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File 134294796527.jpg - (75.55KB , 470x545 , 689d324f52ae8156d2786da597d73241 artist-kei (artis.jpg )
6981 No. 6981 [Edit]
Star Wars Battlefront II for 5.39:
The offer ends in 32 hours!

Go buy it, so we can play together. We've got 1-3 people right now.
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>> No. 6982 [Edit]
I reluctantly said screw it and bought it.

This was my first time paying for a digital only copy of a game...
>> No. 6983 [Edit]
I'll be getting this too.

I sure hope a lot of people buy it.
>> No. 6984 [Edit]
File 134295268691.png - (28.86KB , 394x200 , multidick.png )
I forgot how annoying this was.
>> No. 6986 [Edit]

Bought and downloaded.

Hopefully we can get playing this tonight.
>> No. 6987 [Edit]
Do we meet up on steam group chat? Are we going to be playing often? 5$ is quite a bit to me.
>> No. 6988 [Edit]
I'd try checking in on the irc channle
>> No. 6989 [Edit]

Any game chat takes place on the IRC.

I don't think anyone is playing tonight, most went to sleep.
>> No. 7008 [Edit]
sure didn't take long for people to lose interest in this...
>> No. 11680 [Edit]
File 144775757117.jpg - (190.77KB , 695x390 , z20151118.jpg )
>> No. 11684 [Edit]
File 144789142122.jpg - (50.84KB , 1280x720 , [EveTaku] GJ-bu@ (1280x720 x264-Hi10P AAC)[9AA4E70.jpg )

I burned about an hour playing the "open beta" a few days before the release, and was incredibly disappointed by the game.

It feels like it wants to be a battlefield, only the developers couldn't be assed to put forth some effort. It is quite repetitive and with a very generic/bland feel to it. Movement feels like Halo 1, and the graphics are such that an xbox360 would have little trouble at 60 fps.

Also, it is meant for a console and the bare minimum of effort was put into altering it such that a mouse could eventually, if barely, get to all the menus and shit.

It really felt like a bare minimum effort project, with the main goal of soaking up as much money as they can from the original sale, and then shamelessly adding new "game modes" as dlc. There were 6 or so listed, I'd wager that all, if not most, are already complete and just "strategically" held back to milk as much money as they can from it.

overall, I am quite disappointed with the game.
>> No. 11685 [Edit]
Dude, that post is from 2012, it's about the old Battlefront. And Battlefront being a Battlefield ripoff is like, the whole point of Battlefront.
>> No. 11686 [Edit]
I've never played Battlefield and I thought this new Battlefront was fun. It feels like the kind of game I would have imagined Battlefront 3 being when I was 12 and playing the first one. It's also the one time I've ever felt that the trailer wasn't staged as fuck, because the actual game plays just like it.

I'll probably buy it in a year or two when it's really cheap but it's a fun way to kill a few hours.
>> No. 11782 [Edit]
File 145128035491.jpg - (89.41KB , 640x341 , a20151229.jpg )
That's how you play games
>> No. 11827 [Edit]
New BattleFront comes out just before SW:TFA but has nothing from the new movie. Do you even game design?!?
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