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File 158386768932.jpg - (158.92KB , 980x1104 , 77ac96dd2ef86c4518ba9e61cd2485c2.jpg )
34234 No. 34234 [Edit]
What are your thoughts on it? Do you care? Has it affected you at all?

I know a lot of people are probably sick of hearing about it by now, but I thought it'd be interesting to get TC's point of view on it and see what you guy's think.
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>> No. 34238 [Edit]
I don't particularly care.

It's not that deadly to begin with, once a vaccine is found it will all be over and it still hasn't actually spread that much(we are talking of thousands in countries with populations of millions, it's not even one percent).
>> No. 34240 [Edit]
Nothing. No. A little, but in a good way.
>> No. 34241 [Edit]
I'm pissed off about the TP news. If I can't wipe my ass because of some retards hogging all the TP... well I guess I'll have to use paper towel for a while.
>> No. 34242 [Edit]
Finally the benefits of being an asocial shut-in bear their fruit.
>> No. 34243 [Edit]
It's more interesting for the implication that it was a manmade virus designed to effect Asians than it is a disease. Like >>34238 says, it effects a relatively small part of the population and people are probably just freaking out way too much about it.
>> No. 34244 [Edit]
>implication that it was a manmade virus designed to affect Asians
I don't think there's anything pointing to this other than circumstantial hearsay of the usual few tinfoilers.
>> No. 34247 [Edit]
Here is your pizza bro
that willbe 10$
>> No. 34248 [Edit]
Apparently they canceled E3
>> No. 34250 [Edit]
It doesn't seem all that serious.
>> No. 34252 [Edit]
Scientists in India took a look at it and determined it was manmade and very similar to the HIV. I also remember Chinese scientists coming out about the coronavirus claiming such as well. I couldn't find either source with a quick google search so chances are it might've been a hoax but I'd still like to think China was retarded enough to release their own man-made virus designed to kill the Japanese on themselves.
>> No. 34255 [Edit]
Air travel is really well priced at the moment because of this. I've been considering taking a trip to japan since we'll never see deals like this again.
>> No. 34256 [Edit]
If you're healthy, I don't see a lot of risk in making such a trip.
>> No. 34257 [Edit]
I get the feeling this could have been meant as another means of combating their over population problem.
>> No. 34263 [Edit]
I've seen people post links stating that it was man-made before only for the link in question actually to claim the opposite, people just assume that it must be man made because it jumped from one species to another, that's not true and it's not unique. It's happened in China before because of their wet markets and if they don't do something about that it will happen again eventually.

If it was a weapon it's a pretty terrible one. There are many viruses that would have been better to weaponise.
>> No. 34268 [Edit]
Not sick of it, I visit the thread on julay /k/ for updates all the time.

I'm the exact opposite. I feel like people shouldn't underestimate this disease at all and take neccessary precautions. I don't go outside anymore unless I need food, and even then I hate doing that. If it wasn't so serious there wouldn't be such an outcry. Scientist especially find it dangerous because they know very little about it.

Anyways, I'm currently preparing my backlog of games and other materials. Stay safe everyone.
>> No. 34269 [Edit]
This is cool.
>> No. 34270 [Edit]
My doctor said she thought it was going to be "big" back in late January. Because of the length of the incubation period -- supposedly contagious and symptomless(?) -- was her reasoning at that time. I hadn't been paying any attention to it, so I just said "we'll see."But the conversation did provoke some daydreams.
I remember thinking if I caught it I could kill myself with a barbiturate. It's considerate to my parents that way, and people aged 30ish have been known to die even if it's quite unusual. A coroner swamped by work might -- I think -- overlook it. Given that A. barbs are super rare/unusual these days and B. it is still death by respiratory failure, when it comes down to it. Being young is a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that (provided I catch it relatively late) I'd be triaged to die at home. A curse in that the coroner might examine things more closely.
But all those daydreams were bullshit anyway, because I don't have any barbiturates any more and the most reliable place to get Nembutal is from China. Why the fuck did it have to start in China of all places?
So yeah, at this stage: if/when I get sick, my sister will leave food outside my door. If/when she gets sick I'll likewise deliver food to her place. I'm holding no hope for it shortening my sentence. 0.2% at this age? Not much better than my chance of being hit by a car, or maybe dying of dysentery from wiping my ass on paper towels and putting them in the bin (they clog the toilet).
The toilet paper thing strengthened my antinatalist resolve so much, I can't even tell you. Humanity needs to fucking go extinct. I wish COVID-19 made people infertile (I did read in February about it destroying dudes' nads -- which would be fucking amazing -- but that study turned out to be BS apparently).
>> No. 34271 [Edit]
>The toilet paper thing strengthened my antinatalist resolve so much
Are you referring to people trying to stockpile toilet paper of all things.
>> No. 34272 [Edit]
>I don't have any barbiturates any more and the most reliable place to get Nembutal is from China
I've been wanting to get my hands on Nembutal as well, tell me more.
>> No. 34273 [Edit]
Yep. Dipshits here started stockpiling it over a week ago. Bougie women in particular bought multiple 24-packs, and everyone just panicked and copied each other until the shops were fucking devoid of toilet paper. I've been wiping my ass on paper towels since then. Actually now I'm seriously rationing my paper towels. I basically take a shower whenever I take a shit (paper towels sold out too right after I bought mine). But I haven't been eating much, so at least I don't shit often. People are fucking morons.

I imported some as powder from China ca. 2015. Email + wire transfer: you're straight up risking 500USD (probably somewhat more than that in 2020). But the guy I dealt with must have been honest, because he* sent it. Passed through customs without a hitch because he packaged it well. He also labeled it with good judgement as a legal precursor almost identical in appearance and (I read on Wikipedia) similar in taste/smell. Nembutal powder has a very acrid taste.
*Actually I read somewhere (forget where) that "Johnson" is/was actually female. I have no idea if he/she is still in that business, but pirate a recent copy of the Peaceful Pill Handbook to find out what's up.
>> No. 34274 [Edit]
Did that picture qualify as 3D? I just thought it was funny.
>> No. 34275 [Edit]
What did you end up using it for?
>> No. 34276 [Edit]
Sleep, pretty much. Sometimes I would try to fight the sedation and listen to music or just relax for a while. I think the closest way to describe how it feels is like drinking after you've taken benzos. It has a serious physicality to it that benzos don't have, although it doesn't seem to black you out as easily as benzos do. I think because doses that would black you out basically guarantee you're asleep at the same time.
But it was obviously intended for something else. It was comforting to have around while it lasted. Knowing I had a way out without having to perform some scary/violent act upon myself. That psychological factor actually helped me sleep better even without taking it. Just the knowledge it was there.
>> No. 34277 [Edit]
>It was comforting to have around while it lasted. Knowing I had a way out
That's exactly why I'd like to get ahold of it.
>> No. 34278 [Edit]
China did not donate masks and other medial supplies to Italy. Italy had to purchase the medical materials and equipments. Chink propagandist lied about it to improve China's shitty reputation. Disgusting yellow jews. The arsonist comes to "rescue" the victim. How wonderful!
>> No. 34279 [Edit]
Are there any english articles on this?
>> No. 34280 [Edit]
Google Translate exists... You can just paste links in and then click the link on the "translated" side and it'll translate the webpage for you.
>> No. 34286 [Edit]
I went to by ramen only to see empty shelves. Fucking retards.
>> No. 34289 [Edit]
Not as retarded as people hoarding toilet paper.
>> No. 34290 [Edit]
DeepL beats gTranslate in many cases. Although the true challenge is going to be with the eastern languages (Japanese, Arabic, etc.) where you have few similarities with European languages and training corpuses are a lot harder to find.

Post edited on 13th Mar 2020, 9:19pm
>> No. 34295 [Edit]
I never go out and I am already a germophobe so it is unlikely to effect me. And even if it did, I wouldn't die from it, at most I would be in a lot of pain from the infection.
>> No. 34302 [Edit]
File 158430918726.jpg - (68.80KB , 852x480 , [Loli-pop Subs]_Macademi_Wasshoi!_03_(DVD_x264_852.jpg )
I'm starting to really like this virus. Yesterday someone almost shook my hand but decided not to because of Corona. That's when it hit me, This is going to brute force normals to act the way I feel they should anyway. I -hate- physical contact with other people and avoid large gatherings of people. The TP shortages are making people start to adopt to bidets. Restaurant and fast food employees are wearing gloves and have started using trays to exchange money in, the way they do in japan. sick people are finally wearing face masks -as they should be- where as the locals here thought face masks were just a weird Asian thing. After this is done people should also see the importance of having a decent supply of essentials at home and not going to the store for every little thing, which makes them crowded and unbearable. Even my own mother who has a gambling problem is starting to (reluctantly) loose interest in visiting the local casino. Thank you Haruhi, for blessing us with Corona!

Post edited on 15th Mar 2020, 2:58pm
>> No. 34303 [Edit]
About time these pigs changed their ways but I'm afraid it will go back to their disgusting ways as soon as Corona doesn't pose a threat
>> No. 34304 [Edit]
>This is going to brute force normals to act the way I feel they should anyway

I wish that was the case here.
Police and even the army are in the streets, there's orders to not leave your house unless justified reason but from my window I can still see lots of people just wandering, families, kids, old people, even idiots getting drunk. Nothing has changed. After only two days lots are complaining about how they can't live if they don't socialize, do some running or whatever stupid shit they need to do in the streets all day. Of course children can't spend 24h in their homes or they could die or something. We will have this shit for months because people can't be confined for one week or even one day. It can't be helped.
>> No. 34305 [Edit]
Of course. Chinese are scum. Now maybe you understand why it was a good thing that Japan wanted to destroy them in the 20th century.

Chinese only ever want money, they are demented creatures, a step below human. I know, in my country, of this Chinese man who owns a cafe and he OLEVS China so much he searched up and down for a Chinese-brand air-conditioner. Yet, it doesn't strike him odd that he enjoys the benefits of living in OUR country, no China is still the best to him.

I'd even say never even do business with them but the big boss CEOs and shit want that sweet China money.
>> No. 34309 [Edit]
I don't care much but nothing else is happening so I've been reading news from all over the world. I have a question to the Americans.
Is it true that you're not allowed to call the virus what it is, or is it some peculiar facet of American humour that Europeans just don't get?
I've seen some very bizarre comments out of USA that seem to suggest the burger eaters enter outrage mode when someone calls this chinese disease a chinese disease.
It's not like the chingchongs aren't trying their hardest to shove the germ-ridden Huawei microdick down our throats too but I've never seen that level of prostration and goodthink here.
>> No. 34310 [Edit]
Anon from the land of the fat here. It's being encouraged we don't call it a chinese/asian virus, but it's not required. American's are over sensitive crybabies who get offended easily.
Apparently a few days ago my mother was at a store where a pissed off asian lady was tired of being treated like a leper and started spiting on random stuff and rubbing it all over. So while one can say it's an issue of over sensitive snowflakes, it's also a public safety measure to keep these Asians from loosing it and making the problem worse.
>> No. 34311 [Edit]
The ones crying out against “racialism” are always the loudest while a silent majority are thinking, “these goddamn Chinks need to get their shit together.”
>> No. 34314 [Edit]
File 158449229530.jpg - (324.74KB , 1920x1920 , c2b4bc2a0e4a0522ed3ed5af5491089e.jpg )
I'm not too concerned about the virus. I have one of those jobs that only give you seven vacation days a year and expect you there for anything short of the world ending. I wouldn't doubt that I would still be called in even if my city gave a "shelter-in-place"" order. The only effect it has had on me is that my commute is shorter and that I now have a lot of free time at work since it's at an airport.

Times like this make me wish I was NEET again.
>> No. 34320 [Edit]
File 158457033775.png - (355.45KB , 1200x1083 , ETaqaReWoAUQwWD.png )
What a weird and amazing time this is. The most social normalfags are the first ones dropping dead. Being social and attending gatherings is discouraged and those who do it anyway are being publicly shunned, while locking yourself away at home and isolating yourself is being encouraged if not demanded of people.
Sporting events, clubs, conventions, and restaurants are being canceled or closed down. This while the game and anime industry chugs along just fine.
Apparently people are even mass buying gundam model kits. Amazing, just amazing.
>> No. 34321 [Edit]
It's a mix of things. It's both out of genuine concern because it has led to racism against the Chinese in Canada but most of it is just the usual pearl-clutching Twitter crowd who want to insert social issues into everything.
I made this post. It does seem serious with deaths and such but since I spend my time holed up in my room anyway it's not like it'll affect me in any way at the moment unless something crazy happens like power going out or the internet going offline or something catastrophic like that.
>> No. 34325 [Edit]
File 158461037897.jpg - (535.53KB , 1024x520 , 4bd4ae42a1ce0754b090921b695a2036.jpg )
I keep seeing people bitch and complain about how this has effected their daily lives, but to me nothing has changed.
>> No. 34326 [Edit]
I feel it has affected me, but for the better.
>> No. 34327 [Edit]
>it has led to racism against the Chinese in Canada
Good, they've earned it. I hope it escalates.
>> No. 34329 [Edit]
File 158465376481.jpg - (26.14KB , 620x349 , jphone.jpg )
coronavirus doesn't exist, its clearly all just a massive media hoax intended to justify the panic thats been coercively created by abusing the gullibility of "smart" phone zombies. who knows why the hoax has been created or whats next, but its gonna be whatever the people who own the big media outlets decide because they hold all the cards, the politicians that play along with their pantomimes get canceled the second the break from the script and the hidden directors of the media monster have just demonstrated that they can turn civilization on and off like a light switch because of all the gullible fools who believe everything they read. if they decided to announce "we have always been at war with east asia" everyone would go along with that too.
>> No. 34330 [Edit]
What would an actual virus pandemic look like then?

Post edited on 19th Mar 2020, 2:57pm
>> No. 34331 [Edit]
So what's with the dead people then?
>> No. 34332 [Edit]
In your case, I think getting out more might actually be a good idea.
>> No. 34334 [Edit]
Some places I hang out online at have gotten worse due to people being home more. Thats it.
>> No. 34338 [Edit]
File 158468931653.jpg - (153.83KB , 636x358 , skeptical anime girl.jpg )
why would people on an anime board trust they same media cunts who willfully and knowingly lie when they say that loli is cp and when they say they video games cause shootings and when they say that imageboards cause shootings.
suddenly the same gang of sleazy liars whips out a big story about invisible magical evil bad luck dots from the world's creepiest asian restaurant and everyone believes them, seems dumb to me.
>> No. 34339 [Edit]
You should be able to tell the difference between opinion and fact... One can be of the opinion that 'loli' is cp, but whether a virus exists or not is objective. Anyway, do you actually have any evidence to support the assertion that it is a hoax and does not exist or is it yet more schizo rambling of the type that is beginning to become all too frequent here.
>> No. 34340 [Edit]
Research has been done that concludes it is natural.

>"By comparing the available genome sequence data for known coronavirus strains, we can firmly determine that SARS-CoV-2 originated through natural processes," said Kristian Andersen, PhD, an associate professor of immunology and microbiology at Scripps Research and corresponding author on the paper.
>> No. 34343 [Edit]
It's not just the media, plenty of everyday people are coming down with this. I'm seeing more and more people in my online hangouts coming down with this shit.
>> No. 34344 [Edit]
If anything, by that logic you should believe in it more because they downplayed it until it was too late to do anything else.
>> No. 34346 [Edit]
File 15847128654.jpg - (175.86KB , 850x1192 , __men_in_black_drawn_by_takeda_kanryuusai__sample-.jpg )
I know of people who contracted the virus. Media isn't my only source of information. Besides that, I think there's limits to what the media can successfully lie about. If it was all fake, it would take less than a day to debunk by independent organizations like the CDC or others. Unless you think they're in cahoots.
>> No. 34347 [Edit]
Tangential: which Kirara cast would you want to be a part of to maximize your chance of {survivial, fun} in the event of an apocalypse. Gakkou gurashi is excluded for obvious reasons.
>> No. 34348 [Edit]
>> No. 34349 [Edit]
Gochiusa. You'd probably be pretty safe in a fairly isolated town with people like Rize's and Chino's dads around, plus plenty of coffee and tea.
>> No. 34350 [Edit]
Machikado Mazoku probably.
>> No. 34351 [Edit]
Isn't gochiusa set in northeast France?
>> No. 34355 [Edit]
It's inspired by there primarily, but we're never really told where it is.
>> No. 34366 [Edit]
I saw some videos of people in quarantine having EVA theme song parties, it really shows the kind of fan base that show has.
>> No. 34367 [Edit]
File 158492899420.jpg - (98.65KB , 850x470 , __ayanami_rei_neon_genesis_evangelion_and_2_more_d.jpg )
Uh huh, sure. I'm sure they're super fans who don't just know it from memes. I guess i'm a normalfag too for liking it. Whatever vindicates your opinion.
>> No. 34368 [Edit]
Well memes come about due to shared interest and experience in the first place. If nobody had seen it and nobody liked it, it would not be a meme.

> I guess i'm a normalfag too for liking it.

>> No. 34369 [Edit]
File 158493160867.jpg - (129.43KB , 850x900 , __souryuu_asuka_langley_and_shikinami_asuka_langle.jpg )
>memes come about due to shared interest and experience in the first place
No, they come about from internet osmosis spreading things out while rapidly removing their original context. The vast majority of people who know about Eva did not sit through 26 episodes and a movie of a 90s anime. I've noticed you've been taking pot shots at Eva at any contrived opportunity you can think of. Get over it already and stop being such a pig-head.
>> No. 34370 [Edit]
>The vast majority of people who know about Eva did not sit through 26 episodes and a movie of a 90s anime.

EVA is entry level anime, most people who were vaguely interested in anime at some point have seen it. It's not the obscure esoteric thing you seem to think it is.
>> No. 34371 [Edit]
>EVA is entry level anime
10+ years ago. "Most people" who watch anime now and are under 30 haven't seen Cowboy Bebop, let alone the type of young people who go to dance parties. "Most people" who know about Eva aren't even vaguely interested in anime. When will you stop being such a bitter asshole about this?

Post edited on 22nd Mar 2020, 9:06pm
>> No. 34372 [Edit]
I for one believe that in their original form, meme were indeed about shared interest and experience. They were 'in jokes' shared among communities, and much of the time they mocked something moronic or silly. If you look back at old meme, they often made fun of poorly thought out ideas, bad translations in old games/anime, people saying or doing something stupid, or gay porn because gay porn. They might even be from good memories of shared experiences and events, like trolling people who want to use the pool.

Unfortunately, yes as time went on this culture like many other subcultures was appropriated by the ford driving masses. As always with cultural appropriation they had little understanding of what they were taking and even less fucks to give. So doing as they do, they warped and twisted meme while bastardizing the concept. Meme went from making fun of fat playing with light sabers or a guy with a funny grin, to placing your condensed thoughts and opinions on generic stock images in a strict and rigid format, made easy to consume for the masses. While in between people use the term "meme" to refer to just about any half way amusing image or even video they see online. And yeah, that does include material taken from sources that people have no understanding of, They're simply out of context images they saw someone else share and are passing it on to be a part of something, even when they have no idea what that something is. It's the equivalent of a random guy walking up to a group of friends who are laughing about a joke one of them just told, and laughing along with them to try and fit in without knowing what the joke was. Of course if you asked this random person if he heard the joke, his level of maturity would lead him to getting upset at you for being an elitist cunt who thinks he owns all the jokes and who needs to chill the fuck down before you make more of a pretentious asshole of yourself. That's really what these people are like. Needless to say, I can't say I'm a fan of where things have gone.
>> No. 34373 [Edit]
It's still the case now. You are deluding yourself, it's entry level.
>> No. 34374 [Edit]
Even if it is, what does it matter? Let me guess, entry level = bad and only for normalfags. Anything to feel better. You're so transparent. Every anime director who has ever taken inspiration from Eva or referenced it in some way? Normalfags. Every doujin-group who has made something based on Eva? Normalfags. Every artist who has drawn anything Eva? Normalfags. Anyone who's played and liked NGE:3DPD of Steel? Normalfags. That guy who has Asuka as a waifu? Normalfag.

Post edited on 22nd Mar 2020, 10:06pm
>> No. 34375 [Edit]
Leave it to TC to somehow turn a thread about a pandemic, into a debate about Neon Genesis Evangelion.
>> No. 34376 [Edit]
I like how my state recently went under lock down and only essential businesses are to remain open, and from what I've seen no one's staying at home and most places (that should be closed) are still running.
>> No. 34377 [Edit]
What are some obscure esoteric anime?
>> No. 34378 [Edit]
They are going to double the welfare payment here because of all the people that will be made unemployed and in order to stimulate the economy. I'm already building funds up, I might have to invest in shares with this.
>> No. 34379 [Edit]
You're trying to show the absurd of it but it could backfire you, you know watching and liking anime is considered a normalfag trait in places like Wizardchan?

There's less and less anime that could fall unto that distinction, mostly old OVA's (stuff like Dragon's Heaven) and really old TV shows, but there's also some modern stuff that's difficult to find. Still, it's something relative, it's not the same for a japanese, for the western fan or for the general public.
>> No. 34380 [Edit]
I think getting stocks is a good idea. Due to everything going on many hit all time lows making them easily accessible, but many of these companies will undoubtedly make comebacks. The bigger Cruise lines, airlines, hotel chains ect should be safe investments. I think the numbers show that people have gotten over their initial panic and have started cautiously reinvesting in these sectors. It may take months before their share prices recover and may even take some dips along the way, but they'll get there all the same.
>> No. 34381 [Edit]
The people on Wizardchan are some of the dumbest I have ever come across, but that may be because I haven't been on 4chan in a very long time, maybe they are like that there. They are so dumb that if they say something is black, chances are it's actually white.
>> No. 34382 [Edit]
File 158501072939.png - (34.28KB , 840x534 , hist.png )
Not that anon, but I doubt anything in recent years is truly "obscure" (aside from perhaps shorts where no sub even exists). And even then many of those are still widely popular within Japan (see e.g. Hentatsu). If you limit your scope to just the anglosphere and re-define "obscure" to just mean "unlikely that anyone claiming to be an anime 'fan' has watched" then you could get a reasonable bound on this by using released MAL datasets. This should be reasonably representative of western anime fans.

MAL in particular has several different metrics:
* scored_by : number of users that scored
* rank : Rank based on score weighted by number of users
* popularity : Rank based on number of people with this anime added to their list
* Members: Raw number of people with this anime added to their list
* favorites : Raw number of people who favorited this anime

Just as a sanity check I plotted histograms of rank and popularity which are uniform as expected. I then took the raw data, filtered out ones that hadn't aired, filtered out shorts, and limited it those aired after 2001 (since otherwise this becomes trivial). The result is about 2000 shows, and if we look at a histogram of "members" we see a nice skewed-right distribution, which is probably what you would expect: there are some extremely well-known shows, but the majority of shows are not as well-known (see attachment).

If we just consider shows with more than twenty-thousand "members", these account for 72% of all shows and 98% of all members. I think it's thus fair to use twenty-thousand as a cutting point. The 500 result are the following shows (sorted from most to least members):

If you want to go one order of magnitude less restrictive (20000 <= members <= 40000, which is 3% memberwise and 13% anime wise [so a cumulative total of ~5% memberwise and ~40% anime wise up to 40000]) then the 275 results are:

Put together those two cover roughly half (40%) of the original 2000 shows, which sort of gives you a sense of scale about how truly popular the popular shows are – Just going to 40000 members encompasses nearly half of the anime set, and yet that's still barely touching the vast majority of the member pool.
>> No. 34383 [Edit]
So in conclusion, nearly all recent anime can't be considered "obscure". This is interesting, but it doesn't say anything about the number of people who have heard about something on the planet compared to the number of people who have watched it.
>> No. 34384 [Edit]
It's interesting but it has some flaws. MAL itself is made up of people who are interested enough in the topic to make an account and document what they watch in the first place. I don't know how many people have an account but the most popular anime has 1.9 million members so 20,000 is close enough to 1% of that. First of all if 1% of the population watched everything(or close to everything) that aired each season, that would be 20,000 members and it's not that hard to believe that there would be such a minority. Secondly 1% of a dedicated anime fanbase isn't that much to begin with, it could still be considered relativity obscure.
>> No. 34385 [Edit]
>anything about the number of people who have heard about something
Yes that is a fair point. Although I still think the MAL group of users is at least reasonably representative as a lower bound since if someone hears about a given anime then it's pretty likely that the anime has a decent chunk of watchers (and conversely you're unlikely to hear about an anime that nobody has watched).

>in conclusion, nearly all recent anime can't be considered "obscure"
It depends what you're defining as "obscure." In absolute terms, sure – most modern anime is not obscure since there are tens of thousands of other people who've all watched the same thing. Especially compared to some niche 90s stuff where the view count among western demographics is an order of magnitude smaller, maybe in the high-hundreds.

However on the flip-side I'd argue that in relative terms, a good chunk of modern anime is "obscure" in the sense that if you were to pick a random anime out of that 40% and show it to a random self-described anime fan, it is unlikely that anime fan would recognize that anime. (Assuming of course that members of MAL are coarsely representative of western anime fans at large, which I think is pretty plausible – at the very least it's a lower bound and an average person familiar with anime would be even less likely, since MAL users are probably more devoted since they care enough to make an account). I think this is also what (>>34384) was getting at (although I apologize if I misinterpreted your comment); even if you add in some scale factors to account for non-MAL users, the relative distribution is unlikely to change significantly (or if it did, it would skew even further right) and single-digit percentages of a selective fanbase certainly qualify as "obscure," at least in a relative sense.

Of course the analysis treats each "member" as independent when really a single person can be (and likely is) a "member" for multiple shows, so it's hasty to equate "members" and "people" but I think this too shouldn't egregiously affect the results [*].

[*] Since we want to treat "members" as "people", we need to ensure that we are not over-counting people when we look at the cumulative distribution. Each person can only be a member of a given show once, but that person can be a member of multiple different shows. However, by virtue of the fact that the number of "popular" shows are dwarfed by the number of "non-popular" shows, we're far more likely to over-count people who watch "non-popular" shows than we are to over-count people who watch popular ones.

Post edited on 23rd Mar 2020, 7:33pm
>> No. 34386 [Edit]
File 158501986891.jpg - (104.46KB , 850x752 , sample_0ef554aea0cd86758c690ede8aab3d29.jpg )
Another way of collecting data that might give insight on overall "knowing about" could be from an advanced Google search. The "allintitle:" command only gives results with specific words in the title of the page, including videos. This should filter out most erroneous results. Something something, assume source material is less popular.

"Dragon's Heaven" 1988 : 1,180 results
"Genius Party" 2007 : 7,370 results.
"Cencoroll" 2009 : 10,100 results
"Gunsmith Cats" 1995 : 21,700 results.
"Rebuild of Evangelion" 2007 : 36,300 results
"Cowboy Bebop" 1998 : 387,000 results
"Haruhi" 2006 : 401,000 results
"Steins;Gate" 2002 : 436,000 results
"Neon Genesis Evangelion" 1995 : 783,000 results
"K-On!" 2009 : 2,090,000 results
"Evangelion" 1995 : 3,260,000 results
"Sword Art Online" 2012 : 3,620,000 results
"Attack on Titan" 2013 : 4,440,000 results
"Sailor Moon" 1995 : 5,550,000 results
"Dragon Ball" 1986 : 40,900,000 results
"Naruto" 2002 : 52,600,000 results

This is from all time. Looking at only the last 10 years,
"K-On!" : 126,000 results
"Evangelion" : 259,000 results
"Sword Art Online" : 317,000 results
"Attack on Titan" : 348,000 results
"Sailor Moon" : 1,450,000 results
"Dragon Ball" : 34,900,000 results
"Naruto" : 48,100,000 results

What does this tell us? I have no clue.
>> No. 34387 [Edit]
Non-anime control

"Batman" : 34,600,000 results
Since: 2010
"Batman" : 19,100,000 results
Up until 2010
"Batman" : 118,000 results

I don't get it. Maybe some results don't have a given date?

Post edited on 23rd Mar 2020, 8:35pm
>> No. 34388 [Edit]
The date filter on Google is completely broken (see, so I would not trust that particular aspect. I think this is because they use the date last updated instead of the date first indexed.

I also would not trust the result count since if you for instance go to the last page you'll find that the reported number goes down by several factors.

I think "allintitle" is too restrictive since you may have lots of discussion on a thread or comment page but not necessarily have the show name explicitly in the title. And long-running threads that multiple people comment on would be under-represented.

But overall it's still an interesting additional glimpse.

Post edited on 23rd Mar 2020, 9:37pm
>> No. 34390 [Edit]
They are worse than in 4chan. In 4chan you could find nice threads about niche things in the sea of shit that the place is, in wizardchan you couldn't have a thread about anything without derailing and people arguing about how X (X could be literally any in existence) was for "normies".
>> No. 34392 [Edit]
>you couldn't have a thread about anything without derailing and people arguing about how X (X could be literally any in existence) was for "normies".
How ironic.
>> No. 34393 [Edit]

Whelp, the Olympics just got bumped off to next year.
>> No. 34394 [Edit]
File 158509332861.jpg - (163.24KB , 554x900 , 0.jpg )
If this kills enough people, I might be hireable.
>> No. 34395 [Edit]
File 158509540052.jpg - (1.16MB , 3000x2250 , 461323042_6090c11a54_3k.jpg )
The delay was inevitable once the virus managed to spread outside of East Asia. I had plans to travel to Japan next May to avoid the Olympic crowds. I'm unsure if I should wait until 2022 instead.
>> No. 34402 [Edit]
File 158530566848.gif - (376.45KB , 500x400 , LBNX7018.gif )
It is much worse than I expected it to be, but I am rather mixed on my feelings about it. On one hand the misanthrope in me is fine with everyone dying but I also feel empathy for those affected as it is rather unfortunate. My parents have been at home more so I have been talking to them more. It's nice somewhat, so there's that.
Even though the number of deaths is scary, it is still minimal compared to the overall population.
I have gotten more into my hobbies because everyone on the internet is talking about it, so I just play something or watch or read. It's quite nice if not a little lonely.
Maybe I should post more about that instead of the virus.
>> No. 34403 [Edit]
File 15853338093.jpg - (331.79KB , 1920x1080 , mpv-shot0009.jpg )
Hoping it attenuates the aging population problem a bit. Not just for purely economic reasons, but social as well, such as NIMBYs and overall less time and stress dealing with the elderly and so on...
Not like I want to see everyone die, nor am I one of those cool "ok boomer" kids, but am indeed tired of seeing big, regional hospitals all taken up by 70y+ and so many government resources wasted on people who will die within 3 years.

On the other hand, quite enjoying this break. Temporary at local big factory and gov made layoffs easier. Been there over a year so I can sign up for unemployment benefits. More like a jobseeker's allowance though. However with the current outbreak, it is longer required to regularly present oneself at an "employment center", nor to show concrete proof of active jobseeking. My employer told me that they'll hire me back as soon as the situation returns to normal. I have many reasons to believe them, so I can enjoy pseudo-NEETing in the meanwhile.

In the end, not worried a single bit. By contrast quite excited finally something omoshiroi happens.
>> No. 34404 [Edit]
>tired of seeing big, regional hospitals all taken up by 70y+ and so many government resources wasted on people who will die within 3 years.
This is so true. It's amazing how many resources they pour into extending these peoples lives by a small fraction. It would help if these peoples at least stayed active and took care of themselves, but far too often they refuse to do so and just complain endlessly. A lot of them don't even want to live anymore and are forced to keep going. I recall one elderly man I spoke with started crying at the thought of his mind and body falling apart. His home overflowed with medications and his life revolved around hospital visits. He was also practically being harassed by life insurance companies, health care providers, funeral service providers, and all number of charities. This wasn't the first time I've seen it happen, and it's starting to happen to my own parents. Economy wise, It doesn't help these people tend to hoard large amounts of money that they either do nothing with, or piss away at casinos. I don't feel this is great for the economy.
>> No. 34406 [Edit]
>A lot of them don't even want to live anymore and are forced to keep going
Blame the fact that physician-assisted or otherwise voluntary euthanasia is outright illegal in most places.
>> No. 34412 [Edit]
>Has it affected you at all?
honestly not really.
I was a recluse before and I'm a recluse now
>> No. 34414 [Edit]
kind of what I'm betting on.
>> No. 34427 [Edit]
I hope you muh economy types won't complain when you're denied that ventilator.
>> No. 34428 [Edit]
I hope the economy goes down the tank even more, for once cost of living might go down to affordable levels.
>> No. 34526 [Edit]
File 158625527360.jpg - (183.16KB , 707x1000 , 20200216.jpg )
Petrol is cheap now. If housing prices drop too, I can buy my own place and stop renting.
>> No. 34555 [Edit]
File 158656255186.jpg - (183.87KB , 525x514 , 63c9078aba0c4d2f0e6656d2719f3dbf9cd5d640.jpg )
Not too worried. I'm only slightly worried because my relative who lives with me keeps going to work and has a chance to bring it back to me. Other than that, everything is going in my favor.

I can finally live the NEET life that I always wanted too. Ever since this outbreak came out, I have also tended to more productive pursuits such as gardening, programming, learning a language, finishing my video game and anime backlogs, etc. etc. My tulips have started to bloom and I'm really happy about that. It's also really nice to not have to deal with normals. Another upside is that if we all don't die, the cost of living should decrease quite a bit and perhaps it will be easier for me to find a better job.

The downside is, I can't go to the local dock and relax to read a book or just chill, which is a thing I like to do in the spring/summer. I know that I mentioned that I hate being around normalfags, however I only visit the docks during the hours and days where it is relatively empty. Even then, there are only old people around (55+) drinking beer, fishing, and sailing around in their boats. I dislike normals, but I do not detest to getting some sun from time to time.
>> No. 34556 [Edit]
Not like you can't go outside, I go on walks all the time. Going outside alone is extremely low risk, unless where you want to go is barred off or something. It's been nice lately since a lot of places that used to be packed are barren now. Behind my house through some woods there is a small warehouse type building with a small park next to it, a hotel, and a restaurant that are all empty now, and have been for weeks so I've been going to hang out there. Only people I've seen back there is a worker for the empty hotel once and some dude collecting empty cans another time.

Post edited on 10th Apr 2020, 6:18pm
>> No. 34557 [Edit]
I realize that, but I live in a complex where there is very few woods by the property, and in those woods are a lot of stray cats which I am pretty afraid of since I heard the virus can infect, or atleast spread to animals.

I would go visit some parks around the area like the docks I was talking about, but those are closed down now due to the virus. The only thing to do outside now is perhaps walk around the block and tend to the garden.
>> No. 34562 [Edit]
Some places with bottle machines are still open? Or is it just recycling centers cause I have no access to those. Everywhere stopped accepting recycles lately. I used to collect cans before this shit hit the fan which is why I been so bored out there, it was almost all I did and what I filled my empty time with. It made me some nice money on the side too, lost over a month worth of it now. In mourning I still have the last dollar I gained sitting next to me before it happened. It's probably going to be till the end of May before I'm able to get out there again, it's killing me.
>> No. 34563 [Edit]
In this state bottle returns are at all grocery stores and are handled by a machine, so they're still open here.
>> No. 34564 [Edit]
I see, here even the rooms with the machines are closed. Not sure if the whole state since there is now only a couple in reach. I never went inside the store itself cause they always turned me down not wanting to deal with it/me despite them being able to and me probably being the easiest customer they'll ever have. All they gotta do is scan a slip every day and give me some change, still get a attitude often. I can only imagine what hell I'm in for once this all dies down and everything is business as usual with the corona paranoia freshly rooted into their heads. Only went into the liquor store once to do it because I had a ton of one kind the machines wouldn't take and they sold it and they did it with an eye roll of resistance though.
>> No. 34570 [Edit]
I live in New York (though upstate) and our recycling center was still open and it was PACKED. I really don't know what's going in the heads of some of these people...
>> No. 34582 [Edit]
File 158671867670.jpg - (117.28KB , 1024x836 , neet1586713622698.jpg )
I get to work from home now, which is great. I haven't had to talk to anyone in person in almost a month now. Too bad I have to take phone calls for my employer.

Apart from that, the lockdown doesn't affect me too much. I don't go to clubs or any other place where people gather anyway, and it's been almost a decade since I last saw a member of my family. I just wish stores like IKEA were still open in my state. And brothels.

There are always long lines before the supermarket now due to only a limited number of people being allowed in, but I don't have to buy anything. Thankfully, /pol/ warned me of all this early on, so I stocked up on food with long shelf life in january, and have been living off of it ever since lockdown was declared.

In terms of the virus iself, the main thing I'm worried about are the reports of re-infections or re-activations, i.e. of people who were discharged from the hospital testing positive again weeks later. So either this virus can infect you again after you already had it; or, once you catch it, you have it forever, like HIV.
As a young man with a good immune system I'm not too worried about dying right away, but getting permanent lung damage seems like a realistic threat.

Oh, and I absolutely despise my country's government for letting this virus into the country in the first place, instead of instituting travel bans all the way back in January. The only governments outside China that took this virus seriously early on were those of Israel and Korea.

Brothels, you say?
>> No. 34583 [Edit]
Those are rare enough that it's likely to just have been false negatives on the original test.
>> No. 34584 [Edit]
And Taiwan.
>> No. 34585 [Edit]
But you can't talk about Taiwan. The red chinese get mad when you talk about Taiwan.
>> No. 34588 [Edit]
>Brothels, you say?
yeah, brothels are a good option for someone like me who hates social interaction but does have a sex drive. It's perfectly understandable that they'd be among the establishments to close down when trying to stop an infectious disease, of course.

>> No. 34589 [Edit]
>are a good option... [for someone] who hates social interaction but does have a sex drive
Don't want to derail the thread with this but this seems kind of oxymoronic since interaction with 3D in any form would seem to necessitate social communication, perhaps doubly so for something like a cathouse.
>> No. 34591 [Edit]
I have a sex drive, but I only find it incredibly annoying. I treat jacking off like taking a dump, or a piss. Just a process your body needs to complete on some regular interval. Although it exists, there is no point in giving into it for some brief pleasure, especially if that requires touching real people.

Post edited on 13th Apr 2020, 3:58pm
>> No. 34608 [Edit]
Abe just declared a "state of emergency." I suppose mere belief in the yamato spirit wasn't actually enough to curtail it.
>> No. 34609 [Edit]
Abe really messed up during the early stages of the pandemic, what with refusing to shut down incoming travel from China and all that. I always felt that Japan's gov cares a lot more about the well-being of its population than Western governments, but in this crisis they were just as bad.
>> No. 34610 [Edit]
>but in this crisis they were just as bad.

But the numbers are miles better. The curve of infections has been really slow, specially compared to the european and american disasters.
My country has 20 times their infected and 100 times their deaths, and all that having contacted with the infection weeks later than Japan and other asian countries.
>> No. 34611 [Edit]
A little bit scared actually.
>> No. 34612 [Edit]
How has this impacted the lives of people here? Has it even changed anything for you guys?
>> No. 34613 [Edit]
File 158705795867.gif - (177.55KB , 800x774 , 1336018330763.gif )
Everything. Now I only go outside twice a month, for no more than 30 min., no exceptions.
My diet and habits have changed, even when I was already extremely introverted before.
Only problem with all is the brutal economic crisis that will come in the next months, I can't even imagine what will happen and all the implications but it will be huge. Also I'm somehow feeling stressed about not enjoying enough this one life chance of being able to live as a full time hikki but I feel anxious and nervous and I don't really know why.
>> No. 34614 [Edit]
Main thing is my hours got changed around for the worse, I'm now working 6 days a week with little free time before and after work.
My finances did take a bit of a hit upfront due to some panic buying when lockdown for my area was announced. I wasn't clearing out store shelves or anything but I did buy some food, supplies, a gun, silver ect. playing the stock market helped even things out a tad there however.
My day to day life has mostly been the same however as I rarely left home for anything but work, the occasional errands, and gym once a week. It's a tad annoying that the grocery store I used to visit at 2am on my way home from work is now only open to 9pm, as this was a nice way of avoiding people. I had already been practicing social distancing for years before any of this started. I don't really miss the gym since it always felt like a chore going out and having to be near people, but I do wish I had a treadmill or something at home to keep active at least. Overall it's haven't been a big deal to me.

I feel this event has really brought out a lot of people's true natures. my once friendly boss turned into an insulting and dismissive cunt when I brought up the CARES act (essentially turning insulting and telling me to go fuck myself for even mentioning it), a family member cut off contact with me just for asking if he was still interested in selling me a gun that he tried to push onto me before recent events. One of my house mates was rather pushy about me getting the gun that I did just so that there would at least be one in the house and he wouldn't have to be the one to pay for it. My dad meanwhile is bending and ignoring laws same as ever to avoid being inconvenienced by recent regulations, such as bribing the owner of a gym to let him use it, refusing to wear a mask in public and lying to police if stopped, and not adjusting rents at all for his tenants while being willing to rip them from their homes the moment they stop paying, legal or not.
>> No. 34616 [Edit]
That's because the population itself is more sensible and disciplined, not because of the government's actions this year.
>> No. 34617 [Edit]
Supposedly they also hadn't been testing a lot
>> No. 34618 [Edit]
That's true for sure, but it can really make such an enormous difference? Probably japanese government didn't take the ideal action but you have to think there's calamitous governments even in Europe.
>> No. 34660 [Edit]
Read it and weep, tohno
>> No. 34662 [Edit]
File 158759182586.png - (1.10MB , 1280x720 , rbc_yuu2.png )
Please refrain from posting links that include 3D media.
>> No. 34665 [Edit]
bruh wipe your tears. I'm here for you.
>> No. 34667 [Edit]
File 158759779792.jpg - (528.48KB , 1600x1200 , 2d9da6717a5bdd2e4adf634f699dfd65.jpg )
They make decent dumplings and their dresses are sexy.
>> No. 34671 [Edit]
the qipao is based on manchu clothings so it's not actually han chinese. han chinese were cucked to the HIGH HEAVEN by the BIG MANCHU COCK that they no longer wear their traditional clothing. The MANCHU forced the han chinese to wear MANCHU clothing for 250+ years totally destroying their brain. And don't forget the pig tail queue that han chinese were forced to have. Complete and utter submission to BIG MANCHU COCK.

That is why Chinese today are subhuman scum. They've been completely BROKEN by numerous BIG NOMAD COCK that whatever shred of culture and decency is lost and the current CHINESE are soulless insectoid people with the only goal of becoming nouveau RICHE materialist PROFIT at any COST! SCAM SCAM LIE LIE CHEAT CHEAT that is all that they know now.
>> No. 34673 [Edit]
File 158760779166.jpg - (206.87KB , 800x1200 , __original_drawn_by_yuriko__e36568b1537d9e7f5a807e.jpg )
You're either joking or mentally ill. I'll take insectoid people over viking larping fags any day. People can learn a lot from insects.
>> No. 34674 [Edit]
You can't handle the truth so you resort to calling me mentally ill?

>> No. 34675 [Edit]
Maybe i'd be more receptive if you didn't rave in all caps about Manchu cock? I've been to China. I've talked with Chinese people born here and there. For their many faults, you can do a lot worse than them. At least they're half-way functional unlike Greeks, Serbs and Moldavians. I also don't care about if some specific piece of their culture comes from Hans or a nomadic war-obsessed people. A lot of your critisms of their character can be attributed to Japanese people too, which was my problem with your post.

Post edited on 22nd Apr 2020, 7:45pm
>> No. 34676 [Edit]
Made in Japan > Made in China

Never in all my dealings with asiatic people have I ever been scammed or lied to more than the Chinese.

>Hans or a nomadic war-obsessed people
Odd of you to single out nomadic people as war-obsessed. If anyone knows a shred of Chinese history then they should know that Chinese were very obsessed with conquering and warring against other asiatic people living in mainland china. All of the past chinese empire can't grow big without conquering others.

>viking larping fags
Nice assumption faggot. Nowhere in my post did I mention anything remotely close to suggest that.
>> No. 34677 [Edit]
>Odd of you to single out nomadic people as war-obsessed.
>Nice assumption faggot.
What assumption? What are you assuming I was insinuating? Crazy people always think everything has a double meaning. So paranoid and jittery. Let me spell it out nice and clear for you: Chinese people are not the worst of the worst. Them being collectivist or "insect-like" or having been invaded a lot has nothing to do with their greedy and dishonest behavior.
>> No. 34678 [Edit]
Oh yes! Just IGNORE all the countless CHINESE expansion across ASIA killing local natives! MONGOLS THOUGH! Don't forget that the Chinese also lead numerous campaigns into Mongolia long before the Mongols united the tribes. They tried to pacify Mongolia but failed.

>What assumption?
>>viking larping fags
>> No. 34679 [Edit]
The chinesse embassy already told Spain those weren't approved tests, and this has happened like three times already, I don't think they are at fault here. It seems a matter of corruption, incompetence or both, as usual.
>> No. 34684 [Edit]
Yes, I dislike viking larping fags. Insectoids are better than them. Your absolute hate boner for the Chinese is silly. They did this and they did that nothing they did was good even the stuff that seems okay is proof that they're evil by nature because big cocks and emperor wife hoarding or whatever. *yawn*
>> No. 34685 [Edit]
BTFO faggot!

I had some fun roasting your peanut size brain.

>> No. 34686 [Edit]
Good luck killing 1.4 billion people, brainiac.
>> No. 34687 [Edit]
BRUH you were literally shaking so badly you couldn't even sage correctly! It's over for you just accept that you have peanut size brain.
>> No. 34688 [Edit]
Uh oh, it's that guy with a vendetta against Moldova again.
>At least they're half-way functional unlike Greeks, Serbs and Moldavians
Amerimemes. These are decent nations. Your previous complaints about the Balkans being dirty have been noted. Curiously none of these supposedly "unhygienic" places are notorious for being a hotbed for deadly diseases. Unlike China.
Another fun fact about Moldova: it doesn't have a booming holocaust industry. Unlike China.
>I've been to China. I've talked with Chinese people born here and there.
Yeah and you've been presented a pretty fairy tale prepared for the clueless foreigners, which you swallowed hook, line and sinker.
>> No. 34689 [Edit]
Actual Han Chinese are long extinct, Chinese nowadays are little more than barbarian halfbreeds.
>> No. 34690 [Edit]
I despise the Chinese too but can you do us all a favor and type like a human instead of a brain-dead mix of a computer illiterate Q-tard, trying-too-hard-to-fit-in 15 year old on Twitter, and "/pol/ is always right except when we aren't" slowpoke who still thinks Pepe the frog and feelsguy are funny?
If not, can you please go somewhere else?
>> No. 34691 [Edit]
This thread needs a triage.
>> No. 34692 [Edit]
I'm here. I'm Queer. Get used to it.

I don't have a single image of feels guy or pepe saved on my hard drive BRUH.

Thread is fine.
>> No. 34694 [Edit]
not the one you replied but
>trying so hard to change the topic
>you are mentally ill
>the balkans

go eat some dog fried in gutter oil and then jump off a cliff
>one pandemic per decade
>> No. 34695 [Edit]
If you guys can't play nice I'll lock the thread.
>> No. 34696 [Edit]
Seems the US got added to the list of countries Japan wont ship to. Now how the hell am I supposed to get my PVC fix?
>> No. 34697 [Edit]
Same with my country, and I'm into plastic crack and without a backlog so it's harsh. At least the nice japanese guys have promised me to keep my pre-virus pre-order shippings on-hold until things return to normal.
Question is if things will return to normal someday.
>> No. 34698 [Edit]
File 158764223348.jpg - (4.51MB , 4032x3024 , 20190722_162111.jpg )
>vendetta against Moldova
I am Moldavian. Both of my parents grew up in Chișinău(their captial). I've visted my grandmother there. Streets covered in bird shit, their national library, the one in their capital city, doesn't have soap in the bathrooms. I've also been to Beijing, walked around in it for hours, even some back alleys. I know somebody who's been to some of China's smaller cities. I can say without a shadow of a doubt, Moldova is the far worse shit hole and has a government that's shamelessly corrupt and incompetent in its own right.
>> No. 34713 [Edit]
>doesn't have soap in the bathrooms
>bird droppings
These are some pretty serious accusations anon
Have you tried contacting the UN about it?
I think we have and open-and-shut Geneva code violation here
>> No. 34714 [Edit]
I know far more about the place than you do and am a better judge of whether it's "decent" or not. I'd like to see you try living there.
>> No. 34715 [Edit]
Look anon im gonna stop posting because the admin and im guessing the other posters here,dont like that shit.I have travelled all over the world including the balkans and asia.Moldova is a poor country allright , but you cant seriously suggest that China is some hot shit.You saw Beijing and got blinded by the new skyscrapers and the money flowing everywhere but thats not the case everywhere.There are regions in china,both along the coastal cities and inland that make the balkans look like utopia.
The other poster that started sperging about the chinese was rude but he had a point.While eurocucks and burgers have mountains of legislation and health regulations,because they know the dangers,the chinese in the name of competition have literally disregarded everything, and now they, along with everybody else are reaping the rewards.
There are very serious reasons for implementing such measures at the expense of productivity and profit, but not for the chinese.No,gotta make that cash man,gotta be competitive.Guess what,now its time to pay the extra cost for that cheap price tag.
I m not gonna blame everybody there,because i have met a lot of chinese that were actually bros and pretty decent, but guess what: it doesnt matter.Their opinions are irrelevant.
Now as far the corruption charges go, are you even serious?Do you even know what is going on there?
They poisoned their own children for some quick cash ffs.
Seems to me like you took a walk in the capital,everything seemed perfect and then you went ahead and started bashing everyone and calling other countries shitholes because they dont sacrifice everything for quick profit.
Chill out a little and try to be a tiny bit more objective.Dont idolize them so much.
>> No. 34716 [Edit]
>The other poster that started sperging about the chinese
That's the only thing I had a problem with. I don't idiolize the Chinese by any means and what I saw in Beijing was far from perfect. I could go on and on about all thing things I dislike about them and their government, but I don't see the point and I don't think they need to be genocided or that wearing Manchu dresses melted their brains. I can't understand how a person can seriously write that kind of stuff. As for Moldova, I just used them as an example based on my personal knowledge of their ineptitude.
>> No. 35119 [Edit]
Seems japan lifted their state of emergency and have pretty much taken care of this bs. Sasuga nippon...
>> No. 35164 [Edit]
They still gotta be looking down the barrel at hosting an olympics plus this.
>> No. 35172 [Edit]
Isn't it postponed to 2021?
>> No. 35175 [Edit]
So? Hosting olympics that year is still something for them to sweat, as that undertaking is even for the Chinese.
>> No. 35211 [Edit]
I ended up getting shares with the Corona money. I invested $2000 in long term shares but then I also allowed $2000 for short term trading.

The short term trading has actually given me an idea. It's early days but so far I have been able to make about $100 a fortnight with $2000, so then in theory if I had $10,000 I could make $500 a fortnight and I could live of that. This seems to good to be true though, it's possible that it's only so easy now because the market is rising from a crash.
>> No. 35212 [Edit]
>it's possible that it's only so easy now because the market is rising from a crash.
That's exactly what it is. This happens every time something big happens. I've invested just over $9,000 myself just after the covid crash, and at the moment those investments are worth $17,500. Yesterday my dad was telling me about how right after 9/11, he invested heavily into the stock market and made $80,000 in profit from it. Plenty of people did the same in 2008. Where some people see disaster, others see opportunity. That said, The second covid wave could very well likely cause another dip in the market. We'll just have to see what happens.
>> No. 35213 [Edit]
And here I am with only $200 invested. Fuck.
>> No. 35214 [Edit]
With the right stocks, you could double, triple, or even quadrupedal that. Sadly it's easier to make money when you already have lots of it to spare. For instance, amazon went up $500 a share in the last couple months, but it was already at $2000 before this started so there was a large barrier of entry there. Meanwhile something like macy's was down under $5 a share, and is now up to almost $10. Buying into that could have essentially doubled one's returns.
>> No. 35215 [Edit]
Why are you rich people even here.
>> No. 35216 [Edit]
A few thousand dollars hardly makes someone rich.
>> No. 35217 [Edit]
>Buying into that could have essentially doubled one's returns.
And my soul just left my body. I thought seeing 20% gains on my oil/energy stocks was good.
>> No. 35219 [Edit]
I know that's the case for the long term investments. My short term trading has been buying stocks when they dip and then selling them a week or so later when they rise. In theory I should always be able to do this only now it's almost guaranteed that if I buy in a dip they will rise in not long so it's probably easier.
>> No. 35220 [Edit]
File 159149362624.jpg - (165.13KB , 533x640 , 01f884ff9ba8d0931fa0467988141e82.jpg )
If I could have a more passive form of income, i'd like to get royalties for something. With stocks, that's not money you can just use. You have to think about it and manage it and decide whether or not you should sell it before that money can actually be useful to you. Just a regular check in the mail of worry-free, ready to use money would be the best.
>> No. 35221 [Edit]
You get dividends from shares.
>> No. 35222 [Edit]
>>35212 here. That's what I mainly invested in. With what I got I would be getting just over $1200 a year, or a hundred dollars a month, but they cut dividends on most stocks that took heavy hits. That $1200 turned into $300 for the time being. Of course once things recover it's possible they might reinstate the dividends. It's worth noting that you're not going to get a huge return from dividends unless you dump truck tons of cash into the market. In order to get the amount of money from dividends to live off of, you'd need an amount of money you could probably live off of anyway. That said, I found that macys was paying something like 0.30 a quarter before covid, so when it dropped to under $5, I estimated that whatever you invest would be returned in 3 years time via those divs, making this one of the more appealing stocks to me.

Post edited on 7th Jun 2020, 2:10am
>> No. 35223 [Edit]
I have money (something like 18000$ more or less) but I don't have a minimal financial education or even know basic math. I feel like I would lose everything in a matter of seconds if I tried to invest so I'm stuck at living like a monk to have some money but it's value decreases wih time anyway, and in the next months I'm afraid inflation will eat everything I have taken painful years to accumulate.
These last posts made feel kinda stupid. I guess there's a reason why smart people are rich and dumb people are poor.
>> No. 35224 [Edit]
I have heard that US stocks pay less dividends on average than other markets and focus more on growth, not sure I can confirm it or to what degree though.

It's not that complex, you just need to know basic addition, subtraction and how to calculate percentages. Or you can just invest in a few safe companies and leave it.
>> No. 35244 [Edit]
Sounds like a good thing if you manage to get the timing right. However with the current conditions it seems very risky. It's hard to tell when the market will crash again.
>> No. 35271 [Edit]
I'm >>34582 and the extra time I gained from not having to commute to work every day, combined with the reduction of stress due to not having to interact with people face-to-face on a daily basis, has done me a lot of good. I've lost 5 kilograms of excess weight, I'm back on track with my calisthenics training, have written the biggest computer programs I ever wrote, and I learned how to juggle three balls. I also saved a lot of money because I would often buy take-out food on my way to work, now I cook everything myself at home.

For all I care, we could do this lockdown thing every year, maybe during the 40 days of lent before Easter. It's not like regular flu pandemics are much less dangerous than 2019-nCoV ultimately turned out to be, there were flu outbreaks in the early 90's that were about equally severe.

Interesting though that mass-gatherings have suddenly become okay again over the past couple of days, so long as you use the mass-gathering to express your hatred towards White people. Really shows you where the priorities of our politicians and media bosses lie.
>> No. 35272 [Edit]
Weren't you banned for posting that?
>> No. 35280 [Edit]
File 159173618125.jpg - (97.34KB , 596x800 , akiraCoronaERsQBdOVAAAX7VK.jpg )
apparently it wasn't a permaban.
>> No. 35290 [Edit]
File 159195671017.jpg - (209.90KB , 1080x2160 , Screenshot_20200612_110358_com_fatsecret_android.jpg )
>I've lost 5 kilograms of excess weight
And it just keeps going. I'm now officially not obese anymore, just overweight (BMI between 25 and 30). Hopefully I'll be back down to normal weight by the end of the lockdown.
>> No. 35291 [Edit]
I would take your kg for your japanese skills.
>> No. 36731 [Edit]
Seems my state (CA) is going to be enforcing a month long curfew starting this Saturday. I have no freaking clue how a curfew is supposed to slow the spread of a virus, but I'm glad I wont have to listen to as many loud assholes on the street when I'm trying to sleep.
>> No. 36732 [Edit]
Amusing that I first find out about local (er, regional I suppose) news on Tohno-chan. How is that different from the "stay-at-home" stuff that's already been in place until now? Moreover it doesn't seem like it's actually going to be enforced, so it really seems more of a symbolic move/reminder than anything else, so it's probably not going to stop those hooligans you mentioned.
>> No. 36734 [Edit]
There isn't really any "stay-at-home" stuff here. I think that's just people deciding to do that to themselves. And yeah, might be wishful thinking.
>> No. 36742 [Edit]
File 160590123769.jpg - (125.56KB , 1080x1768 , Screenshot_20201120_202254.jpg )
Today and yesterday were some of the worst days of my life. I've been trying to "fix" my life for the last 6 years, but today's events had me starting to think that I'm a psychological wreckage well beyond salvation. There is no 'repairing' the damage that was done to my psyche in my childhood and teenage years.
But hey, at least the corona-induced weightloss is going well.
>> No. 37077 [Edit]
I've postponed my usual dental cleaning/checkup twice now: holding your mouth open for 30minutes gives you plenty of time to ingest any aerosolized particles from prior patients. But even if it's probably/statistically safe I'm prone to overthinking things and I'd probably nocebo effect myself into spending the next two weeks with my mind worried about whether I'd been infected instead of being able to enjoy anime. My teeth have also been fine enough in the past so I don't think waiting 1.5 yrs until the next cleaning should be an issue. (Supposedly Cockrane reviews [1, 2] also show that the benefits yearly cleanings aren't too significant assuming good dental hygiene otherwise, so it probably wouldn't matter for this single event anyway.)

Even if I did get infected though, the only part that really worries me is the long-term effects some people seem to have (fatigue, "brain fog", reduced lung capacity). I don't remember too well the last time I had flu, but the acute symptoms didn't seem that bad (only ~1 day of discomfort at worst); seems this is potentially worse on account of it being a respiratory infection?

>> No. 37083 [Edit]
File 160852266651.png - (128.53KB , 994x720 , lice.png )
>What are your thoughts on it?
I love her and I want her to make as many normalshits suffer their overdue punishment for their sins for as long as they deserve and for as hard as they deserve.
>Do you care?
Very much so, yes.
>Has it affected you at all?
It hasn't yet other than having to wear a mask all the time when I go outside and it feels and looks stupid. I miss the early days of it though. Everything was so peaceful when the normalscum were shivering in their rat holes and bitching about their "depression xD" or something.
>> No. 37084 [Edit]
>I miss the early days of it though.
Me too. It was a lot more fun and interesting. Now people aren't worried about it anymore and are acting like extra douchbags.
>> No. 37086 [Edit]
File 160853735121.png - (1.48MB , 1280x720 , Corona-chan idol.png )
Maybe I haven't lost all of the optimism I have yet, but I like to think that the careless ones are the ones who will likely get bit by it sooner or later.
>> No. 37097 [Edit]
The other nice thing about covid in the early days was how lucrative the stock market was. everything dropped down and slowly started to recover over months. I didn't have much to work with however in the early days so I didn't make much. Now there's too much volatility, it's all over the place and too risky.
>> No. 37135 [Edit]
You're suppose to buy stable stocks & hold them for dividends. It's not as sexy as day-trading and you don't earn as much. But it works.

Don't give up your day-job though. Think of it as lunch-money levels of earnings.
>> No. 37138 [Edit]
Not much seems stable or safe these days. Besides, dividends isn't much better than putting money in a savings account and collecting next to nothing in interest. You need a massive amount of money for it to be note worthy, and by that point what they give you would seem like breadcrumbs anyway compared to what you'd have invested.
>> No. 37186 [Edit]
Wow. You didn't read the previous post at all. Do the math, you can't live off the dividend of stocks but think of it as secondary income.
>> No. 37188 [Edit]
I read the post, it's just a shitty waste of money. If your goal is to make money, buy something and resell it for more, put some effort in, take some risks. Don't just expect something from nothing, because you'll get little in return.
>> No. 37196 [Edit]
>If your goal is to make money, take some risks.
The goal is make money but unlike you, I'm not gonna disregard it because it "only" makes $50/week at best. As an aside, I also sell collectables but that income stream is even more unpredictable. IRS won't bother about those income streams as it's not worth their effort to pursue.
And I also work a 9 to 5 job; fortunately it's not front-line retail.
>> No. 37354 [Edit]
File 161062140359.jpg - (9.87KB , 300x259 , 20210117.jpg )
Will it be "back to normal" once enough people get the covid-vaccine?
>> No. 37355 [Edit]
Some things will never be the same.
>> No. 37356 [Edit]
In my country, politicians are already talking about how even with the vaccine, they can't lift lockdowns for BS reasons.
They've gotten a taste of power when they told the entire population to not leave their house except for work and by locking down most of the non-life sustaining economy, and they don't intend on giving it up.
>> No. 37359 [Edit]
You would think things would ease up a bit with so many vaccines on the market. As it is I think the restrictions might be doing far more harm that good, and we could be heading to another great depression if things aren't changed soon. That combined with the extremely unhealthy life styles both physical and mental that people have been forced to live in for the past year. Make people wear masks, social distance, whatever, fine. Just let them keep their businesses open I say. The restrictions are unfair and unreasonable, to say one shop can stay open and another must close, simply because one sells snack foods and the other doesn't. For the most part, all the big name chain stores are the ones staying open, while the small mom and pop places are being forced to closed. There's nothing "essential" about starbucks.

I've been called an asshole for saying this, but I think it's important to remember the hundreds of millions of lives being forever ruined on multiple levels, all to protect people from a virus with a low mortality rate for anyone who isn't elderly or already sick and dying. Put restrictions in place sure, just make them fair.
>> No. 37360 [Edit]
It's probably going to take until the end of the year until the vaccine is distributed widely enough. And even then politicians are going to be very reluctant to ease lockdowns because then their opponents will accuse them of allowing deaths.
>> No. 38003 [Edit]
The sequence for the mRNA based vaccines is actually a lot shorter than I thought [1]. Pretty neat little thing. There's also a more detailed breakdown of the sequence in [2].


Post edited on 29th Mar 2021, 8:07pm
>> No. 38012 [Edit]
Of course not. The entire shutdown was just a ploy of the elites to get their service-rich megacity life without all those pesky peasants ruining the view and they have no intention of stopping that.
And even if the lockdown was lifted tomorrow, the economic damage would be gigantic. A massive transfer of wealth from middle class small-business owners to megacorps has taken place. Things aren't going to be the same as said megacorps are now more free than ever to grab additional power. We're seeing the start of the true cyberpunk timeline.
>> No. 38015 [Edit]
I recently learned that there's a far-less publicized vaccine – Novavax – that seems to be both immunologically superior and biologically safer. Compared to the mrna ones – pfizer, moderna – (which inject the mrna to allow cells to reconstruct and present the spike protein) and the viral-vector ones – astrazenica, johnson&johnson – (which indirectly do the same thing except using a modified adenovirus as the carrier for the corresponding dna sequence) the novavax one essentially just is a pre-grown modified spike protein.

To me this seems a lot cleaner with less possible side-effects. I wonder why no one's talking about this.
>> No. 38018 [Edit]
Day before yesterday I spoke with one such small business owner while scouting out locations for our own. He was in the process of clearing out his bakery of 12 years. Apparently he was expected to continue making lease payments while not being allowed to be open. He tried to fight it in court but lost. He the property owners were able to afford high priced lawyers, where as his was useless. He went on to say that the rich are basically able to do whatever they want.
I asked if he would reopen somewhere else but he said he was giving up on the business, he lost all of his employees anyway.
This isn't an isolated incident, I'm sure this is happening all across the country and probably the world.
>> No. 38029 [Edit]
I was only able to graduate university last semester because of conditions created by Covid. Thanks, Corona!
>> No. 38033 [Edit]
I got this flu in November. My back hurt and I was tired for a few days. My mom (60) got it 6ish week ago. She was dying but now she is much better. Still very weak.

Old and/or sick people are dying left and right here from covid and from the vaccines too.
>> No. 38034 [Edit]
It boggles my mind that the world economy was shut down for a year because of a mildly worse than normal flu.
>> No. 38035 [Edit]
File 161808963060.jpg - (119.96KB , 779x701 , 1542603350175.jpg )
Well, for one, it's clinical trial results came far later than the other vaccines. Pfizer and Moderna released results in December, so they've got the most name recognition purely from being first to market. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine gets brought up regularly because it's marketed as a single-dose vaccine as opposed to the aforementioned, which recommend two doses. The others: Oxford-AstraZeneca, SinoVac, Sinopharm, and Sputnik V mainly get brought up as political punching bags for countries to boast how good their own vaccines are, and bad other countries' vaccines are.

By comparison, the Novavax vaccine has relatively little going for it that would garner publicity. I also suspect there might be vaccine-news media cartel that might be preventing it from getting more coverage; the Novavax vaccine is unique because it's extremely scalable and easy to produce in vast quantities because producing only the spike proteins is relatively trivial. From what I understand, much the same as Insulin is produced in bulk via massive yeast cultures, the Novavax vaccine is created in much the same way. In other words, it's both effortless and very cheap to produce, so from a cynically minded pharmaceutical corp's perspective, keeping them down is for the best because a vaccine that costs cents to make could make boat loads of cash.

As far as immunological response and "biological safety" is concerned, the other vaccines aren't particularly noteworthy at least in terms of biomechanics. They all essentially work the same way: reusing the viral mRNA sequence that codes for the spike protein from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The "infected" cells then express the spike protein, which is detected by the immune system as a foreign antigen, prompting an immunological response and "training" the immune system to recognize the spike protein so that the immune system responds quickly in the event of genuine infection.

To my knowledge, the only other ones outside of the Novavax that are novel are the Chinese Sinovac and Sinopharm COVID vaccines which are just typical inactivated virus vaccines which most other vaccines are (like the flu vaccines, or the polio vaccine for example). In terms of efficaciousness, they appear to provide less protection than the other vaccines, but because they are essentially just the SARS-CoV-2 virus itself, they may prove to have better protection against variants because the immune system may pick up on more antigens to respond to than just the spike protein. Regardless, trial information on those vaccines isn't publicly available, so how efficacious they are is mostly up to speculation.

If you want to be afraid of any vaccines, be afraid of the Tetanus vaccine: it's an actual toxin. OOOooOOOoooh~~ scary. Don't you just wish you could have the experience to seize up and stop breathing because you stepped on a nail? Gosh darn toxic vaccines preventing pain, suffering, and death. What gall.

If we had a similar scale of civic organizing and the initial stay at home order was longer and had draconian enforcement, the world could be COVID free like China. Ah well.

Post edited on 10th Apr 2021, 2:23pm
>> No. 38036 [Edit]
Agree with most of what you wrote, but the very strong immunogenic reaction and associated inflammation that the second dose of both mrna/viral vector vaccines produces is something to keep an eye on. Post-viral fatigue is a relatively uncommon although pretty well documented issues (which was recently brought back into the spotlight with the "long covid") and while from what i see it's not yet well understood, some hypotheses are that it's triggered by inflammation and a byproduct of the immune response.
>> No. 38037 [Edit]
>COVID free like China
That guy actually believes what China says. That's hilarious.
By western standards the disease is rampant in China, only they got over it and treat it as common flu. It's not wrong, it's pretty much a white lie and everyone else should follow the Chinese example if that's what it takes to move the fuck on from this tiresome storyline.
>> No. 38038 [Edit]
China likely played up the seriousness of it so they could hurt the US economy. Remember at the beginning there was a lot of FUD and early videos from China about people falling over in the streets or being boarded up in their houses? I find it hard to believe that China and its great firewall couldn't stop a few videos spreading on SNS if they wanted to.
>> No. 38047 [Edit]
File 161832245081.jpg - (64.46KB , 810x1135 , ncr ranger outfit.jpg )
My mother is trying to convicing me into taking this vaccine. I don't know what to do. I was researching here and asked around, it seems you don't even know what vaccine you will get until you get there. Also it's only open for elderly, children and the tards with down etc. But they also opened for autism, so my mom wants to put me in there through a aspergers or something, but I fear that there will be a dose designed for tards or something, I don't feel like going in.
But more importatly I'm in Brazil, and theres a brazilian vaccine CoronaVac, what do you guys think about it? How the fuck can monkeys even develop a vaccine? So, my state ordered lots of CoronaVac and some Astra-Zeneca. The greater propability is of CoronaVac. My mother is talking about people who died, trying to me afraid and go there.
When I was a teen I took a vaccine against chickenpox. But I got chickenpox some years later. Bullshit vaccine. In these last years I have had a great health overall, and my parents get flu even though they took flu vaccine, sometimes.
I am hikikomoring right now, and never leave the room. My father is a "science is absolute truth tv says so" doctor.
Could you help me out?
I have to answer my mother this afternoon.
>> No. 38048 [Edit]
She's also taking about the bad lasting symptons. About senses and similar.
Also, this vaccine appears to be made with chinese partership. Also, Rockfeller was doing vaccines here ages ago. I'm with racing thoughts, will take a break and think calmly.
>> No. 38049 [Edit]
Not a medical professional, but.

Even with AstraZeneca's reports of blood clot cases among younger individuals, your likelihood of developing an aberrant immune condition is significantly lower than your likelihood of developing a strong case of COVID-19. I have no idea of how CoronaVac is doing, however.

No vaccine is perfect. Not every jab will give you 100% protection - however, they are very good at priming your immune system towards recognizing a specific kind of danger. It's like a training exercise for your body - learning to recognize the virus on a harmless, but biologically similar, thing. As such, the chickenpox vaccine may well have prevented you from a worse medical outcome - even if it didn't protect you fully. This is also why the concept of "herd immunity" is so important - a vaccine is not guaranteed to fully protect every single vaccinated person, but if enough people are protected, a carrier is unlikely to have anybody to spread the virus to.

Flu vaccines (and I mean seasonal flu, not COVID-19) are a bit quirky - IIRC, researchers essentially try to guess which variants will be popular, as there's so many flu viruses they can't really make a vaccine that covers all of them. Therefore, they don't fully protect against the flu - they just make it less likely for you to catch it.

Hope this helps.
>> No. 38050 [Edit]
No doctor, but unless you are old, have a health problem or weakened immune system, this virus wont kill you. I dont know these days what they put into vaccines to stimulate the immune system but it used to be aluminium and mercury which are not very good for mental health problems.
>> No. 38051 [Edit]
File 161833344747.jpg - (116.47KB , 1014x1200 , torchan.jpg )
Just had a talk with my father. He claims that corona is "migrating", that it was a geeser-killer, but as the elderly got vaccinated, corona migrated to people in theirs 40's and above. Is this even a real phenomenon? And there are going to be young healthy people getting it.I never heard of anything like this. I will still have to wear masks, and the current restrictions are full strength.
> I have no idea of how CoronaVac is doing, however.
I did not care about this whole thing, so I only started looking for information on it recently. Some volunteers died last years, but it appears that this vaccine works in the same way of Sinovac.
>As such, the chickenpox vaccine may well have prevented you from a worse medical outcome - even if it didn't protect you fully.
This was what I was told. It was not light enought that I didn't needeed potassium permaganate, but from reports of people affected by it, mine seemed lighter.
The overall atmosphere makes me very wary of it, though. I don't like to make decisions based on fear.
It seems it contains the following:
aluminum hydroxide, disodium hydrogen phosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, sodium chloride, water for injections and sodium hydroxide for pH adjustment. And 600 SU of inactivated corona. and 0,5 ml solution of the above.
>> No. 38052 [Edit]
Some health workers in Brazil injected people with empty syringes, which can kill you. So if you do get it, I'd demand to get a look at the syringe before they stick you with it.
That shit aint real.
Viruses work by natural selection: The ones that don't kill people exist longer and can, generally, infect more people. Thus, over time the mortality of a virus goes down. The reason old people still die is because they tend to have a system that's balanced on knife's edge as it is, so even a cold has a chance of killing them. More deadly mutations tend to be short-lived and much more local, since a dead host isn't infecting masses of people.
A virus doesn't have a kill-quota so that if no 80 year olds are available it just starts killing 20 year olds instead.
>> No. 38053 [Edit]
Actually, now that I think of it, there's one scenario I could see this existing:
If the vaccine prevents symptoms, but still allows you to spread the virus, that'd mean that natural selection more or less gets suspended. The unvaccinated (which, since vaccine drives prioritize the elderly, would be young) might start dying more often as the vaccinated that don't feel any symptoms themselves work as incubators for deadlier versions.
>> No. 38054 [Edit]
Chickenpox is something that you don't want to get (even if light symptoms) since it can manifest as shingles later on (the virus lies dormant in your body).

Supposedly the mrna vaccines don't use a separate adjuvant (which makes sense, since you don't really need one if your cells actively assemble and present the spike protein). Novavax uses their "matrix-M" adjuvant which is some saponin based thing.

Post edited on 13th Apr 2021, 2:17pm
>> No. 38055 [Edit]
>aluminum hydroxide
Then I was kinda right.
>> No. 38056 [Edit]
This is actually a real concern when it comes to vaccination. It's important to understand that the benefits of vaccination -- at least for COVID in particular -- aren't instantaneous. The papers on vaccine efficacy have largely concluded that full-protection (meaning 100% protection against death, not illness) is not guaranteed until 30 days after being vaccinated. Some data that came out of Israel showed that incidence of infection actually increased post-vaccination for the first two weeks, but it can be surmised this was due to people believing that the vaccine instantly protected them and reverting back to "risky" pre-pandemic behaviors. It's for that reason why public messaging has reiterated that behavior like social distancing and mask-wearing not end with people getting vaccinated, because COVID can, does, and will still spread post-vaccination. Of particular concern is the degree to which variants are protected against by the various vaccines. For the most part, they're still effective, just less so.

Anyways, I think it bears mentioning again because I don't think everyone understands this point: the vaccines by and large only protect against death. Getting vaccinated does not ensure that you won't still get infected or even that won't still get very sick yourself, just that you won't get anywhere near as sick as you otherwise would have. It's my personal belief that it's for that reason COVID won't just end with everyone getting vaccinated, but will instead become an endemic disease the same way seasonal flus have, especially because there is even greater vaccine hesitancy with the COVID vaccines than there is with simple routine vaccines given during childhood. Not to mention there are those who believe themselves "too strong to get sick and need a vaccine" the same way some people think of yearly flu shots as well. Pride is an ugly thing.
>> No. 38065 [Edit]
I don't really care if it uses RNA or not. I just want a one dose vaccine since I hate getting shots.
>> No. 38066 [Edit]
>the same way some people think of yearly flu shots as well

Do you get the flu shot every year anon?
>> No. 38067 [Edit]
Why do vaccines even need aluminum? This one is a dead one, so there should be no need to receive a adjuvant.
Would you take it, if you were in my place?
>> No. 38068 [Edit]
>> No. 38069 [Edit]
I don't go out of my way to try and get them, but whenever they're offered at check-ups, I don't decline them. Either I'm just lucky or the shots have worked for me, but I've never gotten the flu.
>> No. 38076 [Edit]
>Why do vaccines even need aluminum?
Aluminium stimulates the immune system. It also gets stuck in your brain, very hard to detox.

>Would you take it, if you were in my place?
That depends on your risk factors. And if there are any people near you that you don't want to infect later on. Though, I dont even know if vaccinated people can still infect others or not.
(I wouldnt worry about aluminium in any case.)
>> No. 38350 [Edit]
Today was my first time going outside since the pandemic started, might be a personal record.
I thought the "masks are bad for you" bit was nonsense, but it does get asphyxiating. I can now easily see how some might think using it long term might have negative effects.
>> No. 38358 [Edit]
They moisten the air you breathe, so if you're not used to humidity it can feel weird. I think a second cause is that you have to breathe a bit harder (especially with n95+ masks).
>> No. 38390 [Edit]
If you can, try to avoid the vaccine. I had my first dose and am experiencing pain in the heart region which the CDC just last Friday found was likely correlated with mrna covid vaccines for males < 30. The working hypothesis on /pol/ is that it's due to non-localized spread of the lipid+mrna capsule into the bloodstream, which directly leads to the heart and leads to expression of the spike protein in cardiac tissue, and subsequent immune attack. Of course it is /pol/ so I wouldn't put too much weight into that specific explanation, but there sadly don't seem to be any sane places to discuss these things.
>> No. 38391 [Edit]
I'm planning on getting the one dose John one. Only concern with that is blood clotting, but I'm a male with type O blood, so I'll probably be fine. Anyway, you should avoid the second dose of what you took. People have died so far after the second dose.
>> No. 38392 [Edit]
Well, at this point it seems to be "rare chance of heart problems, primarily in younger men" vs "rare chance of blood clotting, primarily in younger women", if I recall correctly?

If you're afraid of them and are NEET enough to not go outside much, you could also consider holding out for Novavax or Sanofi/GSK's vaccines - they contain pre-made synthetic spike protein instead of spike protein generators (be it in the form of mRNA or a viral vector), so in that sense they work more or less like a traditional "vaccine".

Either way, I'm going for the second dose soon (mRNA). I haven't had any adverse symptoms which would make me unwilling to do so - at least not any that I can't write off as psychosomatic. If I die, at least it's going to be in pursuit of science... but it does make you wonder if we're not straining the immune system a bit too much, in an attempt to build truly long-lasting protection. I also wonder if the spacing of doses has some effect on the variables - remember that AstraZeneca's viral vector vaccine is spaced at 8-12 weeks, while Pfizer and Moderna's mRNA vaccines are spaced at 3-5 weeks.

Not a doctor, though.

Post edited on 15th Jun 2021, 10:28pm
>> No. 38393 [Edit]
>but there sadly don't seem to be any sane places to discuss these things.
Those that ban such discussion and thus relegate them to places like /pol/ and other "fringe" areas should be considered criminals. And for what? Political gain? Money? Whatever it is, it's disgusting, and even as a useless NEET, I find myself looking down on these people.
>> No. 38394 [Edit]
Yeah the J&J ironically looks to be a bit safer, since the cause/mechanism for the blood-clotting is understood at this point. And since J&J uses an adenovirus instead of mrna directly, the uptake by the cells should be a bit more selective than the more indiscriminate uptake possible with mrna (iirc adenovirus requires a certain protein on the extracellular matrix to bind to the cell). Although it seems adenoviruses have also been associated with myocarditis, so it's possible that the same could happen there too and it's not been detected yet because far fewer people have taken that in the US.

But either way it's quite aggravating that everyone's just blindly advocating for vaccination without taking into account risks on both sides of the equation. You're trading off risk from getting covid and any possible effects from that (both known and hitherto unknown) versus risks from the vaccine (both known and unknown). It's known that covid mortality for young healthy people is basically nil, so that leaves the issue of post-viral fatigue (now termed "long covid") that people have experienced weighted by the probability of acquiring it in the first place.

But it's been excruciatingly difficult to find any information on the other side of the equation: /pol/ has been the only place where I've been able to find criticism but even then finding rational discussion backed by plausible biological mechanisms is like finding a needle in the haystack amongst the other drivel about 5G, gene therapy, and bill gates. The working assumption of both vaccines seems to be that A) the delivered payloads stays where you put it (in the muscle) instead of going systemic and circulating throughout the whole system and B) Getting cells to express the spike protein is safe. I think (B) on its own is true so long as the cells in consideration are cells that the body can regrow (e.g. muscle), since any damage is just limited to cell death. But we know that (A) is not true since studies [1] have shown that even with ideal administration a small percentage makes its way to the liver. There aren't any major veins or arteries near the deltoid so while it shouldn't be a major issue as the majority should remain close to that site in the muscle, perhaps the small amount that does leak and cause expression in other cells is what's causing these observed side-effects (especially amplified on the second dose since by that point the immune response is compounded).

There is also the issue of herd immunity of course, and while appeals to that might be good on a global level on an individual level it seems much more rational to maximize your own well-being instead – at least given the current uncertainties.


Yup that seems to summarize the (known) side-effects. Sadly novavax is taking quite a while and still hasn't applied for EUA (which is good that they're not rushing things, but unfortunate given that the US market is basically conceded at this point I'm not sure they're going to even bother distributing it here).

Post edited on 15th Jun 2021, 11:13pm
>> No. 38395 [Edit]
>areas should be considered criminals
Absolutely, I've seen posts get removed that were just describing symptoms after the vaccine. Of course the effect of this is to make me extremely suspicious of these sites and then I wonder what else I'm not seeing. I don't want to go to /pol/ though, the mere catalog is often gross. I'm left ignoring most of the internet.
>> No. 38396 [Edit]
The thing is, people are afraid of mutations - there's already concern over the so-called "Delta" variant, which is the one that, according to some analysts, managed to both become more infectious and more severe in terms of symptoms. The less the virus is spreading around, the less likely it is to continue mutating. I think this is what's driving some chunk of the vaccine push - the assumption that things may or may not get worse based on random number generation unless we curb the virus as much as possible.

What I'm afraid of is that because of the limited amount of people actually getting jabbed in many areas, plus the economically advocated push for re-opening borders and travel, we might not get that - that is, while the people who took the vaccine will generally be protected from current and similar variants, the people who didn't will be numerous enough to continue mutating the virus into variants; this will lead to a world of necessary yearly booster shots for some time...

Another factor is hospitals - vaccinations promote reduction of the amount of severe COVID cases, which means hospitals can now function better; at least in my country, this is great for many patients with life-threatening, non-COVID illnesses.

I don't really have an answer for the fact that a small number of people will probably die due to side effects from the vaccine. I am somewhat of a believer in collective ideology, but I also understand "oh he died for the good of everyone else" is really not the answer I can give to a grieving family.

It's fear-driven. Both fear of such warnings reducing the number of vaccinations, as well as - rarely - fear of state actors amplifying such cases for their own gain (Estonia asserts Russia has been doing this here in particular).
>> No. 38397 [Edit]
I don't think boosters may be required since I recall reading that people infected with the original sars coronavirus still have antibodies against that. So the antibodies from the vaccine should be enough for a decade at least. And I'm not a biochem guy but it seems the spike protein is integral to the function of the virus so that's unlikely to mutate enough to render current vaccines completely ineffective, but it does seem there are lower antibody rates [1].

An interesting hybrid approach might be to reduce the number of doses, amount of payload in each dose, or play with dose interval based on age group. Two doses 3 weeks apart is probably overkill for most healthy adults, and was likely chosen for the trials only to guarantee a rapid robust immune response for all ages (especially elderly). Certainly those who already had covid don't need 2 doses.

At the very least better reporting infrastructure should be in place. For instance, before receiving a second dose people should be made to fill out a questionnaire of all symptoms they experienced after the first dose. There's VAERS in the US but that's passive reporting system and I doubt most people are even aware that it exists.


Post edited on 16th Jun 2021, 12:16pm
>> No. 38398 [Edit]
>For instance, before receiving a second dose people should be made to fill out a questionnaire of all symptoms they experienced after the first dose.

In my country, that is the case - the expected procedure for getting vaccinated is as follows:

1. Sign up for a given timeslot at a given vaccination point for a given vaccine,
2. Fill out a basic questionnaire - the intent is to highlight people who have adverse conditions which either prohibit taking the vaccine, or require additional medical consultation. This includes asking about vaccine side effects and the first dose. You also leave your contact information on it, in case something goes wrong I suppose.
3. Be referred to a "qualifying doctor" - they read your questionnaire, double-check verbally if you actually understand what you filled out, and are supposed to answer any additional questions.
4. Have the vaccine injected.
5. Spend 15 minutes at the vaccination point - this is to filter out any immediate adverse reactions.
6. Congratulations, you can now receive 5G data transmissions!

Now, knowing my country, not every place adheres to this perfectly, of course; however, the idea is there. In my case, steps 2-4 took about 10 minutes, but I don't have a history of adverse anything so that's the best case scenario.

>Two doses 3 weeks apart is probably overkill for most healthy adults, and was likely chosen for the trials only to guarantee a rapid robust immune response for all ages (especially elderly).

Part of the reason for speeding up is also rooted in what governments want, I think. My country went from 12 weeks for AZ and 5 weeks for Pfizer to 5 weeks for AZ and 3 weeks for Pfizer. I think at least a few other countries also amended their schedule to jab people at faster rates. There's two reasons to want the vaccination process over with faster: not wasting as many doses (they do cost a nice chunk of money after all), and being able to proclaim re-opening faster.
>> No. 38406 [Edit]
Tangential, but I've always where the 5G nonsense came from. Maybe it's the marketers should be blamed for promising the moon with 5G, since the reality isn't even close to what the marketers were promising with IoT and smart cars.

As far as I understand, "5G" (which is really just marketing slogan for the updated 3GPP spec) is mainly just evolutionary improvements in spectrum efficiency, some changes to how negotiations are done to enable better latency, and the possibility of using millimeter wave range of the spectrum. But the mm wave is also mostly just marketing hype since even though the increased bandwidth can support more concurrent connections, there's still the issue of backhaul to the telco – so it's only going to be used for stadiums and such large arenas.

There are other side-effects trends that the CDC hasn't acknowledged yet (nor may never acknowledge). Insomnia and non-transient tinnitus seems to be other side-effect that are occurring for some, and that's probably most concerning of all since these are in the realm of neurological issues which shouldn't be possible under the current working assumptions of the vaccine. (It also seems to be messing with women's periods, but that might just be caused by hormonal changes from immune response rather than any more specific mechanism). Probably the best way to get a survey of possible side-effects is to browse through r/CovidVaccinated which gives you slightly better quality of results than going to VAERS directly. The fact that a subreddit is currently the best place to get a realistic picture of the spread of possible side-effects reflecs terribly on the CDC and FDA. If they had any sense they'd set up some sort of keyword monitoring/clustering to detect possible patterns at the earliest possible time and react accordingly.

Post edited on 17th Jun 2021, 11:45pm
>> No. 38442 [Edit]
I think you're right, and in particular the current vaccines for this are non-sterilizing which means that not only is there possibility of transmission, there's also the increased selective pressure for it to mutate to evade antibodies. So ironically vaccinated people would be accelerating the mutation more than unvaccinated since vaccinated people are primed to produce only the narrow set of antibodies targetting that specific spike protein whereas unvaccinated people would probably generate a broader set. And given that coronaviruses are prone to mutation anyway, this is going to be an inherent flaw to any vaccine developed.

And of course they're going to use the fear over the new "delta" variant to re-impose lockdowns and mask wearing. I wonder how long this is going to play out, but there really doesn't seem to be a clear solution that doesn't pose risks to some segment of the population.

(Same person as quoted) – Luckily I haven't had any other symptoms crop up, and upon some research I think what I'm (still) experiencing is costochondritis rather than myocarditis. Definitely not planning to take the second dose though, and I do slightly regret taking it under pressure from family whom I'm living with rather than waiting a few more months to see how things pan out.

After doing some more digging, I think I was mistaken on my initial guess that J&J was "safer." While this isn't backed by anything rigorous, my intuition is that all of the current range of side-effects seen are a subset of the so-called "long covid" symptoms that people have experienced, and should be attributed to immune-system over-reaction rather than the spike protein itself. Consider the fact that from the CDC data we know that the increase in risk for myocarditis was greatest for those < 18, and that too after the second dose. If this was caused by the spike-protein itself circulating and disrupting activity, then I don't think there would exist this discrepancy between age groups and dose. Instead, what we see is that those affected the most are those with hair-trigger immune systems (the young, or possibly those with existing auto-immune conditions) and only after the body has already been primed for a strong response by the first dose. This parallels what the data shows with "long covid," which is experienced primarily by the young who recover from the virus itself but whose immune-system still remains overactive. Although maybe the age-discrepancy could be explained by differences in the rate at which cells express mrna...

I strongly suspect J&J would elicit the same condition as well, it's just that since pfizer is the only one approved for ages 12-18 it's easier to see the effects there. And theoretically novavax shouldn't be any different since it should trigger the same inflammation, although the total amount of spike protein delivered might be smaller than that which is expressed by the mrna which should help prevent this.

But given this, I think in terms of long-term and possible side-effects the worst that is likely to happen is that you develop symptoms similar to long-covid. The younger or more prone to auto-immune conditions you are (e.g. history of allergies), the more likely this is to happen.

I've been down the rabbit-hole, and at this point I consider the CDC (& FDA) as agencies that are actively harming the people. They (and the rest of the media) had been dismissing treatments like Ivermectin outright, and only now are they beginning to study whether it could indeed be effective (previous studies have been mixed, but annecdotal reports have said that it works to speed recovery and help reduce "long covid" symptoms). And yet at the same time as they completely reject Ivermectin and stonewall further research, they approve Aducanumab which is even more controversial in its efficacy and for which we have no easy means of verifying its effectiveness. Similarly for vaccinating young people < 18 – despite other countries taking the rational approach and recommending against it or only a single dose, FDA has made no changes to recommendations.

In fact, it's almost like politics has become mixed into what should be purely objective discussions involving people's health.
>> No. 38545 [Edit]
>Instead, what we see is that those affected the most are those with hair-trigger immune systems (the young, or possibly those with existing auto-immune conditions) and only after the body has already been primed for a strong response by the first dose.
The immune system is actually weakest in children, adolescents and the elderly, but strongest in adults (~20 and older and ~40 and younger). Immune system over-reaction in my opinion would also seem to be an incorrect assumption on the part of why the so-called "long COVID" symptoms do persist. Genuine immune system over-reactions result in like what seen during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic wherein adults experienced a "cytokine storm," and not children, adolescents, or the elderly. When disposing infected cells, the immune system dispatches cytokine cells, which destroy the infected cells. In most cases, this does not lead to further problems, but in the case of Spanish Flu, it resulted in the lungs of those afflicted filling with pus, which they would unceremoniously drown in. Otherwise, an immune system over-reactions would result in anaphylaxis - "blood pressure drops suddenly and your airways narrow, blocking breathing." [1]

>> No. 38546 [Edit]
File 162636896374.png - (19.95KB , 600x424 , W_curve.png )
Sorry. Got my facts a little mixed up with how COVID tends not to severely affect the young, but is more severe with age. It is still true that the immune system is weakest among children and the elderly, but it's most certainyly NOT true that the Spanish Flu didn't kill or more severely infect children or the elderly.

What was unique about Spanish Flu is that there was that pronounced spike in the middle of the mortality distribution, where young adults ended up succumbing to the illness as a consequence of their immune system over-reacting. Still, this would seem a point against the "immune system over-reactions causing 'long COVID'" hypothesis, since long COVID anecdotally seems to affect everyone, including children [1]. In particular this study found that, "12.9 per cent of UK children aged 2 to 11, and 14.5 per cent of children aged 12 to 16, still have symptoms five weeks after their first infection." Among 'older' people, "Among participants with COVID-19, persistent symptoms were reported by 17 of 64 patients (26.6%) aged 18 to 39 years, 25 of 83 patients (30.1%) aged 40 to 64 years, and 13 of 30 patients (43.3%) aged 65 years and older. Overall, 49 of 150 outpatients (32.7%), 5 of 16 hospitalized patients (31.3%)." [2] Over all, it would seem that approximately 30% of people from all age groups will experience long COVID symptoms, however, as of this point, I think it's fairly safe to say that the total duration of these symptoms is anyone's guess.

Sorry for any misunderstanding.

>> No. 38547 [Edit]
Good thoughts. I came across this recent paper [1] which seems to indicate that one cause may be that for long-haulers, the S1 subunit of the spike protein persists in monocytes even months after original covid infection. I wonder if this is the same cause of the rare but non-trivial side-effects of the vaccines, since it's the same underlying spike protein (modulo that 2p mutation).

This would explain the increased effects after the second dose, but not the seeming age-dependence for side-effects like myocarditis. Although since the viral-vector vaccines don't have this particular side effect occurring at observable rates, maybe that one is caused by the lipid nanoparticles triggering inflammatory responses.


Post edited on 15th Jul 2021, 5:50pm
>> No. 38557 [Edit]
File 162710806230.png - (163.33KB , 1200x937 , raas-system.png )
Anonymous, I think you might just be onto something. I remembered reading about the coronavirus back when it first emerged and there was quite a bit of talk about how the coronavirus would infect cells, namely it used the ACE2 receptor on cells. In particular, the ACE2 receptor is involved in several processes such as mediating inflammation and blood pressure. That being the case, I really, really wonder if in cases of COVID long-haulers and the previously mentioned post-viral fatigue is a result of auto-immune disorder. What I mean by that is this: both the vaccines as well as the coronavirus itself work by targeting the spike protein which itself is mimicking angiotensin proteins in order to gain access to the cell. Hypothetically, if the trained immune system response was similar enough between recognizing the coronavirus spike protein and the angiotensin protein, the immune system might collect these proteins to the reciprocally binding protein on the surface of immune cells and antigen identifying proteins. Supposing this is truly the case, it would mean that the immune system is disrupting normal bodily function not as an over-reaction to disease, or even an inappropriate reaction, but merely that the particular orientation of the most common binding protein created by the immune system also so happened to affect BOTH the coronavirus' spike protein AND normal human proteins. In the case of post-viral fatigue, it may well be the case that it's not necessarily the same protein that gets affected, but otherwise has a similar outcome.

Otherwise, supposing this auto-immune disorder hypothesis is not correct, I wouldn't be surprised if the spike protein persisting in monocytes does explain the same situation but in reverse; rather than a decrease in angiotensin proteins, monocytes lysing possibly releases these stored spike proteins which inadvertently bind with ACE2 receptors otherwise interrupting their normal function, or causing expression of the same behavior as angiotensin causes.

These are just some spur of the moment thoughts of mine. I would be interested to know if there's been any research into these ideas at all.
>> No. 38577 [Edit]
They're rolling out "vaccine passports" and mandating these things for even employers not in the healthcare sector. All the while it's becoming evident that these things aren't even that effective at preventing transmission of the so-called "delta" variant. At this point it's either a genuine conspiracy with malicious intent to get every one to take these, or basically the same thing as social-justice fervor where people throw rationality to the wind and the vaccines are just a means of virtue-signaling (and especially given all the sunk costs, no one is going to admit that they overreacted and we should just let nature take its course).
>> No. 38585 [Edit]
Something's definitely up.
The measures taken don't add up with the severity of COVID, a small chance of death doesn't require a more or less year-long lockdown.
And then there's how hard governments are pushing vaccines, some countries only allow vaccinated into businesses, getting paid for taking the shot, etc. etc.
Maybe it's just politicians getting paid off by big pharma, maybe they're just incompetent and paranoid, or there's actually some kind of conspiracy afoot. Either way, I'm definitely not taking that vaccine now.
>> No. 38586 [Edit]
> politicians getting paid off by big pharma, maybe they're just incompetent and paranoid,
Realistically it's probably just that. Government overreacted at the beginning (which wasn't necessarily _wrong_ given that at the time it was a potentially unknown Made in China™ SARS-esque thing), and gave the pharma sector a shit ton of money to pump out vaccines asap. Of course the pharma guys will gladly take it, so they dusted off the questionably-safe mRNA vaccine tech they had sitting aronud to manufacturer these things at breakneck speed, did minimal safety validation, and started promoting the campaigns to get one jab in every arm. (Notice how governments always promote the 2-dose mRNA vaccines, even though the J&J arguably has a better safety profile at this point, and both are basically equualy (in)effecitve against the delta variants... I wonder why that is).

Meanwhile, the big businesses found out that these lockdowns are actually a great thing for them (I bet the large online retailers saw big increases in traffic), so they do everything in their interest to continue the momentum. And of course with how gullible the people are, just mention the covid boogeyman every day in the media and the people will voluntarily continue the charade. The politicians like this too, since the people are focusing on this stuff instead of being angry at the government, and they can make worthless statements to make themselves look good. And they get to blame everything on the unvaccinated people to further mask the charade. The people also become more dependent on the government due to relying on stimulus to make up for lost jobs.

So it's not a grand conspiracy theory orchestrated by a single person, and the conspiracy isn't about the contents of the vaccine itself per se, the conspiracy is in the continued effort to keep this charade going and it's undertaken by multiple parties.
>> No. 38589 [Edit]
>both are basically equualy (in)effecitve against the delta variants... I wonder why that is
This is pretty much misinfo.
>> No. 39224 [Edit]
File 164478061018.gif - (391.50KB , 280x480 , bulma.gif )
So I'm a bit worried now, guys. I think I may have gotten something this past week. Last sunday I got a slight tickle in my throat which would prompt me to cough here and then, but only rarely, a a little sore throat. I ended up spending the entire night wide awake, so the following day I was tired as fuck, then I got some sleep, but was still tired the following day, after another sleep night I was not tired anymore. I did not felt any other symptoms. The tickle and soreness went away but apparently I can't sense smells anymore? Did I had the 'rona or what? The symptoms were brand as fuck, a lot more milder than when I had a flu or a cold, so I thought I might have had an allergy. But now I am in doubt. I am not vaccinated. Do you guys think this is the 'rona or not? If it is then does it mean my body can fight it off naturally? Should I take the vax still after some days?
>> No. 39225 [Edit]
You'll probably be fine unless you're really old or fat.
>> No. 39226 [Edit]
I think I've had it at least two times now, maybe more. It kinda sucks and is really annoying, but it's hardly the worst thing in the world.
>> No. 39234 [Edit]
How long did it take you to recover your sense of smell?
>> No. 39244 [Edit]
Just a couple days
>> No. 39367 [Edit]
File 164740096789.jpg - (258.99KB , 1432x998 , PressEvent_UtaChi_38.jpg )
Had it twice ( tested and confirmed at a clinic ), and it honestly felt like a regular cold to me. I didn't even get a fever once even though I had one fever this past year from a flu. Never got the vaccine, haven't even seen a regular physician for shots or a checkup in years. I'm sorry if some people suffered from it, but I didn't get anything from it except having to wear a mask. Now my work doesn't require it anymore, and I've suffered zero consequences from this virus. I don't have to worry if the vaccine is effective or not, because I never needed to take it and now with no masks it might as well have never happened for me.

I don't give too much of a shit about the political sides to this, it just genuinely did not impact my life. It seemed to me like nothing of note and that's how it seems to be fading out. Honestly, I never worry about this kind of thing, I've never paid much attention to health at all aside from brushing teeth, bathing, and keeping my sugar in balance.
>> No. 39430 [Edit]
From my perspective, I got sick once and didn’t even know about COVID-19. I never cared about masks or anything since I don’t really watch TV or have any social media, or believe anything in the news. After the vaccine rollout, I didn’t bother to get any because I didn’t care and never get a flu shot or anything anyway, but this seemed to make a lot of people really upset for some reason. I work in a sector that never shut down, and no one I know died of covid or anything. I’m privy to the data at my company, so I know that out of about 1000 employees, the only people who got covid after the vaccine rollout were people that were already vaccinated, but I don’t know if that means anything since most people were vaccinated. I still don’t care whatsoever about all this, and it just seems like hysteria to me.
>> No. 39435 [Edit]
If it were ever less obvious that the whole thing had been sensationalised by the media it should be fairly clear now that the whole thing has basically been forgotten with all the Ukraine drama
>> No. 39436 [Edit]
That was pretty much my experience. I ignored the whole thing, and it never affected me aside from coworkers asking now and then if I'd taken my shots. Which, I hadn't, and told people, and now they've forgotten completely.
>> No. 39628 [Edit]
File 165309157862.jpg - (91.12KB , 572x800 , __enma_ai_jigoku_shoujo_and_1_more_drawn_by_muraka.jpg )
I think COVID-19 justified my indifference to world events. It didn't really impact me much. My senior year was cut in half which was nice. Good memories were made that winter.
So in retrospect, COVID-19 was alright.
>> No. 39631 [Edit]
what happened during winter?
>> No. 39632 [Edit]
Nothing in particular. I drank a lot. I played my PS2 and watched the first six or so episodes of Hell Girl in the garage a bunch of times. I would have watched something better, but there wasn't really internet access at home and I had the DVD set for the first season. If I wanted to watch something else, I'd have to jump through a lot of hoops or hope there was something interesting enough at the enthusiast store in the city.
>> No. 39648 [Edit]
sound comfy. what game?
>> No. 39649 [Edit]
I played a lot of games. I didn't have anything better to do. Quit my job a while before school was closed so I've been taking it easy ever since.
>> No. 39651 [Edit]
Had a similar experience: once it was clear that COVID was being overhyped (not to say it didn't kill people), the confluence of resultant actions made the NEET life great.
Good to hear that you were enjoying yourself!
>> No. 39691 [Edit]
File 165344209373.jpg - (101.88KB , 738x690 , _0XtaBzsAbiWvJh_GvOviTpDSvXEOkjaymtz5Q7eQ00.jpg )
you guys ready for Round 2: Monkeypox?

I know it's mostly been spreading through gay sex parties so far, but the West's political class (especially in the EU) is full of degenerate fags and there's no way they're going to shut down gay sex orgies, so it's gonna continue to spread.
>> No. 39692 [Edit]
Man, this shit is so disgusting. It makes me glad to be chaste. Even women these days are disease-ridden. I'll fill the void with 2D and not sticking my dick into the great unknown.
Even if it's mostly an issue with the gays, somehow I think it's not going to be so isolated as HIV was.
>> No. 39701 [Edit]
I'm more fearful of the government response to it than the disease itself...
>> No. 39705 [Edit]
same for covid
>> No. 39710 [Edit]
The smallpox vaccine is already 85% effective, and a vaccine for that specifically came out last year. It's a total non-story.
>> No. 41165 [Edit]
im thinking of getting the jab. i know things have quieted down, but my fear of going out has only increased, i get paranoid when seeing anyone. i think getting this fucking thing will help me a little.
>> No. 41166 [Edit]
It seems a bit late for that. I ended up getting it much against my will. Thankfully it hasn't harmed me, but other people weren't so lucky. From where it stands now it seems like your risk is the same whether you take that or get sick normally.
>> No. 41167 [Edit]
>It seems a bit late for that.
What do you mean?
The ones who had problems what did they had and what brand they took?
>> No. 41169 [Edit]
I'm not that well informed on which particular ones they took. But what I mean is by now the virus has been supplanted by milder mutations while the vaccine has proved mostly ineffective (not necessarily bad unless you get unlucky, but useless).
>> No. 41172 [Edit]
I've gotten the vaccine 3 times and it never made me feel sick or anything like that. I got moderna.
I think on the first one I felt slightly sick but I had a nap and was okay.

I've never gotten the virus and I wear an N-95 mask everywhere I go.
>> No. 41186 [Edit]
Why? The risk reward ratio is skewed heavily in favor of the vaccine doing more harm than good.
Brand doesn't matter, all carry the same danger since they all actively code for the same spike protein. Probably the chinese and russian vaccines which are inactivated whole-virus are much safer. Next riskier is the adenovirus ones, then riskier than that is pfizer, then riskiest is moderna. Novavax is a wildcard, maybe somewhere between the sino one and adenovirus?
>> No. 41192 [Edit]
Because I used to be very anxious about health related stuff much before 2020. I can't stand people coughing etc. When I see someone doing it I flinch really hard and get the fuck out as soon as possible. Since around mid 2022 my fear increased dramatically. I can't stand even the thought of going out. So I was thinking if I took this thing my worries might ease down a little bit. But the thing is just after my post someone mentions they had effects from the vaccine and long haulers from the vaccine. My already paranoid mind riddled with ideas of reference is now afraid this might be a sign or something. But I also get signs to take it. I don't know realistically for how much longer I can keep living cooped up like this.
As for the brand I read a little and the pfizer seems more safer than astrazeneca, because of fewer blood problems, and lesser side-effects. I was thinking of taking the pfizer. The novavax looked promising but some japanese guy died after taking it, some months ago. It also suffer from much the same problems as the others.
Speaking from people I know, my mother had a really tough night after taking astrazeneca, and my grandpa's caretaker was diagnosed with a severe case of the very thing she was being vaccinated against. She had to go to the hospital and it looked very scary. Apparently this is a risk with inactive vaccines.
Regarding comorbidities, I am 24 not even remotely fat. Maybe a little underweight. My cholesterol is a little higher than the recommended but not so high that it is considered high or risky.
Everytime I get anything I start panicking that it could be the end. Last month I got something, idk what, just feeling nauseous and really tired. Nearly panicked.
That's it.
>> No. 41193 [Edit]
What exactly are you scared of? Maybe the original (alpha?) variant was something to be feared considering it does seem to mess people up, but the new strains are quite literally the common cold and you get over it in about 1 day. As a young male you are more likely to get myocarditis from the vaccine than from the virus. Ignore those stats at your own peril.

>pfizer seems more safer than astrazeneca
No, the mrna based vaccines have higher rates of myocarditis and elicit long term changes in igg4 antibody expression, which the adenovirus based vaccines do not.

>risk with inactive vaccines.
None of these are inactive vaccines.

It seems to me you are more influenced by the media than you realize, considering you view pfizer as the safest option when by all accounts for young males the risk profile for Western vaccines is in fact lowest for the adenovirus based ones, on several dimensions.
>> No. 41194 [Edit]
>the new strains are quite literally the common cold and you get over it in about 1 day.
Took me about a week earlier this year. It wasn't really that bad though, mostly just felt sleepy, had a sore throat, and everything tasted awful.
>> No. 41195 [Edit]
I got vaccinated twice (Pfizer and Moderna) and didn't have any adverse effects apart from a sore arm. Though I suppose it could've been pure luck.
>> No. 41196 [Edit]
Seems to vary by the lot number, see howbadismybatch. Not sure if that effect is from questionable QC or just standard population density effect though.

But you can look at the graphs yourself for myocarditis rates in young males broken down by dose and manufacturer. 2x moderna is 6x rate of myocarditis compared to natural infection with the original strain.
>> No. 41423 [Edit]
My job finally stopped making us take tempt tests before we could enter the building.
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There's an interesting study that seems to escaped the notice of even the critical-thinking parts of the covid-adjacent community. [1] shows that not only do the mrna-based vaccines mainly transfect _immune cells_ rather than muscle cells as was originally claimed, but that the translation-lifetime once inside these immune cells is prolonged by presence of TENT5A which readenlyates the poly-a tail that would usually become degraded over time. I think that this explains almost everything we've seen associated with the vaccine:

1) We know from Bruce Patterson's previous work that long covid (with the real virus) is associated with viral persistence in long-lived monocytes. [2] is an academic paper which corroborates this and shows the vaccine-generated spike protein can persist in a similar fashion. This now provides an explanation for why in some people this persistence occurs. Perhaps in some subset the readenlyation process occurs faster than the degradation process (maybe tent5a is replenished quicker), and so things get stuck in a loop that only ends when the cell itself dies. Some immune cells can be long-lived though.

2) The above likely also alters natural immune function, and the generated spike proteins possibly do further downstream damage.

3) This also explains the long-term igg4 buildup that has been seen 6months out from the mrna doses, since it would be a consequence of the unbroken translation process.

4) It might also explain the myocarditis, as immune cells basically go everywhere throughout the body, and from the above they might be dragging spike protein along with them doing peripheral damage.

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