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File 157051190812.png - (2.08MB , 1240x1754 , d6b96c9b08f5e558ec4eada7f8725458.png )
33437 No. 33437 [Edit]
A thread for anything about tulpas. Progress, tutorials, personal stories, etc.
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>> No. 33438 [Edit]
Self-induced schizophrenia isn't healthy.
>> No. 33439 [Edit]
>> No. 33440 [Edit]
File 157053266339.png - (226.63KB , 1178x1905 , dd6sk.png )
That has nothing to do with it.

Tell us your experience first OP.
>> No. 33442 [Edit]
File 157053659956.jpg - (122.82KB , 728x1050 , 42.jpg )
I'd so love if this or similar paranormal experiences were possible, but I see no way it could be achieved. Even by the means of induced hallucinations, those are by quasidefinition out of one's control, so it's most likely to be a nasty experience.
>> No. 33445 [Edit]
It has everything to do with it because it's what it is.
>> No. 33448 [Edit]
No it's not, do you even know what's schizophrenia? It's not just "listening voices in your head". I doubt you can't induce yourself schizophrenia unless you have an high predisposition for it.
>> No. 33449 [Edit]
>Schizophrenia is a significant mental illness that causes someone to have an altered experience of reality

That's what Tulpas are.
>> No. 33454 [Edit]
File 157058762297.jpg - (217.79KB , 1920x1080 , together2.jpg )
Even if it is possible, what would the point be? The risks seem quite high, and the only potential "reward" is having someone to "converse" with. What makes conversation on boards interesting is the various viewpoints people have though, so wouldn't conversing with a tupla be necessary limited by the fact that you both physically possess the same bank of memories?
>> No. 33455 [Edit]
File 157061909452.png - (182.31KB , 736x2284 , faq.png )
Then any drugs, sleep deprivation or meditation cause schizophrenia?
It includes an altered perception of reality, that doesn't mean any altered perception of reality is "schizophrenia". It's a severe mental illness that requires genetic predisposition, not something you can induce yourself while "playing".

There's no risk involved unless you're really afraid of your own mind. About having the same point of view, they don't unless you really want it that way. One of the most interesting points in the process is how they develop different lines of thought, to the point they can openly disagree with you.
>> No. 33458 [Edit]
Well they have been linked to it yes, particularly drugs.
>> No. 33459 [Edit]
I can only tell you to read about tulpa if you want to know about it. Relating it with schizophrenia is spook of the worst kind. Of all things you must not be afraid of your own mind, you can do amazing things with it.
>> No. 33460 [Edit]
I've already read of it, it's what it is. You can try and sugar coat it all you like, the bottom line is that a tulpa is just a figment of your imagination.
>> No. 33461 [Edit]
First you said it was induced schizophrenia now it's just a "figment of your imagination"?

Have you ever tried this? I feel like I'm just talking with whatever prejudices you have.
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