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File 139942159981.jpg - (11.45KB , 184x184 , 74467352264cfb59a5279023701a37308c104eaa_full.jpg )
10582 No. 10582 Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Let's play some games together already!
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>> No. 12264 [Edit]
will delete you in a day
>> No. 12297 [Edit]
Dota 2 patch 7.00 hits in 2-3 hours.
>> No. 12375 [Edit]

Let's be friends!

File 151855972014.png - (531.54KB , 800x1100 , 1511443036238.png )
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Someone playing this on the switch?
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>> No. 13123 [Edit]
Sure, it's not like I have anything better to do.
>> No. 13125 [Edit]
File 151933023865.png - (631.11KB , 1000x705 , 1509477746469.png )
spend more time with your woomy
>> No. 13126 [Edit]
File 151950551279.jpg - (57.33KB , 500x500 , 1519370045865.jpg )
Thanks for playing with me P.
Not in the mood today for more. Gonna watch Mahou Tsukai No Yome with some Pizza now.
>> No. 13128 [Edit]
File 151952582262.png - (161.71KB , 507x561 , squid-dork.png )
Certainly. The weapons were really fun this time around, especially the rapid blaster.

File 151193028220.jpg - (235.41KB , 1440x847 , i heard this is a psycho horror.jpg )
12857 No. 12857 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
This VN has been getting popular lately.
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>> No. 12982 [Edit]
It's not similar to Higurashi at all other than a timeloop and some violent scenes.

The length is a huge factor too. It wouldn't be nearly as popular if it was 30-40 hours.
>> No. 13003 [Edit]
Almost played this when I saw it pop up on steam a few times since it looked cute but never had the chance/time. I don't follow up on gaming news much but I got the impression this was kind of popular. Found out what the deal with this game actually is and honestly I find it a bit aggravating and disappointing. -of course- something like this would be popular in the west, where cute is a four letter word and people hate VNs that aren't filled with blood violence or drama. So -of course- there has to be a catch for a game like this to be popular.
>> No. 13127 [Edit]
So I was watching some crappy game vids this morning when I saw reviews for this game start popping up, and almost all of them were from game reviewers who never touch anything anime style. Needless to say, this game has become huge with normalfags and the type who normally would hate these style of games.
This started raising some questions, and I soon found myself in a very lengthy discussion with a couple other people about this. The discussion was mainly about how the game felt like an attack on a genera of games that had never really been popular in the west until very recently. Generally speaking, in the history of gaming most of the games that get imported from japan are horror/action tittles. because there's not much of a market for the moe stuff, The style of games Doki doki literature club is mimicking have simply never been available in the west before steam came along and made it easier for these games to be published and fine an audience. Before steam, VNs rarely got translated, and mangagamber had an uphill battle trying to get them to catch on in the west. At this time, the only games that managed to get popular for the most part were violent horror games like Higurashi or saya no uta. Mangagamer meanwhile had little success pushing more moe games such as Shuffle or galaxy angle.

Skip ahead a few years and steam has gone from being primary big name western games, to weeb central. We start to see VNs get translated at a decent rate now, and we even see a violence/horror free VN manage to gain a lot of popularity by the name of nekopara. One could say this was looking like a renaissance for the west. A time when moe, dating games, and general cuteness might finally find a place here.
We even started to see western made VNs, now that it seemed like a market for them was forming. These usually weren't very good and had pretty fugly art, but it was still interesting to see all the same. Then we got some some nasty games like those huniepop things which have the look of being from japan, but are actually western made agenda filled garbage. Those were mostly harmless though. Now we have doki doki literature club, what feels like an attack on these style of games. This time the game hides it's true intentions of being a mockery/degeneration of these style of games. This while trying to make you feel guilty abou
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 13129 [Edit]
Calling this game propaganda is a bit heavy-handed. Some guy just wanted to make a game that deconstructs the visual novel genre in a critical fashion. He did so in an "edgy" way that might startle or shock certain types of people. The game is on the same level as Hatoful Boyfriend but with horror elements; It's a meme game. One that definitely comes across as a bit insidious due to the psychological horror elements.

I don't think it's part of a wide-reaching scheme by feminists to make people hate anime, that's actually absurd. It reminds me of the guy who claimed that Undertale was produced by "cultural Marxists" a while back.

If anything it's having the opposite effect and bringing anime to a wider audience - Which is also undesirable in it's own way.

Westerners just love horror because our culture is obsessed with death and destruction. It's why Saya no Uta, featuring sex with a Lovecraftian eldritch-thing in the guise of a young girl, managed to get as popular as it did, even getting a comic adaptation (though I think Saya was "aged up" in that iirc). I'm paraphrasing Alan Watts when I say that Americans developed a culture that doesn't praise life, but death.

Post edited on 25th Feb 2018, 8:21am

File 129711626056.png - (222.14KB , 324x421 , ah.png )
1191 No. 1191 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Post funny and/or interesting screenshots here!
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>> No. 12983 [Edit]
File 151669878838.jpg - (144.04KB , 1361x768 , farther 0.jpg )
>> No. 13073 [Edit]
File 151762668318.jpg - (80.11KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot3.jpg )
>> No. 13081 [Edit]
File 151842459171.jpg - (175.20KB , 1280x720 , photo_2018-02-12_00-14-24.jpg )
This cracked me up.
>> No. 13111 [Edit]
So unasian.

File 130181861477.jpg - (53.12KB , 575x323 , ezio.jpg )
2003 No. 2003 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
ITT, what you're curently playing for the time being, or just finished, new or old games alike.

As is, I'm on assassin's creed brotherhood myself after having finally gotten around to playing killzone 2, which was a tad bit on the disappointing side, but works fine for a mindless shooter I guess.
AC:B on the other hand is pretty good so far I think.
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>> No. 12624 [Edit]
File 150678566842.jpg - (81.29KB , 1280x720 , EndofEvangelion.jpg )
> And the only stats that matter for them are the loading time
I reckon they're all important, or rather, it isn't wise to skimp the other stats just for load speed. A large Magazine Size is useful for building and executing airborne targets, for example.
>> No. 12976 [Edit]
Currently playing Tempest (pirate themed naval combat) from a recent humble bundle. It's a bit weird. The style of it implies it's a game grounded a bit more in reality, yet the UI showed a big glowing alien rock thing in the middle which felt really out of place. got attacked by a giant squid at the end of the tutorial, and soon found weird looking alien/magical temples and ruins, scifi monsters attacking my ship, and fighting ghost ships filled with skeletons. All of which felt kind of out of place, yet is presented like it's perfectly normal with no explanation of how any of it came to be in the story. Story is paper thin for that matter, it's all about the mechanics here. The way the ship combat works feels wrong at times, but it's still overall fun. Main annoying little thing is when one ship has the other in it's sights and starts firing it's cannons. logically when you're out of it's range you should stop getting hit, but instead it's like those cannon balls are homing missiles. Also, the UI is pretty freaking horrible. It almost feels like it was designed for mobile phones. When in port it's like they can't decide between different UI styles and makes the thing really confusing and frustrating to use. It was an interesting surprise to see there's third person combat when boarding ships, but it's a bit clunky to say the least. Far as I could tell you've got one attack, you can't block, and hit detection is way off. Anyway it's not bad, I'll keep at it for a while more.
>> No. 13079 [Edit]
File 151842453882.jpg - (134.43KB , 1280x720 , photo_2018-02-12_00-14-12.jpg )
Been playing pokemon moon after getting a N3DSXL not too long ago. Haven't really played a pokemon game since Ruby red, so it's a pretty big leap. Kinda surprised how many original pokemon I came across in my first couple hours, I expected a flood of pokemon I've never seen before. Instead it's more like being eased into the current gen which is fine by me. So far I'm pretty impressed by the visuals and mechanics. Map seems smaller than I expected however. while it's multiple islands, the first one felt almost tiny. The loading screens are so short I'm not sure why the game even has any, shame it couldn't have been seamless. Picked my starter without doing any research and ended up disappointed since I picked Litten and it turns out it becomes a furry sonic reject in it's third stage. Another slightly disappointing thing was the lack of TMs outside of battle. As soon as I found an area with abra in it I knew I had to catch one to use that teleport ability. After trying half a dozen times, getting one, then being unable to activate it, I learned they were removed after looking it up. That's not such a horrible thing though in retrospect. I used to form my party around those skills, aiming more for practicality in traveling the world than full on combat ability, so now I can focus more on that and not worry about having a pokemon that can use surf and another that can use fly. Anyways, it's not half bad.
>> No. 13116 [Edit]
File 151921053955.jpg - (193.77KB , 1280x720 , 20180220233541_1.jpg )
Had my eye on gal*gun for a while, and it went on sale for a decent price recently so I picked it up.
Right off the bat I found that it was a very half assed port to pc. In steam it says the game the game is designed for keyboard use and wouldn't work well with a pad as well as having keyboard icons in place of gamepad ones ect, but when I started it I found all the icons were for a xbox controller, and the tutorial too even though mouse and keyboard are the default. It wouldn't be a big deal if the tutorials didn't tell you to do actions with the pad and don't tell you what they mouse/keyboard controls are. ie "use x to shoot and rb to zoom in" but I was able to figure out the controls with some trail and error all the same. Interesting enough, the game can almost exclusively be played with a mouse. Since it's a rail shooter you don't really need the keyboard at all during the gameplay segments. Given the nature of the game, It's not surprising it'd be designed to be played one handed.
Also, video settings were extremely limited and I had to edit some .int files to play it on my 144p monitor, as in game settings max out at 1080p. Had to do the same to enable vsync, change aa, and so on since those options aren't in game. Encountered some massive screen tearing meanwhile I couldn't do anything about. Then there's the in game shop with missing icons for the items. They have descriptions for the items if you hover over where they should be at least, so it's not game breaking.

Game itself is pretty fun. It's a rail shooter filled with tons of really cute girls who climax when you shoot them. What more could you possibly ask for in a videogame? Sometimes when you take out an 'enemy' they might say "Nippon saiko", which couldn't be more true. I thought the game would be a lot easier than it turned out to be, since it was made for consoles it seems and fps games have always had to be made slower and easier for use with a gamepad. Even with a mouse it's easy to miss lots of the hidden objectives. The camera flies past them pretty quick. I imagine it's easier to catch em on a second play, but so far it seems story mode doesin't let you replay previous missions/levels. Like I said before, the characters are cute and all, but the
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 151630553136.jpg - (260.36KB , 1600x1066 , mining-rig.jpg )
12974 No. 12974 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you think coin mining is hurting pc gaming?

Thanks to people building mining rigs with dozens or even hundreds of GPUs, supplies are becoming limited and major retailers are selling them at three times their original prices. This is no big deal to minners who buy them in bulk, but for average people who actually intend to play videogames $1000 for a 1070 is just out of the question.
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>> No. 13001 [Edit]
You know anon, that's actually a pretty good way of looking at it! Who knows, in a few years we might start seeing really low prices on cards that vastly out perform the current stuff on the market.
>> No. 13087 [Edit]
It *is* making GPU cards more expensive.
>> No. 13097 [Edit]
Well, if the coin market crashes (which it's starting to) then we'll see a lot of miners dismantling their rigs and selling the cards for cheap. I wouldn't want to buy a card used in a mining rig, but it should lower prices overall if the market becomes flooded with the things.
>> No. 13099 [Edit]
It's actually on the rebound and going back up again.

File 149019955954.jpg - (94.13KB , 550x342 , Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology.jpg )
12365 No. 12365 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Normally I wouldn't create a separate thread for a single game. I also do my best to avoid using words such as 'best' as I don't won't to enforce my opinion upon other people or just plain upset someone. So I won't tell you that DS's best RPG and possibly its best game overall is getting a remake. Let me just say one thing: Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology got announced.
>> No. 12366 [Edit]
I wonder if anybody remembers this game, we've had a nice thread about it back in the day and it seemed to be well received. I couldn't help myself and I've made another thread for it.

I've actually redownloaded it just a short while ago, intending to replay it since I liked it so much and now this gets announced. I'm pretty excited, and a little bit anxious too. Apparently it's a 'full remake'. I guess Atlus will reveal more about it this weekend, during a presentation they have scheduled. They invited a bunch of seiyuu and judging from the low res Famitsu scan floating around the game will be voiced this time around (I think you can see 声 below the character names). On top of that there's a new female character. I think they changed the artist since the character portraits look noticably different.

Well, I just hope they won't change too much and that they'll keep the battle system intact, since it was innovative and a lot of fun. Truth to be told I'd sleep better if it the only changes were the new character, 'new scenario' and voices. But I'm excited nonetheless and I hope it'll be every bit as good as the original game.
>> No. 12367 [Edit]
File 149020051584.jpg - (23.73KB , 400x240 , Radiant-Historia-Perfect-Chronology_Fami-shot_03-2.jpg )
After googling around a bit I found some more info.

First, the voice cast:
Konishi Katsuyuki - Stocke
Komatsu Mikako - Nemesia (the new character)
Takahashi Rie - Eruca
Kurosawa Tomoyo - Aht
Sakura Ayane - Raynie
Yamaya Yoshitaka - Marco
Hatano Wataru - Rosch
Kuroda Takaya - Gafka

The portraits have indeed been redrawn, as you can see in the screenshot. Personally I liked the old artstyle more but I can live with it.

The 'new scenario' is a third story node called Sub-History but from the way it's described it seems rather than being a true node it's a series of side stories related to the characters and in-game events.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 12368 [Edit]
File 14906333307.jpg - (102.63KB , 525x480 , 81uDMWMVSKL__SL1000_.jpg )

It looked that way based on Famitsu scan but it was hard to tell - unfortunately Eruca's design was changed. I wonder why, considering every other design was kept the same and Eruca's was too, except for her hair. She looks really generic now. Oh well.

Atlus also revealed Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 and SMT Strange Journey remake at yesterday's event.
>> No. 13098 [Edit]
Well, it's out now. When I first heard of it I imagined myself downloading it on the day it'll be out. Unfortunately the timing ended up being poor for me so I 'll probably play it in March/April or so.

Still, if you haven't played this before and you own a 3DS do yourself a favor. If you have played it you already know it's certainly worth replaying. Have fun.

File 143713029829.jpg - (57.76KB , 331x640 , z20150612.jpg )
11532 No. 11532 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you play or watch tournaments like EVO2015?
9 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 11826 [Edit]
File 145275127741.jpg - (140.26KB , 816x1000 , a20160117.jpg )
Capcom Cup 2015 - Grand Final: Kazunoko vs. Daigo Umehara [USF4]
>> No. 11843 [Edit]
File 145299800344.gif - (73.97KB , 158x143 , alex-taunt.gif )
>> No. 11868 [Edit]
File 145352598348.gif - (22.65KB , 90x92 , chun-zero-stance.gif )
I watch tournaments for the players like MATSURI
>> No. 13089 [Edit]
File 151843211610.gif - (94.81KB , 198x288 , 20171298white.gif )
KOFXIV not going to be on main stage of EVO2018... despite its hype grand finals

File 144824900344.png - (451.98KB , 530x655 , 1448243735134.png )
11700 No. 11700 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Who else here prefers old video games over new?

I know people are probably sick of hearing this but I just have such incredible nostalgia for the games of the late 90s and early 2000s. It felt like every major release was something I was excited about, and they were games that other people were excited about too - Majora's Mask, Final Fantasy X, Metroid Prime, etc. Now every headline-grabbing game is yet another generic open world RPG and/or FPS, and I just don't feel like keeping up with the mainstream gaming community at all. I played 2 hours of Skyrim and it bored me to tears. Fallout 4 is such a normie thing, it's disgusting. I basically only play Nintendo games and other japanese games now.

I'm pretty excited about The Last Guardian and Shenmue 3 though, and other people are excited about those too. Gives me some hope.
19 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 11924 [Edit]
File 145582894971.jpg - (826.22KB , 1920x1080 , c20160222.jpg )
Darkest Dungeon ~ rogue-like game even with Sanity checks for extra-difficulty but nice graphics UI. Best of classic & new!
>> No. 11946 [Edit]
File 145653187733.png - (85.21KB , 256x407 , bQOB.png )
StarCraft lore & gameplay were better than anything in SC2.
Only the cinematics & graphics are better in SC2.
>> No. 13088 [Edit]
File 151843171851.jpg - (87.44KB , 560x510 , 20180213.jpg )
Can't improve on perfection that is SSFIIX
>> No. 13130 [Edit]
I think the problem is that most game companies want to stick to what's safe and profitable. This results in a lot of games seeming homogeneous. That appears to be the main issue with video games these days. Very few games are a labor of love or care about breaking new ground.

I can't think of a recent game that I've been really excited about playing. DW9 (1 star on Steam btw) comes close, because they are trying something new with the series and that's got my interest. I have no money though so I can't play it atm.

Oh, and Re Fantasy, by Studio Zero. I believe they made the Persona games. I thought p5 was overrated as hell, but it's still a good game. They're going to do more of a fantasy environment, I'm hoping it'll feel like Nier or be more like what FFXV was tagged as ("a fantasy based on reality" =/= GTA-style open world navigation and sick cars; that game was shit).

I have a huge backlog of games because I've been occupying my time with other stuff. Out of the newer stuff, I've been slowly working my way through MGS5 (which wasn't put out that recently actually), which is pretty decent.

Speaking of Elf games, I've been playing YU-NO and that game is 10/10. It has a level of depth in regards to interacting with the narrative structure that not a single VN has managed to capture in the ~20 years since it was released. The story is intriguing but nothing special, and it gets very repetitive but the system put in place is surprisingly deep for a game made in 1996 that came on a floppy disk.

File 133721624861.gif - (16.31KB , 192x256 , Space_Mako.gif )
6655 No. 6655 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What relaxing games does /vg/ play?
I usually play a few rounds of Pop'n Music before going to sleep.
16 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 11010 [Edit]
Getting 100% on that game was actually pretty tough...

I loved every minute of it though.
>> No. 11049 [Edit]
Cozy farming games like Harvest Moon or Rune Factory.
>> No. 12499 [Edit]
File 150148055069.jpg - (203.30KB , 1200x1200 , c7203ece4a3eb2700a3ae884d6653673921677bc.jpg )
Orange Juice is my feel-good game right now.
>> No. 13086 [Edit]
File 151843065273.gif - (11.29KB , 245x84 , 20171298white.gif )
Ryus Meditation from Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie OST kqNyVmo4

File 139779701893.jpg - (30.22KB , 228x386 , ybungie.jpg )
10562 No. 10562 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
What's your favourite game music ever?
I liked the ost from Halo.
49 posts and 17 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 12091 [Edit]
File 146236211975.jpg - (202.55KB , 1000x1333 , g20160526.jpg )
Alice: Madness Returns
>> No. 12125 [Edit]
FFXIV - The Antitower (Up the Downward Staircase)
>> No. 12243 [Edit]
Dragonborn song
>> No. 13085 [Edit]
Jazzy NYC 99

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