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File 155816713568.jpg - (70.35KB , 675x1200 , Evangelion-Sapporo-Apartment-2.jpg )
32313 No. 32313 [Edit]
There are eva themed two-bedroom apartments in Gunma for rent at ¥45,000.

Could you see yourself living here?
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>> No. 32314 [Edit]
File 155816716917.jpg - (210.16KB , 1200x839 , Evangelion-Gunma-Apartment-2.jpg )
>> No. 32315 [Edit]
File 155816720144.jpg - (141.89KB , 1200x837 , Evangelion-Gunma-Apartment-1.jpg )
>> No. 32323 [Edit]
I'd like to live in an Eva themed flat but this one feels really basic. Looks like a normal boring apartment with some stickers and wallpapers added.
>> No. 32324 [Edit]
File 15582949318.jpg - (27.55KB , 474x474 , download (1).jpg )
Lame and kitsch. I'd rather have a reproduction of Misato's apartment. It's pretty nice actually.
>> No. 32326 [Edit]
None of that looks particularly good and nothing matches, it all feels very inconsistent and poorly thought out. It'd work better if they kept the imagery more consistent and had that fake cement look on all walls, and all the doors with all doors having that metal blast door look. At least then it might feel like you're in the base of operations while not looking like ass.
>> No. 32327 [Edit]
Could work better with some furniture matching the theme, but I agree they should have done more than slap stickers on the walls.
>> No. 32328 [Edit]
I bet that metal floor will get annoying really quickly
>> No. 32329 [Edit]
I'm sure that's not a real metal floor. It's probably just vinyl flooring with a pattern.
>> No. 32333 [Edit]
Guys really live in apartments like this and don't see any issue

(Dead meme is dead but I had to)
>> No. 32335 [Edit]
File 155838249030.jpg - (93.87KB , 500x333 , download (2).jpg )
Even if it looked exactly like the NERV base, why would you want to spend your life there? Liking the aestetic of something and making that part of your day to day life are two different things. Buying a sports car for daily use or living in a gimmicky "theme" apartment like this is like just bad taste.

Post edited on 20th May 2019, 1:02pm
>> No. 32336 [Edit]
You're not getting a balcony like that for ¥45k, you'll have to settle for a large, balcony-themed stickers on the inside of your rabbit cage.
>> No. 32337 [Edit]
Â¥45k still seems pretty good for a two bedroom place, and in a town at that. That money would get you a cardboard box or a shed in the desert here.
>> No. 32338 [Edit]
Assuming Japanese rents are given monthly. If it's weekly, that's more in line with my expectations.
>> No. 32703 [Edit]
Does it come with Rei and/or Asuka?
>> No. 32822 [Edit]
File 15645634952.jpg - (151.10KB , 850x623 , hqdefault.jpg )
Have both?
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