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File 160004669631.png - (1.56MB , 848x1200 , 0c3ae8fc8a5db505993082cea2664102.png )
35910 No. 35910 [Edit]
What is your favorite hair color?
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>> No. 35911 [Edit]
I mainly like dark blue, but I've also got a soft spot for grey.
>> No. 35914 [Edit]
File 160006501287.jpg - (401.10KB , 1229x1753 , 雛接村.jpg )
green, but white or light grey is nice too.
>> No. 35918 [Edit]
File 160007315071.jpg - (63.55KB , 909x527 , 20200927.jpg )
British Blonde
>> No. 35922 [Edit]
What is that picture on the right? Why is she like that?
>> No. 35924 [Edit]
I guess it's referencing another type of swimsuit? I don't know why. I never liked how that character looks anyway but this edit makes her look worse.
>> No. 35930 [Edit]
Japanese people have a weird and inaccurate conception of British woman. She looks slavic.
>> No. 35931 [Edit]
I think you have a weird and inaccurate impression of Slavs.
>> No. 35933 [Edit]
That facial shape and large, almond-shaped eyes are more common among slavic woman.
>> No. 35934 [Edit]
No they aren't. Slavs tend to have very blunt features.
>> No. 35935 [Edit]
I didn't say it was common, I said it was more common. Brits do not have almond shaped eyes or that facial shape as often. They tend to have longer or more squarish faces and round eyes. Slavs have more asian admixture.
>> No. 35941 [Edit]
File 160019624978.png - (814.09KB , 796x596 , saya.png )
green, both the bright C.C. variety and the dark Saya tone
>> No. 35963 [Edit]
File 160051976827.jpg - (11.09KB , 212x296 , 20200906.jpg )
>> No. 35964 [Edit]
File 160055851810.jpg - (771.64KB , 1500x1158 , 715a00ae4356bd44927cc716962025e9.jpg )
Lavender is my favorite hair color because it's always been a comforting color to me. It makes me feel at ease and I hope to see an older sister type character with that color someday. She would probably be taken though so I guess it wouldn't really matter.
I always liked red hair too but I rarely ever liked the personality of the characters who have it. In the anime I normally watch they're usually tsukkomis or tsunderes.
>> No. 35965 [Edit]
File 160056440965.jpg - (147.92KB , 416x600 , 3713d4ddd1712974b42acee204f735af.jpg )
>I hope to see an older sister type character with that color someday.
She already exists. Older sister at your service.
>> No. 35966 [Edit]
But I don't like tsukkomi tsunderes. And she's taken anyway.
>> No. 35975 [Edit]
File 160068951288.png - (437.81KB , 640x480 , [Doremi]_Ojamajo_Doremi_Dokkaan!_02_[FF9E86BE]-00:.png )
Either of these two.

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