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File 165344109764.png - (572.96KB , 900x900 , highoctane_cover.png )
2753 No. 2753 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
This guy made a whole album of original compositions on classic synthesizers, if you have a craving for retro-style music, this is the best I've found.

No. 2441 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
ITT, post songs you're listening to

because the last one slows down my computer whenever I open it.
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>> No. 2736 [Edit]
"It's real this time, honest!"
>> No. 2747 [Edit]
Audio test1.mp3 - (3.28MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 3:35

>> No. 2750 [Edit]
File 165189802244.jpg - (187.74KB , 500x500 , mistress.jpg )

Always nice to hear an update from Hell.
>> No. 2752 [Edit]
File 165266790085.jpg - (219.88KB , 1200x1200 , cover.jpg )

File 14173720574.jpg - (111.13KB , 1280x720 , image.jpg )
1989 No. 1989 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do you guys download music?

I remember I used to download single songs from mediafire by google site:searching and similarly albums from megaupload by doing the same.

Do you download from private trackers, or what?
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>> No. 2739 [Edit]
Yeah I just went back and downloaded the flac versions of the few albums that I _really_ like. But other than considering I download my songs from those anime ost sites (that always seem to only have 320k CBR mp3 rips – don't know why they won't use V0 or even more modern codecs), I probably won't bother with much else.
>> No. 2748 [Edit]
I get flac when I can but I'm fine with lossy stuff if that's all I can find. The benefit with flac isn't so much the quality itself as it is being able to encode it into whatever format you want with no quality loss.
For example, I like using opus for its good quality to size ratio but there are rarely, if ever, any opus rips. That's not really a problem with flac since I can just encode it myself, but if that's not available then I'm stuck with bloated 320kbps cbr mp3s, which aren't terrible but I'd prefer to choose the format myself.
>> No. 2749 [Edit]
Why flac and not ogg?

I see flac is loseless. Converting an mp3 to flac gave me a larger file.

Post edited on 6th May 2022, 6:06pm
>> No. 2751 [Edit]
Yeah, flac is lossess. Although, if you convert something from a lossy format like mp3 to flac then the flac file will also be lossy despite the bigger file size.

No. 2745 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
what do you think this music band? There's a lot of catchy to good musics. Is there other BiSH enjoyer like me, too?

File 164869531162.png - (2.43MB , 2508x2508 , 2e86129010590e37c4150f847c2e8a09.png )
2741 No. 2741 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What are some songs you feel have been ruined for you by mainstream media?
>> No. 2742 [Edit]
I can't really think of any that I didn't already hate.
>> No. 2743 [Edit]
Lot of classical music has been messed up for me by it's over use. Thanks to being copyright free, seems like every low budget garbage production uses the same few songs.
>> No. 2744 [Edit]
Reminds me of hacks going on daytime tv to butcher flight of the bumblebee by playing it "extremely fast"

File 141385930548.jpg - (289.71KB , 1280x720 , kraftwerk-12_3_2013.jpg )
1962 No. 1962 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Does anyone here like Kraftwerk?
What versions of their songs do you guys prefer? The German or the English ones? Or maybe even the Japanese?
>> No. 1963 [Edit]
Eh, who doesn't?
I got into the english versions first, so I like them best, but I don't mind listening to the others every once in a while.
>> No. 2405 [Edit]
i leik the one about the train
>> No. 2729 [Edit]
Minimum-Maximum is my favorite album of theirs. It was also the first. Just something about the production and the live sounds of the audience really hits differently than their studio albums for me.

I also got to see them live years ago before Florian died. The 3D show was amazing. They actually had it on a college campus. During one of the songs, they showed a picture of the campus with an animation of a UFO landing in its courtyard.

Apparently they're on tour again now.
>> No. 2740 [Edit]
i recently got into them,i listened to radioactivity and i really liked the album (specially the remix of radioactivity)
i dont really care about the songs being on german or english

File 164187639690.jpg - (8.28KB , 227x203 , 1641521803534.jpg )
2732 No. 2732 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
If you like electronic music definitely check out our cassette label TCR
Bpm, Vaporwave, Experimental, Punk (one album) and we just got a Trance artist on (nothings released yet though)

File 129801860439.png - (14.05KB , 768x295 , last-fm.png )
609 No. 609 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] thread.

mine is
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>> No. 1213 [Edit]
File 131177686349.jpg - (74.83KB , 456x512 , homunculus_Atlier.jpg )
Well. Other than having Gilleh on friends and not knowing he browsed TC being a surprise, I expected to at least have a few bands in common with you guys, but I don't really do.
>> No. 1341 [Edit]
>> No. 1430 [Edit]
File 132752562264.jpg - (224.53KB , 600x772 , 8570672_p0 - 水銀燈ポスカ集.jpg )
Recently created account
>> No. 2730 [Edit]
necroing, cause why not

Post edited on 2nd Dec 2021, 12:19pm

File 161466356344.jpg - (161.66KB , 500x679 , 127e78e9be426a3e951d2fd4e9363c5d.jpg )
2698 No. 2698 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
"Japanese music" is too broad, so here's a thread for doujin music. I think Yura Hatsuki is my favorite artist. It's not subtle in the slightest, but it's catchy and addictive.

Hatsuki Yura - Silver Blanchette
Hatsuki Yura - 罪に濡れた魔女
Hatsuki Yura - Black Princess
Hatsuki Yura - Pediophilia
Hatsuki Yura - Dark Prince

Seraph - Resurrection
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 2708 [Edit]
File 161741726420.jpg - (214.24KB , 850x1196 , sample_f2e7473a46821396a02ab92f3c1a4bd8.jpg )
葉月ゆら × Seraph - 血宴 -Vampire's Banquet

Hatsuki Yura - 真夏のロミオ

Hatsuki Yura - Innocence

Queen of Wand - 堕天ソリスト
>> No. 2714 [Edit]
File 161877899756.jpg - (258.05KB , 1044x843 , 164380d2d10a6b32e8fb34cb06ea98b4.jpg )
Impressive energy in this one.
Odd→Ai - Valkyrja -Reginleifr-

Odd→Ai - ABYSS

藍月なくる - Paradise Lost

Krik/Krak - Mӓrchenkӧnigin

Hatsuki Yura
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 2721 [Edit]
File 162897919112.jpg - (201.06KB , 873x1400 , c0638aef8aaa74593994fd32749c3004.jpg )
A lot of the links above are dead, which sucks. Most have other uploads though, so the names can be used as reference.

feuille-morte - 最後の犠牲者

葉月ゆら- The Beautiful World

[葉月ゆら/ Yura Hatsuki version] ↑人生ゲーム↓

Seraph - 籠蝶月歌

Post edited on 14th Aug 2021, 3:13pm
>> No. 2728 [Edit]
File 163379164178.png - (705.90KB , 600x600 , 16028.png )
Sylfiore - 三月ウサギの罪

Audio Fryderyk Chopin - Étude No.23 - Op.25 No.11 - in Am (Winter Wind) - (5.54MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 23 - Étude No_23 - Op_25 No_11 - in Am (Winter Wi.mp3 ) Length: 4:02
1107 No. 1107 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Because life jests if it tells me that there is no classic music post on /mp3/.

Because even romantic and barroque compositions are classical music. Go figure.
59 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2681 [Edit]
File 160364745559.jpg - (88.74KB , 850x970 , __original_drawn_by_formalin__sample-2a8b9bf573295.jpg )
Purcell - Ground in C minor
Great use of repetition.

Purcell - A New Ground
>> No. 2710 [Edit]
Audio - (2.87MB - 232 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 1:44

Un Owen Fugue
>> No. 2717 [Edit]
File 162201003390.jpg - (1.13MB , 1210x1814 , 271d36484684fb8bdcdff1e453f7de00.jpg )

Purcell - What power art thou

BWV 593 - Organ Concerto in A Minor

Toccata nr 5 fa menor Allegro
>> No. 2720 [Edit]
Dmitri Shostakovich : Symphony No. 7 in C major

No. 947 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Since I don't see a thread for one, video game soundtracks thread.

First: the final battle theme from Ys 6. This is a very electronic song.
38 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1686 [Edit]
One of my favourite games on the PS2.
>> No. 2545 [Edit]
>> No. 2715 [Edit]
File 15_-_Sunset_Town.flac - (9.37MB , 15 - Sunset Town.flac )

>> No. 2718 [Edit]
No More Heroes: Pleather For Breakfast

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