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File 147079277647.jpg - (110.85KB , 1280x720 , New Game!.jpg )
29307 No. 29307 [Edit]
What does TC do for a living?
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>> No. 29308 [Edit]
i tell people about myself on the internet
everyone loves hearing about me, they want all the details
>> No. 29309 [Edit]
I send my municipality a welfare application once a month.
>> No. 29310 [Edit]
I'm a leech.
>> No. 29314 [Edit]
File 147086567465.jpg - (246.96KB , 810x1410 , 1214835550700.jpg )
I've been unemployed for a while but right now I'm doing private research into an esoteric subject.
>> No. 29316 [Edit]
File 147090821138.jpg - (545.80KB , 1200x675 , OFMTj6d.jpg )
I do security off and on. I'm a bit more than a month into my current job after being NEET for a year. Had another security job for a few months before that, and was a NEET for like four years before that. It can be easy work if you're lucky and land a do nothing assignment which I'd say is a 1 in 10 chance. My current assignment has me essentially killing time doing whatever I please while keeping an eye out for visitors, but no one ever shows up after 5pm or on weekends and I do the 2pm-10pm shift. There's also patrolling around the property and taking note of any damage or whatever. It's out in the boonies though and a half mile off the main road so vandalism or theft is extremely unlikely.
>> No. 29321 [Edit]
Living with my parents.
>> No. 29334 [Edit]
Collecting autismbux and investing in stocks.
>> No. 29338 [Edit]

I'm on SSI as well and I'm 99% sure that you can't have any stocks when you receive it. Just a head's up.
>> No. 29340 [Edit]
The autismbux dispenser in my country doesn't seem to care about minor assets, fortunately.
>> No. 29341 [Edit]
What country?
>> No. 29357 [Edit]
You can, you just can't go above the $2000 limit of savings.
>> No. 33184 [Edit]
File 156790761618.gif - (1.84MB , 500x500 , zeRope.gif )
9 to 5 wagie
>> No. 33187 [Edit]
Where do people find brilliant 9 to 5 jobs? I work 7 to 5, and sometimes I have to stay later.
>> No. 33188 [Edit]
Used to work as an opener for a fast food place. The job itself was actually not too bad as I was in the kitchen for the most part, and I got to leave early in the afternoon. I'd recommend it.
>> No. 33190 [Edit]
File 156793985621.jpg - (47.84KB , 560x320 , ubunchu.jpg )
I work 8 to 5 as an IT admin / web developer in the medical technology sector. The company has grown in the last years, but is still under 100 employees. Most of the time I spend with building web interfaces and managing databases, besides occasional technical support for my colleagues.
>> No. 33193 [Edit]
I quit my higher paying web job impulsively. Couldn’t sand the idiot CEO I had to deal with. Now Living with my parents again and working at a liquor store. I’ve noticed I feel about 100% better coming home from a job where I am on my feet doing physical tasks than coming home from a job at an office sitting all day. But I do really miss the money and my apartment (though my cat likes my parents house much more). I think I may need to pursue higher paying physical labor.
>> No. 33195 [Edit]
>building web interfaces
Do you do design work for it, or are you given a plan and you just have to implement it?
>> No. 35746 [Edit]
Or get a similar web job with a better company.
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