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File 149516358187.jpg - (68.50KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Gabriel DropOut - 02 [720p]_mkv_sna.jpg )
30157 No. 30157 [Edit]
Is it weird to not be obsessed with something? Online and off I keep encountering people who seem to have one track minds. All they know and all they ever talk about is is one or two things, in some cases people revolve their entire lives around these things. Everything from music, to gun nuts, to gear heads, to specific videogame franchises, or electronics brands. Is it normal for real people to be this two dimensional? Am I weird for not focusing one one or two things and learning everything there is to know about those things? Rather than exploring bits of everything out there?
>> No. 30158 [Edit]
Although most Ford Drivers are fairly two-dimensional people, I'd be wary not to take a passionate post or two about a series or franchise as a sure-fire sign of a 'one track mind'; everyone has their favorites, after all. Granted it's certainly annoying when someone gets going about music, smartphones, live-action TV, or some other pop culture nonsense.
>> No. 30159 [Edit]
I don't mean internet posts, it's impossible to tell anything from that alone. I mean people I've interacted with for a time.
>> No. 30160 [Edit]
I gotcha. In that case it's pretty unavoidable with some people. The only thing I can say is that the 'obsession' phase seems most common with the 15-25 age group (especially with females). I don't claim to know how old you are nor the age of the people you're interacting with, but some of them will hopefully become more well rounded with time... if they don't just turn flat-out degenerate, that is.
>> No. 30266 [Edit]
I'm like that, I guess. When I find something that interests me it's hard for me to think about other things, I'm obsessed, I keep doing that all day until I kind of burn out.
Then I either stop doing anything and watch anime all day or find something else, which is often something I already was obsessed with at some point of my life. It's a cycle.
I didn't associate that with being normal though, rather with being autistic. I never met someone else like me before.
>> No. 30267 [Edit]
I'm the same exact way. To a sickening degree. I don't think that normal people are like this
>> No. 30270 [Edit]
normal people are like that. NTs are not like that.
don't give NTs credit for being mental healthy, NTs are uniformly insane. no intelligent, thinking person could ever accept those extreme levels of conformity. only an idiot savant with the knack for gaining social acceptance could.
>> No. 30272 [Edit]
>> No. 30278 [Edit]
Neurotypical, probably.
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