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File 153093024423.jpg - (60.96KB , 500x375 , エイム.jpg )
2123 No. 2123 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is there a good website to download older (00's) VN's?

I'm looking for Ayakashi and Ayakashi-H, but don't really feel like spending almost 100 bucks for games from more than a decade ago.
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>> No. 2253 [Edit]
When I tried downloading your folder as a zip (which came in 3 split zips) google drive complained about viruses in the zips.
>> No. 2254 [Edit]
File 16289823484.jpg - (249.90KB , 1269x1581 , e592e35dceac5b35663a4ea30acc0c7d.jpg )
Google is full of shit(false positives). Don't know what else to say. You can try downloading a single game and testing it.
>> No. 2255 [Edit]
Google and windows do that for damn near everything.
>> No. 2302 [Edit]
are any of these in english

File 160341312844.png - (404.37KB , 640x480 , accent.png )
2201 No. 2201 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
This thread is for posting your thoughts and musings on whatever VN you're currently reading but haven't finished. (I looked to see if there is a similar thread, but I don't think there is one.)

I'm currently enjoying Snow Sakura. Thus far, even after choosing one of the girls' routes, most of the VN is still dedicated to SoL moments. I'd be a tad disappointed, but these scenes are simply pleasant and amusing. The characters' interactions with each other are well-done, exhibiting a sort of warmness as they tease one another. I'm also a big fan of the perverted male friend in Sumiyoshi who, despite occasionally rebuked, fits well with the group. Really, in general, the group dynamic is fantastic. Hopefully, the ending will be appropriate as there seems to be a wistful and cold air permeating throughout the town.
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>> No. 2298 [Edit]
VNs are great. Too bad they're like a sub-medium of a dying medium(novels). VNs are a logical progression from novels without the drawbacks of shorter form media. Not enough people have the patience to read anymore though.
>> No. 2299 [Edit]
It's odd getting back into VNs again
I used to read them almost as much as I possibly could around ten years ago, this was when the landscape was totally different in terms of what translations were available - things were a lot more limited than they are now.
It's just odd how much things have changed. These days I'm reading them in Japanese with a dictionary but even then far more stuff is translated than before

It feels similar to the way anime is these days, back when you'd wait and see if / who were TLing it each season as opposed to now where it being released is just a given..
>> No. 2300 [Edit]
File 165173387431.jpg - (222.06KB , 924x1181 , 1614792934218.jpg )
One more point about Saya while it's still on my mind: I really approve of the spirit of the characters. I believe that there are a lot of VNs that a more morally didactic than any other medium, and it fills me full of fighting spirit. The way that Fuminori manages to find something to live for even when every moment is a living hell, and also the way the he calmly exits the stage when he has no reason to live anymore. Same goes for Ryuoko in the way that she perseveres in her quest to destroy Saya and accepts her death when it comes to her. Dr Ogai's commitment to his research. The beauty of Saya, a superior lifeform utterly dominating through a mere act of biological neccesity and force. I really like the way that this style of chuuni elevates the soul beyond the routine interactions of experience. I hope to be able to cultivate such resolve too.
>> No. 2301 [Edit]
I spent most of my childhood doing nothing but reading and drawing, and so it just comes naturally to me as the most enjoyable entertainment medium. When I tell people my age or younger that I read for fun, they treat me like some kind of alien or old man. It makes me kind of sad, because there's a world of imagination inside reading that you just don't get anywhere else. There are no better graphics than the graphics in a book.

File 164584807590.jpg - (86.83KB , 869x660 , FMYTCMmXsAMEJAt.jpg )
2285 No. 2285 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What have Visual Novels thought you?
>> No. 2286 [Edit]
>> No. 2293 [Edit]

File 131708643569.jpg - (23.77KB , 640x480 , KUROSU.jpg )
1405 No. 1405 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
This board is kinda dead.
It almost seems like nobody ever comes to /vn/.
It's kinda...lonely.
Is anyone listening?
Is anyone alive out there?

Cross Channel thread! Favorite routes?
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>> No. 1411 [Edit]
File 132183711637.jpg - (98.85KB , 430x468 , 8269695.jpg )
I absolutely loved Cross Channel, it's my 2nd favorite VN of all time. Touko and Miki were my favorite girls.
>> No. 1412 [Edit]
I didn't really like any of the girls, but I loved this game. Every time I pass by this thread I read it and get a chill up my spine. The \end\...
>> No. 2287 [Edit]
I'm alive, and posting in an 11 year old thread.
>> No. 2288 [Edit]
And thanks to you, I felt my heart ache after seeing OP's image.
I demand you take responsibility.

File 155276545228.jpg - (25.87KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
2140 No. 2140 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Hello fren, I am here to rant about this normalfag artist endorsed piece of shit vn. This gamu should not be critically acclaimed, it is literally just a shitty harem game, just cause it has one wapanese bitch who is "depressed" doesn' make it anything different. How is this considered a physchological horror game? Is it because of the "heavy" theme of mental health that is barely touched upon and when it is touched upon it is represented in an exponentially unrealistic manner. No matter what anyone says it's just a shitty wapanese vn created by a man who probably wishes he could be Japanese. The only reason it is popular in the mainstream is because of horny digisexual teenagers and lesbian aspie waps who say they like it because of the plot, but know in their hearts that they really like it because "hurr Durr my wapanese wanime gurlfren is kwaii!" Also, I don't give a flying fuck if this thread belongs on /vn/ or the Vidya board, I want it to get more attention so I am putting it here.
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>> No. 2272 [Edit]
Basically it is, but the fans will insist they are totally very different stories despite the tone of DDLC being very, very similar.
At the very least, Kimi to Kanojo puts more effort into writing the characters (DDLC just expects you to instantly feel bad for certain characters despite barely getting to know them as people) and the gimmick ends up hitting harder due to that.
The only praise I can give DDLC is that it's one of few Ren'Py games that takes advantage of it's Python orignis to it's fullest with the file tampering.
>> No. 2273 [Edit]
That's always a big plus.
>> No. 2281 [Edit]
Too bad the devs are still kind of assholes. So much for porting it to Haiku.

Post edited on 12th Jan 2022, 1:55am
>> No. 2282 [Edit]
Or maybe all that's needed is Ren'py being ported?

Post edited on 12th Jan 2022, 10:46am

File 164186811752.png - (756.12KB , 840x660 , 11eyes.png )
2274 No. 2274 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Can TC name all the references?
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>> No. 2277 [Edit]
At a quick glance (in addition to >>2275) Toriyama Akira, JoJo, Cardcaptor Sakura, Detroit Metal City, Danbo/Yotsuba&.
>> No. 2278 [Edit]
Other than those already said, Raising Heart from Nanoha, Zero's helmet from Code Geass and Bonta-kun from Fullmetal Panic. Also I think that little lump down there is the Clannad dango.
The armor in the back looks familiar but I can't quite place it.
>> No. 2279 [Edit]
Adding to >>2278, top left is that character from Moyashimon, far right is Satchii from Dennou Coil

I doubt it. I tried looking up the answer afterwards in both Japanese and English, and while I could find various attempts, surprisingly I couldn't find a definitive list anywhere.

Multiple guesses have been made before that the bottom one is the Clannad dango, but the eyes don't match. They look like Pac-Man's eyes, but then the figure lacks Pac-Man's eyebrows. So I don't think either of those are right, unless the design was intentionally modified to be legally distinct or something.
>> No. 2280 [Edit]
File 164190543475.png - (198.23KB , 616x563 , c51c29041778f35f152d4613b82e7682.png )
I thought it was Haro from Gundam. Not like the eyes match either, but it's green and roundy.
For some reason there's videogame references too, I can't at least notice the Virtual Boy and Seaman.

File 161667509157.png - (1.95MB , 1920x1080 , _yukari.png )
2225 No. 2225 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What is the latest visual novel you bought and do you think it was worth its price?
Alternatively, if you pirate your VNs: What is the latest VN you finished and would you consider paying for it?
>> No. 2226 [Edit]
I think the last VN I cleared was Sanoba Witch. I think it was really nice and comfy, and I liked all the main girls, so I didn't mind paying for it.
I both pirate and buy games depending on what makes it more convenient to play. I like to get some on the Switch if I can because I enjoy portable reading, but all I really have on there right now is Clannad and Gnosia.

File 156741392062.png - (191.41KB , 445x283 , mahoyo_old.png )
2170 No. 2170 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Does there exist any copy of the original draft of Mahotsukai no yoru? Of course Nasu never released it, but seeing as he gave copies to several people there should be at least one person both retaining it and recognizing its value.
>> No. 2224 [Edit]
So in other news, the full translation of the VN will hopefully be available by the end of June assuming the TL group doesn't pull a fast one. I'm a bit surprised that both a French and Spanish translation are already finished to my knowledge, I have to wonder why exactly the English TL community is so slow? Did they get lazy because of how much anime and manga are translated by companies or dubbed over?

File 132976497516.png - (30.46KB , 300x300 , fuck me.png )
1599 No. 1599 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Does anyone here play any otome? I want to have hot dicks fill my sweet, innocent, desperate pussy with cum geysers and my heart with love, but I'm not familiar at all with the genre. I looked on Overchan to see if there was an imageboard devoted to it, but sadly there is not.
Help me, Tohno-chan. you're my only hope.
In exchange, I drew this nice picture for you.
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1606 [Edit]

How many have you even read?
>> No. 1608 [Edit] ren'py has a section for these but none of them look very good.
>> No. 2222 [Edit]
Why don’t you just search the otome tag on the vndb?
>> No. 2223 [Edit]
Is this really the thread you felt the need to bump?

File 133332931131.png - (339.14KB , 424x351 , erogeapril2012.png )
1597 No. 1597 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
News here, discussion in topics please. It's okay to make comments but please don't derail this thread as I want this to be the go-to reference place for Visual Novel news, I'll try and keep it updated as much as possible. Let's get to it. Releases first, daily tidbits to follow.

April 2012 Scheduled Releases

Mahoutsukai no Yoru -Witch on the Holy Night- (魔法使いの夜)
April 12, 2012

April 27, 2012

D.C.III ~Da Capo III~ (D.C.III~ダ・カーポIII~)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1598 [Edit]
File 133336582866.png - (614.31KB , 1000x462 , new-top03[1].png )
Mahoutsukai no Yoru -Witch on the Holy Night- (魔法使いの夜) - "Character" and "Special" pages updated

Guily Crown - Lost Christmas - Release date pushed back to 26th July 2012

Ane x Heaven - Playable Demo Available for Download

Yukiiro ~Sora ni Rikka no Sumu Machi~ (ゆきいろ ~空に六花の住む町~) - Introduction page added

Ore no Kanojo no Uraomote (俺の彼女のウラオモテ) - Playable demo available for download
>> No. 2181 [Edit]
File 157745232810.jpg - (297.66KB , 1495x957 , EMytK4bU0AACNqV.jpg )
Borrowing this thread.

New Madosoft game announced:
Hamidashi Creative (ハミダシクリエイティブ)
>> No. 2212 [Edit]
File 160945906734.jpg - (570.42KB , 1431x1567 , eye cuts.jpg )

Remake news! Possibly switch and ps4 only (no pc or ps5?) also Tsukihime is finally getting an anime adaption!

File 160833193368.jpg - (405.97KB , 1280x720 , nekomiko-switch-screenshot01.jpg )
2211 No. 2211 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Neko Miko starts with an unfortunate main character who finds a lonely and abandoned shrine in the city and prays to it after his roastie broke up with him and he was fired from his job. The shrine maidens there turn out to be cat girls, named Ayame and Kaede, and promise to rid him of his misfortunate that proves to be too much for them whose powers are attached to the shrine itself. Their powers were apparently weakened by the damaged state of the shrine and it's their only shelter so they decide to live with him while they slowly get rid of his misfortune over time.

I kind of didn't like this one as much. There is some messy presentation sometimes like the name of an NPC, the chinese restaurant owner, not even fitting into the text box for it, rarely the dialogue can actually not even fully show on the text box on the screen if the text is too long forcing you to look at the text log if you want to see it all, and some typos from time to time. Anyone could tell me it's probably because I played the Switch port but I played Nin Nin Days on my Switch too and it didn't have these problems. Checking the release dates I can only assume the devs missed some things because it might have been new for them and they got the hang of things later on since Nin Nin Days released over a year after Neko Miko.

The technical flaws themselves I can overlook, just so long as the games works and doesn't look like a mess. But that's not all of why I didn't enjoy it as much. The story didn't feel quite as fun this time. I suppose the writers maybe couldn't think of as many scenarios because, unlike a knight or a ninja, catgirls might not always be super-human athletes. That's probably why the events themselves come down more to shopping trips, a date at a restaurant or an arcade, and helping out at the restaurant you work at.

Depending on your tastes and possibly outlook, you might think it's relaxing, and it certainly was, but I personally felt it wasn't quite as exciting as the others I read so I didn’t feel as motivated to continue reading. I can’t even make much of an argument that it’s to make them behave like cats either. The personalities themselves definitely are like those of cats, one more than the other, but they never seem to do many things at all that are reall
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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