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File 156344244829.jpg - (44.25KB , 512x342 , atentado-kyoto-animation.jpg )
32649 No. 32649 [Edit]
Kyoani has been burned down after an arson attack, with many dead and injured.
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>> No. 32650 [Edit]
I really hope this doesn't affect the industry too much. Not Just Kyoani but if some of the people who died were VAs it could have a much more reaching impact.
>> No. 32651 [Edit]
This is so depressing.
>> No. 32652 [Edit]
This really has me feeling down. Even anime can't be spared from the horrors of the real world.
>> No. 32653 [Edit]
Here's the fundraiser. Every article should be including a link to it.
>> No. 32654 [Edit]
I doubt a company like KyoAni needs any financial help.
>> No. 32655 [Edit]
Considering the damage done, I wouldn't be sure of that. They need money to cover the damages and have enough to stay in business.
>> No. 32656 [Edit]
>stay in business.
Is that even possible at this point?
Nearly half the staff in the building at the time have died, and their materials went up in flames.
>> No. 32657 [Edit]
It wasn't their only building.
>> No. 32658 [Edit]
Well this is just... fuck. It's obviously tragic when any mass murder happens but at a place like Kyoto? One of the best anime studios of all time?
I also hate how this is getting little to no media coverage here in the west. I guess if the mass murder is not a shooting no one cares. ;_;
I think this is just symbolic for the end of an era. Anime is going mainstream in the west, and we are already beginning to see Hollywood fat cats try to ruin it with re-dubs and bad live action renditions. It seems as though this fire my be one of the final nails in the coffin.
>> No. 32659 [Edit]
DogaKobo was the new KyoAni anyway.
>> No. 32660 [Edit]
>I also hate how this is getting little to no media coverage here in the west.
It got a fair amount of it, actually. Most sites reported on it, and some TV stations even gave it some airtime.
>> No. 32661 [Edit]
Oh my lord Tohno-Chan, don’t turn this thread into a doomposting about the state of anime, please. Anime has been mainstream in the west and China will have more influence than Hollywood ever will. It will be the same shit as it always has been.
>> No. 32662 [Edit]
>It will be the same shit as it always has been
Let's hope. Sorry for the doomposting by the way, this news just has me devastated and I may not be thinking clearly.
>> No. 32663 [Edit]
>One of the best anime studios of all time
They only have a handful of good works.
I don’t know why you think that is anything new. Even without much outside influences the majority of anime wasn’t worth watching. Besides not getting subs, there’s a reason that only a handful of pre-2000s anime get talked about. Plus, with studios like SHAFT and other Asian markets it’s always been a greedy, pulp medium.
>> No. 32664 [Edit]
Maybe this financial hit will force KyoAni to make Key adaptations again.
More likely, more fujoshit is on the way.
>> No. 32666 [Edit]
Up to 33 now, I'm not sure how easy it will actually be to replace so many animators and staff. Probably every capable person is already in the industry.

In my country the only mention I saw was on one of those footnotes at the bottom of the screen and it did not even Mention Kyoani itself.
>> No. 32667 [Edit]
Tragic, and I feel bad for the people that lost their lives or were harmed. I looked at their catalog and I can safely say, nothing of value was lost.
>> No. 32668 [Edit]
Is doesn't matter whether you like most kyoani shows or not, these people probably worked on projects outside of kyoani too, especially VAs. Their actual animation quality is also impressive. What are you even doing here?
>> No. 32669 [Edit]
Using humor or being edgy is a way of covering up emotion, not trying to knock you or that poster, just is what it is.
>> No. 32670 [Edit]
Does anyone else just not give a fuck? I couldn't care less, shit like this happens all the time. The loss of one company won't even have a massive effect on the industry as a whole.
>> No. 32671 [Edit]
It's fucking kyoani, not manglobe.
>> No. 32672 [Edit]
I barely visit any other sites so if I didn't see the news on the front page here I wouldn't have noticed anything. I never cared about Kyoani but I don't feel bad even when my favorite authors/directors/whatevers die.

Only if one cares. Believe it or not some of us genuinely don't.
>> No. 32673 [Edit]
>I don't care, therefor I am going to make multiple posts about how much I don't care

I see.
>> No. 32676 [Edit]
This hurts to me not just because of needless death and hardship of many, not just becuase of the good things the people at kyoani have done, but because something completely absent of bad was replaced by only that. One more good thing about the world has been lost, and that's depressing. Even if you didn't like kyoani, it can't be denied that their work brought people happiness, and many of the people responsible for that happiness are no longer with us.
>> No. 32677 [Edit]
This is a company those works dominated the mid-2000s and I'm sure that a fair amount of this latest generation of animators were influenced by KyoAni growing up.

On a side note, the 2011 earthquakes directly lead to Your Name being created, which was at the very least a huge financial success and was a movie that resonated with the mainstream. Who knows what this current tragedy will lead to.

Off topic, but I removed your ban. Was a false positive autoban probably due to a blogspot link.
>> No. 32678 [Edit]
File 156360192781.jpg - (53.16KB , 386x500 , 5e5b8b8fc2df1d5777f2054f12fc3dca.jpg )
Kyoani's list of accomplishments stopped accumulating a decade ago. All they've done since was just seeking easy money by produce bland pablum.
Kyoani made it's reputation in the previous decade, they've just been resting on their laurels since 2009. Thats not normally something to burn people to death over, but thats not what happened here. Kyoani accidentally stepped on a /rail/ otaku's forced meme, so he retaliated.
>> No. 32679 [Edit]
Thanks. Didn't know blogspot links are prohibited.
Was trying to post about this. it's so retarded it's almost funny. almost. he didn't know what a baritone sax is. this might sound callous, but there's a possibility this will be a "cleansing fire", with all due respect.
>> No. 32681 [Edit]
The whole thing seems like it should be a premise for a madcap comedy, oblivious cute girls doing cute stuff after school accidentally walk into a minefield.
>> No. 32682 [Edit]
Kobayashi was good, I liked it.

Also that story going around turned out to be false. That poster has posted since and the arson has said he did it because they stole a novel.
>> No. 32683 [Edit]
It was mainly due to spam, I've lifted the restriction on it.
>> No. 32685 [Edit]
I made exactly 1 post you dumb shit.
>> No. 32686 [Edit]
Who are you quoting?
Hyouka was fun, so was Brilliant Park. Tamako as well and Nichijou, they just aren’t making megahit after hit. The animation is technically impressive.
>> No. 32687 [Edit]
>The animation is technically impressive

so is disney's, and also like disney, the stories kyoani attaches their technically impressive animation to all has the malodorous commercial air of shallow, contrived, cashgrabs.
>> No. 32688 [Edit]
Snow White, Sword in the Stone, Pinocchio and Donald Duck are pretty cool for what they are.
>> No. 32691 [Edit]
>The animation is technically impressive.
What do you base that off of? I'm not that other anon, but the stuff I've seen from kyoani never seemed impressive to me. Most of their popular stuff back in the 2000s was pretty QUALITY, and the later stuff that people were gushing about like violet evergarden were full of what is IMO pukeworthy digital effects and filters. Only thing I recall being impressed by was nichijou, and that was mainly because the use of 3D was really quite good especially for 2011.

I mean, I don't want to taint a thread for fans of the studio to mourn, so if this bothers anyone just report it and I'm fine with it being deleted, but I honestly don't get it.
>> No. 32692 [Edit]
This isn't post 2009, but the guitar playing animation in k-on was very good for example, even if it was aided by rotoscoping, which I'm not sure about. Kyoani has vibrant movement without using the same crux as Disney's animation, making the characters looking like they're made of jelly. Go back to any 2-d Disney movie, and you'll see what I mean. I find it ugly. I doubt they would make more realistic movement look good if they tried. They haven't demonstrated that.
>> No. 32693 [Edit]
File 15636940003.gif - (1.34MB , 400x225 , eRse3vbvVAoufkkTQhg0cKEBwTaGzMnO.gif )
>> No. 32694 [Edit]
>I don't want to taint a thread for fans of the studio to mourn,
All that stuff where you have to treat normal people like they're saints just because someone near them suffered a tragedy always struck me as being total bullshit. You're not tainting anything by being honest, you're enhancing the thread by contributing honest opinions.
>> No. 32706 [Edit]
RIP deceased staff of KyoAni
>> No. 32759 [Edit]
File 156419017486.gif - (1.44MB , 498x235 , z999999.gif )
Happened more than a week ago but it still hurts like heck....
>> No. 32761 [Edit]
The director of Lucky Star was one of the victims. Fuck.
>> No. 32768 [Edit]
Holy... I just looked up to check this was true and he was the director of Kobayashi as well. Really sad.
>> No. 32799 [Edit]

The Lucky Star Mikoshi was brought out again for Washinomiya Matsuri
>> No. 32881 [Edit]
Support KyoAni! I will.
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