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File 151513228726.png - (74.55KB , 452x102 , dn2.png )
31259 No. 31259 [Edit]
the link to the ever growing collection of TC banner images went away recently, so here it is again
anyone who wishes to add to the collection is probably welcome to present any entries in here, but don't push your luck
Expand all images
>> No. 31261 [Edit]
>don't push your luck
What's that supposed to mean? I've added nearly every banner people have ever made and posted.
>> No. 31266 [Edit]
people should be cautious, polite and courteous in all social interactions of any type
>> No. 31268 [Edit]
How am I supposed to do that if I have autism?
>> No. 31275 [Edit]
Well it's been added.

You know, In was planing on transferring over the banner and slogan threads to /ot/ since it's not like they're deleted, but I guess op beat me to the punch. No biggy.
>> No. 31282 [Edit]
File 151531530727.png - (71.61KB , 452x102 , aqua.png )
I like the banner thread but have slacked off posting in it the last year or two
I only knew how much I would miss it after it was gone
>> No. 31300 [Edit]
File 151554200970.png - (50.15KB , 452x102 , cute little anime girl looking at her favorite web.png )
>> No. 31476 [Edit]
File 152223623460.png - (27.29KB , 452x102 , 2toneass.png )
>> No. 31647 [Edit]
File 153042801214.png - (52.35KB , 452x102 , 0091.png )
>> No. 34087 [Edit]
Some of these are good.
>> No. 35502 [Edit]
Are any more wanted?
>> No. 35564 [Edit]
Yes, please.
>> No. 35573 [Edit]
File 159623063496.png - (70.58KB , 452x102 , banner copy_1.png )
Tried to create something. Don't know if it's good enough to use as a banner.
>> No. 35576 [Edit]
Nice, I like it.
>> No. 35588 [Edit]
This is good, but perhaps 'Tohno-chan' could be moved more leftward? The margin seems off to me.
Bocchi is cute!
>> No. 35589 [Edit]
File 159640467270.png - (70.61KB , 452x102 , bocchi with more margin.png )
Sure, updated version attached. I'm not sure how much you wanted it shifted left by: if it goes further it would overlap with the sunny spot. That could potentially be fixed by re-cropping the image; I'll follow-up with the original frame I cropped it from in case someone who has more image editing experience than fiddling around in paint also wants to take a shot.
>> No. 35590 [Edit]
File 15964047048.jpg - (164.41KB , 1280x720 , friendswitheveryone.jpg )
Original frame
>> No. 35591 [Edit]
File 159640523353.png - (66.02KB , 452x102 , bocchi4.png )
Attempt at using a recropped version that moves bocchi slighter more left to give increased room for the tc logo.
>> No. 35594 [Edit]
looks good anon!
>> No. 35595 [Edit]
I like it; thank you for redoing it!
>> No. 38803 [Edit]
File 16345816049.png - (60.44KB , 452x102 , yuyuko banner capped.png )
I made this, tell me what you think.
Also, I'm pretty sure every banner in this thread with the exception of OP's has not been added.
>> No. 38804 [Edit]
Looks very nice. I'm not sure how you'd contact Tohno to get these added. I do remember seeing >>31300 in the banner rotation (and indeed one can manually verify this since the banner is chosen locally via client-side js). The bocchi one doesn't seem added though (perhaps that's befitting of bocchi).
>> No. 38809 [Edit]
My bad yo, I'll have them added by the end of the night.
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