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File 156978298967.jpg - (226.78KB , 850x638 , __gold_red_typhlosion_blastoise_charizard_and_etc_.jpg )
33327 No. 33327 [Edit]
What has been your personal experience with Pokemon? I started with gen 4, and I have good memories of it for that reason, but it's not my favorite. I think generation 2 was the peak of everything good about Pokemon. The atmosphere, the music, the adventure. It was intended as the last entry into the series and it shows. Everything after the second generation has been an artificial extension increasingly made out of an interest in profit rather than passion.

A lot of people feel that the franchise has gone down hill, but I disagree with their reasons. It's true that the creatures have become more over-designed and the overall art style has become less inspired and the legendary monster concept has been cheapened, but that's not the biggest issue in my opinion. The problem is that it became international. You don't really think of Pokemon as a jrpg, right?

The franchise's success practically forced gamefreak to tone certain things down for a larger, global audience and especially western sensibilities. Then they started accomodating more and more to the point where the game's aren't even set in places based on Japan. The cultural roots of the game have been uprooted and when playing the games you feel it. You feel that it was intended to please everybody across the world. No more forest shrines and kimono wearing girls. No more buddhist temples. No more anything that could upset a parent. No where is this shift more clear than in the anime. The themes of the games aren't particularly tied to Japan either now. Gen 1's technological focus and gen 2's nature focus came from a place relevant to the creators, so it felt like it had some weight to it.

tl;dr: The franchise isn't bathed in Japanese aesthetics and/or sensibilities anymore, so it feels soulless.
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>> No. 33328 [Edit]
I started with Pokemon Blue in 1999. I have played every Gen except SM/USUM. I might get SwSh, not sure tho.

My favorite games are HGSS. I don't really like current Pokemon because GameFreak can do better. I would really like a Pokemon MMO, or at least something on PC that can do an expansion-pack based model. I would like all regions, and transportation between them, on PC if possible.

But I've wanted this for a decade now, and I doubt that GameFreak is interested in doing such a thing. It would be amazing if they did, however.
>> No. 33329 [Edit]
>a Pokemon MMO, or at least something on PC that can do an expansion-pack based model
That's basically Pokemon GO. Yeah, it's terrible, but that's basically what it is. Gamefreak isn't interested in the same market as Blizzard. Kids, Pokemon's main demographic, are using pcs less and less too. You're just not part of the people they care most about.
>> No. 33330 [Edit]
I played Silver when I was a kid and recently I played, Black2, ORAS and X, I thought they were good, then I tried Ultra Moon and I didn't like it.
>> No. 33331 [Edit]
I started with Red, Blue, and Yellow. Then I played Gold and Silver, and many years later played Fire Red. Did some Pokemon Stadium on N64 with my neighbor. It was pretty much the most badass thing ever as a kid. I remember that, for some reason, I drew out a map of the cave that you needed flash for on some lined paper.
>> No. 33332 [Edit]
If playing on the Gameboy Color you could cheat your way through that cave by changing the colour scheme on the start-up screen. The booklet had a list of button combinations for that. Black worked well, but other colours also did the trick though of course with a tint.
>> No. 33333 [Edit]
I haven't seriously played since gen4. I tried to pick up X/Y, but it bored me. I think that's mainly due to there being no feeling of adventure. I'd like to non-linearly go forth into the wilderness to catch and train my Pokemon; I'd like to find some stuff like rarer creatures and such whilst stomping about as a reward for exploring; I'd like to visit locales and meaningfully engage with the people and fauna; I'd like the engage in various activities that benefit my monsters (e.g. farming -> cooking -> food for Pokemon); I'd like more ways to bond with my Pokemon; I'd like to play a role more aligned to my desires in a world full of creature companions. (I don't know if they addressed some of these.)
It'd be nice if they returned to their Japanese roots, but that's more of a bonus for me. I don't think I could play gen1&2 and their remakes as my imagination wouldn't be able to tide me over like it did when I was a kid.

You don't need a PC for an MMO with expansions these days.
>> No. 33334 [Edit]
File 156982269594.jpg - (365.06KB , 500x700 , __hikari_piloswine_and_piplup_pokemon_platinum_and.jpg )
>You don't need a PC for an MMO with expansions these days.
I think they keep releasing more monsters, so maybe they're adding other stuff too. I remember old attempts at creating online severs where people could play the same game and see each other's sprites, but that was really rudementary.

I used to be somewhat invested in pokemon fan projects. The biggest being pokemon garnet, a fan game, and an animated adaptation of the manga. Garnet looked really impressive for the time when it was first announced. A large amount of music and art was created for it, it got updated reguarly, the creature designs were already finished. The years rolled by though and nothing was ever released. The animation project was a mismangaged mess which got next to nothing accomplished. So many promises though. I'm a little bitter about it. Those were both western fan projects and their utter failure really makes me wonder if the passion and dedication needed for doujin or fan projects of any kind is absent in the west. Look at the animation Touhou inspired. Any small bits of animation based on the pokemon manga were also done by Japanese fans.
>> No. 33335 [Edit]
I only collected some tokens that came in snacks when was 7 or something. Everyone did, monkey see monkey do but I didn't care about the series. Never watched it or played any of the games. Never had any consoles either.
>> No. 33337 [Edit]
File 156986600680.jpg - (178.47KB , 500x652 , Rt5pT.jpg )
I played Pokemon Yellow in an emulator, covering the whole screen of my shitty pc with it's enormous ugly disproportioned pixels. I didn't know better. Played some time, never ended it, never touched a Pokemon ever again.
I always thought the new games should be nice but never touched them and at this point I wouldn't even know were to start. I guess I missed that train.
If I ever get a NES or a GameBoy I will probably get the everdrives and then I will end playing the first ones for sure though. Actually I think I will get a GBC soon.
>> No. 33339 [Edit]
File 156999040117.jpg - (161.97KB , 800x800 , 1522610257060.jpg )
The worldwide release for XY really were perfect symbols of the franchise's loss of identity. Sure, BW were based off America, but there's still plenty of aesthetics inspired by Japanese folklore, both in the designs of several routes/towns, as well as Pokémon. The tone of those games, even, acquired mostly from the straight-philosophical NPC flavor text, added to the feeling of transitioning of paradigms.
>> No. 33342 [Edit]
File 157001777417.jpg - (120.99KB , 850x776 , __n_and_nagisa_kaworu_neon_genesis_evangelion_and_.jpg )
>the straight-philosophical NPC flavor text
I'm not sure what you mean by this. XY were released after the point I stopped caring, but I remember the worldwide release sort of encapsulating everything that changed. BW were alright and the story had some interest to it.
>> No. 33343 [Edit]
Black and White 2 has some incredibly philosophical lines of dialogue in it.
>> No. 33344 [Edit]
Have some examples of that?
>> No. 33352 [Edit]
File 157022009430.jpg - (245.33KB , 1280x865 , Delphox 2.jpg )
I started with the anime and was huge into Pokémon but I never could play the games at the time because I didn't have a Gameboy or anything. Later on in my life I got to play Pokémon Diamond. It was fun but I ended up getting an action replay and just cheating my way through. I played Gale of Darkness at some point afterwards. Fun, but I got stuck. Dropped the series after that.
I then played Y many years later and enjoyed it but man, was it piss easy. I got to play Omega Ruby some time after that but I ended up grinding for levels and I just got bored of the series after that. If nothing else, if I do play Sword/Shield then at this point it will be because I can customize my cute girl trainer even more so than usual. It took me a long time to realize it but something I appreciate about Pokémon is that it feels like it's your adventure with your friends. It centers around you. It makes me feel like I'm playing some kind of anime simulator, if that makes sense. I'm not so sure if I'm getting it across too well.
I'm sure there are many more games that do this better but I don't know what they are. At this point, that's the only reason I would play Pokémon anymore. It's a nice franchise despite how corporate it is but for me there's only one reason to bother anymore.
Also I ♡ delphox.
>> No. 33359 [Edit]
File 157023686171.jpg - (116.08KB , 850x1201 , __kasumi_pokemon_classic_anime_and_etc_drawn_by_te.jpg )
I bought an action replay after playing through Platinum the first time. It's basically like a new game+. The intended experience is fun the first time, but then you don't want to be restricted. Some events were also only accesible for a short time, so cheating is the only way to access them. Not buying any potions or using them during important battles is sort of like a hard mode and I liked doing it that way.
>I'm sure there are many more games that do this better but I don't know what they are.
Dragon Quest maybe
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