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File 170908739823.jpg - (253.21KB , 824x1200 , kskm.jpg )
4148 No. 4148 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
This thread is for discussion of the KSKM manga.
For those unaware, KSKM is a martial arts manga spanning 50 vols and a spin-off sequel called KS Monogatari. The art is superb with special attention being given to muscles and anatomy throughout the series while keep everything as realistic as possible (for the most part). There's some comedy, particularly in the early chapters, although it often relies on stock characters. But the real allure of this manga lies in how it does not rely on winning matches for story progression and character development. I consider that to be the greatest fault of most martial arts manga. In KSKM both the story and the characters grow without the "defeat X guy, now Y guy appears, defeat Y guy" storylines so often seen in these types of manga. That's not to say the manga is without flaws, the ending felt like the author was forced to drop the series and secondary characters are completely forgotten only for us to be "remembered" of their existence many arcs later, and not getting as much screen-time page-time as the others, this is very noticeable as the chapters progress and more characters get added. Also some of these secondary characters are actually more interesting than the MC.
The fights are good. The initial fights are nothing out of the ordinary, just formulaic, but it gets better.
The first chapters are about Kohinata learning Karate and meeting the other characters, they serve as an introductory arc altogether. These focus on comedy and have the most "cliché" linear "defeat X" out of all the arcs. I can recommend this manga to anybody who is looking for a martial marts manga.
The sequel tried to tie some loose ends, and to some extent it did so, but its about two almost unrelated guys, and not as interesting overall.

File 166748723385.jpg - (198.68KB , 1200x900 , __rahxephon_drawn_by_sarokanten__2980fdf91b205fd1b.jpg )
4098 No. 4098 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What do you do about manga preservation? In what way do you store your manga? Do you use these manga sleeves/bags? If so, where do you buy them? If your manga have started yellowing have you tried those chemical yellow stain removal techniques?
>> No. 4099 [Edit]
>> No. 4100 [Edit]
But I like physical.
>> No. 4147 [Edit]
File 17085725786.gif - (2.10MB , 498x311 , laindance.gif )
>What do you do about manga preservation?
Nothing, other than not throwing them away.
>In what way do you store your manga?
On my bookshelf.
>Do you use these manga sleeves/bags? If so, where do you buy them?
No, but I do have a few historically important German books from before 1945 that I store in plastic bags that I bought from the local drug store, they cost me something like $1 for a pack of 20.
>If your manga have started yellowing have you tried those chemical yellow stain removal techniques?
No, I think the yellow color adds charm. I don't smoke, so it doesn't get too bad.

File 16032150332.jpg - (1.42MB , 1349x1920 , hugs.jpg )
3940 No. 3940 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
ITT post manga pages you like.
37 posts and 36 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4107 [Edit]
File 167430186740.jpg - (100.43KB , 728x1087 , lel.jpg )
>> No. 4112 [Edit]
File 167674644277.jpg - (220.81KB , 1115x1600 , Futari_Escape_-_Ch_0010_Vol_0002_Pg_0001_-_End_of_.jpg )
>> No. 4142 [Edit]
File 169725186139.png - (1.02MB , 2216x1497 , normies_2.png )
>> No. 4146 [Edit]
File 170857077825.jpg - (210.69KB , 772x554 , frieren_doesnt_care.jpg )
I picked up some of that dialect by watching Ghost Hound, I can read most of that

File 169740082929.jpg - (187.72KB , 1560x720 , Screenshot_20231015-225652_YouTube.jpg )
4143 No. 4143 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Recommend me a manga that will fuck my psychology.
>> No. 4144 [Edit]
fire punch
>> No. 4145 [Edit]
Sekai Oni

File 156565899124.png - (294.83KB , 1300x1800 , Buddha_v01_p028.png )
3766 No. 3766 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
I'm reading the classic manga Buddha since I want to read more anyway. It is honestly so bizarre seeing stuff that supposedly happened with such a cartoonish artstyle, and I know it's already going to be heavily fictionalized just due to the nature of religion and historical figures but still.
104 posts and 58 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4138 [Edit]
Explain to me, how there's such a thing as "price distortion," if somebody, somewhere, is willing to pay that price?
>> No. 4139 [Edit]
NTA, but demand can be manufactured and supply artificially limited. Most people would rather be manipulated than live without what's considered a necessity or highly desirable.
>> No. 4140 [Edit]
If they're willing to be manipulated, have they not, intrinsically, accepted the price?
>> No. 4141 [Edit]
It's like accepting the price of mafia protection. You could say no, but then they'd break your legs. It's coercive.

File 158470494197.jpg - (192.78KB , 728x1048 , 001___1582349496.jpg )
3816 No. 3816 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
do you guys know any manga with attractive older women with black hair, hoping you guys know of stuff that i havent found yet.

source is rakujitsu no pathos
4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3873 [Edit]
File 159968687459.jpg - (68.18KB , 400x500 , 昭和不老不死伝説.jpg )


昭和不老不死伝説 バンパイア
>> No. 3879 [Edit]
>> No. 4117 [Edit]
Shijou saikyou no deshi kenichi.

Post edited on 1st Apr 2023, 7:59am
>> No. 4121 [Edit]
File 16906834721.jpg - (193.15KB , 512x728 , shigahime.jpg )
Be warned though, lots of gore
But it's worth it to see the female lead

File 167786323099.jpg - (328.10KB , 1256x1853 , misaki rain beautiful.jpg )
4113 No. 4113 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Anyone know what chapter exactly there is the hasshaku sama scene? When kii chan dresses as hasshakusama and scares tomoko, when they are on summer break or something. I want it for reference to draw.

Post edited on 3rd Mar 2023, 9:07am
>> No. 4114 [Edit]
File 167804927410.gif - (11.60KB , 465x375 , __suigintou_rozen_maiden_drawn_by_hida_naria__1cb1.gif )
I looked it up and it seems to be chapter 61.
>> No. 4115 [Edit]
File 167811258757.jpg - (558.84KB , 1000x1306 , futakuchionna.jpg )
Thank you!!

File 168249817292.png - (133.18KB , 230x345 , b3941-wZfQC9er2LSd.png )
4119 No. 4119 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I want to talk about the manga mpd psycho, the ending was butchered, it is really really bad

File 166728670931.jpg - (240.17KB , 1133x1600 , 364p1.jpg )
4095 No. 4095 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Berserk thread since the last one stayed afloat for almost 7 years. This is also a thread for the continuation project by Studio Gaga with story assistance from Kouji Mori after Miura's unexpected passing in 2021. Fantasia Elf Island Chapter ended recently and a new arc will begin in December.
>> No. 4096 [Edit]
File 166728681565.jpg - (525.55KB , 1133x1521 , Berserk_v42c370p01.jpg )
>> No. 4097 [Edit]
File 166730951317.jpg - (1.49MB , 1074x1600 , Locus_full_1350232.jpg )
Has it gotten any better since the garbage chapters made by his assistants?

File 165085686164.jpg - (52.36KB , 225x317 , 235189.jpg )
4039 No. 4039 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I am reading this manga called "Itai Oneesan wa Suki desu ka?" about an office lady that's a social outcast. It's a comedy where she has very bad social skills and awkward, I like it. What are other good manga about social outcasts?
8 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4073 [Edit]
File 165781389138.jpg - (935.81KB , 1666x2502 , 0015.jpg )
Thanks for recommending this one, what a beautiful title, it resonates with me a lot. For example this page right here. The feeling of satisfaction and lassitude after cleaning your living space. The author is very good at capturing little moments like this, quite something.
>> No. 4074 [Edit]
Its good. I also like that the mc is someone who is like that because they actively fucked things up. A lot of the non Fukumoto title's about reject are people who never stood a chance.

It also interesting that she isn't outright rejected by her old family and friends. Her ex-husband and daughter still engage with her in a positive way while implicitly acknowledging things can never go back to the way they were.
>> No. 4087 [Edit]
Finally read Jobless Siblings and outside of a few side characters which are a bit too one note it really is excellent. I enjoy the contrast between the brother and sister where the brother is almost NEET as a life choice whereas the sister seems to legitimately have severe social anxiety.
>> No. 4094 [Edit]
File 166533657288.jpg - (140.43KB , 865x1400 , ch01_006.jpg )
I've recently read Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai, and while Yugami is not the typical kind of person you see in these types of manga, I feel like it still qualifies. It's about a female transfer student who sits next to the titular no-friend-haver in class and starts to see why upon interacting with him for more than a few sentences. The manga is hilarious and refreshing, almost entirely due to Yugami being a conscious egoist and causing funny situations with his refusal to consider anything other than self-satisfaction, I really like it and highly recommend it.

File 166425671038.jpg - (135.65KB , 980x1307 , 1663382640803.jpg )
4092 No. 4092 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
does anyone know a manga with a lot f vomit,blood, and other bodily fluids?
>> No. 4093 [Edit]
You mean the entire guro genre?

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