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File 139942159981.jpg - (11.45KB , 184x184 , 74467352264cfb59a5279023701a37308c104eaa_full.jpg )
10582 No. 10582 Stickied hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Let's play some games together already!
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>> No. 12297 [Edit]
Dota 2 patch 7.00 hits in 2-3 hours.
>> No. 12375 [Edit]

Let's be friends!
>> No. 12376 [Edit]

I'll probably uninstall Paladins soon anyway so no real point in adding me.

File 142489375442.jpg - (260.16KB , 1600x899 , ultimate attack.jpg )
11400 No. 11400 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
This is a thread for giving out games you don't want. Be it keys or hard copies that could be mailed.

Please try not to be greedy and if you can pass along the favor.
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>> No. 12417 [Edit]
File 149703918596.jpg - (1.14MB , 1000x1239 , PAYDAY_2_Cover.jpg )
Payday 2

It apparently became free in anticipation or celebration of its "Ultimate Edition"; nevertheless, based on one of the steam blog posts ("Giving away 5 million copies for a limited time only"), it might not be a permanent deal. Either way, just click on "Install Game" to acquire the game license. You can check if the license correctly registered through the following menu:
>Steam > Settings > Account > View Account Details > View licenses and product key activations.
>> No. 12418 [Edit]
Awesome, thanks for the heads up!
>> No. 12466 [Edit]
File 149816314257.jpg - (281.36KB , 392x500 , cover.jpg )
Killing Floor

Free through Humble Bundle for another 44 hours. To get it you can opt to log into an account if you have it or just add a mail to be sent the code to. Click "Add to Cart", then "Checkout" and then "Get it for free!". Remember code redemption has a time frame, so don't take too long to add it to your Steam or gift it, or the freebie will expire.
>> No. 12467 [Edit]
Shame I already got a copy, but that seems like it'd be fun to play with other TC bros.

No. 12429 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
We already have a thread for full video game OSTs but how about one for individual tracks?

I'll start, I'm crazy about Let's Do the Odyssey! from Super Mario Odyssey, I never would have expected a song like this from a Mario game.
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>> No. 12461 [Edit]
>That makes this thread pointless then.
Through your point of view, I'd agree this thread is pointless and should be merged with >>12224

That thread doesn't even specify "OST", while this one does... so why not post these tracks in that thread? If both threads are the same, then they should be merged. If they aren't then leave this one for OSTs, like it arguably specifies.
>> No. 12462 [Edit]
Jesus fucking Christ who gives a shit?! Just post some fucking game music!
>> No. 12464 [Edit]
>This thread is about OST's tracks. OST stands for (O)riginal (S)ound(T)rack and refers to the music made -for- the game.
This is factually wrong, there is nothing that says soundtracks must include only musics made for the media. As a good example of this, Guardian of The Galaxy 1 & 2's soundtracks are made entirely of already existing (old) musics.
Just because it has Original in the name doesn't mean the music has to be made specifically for it.
>> No. 12465 [Edit]

File 131836778968.jpg - (289.46KB , 920x920 , 3x3-bideogemu.jpg )
4887 No. 4887 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Well, there's a 3x3 thread on /an/ and I thought it would be interesting to see what video games you guys like.

These are some vidya I've enjoyed.

Yakuza series, Fallout series, VTM:B, Deadly Premonition, Valkyria Chronicles, GOD HAND, No More Heroes, Red Orchestra & its mods, Max Payne
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>> No. 12439 [Edit]
Oh, and how could I forget. You can save anywhere, and the "random encounters" are started by Persona-style "hit the enemies wandering around with your weapon to get the first strike"
>> No. 12440 [Edit]
I'd say IV is the best entry point for the Etrian Odysseys. Of course it does spoil you with the whole overworld mechanic, whereas other games only have the main Yggdrasil dungeon. Every class in IV is decently good, it has a good difficulty curve, and it also has, in my opinion, the best and most intuitive skill trees.
>> No. 12443 [Edit]
I'd probably agree with EO3 being the best; personally I found EO2 to be the worst by far. It has far more pronounced class balance issues than even 1 did and recycled virtually all of its classes and assets from 1 to boot. EO2's stratum also felt more dickish and tedious rather than 'challenging but fun', but maybe that's just me.

I'd disagree greatly with that.

While I don't think EO4 is a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, it's fairly easy even if you don't turn Casual mode on.

If you go back to say, EO1 from 4, you're going to immediately be shocked by not only the comparatively bare-boned features (and its older generation of graphics) but its brutal difficulty. I can imagine a lot of people starting with EO4 wanting to try the earlier games in the series and quickly becoming frustrated and quitting, unless they play the 3DS remakes.
>> No. 12444 [Edit]
>I found EO2 to be the worst by far
This is also pretty true of its 3DS remake, sadly. Class imbalance is still an issue, and most monsters have inflated HP from the original just to account for the broken amounts of elemental damage the Fafnir can output.

File 149731787416.jpg - (205.18KB , 1280x720 , E3-2017-Games-List-Confirmed-and-Rumors.jpg )
12421 No. 12421 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
It's that time of year again!
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>> No. 12423 [Edit]
It was all bad and I hated everything. Except the Spiderman thing. It was full of too many annoying QTEs, however.
>> No. 12424 [Edit]
Technically it's a xbox 3.2 not 4, but with the changes it has it should be a whole different gen system.
>> No. 12425 [Edit]
I haven't had a console since the 360 (I know, I know, I was going to get the PS3, but I thought I'd 'try the other side' that gen. I regret it.) so most of the releases that might interest me are irrelevant. Ace Combat 7 seems kind of neat, but it's a cinematic trailer and the series has been in decline for a while now so it's cautious optimism. I haven't seen any releases, but the Thrustmaster Booth is showing betas for the DCS: F/A-18C and AV-8B which should also be interesting. Thrustmaster themselves are also announcing a new collaboration with Eagle Dynamics which might mean an F/A-18C stick to the same level of finish as the Warthog stick. i.e basically usable as a spare part for the real deal, and waaaaay above my budget
>> No. 12442 [Edit]
File 14975118693.jpg - (119.78KB , 700x1395 , bHzuWxW.jpg )

File 130284947351.gif - (57.98KB , 530x304 , sunset riders.gif )
2315 No. 2315 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
General nostalgia thread.
What were your favorite games growing up? I loved playing Sunset Rider, even though I couldn't play worth a shit. I'd spend hours trying to beat a level. I just found it on a rar'd pack of ROMs I dled.
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>> No. 12318 [Edit]
I remember that game. I liked it a lot, although I haven't played it since 2003. I've heard that it looks a lot better when you play it on the PS2, because the graphics on the game require a faster processor to render properly, or something like that.
>> No. 12358 [Edit]
>Kind of abandoned my last run in the middle of disc 4, maybe I'll finish it someday soon.

the end part turns into a real grind, sadly.
I recommend getting around that by using the trainer for infinite hp -- running in circles grinding to level up characters to fight back to back bosses gets super old, super quick.

it really is a great game, though.
>> No. 12419 [Edit]
File 149725193859.jpg - (84.79KB , 1022x427 , 20170610.jpg )
Remember when Capcom made good games other than just Monster Hunter?
Capcom after 2010 sucketh.
>> No. 12420 [Edit]
If by 2010 you actually mean 2005, then yes, I remember.

File 134462727919.jpg - (1.59MB , 1750x1441 , welcome to report world.jpg )
7066 No. 7066 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Thread for random video game-related news, so we don't have a bunch of small dead threads
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>> No. 12339 [Edit]
"Monster Hunter XX" Goes Magical Girl with "Sailor Moon" Crossover
>> No. 12348 [Edit]
File 148611561087.jpg - (12.86KB , 200x189 , 20170202.jpg )
Tekken 7's console and PC release has been set for June 2 worldwide (June 1 in Japan).
>> No. 12373 [Edit]
File 149252033260.jpg - (80.67KB , 940x605 , 20170420.jpg )
Will T7 on PC have DRM?
>> No. 12416 [Edit]
He's back... he's actually back.

I'm stunned beyond words right now about this.

File 147358111486.jpg - (54.45KB , 660x410 , hatsunemiku.jpg )
12224 No. 12224 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Which games have the best music?
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>> No. 12347 [Edit]
File 148611524825.gif - (28.82KB , 200x150 , 20170130chess.gif )
>> No. 12389 [Edit]
>> No. 12397 [Edit]
Hotline Miami. Although I prefer the first game, I do prefer the soundtrack of the second.
>> No. 12415 [Edit]
I always liked Falcon's soundtrack

No. 12251 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Watcha playing?

Anyone else playing Granblue Fantasy? You can collect waifus and aidorus.

Mod edit: Do not make a mockery of waifuism like this here.
8 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 12364 [Edit]
Puzzle & Dragon
Love Live!

PAD is a gatcha game that you can collect dragons, waifus, and other things. Since it is a gatcha game, it takes time to get anywhere, and although money isn't necessary to play the game it won't magically let you beat everything.

Vainglory is a mobile version of LoL that is pretty decent. I can imagine that the community is more or less the same.

Love Live! is Love Live, I think most people already know what it's like if they aren't playing the Idolmaster one or something. It's also a gatcha game.

VOEZ is a rhythm game with surprisingly good music. I've enjoyed a good amount of what I've heard, but it wants you to pay to unlock a good amount of the songs.

There is another game that I play every once in a while, but the community is shit and full of shitty kids, and although most of the content is player made, most of it is shit.
>> No. 12387 [Edit]
File 149336050740.jpg - (199.48KB , 512x720 , b2c0b015fb11e401afd91ff53912da6e_jpeg.jpg )
I spent more than a year doing daily log ins and saving up my gems to around 176 without really playing the game at all. Saw this and said to myself "screw it!" and spent 150 gems to get her. Unfortunately I have no stickers for the idolizing.
>> No. 12392 [Edit]
Oh! Congratulations on the UR Yoshiko Yohane.

Sorry if this is pretty late.
>> No. 12410 [Edit]
File 149664584279.jpg - (144.26KB , 759x450 , Adventurer_League.jpg )
Adventurer League 2D Retro RPG
Hex-tile combat and exploration, open-ended and generally a decent time waster if you don't mind simplicity. I got slightly enthralled by its fictional world and now I wish it would have more progression and more connected quests, but for its file size and its price (zero) I can't complain.

File 147842789019.jpg - (248.08KB , 1280x720 , hdnrebirth0910141280jpg-3a4af5_1280w.jpg )
12278 No. 12278 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I think we all need a little more Nep-Nep in our lives!!
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 12311 [Edit]
I suggest picking up Megadimension, as well. It's the best in the series and is normally 50 dollars, currently 20.
>> No. 12374 [Edit]
Neputinia is so comfy to play
>> No. 12388 [Edit]
I love how they've managed to make so many of these games without changing the central cast much at all over so many years. Not unless you count the villains or the add on side characters anyway.
>> No. 12398 [Edit]
I agree. It's great for people who have a character from the series as their waifu because they've got all these games with them and are guaranteed many more for years to come. It's reliable in the sense that if you love the series, you'll always be able to look forward to more of it.

File 148462060571.jpg - (68.06KB , 480x640 , hcEB7DG.jpg )
12328 No. 12328 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
ITT: Post all of your unpopular opinions about anything related to games.
10 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 12346 [Edit]
the sequel is always worse
>> No. 12394 [Edit]
File 149510677581.jpg - (58.04KB , 1504x209 , 20170519.jpg )
Sprites > 3DCG
>> No. 12395 [Edit]
>elements that would be heavily criticized in any other game, but are heralded in the Souls series as 'part of the difficulty'.
Reminds me of one thing I really hate, but I'm not sure if it's unpopular or not. The hard=good mentality, and it's not just in the Souls fanbase either. Persinally, I think games are good when their mechanics work well with the other elements to create a fun experience. Stupid 'gotcha' moments are just poor design. A mediocre game remains mediocre even if you turn up AI stats to make it hard and label it 'hardcore'. Unfortunately, people seem to lap it up so that they don't appear as 'casuals'.

Is that unpopular? I'm not a big fighting game guy, but I always liked the way sprites were animated more than 3D, they were always sharper and snappier in a way that 3D simply wasn't.
>> No. 12396 [Edit]
>They're relatively easy games whose only real 'difficulty' comes from the clunky controls and horrible camera (particularly in the first two entries), which lead to a lot of pitfall deaths- elements that would be heavily criticized in any other game, but are heralded in the Souls series as 'part of the difficulty'.

I strongly disagree with that. The controls have a weight to them, but they certainly aren't clunky. Actions, including movement, needs to be deliberate and you have to commit to it. It's very different and jarring if you are used to playing something like devil may cry or other button mashy-type fighters.

The camera only gets retarded when you fight things much bigger than you are, and only when you are using the lock-on to face the boss while simultaneously navigating terrain obstacles.
That generaly only becomes an issue when you back yourself into a corner and then realize your mistake only after you're completely fucked but not quite dead yet.

>Also, I shouldn't be able to beat the "hardest boss ever" (Ornstein and Smough) on the first blind attempt by literally facetanking with high poise and mashing the attack button, healing as necessary.

The difficulty of that fight starts on NG+, where their damage output is too much for a full set of +15 armor to truly face tank. Four Kings is another good example of such a fight.

You may find this hard to believe, but being able to learn when to facetank the weak strikes and avoid the really heavy ones puts you in the upper echelon of players for that game.
The sad truth is most people have too much difficulty trying to keep track of two things attacking them and end tunnel visioning on one while they walk right into the other one charging up their heavy hitting move and then die stupidly and deservedly.

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