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File 129106842453.png - (274.37KB , 673x463 , tohnoChanSteamGroup.png )
160 No. 160 [Edit]
since it hasn't been posted yet here on the new site, I'll do so

we have a steam group! we don't really do much, but rostran targo decided to make one so there you go.
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>> No. 161 [Edit]
>but rostran targo decided to make one

Actually, Popo was the one who made it, and then he passed the ownership to me when he...yeah.
>> No. 162 [Edit]
Do a lot of people use mics? I'm kind of shy about talking
>> No. 165 [Edit]
oh... never knew that.

don't have to if you don't want to(i do tho). then again, we don't really use it for anything. I just use it as another group of people to spam invites to when playing l4d.
>> No. 170 [Edit]
Yay just joined you guys.
>> No. 206 [Edit]
Forgive me for being retarded, but how do I go about joining? I play L4D all the time (pretty much all I use Steam for)
>> No. 207 [Edit]
File 129117059366.jpg - (159.95KB , 947x566 , join.jpg )
Am I being trolled?
>> No. 210 [Edit]
It wasn't visible in the OP's picture, and I've never had to join a Steam group before. Fuck, I was only asking, you don't need to be a dick over it.
>> No. 283 [Edit]
File 129165502299.jpg - (148.55KB , 850x833 , 1283463354251.jpg )
I've got two extra copies of Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West.

If anyone's interested... leave me a message.

I might give out more copies of shitty games depending on the Steam Christmas sales and if they renew the game packs deals since I have no friends.
>> No. 284 [Edit]
I'll be your buddy, buddy.
>> No. 286 [Edit]
oh, that reminds me, I really found it interesting but my shit CPU is causing major control lag. so until I get a better computer, I can't play it ;_;

still, thanks for the game! first random gift I've gotten.
>> No. 294 [Edit]
Speaking of which, I have an extra copy of Dawn of War 2 that I'm willing to give away. If any Tohno-channers want it you're free to have it.
>> No. 296 [Edit]
I'll probably wait for DOW2: Retribution.
>> No. 300 [Edit]
I have dow2 already but I might know somebody who would want one.
>> No. 392 [Edit]
I joined. I don't normally join stuff either!
>> No. 847 [Edit]
Bumkp for members.
>> No. 850 [Edit]
I joined.
>> No. 851 [Edit]
>> No. 852 [Edit]
what now?
>> No. 893 [Edit]
>> No. 925 [Edit]
Why don't we play some games together?

I'm sure we could organize something other than bitching about LoL all the time.
>> No. 926 [Edit]
none of us have the confidence to organize it
>> No. 1011 [Edit]
You should get rid of the link to the .info board since it redirects here now
>> No. 1014 [Edit]
Id be more than willing to organize anything on steam. Especially game nights. I even have a vent that we all could use. You dont even have to talk on vent, just listen in.

Also the steam group chatroom is a good place to hang out for vidya. The only problem i can see us run ing into is not everybody havong the same games, but i may be able to throw a few gifts out.
>> No. 1017 [Edit]
I don't have vent and have no real desire to get it. I'd rather not talk/have people talk to me with voice.
>> No. 1018 [Edit]
i might be able to join, but not anytime soon. my only decent gaming computer needs to be reformatted, which is gonna take some time.
>> No. 1024 [Edit]
So what's the next big steam game everyone is playing? I just can't get into L4D anymore and I'm getting tired of TF2. I'm so bored ;_;
>> No. 1025 [Edit]
File 129555547912.jpg - (19.26KB , 404x256 , 1294968393285.jpg )
Well, we could play some Alien Swarm, at least everyone has that game.

If you have a Source game there is also lots of mods we could play but I guess people are busy with their finals (including me) and/or watching animu to play any games right now.
>> No. 1031 [Edit]
Well I've been playing Wolfenstein Enemy Territory.

Itsfree no nobody has to worry about being poor.

"Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a free, stand-alone, downloadable multiplayer game in which players wage war as Axis or Allies in team-based combat. It's a team game; you will win or fall along with your comrades. The only way to complete the objectives that lead to victory is by cooperation, with each player covering their teammates and using their class special abilities in concert with the others."

just get it downloaded and patched and we can get some fun games going.
>> No. 1033 [Edit]
i just installed it, when do we play?
>> No. 1035 [Edit]
Since it saves your xp on a specific server I usually only play on one.

It's usually always full and its easy to add to your favorites list.

My ingame name is Codine.

I'll usually play whenever, just give a shoutout on irc.
>> No. 1036 [Edit]
Hey tohno finally made a steam account!
>> No. 1172 [Edit]
File 129685858138.jpg - (469.65KB , 1400x1050 , friendly chat.jpg )
On the subject of steam I noticed there's a spot on profiles for screenshots, but it's a beta feature. Anyone know when that will be final? I want to finally have an outlet for my gmod screenshots
>> No. 1305 [Edit]
You can opt-in the beta clients, just go to your settings and look under the "Beta Participation" section of the account tab. Not entirely sure how it works, but I'm guessing how it goes. And if you get it working, what's your account? I wanna see them.

I made him do so.
>> No. 1306 [Edit]
File 129782265891.jpg - (273.96KB , 1400x1050 , gm_construct0005.jpg )
I tried this the other day and apparently it only puts down screenshots you took after the screenshot thing started, so I uninstalled the beta. As for the screenshots, they're nothing really special (plus I've taken a lot less than I thought).
>> No. 1307 [Edit]
I'll join this in the future. I'll need some games first.
>> No. 1308 [Edit]
File 129782311571.jpg - (231.75KB , 1400x1050 , gm_flatgrass0001.jpg )
You can still make an account even without any games, I think. Even so Steam has deals all the time so you'll probably find something cheap you'd enjoy soon enough.
>> No. 1309 [Edit]
>what's your account?

I sent you a friend request
>> No. 1310 [Edit]
Oh, that sucks. Though being a public beta I'm sure there's an official feedback thread on the forums or something like that, maybe you could request the ability to upload your old screencaps since they're still in the game's screencap folder.

But for now, how about uploading your gmod screenshots to photobucket and putting a link to the album in your steam profile?

You can, but seeing tohno go through it they don't like it if you just use it as a social thing since he couldn't really accept friend requests or whatnot until someone bought him a game. I personally don't know since I made my account after returning from the Best Buy with retail Orange Box.
>> No. 1316 [Edit]
>> No. 1618 [Edit]
What should you do when you are offered a gift by someone on steam? I heard you shouldn't accept it because the person could be using a stolen credit card or something which could get your account banned
>> No. 1619 [Edit]
sounds like bullshit to me, unless you're knowningly particpating in the theft
>> No. 1622 [Edit]
So what games does everyone play? I'm hoping that one day we could all play something together.
>> No. 1623 [Edit]
I've gotten pretty bored with all my multiplayer steam games (L4D, L4D2, and TF2) and have been spending most of my gaming time in the APB beta. I'm getting pretty sick of that too now though (though out of frustration rather than boredom). I'll be all over Portal 2 when it comes out though, then DNF after that.
>> No. 1626 [Edit]
I'm actually really hoping some other people here get Portal 2, since playing with a brohno is probably the only way I'll get to see the co-op mode
>> No. 1860 [Edit]
Am I the only one who immediately searches through the member list when I see we have a new member? 58 now, by the way
>> No. 1861 [Edit]
wow, 58 for the steam group.
only 17 in the mal group though..
and just 2 in the fig club.

I wonder how many of the members are people who actually come here, and how many are people that joined just because...
>> No. 1862 [Edit]
Im pretty sure most of us spend more time on games than on anime.
>> No. 1863 [Edit]
yes it makes the user bass's priorities rather clear, that and showing why the game board is so much faster then the anime and figure boards.
>> No. 1864 [Edit]
Or maybe it's because more people have steam accounts than MAL accounts. You don't need a MAL account to watch anime, but you do need a steam account to play PC games (well not exactly, but you get my point).
>> No. 1865 [Edit]
It could also be due to the fact that you have to request to join the MAL group, whereas the Steam group is public.

I know that's made me shy away from joining the MAL club, so I wouldn't be surprised if it's turned away a few others as well.
>> No. 1866 [Edit]
Secret club. Nobody we don't want in allowed in. Also you have to undergo an extremely painful hazing process if you wish to be initiated. Good luck little one.
>> No. 1867 [Edit]
I get the feeling some people just want to be a member of as many groups as possible for some reason. As for me, the tohno group is the first and only steam group I've ever joined. I feel that comfortable with you guys... ;_;
>> No. 1871 [Edit]
laterally half the people in the fig group are just there for that reason, people that don't come to the site and just want to join as many groups as they can.
>> No. 1894 [Edit]
I'll never understand people with that mindset. Do they think people are going to look at their profile, see that they are a member of a thousand groups, and think "man that guy must be awesome!!"?
>> No. 1895 [Edit]
On one hand I don't like how the steam group never does anything together. On the other hand, even if I saw a big group playing L4D2 or something I would probably be too shy to join, especially if mics are involved.
>> No. 1898 [Edit]
File 130119191728.gif - (433.00KB , 480x270 , 44066f399a28096cb52badf8aa52a9e3.gif )
Wha, is making the MAL club public all I have to do to get more to join? Alright, sorry I didn't think the request thing would scare anyone away. I just was afraid that some random undesireable who doesn't even visit Tohno-chan would join and shit it up. Now I realize that'll probably never happen (and there's nothing to shit up anyway).

So yeah, it's public now.
>> No. 1899 [Edit]
cool I guess I may as well join
>> No. 1900 [Edit]
Well, there is a certain stigma for MAL...
>> No. 1921 [Edit]
Just to be clear, I wasn't complaining about it, and I can certainly understand the reasoning behind not having it public. I was just citing one possible reason for having so many fewer members than the Steam group.

I figured I probably wouldn't really contribute anything to the club, and so having to request to join made me shy away. I mainly just join clubs so I can look at the member profiles with similar interests to me and occasionally read club comments/discussion, anyway.

Anywho, joined.
>> No. 1953 [Edit]
So, what's the most played game in the steam group?

I have some money and I was thinking of buying a game just so I can join here.
>> No. 1955 [Edit]
From what I've seen nobody plays games together very much. I think a lot of us have L4D2 though
>> No. 1956 [Edit]

Well, I'm not much of an online player myself, I just don't want to be left out in case we decide to play together someday.
>> No. 1957 [Edit]
I'm almost afraid to play with people in the group because I don't like voice chat. It ruins my perception of people online, and I don't want that to happen with you guys
>> No. 1958 [Edit]
then yeah I'd pick up L4D2 then, since that's an online game a lot of us have that requires the least amount of people to get a game going
>> No. 1959 [Edit]
most of us also dislike voice chat, that's not something you really have to worry about.
>> No. 1960 [Edit]
That's a relief then
>> No. 1965 [Edit]
I'd be up for L4D2, But I call Ellis.

Except for me. And no, do not hope that my mic breaks, since I have two.

And while I'm posting on the steam thread, for some reason I can only send message and receive messages from people on my friends list now instead of when I could do it with the whole steam group. I'm trying to ask valve what the fuck is going on with my profile, but their ticketing system is fucked, so just /msg me on IRC in the meantime. If I'm not in the channel, I'm probably idling in the network.


Though I know nobody talked to me in the first place...
>> No. 1967 [Edit]
>Except for me. And no, do not hope that my mic breaks, since I have two.

I probably wouldn't want to play with you then, no offense.
>> No. 1977 [Edit]
None taken.

Besides I usually feel awkward saying anything if nobody else is. If others are talking I will, but if not it'll only be if I don't have the time to type it out, like if I need to warn somebody about something. I might test the waters in the beginning of a round, but if I get nothing then I don't talk.
>> No. 1979 [Edit]

Well in my case, I don't speak english very well, so you probably wouldn't understand anything I'm saying.
>> No. 2026 [Edit]
File 130186806144.jpg - (125.58KB , 458x545 , b01d9216005664634008d4bd60950202.jpg )
I have exactly 38 dollars left.

You think I should buy the potato sack, or wait until portal 2 gets cheaper?

How much could it take?
>> No. 2027 [Edit]
I thought the potato thing was an april fools joke
>> No. 2031 [Edit]

Nah, it's real, and really cheap too.
>> No. 2093 [Edit]
Is it just me or has steam been acting weird today? Sometimes it won't load images, other times it says people who clearly have a steam account don't, and right now it won't let me even look at my own profile.
>> No. 2094 [Edit]

Yeah it disconnected for me today too, it did again when I checked recently.
>> No. 2549 [Edit]
Is there some sort of trick to making a steam av not have compression artifacts everywhere?
>> No. 2929 [Edit]
File 130559577622.jpg - (55.54KB , 353x726 , dailydeals.jpg )
>> No. 3483 [Edit]
File 130776840843.png - (35.24KB , 994x169 , ohGodWhy.png )
I am gonna cry now.
>> No. 3485 [Edit]
facebook integration is in everything these days. I'll cry if it ever becomes mandatory
>> No. 3486 [Edit]
If it's anything like the Google/Youtube setup I will burn.
>> No. 3488 [Edit]
It's not, and never will be. The google/youtube account thing happened because google owns youtube
>> No. 3490 [Edit]
whats wrong with youtube/google and why are you hating on Facebook in a thread dedicated to using Steam as a social network?
>> No. 3491 [Edit]
because hes a brohno and on tohno-chan and as time tends to infinity, the probability of a discussion becoming about normalpeople approaches 1
>> No. 3509 [Edit]
File 13079214995.jpg - (51.02KB , 430x410 , yukkuris.jpg )
I propose changing the group avatar to this, because it is adorable and features the humble yukkuri, mascot of all things taking it easy
>> No. 3513 [Edit]
Well I wanted to keep Minagi, since the site was named after her and all, but I guess Rostran beat me to it, so..... yeah. Though I am liking the vibe this pic is giving off.
>> No. 3579 [Edit]
I just noticed that there's an option to view group history. It's weird how there's people who join and then immediately leave after like 10 minutes
>> No. 3581 [Edit]
Oh wow you're right. I guess I never really payed enough attention to notice. And it seems though natsume rostran and tohno had a bit of a profile edit spam on the 12~13th. I think I might send invites to everybody who was too scared to stay in the group~
>> No. 3829 [Edit]
Alpha Protocol is on sale for 5 bucks on steam, should I pick it up? I've been curious about it but I heard it's ridiculously bad so maybe not
>> No. 3830 [Edit]
I got it because I heard it was good/unique. Haven't finished downloading it yet.

Much more importantly, Fallout: New Vegas is $15, and the DLCs are $3 each. All of those are absolutely worth the price. I wish I had waited on buying Honest Hearts, as $10 was a bit much for it.
>> No. 3831 [Edit]
Well, let me know how it is, assuming it's downloaded and you play it a bit before the sale is gone
>> No. 3844 [Edit]
I got a steam summer achievement for playing a demo, but I didn't. Cool I guess???
>> No. 3845 [Edit]

I played a demo, but didn't get the achievement.
You stole mine!!
>> No. 3846 [Edit]
File 130989314347.jpg - (40.92KB , 640x360 , nya.jpg )
>> No. 3850 [Edit]
I only downloaded a few megabytes(Hitman BM) and got the ticket
Also I was a whore and created a FB account in the only purpose to get another ticket.Hope there are more free tickets.
>> No. 3853 [Edit]
I've won battle in Warband and got achievement.
>> No. 3867 [Edit]
L4D2 is on sale for 5 bucks today, if you don't already have it
>> No. 3903 [Edit]
I've been wanting to replay Blood Money but because of the steam sale the servers are always too busy for me to redownload it ;_;

Post edited on 10th Jul 2011, 12:53pm
>> No. 3904 [Edit]
Is anyone else having problems uploading screenshots?
>> No. 3907 [Edit]
I've had that a few times where the caption was apparently too long, even though it was under the character limit. Not sure why though, it only seemed to happen once or twice. I've also before occasionally had problems with games not taking screenshots, though I suspect it's because I had turned off windows updates a couple months prior.

Also on the topic of screenshots, how do you guys upload pics that aren't taken in-game? Do you just change the actual picture in the file folder before uploading?
>> No. 4118 [Edit]
I think we need to play l4d2 more, since every day I think I should delete it but I hesitate because I might miss out if the group starts playing it en masse or something
>> No. 4119 [Edit]
Get this map!
>> No. 4120 [Edit]
File 131192804797.png - (410.46KB , 511x512 , 1304185974894.png )
I caved and got steam for TF2.
I can't even beat easy bots, I feel ashamed as a gamer.
>> No. 4121 [Edit]
play pyro, heavy or engineer, you dont even need to aim
>> No. 4131 [Edit]
Sometimes real people are dumber than bots...
>> No. 4231 [Edit]
"Deszczu StRugi" should probably be kicked from the group since it seems he joined just to advertise some call of duty thing to us
>> No. 4233 [Edit]
This CoD thing is scam
>> No. 4254 [Edit]
what are some good tf2 servers? I don't really like playing with random people.
>> No. 4479 [Edit]
Kick this person from the group please
>> No. 4480 [Edit]
Ack! It's still there!
>> No. 5033 [Edit]
>> No. 5075 [Edit]
I joined! But, I don't really play many games on Steam, just some TF2.
>> No. 5302 [Edit]
Steam got hacked, so it would probably be a good idea to change your passwords just in case. I just got done dealing with my hacked Xbox account the other day, too ;_;
>> No. 5303 [Edit]
there's also the steamguard thing, so even if they had your steam password they would also have to have your email password or they can't authorize the login on any other computer but your own. I'm more worried about credit card info than my account security
>> No. 5308 [Edit]
They could probably bruteforce the steamguard thing, unless there's only a certain amount of attempts on that.
>> No. 5313 [Edit]
have there been any reports of credit card theft yet? i told my mom she should call the bank or something, but she says its closed for the holiday and im not sure if shes telling the truth or just saying that so i stop bothering her
>> No. 5314 [Edit]
File 132104856215.png - (11.67KB , 1256x269 , DLZRr.png )
Found this. I already own portal 2 and dont give a shit about dota2 but it's a nice gesture I guess
>> No. 5315 [Edit]
It's a holiday in the US, so the banks are indeed closed here.
>> No. 5537 [Edit]
File 132288432347.png - (31.29KB , 370x174 , dE66M.png )
Oh no!
>> No. 5544 [Edit]
Seems like a scam, post your credit card number and I'll contact Activision about it.
>> No. 5548 [Edit]


Is he even trying.
>> No. 5655 [Edit]
>Steam sale
>> No. 5678 [Edit]
File 132470335324.jpg - (114.52KB , 863x485 , dota2.jpg )
I am jealous.
>> No. 5966 [Edit]
I'm getting a weird thing where I need to log into steam again after already being logged in if I want to send messages to friends or buy things in the store. Is this happening to anyone else?

EDIT: nevermind, problem went away on it's own!

Post edited on 27th Jan 2012, 12:14pm
>> No. 6539 [Edit]

>Valve's Gabe Newell Talks Linux Steam Client, Source Engine
>> No. 6546 [Edit]
File 133538522794.png - (47.13KB , 184x184 , 3dweak.png )
i made this, might be a cool new avatar for the group page
>> No. 6550 [Edit]
Would you mind if I used that picture for various other avatars? I like it.
>> No. 6552 [Edit]
if the group admins arent gonna use it then sure
>> No. 6553 [Edit]
Well, I recently got a steam account, and just a second ago joined the group, but I don't have any games(Well, one, but its a free one) to play, so I'll be out of it for a while, but hopefully I'll get my account out of the negatives soon so I can join some of you.
>> No. 6555 [Edit]
Nobody ever does anything so don't feel too bad
>> No. 6708 [Edit]
File 133798728496.png - (29.04KB , 573x614 , steamgone.png )
RIP everyone
>> No. 6709 [Edit]
Steam has been acting up these last 3 hours. Pretty annoying.
>> No. 6711 [Edit]
Lately it's been failing to connect the first time I start it up, but works every time after that.
>> No. 6860 [Edit]
You can get every single Deus Ex thing on steam right now for 15 bucks
>> No. 6890 [Edit]
Seems like a couple of people fell for a phishing link and it is now spamming everyone in their groups list.
>> No. 6891 [Edit]
I haven't got anything. Does the group becoming invite-only (and a few people getting kicked) have anything to do with this?
>> No. 6892 [Edit]
Well the only people who were spamming the link were kicked, so I would say it was.
>> No. 6893 [Edit]
I am insulted that even a spam link bot doesn't want to talk to me
>> No. 6894 [Edit]
Get a windows live messenger account and post the address on some random sites so the spambots catch you up.
Most of the spambots there chat with you, it's all 3DPD saying "please go to this site so you can see me live on cam" though, beggars can't be chosers.
>> No. 6938 [Edit]
somebody call 911 wallet aid because steamsale has begun!
>> No. 6939 [Edit]
File 134211754872.png - (1.69KB , 640x420 , steams revenge.png )
>> No. 6948 [Edit]
there hasn't been a single thing on sale that I've been interested in. I've been thinking of getting San Andreas since I've never played the PC version but I don't know.
>> No. 6949 [Edit]
San Andreas has some real fucking awesome mods.
>> No. 6950 [Edit]
Have nowhere to post this, didn't want to make a new thread.

What l4d2 map is the one in this video?
>> No. 6951 [Edit]
So far this sale hasn't had anything too interesting. I might end up getting something over the week or so, but I'm broke so maybe not.

Maybe there will be a good game that goes on sale that /vg/ could play together.
>> No. 6952 [Edit]
Looks like Cold Stream.
>> No. 6953 [Edit]

civ 5 is a really fun multiplayer if you and the group of people you are playing with have 8 or so hours to burn together,

otherwise magicka is a fun choice if somebody amongst the group of people you are playing with don't have NEET levels of spare time available to burn.
>> No. 6957 [Edit]

Well I decided to get it. What's the best improved graphics mods?
>> No. 6958 [Edit]
Is anyone interested in sharing steam accounts? I'd imagine everyone here is a trustworthy person. This saves money as you can test/try whatever games we all have.
>> No. 6959 [Edit]
That sounds like an extraordinarily bad idea
>> No. 6964 [Edit]
>> No. 6966 [Edit]
Anyone wanna play EYE? It's on sale for 4$
>> No. 6967 [Edit]
well I tried out icenhancer but that makes my fps drop to below 20 even though my computer is good enough to play skyrim almost maxed out. it's idea of better graphics was mostly a bunch of bloom and motion blur anyway so no big loss
>> No. 6991 [Edit]
I would be violating my NDA if I do share my account.
>> No. 6992 [Edit]
you would also be violating common sense
>> No. 6995 [Edit]
Don't they make you activate the account for every new pc your access the account with, by inputting a code sent to the owners email address?
>> No. 6996 [Edit]


I share an account with someone, but every time we log in we have to do that security code thing.

If you're ever "caught" they might yell at you. I've always had the plan to convince them it was my brother or sister sharing it, or some easy excuse like that.
>> No. 6997 [Edit]
>>6958 here

I should have listed some pros and cons with account sharing with my original post to give everyone a better understanding.

For security, someone can not take your account as there is no way for them to change your password or secret question withour your email. Even if by some chance they do get your email as long as you have bought a retail product for any of the games you own, you can contact customer support and they will require proof of a cd key from one of your games(you will have to write some ticket+numbers on it and take a picture with some camera, pic is an example of a retail cd key). I've gotten keylogged a few years ago(thanks, /a/) and the keylogger could only take my account since I didn't have access to anyone else's email. Though be sure to inform the people of whose account you logged into so they can change their password. You can have everyone sharing set their profile to private for extra security(though not everyone would like that). Anyway...

-free games (well, as many as everyone has)
-you get closer to people (easy access to multiplayer games have created stronger friendships from my experience, even if the game isn't fun)
-you don't have to risk pirating a game which could contain viruses, keylogs or botnet(most of them have botnets)

-people logging in while you are playing on that account which boots you off
-someone getting a keylogger which keylogs whoever else the person logs into
-someone wanting to dick around and use hacks which can get you vac-banned (you can't remove vac-ban status no matter what, even if you got hacked) vac-ban status is the inability to join vac protected servers (mostly used in valve games like cs, tf2 etc)
-risk of account getting suspended from sharing though I don't think they actually enforce this as I have shared with 20+ people from all over the world(US, EU, middle east, Japan)
-it's not your account, it doesn't "feel" yours and it may not feel fun playing on it (though this doesn't apply to everyone)
-though this hasn't happened to me, but the chance of someone screwing up your account for the "lulz" like deleting all your friends or putting cp on your display pic for example (I can't imagine anyone here doing that though!)

That's all I could think of now.

That's called account armour, you can turn that off in the settings.
>> No. 7117 [Edit]
what is this steam community update steam keeps talking about? is anyone in the beta?
>> No. 7150 [Edit]
I think they changed how the compress avatars, because none of the ones I've uploaded seem to have the awful artifacting that I remember
>> No. 7151 [Edit]
If the avatar isn't a perfect square then it will shrink the image to fit the frame to stop that. Cool, but it looks kind of stupid in the friends list.
>> No. 7152 [Edit]
No, I mean even if you upload a 184x184 image there was still something weird with the way they process it that makes it's quality drop. now it seems much better
>> No. 7186 [Edit]
Wow, you're right. This was my one main gripe with steam, I'm so glad they fixed it.
>> No. 7232 [Edit]
Steam has a "Greenlight" thing that lets people vote on what games they would like to come to steam. As expected it has a ton of stupid zombie stuff, because zombies are totally still cool and not played out at all
>> No. 7233 [Edit]

Been clicking and voting these all morning...99% of them are shit.
>> No. 7234 [Edit]
File 134635639452.jpg - (109.94KB , 1000x656 , slenderman.jpg )
There's also two slenderman games. Is this kind of shit really what people want?
>> No. 7235 [Edit]
I can't wait to have people vote on the latest generic piece of shit pixelated platformer!
>> No. 7236 [Edit]
File 134636624957.png - (19.62KB , 1024x768 , vidoe game.png )
Behold, the future!
>> No. 7237 [Edit]
what is this supposed to be even
>> No. 7238 [Edit]
I counted four. Fuck Slenderman, fuck RPGMaker, fuck babby's first game, fuck illiterates submitting games that aren't theirs, fuck Layernet for dumping half a dozen indifferentiable industrial automobile simulators, fuck Valve for thinking this was a good idea.
>> No. 7239 [Edit]
>fuck RPGMaker

hey now, if it weren't for that we wouldn't have Violated Heroine
>> No. 7240 [Edit]
I can't help but feel that if it wasn't for the consoles the video game market would crash again.
>> No. 7242 [Edit]
It's going to anyway
>> No. 7243 [Edit]

Sure doesn't look like that to me, the games seem to sell better than ever. People like to say 'video games are dying' whenever they get the chance but the market seems to get bigger with each passing year. The fact that the only games that sell anymore are shooters is a completely different matter.


>because zombies are totally still cool and not played out at all

Reading stuff like that makes me sigh every single time. People talk about some completely bullshit zombie 'boom' because two or so games with zombies got popular 5 or so years ago. Zombies were popular since like literally the 70s, both in cinema and in games. It's like people really think RE4 was the first Resident Evil game.
>> No. 7244 [Edit]

The video game market is going to crash because companies are spending more and more money on less and less innovative games, with unrealistic expectations on how much they will sell. Companies like EA and THQ are knocking on death's door.

>People talk about some completely bullshit zombie 'boom'

It's not bullshit at all though? Zombies right now are like WW2 shooters were a few years ago: fucking everywhere. RE4 has nothing to do with it, nor do any other RE games
>> No. 7254 [Edit]

Resident Evil game don't even have zombies anymore do they?

I think the zombie boom is accurate though, a few big games have gotten zombie spinoffs such as red dead and yakuza. while zombie movies have been around for decades, zombie games seem to have really picked up after left 4 dead. hell it seems like recently the only reason why most people care about armaII is becuase of the dayZ mod for it. even minecraft has zombies.
>> No. 7292 [Edit]
Is anyone else having a problem where steam keeps wanting to install the same update?
>> No. 7302 [Edit]
very informative review of the Steam Big Picture Mode
>> No. 7541 [Edit]
Bypass the party guards
>> No. 7708 [Edit]
File 135506009110.jpg - (168.11KB , 721x900 , Sai_junk_Gabe_Newell.jpg )
Gaben confirmed the steam box from the kotaku article Gabe Newell: Living Room PCs Will Compete With Next-Gen Consoles

>Steam's Big Picture mode was just the first step: according to Valve boss Gabe Newell, you'll be able to buy a living-room-friendly PC package next year.

>Speaking to me during a brief interview on the red carpet at the VGAs last night, Newell said Valve's current goal was to figure out how to make PCs work better in the living room. He said the reaction to Steam's TV-friendly Big Picture interface has been "stronger than expected," and that their next step is to get Steam Linux out of beta and to get Big Picture on that operating system, which would give Valve more flexibility when developing their own hardware.

>He also expects companies to start selling PC packages for living rooms next year—setups that could consist of computers designed to be hooked up to your TV and run Steam right out of the gate. And yes, Newell said, they'd compete with next-gen consoles from companies like Microsoft and Sony.

"I think in general that most customers and most developers are gonna find that [the PC is] a better environment for them," Newell told me. "Cause they won't have to split the world into thinking about 'why are my friends in the living room, why are my video sources in the living room different from everyone else?' So in a sense we hopefully are gonna unify those environments."

>Newell said he's expecting a lot of different companies to release these types of packages

—"We'll do it but we also think other people will as well," he told me—and that Valve's hardware might not be as open-source or as malleable as your average computer.

"Well certainly our hardware will be a very controlled environment," he said. "If you want more flexibility, you can always buy a more general purpose PC. For people who want a more turnkey solution, that's what some people are really gonna want for their living room.

"The nice thing about a PC is a lot of different people can try out different solutions, and customers can find the ones that work best for them."

>I also asked Newell what sort of software they're working on these days. He wouldn't give specifics, but he did reiterate that they're working on their next-generation engine—which he said will work with next-generation consoles as well.

"Hopefully that's gonna give us some interesting opportunities on the game side," he said.
>> No. 7740 [Edit]
Steam for Linux is now open for everyone,early Christmas gift.
>> No. 7741 [Edit]
it was bypassable from the start
>> No. 10558 [Edit]
File 139764391543.jpg - (146.30KB , 600x431 , ydiabl.jpg )
No one plays on Steam. They just collect games...
>> No. 10591 [Edit]
File 139997941822.jpg - (351.05KB , 1920x1080 , yfree.jpg )
I play D3:RoS for the transmogs.
>> No. 10614 [Edit]
File 140150489123.jpg - (353.31KB , 779x736 , ynot.jpg )
Like Soul Caliber, I'm spending more time dressing the characters up rather than playing game.

>> No. 10617 [Edit]
File 14015878216.jpg - (50.99KB , 631x602 , crusty.jpg )
i do the same, why do crusaders look so damn good?
>> No. 10618 [Edit]
I don't remember D3 being this cool looking
>> No. 10647 [Edit]
File 140273930154.jpg - (128.91KB , 636x900 , yingyang.jpg )
There are dyes to get everything a similar colour.
D3:RoS added a transmogify option that visually changes an item's appearance.

Pic is from muju@deviantart
>> No. 10666 [Edit]
Steam Sales! Yeah!
>> No. 10667 [Edit]
Got myself these yesterday. None of which were dailies, just cheap old games.
Divine Divinity - 0.99 EUR
Beyond Divinity - 0.99 EUR
Stronghold HD - 1.31 EUR
Stronghold Crusader HD - 2.63 EUR

I made it a principle some time ago to never buy games on sale that I didn't intend to play anytime soon. Unless of course they're objectively cheap as dirt.
>> No. 10694 [Edit]
Steam Sale is over. Doh.
>> No. 10695 [Edit]
Only other game I bought was Shadowrun Returns. I think I'll try it out now! (for once play a game after I buy it)
>> No. 10696 [Edit]
I once had a conversation about buying games on steam sale. I bragged that I had X games in sum, and it only cost me Y $. My conversation partner responded: "that's still Y $ you've spent."

That's pretty much the point where I stopped buying games I wasn't 100% sure I wouldn't play in the near future.
>> No. 10698 [Edit]
You're thinking about it the wrong way;
>> No. 11254 [Edit]
There's always another STEAM sale...
>> No. 14325 [Edit]
File 163012161319.jpg - (105.70KB , 850x450 , zeBelly.jpg )
Let's go, girls!!
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