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File 160489070816.webm - (149.72KB , keyboard_typing.webm )
36618 No. 36618 [Edit]
Given that many people here likely have a lot of spare time (and especially with recent circumstances, even those who attended uni or had fulltime jobs are probably in front of a computer as well), what do you spend your days doing? Is most of it spent in front of the screen, flitting between imageboards and anime-watching? Or do you prefer to engange in more physical hobbies?
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>> No. 36620 [Edit]
Bit of anime to start the day, followed by videogames, dailies in mobile games, hanging out here and on irc. Then there's more videogames, messing around with models, zoning out while wondering what the fuck I'm doing with my ruined and wasted life under the realization that there's no point to it anymore and every year will be worse than the last, play more videogames, more anime, help my mom out with whatever she needs, which often includes driving her around town, and bed.
>> No. 36621 [Edit]
File 160489298556.jpg - (269.30KB , 1000x700 , f7147f4a52c47f962eddeb438f39aaad.jpg )
When I'm not doing class work, I go through phases in how I spend my "free time". Sometimes I'll throw myself into learning Japanese. Sometimes I'll mostly watch anime. Other times I'll mindlessly browse the web or waste whole days arguing on some forum(I really want to stop this one). I can also spend hours looking at h-stuff. The fingers on my mouse hand started going blue recently, don't know why. Before I had to walk around a lot with a backpack, but now I just sit all day and am worried about getting diabetes or something despite having a 19 bmi. Since october 28, I managed to exercise 9 out of 12 days for about 20-30 minutes each time. To me it's no different from brushing and flossing my teeth, which also takes 20 minutes. I try to get 7-8 hours of sleep daily, but sometimes go to bed well past 1am. In the last 7 months, I left the house at most 5 times.

Some people might read all this and think I might be miserable, but I actually feel happier and more mentally well then I have in years, possibly more so than ever before in my life. Being around people I don't know constantly was depressing and stressful, so I couldn't have asked for a better situation.
>> No. 36622 [Edit]
File 160489428378.png - (691.00KB , 1920x1080 , 0ee6bd24b6e4137386758dcdd5fd0555.png )
I listen to jewtube videos, browse redshit, and use this site. Beyond that, other things I do on my computer is a wild toss-up. Sometimes I play a game, I try and remember to draw often, sometimes I read a chapter or two in some manga I like, and if I can I like to take a nap since it's the most reliable method I have of coping with being alive in this shit world. Throughout the day I do a lot of imageposting in a shitcord channel I'm in. Very rarely I write stuff for a couple of stories I have in mind but writing is a pain in the ass so I don't do it very often. I really don't do very much which makes me sad, I just don't have the energy to be very active even in things which take minimal effort so I just do the things I'm used to or try and get used to the very few things I actually want to do only because they offer a nice end product for myself. I want to use more imageboards too but Tohno-chan is the least aggravating board I can think of that also believes in keeping out normalrats but like so many other places I've seen it too is starting to falter.
>> No. 36626 [Edit]
Using discord, whether ironically or not, implies your Ford driving ways.
>> No. 36629 [Edit]
I quit my job 3 weeks ago because it severely damaged my mental health. Looking back on it I have to say that a moderate amount of it was my fault though.
Anyway back then it was working the entire morning and afternoon, in the evening I checked the few sites I browse for new posts. I would watch anime or play vidya afterwards. 2 times a week I went to the gym to keep me somewhat healthy.
Now I sleep as long as I like, which depends on my bedtime the day before. After waking up I check the sites I browse for new posts, then play vidya or watch anime. Sooner or later I get hungry, which is the time when I go to cook. Depending on how much I ate I take a nap or continue with vidya/anime. When I have enough of this I switch to basking in the sun on my balcony, no matter the temperature. If there is no sunshine then reading or listening to music is due. Some time later I check again for new posts. Sometimes I am already tired and go to bed, if not I take up vidya/anime again. I am currently thinking if I should pick up gardening, because I liked it a lot as a child. Going out for walks is also something that is very tempting.
>> No. 36630 [Edit]
The standard LN/manga/anime/vidya/IBs.
Gardening/farming because it keeps living costs nice and manageable on a NEET's budget and it's comfy to see stuff grow and preserve it like grandma used to do. Establishing this is a lot of work, but the upkeep is quite easy.
Programming, C, mostly ANSI C, and Forth because they're comfy languages.
I also pursue occultism with a fair amount of vigor, so meditation and practice and study on that front as well.
>> No. 36653 [Edit]
Wagie and come home. Usually I sit down and play some timesinkey game while I watch youtube on my second monitor. Then I'll sit and write something for my journal or an imageboard trying to make sense of things.

Sometimes I'll tinker with my computers, or some sort of art project. Or mess around with model kits. Mostly I just sit around without really doing anything other than finding a distraction.

Used to watch a ton of anime but I just kind of slowly got out of it. I'm not sure if it's just that I lost interest after seeing so much or what. Don't really watch a lot of live action TV either. Honestly I'm envious of people who are really into capeshit or entry level shonen. They seem passionate about it. I wish I could feel that way again.

I need a new hobby. Been wanting to get into fitness but the kind of person you're going to find in a gym makes me not want to go. I have been walking but it's cooling off so that won't be an option for too much longer... I should at least get into the gym before the resolutioners show up. I've been really bored lately.
>> No. 36654 [Edit]
You can exercise at home and save yourself the driving time. Fitness also shouldn't be a hobby.

Post edited on 11th Nov 2020, 1:12pm
>> No. 36655 [Edit]
Here's a typical weekday at the moment:

read some manga (raw), news and image boards while still in bed

go to the toilet
wash my face
drink some water; maybe tea or coke zero
practice fun skills (juggling, handstands...)
do my main calisthenics workout (pull-ups, push-ups, dips etc.)

play DDR (well, StepMania)

shave and take a shower
go to super market or other department stores if I need something.
If I don't need anything and the weather is good, take a walk while listening to some podcast

prepare my first meal of the day and eat it
brush my teeth

clean my apartment
if there's time after cleaning up, watch an anime episode or do some paper work


eat supper
write computer programs (assembly and C++) and learn about mathematics until I'm too tired for such things
brush teeth

dick around with manga, books, audiobooks, video sites or image boards until I fall asleep.
>> No. 36656 [Edit]
Why do you stretch after exercising instead of before? I can't imagine cleaning an apartment everyday.
>> No. 36657 [Edit]
I spend around around 9 hours of my "waking" hours in meditation but a lot of that ends up being sleep.Between that there's eating, necessary routine and a bit of internet. Then I go to sleep.
>> No. 36658 [Edit]
>around 9 hours of my "waking" hours in meditation
At that rate you'll reach probably reach samadhi
>> No. 36659 [Edit]
I'm a public relations student and do social media management volunteering right now. I plan on getting into strategic communications on social media as a career. I'm hopelessly addicted to the internet, so I might as well try to monetize it.
>> No. 36660 [Edit]
>I can't imagine cleaning an apartment everyday.
If one cleans everyday, then work per diem is little. Also, the apartment could be small.
>> No. 36661 [Edit]
File 160517923337.jpg - (126.19KB , 886x531 , hellSystemsEngineerIT1602696032715.jpg )
>Why do you stretch after exercising instead of before?
The first 10-15 minutes or so of my training consist of a warm-up that includes mobility exercises and active stretching. What I do afterwards is static stretching, which ruins your performance if you do it before strength exercises.

>I can't imagine cleaning an apartment everyday.
I don't thoroughly clean the whole thing every day, that would take me a whole weekend. I start by doing the dishes and taking out the garbage, and afterwards just do whatever small thing I can get done in 15-45 minutes, e.g. cleaning the faucets, cleaning two windows, vacuuming a room or two, sharpen some knives...
>> No. 36662 [Edit]
I've gotten to some pretty neat states. But I think I'm getting hemorrhoids before any sort of enlightenment.
>> No. 36663 [Edit]
If enlightenment is your goal, have you tried doing the Rite of the Stele of Jeu daily, in addition to meditiation?
It's helped me reach close-ish to truly advanced states, but I've not quite managed to get there yet. My meditation is also more 15-30 minutes rather than 9 hours, so there's that.
>> No. 36665 [Edit]
I don't do stuff that uses words or language, I find it distracting. In fact I mostly try to steer away from perceptual content, at most I focus on a single image, sound or tactile sensation.
>> No. 36701 [Edit]
>Is most of it spent in front of the screen, flitting between imageboards and anime-watching?
>> No. 36716 [Edit]
File 160580325461.jpg - (668.79KB , 1828x2627 , __sakurai_momoka_and_tachibana_arisu_idolmaster_ci.jpg )
I'm getting a part time job soon to save up for school and a little burner car (I am not attending yet), so unfortunately, my short-lived NEET days are coming to an end.

I'm trying to be more productive in my spare time, which is a gradual goal, but it becomes more and more feasible as I start eliminating distractions. One of my biggest distractions is laying in my bed all day listening to music while daydreaming. I'd do that for the entire day if I had to. So, I need to stay out of bed, and hide any devices that would allow me to do that in order to stay productive.

So, things that I try to do in my spare time are:

1. Learn Japanese
2. Learn more about Linux and Computers in general (IT)
3. Learn C (And maybe some assembly language too later on)
4.Learn how to draw and learn some math
5.Read books. I'm currently taking a liking to Doestovsky.
6. And in my free time, instead of daydreaming or endlessly browsing youtube, I try to spend more time on hobbies that I do like, like watching anime, reading manga, writing, or playing video games.

I also garden. I'm trying to make plans on what I'm going to plant this spring. Most definitely I'm gonna try to plant some mint for tea though. Currently taking care of a cute amarylis plant.
>> No. 36717 [Edit]
File 160580664525.jpg - (22.41KB , 259x303 , 1482002760553.jpg )
>Learn how to draw

This will haunt me all my life. Since I was 14 yo (and I'm in my 30's now) I've been wanting to learn to draw, every two or three years I start practicing, I quickly get disgusted at my work and I forget about it until next time. It's awful and it makes me feel bad because my mother and sister have skills at a professional level (they even sell paintings) so I can't even blame genetics.
Japanese is different since I accepted I will never learn it so I just study it in an almost ritualistic way without any expectation of improvement.
>> No. 36719 [Edit]
File 160582035659.jpg - (849.55KB , 2048x2048 , arisu_1.jpg )
Actually, that is the common mark of an artist, to be constantly critiquing their works and to be distasteful of them. You are not alone in your dilemma as most artists feel this way. To circumvent your issues, it would be wise to:
1. Understand that you will never be fully satisfied with your work. There is no such thing as perfection
2. Improve
3. Take critique, (and I mean actual critique, not just any foolish drivel) and don't view it as something to be ashamed of. We all have a natural aversion to criticism, but once you understand truly that this is to benefit you in the long run, things only become much better. Easier said than done, I understand.

If you don't mind, do you mind posting some of your work? I really doubt it's as terrible or unsatisfactory as you think.

Additionally, If you'd like some pointers, I can share the resources I'm using. Personally, I don't really use 4chad, but /ic/ created a guide for learning:

You can also download Loomis' books off of here:

As for Japanese, even if you are supposedly studying it without seeing a means of improvement, perhaps, subconsciously, you are picking it up more, bit by bit.
>> No. 36721 [Edit]
>I will never learn it so I just study it in an almost ritualistic way without any expectation of improvement
That's probably the best way to go about things, because that way you don't flame out from seeing a lack of results.
>> No. 36722 [Edit]
File 160582210153.gif - (37.39KB , 450x350 , lolibooru 275401 blue_background konpaku_youmu med.gif )
Different anon here
>If you don't mind, do you mind posting some of your work?
I posted over ten pieces of my artwork on here and the only critique I got, after begging for it, was:
>I dunno. It looks like shit? I have no idea about drawing so I can't criticize your work. I mean you probably know all the parts that look bad so just think about those parts and fix them yourself.
and something from a person who didn't pay enough attention to realize I referenced everything I posted. Don't bullshit.
If you want art critique, anon, go here
I at least got decent advice from some people there.

Post edited on 19th Nov 2020, 1:42pm
>> No. 36723 [Edit]
I posted the "it looks like shit" comment. I apologize, I unnecessarily thought that it was 'easy' to correct your own mistakes in drawing due to my own practicing in something completely unrelated.
>> No. 36724 [Edit]
I really only posted that so that I could see his work, I don't really care who else sees it. And, I don't really believe in low effort shitposts on boards like this.
>> No. 36735 [Edit]
File 16058616963.png - (105.71KB , 593x554 , 1350309053414.png )
Problem is I'm not even an "artist" to start with. I never learnt the slightest since I always gave up really fast, I always start drawing and at some point I ask myself what the fuck I'm doing, I feel silly and ridiculous. And that feeling is too intense to ignore. What's amazing is how I've been doing this for most of my life.
I will probably try again in a couple of weeks though, your post has motivated me a little and just having that guide also helps.
At this point I have certain things in my mind I thought I could need to express, and since I can't write for shit or anything else I always had drawing as my last hope, for some weird reason since I can't draw either. I don't think I could share anything though, first, I don't keep anything and usually get rid of all as fast as I can (I could never go beyond copying things anyway), and second, it would be the equivalent of posting a raw potato in a cooking forum.
>> No. 36752 [Edit]
Very broadly, I bike, think, game, and watch anime/YouTube/one or two western shows as hobbies. Biking is the only exercise I like since it's something I can do fully alone at my own pace with very minimal social interaction. If I ran/jogged, I'd be slow enough that people could justify stopping me to talk, and while talking is not my preference I am weak-willed to others initiating it.

And thinking, I think, is an important thing to do often. I don't consider myself wise or anything but I do think thinking makes me wiser. I think while biking but not while doing anything else active since I get too distracted to think.

But on a typical day it's mostly just the gaming and watching YouTube videos.
>> No. 36753 [Edit]
File 160598561868.jpg - (2.13MB , 2000x3700 , 4chan_2019_top_100.jpg )
You coming back to it shows some semblance of tenacity along with the fact that there must be some incentive to you doing this. Focus on that incentive. And if you consider drawing as a hobby or a profression, technically, you are an artist. The fact of the matter is, are you a good, skilled artist, or a bad one? Like everything else in life, if you want to get better, you have to keep pushing forward.

And, regarding you lack of ability to write, I'd reccommend reading some literature. Everyone boosts their vocabulary through reading things, and you may find yourself able to articulate yourself better if you engaged in some of your time in a book. I personally recommend reading some classical literary fiction. Something like War and Peace, and maybe Don Quixote. I don't like contemporary fiction as much, but some reccomendations I have include books like A Confederacy of Dunces, Lord of the Rings, etc. etc. Here's a guide from 4chad /lit/ too if you'd like.

Really, read just about anything and you'll soon find yourself to be more expressive about your thoughts. And really reflect on what you read to. Don't go skimming through things.
>> No. 36783 [Edit]
I don't know why I never liked literature too much.
I can read a lot, as long as it's not fiction.
But to read a novel requires me to have a particular interest in what that novel talks about. I have read Hess, Sartre, Proust, the classics, mostly bored me to death or didn't interest me enough at best. I end thinking I could be reading a non-fiction book about real things instead. I think it's a lack of interest in the medium for what it is, while I can take comics or movies and appreciate them in a deeper level.

I think I will try to draw soon, your post helped me to decide, really.
>> No. 36886 [Edit]
File 160689810872.jpg - (41.71KB , 850x850 , 20201220.jpg )
Thinking of DEATH
>> No. 38235 [Edit]
I walk & talk. Trying to shed winter fat and meet up with friends again.
>> No. 38468 [Edit]
Kind of depends on what I feel like doing but it's mostly a mix of YouTube, web surfing, vidya, and anime. Sometimes I study Japanese and Japanese cooking too. My parents and relatives might need help with some things like yard work but that's about it.
>> No. 38590 [Edit]
I primarily spend my day at my part-time job & watching anime. I also help contribute to an anime database which is a nice sort of hobby.

It's a bit weird to myself how reclusive I've become, since I'm not really in any online communities & rarely even visit imageboards now. Don't really talk to others in general. It gives you a lot more freetime.
>> No. 38591 [Edit]
Wake up. Make coffee. Watch YouTube for an hour or two. Browse image boards for another 2-3 hours. Eat.
Do maybe an hour of school work. Browse image boards for the rest of the night.
>> No. 38592 [Edit]
Thank you for your contributions to the anime database.
>> No. 38593 [Edit]
No problem, and I appreciate the thanks. It's more fun than it sounds updating stuff relating to episodes, characters, etc. You also get a sense of accomplishment from it, and best of all you don't need to socialize with anybody (as long as you don't mess something up).
>> No. 38606 [Edit]
Outside of the already mentioned imageboards and anime I've been indulging in the wacky world of conspiracy theories and boy has it been quite a ride I just learned about the one about meat stations and how they're black markets for human meat in China and South America. It's the reason why some missing persons cases are never solved, allegedly of course.
>> No. 38607 [Edit]
Oh I should mention that I don't read into those to mock them it's just a means of insight for understanding how others view our reality. My post kinda came off like I was being mocking.
>> No. 38821 [Edit]
Me again. Still making coffee and watching YouTube, but I've been playing games more often lately.
Metroid Dread is very good.
>> No. 38822 [Edit]
Interactivity is healthier than just consuming.
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