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File 129106842453.png - (274.37KB , 673x463 , tohnoChanSteamGroup.png )
160 No. 160 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
since it hasn't been posted yet here on the new site, I'll do so

we have a steam group! we don't really do much, but rostran targo decided to make one so there you go.
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>> No. 10696 [Edit]
I once had a conversation about buying games on steam sale. I bragged that I had X games in sum, and it only cost me Y $. My conversation partner responded: "that's still Y $ you've spent."

That's pretty much the point where I stopped buying games I wasn't 100% sure I wouldn't play in the near future.
>> No. 10698 [Edit]
You're thinking about it the wrong way;
>> No. 11254 [Edit]
There's always another STEAM sale...
>> No. 14325 [Edit]
File 163012161319.jpg - (105.70KB , 850x450 , zeBelly.jpg )
Let's go, girls!!

File 157338989419.png - (110.72KB , 706x382 , Tabletop-Simulator.png )
13685 No. 13685 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Tabletop Simualtor is a piece of software that lets you play tenths of thousands of board games uploaded to Steam Workshop.
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>> No. 14115 [Edit]
File 160676782764.jpg - (182.84KB , 1200x910 , cdk1mDF.jpg )
By my count it's been 13 weeks since we set the new time and we managed to play something on 12 of those so we're doing pretty well. We've played over 25 different board games by now. Don't be afraid of the new kid on the block syndrome, we don't play anything that's too complex to explain right before the game.
>> No. 14116 [Edit]
Looks like someone was board of that game.
>> No. 14161 [Edit]
File 161168734118.jpg - (322.78KB , 1131x849 , doodling.jpg )
Not sure if I'm not just replying to the person who drew that to begin with but here goes anyway.
Since most of the games we play are new to almost everybody in the group there are times when there's a lot of downtime for other players because somebody is thinking about their options or plain confused about some rules. That's inevitable with new games. Eventually we'll get past that point when people will familiarize themselves more with the games. For now we can be grateful there are some ways of killing that downtime (like doodling).

We're still playing on Sundays, at 23GMT. Newcomers welcome.
>> No. 14308 [Edit]
File 162418189644.png - (1.97MB , 1419x1000 , c24234fe34e5d312c1fec8f9db04dffe.png )
After a few weeks worth of break the group will start meeting up to play games again, starting today! The 'new' time is 22GMT, we're still playing on Sundays, and as per usual newcomers are welcome.

File 131709344090.png - (3.60KB , 480x320 , ziggy.png )
4807 No. 4807 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I searched every board and could not find a thread for this. Either I am blind or there is not one. Yes, I know there's a Dwarf Fortress thread, but that is not the same thing.

My favorite game is Nethack and I never get a chance to talk about it. I suppose I sometimes do in the IRC, but IRC is too fast for me.

Anyone here play Nethack?
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>> No. 11493 [Edit]
File 143082720411.png - (167.41KB , 600x450 , amecha.png )
Does Path of Exile count as a roguelike; especially with the extra difficulty of connection lag? XD
>> No. 11496 [Edit]
File 143119018070.jpg - (45.47KB , 809x530 , Dorf Halls.jpg )

sir, please take your non-ascii bullshit back to its proper containment thread
>> No. 14255 [Edit]
>> No. 14306 [Edit]
File 162415324639.jpg - (68.34KB , 558x590 , 20210620.jpg )
Does DiabloI and DiabloII count as rogue-like? It even has a rogue class in the games.

File 161997166232.png - (555.18KB , 550x925 , 3562debe8ea6cb3dc7333c01ed88b35d.png )
14235 No. 14235 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I feel like playing something, like an rpg. I don't know where to look or who to trust when it comes to recommendations since out there it's a flood of garbage and ulterior motives.

Strategically focused and good aesthetics are mainly what I'm looking for. A good story is preferable. Something with a pc version too. Even better if it has risque elements. The last game I played was Monster Girl Quest Paradox, so something in that vein would be nice.

Post edited on 2nd May 2021, 9:08am
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>> No. 14247 [Edit]
>Saga Frontier Remaster
Looks interesting. Thanks.
>> No. 14249 [Edit]
It doesn't imply anything, I don't play games in order or particularly care if a game is old or not, Soul Nomad just happens to be one of my favourite RPG's ever and it fits the criteria. And obviously I don't play all games and PC isn't even a platform I use for most of the year, so extrapolating my recommendation to a supposedly terrible situation of the RPG genre is just an awful idea.
If you were asking for newer games then I guess Valkyria Chronicles would also fit, IV is relatively new, though I can't say too much about the story.
>> No. 14302 [Edit]
File 162360532228.png - (3.53MB , 2400x1440 , Edea HD.png )
Bravely Default is my favorite RPG
>> No. 14346 [Edit]
File 163292493692.jpg - (374.72KB , 800x851 , daff12ed1ccb6b1fe9af8f8a125d8323.jpg )
Can you recommend me Switch RPGs, /vg/?

File 141056365161.png - (786.14KB , 1024x768 , 964.png )
13004 No. 13004 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
To those it may interest, this game just got officially released on Steam.
>> No. 13005 [Edit]
Wasn't it free before though? I already read through it in the past, but I remember little from. I remember the ending was quite out of the way for what I expected.
>> No. 14289 [Edit]
Planetarian ~The Reverie of a little planet~ Anime Trailer (subbed)

File 131646601795.jpg - (39.23KB , 720x405 , r3-05.jpg )
4761 No. 4761 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Anyone picking up Dark Souls in a couple weeks?

I don't have a PS3, so I never played Demon's Souls, but the difficulty and its supposed fairness, plus the great combat made me interested in the game. Pretty much the same reasons Monster Hunter attracted me. I'm watching a let's play of Demon's Souls to get an idea of what I'll be up against so I'm not completely blind when going into Dark Souls. I'm almost thinking of buying a one or three month pack subscription for Xbox Live to get the full experience.
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>> No. 13660 [Edit]
File 157085362165.jpg - (9.53KB , 300x168 , 21.jpg )
Annotated Footnote: Dark Souls and Xanthous Jeremiah
>The Yellow King
>> No. 14123 [Edit]
>> No. 14157 [Edit]
So disappointing..
>> No. 14288 [Edit]
Could I interest you all in ELDEN RING?

File 130284947351.gif - (57.98KB , 530x304 , sunset riders.gif )
2315 No. 2315 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
General nostalgia thread.
What were your favorite games growing up? I loved playing Sunset Rider, even though I couldn't play worth a shit. I'd spend hours trying to beat a level. I just found it on a rar'd pack of ROMs I dled.
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>> No. 12419 [Edit]
File 149725193859.jpg - (84.79KB , 1022x427 , 20170610.jpg )
Remember when Capcom made good games other than just Monster Hunter?
Capcom after 2010 sucketh.
>> No. 12420 [Edit]
If by 2010 you actually mean 2005, then yes, I remember.
>> No. 12556 [Edit]
File 150440678562.jpg - (236.52KB , 896x968 , 20170902.jpg )
Opps, got the date wrong.

Also BLIZZARD trading *hard* on nostalgia with Diablo2 necro (now with female model!) and StarCraft Remastered (HD graphics and 5.1 stereo sound but no gameplay changes).
>> No. 14287 [Edit]
File 162341890023.jpg - (91.96KB , 690x688 , 4444coff2.jpg )
Should have made Street Fighter 3 look like the anime movie.

File 129711626056.png - (222.14KB , 324x421 , ah.png )
1191 No. 1191 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Post funny and/or interesting screenshots here!
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>> No. 13671 [Edit]
File 157146383126.jpg - (93.00KB , 1010x394 , 20191027.jpg )
Back street's back... oh yeah.
>> No. 14124 [Edit]
Isekai app
>> No. 14141 [Edit]
File 160820591340.png - (787.31KB , 1280x962 , 2011-10-29_09_33_44.png )
I was so impressed by this that I decided I'd build a base right here. Then I never built it.
>> No. 14286 [Edit]
File 162341701482.gif - (471.16KB , 255x142 , zred.gif )
*Teleports behind you*

File 161686278459.jpg - (506.17KB , 566x800 , 5ee362b998c856ccc3479eb2af48ce5e.jpg )
14214 No. 14214 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
This thread is for the sharing and discussion of unreported bizarre bugs that you've come to encounter during your time playing videogames.
I'll start with this one from Fallout New Vegas:
I was at the Freeside entrance to the Strip, when one of those random maniac vagrants appeared. I used VATS to kill him. But VATS was very slow, even more so than normal, much slower than usual. It took almost a minute to the bullet to hit the guy. I tried it again, same result. I went to pip-boy to see if there was something wrong, so I pressed B and pip-boy opened, when I pressed B again, the pip-boy closed but at the same time, I fired my weapon. I tried this one more time, same result. I tried to shoot normally, it would work only with the B button, and it seemed slower, I couldn't connect two shots very fast, with semi-automatic and fully auto weapons, the weapon fired only once, then a pause and I could fire again. Knifes and similar hand-to-hand combat weapons also worked like this. But they would respond to the normal RT trigger, to attack. The knife wouldn't connect the slashing attacks like it should, but only slash once, return to initial position and then I could slash again. I tried loading another save, but nothing worked. I exited the game and removed the CD, it was very hot, VERY hot, almost burning. I left it outside to cool down, and next time I played everything went to normal again.
>> No. 14285 [Edit]
File 162341688241.jpg - (171.27KB , 1280x1276 , sailormoon.jpg )
Bug only the beta version of the SNES port
Arcade perfect ports were still not there yet at the time.

File 159191019387.png - (259.51KB , 1284x719 , ps5.png )
13797 No. 13797 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
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>> No. 14221 [Edit]
It's funny to think that I was nuts about PlayStation back during the 1-3rd gens, like -crazy- about them. So much so I bought the ps3 at launch after preordering it. I've even owned dozens of psps over the years. but the 4th and now 5th have left a real bad taste in my mouth. Call me petty but stuff like replacing the select button with a "share" button made me not want to buy a ps4. Xbox was the system for social normalfags who played with friends and did online crap. Playstation was for the single player nerds who played in their dark rooms alone every night, like me. Their move to more online and social interactions have been alienating to say the least. I'd rather just stick with PC gaming and probably wont pick up a ps5 until years from now when they're being sold at half the price second hand, maybe by then the system will have a few appealing games. As it is, it doesn't have any, not for me anyway.
>> No. 14223 [Edit]
I don't quite have the same brand loyalty as you do but I'm quite similar. I grew up with both the PS1 and 2 and still emulate both from time to time. For a long time the idea of owning a different console was just never a possibility. The direction they are going now feels like a "betrayal" for a lack of better word. I still like and prefer consoles but frankly nothing in the market appeals to me. I never really think too much over it but it's funny how important a brand's image is in relation to its consumers, as you've said xbox always has this sporty, extroverted personality to it for example.
>> No. 14259 [Edit]
File 16216696415.jpg - (273.71KB , 2132x1868 , 01mtg.jpg )
Is there still a PS5 shortage?
>> No. 14260 [Edit]
There's a shortage of ps5 gamz

File 151426142985.jpg - (71.03KB , 850x908 , K9q8rVG.jpg )
12807 No. 12807 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]

20. Cuphead
Studio MDHR, Xbox One/Windows

19. Statik: Institute of Retention
Tarsier Studios, PSVR

18. RiME
Tequila Works, PC/PS4/Xbox One/Switch

17. Night in the Woods
Infinite Fall/Finja, Windows/Mac/Linux/PS4/Xbox One/iOS/Android

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 14163 [Edit]
File 161204948289.gif - (2.49MB , 758x1000 , f2.gif )
Nioh 2 was fun & a good sequel gameplay-wise.
>> No. 14242 [Edit]
File 161999456659.jpg - (160.18KB , 987x768 , 20210509.jpg )
2017 was a good year
>> No. 14243 [Edit]
Funny how things just keep getting worse and worse, so people take a step forward as a good sign, even after taking 20 steps back.
>> No. 14250 [Edit]
All this tells me is that either people are making poorer choices with their money, or people have more money to blow on stupid shit. Hell, it's probably not an exclusive-or situation.

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