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File 16773438835.png - (73.71KB , 401x401 , 1675565936796194.png )
41227 No. 41227 [Edit]
What would you do?
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>> No. 41228 [Edit]
I would stop the trolley, then leave it to someone else to untie them. Not like they know who I am or where I live.
>> No. 41230 [Edit]
>> No. 41231 [Edit]
Years ago there was a fire in an old ladies house close to where I lived. Everyone was standing around doing nothing, just watching. I took the garden hose and started spraying down the fire that I could reach, when I put it out on that side I then took the hose to do the same thing around the front. Once the real fire fighters showed up, I was gone.
I 'want' to help people, to do good things, but we live in a society that makes that hard or punishes people for trying. I took care of the fire, but what if she decided to sue me for water damages in turn? Or trespassing? Vandalism? I didn't know, and I didn't want to find out.
>> No. 41232 [Edit]
I admire your attitude and actions, I think that's the right way to go about it. Saw a バカップル touching the ice on a large pond with their feet once, while I was having some tea a couple of feet away on a bench. The guy decided to stomp it to test out its strength and of course fell into the ice cold water. I stood up and got ready to help out if necessary, but his companion managed to drag him up so I sat down again and laughed internally at the whole spectacle, as the guy cursed himself for being stupid.
>> No. 41252 [Edit]
File 167872023127.png - (652.96KB , 619x817 , meme.png )
What would you do?
>> No. 41253 [Edit]
I'm in the comp sci program already.

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