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File 135667974039.png - (1.13MB , 1152x882 , Otaku-no-Video-Collection.png )
19666 No. 19666 [Edit]
How about just pics and links with some comment, this time?

Part 1/3. Now you can begin to imagine what Fuminori experienced everyday (also: some of the most faithful depictions of 3D sex I have ever seen in part 3/3).

Post edited on 27th Dec 2012, 11:33pm
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>> No. 19668 [Edit]
I swear I made Tohno-chan quality videos part 2 already. It must've been deleted because some bastard posted a troll video for the second comment. I don't like that pic OP.
>> No. 19669 [Edit]

its true
>> No. 19670 [Edit]
>In this thread we share videos which are Tohno-chan quality. Episode II: Attack of the Brohnos
yup, seems so.
>> No. 19671 [Edit]
You called
>> No. 19674 [Edit]
I enjoyed the first one best (MASH music). This one lost the spark.
However: you're not following the suggested posting format for the thread.
>> No. 20341 [Edit]
Rather true.
>> No. 20839 [Edit]
A comment is mandatory for every video, so here's my take.
A good system of logic would not need a metalanguage, its rules would be obvious from the way we use it. Its application could be shown by example. This, the introduction by use, is not only possible, but neccessary too. Because if every language needed a metalanguage, even the metalanguages, we could not finish defining any of them. The mere fact we can communicate at all, shows that we don't need ultimate semantic foundations.
>> No. 20930 [Edit]
This guy is so happy
>> No. 20932 [Edit]
File 136264043869.png - (60.99KB , 368x248 , wellshit.png )
>> No. 20933 [Edit]
I bet the guy was thinking something around the lines of "what the fuck is this shit? are you people serious with this? I feel like this is a prank. am I even pronouncing any of this right? can I leave yet?"
>> No. 20934 [Edit]
I just can't help but feel sorry for how embarrassed he must be. It's too funny though how forced he sounds for me to not laugh.
>> No. 20936 [Edit]
I saw an image of this video's thumbnail previously today. Without knowing of the actual video I scoffed it off as a fake, exploited image. Watching this video now I had the greates laugh of today. Thank you.
>> No. 22869 [Edit]
Haha, how nice, they translated the drama audio CDs of Joshiraku to english. Just a pity they didn't use the same voice actresses that voiced the girls in the anime.
>> No. 22872 [Edit]

>Just a pity they didn't use the same voice actresses that voiced the girls in the anime.

Unfortunately that's very common.
>> No. 23105 [Edit]
Fun conversation between the voice actresses of OrenoImo.
>> No. 23108 [Edit]
They addressed the most relevant issues ever to be discussed by any pair of human beings. True quality, indeed.
>> No. 23110 [Edit]
Red panda vs pumpkin video
>> No. 23115 [Edit]
>> No. 23156 [Edit]
File 138364770275.jpg - (39.68KB , 463x354 , Beer is good.jpg )
Old but good...
>> No. 23396 [Edit]
I like this flash loop:
>> No. 23399 [Edit]
it's pretty good.
>> No. 23400 [Edit]
Kaede insertion was pure genius.
>> No. 23515 [Edit]
Shit's indie yo
>> No. 23518 [Edit]
Actually, Shyake-chan had a translation quite a long time now.
>> No. 23609 [Edit]
oh my
>> No. 23612 [Edit]
Serial Experiments Lain: Agoraphobia
>> No. 23645 [Edit]
Anno trolls Miyazaki on an interview and he strikes back with heartfelt words about him...
>> No. 23646 [Edit]
lol, he really looks like he's in hell.
>> No. 23688 [Edit]

>> No. 23769 [Edit]
I think this AMV has a similar theme.
>> No. 23770 [Edit]
>> No. 23848 [Edit]
File 139544733739.jpg - (58.47KB , 849x469 , rainbow jakka-jan.jpg )
Good times...
>> No. 23949 [Edit]
A very real video about a small pop idol group. Vice Japan.
>> No. 24024 [Edit]
These are pretty hilarious. In rainbow jakkajan, I lost it during the "vocal solo."
>> No. 24032 [Edit]
Filipino who respectfully recovers Japanese soldiers' bones from caves
>> No. 24089 [Edit]
Such a nice guy.
>> No. 24101 [Edit]
Really beautiful.
>> No. 24102 [Edit]
A japanese old man who has been cutting rocks for sixty years. Started when he was sixteen years old. Cutted an entire quarry of his own alone.
>> No. 24103 [Edit]
That wide shot at the end is breathtaking. That fellow must have a good sense of accomplishment.
>> No. 24106 [Edit]
astonishing vid, thank you.

my contribution: the entirety of harmony korine's 'trash humpers,' which is also worth reading about as well as watching. made me feel bored, uncomfortable, many different feelings. if you don't like this vid, please say and I'll find a better one.
>> No. 24111 [Edit]
His third flourish was really cool. Anyone knows what the flick he does after the slashy bit is?

You may go ahead and find a better video.
>> No. 24113 [Edit]
I always enjoy the rare art of JAV MADs.
>> No. 24114 [Edit]
Amazing. Why have I never thought of this? JAV is the perfect MAD material.

Post edited on 7th Jun 2014, 11:47pm
>> No. 24126 [Edit]
Nice composer.
>> No. 24131 [Edit]
Do you understand the true meaning of riichii? Riichii turns the genius into a commoner.
>> No. 24244 [Edit]
Hayami Saori is fucking great.
>> No. 24247 [Edit]
Excuse me but I think what you meant to say is that Sugita Tomokazu - is great.

Sugita is greatness. Sugita is suffering. Sugita is us. And Sugita is the beyond.

Sugita is a way of life. Sugita is the way of life. Submit yourself to Sugita, and you will become Sugita.
>> No. 24254 [Edit]
No, I meant to say exactly what I wrote down.
>> No. 24255 [Edit]
Give him time, Sugita brother. He'll come around.
>> No. 24266 [Edit]
Then this will please all of us equally, starting from 17:15. I especially love Hayami's straight-man roles with Sugita's conversation.
>> No. 24267 [Edit]
>File Removed
His sweet baby face will grace our site no more.

Message of this video: Sugita is also Santa.
>> No. 24343 [Edit]
>> No. 24499 [Edit]
This was kinda nice.
>> No. 24501 [Edit]
For some reason, I feel as if I've already seen this video. Or was it just the waifu video? He seems like a cool guy, there's some cred to be had being able to talk about this stuff without sounding like a hopelessly autistic person (nothing personal, dear autists - words can't bring you down). I mean, how is that even possible? How can he not make me cringe?
>> No. 24503 [Edit]
I hate that guy and all his videos. I feel like he just tries to sell his opinion to all his viewers and he has the kind of holier than thou attitude.
And the "funny randumb" reaction images in his videos make me cringe.
>> No. 24504 [Edit]
>tries to sell his opinion
What do you expect? He is forcing his opinion of how 4chan is shitty and you should stop browsing it. That's not the value of his video, no one needs to watch a video to learn that 4chan is shitty. His impressions is the interesting part. It should be a humbling experience to realise that you've wasted time, innocence and integrity by browsing that site, and there's something to be said about putting those experiences in words - and putting on a straight face/voice.

>holier than thou attitude
I don't get that impression. I'm presuming that he's taking his impressions from his own experiences, even if he makes it sound like he's projecting them onto others who still do what he used to do, by somehow knowing how everyone else in that situation feels and acts. I don't blame him, it's painful to see yourself like that, and openly admit it in every context relevant to the topic.

You don't have to look at the images. Why would you even look at the images?

Your impression is probably more accurate with the waifu video. I remember it as being pointless. Whatever, I'm not defending this guy. It's just interesting that someone can rationalise making videos like this. 4chan is a pointless site, and his relation with the waifu topic was non-existent.

Post edited on 7th Jul 2014, 5:46pm
>> No. 24506 [Edit]
I got the holier than thou impression because his videos are supposed to look like PSAs but really are just rants about his believes.
Maybe I'm missing something, but when I think of a PSA I think of a clear message that is objective (proven by studies or whatever) and tries to help the general public with good, rational advice.
I think his videos are the complete opposite of that but he still tries to give his shitty rants that kind of feel because then more people believe him and start accepting his opinion as their own.
Also the things you mentioned. The way he's projecting gives me the impression he thinks he knows everything about everyone's opinions because he's more experienced than everyone else.
A good example in this video is his point about anonymity. I hate how he thinks the only reason one would prefer an anonymous site over a regular one is because you have low self-esteem and you hate yourself. That 'point' he tried to make just gives me the impression he doesn't even understand the purpose of the anonymity and the system of image boards as a whole.
I hope that makes sense.

And why does he make a video when he just wants to say something? He could just make a blog or something if he just wants to reflect on things and get something out there. I think he only makes videos to attract more people so he can show them his opinion.

Why did he put the images in the video if you're not supposed to look at them?

Textbook definition of 'Rant': (from
Rant refers to: Monologue
In theatre, a monologue is presented by a single character, most often to express their mental thoughts aloud, though sometimes also to directly address another character or the audience.

Is that not exactly what he is doing? Anyways, this is going too off-topic we should probably discuss this elsewhere if at all.

Post edited on 7th Jul 2014, 6:45pm
>> No. 24507 [Edit]
It doesn't seem to me that what he says could be considered ranting. Most of his ponts seem sound and he voices his opinions alone, rarily specifying a certain group of people.
>> No. 24508 [Edit]
Do you suppose this guy knows about tc?
>> No. 24509 [Edit]
I liked this video, thanks. It seems pretty well thought out. It also made me feel slightly less cynical for some reason.

>And the "funny randumb" reaction images in his videos make me cringe.
To be fair, most of the uses were when he was making fun of those images. There were a couple instances where I agree with you though.

>And why does he make a video when he just wants to say something? He could just make a blog or something if he just wants to reflect on things and get something out there. I think he only makes videos to attract more people so he can show them his opinion.
I also agree with this. It's like with documentaries, I think an article would have been just as effective. Although, I guess documentaries often have videos of the horror and whatnot. Anyway, I still think his ideas are pretty solid and were communicated just as effectively with a video as an article would have been. I agree the reason for the video is probably so that more people will see it.
>> No. 24510 [Edit]
>You don't have to look at the images. Why would you even look at the images?
Exactly. The video is best listened too, not seen. play it in another tab or something.
>> No. 24512 [Edit]
>why a video
I think there's plenty of reasons to chose video as your media and YT as your portal, but I think it mostly boils down to personal preference. Preference that may stem from browsing habits, rethorical strengths, accessibility, etc. There's a lot of ways to screw this up, but he's competent at it imo.

I don't think it's a bad thing to mix in a bit of ranting. Gives it a touch of lightheartedness, which breaks a bit from the psa-ish presentation you took issue with. And I get that, I really do. I also agree that his take on anonymity was a screwup, and it ruins some of his credibility as an authority on the subject. I still think it's a decent video, and I think it should be perceived as a personal account, rather than an informational video, even if floats off to shaky waters at times.

>too off-topic
Nah, you sparked an interesting discussion;I appreciate it. This thread isn't sacred or anything. Quality of life is better than rules here, don't you think?

Post edited on 7th Jul 2014, 7:53pm
>> No. 24526 [Edit]
Anyone remember this?
>> No. 24527 [Edit]
That and this video were the videos to really make me aware of NND. It blew my mind at the time that it was an online collaboration. Although it may seem relatively quaint now, that level of synchronization and quality in amateur media production was just not seen on the Western web.
>> No. 24564 [Edit]
The New Gachimuchi collab, on Billy Herrington's Birthday.
Even Mowtendoo chipped in.
>> No. 24609 [Edit]
PC-98 buyers guide, with modding included
>> No. 24619 [Edit]
I hope this wasn't posted before.
Can't embed because then the time jump thing wouldn't work.
>> No. 24623 [Edit]
First Lain video I ever saw.
Back in 2000-something it was labeled "Layer 00" on Kazaa, so I thought it was a promo video or something. It's well-made enough that I assumed that for a while. It took me a few weeks to find out what the hell an "AMV" was. Good times.
>> No. 25093 [Edit]
Garzey's Wing.
My god.

All the scenes in this video are good, but this one in particular. Nearly every line is hilarious.

"Even dinosaurs are here. And they use bows and arrows. MY SWORD IS UNBELIEVABLY DULL."
"We die together?!" "...PROBABLY."
"I have to strengthen my mind. I must do Chi: spiritual unification and practice Zen"-"I'M BEING CHASED BY A REAL ARMY."

This scene too. My god...

"Why don't we live together somewhere else my friend?"
"If you HAD a convenience store, then I WOULD live with you?"
"What is that?"
"But I know there are no vending machines here either!"

>> No. 25188 [Edit]
This one is totally hilarious

Great channel overall.
>> No. 25190 [Edit]
Yeah, some guy laughing at our expense. Hundreds of zero-effort trash videos on his channel too. Totally hilarious.
>> No. 25191 [Edit]
That video is making fun of us.
>> No. 25192 [Edit]
Sort of like the rest of society eh?
>> No. 25509 [Edit]
>> No. 25662 [Edit]
File 141775292036.gif - (183.88KB , 428x268 , dancing reggie.gif )
Resident Evil GBC modified to use the zombie sprite sheet for the playable character. Holy shit.
>> No. 26100 [Edit]

I know I'm late for this, but I watched this Hideaki Anno class for children today.
>> No. 26148 [Edit]
Train Station OtoMAD
>> No. 27190 [Edit]

I don't think you can get a video more tohno-chan quality than this
>> No. 27191 [Edit]
Holy shit look at the guy shooting that PKP at 7:20
And the music makes it all so fun and interesting to watch, this is perfect.
Vodka truly is a wonderful thing.
>> No. 27192 [Edit]
Thanks, now I just spent the last two hours catching up on the Ukrainian conflict and Givi's latest exploits.
>> No. 27204 [Edit]
I love this one. Also check out the Image Board of Broken Feels:
>> No. 27205 [Edit]
Doesn't seem to have embedded it correctly:
>> No. 28069 [Edit]
File 144963530013.jpg - (121.36KB , 1920x1080 , maxresdefault.jpg )
I like this video and song.
>> No. 28294 [Edit]
>> No. 28815 [Edit]
I have created a video. I hope it's enjoyed.
>> No. 31701 [Edit]
The sequel is still to come.
>> No. 31702 [Edit]
File Pants_no_Ana_-_Mambo_de_Ganbo!_OVA_[Shitime]_mkv.torrent - (14.46KB , Pants no Ana - Mambo de Ganbo! OVA [Shitime]_mkv.torrent )

>> No. 31899 [Edit]
File 154480704170.png - (882.60KB , 1280x720 , [ANE] Yosuga no Sora - Ep01 [BDRip 720p x264 FLAC].png )
All the missing videos in this thread give me an empty feeling.
Here's my contribution. It's a Nico medley with the gimmick of combining two songs at once. Some of the combinations are brilliant.
>> No. 32917 [Edit]
So many ded youtube links...
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