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File 141029241687.jpg - (244.64KB , 1006x1246 , 4bVaq.jpg )
10891 No. 10891 [Edit]
So what are your thoughts on this recent gamergate thing?
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>> No. 10892 [Edit]
Go back to 4chan
>> No. 10893 [Edit]
It's dumb, a bunch of people are whining on twitter about something that doesn't matter. Gaming journalism is pointless and people who read it are stupid.
>> No. 10894 [Edit]
>Gaming journalism is pointless and people who read it are stupid.
isn't that what they're trying to change?
>> No. 10895 [Edit]
No, they are just whining and waving hands and getting all tangled up in the SJW's mess and making gamers look even worse than they already do in the eyes of the general public with zero impact on how the industry behaves.
>> No. 10896 [Edit]
No. They're just whining about nepotism and irrelevant people giving money to each other
>> No. 10897 [Edit]
Gaming journalism is shit. Trying to legitimize it will only earn the pieces of shit in it more money to advertise shitty games that happen to be popular for the stupidest of reasons.
>> No. 10898 [Edit]
The subject is too inconsequential and tired to warrant thought. Some people don't like what other people are doing and feel that words on the internet is the most effectual manner in which to change this. "Journalism" is a de-facto extension of PR/marketing for many corporations and this is in no way limited to the games industry. This will continue to be the case in the absence of regulatory mechanisms; mechanisms will never exist because they would be largely arbitrary, vague and no entity would ever be bothered to enforce them.

If people weren't stupid, impressionable, undiscerning retards the issue simply would not exist. It's not my problem people cannot evaluate sources of information and formulate original thoughts.
>> No. 10899 [Edit]
I'm following it passively but i don't really care enough to do anything about it. I don't use any of the accused websites or play any of the accused games so i don't really feel all that invested.
>> No. 10905 [Edit]
I think the drama on both sides of the argument is blown out of all proportion.

I never expected gaming journalists to uphold high standards of integrity, since they're not even "journalists", merely critics with an opinion.
>> No. 10908 [Edit]
Go away Zoe. We won't be a second wizardchan for you.
>> No. 10935 [Edit]
I think it best that TC stay out of the whole Gamergate discussion.

Like I'm sure all of us are pretty pro-GG and want journalists to fuck off and game devs to make what they want to make, not some bullshit social justice quota filling pandering garbage. But TC seems like its above that, and we should come here to escape the outside.
>> No. 10937 [Edit]
Worth calling "journalists" out on not actually being such. Worth putting SJWs out of their shit as they are the ones who are in direct contradiction with our lifestyles... Let this discussion run its course.
>> No. 10943 [Edit]
File 141078223914.jpg - (103.85KB , 668x862 , Untitled333.jpg )
I haven't been following this, just hearing bits and pieces about it. but this image is how I feel about games journalism.
>> No. 10965 [Edit]
Gaming journalism can't not be stupid, that's why they're dumb for trying to change it.

Corruption is pointless if nobody reads reviews or bases their habits upon them. If everyone just ignored the journalists they would be pissing in the wind. And based on how corrupt we assume these journalists to be, that would be some pretty expensive piss because there's a lot of money flying around for favorable reviews and any exposure at all whatsoever.
>> No. 10968 [Edit]
I saw on twitter that a most people who want to talk about it from 4chan have moved to 8chan since moot and the mods have been cracking down on the threads. I decided to stop by and see what they where doing, it's kind of hilarious to see how they're taking it. They act like moot hasn't fucked over his website's users before and they really think that their migration to 8chan will be permanent.
I don't like what moot's stance on this but he's been making shitty decisions for years.
>> No. 11307 [Edit]
Bump! Because it could be refugee time!
>> No. 11308 [Edit]
What is gamergate, what is that word and what does it mean? Is it an umbrella term for everything bad/controversial about gaming? I tried to read the wiki article, but it contains so much interpersonal drama and flippancy that it makes my head hurt.
>> No. 11309 [Edit]
it's dumb crap
>> No. 11310 [Edit]
It's a huge mess of drama that's hard to summarize. It ranges from biased media, paid for reviews, media treating videogames like kids toys, media treating 'gamers' like raciest sexist manchilden nazi bullies, and feminazis forcing their bullshit views and opinions onto gaming.

...actually describing it as an umbrella term for everything controversial about gaming seems fitting.
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