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File 158386768932.jpg - (158.92KB , 980x1104 , 77ac96dd2ef86c4518ba9e61cd2485c2.jpg )
34234 No. 34234 [Edit]
What are your thoughts on it? Do you care? Has it affected you at all?

I know a lot of people are probably sick of hearing about it by now, but I thought it'd be interesting to get TC's point of view on it and see what you guy's think.
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>> No. 34695 [Edit]
If you guys can't play nice I'll lock the thread.
>> No. 34696 [Edit]
Seems the US got added to the list of countries Japan wont ship to. Now how the hell am I supposed to get my PVC fix?
>> No. 34697 [Edit]
Same with my country, and I'm into plastic crack and without a backlog so it's harsh. At least the nice japanese guys have promised me to keep my pre-virus pre-order shippings on-hold until things return to normal.
Question is if things will return to normal someday.
>> No. 34698 [Edit]
File 158764223348.jpg - (4.51MB , 4032x3024 , 20190722_162111.jpg )
>vendetta against Moldova
I am Moldavian. Both of my parents grew up in Chișinău(their captial). I've visted my grandmother there. Streets covered in bird shit, their national library, the one in their capital city, doesn't have soap in the bathrooms. I've also been to Beijing, walked around in it for hours, even some back alleys. I know somebody who's been to some of China's smaller cities. I can say without a shadow of a doubt, Moldova is the far worse shit hole and has a government that's shamelessly corrupt and incompetent in its own right.
>> No. 34713 [Edit]
>doesn't have soap in the bathrooms
>bird droppings
These are some pretty serious accusations anon
Have you tried contacting the UN about it?
I think we have and open-and-shut Geneva code violation here
>> No. 34714 [Edit]
I know far more about the place than you do and am a better judge of whether it's "decent" or not. I'd like to see you try living there.
>> No. 34715 [Edit]
Look anon im gonna stop posting because the admin and im guessing the other posters here,dont like that shit.I have travelled all over the world including the balkans and asia.Moldova is a poor country allright , but you cant seriously suggest that China is some hot shit.You saw Beijing and got blinded by the new skyscrapers and the money flowing everywhere but thats not the case everywhere.There are regions in china,both along the coastal cities and inland that make the balkans look like utopia.
The other poster that started sperging about the chinese was rude but he had a point.While eurocucks and burgers have mountains of legislation and health regulations,because they know the dangers,the chinese in the name of competition have literally disregarded everything, and now they, along with everybody else are reaping the rewards.
There are very serious reasons for implementing such measures at the expense of productivity and profit, but not for the chinese.No,gotta make that cash man,gotta be competitive.Guess what,now its time to pay the extra cost for that cheap price tag.
I m not gonna blame everybody there,because i have met a lot of chinese that were actually bros and pretty decent, but guess what: it doesnt matter.Their opinions are irrelevant.
Now as far the corruption charges go, are you even serious?Do you even know what is going on there?
They poisoned their own children for some quick cash ffs.
Seems to me like you took a walk in the capital,everything seemed perfect and then you went ahead and started bashing everyone and calling other countries shitholes because they dont sacrifice everything for quick profit.
Chill out a little and try to be a tiny bit more objective.Dont idolize them so much.
>> No. 34716 [Edit]
>The other poster that started sperging about the chinese
That's the only thing I had a problem with. I don't idiolize the Chinese by any means and what I saw in Beijing was far from perfect. I could go on and on about all thing things I dislike about them and their government, but I don't see the point and I don't think they need to be genocided or that wearing Manchu dresses melted their brains. I can't understand how a person can seriously write that kind of stuff. As for Moldova, I just used them as an example based on my personal knowledge of their ineptitude.
>> No. 35119 [Edit]
Seems japan lifted their state of emergency and have pretty much taken care of this bs. Sasuga nippon...
>> No. 35164 [Edit]
They still gotta be looking down the barrel at hosting an olympics plus this.
>> No. 35172 [Edit]
Isn't it postponed to 2021?
>> No. 35175 [Edit]
So? Hosting olympics that year is still something for them to sweat, as that undertaking is even for the Chinese.
>> No. 35211 [Edit]
I ended up getting shares with the Corona money. I invested $2000 in long term shares but then I also allowed $2000 for short term trading.

The short term trading has actually given me an idea. It's early days but so far I have been able to make about $100 a fortnight with $2000, so then in theory if I had $10,000 I could make $500 a fortnight and I could live of that. This seems to good to be true though, it's possible that it's only so easy now because the market is rising from a crash.
>> No. 35212 [Edit]
>it's possible that it's only so easy now because the market is rising from a crash.
That's exactly what it is. This happens every time something big happens. I've invested just over $9,000 myself just after the covid crash, and at the moment those investments are worth $17,500. Yesterday my dad was telling me about how right after 9/11, he invested heavily into the stock market and made $80,000 in profit from it. Plenty of people did the same in 2008. Where some people see disaster, others see opportunity. That said, The second covid wave could very well likely cause another dip in the market. We'll just have to see what happens.
>> No. 35213 [Edit]
And here I am with only $200 invested. Fuck.
>> No. 35214 [Edit]
With the right stocks, you could double, triple, or even quadrupedal that. Sadly it's easier to make money when you already have lots of it to spare. For instance, amazon went up $500 a share in the last couple months, but it was already at $2000 before this started so there was a large barrier of entry there. Meanwhile something like macy's was down under $5 a share, and is now up to almost $10. Buying into that could have essentially doubled one's returns.
>> No. 35215 [Edit]
Why are you rich people even here.
>> No. 35216 [Edit]
A few thousand dollars hardly makes someone rich.
>> No. 35217 [Edit]
>Buying into that could have essentially doubled one's returns.
And my soul just left my body. I thought seeing 20% gains on my oil/energy stocks was good.
>> No. 35219 [Edit]
I know that's the case for the long term investments. My short term trading has been buying stocks when they dip and then selling them a week or so later when they rise. In theory I should always be able to do this only now it's almost guaranteed that if I buy in a dip they will rise in not long so it's probably easier.
>> No. 35220 [Edit]
File 159149362624.jpg - (165.13KB , 533x640 , 01f884ff9ba8d0931fa0467988141e82.jpg )
If I could have a more passive form of income, i'd like to get royalties for something. With stocks, that's not money you can just use. You have to think about it and manage it and decide whether or not you should sell it before that money can actually be useful to you. Just a regular check in the mail of worry-free, ready to use money would be the best.
>> No. 35221 [Edit]
You get dividends from shares.
>> No. 35222 [Edit]
>>35212 here. That's what I mainly invested in. With what I got I would be getting just over $1200 a year, or a hundred dollars a month, but they cut dividends on most stocks that took heavy hits. That $1200 turned into $300 for the time being. Of course once things recover it's possible they might reinstate the dividends. It's worth noting that you're not going to get a huge return from dividends unless you dump truck tons of cash into the market. In order to get the amount of money from dividends to live off of, you'd need an amount of money you could probably live off of anyway. That said, I found that macys was paying something like 0.30 a quarter before covid, so when it dropped to under $5, I estimated that whatever you invest would be returned in 3 years time via those divs, making this one of the more appealing stocks to me.

Post edited on 7th Jun 2020, 2:10am
>> No. 35223 [Edit]
I have money (something like 18000$ more or less) but I don't have a minimal financial education or even know basic math. I feel like I would lose everything in a matter of seconds if I tried to invest so I'm stuck at living like a monk to have some money but it's value decreases wih time anyway, and in the next months I'm afraid inflation will eat everything I have taken painful years to accumulate.
These last posts made feel kinda stupid. I guess there's a reason why smart people are rich and dumb people are poor.
>> No. 35224 [Edit]
I have heard that US stocks pay less dividends on average than other markets and focus more on growth, not sure I can confirm it or to what degree though.

It's not that complex, you just need to know basic addition, subtraction and how to calculate percentages. Or you can just invest in a few safe companies and leave it.
>> No. 35244 [Edit]
Sounds like a good thing if you manage to get the timing right. However with the current conditions it seems very risky. It's hard to tell when the market will crash again.
>> No. 35271 [Edit]
I'm >>34582 and the extra time I gained from not having to commute to work every day, combined with the reduction of stress due to not having to interact with people face-to-face on a daily basis, has done me a lot of good. I've lost 5 kilograms of excess weight, I'm back on track with my calisthenics training, have written the biggest computer programs I ever wrote, and I learned how to juggle three balls. I also saved a lot of money because I would often buy take-out food on my way to work, now I cook everything myself at home.

For all I care, we could do this lockdown thing every year, maybe during the 40 days of lent before Easter. It's not like regular flu pandemics are much less dangerous than 2019-nCoV ultimately turned out to be, there were flu outbreaks in the early 90's that were about equally severe.

Interesting though that mass-gatherings have suddenly become okay again over the past couple of days, so long as you use the mass-gathering to express your hatred towards White people. Really shows you where the priorities of our politicians and media bosses lie.
>> No. 35272 [Edit]
Weren't you banned for posting that?
>> No. 35280 [Edit]
File 159173618125.jpg - (97.34KB , 596x800 , akiraCoronaERsQBdOVAAAX7VK.jpg )
apparently it wasn't a permaban.
>> No. 35290 [Edit]
File 159195671017.jpg - (209.90KB , 1080x2160 , Screenshot_20200612_110358_com_fatsecret_android.jpg )
>I've lost 5 kilograms of excess weight
And it just keeps going. I'm now officially not obese anymore, just overweight (BMI between 25 and 30). Hopefully I'll be back down to normal weight by the end of the lockdown.
>> No. 35291 [Edit]
I would take your kg for your japanese skills.
>> No. 36731 [Edit]
Seems my state (CA) is going to be enforcing a month long curfew starting this Saturday. I have no freaking clue how a curfew is supposed to slow the spread of a virus, but I'm glad I wont have to listen to as many loud assholes on the street when I'm trying to sleep.
>> No. 36732 [Edit]
Amusing that I first find out about local (er, regional I suppose) news on Tohno-chan. How is that different from the "stay-at-home" stuff that's already been in place until now? Moreover it doesn't seem like it's actually going to be enforced, so it really seems more of a symbolic move/reminder than anything else, so it's probably not going to stop those hooligans you mentioned.
>> No. 36734 [Edit]
There isn't really any "stay-at-home" stuff here. I think that's just people deciding to do that to themselves. And yeah, might be wishful thinking.
>> No. 36742 [Edit]
File 160590123769.jpg - (125.56KB , 1080x1768 , Screenshot_20201120_202254.jpg )
Today and yesterday were some of the worst days of my life. I've been trying to "fix" my life for the last 6 years, but today's events had me starting to think that I'm a psychological wreckage well beyond salvation. There is no 'repairing' the damage that was done to my psyche in my childhood and teenage years.
But hey, at least the corona-induced weightloss is going well.
>> No. 37077 [Edit]
I've postponed my usual dental cleaning/checkup twice now: holding your mouth open for 30minutes gives you plenty of time to ingest any aerosolized particles from prior patients. But even if it's probably/statistically safe I'm prone to overthinking things and I'd probably nocebo effect myself into spending the next two weeks with my mind worried about whether I'd been infected instead of being able to enjoy anime. My teeth have also been fine enough in the past so I don't think waiting 1.5 yrs until the next cleaning should be an issue. (Supposedly Cockrane reviews [1, 2] also show that the benefits yearly cleanings aren't too significant assuming good dental hygiene otherwise, so it probably wouldn't matter for this single event anyway.)

Even if I did get infected though, the only part that really worries me is the long-term effects some people seem to have (fatigue, "brain fog", reduced lung capacity). I don't remember too well the last time I had flu, but the acute symptoms didn't seem that bad (only ~1 day of discomfort at worst); seems this is potentially worse on account of it being a respiratory infection?

>> No. 37083 [Edit]
File 160852266651.png - (128.53KB , 994x720 , lice.png )
>What are your thoughts on it?
I love her and I want her to make as many normalshits suffer their overdue punishment for their sins for as long as they deserve and for as hard as they deserve.
>Do you care?
Very much so, yes.
>Has it affected you at all?
It hasn't yet other than having to wear a mask all the time when I go outside and it feels and looks stupid. I miss the early days of it though. Everything was so peaceful when the normalscum were shivering in their rat holes and bitching about their "depression xD" or something.
>> No. 37084 [Edit]
>I miss the early days of it though.
Me too. It was a lot more fun and interesting. Now people aren't worried about it anymore and are acting like extra douchbags.
>> No. 37086 [Edit]
File 160853735121.png - (1.48MB , 1280x720 , Corona-chan idol.png )
Maybe I haven't lost all of the optimism I have yet, but I like to think that the careless ones are the ones who will likely get bit by it sooner or later.
>> No. 37097 [Edit]
The other nice thing about covid in the early days was how lucrative the stock market was. everything dropped down and slowly started to recover over months. I didn't have much to work with however in the early days so I didn't make much. Now there's too much volatility, it's all over the place and too risky.
>> No. 37135 [Edit]
You're suppose to buy stable stocks & hold them for dividends. It's not as sexy as day-trading and you don't earn as much. But it works.

Don't give up your day-job though. Think of it as lunch-money levels of earnings.
>> No. 37138 [Edit]
Not much seems stable or safe these days. Besides, dividends isn't much better than putting money in a savings account and collecting next to nothing in interest. You need a massive amount of money for it to be note worthy, and by that point what they give you would seem like breadcrumbs anyway compared to what you'd have invested.
>> No. 37186 [Edit]
Wow. You didn't read the previous post at all. Do the math, you can't live off the dividend of stocks but think of it as secondary income.
>> No. 37188 [Edit]
I read the post, it's just a shitty waste of money. If your goal is to make money, buy something and resell it for more, put some effort in, take some risks. Don't just expect something from nothing, because you'll get little in return.
>> No. 37196 [Edit]
>If your goal is to make money, take some risks.
The goal is make money but unlike you, I'm not gonna disregard it because it "only" makes $50/week at best. As an aside, I also sell collectables but that income stream is even more unpredictable. IRS won't bother about those income streams as it's not worth their effort to pursue.
And I also work a 9 to 5 job; fortunately it's not front-line retail.
>> No. 37354 [Edit]
File 161062140359.jpg - (9.87KB , 300x259 , 20210117.jpg )
Will it be "back to normal" once enough people get the covid-vaccine?
>> No. 37355 [Edit]
Some things will never be the same.
>> No. 37356 [Edit]
In my country, politicians are already talking about how even with the vaccine, they can't lift lockdowns for BS reasons.
They've gotten a taste of power when they told the entire population to not leave their house except for work and by locking down most of the non-life sustaining economy, and they don't intend on giving it up.
>> No. 37359 [Edit]
You would think things would ease up a bit with so many vaccines on the market. As it is I think the restrictions might be doing far more harm that good, and we could be heading to another great depression if things aren't changed soon. That combined with the extremely unhealthy life styles both physical and mental that people have been forced to live in for the past year. Make people wear masks, social distance, whatever, fine. Just let them keep their businesses open I say. The restrictions are unfair and unreasonable, to say one shop can stay open and another must close, simply because one sells snack foods and the other doesn't. For the most part, all the big name chain stores are the ones staying open, while the small mom and pop places are being forced to closed. There's nothing "essential" about starbucks.

I've been called an asshole for saying this, but I think it's important to remember the hundreds of millions of lives being forever ruined on multiple levels, all to protect people from a virus with a low mortality rate for anyone who isn't elderly or already sick and dying. Put restrictions in place sure, just make them fair.
>> No. 37360 [Edit]
It's probably going to take until the end of the year until the vaccine is distributed widely enough. And even then politicians are going to be very reluctant to ease lockdowns because then their opponents will accuse them of allowing deaths.
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