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File 154470410588.png - (237.74KB , 704x396 , akira.png )
31894 No. 31894 [Edit]
all those cute anime girls we're watching today were probably born in like 2005 or so. don't that make you feel old?
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>> No. 31895 [Edit]
Being 30+ and still watching anime while everyone else in these communities are 15-25 is what makes me feel old.
>> No. 31897 [Edit]
File 154476744915.png - (661.24KB , 1280x720 , yuno.png )
Thinking about the specific time a show is set in is a strange feeling, because in the moment it feels very timeless.
>> No. 31900 [Edit]
Old shows centered around otaku make me feel old and kinda weird at the same time. Stuff like Genshiken feels so distant and different from how otaku culture is nowadays.
>> No. 31901 [Edit]
I recently saw Comic Party and I felt the same way about that. There's things that remain true to this day in it as well but the stuff that stands out more is what did, like all the eroge references.
>> No. 31902 [Edit]
File 154483764846.jpg - (156.88KB , 992x1403 , 0e8941d280a305a9c29409a64d233c37fdad2adb.jpg )
I know this has probably been discussed to death, but what caused the change? I know this site in general has some really bad [r9k]-tier anons who circlejerk about how things have changed for the worst but what actually caused the change in (western?) otaku culture? Some blame SNK blowing up and starting a trend, others say the rise of social media and the death of internet forums but what do you think changed it?
>> No. 31903 [Edit]
Well, >>31895 here. Far as the demographic is concerned I don't think that much has really changed.
In that regards at least it wasn't animu that changed, I was the one who changed. Most people just loose interest as they get into their 30s and move on with their lives. They gain new priorities and don't have time for manga or games anymore. Not to sound like some incel or something but that's a path I don't think I can ever take. So I'm sticking with what I know.
>> No. 31905 [Edit]
It's simply the increase in popularity of it. Not all that long ago it was basically unheard off, I had never even heard of anybody watching anime until after I finished high school but then it quite suddenly exploded, my little brother who goes to the exact same school but is seven years younger often talks about how people in his school talk about anime in class or even speak Japanese(well anime meme words) to each other, that was completely unheard of just seven years before and for it to happen on that scale is unimaginable. It's much more widespread in society and has become fairly socially normal hence why people who seem to care nothing for Japanese culture or Otaku culture even are becoming so vocal, they have just picked it up from their social group and view it as an extension to the other media they watch.
>> No. 31906 [Edit]
In my opinion services like Crunchyroll, Netflix pandering to anime fans, Hulu, Amazon etc did most of the bulk into bringing anime even more to the mainstream and "normalizing" it. This is just my own stupid and probably wrong theory, but I think that people feel "safer" admitting their like for anime if they are reassured by big companies that its ok to enjoy japanese cartoons.
>> No. 31907 [Edit]
I don't think that's wrong. The cultural zeitgeist of the US at least has been set by popculture for as long as mass media has been around provided the economy was healthy enough to allow the people enough funds to buy into it, while also not being preoccupied with a war. Going as far back as te 1920s, what defined the generations were things people adopted by copying what they saw on tvs/movies or heard on the radio. There are always exceptions, but generally people will believe what they're taught to believe, like what they're told to like, hate what they're conditioned to hate.

Of course it's not limited to popular media. People are also conditioned to think a certain way by friends and family and those they live near. Grow up on a farm, you'll probably learn to like country music. Grow up in a ghetto and you'll probably learn to like rap. Grow up on the internet, and you'll probably learn to like anime. That's just how culture works, and here it's always changing.
It wasn't that long ago that hate for anime was a common thing, weeaboo was a derogatory term, and only geeks and honest to goodness losers like the stuff. Now everyone seems to pretend to like it just to fit in. Big companies have noticed this and are exploiting the market while in turn pushing it onto more people and making it more socially acceptable. A few years ago I was amazed to see VNs on something like steam. Now you've got untranslated dōjin games and uncensored eroge games on the same platform that sells us call of duty and other AAA western games. Heck of a time to be alive I tell you what.
>> No. 31938 [Edit]
I barely watch post-2012 anime
>> No. 31939 [Edit]
I just try not to think about how old I am anymore.
>> No. 31943 [Edit]
It wasn't Crunchyroll or Amason.
It was 4chan. Posting "nigger" anonymously on the internet and getting away with it was the punk rock or acid test of the f1rst decade of this century and 4chan was at the center of it.
Crunchyroll, Amason, etc were just the corporations cashing in, they didn't provide the zeitgeist which was driving western youths to anime, it was 4chan that provided that infantile anti-authoritarian thrill.
>> No. 32031 [Edit]
The girls in Azumanga Daioh are like 35 now.
>> No. 32091 [Edit]
makes me sad that the girls we watched and bonded with will never grow old with us. they will forever exist in their little snapshot of a world. you might get some fanart and if youre lucky another series, but for most of us thats it. the end. move on to the next cute anime girl. its sad.

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