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File 138151799360.jpg - (96.04KB , 793x597 , Ef 0.jpg )
12937 No. 12937 [Edit]
What are you playing right now?

Years after watching and loving both Ef anime series, I finally started playing A fairytale of the two. I heard it has even stronger stuff concerning Yuuko. I'm still waiting for some other stuff, but this should very well do for the meantime.
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>> No. 12938 [Edit]
File 138152329939.jpg - (288.48KB , 811x653 , jew 2.jpg )
I'm playing quartet right now.
it's cute and the SoL is pretty alright, some of the themes are more mature than what I expected from the makers of Period, and sadly a good portion of those themes aren't really explored as much as I would've liked. Especially when they end up being the main driving force for the characters and moving the plot forward, I really don't like the issue just sort of dropped and forgotten with at most a handwave instead of an actual resolution.
I know that's expecting too much from a happy-go-lucky feel good moege, but still, either put forth the effort to do it properly or don't do it at all.
>> No. 12939 [Edit]
hey queers, i downloaded majioki something samurai girls, is there no english patch?
need one stat as in now, get looking.
>> No. 12940 [Edit]

There is one.
Now fuck off and find it yourself.
>> No. 12941 [Edit]
FF14. It's more fun in a group.
>> No. 12942 [Edit]
File 138403082779.jpg - (62.55KB , 400x852 , 5010e723066490d93c3ccacb7a8998a584ec8ce8.jpg )
Toradora! VN

Amusingly enough you start out with amnesia so even though the VN heavily references stuff from the LN/anime/manga I get the feeling that it would actually be more enjoyable for somebody who is unfamiliar with the source material.

I can finally get my Ami good end but... Goddamn is the start slow. Just piss of Taiga and let me hang out with Ami already. I know the writers get paid to beat around the bush for 20 hours but...
>> No. 12943 [Edit]
Sekien no Inganock. I really enjoyed the writing in Forest so I wanted to try one of Liar-Soft's more well-known games.
>> No. 12944 [Edit]
File 141186812430.jpg - (240.25KB , 1141x642 , maja.jpg )
I finished Bernd und das R├Ątsel um Unteralterbach. My God, what a fantastic game. Of course the nukige elements were great but I really enjoyed the social commentary, characters, and humor as well. I can say with certainty it's the best OELVN I've ever played.

Apparently the creator has plans for a sequel which I'm really looking forward to.
>> No. 12945 [Edit]
I finished that one a couple of weeks ago too and I'd have to agree. The humor alone was more than worth the playthrough.
>> No. 12946 [Edit]
I hope they will do the english version together with the german this time.
>> No. 12947 [Edit]
An english translation wouldn't make much sense because the game relies heavily on (bad) puns and it makes fun of local politics of the last five years. It's also not as good as some people make it out to be, it's basically just nothing more than Krautchan: The Game
Most of the "jokes" are just memes on the same level as "U MAD?".

Post edited on 28th Sep 2014, 5:47am
>> No. 12948 [Edit]
File 141344558288.jpg - (194.59KB , 961x540 , 1403973000539.jpg )
I beg to differ, a lot of it was still golden.
>> No. 12949 [Edit]
Your picture proves my point. Typical meme from /pol/ on 4chan. The only original part is that he's quilt tripping them. Wow.
>> No. 12950 [Edit]
Is quilt tripping what happens when you pull a quilt from under someone's feet?
>> No. 12951 [Edit]
Thanks for sharing. I'll make sure to consult with you next time I read something so I don't accidentally enjoy a VN with memes. Since apparently that's a terrible thing.
>> No. 12952 [Edit]
You can enjoy it, but don't call it a fantastic golden masterpiece.
>> No. 12953 [Edit]
Right. I'll make sure to defer to your judgment.
>> No. 12954 [Edit]
I'm currently slugging through Grisaia. I'll likely finish reading Kikokugai or Jouka no Monshou afterwards.
>> No. 12955 [Edit]
I really dislike the art style for this, but I suppose I won't let that stop me from playing it if it has a decent story.
>> No. 12956 [Edit]
Oh wait I just read this >>1824
Never mind
>> No. 12958 [Edit]
File 142386318568.jpg - (822.32KB , 1600x1200 , 260666.jpg )
Finished it in one sitting. Short, but full of feel.
>> No. 12959 [Edit]
I finally picked Umineko up again after putting it aside for like four months because it was just getting entirely too bizarre and was giving me a headache. I'm hoping to have done with it in the next few weeks. It's a very good game, just not as good as Higurashi and so much of it is just "what the hell is going on in this game?" Also, I bought Imouto Paradise and have been playing that. One handed, mostly.
>> No. 12960 [Edit]
File 143503117215.png - (116.01KB , 301x274 , tama.png )
About to finish Sumika's route and I don't think I have the patience to sit through meiya's since the events vary little from each other. So I'll speed run hers and finally get unlimited unlocked
>> No. 12961 [Edit]
I lied Sumika's ending was fantastic but it felt hollow after meiya's events in the end.
>> No. 12963 [Edit]
File 143576988376.png - (763.79KB , 816x659 , Beef Stew.png )
I've been trying to read Period untranslated. I have to stop and look something up literally every five seconds, and there's some pretty obscure grammar in places (first time I've seen negative volitional form used in practice, for instance) but I can get by.

Also, the school nurse is ridiculously cute.
>> No. 12966 [Edit]
File 144131799671.jpg - (231.86KB , 1048x1131 , chara-main-hiroshi.jpg )
I started reading Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road some days ago, I'm at the end of the "common" route right now. I really like badass characters, fighting and being cool and such. The heroines being delinquents was actually the reason I started playing it. I enjoyed it so far, but...

The one part I didn't like was when Tsujidou wore those frilly things. In my opinion it doesn't suit her at all, I prefer her "normal" clothing by far. I waited all the time for him to say something the likes of "you look very cute, but your normal clothes suit you much better, after all", but it was just the opposite.
And there lies the rub.
I read the beginning of some review on some blog.
It seems the mc will try to talk Tsujidou out of fighting and she will try to adhere to his shitty ideals...
And they will break up...(I hate love drama, especially in this case since it is because of the crappy mc...)
But that is not my only problem, I can't imagine starting to read the route of another heroine as that would mean completely betraying her, the relationship progressed way too far already in the common route.

So I have mixed feelings; I don't want to stop reading but I don't want the story to unfold that way, either.
>> No. 12967 [Edit]
File 146086311316.png - (474.07KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot_2016-04-13-23-30-10.png )
Reading the Android version of Chaos;Head Noah right now.
Reading VNs on the go is great and all, but I don't like the font my phone uses for Japanese text and I don't know how to change it.

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