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File 13227241459.jpg - (109.90KB , 1032x774 , yoshitaka_amano_wallpaper_by_jessieopteryx.jpg )
5504 No. 5504 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Greetings comrades, I was wondering if anyone was up for some DS online game playing, if anyone is interested post your games, and then later on we can set up a date for which to set up matches via IRC.

Diddy Kong Racing DS
Custom Robo Arena
Surf's Up
Star Fox Command
Mario Kart DS
Metroid Prime: Hunters
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales
Final Fantasy III
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>> No. 6407 [Edit]
Pokemon Soul Silver: 5243 7054 5370
>> No. 11072 [Edit]
Late to the party but finally bought a DS with flashcart. No drawing stick though, and the left trigger is busted though I am sure I know exactly how to fix it, given I buy the necessary screwdrivers to open the case off ebay. Still want to play some vidya with you guys. Anybody up for something?
>> No. 11076 [Edit]
The Nintendo DS online service has been discontinued as of May 20th. It's impossible to play games together now.
>> No. 11080 [Edit]
Damn, are you serious? The fucking bane of company hosted servers. When does a company stop a service entirely? It seems so unfair to strip a service people actually paid for, at any time period. But yeah I guess the DS isn't new anymore. This is shit. Thanks for the heads up.

File 135440604183.jpg - (65.16KB , 480x270 , farming-simulator-2013-07.jpg )
7683 No. 7683 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]

It's happening.
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>> No. 7689 [Edit]
i've actually thought about buying euro truck simulator 2. it sounds like it'd be relaxing
>> No. 7720 [Edit]
Oh, I actually bought this.
For a friend as a joke, but still.
>> No. 11070 [Edit]
seems pretty much like purchasing a chore. Is this basically a more realistic Harvest Moon or is it a little more tedious? I have been pretty interested in trying it out, as well as other simulators such as the Euro Truck Simulator since so many circle jerk about it. To those who have played it, would you recommend to someone seeking some comfy?
>> No. 11083 [Edit]
File 141372340782.jpg - (668.13KB , 2332x1756 , 123.jpg )

File 133721624861.gif - (16.31KB , 192x256 , Space_Mako.gif )
6655 No. 6655 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What relaxing games does /vg/ play?
I usually play a few rounds of Pop'n Music before going to sleep.
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>> No. 11063 [Edit]
Yeah but I wasn't sure if my PC was beefy enough or if I needed the motion controls. I will give it a shot, but need to know, how is the accuracy of Wii emulators? 3D consoles seem to be pretty iffy quality emulation wise, though this is Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn talking.
>> No. 11065 [Edit]
I don't know much about emulators, but dolphin is pretty good and I never found a game you can't run in dolphin. You can also connect a real wiimote to dolphin easily, that's how I play super mario galaxy 2. You can also use stuff like a ps3 controller or your mouse and keyboard and then map the motion controls to buttons.
There is never a case where you have to buy a wiimote to play the game. Just download it and try to run it, it's free.
>> No. 11067 [Edit]
Anon who played Endless Ocean here. I played the original on the Wii but just got Dolphin and an Endless Ocean 2 ISO. Works pretty well so far but I have an nVidia GTX 760 graphics card, which is fairly powerful. If you play full screen and hide the mouse pointer the wiimote emulation is good. Some of the shadows seem wonky but I dunno if I can improve some of the graphics options to fix that, because by default the fancy stuff is unchecked.
>> No. 11069 [Edit]
Well that is fantastic to hear. Been too afraid to try any of the 3D games. Gotta check this shit out, as well as other Wii games on my todo list. Might even hit up PS2 since I am so confident. Thanks.

File 131709344090.png - (3.60KB , 480x320 , ziggy.png )
4807 No. 4807 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I searched every board and could not find a thread for this. Either I am blind or there is not one. Yes, I know there's a Dwarf Fortress thread, but that is not the same thing.

My favorite game is Nethack and I never get a chance to talk about it. I suppose I sometimes do in the IRC, but IRC is too fast for me.

Anyone here play Nethack?
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>> No. 4911 [Edit]
File 131879249040.jpg - (111.58KB , 728x546 , St_Katharines_Screenshot.jpg )
There are quite a few roguelikes with graphics out there and plenty graphical interfaces for the open-source ones aswell(of course, most graphics are done by programmers and they sort of suck)
Not to mention all the games which essentially play like a roguelike if you force permdeath and high difficulty. Diablo I and Transcendence(here in my pic) are even listed as roguelikes at the roguebasin.

Speaking of Roguelikes with graphics, anyone ever heard about Aqua Style? Touhou Wiki says they have done some Touhou Roguelikes. I have browsed through their page, seems the art is pretty well done, but didn't bother to download a demo because my japanese sucks.
Anyway, their page, if anyone wants to give a try, is
>> No. 6613 [Edit]
File 133632905128.png - (374.82KB , 806x628 , oh great.png )
I come home and there is a bear in my backyard. I should be preparing for winter but I will be probably injured badly if I try to kill the bear.

Unreal world is a fun game but I'd like to play something else for a while. Does anyone know other good survival focused roguelikes?
>> No. 6627 [Edit]
I played that game a lot. even before they made a tiled version. so much fun burning villages to the ground and creating mayhem with a battlesword.
>> No. 11066 [Edit]
Fucking love roguelikes. Honestly I got into them through Android ports, and they were really well done since the games are freeware and turnbased so it is pretty easy to set up. Love me some Dungeon Crawl SS and Angband variants such as Sil. Very fun games. What are some more recent dungeon crawlers/roguelikes? I have been out of the loop I guess.

File 131404026899.png - (1.72MB , 1205x569 , hack.png )
4385 No. 4385 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]

Not sure if anyone else was a big fan of the series of games, or the shows, but this is a pretty big announcement for me anyhow.
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>> No. 5735 [Edit]
Oh good, it's just a movie, not a game. For a while there I thought I was going to have to buy a PS3 or something.

I far preferred IMOQ and sign anyway. I wish they'd just let the franchise die already. At least until full on virtual reality becomes possible and affordable.
>> No. 5744 [Edit]
Actually there's still a game coming
But it's most likely based on the movie world where kite is a gurl in love with balmung
So it will suck.
>> No. 5747 [Edit]
I would kill for a GOOD .hack mmorpg, but you're probably right.
>> No. 11064 [Edit]
so, being an americunt, I haven't heard shit about this since well this fucking thread. What is the deal? Is the movie out? Is the game out? Are they worth checking out? I really liked the playstation 2 games, and would probably enjoy the PSP game but there isn't a localization, yet.

File 141237219993.gif - (21.59KB , 320x200 , 1394819704183.gif )
11018 No. 11018 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Does anyone else here enjoy mod creation?
I've gotten into DooM mapping pretty recently. I know it's kind of old, but the lack of a true 3rd dimension makes mapping incredibly simple, so it can be done rather quickly and without much frustration.
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>> No. 11025 [Edit]
File 141240365156.jpg - (421.36KB , 1302x1673 , YASS.jpg )
I mostly used mods but have made a few crappy ones of my own.
Mainly SF4 (pictured) and Skyrim ( )
>> No. 11026 [Edit]
Lunar Magic is weird to me. SMW Lunar Magic made custom maps inspired me to mod in the first place, but I never actually used Lunar Magic.
>> No. 11033 [Edit]
I never got the appeal of doom
>> No. 11047 [Edit]
What do you mean? The appeal now is just being a fun, non-linear yet simple, fast paced shooter. Many people are only in it for mods that make it something else however, like CyberRunner or ProjectMSX. The initial appeal though was that it was 'no-contest' the greatest fps to have been created yet, with 3D walls and vertical movement. It was something never before seen and really pumped some life into the first person shooter genre, spurring the advancement of it.

File 140786579191.jpg - (28.87KB , 240x240 , 45.jpg )
10787 No. 10787 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Could you guys state some games that allow to modify the physical characteristics of your player to an exceptional extent?

I really want to play a game where I get to be a raven-haired, twig-thin witch in her late 30s who has extremely long, sloping breasts.
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>> No. 10799 [Edit]
Kingdom Under Fire II

Doesn't KUF2 have a custom character builder?
>> No. 10801 [Edit]
Someone's top 5 custom character builder in games
>> No. 11027 [Edit]
File 141246167031.jpg - (33.30KB , 651x404 , XBONE.jpg )
Mod it and your character can be anything you what it to be
>> No. 11045 [Edit]
File 141308807110.jpg - (55.96KB , 258x555 , zKhL8gr.jpg )
Blade and Soul Character Creation

File 132689117553.jpg - (93.02KB , 1131x707 , zXBOX_720_concept_by_djeric.jpg )
5923 No. 5923 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
What should be in the next generation console gaming?
78 posts and 28 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 10918 [Edit]
I think it'd be more like Sony to do something like that.
>> No. 10919 [Edit]
I dunno, personally I got 93% in Super Meat Boy (Cleared all light and dark worlds) once and when I look at today's Mario it seems really forgiving in comparison and now I just wanna play co-op with loli friends haha. I don't own a Wii U though. Last Zelda game I played was Skyward Sword in August, I didn't get stuck for too long in most of the places -- think it's easier than the N64 ones.

I'm shit at FPS, never play em I guess.

Post edited on 12th Sep 2014, 2:11am
>> No. 11035 [Edit]
File 141267109995.jpg - (237.86KB , 460x2533 , yMina_large.jpg )
ONE Hundred K Xbone
>> No. 11036 [Edit]
Is this a new record?

File 132195802166.jpg - (57.47KB , 512x845 , zero_3.jpg )
5436 No. 5436 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Anyone here for a spot of fighting games?
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>> No. 10958 [Edit]
File 141095065612.jpg - (27.44KB , 622x271 , yKOF.jpg )
20 years of KOF
>> No. 10971 [Edit]
File 141121458063.jpg - (37.09KB , 400x533 , y136639.jpg )

artist: elina kuroe no daarin
>> No. 10973 [Edit]
File 141138681020.jpg - (1.73MB , 3210x1010 , y136639.jpg )
More Omega mode (at the 26 min mark)

(Northern) Summer Costumes CMV

Watch out for Poison's umbrella!

>> No. 11029 [Edit]
File 141247794944.jpg - (84.51KB , 1280x655 , Yed.jpg )
Tekken 7

File 129711626056.png - (222.14KB , 324x421 , ah.png )
1191 No. 1191 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Post funny and/or interesting screenshots here!
218 posts and 173 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 10603 [Edit]
File 14006771455.jpg - (113.58KB , 768x432 , y1400666446937.jpg )
Beast Mode
>> No. 10604 [Edit]
File 140067811018.jpg - (30.12KB , 444x542 , 889-.jpg )
>> No. 10648 [Edit]
File 140273987296.jpg - (306.08KB , 1920x1080 , yingyang.jpg )
>> No. 10762 [Edit]
File 140670920618.jpg - (236.11KB , 1191x670 , ycast.jpg )
スーパーストリートファイターⅣ AE MOD適用集 アニメ系編.mp4

Ibuki- the waza (technique) thief

File 141048479343.jpg - (472.78KB , 900x675 , psp3.jpg )
10913 No. 10913 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
lately I've been messing around with my psps a lot and figured with the wide range of home brew applications, plugins, and emulators that it could use a thread for discussion such things.

So have any of you tried messing around with modding/hacking these things?
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 10966 [Edit]
File 141109586299.png - (211.57KB , 480x272 , PSP_MAIN.png )
I need to consider upgrading but I'm lazy and am on 5.50 Prometheus 4 on this particular PSP. This isn't my most heavily modded one though, and as such I don't want to mess around too much with CTF crap.
>> No. 10967 [Edit]
wipeout theme, nice. I used to use that on my crystal clear psp before I sold it.
>> No. 10970 [Edit]
Yeah, it's clean looking and it's not CTF, so no extra RAM/CPU usage.
>> No. 11016 [Edit]
File 141231776872.jpg - (696.58KB , 900x1350 , blue.jpg )
I recently put this thing together. Hoping to make it my main someday but it still needs a bit of work. stick doesn't move around that well and the shoulder buttons don't work as good as they could. Thing is crazy light without a umd drive in it, half the weight of a fat. I might also try out some leds and what not to trick it out. If I could afford to mess around I'd maybe even try installing a camera behind the memory card and gps where the umd was. Second analog stick mod would be neat but I can't think of more than 3 psp games that would benefit from it. also got some extra speakers laying around that I thought of putting in it, but don't think there's enough space in the front area for that. I was able to find a ctf theme I think works well, but need to figure out how to remove the animated wave thingy which appears over background images on that theme for some reason.

I was really lucky with this thing, I was able to find a psp 2000 for only $17 just becuase it was bricked (super easy fix) and it had a TA-085v1 motherboard which is pretty much ideal. Stange thing is though... while the replacement body game with all the necessary screws none of them seemed to fit properly. they looked exactly like the originals but I couldn't use any of them.
I also had a screen protector laying around for a while and figured I'd finally apply it but man... is it even humanly possible to apply screen protectors without getting at least some particles of dust/fibers under it or what? just as well, the indent around the screen on the 2000 model has prevented the protector from sticking properly around the edges anyway.

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