270 [Edit]
I second that.
>> No. 24271 [Edit]
People are mean to you because you have something they don't have. Whether that be compassion, intelligence or what have you. You seem to be a very sensitive guy so I'm sure they envy that about you. They are the ones who are flawed, not you.
>> No. 24274 [Edit]
You think too highly of people.
>> No. 24275 [Edit]
I'm sorry anon but I don't think that's either true nor helpful. People largely bully to advance themselves and the truth is it works. For one it paints the bully as having achieved some sort of victory (even if it's over a literal retard humans don't care) but more importantly it helps beat you down and remove you from competition.

The only real way to fight against bullies is to be a big enough threat. Either by being capable of smearing them back with the ten second zingers that normies love so much or by just making yourself a big enough pain to deal with that they don't want to bother by being the counselor/hr department's pet. They'll end up hating you more that way, but they'll at least let you be. Of course it's not quite perfect since it'll make you end up all alone and probably in some dead end position but at least it gets the assholes off your back.

Unfortunately escalations to physical violence is pretty much out of the question unless they're bullying you physically. It's completely morally justified but in this backwards society we're reaching a point where defending yourself is even seen as wrong. Even then though you can pump your chest up and yell. When the quiet, somewhat depressive man who doesn't get very excited starts yelling everyone pays attention. They'll start making jokes about you being the next columbine, often saying they're nice to you because they want to be spared. Just let them know they're on the hitlist and if that lands you in the hot water of some zero tolerance policy drag all the people giving you shit about it right in the deepend with you. Get emotional and throw a fit. It's stupid and childish but that's just what works. Just look at the service industry. People who are kind and respectful get shafted and ignored but the ones who come in and feel entitled to special treatment don't just get what they want, they get free shit on top of it.

That said, if your bully is female you're pretty much fucked.

I hate being mean to people and acting like an asshole but it's the sort of thing that's really dog eat dog, even with people you think of as friends. There's exceptions of course, but they're pretty hard to find. Usually such people are fellow social rejects but they're often rejects in different ways which leads to you having nothing in common outside of "getting" eachother.

(polite sage for ranty, poorly written textwall)
>> No. 24276 [Edit]
this is a pics thread not a discussion thread
>> No. 24277 [Edit]
> People who are kind and respectful get shafted and ignored but the ones who come in and feel entitled to special treatment don't just get what they want, they get free shit on top of it.
It's sad how true this is, and it's something that happens in many aspects of life. There's really no incentive in our culture to be a decent person.
>> No. 24278 [Edit]
File 155443814254.jpg - (56.42KB , 800x500 , 1483549890244134466.jpg )
>people refuse to behave exactly the way i want them to, its a huge problem with this world. its so sad, i'm the victim and everyone owes me bigtime because of that.
get a load of the sense of entitlement on this one

>> No. 24279 [Edit]
I would say that's a bit of a stretch, but that's a pretty damn huge stretch as you interpret it.
>> No. 24280 [Edit]
Stop replying to it, that's what it wants.
>> No. 24281 [Edit]
File 155453335246.jpg - (649.50KB , 758x1082 , d5ce0c2a4b9927554b58afadd5c77ff80611d16a.jpg )
>> No. 24282 [Edit]
File 155453476789.png - (843.96KB , 1280x738 , realplayer2019-03-27-04h24m08s615.png )
Those people who refuse to post pictures of cute anime girls in the cute anime girls picture thread, but still insist on being included in the thread, needed to be disciplined.
>> No. 24284 [Edit]
File 15545955202.jpg - (115.00KB , 1169x1700 , __tsuru_chan_original_drawn_by_taishi_picchiridou_.jpg )
Hello and welcome back. I wish you a nice stay here and I hope it will make you feel a little better.

I have nightingales outside of my window. They're very loud and they keep going all night every night. Drills and hammers by day, birds by night. The noise never stops.
>> No. 24285 [Edit]
File 155461362814.png - (428.79KB , 767x538 , 516373509e8d86a9e5b4c89b5cf919ee602ad762.png )
>> No. 24292 [Edit]
File 155547945767.jpg - (126.59KB , 1280x720 , 1401338392599.jpg )
Hey anon-kun, you don't want to become a mentally unstable person do you...? You should take your meds before you commit a crime... gosh, what am I saying, anon-kun? You'd never do that, would you?
>> No. 24293 [Edit]
File 155560699515.jpg - (801.75KB , 948x1000 , 1554656735953.jpg )
The world is torture, misery, pain
>> No. 24296 [Edit]
File 155573199319.png - (3.00MB , 1668x1306 , F2EC3E56-E65F-4E4F-9DBC-55DEBBBFD996.png )
I have bedbugs
This might be the final straw
>> No. 24297 [Edit]
File 155578262665.jpg - (97.11KB , 604x837 , __yorha_type_a_no_2_nier_series_and_etc_drawn_by_m.jpg )
Nuke 'em anon
>> No. 24298 [Edit]
Apologies for being offtopic, but are you from /toy/?
>> No. 24299 [Edit]
No. I just have intense anxiety from having to leave my room to avoid being bitten.
>> No. 24300 [Edit]
File 155581943118.png - (1.76MB , 1242x1680 , yande_re 425869 5240mosu cleavage kaguya_luna kagu.png )
How do you think they suddenly appeared there...? And very sorry to hear that.... I hope I'll never see one for the rest of my life....
>> No. 24301 [Edit]
Purchase a steam cleaning machine and use it on your bed. Hope this helps.
>> No. 24302 [Edit]
File 155582764134.jpg - (194.97KB , 1456x2059 , catgirl.jpg )
Steam cleaning might be a good first step, but depending on how bad the infestation is it may not be sufficient. If you can rent one of the industrial-strength room heaters that the professionals use that would work (they basically just heat the entire room to 130F to kill everything). Another thing I've read works well is cimexa (micro silica) to dry out their exoskeletons.
>> No. 24303 [Edit]
He carried them in from outside or they wandered in if the building is infested. Anyone can get bed bugs. For example if you travel in an infested train or bus you can easily get some on your stuff without ever noticing.
>> No. 24304 [Edit]
File 155590556764.jpg - (0.98MB , 2000x2750 , escalator-voyeurism.jpg )
no anime girl & no hint of suicidal thoughts, are you sure you're in the right thread?
>> No. 24305 [Edit]
He's just trying to help.
>> No. 24306 [Edit]
File 155592396394.jpg - (141.76KB , 704x999 , Top20-Sexiest-Opulent-Characters-5.jpg )
no anime girl = not helping
>> No. 24307 [Edit]
File 15559338172.jpg - (90.78KB , 472x691 , 7AB87EF2-F326-4206-B8A5-5947A4D5CCE4.jpg )
There’s no meaning to it all.
Just RNG
>> No. 24326 [Edit]
File 155615803375.jpg - (353.87KB , 964x1064 , 0 proposal Rei ii.jpg )
>> No. 24330 [Edit]
File 155633918453.jpg - (123.62KB , 756x1100 , Alpha_Hatsuseno_full_434690.jpg )
>> No. 24331 [Edit]
File 155641552567.jpg - (143.31KB , 800x600 , ev2001b.jpg )
>> No. 24334 [Edit]
File 155642113172.jpg - (1.27MB , 2447x3500 , __kuchiki_touko_kara_no_shoujo_drawn_by_sugina_mik.jpg )
>> No. 24335 [Edit]
File 155657809382.png - (146.16KB , 700x489 , pbs_twimg_com_media_D5U7YxlUEAEC.png )
>> No. 24336 [Edit]
File 155658537671.jpg - (310.80KB , 1254x1600 , 155590558764.jpg )
>> No. 24337 [Edit]
File 155668556087.jpg - (727.32KB , 586x1200 , 1547956457279.jpg )
I hope I get starved by hospital for 40 hours and die of dehydration.
>> No. 24352 [Edit]
File 155734447835.png - (1.86MB , 2026x2865 , resized__atago_and_atago_azur_lane_drawn_by_buta_t.png )
My monitor is running warm and I can feel it when I sit too close.
I was browsing pictures and when this one came up the heat made me feel like she was really close for a second.
Even got a slight tingly sensation in my cheek, almost as if it was about to be gently scratched.
I'm so sad, god damn it. I want to die.
>> No. 24353 [Edit]
File 155760618471.png - (38.37KB , 310x401 , komisan.png )
>> No. 24354 [Edit]
File 155769822910.jpg - (59.44KB , 400x524 , 154497003490.jpg )
inch by inch
when will you take the hint?
>> No. 24374 [Edit]
File 15582769899.png - (650.50KB , 700x1200 , 24b1e6162498faa12ba13c29fe87107c727a9bbf00058c2c7f.png )
I was moving my monitor and dropped it on a sharp corner. Messed it up real good right in the middle of the screen. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but man, I can't be bothered with this shit any more. The most minor inconveniences make me want to die.
>> No. 24375 [Edit]
File 155834402872.png - (36.80KB , 489x595 , Rei-chan.png )
>> No. 24376 [Edit]
File 155835161421.jpg - (158.93KB , 1920x1200 , 132313965647.jpg )
That's not a minor inconvenience.
>> No. 24377 [Edit]
File 155835665655.jpg - (123.37KB , 945x1200 , etna_disgaea.jpg )
Well, it still works technically. Just has a big scratch in it now where all the pixels are white, I guess because the polarising filter was scratched off. I have an old monitor I got from a pawn shop for $5. Might cut out a bit of its filter and tape it over the scratched parts on the good monitor.
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