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File 151633048519.jpg - (19.84KB , 480x360 , sensei_no_ojikan-_doki_doki_school_hours_sub_-_13_.jpg )
31338 No. 31338 [Edit]
i can download anime faster than i can watch it, several times faster. the standard 1080 episode comes through in just a few minutes.
what good is the excess capacity doing for me?
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>> No. 31339 [Edit]
Well, better to stock up in case you loose your internet or something.

>> No. 31742 [Edit]
File 153600282035.png - (124.34KB , 497x497 , 1503075093848.png )
As someone who has pretty shitty internet and has to stop pretty much anything internet-related while torrenting to make sure it goes fast enough, I'm jealous. But like >>31339 said, it's good to just hoard stuff for when a moment comes that you suddenly don't have acess to torrents or the internet in general.
I realised this even more when Nyaa shut down a year ago with no prior warnings and Bakabt when private in the same week. I tend to keep at least a month's worth of anime I haven't seen yet on my PC just in case.
>> No. 31743 [Edit]
File 153624855450.png - (31.49KB , 507x400 , 2018-09-06-183922_2560x1440_scrot.png )
You can never have enough animes downloaded.
>> No. 31744 [Edit]
I just got my new 8TB HDD because my old 3TB is full with anime, there are less than 10GB left.
I love fast download speed. Normally I download a complete anime before I start watching it, just to make sure I have all of it but last week I accidentally downloaded the dub of New Game!! instead of the sub and only noticed it the day after when I wanted to start watching it. In moment's like that I'm really happy to have a fast internet. I just started to torrent for the subbed version with priority for the first episode and didn't even wait 5 minutes and I already downloaded all of the other episodes before I finished the fist one.

I had mediocre Internet since about two years ago and I absolutely love the fast internet I have now.
Being fast at downloading games and patches/updates is also nice of cause.

I have a bit less than 100 Mbit/s download and maybe 5 Mbit/s upload.
Sadly fibre and symmetric (upload = download) are very rare here.
>> No. 31745 [Edit]
Thorstein Veblen's original description of the concept of conspicuous consumption states (amongst other things) that people make purchases mainly to show off and your exhaustive description of and justification for your recent consumer purchase fits Veblen's theory like a glove.
>> No. 31762 [Edit]
Is telling a story that fits the topic of a thread on here really the same as "showing off" though? I think that theory mainly refers to normalfags who buy expensive brand clothing and cars specifically so that as many people in real life as possible can see it.
>> No. 31788 [Edit]
8TB isn't enough for a proper collection. Stop wasting time on encodes and start downloading the ISO images.
>> No. 31789 [Edit]
For the purpose of simply keeping to watch, and not historical archival, why? Saving standard encodes saves a lot of disk space. There are some things which deserve different treatment though I assume most will disagree on what.

Post edited on 11th Oct 2018, 11:39pm
>> No. 31822 [Edit]
i got 4 eps of 720 horriblesubs concurrently yesterday in under a minute, but for the rest of the day I got almost nothing else.
the accumulated amount of idle time on my internet connection causes me tremendous grief, like i'm wasting a perishable resource.
>> No. 31823 [Edit]
Then why pay for the faster internet in the first place? Is it really a luxury that matters that much? I have always had to wait a few days to download large series that I want to watch, or at least a few hours. Best internet I had growing up was 10 mbit down, but at the moment I get around 20 or so, which is a big improvement (It's actually 50 but I live in an apartment where I share wifi and no physical access to the router). Never has it let me down or bothered me in any way, and I like to download a lot of stuff.
>> No. 31824 [Edit]
File 154175362457.png - (138.43KB , 371x339 , 1541430305173.png )
Why was anon banned?
>> No. 31825 [Edit]
It was probably tokiko.
>> No. 31829 [Edit]
It's Tohno's post, so probably a test. Also, I don't comment on people's bans, take it to irc if you're curious. I'm replying instead of deleting because it seems this has to be reminded every X months.
>> No. 32202 [Edit]
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