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File 132195802166.jpg - (57.47KB , 512x845 , zero_3.jpg )
5436 No. 5436 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Anyone here for a spot of fighting games?
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>> No. 11497 [Edit]
I wouldn't if I had a PS4. I've already got it on PS3, and I hardly play it anymore. Also, it'll be out in a couple weeks. Still cutting it close, especially for CEO.
>> No. 11502 [Edit]
File 143176346237.jpg - (493.80KB , 900x1200 , z20150514.jpg )
Activate the Feng Shui Engine
>> No. 11504 [Edit]
File 143226829388.jpg - (36.52KB , 307x558 , aCL.jpg )
SFV Dictator
>> No. 11514 [Edit]
File 143393999073.jpg - (970.76KB , 1500x2833 , z20150513.jpg )
Keep on practising!

File 130181861477.jpg - (53.12KB , 575x323 , ezio.jpg )
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ITT, what you're curently playing for the time being, or just finished, new or old games alike.

As is, I'm on assassin's creed brotherhood myself after having finally gotten around to playing killzone 2, which was a tad bit on the disappointing side, but works fine for a mindless shooter I guess.
AC:B on the other hand is pretty good so far I think.
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>> No. 11506 [Edit]
FSR is a good game.
I think that playing the entire thing in two days may have contributed to your fatigue, seeing how the game is episodic in nature. I don't blame you though, these days I usually marathon games too even if they are not suited for such an approach. I'm so impatient.
I enjoyed the guide book element and immersing myself in everything Lospass had to offer. It may sound silly, but the game actually made me appreciate hot weather IRL. I just have to tap into that Mondo feeling and I'm good to go.

Also, the guide book was printed in physical form at one time; I find that very fascinating.

The game's predecessor may get a fan translation some time in the future too.
>> No. 11507 [Edit]
After 2 years of ignoring it, I finally picked 7th Dragon 2020 up again. This time I can actually read some of the text. Not all of it, but enough to get by. I started fresh with a new party and... doing it all over again. It's a little refreshing to play an RPG after many years of avoiding them.
>> No. 11510 [Edit]
File 143289336130.jpg - (501.33KB , 1280x720 , WiiU_screenshot_TV_01769.jpg )
Here's a picture of my squid loli. She's so cute!
>> No. 11512 [Edit]
>She's so cute.
Is a non-cute loli squid even possible?

I haven't seen it possible to make a cute shota in that game though.

File 143283601175.png - (141.94KB , 700x185 , wixoss.png )
11509 No. 11509 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Hello. We're looking for some people who'd like to play the wixoss TCG with us. Considering we're playing online I figured this technically counts as /vg/.

Most of you probably recognize wixoss as a fairly crazy, rather crap and yet somewhat enjoyable anime that aired last year (split cours, one in Spring, one in Autumn). The anime was made to promote the card game in a fairly unusual way - the rules are never really explained in detail and the show does its very best to ignore the card game and focus on the plot (although all the cards played in the anime have TCG versions as well and they share the same effects).

The TCG itself is surprisingly fun. I decided to give it a try just for the heck of it (simply because I was watching the anime really) but I've gotta say I'm rather impressed by it. The rules are deceptivly easy - after I read them I couldn't imagine the game being anything but terrible and boy was I wrong.

Anyway, we have a small - and frankly, somewhat unactive but we're looking to change it! - gaming group. IRC is our preferred 'contact method'. Using mibbit is more than good enough. For starters you can join #tohno-chan on Rizon and if I'll spot you expressing interest in wixoss I can teach you how to play (with hands on experience of course, since reading the rules takes like 5 minutes).
If you're clueless about IRC use /irc/ to join the channel.

For now we're using Lackey with the Bato-Ruu plugin. We might switch to webxoss once the card database will get fully updated but that might take a while.

Anyway, here's the stuff you'll need:
• Lackey:
- Windows download:
- Mac download:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 133292872756.jpg - (282.44KB , 620x349 , zpanda.jpg )
6402 No. 6402 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Chun Li is already for Mists of Pandaria
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>> No. 7119 [Edit]
Just awful. The older cinematics kept with the theme of western fantasy, but this one just blows for more than that reason. The fight scene made me think of those really lame ass Steven Segal or Jackie Chan movies.

"i want no trubbu xD" and he beats a few knuckleheads with no effort while being serious and doing some few things for cheap laughs from the audience, like that panda did when straightening out the lamp or whatever the hell that was.

Fuck. How can you base an ENTIRE expansion after just Pandas? Who is the enemy? Where is the conflict?

1st Expansion trailer: Horde vs Alliance conflict, powerful people fighting for their own race and faction.

2nd Expansion trailer: More horde vs Alliance along with a common enemy in Illidan, another great trailer.

3rd Expansion trailer: The Lich King, the summation of lore in the warcraft games, crowning expansion for the game.

4th Expansion trailer: Wrapping up side stories for multiple other lore important characters from the dragon soul books, the equivalent of the 2nd expansion, the game winding down.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 7124 [Edit]
I agree. It was very impressive from a technical standpoint, as they always are are, but it completely lost the atmosphere that every other Blizzard cinematic has.
>> No. 11490 [Edit]
Is WoW still being played?
>> No. 11499 [Edit]
Losing subs...

File 131709344090.png - (3.60KB , 480x320 , ziggy.png )
4807 No. 4807 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I searched every board and could not find a thread for this. Either I am blind or there is not one. Yes, I know there's a Dwarf Fortress thread, but that is not the same thing.

My favorite game is Nethack and I never get a chance to talk about it. I suppose I sometimes do in the IRC, but IRC is too fast for me.

Anyone here play Nethack?
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>> No. 11448 [Edit]
I started playing Cataclysm lately but I haven't progressed past the point of dicking around and dying on the first or second day.

Even when I sort out my food, shelter, water, weapons etc. I just end up getting bored and doing something stupid.
>> No. 11453 [Edit]
You really have to read the help section. Otherwise the game will be a pain in the ass to play.
>> No. 11493 [Edit]
File 143082720411.png - (167.41KB , 600x450 , amecha.png )
Does Path of Exile count as a roguelike; especially with the extra difficulty of connection lag? XD
>> No. 11496 [Edit]
File 143119018070.jpg - (45.47KB , 809x530 , Dorf Halls.jpg )

sir, please take your non-ascii bullshit back to its proper containment thread

File 133150959443.jpg - (1.49MB , 1920x1200 , Mass Effect 3 - FemShep - 1920x1200.jpg )
6307 No. 6307 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
No Mass Effect 3 thread? Hasn't anyone played it? I demand a Mass Effect 3 discussion thread.

I finished it a couple of days ago, and I have to say... I loved it. It had some weird purely graphical glitches, but other than that, perfect. Sure, I've heard people whine about it, but I can't see why.

The multiplayer mode is oddly fun, too. I expected it to suck, but it's pretty awesome. Sort of reminds me of Space Marine's Exterminatus mode, except... Is better. Only problem is that since that's the only thing it does, I wouldn't expect long life for it. Just a 4 person co-op with a few maps and three different types of enemies that you have to survive 10+ waves... That's not a lot of MP modes.

As for the SP game again, the ending was (don't read on if you don't want to be spoiled, really)... Suitable. I haven't really felt that sad in ages because of a game. Regardless of what you choose, the galaxy is forever changed... And there's no way for them to sneak in a fourth game. They did leave a massive loose end though... How will all the fleets in Earth orbit get back home, or will Earth become the new home of a dozen species?

I can't believe Shepard's gone. Forever. The only thing I disliked really was the thing that comes AFTER the ending. The same you had in ME1 and 2 where you can "continue" after you finish it... It really doesn't fit ME3. The end should be the end. SHEPARD'S DEAD, for crying out loud! The Normandy is no more! It sooooo doesn't fit the game.

Either way, anyone else gotten through it yet?
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>> No. 6316 [Edit]
File 133151490223.jpg - (173.48KB , 1280x720 , mordin.jpg )
I am the very model of a scientist Salarian.;_;
>> No. 6318 [Edit]
>for the closure it gave
You mean none because there is no closure, everything you did was for nothing as the galaxy is fucked anyway and they don't give any explanation to what happens afterwards.

>I wanted there to be something to allow them to weasel in more games
Bioware already said that the ME universe was open for more games.

Anyway, I hope the indoctrination theory is true and that bioware did something radically different than what people think they did.

If you don't know the indoctrination theory I'll explain.

The entire last 15-30 minutes of the game are a dream/indoctrination. If you pick the endings the reapers/citadelAI want you to pick Shepard becomes indoctrinated/dies.
If you pick the destroy Reaper end, Shepard fights the indoctrination attempt and wakes up in London after the credits.

Notice that the Renegade option was done by Anderson, a paragon, and the paragon option was done by TIM, a renegade. The third synthesis option is what the space kid (who is an AI that technically works for the Reapers) wants. In other words the Reapers are trying to influence your "decision".
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 6320 [Edit]

It's just a case of "all paths lead to Rome". I wasn't so disappointed because I hadn't gotten into all the hype, but after reading it, I can see why people are annoyed. I'm still not, but I can see why others are. Apparently this isn't how it was supposed to be, because there was supposed to be, as they said, "divergent endings".

And I do know what the indoctrination theory is. Although, I think there's some proof of the indoctrination having started well before the last few minutes. The dream sequences? The times when Shepard all of a sudden hears voices (not Reaper voices, but voices s/he shouldn't be hearing, nor can respond to)? The dreams with the boy are so much like the dreams people being indoctrinated described in ME2. And they never elaborate on what kind of voices they hear at any point. The voices of other people, or Reaper voices? Maybe Shepard started the slow fall towards indoctrination after destroying the Alpha Relay, when s/he was at the mercy of that Reaper artifact for a few days!

Too bad that's probably giving Bioware too much credit. It's always fun to speculate, but when you start to speculate, it all boils down to this... Can you expect the people who made the story to be that creative, or are you just grasping at straws there?

Aaand, I meant that there can't be any more sequels after this if this holds.
>> No. 11491 [Edit]
File 143073517426.jpg - (195.19KB , 580x300 , ME4.jpg )
> there can't be any more sequels after this

Well, I bring you news;

File 142456998774.jpg - (32.38KB , 600x338 , z20150222.jpg )
11394 No. 11394 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Playing the monster > one of team of four
>> No. 11434 [Edit]
File 142666287926.jpg - (527.54KB , 1920x1200 , Tiger.jpg )
Always love playing the monster
>> No. 11472 [Edit]
>> No. 11485 [Edit]
What other games can you play as the monster?

File 142819313823.png - (400.74KB , 542x542 , vast-world.png )
11465 No. 11465 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is there anyone here who plays Dofus? It's an MMO with 16 unique classes, a turn-based battle system, and a good sense of humor. I recently picked it back up a week ago after a 3 year hiatus. It would be cool if I could get some Brohnos to play with me. If you do decide to play, pick Shika for your server, because that's the one I'm on.
It is pay-to-play, but you can play for free up to a certain point. Plus, subscriptions do not cost very much.
>> No. 11467 [Edit]
I find the art of the show and the game very cute, but when I tried to play it last time it didn't seem to interest me much to continue playing.
>> No. 11482 [Edit]
File 143044530048.png - (933.56KB , 888x710 , shovel.png )

File 141237219993.gif - (21.59KB , 320x200 , 1394819704183.gif )
11018 No. 11018 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Does anyone else here enjoy mod creation?
I've gotten into DooM mapping pretty recently. I know it's kind of old, but the lack of a true 3rd dimension makes mapping incredibly simple, so it can be done rather quickly and without much frustration.
25 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 11407 [Edit]
How about a Dark Souls FPV?
>> No. 11414 [Edit]
I used to be really into the source engine and I even released some maps for TF2 and L4D. One of them even got featured in some IGN article. I have like loads of unfinished maps on my HDD that I sometimes go back and tinker on but I guess I really don't have the same interest anymore to actually finish them.
>> No. 11432 [Edit]
File 142651043274.jpg - (75.16KB , 560x561 , Tiger.jpg )

>> No. 11475 [Edit]
File 142945010054.jpg - (33.56KB , 640x200 , z20150419.jpg )
MKX mods

File 142336483845.jpg - (135.23KB , 1050x342 , z19980127.jpg )
11369 No. 11369 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
With the power of modern computing is there any good reason for turn-based gameplay except to emulate retro-games?
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 11430 [Edit]
are you implying it doesn't?
>> No. 11444 [Edit]
File 142735861979.jpg - (30.20KB , 326x446 , z20150326.jpg )
Hearthstone is turn-based card game on, so it's a great game when you're in bed using a tablet.
>> No. 11474 [Edit]
You want to play CHESS ( ) or some other board-game...
>> No. 11478 [Edit]
They're just different game styles, it has nothing to do with the computing power
What a dumb fucking thread

File 142174460837.png - (583.38KB , 800x900 , Do your best!.png )
11323 No. 11323 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Let's help each other get better at games! Name the genres you're bad at,and the genres you're good at. Give help to those who are bad at what you can do and get help from those who are good at what you can't.
19 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 11438 [Edit]
I'm extremely bad at shmups. I know it's mostly down to practise and memorising patterns.
>> No. 11439 [Edit]
Determining distances and knowing when to bomb are also very important skills. You can improve if you follow advice and by observing other players. Watching experienced players play the game can help big time. You can find out new ways to handle certain patterns that will probably work better than what you were doing. Be sure to watch one where the player uses the same ship/shot type as you do.
>> No. 11469 [Edit]
For a lot of games it's about planning. For instance, planning through where to bomb, when the extends occur, etc. ONce you have everything predictable, then it's a matter of practicing over and over.
>> No. 11470 [Edit]
How do I play 2D platformers? I can't even clear the first tower in SMW.

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