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File 156252087858.jpg - (6.53MB , 4093x2894 , 4d8ad79745a4d781b584b791ee6a8925fc183cf3.jpg )
32535 No. 32535 [Edit]
This isn't another "bitch about modern internet" thread, I genuinely am curious if anyone else here suffers from net addiction. From a usage tracker I put on my computer, I spend about 10 hours a day actively on the computer, mostly using a browser and sometimes playing games but mostly just mindlessly browsing the web and often F5ing slow boards. Does anyone else do similar?
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>> No. 32536 [Edit]
To an extent, but i'm already bored of most things. Another innane thread on a faster board, another watered down article that anybody can understand. At some point you get to hate that stuff for being so pointless and designed to waste your time, but then you move onto another dumb thing. It's like potato chips. Fuck potato chips, I want steak. I just don't buy any.

Also, even when i'm doing something productive, like learning something, it usually involves the internet. I spend more time on it than off at least.

Post edited on 7th Jul 2019, 11:45am
>> No. 32537 [Edit]
I don't count it as internet addiction. I just do it as a way to fill in my time, because I do not feel like doing anything in particular. Kind of in the same way others drone in front of a TV. I'd probably clock in at 12-14 hours per day.
>> No. 32540 [Edit]
Often in the middle of watching an anime or reading a VN, I'll tab out and check some threads or pixiv. It's not great for my attention span, but I don't know if I'd call it an addiction outright so much as a bad habit.
>> No. 32541 [Edit]
I spend more time refreshing tabs than I should, but I would not say I am addicted. But I also try to avoid faster moving boards, if it's fast enough you really can just sit their and waste your day on it(well this is one reason I avoid them).
>> No. 32550 [Edit]
The first thing I literally said was “This isn't another "bitch about modern internet" thread! I know this is the home of psuedointellectual weaboo, but I find it hard to believe you actually exist.
>> No. 32597 [Edit]
Oh yeah, I'm a big sufferer of it. I get on the internet quite a bit and just waste my time. I'm not really sure why anymore because there is really nothing interesting here anymore. I know this isn't a bitch about the modern internet thread but let's be honest, the real reason most of us entertain the idea of us having a net addiction is because we have nothing to do anymore and now we have to take a step back and realize we do have a problem.
>> No. 32609 [Edit]
File 156302474263.gif - (26.37KB , 200x150 , Y0GlV_s-200x150.gif )
I've probably been addicted since I was 15. I'd pop open a chill mmo game and browse the internet or read manga/watch anime at the same time.

I view it as a mental reward signal problem. Think about it: why do people grind mmorpgs, treating it almost like a second job even though it would logically be better to apply that grind to improving your life?

Browsing the internet or playing games takes almost no effort, distracts you from the pain of living, and gives you instant gratification. You get used to getting your dopamine rushes so easily. Soon everything else seems like so much effort. Browsing the net is boring but the alternative is so hard you can't be bothered.

I think the solution is a 'dopamine cleanse'. Its the same principle being dieting or nofap: you cleanse yourself of those constant reward signals for a while so that you can get used to earning your rewards in a healthier and more productive manner.
>> No. 32630 [Edit]
Most of that is placebo. There's a reason why certain people develop certain bad habits. I could never spend more than one day playing any mmorpg because it took too much grinding and the excitement gained from growth got old fast. Not to mention there's always players way ahead of you.
>> No. 32631 [Edit]
I don't understand grinding and never tolerated it. It feels cheap and hackneyed, poor substitute for real gameplay. I read that some people like to play soulless repetitive bullshit because they find it 'relaxing' and can watch TV and listen to internet talk shows while playing. Choosing to consume several lacking forms of entertainment at the same time to make up for the insufficiencies of each is absurd. Instead of finding something fully engaging to play or watch they prefer to drown in shoddy crap. It's not only stupid but harmful to the rest of us as it encourages further production of easily manufactured low quality entertainment.
>> No. 32632 [Edit]
Those people are probably in the minority. Most are satisfied with one shoddy thing at a time.
>> No. 32633 [Edit]
I have a feeling that it is a social experience, the people grinding are probably talking to guild mates over Twitch or Discord or whatever at the same time, so a dull and simple game actually makes sense and facilitates that.
>> No. 32634 [Edit]
Considering that genre of game started as a glorified roleplay chat. That’s probably it.
>> No. 32642 [Edit]
This has been every day for the last several years of my life. I barely maintain myself outside of the screen. The day is often gone before I've thought to shower, brush my teeth, or eat a proper meal. I wish I had some basic self control and a couple extra hours in the day.
>> No. 32643 [Edit]
It is not the addiction that bothers me as much as how it is not a sustainable lifestyle. What all these people don't understand when they talk about addictions like drugs, alcohol, internet is that they blame the addictive substance for everything that is wrong with the addicted's life. People aren't addicted to drugs or alcohol because there are magic chemicals in there that hypnotizes you to crave it. People are addicted because their life is shit and their addictions made them feel better. You can't just see a deadbeat internet addict as a well adjusted, hardworking person ruined by computers and by taking away the internet they will miraculously return to their "default" state of being functional. This is why supposed therapeutic "cure" is useless. Patient who weaned off one type of addictions often finds a new one. I could go cold turkey until I completely forgot that the internet exists but so what? My life is still shit and there is nothing for me to do. Outside of the thing that can be called addictions there is absolutely nothing else in my life that I can enjoy. What do you want me to do after I stop binge browsing fetish porn every day? Work hard and get rich? Get friends and 3DPDs? Become a productive member of society? I don't give a fuck about any of those shit. All of society can go to hell. I just want to stay in my room and play games or whatever.
>> No. 32645 [Edit]
Too true.
Go away.
>> No. 32647 [Edit]
Even if you don’t want to do any of that there are other things you can do besides excessive screen time, I feel as if the web has ruined my attention span, I can’t watch things or read a book without itching to do something else but I can surf the web for hours and f5 dead sites.
>> No. 32873 [Edit]
This isn't another "bitch about modern internet" thread
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