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File 160894675653.png - (1.70MB , 999x1262 , 3daad3a42950dc4f82512dca62d1257a281c5545.png )
37163 No. 37163 [Edit]
How was everyone's Christmas?
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>> No. 37165 [Edit]
Uneventful as always. I like taking a walk outside during these times since it's extra quiet: not even a single person outside. I watched the Christmas episode of gochiusa s3 (ep 11, the penultimate one) that I've been saving for today so the timing would match.

New year's will probably be spent listening to anime osts, watching the second hand tick over to midnight, then going back to browsing. Very cute picture by the way.

Post edited on 25th Dec 2020, 9:01pm
>> No. 37166 [Edit]
I forgot multiple times today that it was Christmas until random things like your post reminded me.
>> No. 37168 [Edit]
Boring as usual. It's hard to think of it as a special day when Christmas to me just means a boring lunch with family that I don't much care about, the whole thing is a just a repeat of the same chore every year, oh and then it's boxing day to repeat it with the other side of the family. Once I move out I'll probably stop going.
>> No. 37177 [Edit]
File 160902076613.jpg - (179.78KB , 849x625 , GH.jpg )
Christmas was boring. Soft lock-down, so can't go anywhere without a good reason. Boys in blue about to make sure the populace obeys that directive.
>> No. 37179 [Edit]
File 160902305575.jpg - (1.25MB , 1200x1761 , 9da9e13832bf5e99d1b48b41d91169e2.jpg )
A friend and I bought each other some games over steam as Christmas gifts. Then I watched him stream a VN. It was fun exchanging banter along the way and he really enjoyed both the VN and the streaming. Later I played a game with some online friends and we made sure to use voice chat. We were quiet for most of it beyond some idle comments and chatter but it was fun. It definitely helped me feel less lonely unlike I normally do this time of year. It felt nice and I hope we'll all do it again. The christmas gift I ordered for myself came in just today but it wasn't what I ordered. I e-mailed the seller about it and hopefully they will respond soon.
>> No. 37181 [Edit]
File 160909499931.jpg - (869.66KB , 895x963 , 1574972651918.jpg )
Got stuck trying to fix some computer shit after a storm so that wasn't very fun, but y'know 12 days of Christmas so once that was fixed the next day I got to enjoy myself and take it easy making little Christmas-themed crafts (which I should have done earlier in the year)
If only law enforcement looked like that, huh...
>> No. 37182 [Edit]
Said everyone ever.
>> No. 37183 [Edit]
Just blow up your local police station or something, I dunno. This isn't really that hard.
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