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File 146977753532.jpg - (178.30KB , 850x751 , sample_2fc0a84e55ad31ebcba9634fc41ad7f1.jpg )
2368 No. 2368 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What programs do you use for listing to your music?
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>> No. 2548 [Edit]
Usally i just use VLC for offline music. If i want to listen to other things or radio stations, I use this python radio script I found somewhere to bypass all these over the top websites. On mobile, I use a old version of the Samsung music player. It just works.
>> No. 2549 [Edit]
I have always just used Itunes.
>> No. 2550 [Edit]
Audacious. I like GTK.
>> No. 2551 [Edit]
mpv from the command line on computers, VLC on phones.

No. 947 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Since I don't see a thread for one, video game soundtracks thread.

First: the final battle theme from Ys 6. This is a very electronic song.
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>> No. 1645 [Edit]
Audio Chris Huelsbeck - Turrican II Title (renewal) - (6.81MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 7:26

You may compare this remix with the original available at
>> No. 1672 [Edit]

I don't care for most of the Final Fantasy series at all, and FF13-2 isn't going to change my mind about that. But it does have great soundtracks.
>> No. 1686 [Edit]
One of my favourite games on the PS2.
>> No. 2545 [Edit]

No. 135 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Seems weird that /mp3/ doesn't have a thread dedicated to Japanese music.

Listen to this, Sambomaster is the shit.
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>> No. 2469 [Edit]
You will never be this cool...
>> No. 2536 [Edit]
>> No. 2537 [Edit]
File Pictured_Resort_-_Head_West_(Heef_remix)-cOBbvkytl.m4a - (6.74MB , Pictured Resort - Head West (Heef remix)-cOBbvkytl.m4a )

nice thread just the kind of thread for me tbh.

i like the japanese music group called PICTURED RESORT. if you've heard about them then you are a cool guy like me heheh.
>> No. 2544 [Edit]
File 154988243621.jpg - (97.97KB , 700x800 , 20190210.jpg )
The Lethal Weapons - 80s Action Star

File 144125100070.jpg - (132.89KB , 589x607 , 132123165456498987978.jpg )
2053 No. 2053 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I'll dump some old and new japanese/otaku related music here which may be of your liking.
Been thinking a lot lately and i've realized my life is hanging by thin threads these days, it would be sad if all this music just went to forgotten waste.
So i decided to upload some things and post on chans i go to. Hope you enjoy it and have fun.

Angel Note 0-10

SSH until 2014

UNDER17 BEST3 Albums!VBgziD7R!aJkvTwUQXyVvjc0rX77A9AQMRlfqwtENLJ2KSuYXO60

ONE OK ROCK until 2015
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 2388 [Edit]
File 14742449274.jpg - (61.20KB , 360x440 , Yojouhan-shinwa-taikei.jpg )
Unrelated song, content (lyrics) wise. The mood of the song reminded me of this thread. I hope you're happy, anon, wherever you are.
>> No. 2389 [Edit]
I miss your poems. Where are you, mainon?
>> No. 2390 [Edit]
Let's just hope they moved on willingly.
>> No. 2543 [Edit]

Audio Prince of Darkness - I Need Scissors! 61! - (6.00MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 4:22
343 No. 343 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is anyone here into doujin/fan arrangements of video game music?

Here's a very cool one that's got a really funky proggy vibe to it. Not really sure what genre to call it. Originally from a Metal Gear game.
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>> No. 433 [Edit]
It's worth comparing this song to its original version (Doom, level E1M7 "Phobos Anomaly"), because the artist could evoke a very different mood only by changing the arrangement, while keeping the melody the exact same.
>> No. 434 [Edit]
Audio Rimco - Doom Doomed OC ReMix - (4.47MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz , Doom Doomed OC ReMix.mp3 ) Length: 4:53

>>433 Forgot the file, sorry.
>> No. 436 [Edit]
Audio halc - Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker First Time on Outset OC ReMix - (3.42MB - 160 kbps - 44.1 kHz , Legend of Zelda_ Wind Waker First Ti.mp3 ) Length: 2:59

Best remix of Outset Island I've heard.
>> No. 2542 [Edit]
File 154988079362.gif - (27.16KB , 187x184 , 20199999.gif )
Mask of the Narcissist. Heeeeuuuuuyyyyyyy!

No. 2441 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
ITT, post songs you're listening to

because the last one slows down my computer whenever I open it.
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>> No. 2535 [Edit]
Happiest underground rap song I have ever heard
>> No. 2539 [Edit]
I listen to this on loop whenever I'm pissed off.
>> No. 2540 [Edit]
I don't remember when I wasn't pissed off.
>> No. 2541 [Edit]
I like most of eerys songs. They are relaxing.

Audio 新堂真弓 - どっちにするの? - (6.77MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 4:49
1462 No. 1462 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
~**☆*☆**~!Denpa thread!~**☆*☆**~

.。o○ -!!!post some denpa!!!- ○o。.
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>> No. 2517 [Edit]
Audio MOSAIC.WAV - キクミミ☆ヒルクライム - (4.62MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 02 キクミミ☆ヒルクライム.mp3 ) Length: 4:37

>> No. 2524 [Edit]
Audio - (4.20MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 3_ 2-tone Infinity.mp3 ) Length: 4:35

>> No. 2526 [Edit]
Just an FYI - Two good links here for a nice amount of music:

>> No. 2538 [Edit]

Post edited on 18th Jan 2019, 9:53pm

File 150286937561.png - (849.28KB , 850x850 , sample_2576b85c02341afea31cceffb515619f07e856a9.png )
2425 No. 2425 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Which do you prefer?
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2427 [Edit]
Earbuds on the go and headphones at home is the superior combination.
>> No. 2530 [Edit]
Headphones, I don't listen to music outside anymore.
>> No. 2531 [Edit]
Earbuds don't fit into my ears, I can't use them anyway.
>> No. 2533 [Edit]
File 154546570772.png - (1.89MB , 1360x1920 , yande_re 406232 bra digital_version headphones pan.png )
I find earphones kind of annoying since they fall out a lot, but they're more convenient for listening in bed than headphones. I certainly prefer headphones overall, but I do use earphones as well.

File 14173720574.jpg - (111.13KB , 1280x720 , image.jpg )
1989 No. 1989 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do you guys download music?

I remember I used to download single songs from mediafire by google site:searching and similarly albums from megaupload by doing the same.

Do you download from private trackers, or what?
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2004 [Edit]
Soulseek and Bandcamp.
>> No. 2005 [Edit]
>>1989, jpopsuki,, kraytracker, rutracker, mutracker, soulseek.
>> No. 2006 [Edit]
I only just discovered rutracker so I went wild, downloading music I didn't think I'd ever own without paying for them. You can make an account and use that if you like.
>> No. 2529 [Edit]
bandcamp, various forums with mediafire links to albums and torrents

and obviously rutracker, great site

File 152646451620.jpg - (151.94KB , 800x575 , music.jpg )
2492 No. 2492 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do you folks classify your Japanese music? I'm re-organizing all my files and hit a wall because I started classifying my music under year of release (e.g. "(2010) Artist - Song name") and genre + sub-genre, but I'm stumped with anime-related music because I have singles that do not warrant having their own folder, yet their classification is so varied that they'd be all over the place (e.g. pop, rock, alternative, instrumental, jazz, etc.). I was thinking of just making a "Japanese" folder since that would solve the issue, but then do I put all the soundtracks related to anime or films there instead of my general soundtrack folder? Anyway, I was curious about how other people classify their music files, since I had never wondered before.
>> No. 2493 [Edit]
I don't really organize my things, but I think in the case of soundtracks source material might be a good way to separate them.
>> No. 2500 [Edit]
I organize all my music in folders alphabetically by circle/band name then album. For example,
...Music\X\[XL Project]\East Side Lounge

I have a general Japanese folder for bands that start with Japanese names. I'd like to organize that alphabetically too but there's so much in there that it'd be way too much of a pain.

For soundtracks I usually use the name of the company I associate the game/anime/film/etc. with for the band name, instead of whatever label the soundtrack was released under. So, a Kirby soundtrack would go under HAL Laboratory, a Higurashi soundtrack would go under 07th Expansion, and a Madoka soundtrack would go under Shaft.
>> No. 2501 [Edit]
>For soundtracks I usually use the name of the company
I like this idea, thanks. Will help a lot when shedding folders like with Squaresoft or Campcom games.
>> No. 2527 [Edit]
I organize my things, including music pretty poorly. I have a handful of music folders, all I fill up till they get reasonably big and then make a new one (Music1, Music2, etc) and if I want to find anything in particular I can do that either by searching the library in a music program or going through the folders, which I sort of know where things are just based on when I was filling up each folder and what I listened to at that time. Same goes for how I sort anime, tv shows, and movies. No organization, just many folders with 25-50 separate things in each.

File 154122896964.jpg - (387.84KB , 1502x1382 , BLAH STUCK FIGURE.jpg )
2519 No. 2519 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]


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