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File 146597820910.png - (133.69KB , 650x672 , 4Ctjdwx.png )
29143 No. 29143 [Edit]
What's yours?
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>> No. 29144 [Edit]
File 146598838965.jpg - (83.38KB , 962x801 , 1461278521374.jpg )
>> No. 29152 [Edit]
Apathy and laziness.
>> No. 29181 [Edit]
Does being too forgiving at times count?
>> No. 29270 [Edit]
>> No. 29367 [Edit]
I tried posting there but it didn't go through or something, I'm no good with computers see.
>> No. 30470 [Edit]
dog pics
>> No. 32733 [Edit]
DIABLO with that sexy feminine wiles
>> No. 32772 [Edit]
File 156422473141.jpg - (74.33KB , 378x535 , miso-coconut-ramen-7674.jpg )
Redheads are my weakness; alcohol is my demon.
>> No. 32854 [Edit]
File 156465149016.webm - (1.24MB , 000AO.webm )
Pokemon is my demon.
>> No. 32880 [Edit]
File 156489972539.jpg - (77.30KB , 850x488 , 20190804.jpg )
>> No. 32934 [Edit]
File 156535475838.jpg - (136.43KB , 850x827 , LL.jpg )
Mmmm... pointy ears.
>> No. 33116 [Edit]
File 156663578684.jpg - (285.12KB , 653x969 , A0yiba.jpg )
My personal demon?
>> No. 33117 [Edit]
File 156663853357.jpg - (1.19MB , 1200x853 , 1554818938795.jpg )
Being unable to decide what to do, or even know what kind of thing I would like to do. And I mean in every day situations, like not being able to decide on milk or soda, or not knowing what I want to do for fun that day. I always have that summer dog days boredom.
>> No. 33122 [Edit]
>And I mean in every day situations, like not being able to decide on milk or soda
This is awful. And I thought my vacillation was bad.
>> No. 33123 [Edit]
I have the same problem, but mine is not as intense - I keep questioning myself whether it's because I have just forced myself to stick to the same things which worked, though. Like, I can easily eat the same thing for breakfast, and a different same thing for dinner, for weeks at a time - just to avoid having to pick a new one.
>> No. 33125 [Edit]
i procrastinate my own projects and goals, typically so i can play the same old videogames that ive already pumped thousands of hours into. the worst part is i dont even enjoy them any more, i dont know why i do it
>> No. 33127 [Edit]
Habit. Time to break that habit and make new ones.
>> No. 33128 [Edit]
I am disinclined to self diagnose but I think I may have bipolar. That or whatever you call these bouts of heightened anxiety/mania and depression.
>> No. 33149 [Edit]
I love alcohol. And I love smoking Gitanes. And I love drugs I can obtain through the apothecary without being questioned. As well as plastic crack.
>> No. 33861 [Edit]
File 157691766320.jpg - (202.07KB , 800x450 , 21.jpg )
My demon is over-scrutinising scenes to the point of forgetting the rest of the movie.Currently the slow-mo archery in BRAVE is stuck in my mind.
Twang. The animators must have watched lots of video to get that one right.
>> No. 34028 [Edit]
Presumptions and an inclination towards talking about stuff in which I possess little insight and knowledge. Every time I do the latter, I chastise myself, but I keep fucking doing it. God I hate myself.
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