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File 139942159981.jpg - (11.45KB , 184x184 , 74467352264cfb59a5279023701a37308c104eaa_full.jpg )
10582 No. 10582 Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Let's play some games together already!
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>> No. 13691 [Edit]
File 157382639044.png - (174.21KB , 358x358 , KF Serval 034.png )
I didn't know that 325 people posted here, amazing.
>> No. 13692 [Edit]
They don't. Maybe some of them actively lurk, but as with the case of any imagboard, branch-off community on a more polular "platform", it's mostly made up of people who maybe visted the original a few times.
>> No. 13693 [Edit]
you would like this then:

File 134462727919.jpg - (1.59MB , 1750x1441 , welcome to report world.jpg )
7066 No. 7066 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Thread for random video game-related news, so we don't have a bunch of small dead threads
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>> No. 13765 [Edit]
I'm sick of seeing this crap everywhere (like in that video's comments):

Entity #1: entity #1's thoughts, interpretation
Entity #2: entity #2's thoughts, interpretation

People have to use a template for everything instead of putting some fucking effort into one's posts.
>> No. 13766 [Edit]
It really got driven into the ground, didn't it?
>> No. 13767 [Edit]
Right? Didn't Mount and blade 2 also come out on the same day?
>> No. 13768 [Edit]
A new Half Life game also got released in the same timeframe, but nobody mentions that because it's VR.

File 131383104983.jpg - (1.61MB , 1280x1024 , guns.jpg )
4311 No. 4311 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Come on now, there's gotta be something you're sick of seeing get over used in videogame after videogame.
Something you wish they would just stop with already.

Personally, for one, it's most modern games limiting how many weapons you can cary at any one time to just two or three.
useualy being, one small weapon, such as a hand gun, and one or two bigger guns.
This I suspect to be not for realism, but to cover for their own laziness and unwillingness to make more available weapons for the game.
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>> No. 13675 [Edit]
File 157149320934.jpg - (100.18KB , 812x500 , download.jpg )
The wii had a nice, classic controller. It didn't come with it though.
>> No. 13682 [Edit]
What's the next gen Xbox going to be called? Placed your bets.
>> No. 13684 [Edit]
xbox y
>> No. 13762 [Edit]
Close. It's Xbox X. Mmmm.. Triple X.

Playstation is just going to be PS5.

File 142489375442.jpg - (260.16KB , 1600x899 , ultimate attack.jpg )
11400 No. 11400 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
This is a thread for giving out games you don't want. Be it keys or hard copies that could be mailed.

Please try not to be greedy and if you can pass along the favor.
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>> No. 13758 [Edit]
File 15852895318.jpg - (40.78KB , 460x215 , header.jpg )

>Free to keep when you get it before Mar 30 @ 10:00am.
>> No. 13759 [Edit]
File 158528973569.png - (768.21KB , 1200x628 , 3fc6a4a55e44e90abed0ca873e1ec7a83f43d139.png )
100% Orange Juice is free until the 30th.
>> No. 13760 [Edit]
File 158534893679.jpg - (30.94KB , 460x215 , header.jpg )
HELLION, free until the 30th.
>> No. 13761 [Edit]
File 158578291737.jpg - (94.71KB , 750x449 , 20200314.jpg )
Capcom's new cat based puzzle game lets you unlock cat versions of your favorite Street Fighter characters

File 157338989419.png - (110.72KB , 706x382 , Tabletop-Simulator.png )
13685 No. 13685 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Tabletop Simualtor is a piece of software that lets you play tenths of thousands of board games uploaded to Steam Workshop.
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>> No. 13726 [Edit]
File 157812618734.jpg - (1.02MB , 2560x1440 , 20191102165519_1.jpg )
I like how you can draw on the table.
>> No. 13749 [Edit]
Time for an update.

So far we've played 17 different games by my count, so we're doing alright as far as that's concerned. Unfortunately meeting up has been an issue. Organizing things ad hoc turns into a mess of 'I'll be free in an hour' followed by 'ah I'm running late, give me 30 mins more' to which others respond with 'no good, I don't have that much time left, gotta leave in an hour' et cetera. There were several occassions where we spent like 3h trying to organize a single 60 min board game, heh.

As such from now on we plan to meet up once, maybe twice a week at same day, same time every week. The two most likely candidates are either Saturday or Sunday at 19 GMT. Additionally Fridays around midnight GMT are an otpion.

For the time being we plan to meet up on Saturday the 16th at 19 GMT. Hopefully the turnout will be solid and we'll be able to settle on something permanent.
If anybody is interested don't feel shy, hop on IRC and join us.
>> No. 13751 [Edit]
>Saturday the 16th
Of course the 15th was meant, cause the 16th is a Sunday. Whoops. Sorry about that.

So let me try that again: Saturday the 15th, at 19GMT.
>> No. 13757 [Edit]
File 158489708733.jpg - (427.73KB , 1711x728 , tts.jpg )
We've been meeting on every Sunday at 19GMT but lately there's been some talk about changing the time. I'll post an update if we'll agree to something.

File 132195802166.jpg - (57.47KB , 512x845 , zero_3.jpg )
5436 No. 5436 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Anyone here for a spot of fighting games?
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>> No. 13667 [Edit]
File 157116798261.png - (270.47KB , 1440x1080 , ssf2-191015-123801.png )
just playing ssf2
>> No. 13704 [Edit]
File 157577730727.jpg - (261.17KB , 1050x815 , B9T.jpg )
How is it?
SSF2X at Reflect, London
>> No. 13724 [Edit]
File 157758166160.gif - (32.81KB , 269x100 , sonicboom2.gif )
SF2 (all versions) glitches
>> No. 13756 [Edit]
File 158418703416.jpg - (1.81MB , 4000x2250 , 20200313.jpg )
Tekken 7!

File 143713029829.jpg - (57.76KB , 331x640 , z20150612.jpg )
11532 No. 11532 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you play or watch tournaments like EVO2015?
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>> No. 13593 [Edit]
File 156499482089.jpg - (117.85KB , 850x806 , 4UNIEL.jpg )
Clearlamp_O VS Oushuu-Hittou
>> No. 13600 [Edit]
Nakano vs RenoMD
>> No. 13677 [Edit]
File 157181675753.jpg - (70.09KB , 760x1200 , A0yiba.jpg )
Jeet Kune Do vs Boxing (2015)
>> No. 13755 [Edit]
File 158416976152.jpg - (25.65KB , 542x484 , 20200314.jpg )
EVO2020 to be cancelled?

File 157742255754.jpg - (119.82KB , 810x456 , 541348c.jpg )
13717 No. 13717 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What gamepads do you guys like to use?
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>> No. 13719 [Edit]
Playstation 2. Recently bought a steam controller to try out but I have a feeling I won't like it that much.
>> No. 13720 [Edit]
I like the switch pro controller, though I wish it was more compatible with PC games. I have to use some strange workarounds to use it. Recently I bought a Saturn-type controller to play 6-button games so I look forward to seeing how that will turn out.
>> No. 13721 [Edit]
File 157747927255.jpg - (18.84KB , 500x497 , s-l1000.jpg )
pic related and the gamecube controller
>> No. 13754 [Edit]
File 158394661529.jpg - (496.99KB , 2000x2000 , BlackWirelessGameRemoteControllerforMicrosoftXbox3.jpg )
I remember well, how I thought "wow, a gamepad can be this pleasing to the hands?", when I used an xbox360 controller for the first time.

PS2 is just not meant to be held with big hands and original xbox is clunky and hurts after a while.

File 158009744734.jpg - (1.27MB , 4096x2304 , 2c08f550b677c8f9fd0bcf25c505e36e.jpg )
13737 No. 13737 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is there a Doctor in the house?
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>> No. 13747 [Edit]
I need one.
>> No. 13748 [Edit]
File 158132213137.jpg - (830.46KB , 849x1190 , bb1f357c3b20fb1277a0b66d3b694f18.jpg )
>> No. 13750 [Edit]
File 1581564124831.webm - (2.63MB )
Here's hoping the game gets a live 2d update soon.
>> No. 13753 [Edit]
File 158338241270.jpg - (115.13KB , 822x1024 , 1583377015965.jpg )
Cafe colab!

File 130181861477.jpg - (53.12KB , 575x323 , ezio.jpg )
2003 No. 2003 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
ITT, what you're curently playing for the time being, or just finished, new or old games alike.

As is, I'm on assassin's creed brotherhood myself after having finally gotten around to playing killzone 2, which was a tad bit on the disappointing side, but works fine for a mindless shooter I guess.
AC:B on the other hand is pretty good so far I think.
550 posts and 158 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 13728 [Edit]
I tried playing Ark Knights, I was disappointed with it(not that I usually am a big fan of Mobage in he first place). One of the problems it and other Chinese games like Girls Front line seem to have is a lack of individuality in it's cast. I don't actually hate the designs, they have a cool dystopian feel but they lack character and individuality, I can't easily tell them apart and I can't really get motivated to work towards earning new characters because they are all look the same with just a different name and stats, it's alright for original artworks but not for games like this I feel.
>> No. 13729 [Edit]
Funny enough someone I know was complaining about that same thing a few days ago but targeted at Azure lane while saying Girls Front Line had much more individuality in comparison. In azure lane (and KC) many characters really do run together by design while having similar outfits in sets. Hell azur lane recently had Tony Taka do a few characters, and we all know how much of a range he has. They also tend to be limited to just one quirk/character trait and shallow ones at that.
I don't see it in GFL though. Maybe in it's main story characters, but there are ton with very unique character designs who look like they have no business being on the battle field. It's hard to comment on personalities when you don't get to learn much about the not story characters, but in that regard I'd say the characters who are in the story certainly have a range of personalities and depth to said personalities. One of the things that makes team 404 interesting for example is seeing these very conflicting personalities. These team members seem to have a love hate relationship that makes me wonder how they can stand to work together.

I can see how you'd feel the characters run together in Arknights too, since it has much more consistent designs for it's characters that feel appropriate for the world but don't feel 'that' unique as a result. I'd say it's hard for individuality to surface when the nature of the story's world and situation calls for certain types of people to get involved. From what I've seen so far there's still plenty of range in character types, but it's very subtle. I'd compare it to your average police department. Not everyone there would be the same person, but it does take similar mindsets to make that your career.
>> No. 13743 [Edit]
File 158071389016.jpg - (514.64KB , 2560x1440 , 20200117034825_1.jpg )
I recently played NieR:Automata, and knocked out all 27 endings in spite of how tedious some were to get. I thought the game was both good and extremely disappointing at the same time, and I feel it could have been much more.
My initial impressions were very high as I progressed the first stage, it had been a while since I played a linear story focused game and find them to be a refreshing change from more sandbox types of games that dominated the market, then in chapter two when the game opened up I soon realized this was more of a sandbox type game after all, but in it's worst possible iteration. I actually do like plenty of open world games, and have such from the days of playing GTAIII on my ps2 onward. The thing is the layouts those games mostly make sense, a sandbox city or environment can feel like a real living breathing place when made right. The sandbox in Nier on the other hand is a series of loosely connected biospheres with randomly placed constricted pathways. The village and theme park being the most constricted areas, with the desert and city being the least constricted. It feels inconsistent and poorly laid out. This would work if you were only going from one area to the next then onto the next, but the game wants you to revisit these areas -a lot- and that ruins the illusion of exploring a real world. It reminds me of another old ps2 game, Tony Hawks American Wasteland. This game was promoted as being the first in the series to be fully open world with no loading screens, when in reality the game was composed of stages like the games before it, but with hallways/paths connecting each stage. They were still very obviously separate stages but this "technically" made it an interconnected open world. Obviously having you progress from one stage to the next in a linear path would make this a much much shorter game, but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. Quality can often be better than quantity, but the game was clearly designed with the opposite in mind and would have players play the game like an open sandbox game with quests/missions, in environments that are in some cases very poorly suited to this. The factory being the worst place to do fetch quests because it meant navigating a very long occasionally branching path that you've already likely been down before, only to have to repeat it again t
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 13752 [Edit]
File 158307064544.jpg - (215.15KB , 1200x796 , Monhun 001.jpg )
I'm playing Monster Hunter World. I already played it a while ago but I want to try the expansion, I have not gotten far enough to reach that yet as I restarted however. My first play through I used the insect glaive and this one I am using the great sword. I had thought it would be difficult as I would be slow and would manoeuvrer poorly but that actually isn't the case and I am doing fairly well with it. Although that is partly due to the new starting equipment which is fairly overpowered, I'm switching gear now because I feel it's cheating.

File 157973273375.jpg - (692.97KB , 1920x1080 , external-content_duckduckgo_com.jpg )
13730 No. 13730 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What are some good moe JRPGs?
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 13733 [Edit]
>Dungeon Travelers 2
I'm guessing we'll never get a Western release of 2-2, especially since the Vita is (sadly) dead.
>> No. 13734 [Edit]
Not unless they port it to something else. I hope they do.
>> No. 13735 [Edit]
The Switch is a good candidate since Omega Labyrinth is on it.
>> No. 13736 [Edit]
Yeah, several other vita dungeon crawlers like Mary Skelter made it over too.

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