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File 156115502264.png - (1.62MB , 1167x1000 , 1.png )
32428 No. 32428 [Edit]
I don't see any thread about this so post here about stuff you did outside, of your own will of course.

I went on a small trip to look for fossils in an old quarry.
It was rather meh, didn't enjoy it much.
Brought home a fistful of small Perisphinctes.
I found a lot of fragments of really big shells, whole things must have been like 30cm big at least. Pieces of big old belemnites too but it was all smashed to shit. The quarry was obviously big on using dynamite.
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>> No. 32429 [Edit]
File 156115537771.png - (1.84MB , 1238x1000 , 2.png )
Also some mediocre brachiopods, a piece of flint, a tiny calcite geode and perhaps a bryozoan colony.
>> No. 32431 [Edit]
How deep was this quarry for you to find such things? I guess it would need to be close to a water source as well.
>> No. 32432 [Edit]
Not very deep. I guess the pit was about 20m deep at the lowest point of the mine, but I didn't go that far.
I stayed on the top bench which was maybe 5m below ground level. That was more than enough as rock in that place was just below the surface.
There's no need for a nearby source of water, it's not related.
>> No. 32607 [Edit]
Does tohno chan like fishing? Do you prefer saltwater or freshwater if you do? I know fishing otaku are a pretty large thing in japan if mastodon and twitter are any indication but it doesn’t seem to appeal to the same crowd.
>> No. 32608 [Edit]
I keep having dreams about fishing even though I only did it once as a child.
>> No. 32708 [Edit]
Got any bismuth?
>> No. 32719 [Edit]
No, pure bismuth doesn't occur naturally. The colourful crystals you've seen are synthetic therefore boring. Anyway bismuth minerals can't be found in limestone.
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