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File 156287510522.jpg - (99.36KB , 850x449 , 1285B33F-B3D1-4032-B177-2BE249FAF45E-35221-00002F1.jpg )
32584 No. 32584 [Edit]
What do you think about live action adaptations? I'm not talking about about the American ones. We all know they're shit and why they're shit. I mean the ones made in Japan. Who are they made for? What's the market? Does anybody actually like them? Does taking a niche product and making it live action somehow make it more accessible? What do fans of the original think of them? From what i've seen, they take the source material, and make a generic, butchered, soulless version with plenty of "creative liberties". Going further than that, the little regular Japanese television i've seen looks like some of the most innane, dumb shit ever produced. It's bad in a different way from American tv, but it's still horrible.
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>> No. 32585 [Edit]
Most Japanese live action adaptations are just boring. The only one I have seen is Death Note and I got bored halfway through, which sucks because I was kind of looking forward to it. However there is always an exception. For example, I have heard that the live action Bleach movie was actually pretty good, although I have never seen it personally.
>the little regular Japanese television i've seen looks like some of the most innane, dumb shit ever produced
Are you talking about dramas? If so I agree. However if you are talking about regular live action Japanese shows, I will have to disagree with you there. Shows like Kamen Rider and Super Sentai are pretty good despite the fact that it's target audience is kids.
>> No. 32586 [Edit]
>Are you talking about dramas?
Well that, talk shows and game shows.
>> No. 32587 [Edit]
>talk shows and game shows
I get what you are saying, but I find the game shows pretty interesting and quite funny. In fact a few western game shows are based off of Japanese game shows. But that's just my personal opinion and I can see how they can get annoying.
Talk shows I have not seen. I have listened to a few talk shows on radio/podcast, just because I enjoy listening to sophisticated discussion. I can only imagine the complete clusterfuck a Japanese talk show would be though.
>> No. 32590 [Edit]
File 156288668488.png - (796.60KB , 850x601 , ABB91952-ADD3-4D5E-9C39-4B44BA38345D-35221-00002F5.png )
>I enjoy listening to sophisticated discussion
Maybe the caliber on radio is higher, I'm not too familiar, but have you never seen Oprah or Ellen or Good Morning America? Even on the radio, i'm pretty sure every topic is very standard fare and every opinion regurgitated mass consensus. Boy that shooting was pretty bad, huh? Yeah Tom, do you think guns should be banned? Maybe Hank, but we need to fix the mental health blah blah blah. Japanese talk shows are more bringing in an idol and random actor to chat about whatever while the audience gawks and random people get interviewed for two seconds.
>> No. 32591 [Edit]
Toku has its moments but it’s often too merchandise focused to enjoy.
I can think of multiple examples of Japanese style talk shows like you’re describing from the US, but they’re mostly during the daytime to entertain moms and the unemployed. But to be fair, TV was never high brow, I think you’re just realizing that most mainstream media (not even in the bitching about the news way) is bad just because it’s made to waste normalfags hours before bed.

And radio is fine, maybe because it’s not super popular anymore? I like it as background noise.
>> No. 32594 [Edit]
I saw the live action of Ruroni Kenshi and Death Note(the Japanese one) and I did not mind them.

>Going further than that, the little regular Japanese television I've seen looks like some of the most innane, dumb shit ever produced.

Regarding Japanese television I have only really watched Taiga dramas, I don't mind them they can be quite good. Just hard to find a source for.
>> No. 32595 [Edit]
>Just hard to find a source for.
Ehhhh, English subs moreso. They’re really easy to find raw and with Chinese subs if you look in that part of the internet.
>> No. 32735 [Edit]
Battle Angel Alita by James Cameron was decent.
>> No. 32739 [Edit]
Sure. Barely counts as live action though.
>> No. 32741 [Edit]
Not sure if it counts as a talk show, but Tantei Knight Scoop usually has interesting stories
>> No. 34717 [Edit]
File 158770018350.jpg - (102.89KB , 849x1200 , d2aff02f1fcefe3a4687223c9e225fef.jpg )
Sony is making a live-action, Hollywood adaptation of OPM. I can't, I don't, I wont, please let it be cancelled.
>> No. 34718 [Edit]
I think a -lot- of movies are gonna be canceled soon. Hollywood ain't gonna be making shit for a while.
>> No. 38370 [Edit]
The Last Airbender is going for another live-action adaption...
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