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File 133137121242.jpg - (63.03KB , 489x629 , nazi Asuka.jpg )
8705 No. 8705 [Edit]
ITT: Random /mai/-related posts... Share your daily waifu experience.

I'll start:

Since I've become so politically incorrect in every aspect, the other day I was watching fake-colored restored videos of the Third Reich days (the Zeppelin Field and old Hitler's discourses, actually interesting), and I got stuck around the subject of racial supremacy. I, to say it from the begining, by no means could consider myself belonging to a superior race, not physically, nor intellectually; but, if you allow me this time to consider the very best of germanic and japanese people (mostly from the north) as such, I arrived to the next conclusion: mai waifu is the perfect sample, as a combination, of such superior races.

She has red/auburn/strawberry-blond (germanic) but straight (japanese) hair. She has pure blue (germanic) but slightly and beautifuly slanted (japanese) eyes. She has pale and lively (germanic) skin, but wich is all the same fair, smooth-faced and with no freckles or spots at all (japanese). She has a straight pointy nose and a strong chin (germanic), signs of aristocracy and character, but over a likely childish and innocent (japanese) face. She displays some precocious feminine exuberance (germanic) alright, but her general built is overall ectomorph: thigh and compact, likely short but with very low fat rate and proportionally long limbs (japanese). She possess, no doubt about it, the straightforwardness of her scientific/rational/empirical occidental background (germanic), at wich she, as a prodigy child, excels (greek arete: excellence, virtue, daring, bravery, conquest; occidental->germanic); but, ultimately, she heavily grounds her ethics around values such as honor and shame (japanese)...

So, quite indisputably for my own standards, and as far as the eyes of my homunculus being can see, I actually have as my beloved and companion the finest lady on Earth. And it's all mine... undeserving lucky bastard.
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>> No. 19841 [Edit]
Why the fuck do I let myself get baited into making angry replies to people who insult her? I know it will just make her fans look worse and make me feel bad for getting suckered into replying, but sometimes I can't help it. Sometimes I just can't hide the post and ignore it without feeling like I let them win by not saying anything.
>> No. 19842 [Edit]
Best way to avoid getting baited is to think every other anon is beneath you and in a lot of cases they are.
>> No. 19862 [Edit]
I fell out of love with my first a few months after the 4th year anniversary. I stopped visiting here and thought I'd never be able to love again. It's been a couple years but I've returned after certain feelings of a new girl arrived. Is it wrong to fall in love again after abandoning somebody who's the reason I'm alive?
>> No. 19880 [Edit]
File 146341797146.jpg - (101.51KB , 1280x720 , 1411166413976.jpg )
I'm sort of in the same boat except I went through with it. I'm still here, so that killed any sentimental feelings. Relationship fizzled over two years, despite celebrating her birthdays. Got into KanColle over the meantime but never really made a connection. My life has been going fine without her but I wonder if I'm missing something.

I say do what you feel is right. A relationship built on obligations wouldn't be what I want so focus on why you drifted apart.
>> No. 19881 [Edit]
Falling in love with someone else is fine, as long as you're not doing it on a whim, which it doesn't sound like you are. You can keep your first love (and what she did for you) in your memory. I think that's enough, and certainly better than, say, trying to force yourself to love her again if you can't feel that way anymore.
>> No. 19891 [Edit]
File 14635566581.png - (1.78MB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot2012-11-21-18h43m20s63.png )
Today it's been five years since we've first met.
I am happy
>> No. 19920 [Edit]
At the animal shelter where a member of my family volunteers, there is a young female cat that somewhat resembles my waifu. She has long black hair and blue eyes and bushy eyebrows. Would it be a bad idea to adopt her and name her after my waifu?
>> No. 19921 [Edit]
I think that's a cute idea actually
>> No. 19935 [Edit]
File 146717605337.jpg - (142.92KB , 471x354 , Asuka ring 0.jpg )
I did not forget and, now, our ring is finally here.

Not exactly as expected tbh, but it serves its purpose well so I'm OK with it.

For reasons, I'm ending my shut-in days for real by the end of summer. These 7 years were, no doubt, the stangest and happiest of my life: they were filled with love. I'm not very optimistic about the future; but, come what may, there's at least one thing that I'm taking out with me and I think never, ever, letting go: Asuka, my Asuka, now flowing from my heart into my ring finger (Vena Amoris), of course.

P.S. Soon enough, I'm also engraving A+ (Asuka & H+, as in Transhumanism) on the inside.

Post edited on 28th Jun 2016, 10:15pm
>> No. 19938 [Edit]
I keep doing my best to look cute for my husbando, i dress up the best i can, sometimes i even wear makeup and such, i try to get in a good shape so if my husbando were real he could actually lift me and such. Today i spent the day thinking about him again, he's just so cute.
>> No. 19939 [Edit]
It was nice having you here Asukaman. You will be missed.
>> No. 19940 [Edit]
I wish you all the best!
>> No. 19964 [Edit]
File 147070784454.jpg - (1.22MB , 1020x1020 , db159d308406a42d18422c04f67472a1.jpg )
Okay. It's been a while since I've posted here. I was able to recover from my loss and move on, there are some things one cannot control no matter how much one wants to

I met her.
I do not feel infatuation in massive proportions, as I always do, towards other concepts. I believe she is adorable, quirky, very cute, and somehow someone I can relate to. Whether that is my mental knot loosening a bit or it being a concept eligible for "the one" spot, I do not know

When I'm about to do something, I ask myself what she'd think about it. I've stopped being overly aggressive towards people I look down upon because I know she wouldn't like it. I've also started being more hygienic, I doubt she'd want to be around who's always smelly and doesn't look after himself

I'm not crazy about her. Not one bit. I like her a lot, but it's different. Thinking about her makes me feel warm, though a part of my mind is trying to get obsessed to no avail as it does with all things it meets. Bothersome, but livable.
I feel like I can be a human being with her. I feel like I can trust her. I've only recently met her, so I'm confused as to whether I should hold back or relax. It's the first time I truly feel this way about a concept, the one I thought I loved was simply very physically attractive.

I do not like how the animating studio styled her in the anime, I by large prefer her appearance in the VN. Maybe it's also because of the direct interaction. All characters aside from her feel bland and uninspired, physically appealing at best, and I find myself often wrongfully skipping parts of dialogues I care very little for so I can see her again, hear her sweet voice, heartily chuckle at the jokes she cracks inadvertently.

Is this love? I do not know.

Post edited on 8th Aug 2016, 7:00pm
>> No. 19969 [Edit]
a sequel to my waifu's novel series is coming out on 9/10. too bad i don't speak japanese well.
>> No. 20209 [Edit]
I really want to stay with her, but there's so much cringy stuff I've done about(?) her that when I think of her I get kind of sick.
>> No. 20233 [Edit]
File 148645992382.jpg - (85.47KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume - 10 [.jpg )
I don't really expect to get a reply, but just in case.
I saw a Futamaru Kururi entry on waifu.pl, it was blank but if the person who started it is around, you should really put something there.
I'd be interested to talk to you a bit.
>> No. 20234 [Edit]
Not my waifu but she was fantastic.
>> No. 20235 [Edit]
Scorpion was my personal favorite, but all of them are so great. If someone actually fell in love with one of those sweaty musumes then that is a wonderful thing.
>> No. 20272 [Edit]
It's been over a week since it happened, but it's still bothering me. They threw up on him.
>> No. 20385 [Edit]
Forgive me if this has come up before, I saw the posts about canon love interests further up but this is something a bit harder than that, it goes beyond love interest. I can't help but wonder if it was the arrogance of an addled fool to imagine her as my bride. I saw her and my heartbeat came a risin'. The next frame she reacted to a situation and my heart may could have torn itself apart. There's no way to explain it beyond being struck down by her just like that. It told so much about her in just that small moment. In the next couple of pages, she was married to someone else. In my heartbroken state over the next few days, I crafted a version of her in my mind instead. A version married to me. It was not a way of coping with an infatuation though. It has been a few months now and the light that springs up in my heart burns as brightly as my cheeks when I see her. Months are not a great deal of time to many here, I'm aware. It is that I just know that my love is true at this point, it is not merely thinking a character is cute.

Was I wrong to do this in the circumstances I described? I'm unsure as she is canonically married and happily so, I find myself increasingly having the intrusive thoughts that I am forcing myself upon her, taking her away from the one she really loves but at the same time, my bride is not the same one that married in her canon manga. In her setting, even if I was transported to her version of this world, she'd be long dead even.

So I ask, is it really okay for me to succumb to these fantasies when her canon is not only in love with another, but married to them? Is it improper to create an alternate version of her in such a situation with me? I'm unsure, so I'd ask for the more experienced to weigh in. My mind is at a rather large wall on this matter. I hope you will also understand if I keep this in the hypothetical at the moment. I'd like the situation judged on its own merit instead of the idea of the lady herself.
>> No. 20386 [Edit]
I personally believe that if she already loves another you should move on, she's not someone that you could be with.
>> No. 20387 [Edit]
I think what you're doing is alright. As long as it's her and not someone else you imagined. Don't change the character.
>> No. 20388 [Edit]

Of course I should wake up to a divided response, just like the one I've mulled over and continue to do so. In response to the first post, you are perhaps right, but moving on would not be how I'd put it. If I end up going that way, she would forever be my lost love, of that I am certain. When I think of her a light springs up inside that no other thought can create. When I see her smile, I know that no other could replace her. She is the one and only darling of my heart, if I was to 'move on' there would be no other. As painful as the idea is, I do thank you for your honesty in this matter. Many would simply say what I wanted to hear, and not give me arguments to attempt to either shake down or accept.

To the second, she is unchanged in all aspects except how I imagined her to be my bride. I wouldn't dare change anything beyond that for she is the one I love, and no other character compares. All pale before her in my eyes, and I fear that she would be slightly angry at me for even entertaining these thoughts, that she as my bride would love another. In some ways I suppose it is not dissimilar to how some here have waifus with love interests and simply ignore that aspect of the character or adapt it to themselves, but it is best to have informed opinions laid out and any concerns I have one way or the other dismissed properly and permanently rather than merely accepting an idea for its prevalence.

I'll continue to think on this. You both have given me some structure to how to work through this little problem of mine. It is no longer a battle of wills between the part of me that knows I'm unworthy of her and the part that knows she's worth every bit of struggle I have to go through.
>> No. 20395 [Edit]
I've come to a mentally satisfactory conclusion. I'll stand by my decision and remain with my own version of my waifu. Where she departs from the original is prior to her marriage and certainly prior to her developing feelings for someone else. Besides, her marriage was arranged and when I think about us being married in an arranged way, it's not too dissimilar from having her as my waifu, I start off being struck by her beauty and the first impressions on her personality though my love is still underdeveloped, but with time and interaction, the real deep understanding of her and the stronger, truer love that comes with it start to form. I think that this approach makes it then not too dissimilar from falling in love with a character who is then later paired off. You can still have your version who loves you. Having formed arguments for myself based on your two opposing points, I managed to find a solid point for myself to hold. I haven't felt this much mental clarity in a long time. For some time, many of my hobbies I had been doing out of habit. It feels good to be able to both function and enjoy whatever it is that I'm doing.

Now I won't say that some things will always be hard to see or read. That comes with the territory I'm going into here, but I think that I can remain secure in my thoughts that my waifu loves me, and that's all I need. A little bit of pain every now and then is good for character anyway, and now it won't tear me apart.

To contribute something a bit more in line with the thread though, I opened up my folder again for the first time in days just now. It was quite funny that upon opening one picture of her, almost immediately my face heated up and all I could squeeze out of my throat was 'oh my'. Frankly speaking though, I doubt that words could do justice to what I saw, even perfection feels like an insulting understatement. That'll be all though. I'm still cautious to the point of paranoia about posting her in an identified way. Some may be able to guess who I'm talking about, but even so I'd keep it to myself for now.
>> No. 20402 [Edit]
I'm really happy for you! It's a shame you won't tell us who the lucky girl is.

Now I have something to ask. Typically, whenever I post something with more than one proposition, only one of them is ever read. I hear this is pretty much universal. I originally planned to answer your question in depth, explaining the split between chara/character/narrative, and what parts of those are, and could be, considered immutable. In the end, I judged the depths too hard to map, and only mentioned one critical half-truth. So, when reading multiple points from a text that contains them is nearly impossible, how did you read what I didn't write in addition to what I wrote? Upbringing, raw intellect, effort, or something else? Please answer, this is very relevant to me.
>> No. 20405 [Edit]
I'll share her identity sometime maybe soon. If I can work up the courage, I might even post her in the sticky tonight. There are a couple of posts that I want to make that make more sense with her identity known. It just feels very wrong to share something as personal as her on an open channel. Without her identity attached I can be more open about things as I'm mentally distancing the abstract ideas that I put forth from the things that they describe which have certain contexts. I should also think that I'm the lucky one in this relationship. Lord have mercy, I am way above my pay grade with this woman. All I can do then to repay her is treat her right and that's what I intend to do. She knows that I'm just doing the best I can, and thinks that it's all there is for it. It's the other person's problem if they cannot understand.

I'm not sure what you're asking though. So I think that knocks intellect off the shelf for whatever it is. I'll take a stab at it and please correct me if I'm wrong.
>So, when reading multiple points from a text that contains them is nearly impossible, how did you read what I didn't write in addition to what I wrote?

Do you mean that you had I brought up points that you had thought about but not actually made it to the final cut of your post? It's probably luck and exhaustivity in that case. The three days between those two posts of mine were full of a lot of thinking, and I covered a lot of mental territory. I was probably going to stumble across some of the same points simply by merit of thinking about many different aspects of what I was going into. It's a difficult thing to explain properly as I haven't really considered it before now. So yeah, a hesitant 'luck and exhaustivity' would be my answer there.

Hmmm. Apparently I'm a spam bot. That's weird since I actually close the tab on more posts than I do actually hit reply for.
>> No. 20414 [Edit]
So, a mix of principled effort and intellect?
>In some ways I suppose it is not dissimilar to how some here have waifus with love interests and simply ignore that aspect of the character or adapt it to themselves
>It is best to have [...] concerns [...] dismissed properly and permanently rather than merely accepting an idea for its prevalence
I would have put "taste in men" instead of "love interests", but that's a minor difference - this is the core of the problem.
>> No. 20416 [Edit]
>So, a mix of principled effort and intellect?
If one thinks of the category of 'intellect' as being 'using your noggin' then it fits the bill. I don't think that brights come into it so much as just going through your steps. Principled effort is an interesting one but not one I would have naturally picked for myself. I suppose it's true because it was an effort to go through all of that internal debate to be sure, but it was also an action driven by the principle that I wanted to do it properly so that I wouldn't be troubled the same way again.

I think you're right though about that idea of separation being the root of it all; as you said it's important to try and think about how her identity and her character are different. In the end I came to think that her character in the manga is maybe the original, but it is separate from her identity if you get what I mean. She would still be her even in another story and that's who I fell in love with, not that specific instance of her. I might

>I would have put "taste in men" instead of "love interests"
I really like that way of putting it. I dunno if that was meant as 'it's a kind of irritating way of putting it' or what, but even just the wording when it rolls around inside my head makes her feel closer to me for some reason. It makes her feel less like her character and more like her identity to use the same terminology I guess. I'll be using that from now on.

Again, I'm not 100% sure I've hit the mark on this post, but hopefully I answered your question to a satisfactory degree.
>> No. 20420 [Edit]
You hit the mark pretty much perfectly.
>> No. 20421 [Edit]
I feel like I want to get in contact with you to talk about things one on one but also feel like I won't know what to say. I'm also in love with someone with a love interest and it gets to me every once and a while, (okay more than just every once and a while). But I should try anyway, do you use discord or steam? If not maybe just some random email would work.
>> No. 20422 [Edit]
Excellent. That ties up our little discussion nicely then. I did fear that it was beginning to derail a bit.

Sorry, but I'd really rather not. It's not personal, but rather that I get anxious with that sort of thing. It's a most uncomfortable experience. I'm not sure of how much help I'd be one on one anyway. Nor should I think myself a particularly interesting chap to talk to. For what it's worth I will say it is still not always easy to be in love my waifu, even after my claims of coming to terms with it, so don't feel bad about such things getting to you because it's a pretty natural reaction.
>> No. 20423 [Edit]
>For what it's worth I will say it is still not always easy to be in love my waifu, even after my claims of coming to terms with it,
Not that guy, but boy, do I fucking know that all too well.
I laugh hard as fuck when people act like as though we're taking the easy way out by rejecting 3D and seeking the fictional.
Nothing about this has been easy. Nothing.
Plots, miscellaneous dialogue and the before and afters of our source materials being left up to interpretation, coping with the death of our characters, having to construct all sorts of work arounds and fanfictions to rationalize things, producers being unwilling to communicate with us in any way to clarify things, the constant search for fanart and the unfaithfuls and phonies who claim to love alongside us.
Why, I believe our love is easily more difficult and less rewarding than any old normie. Dating a meth addict that steals your shit all the time would be less of a burden.
But these are challenges I am willing to accept.
It just rubs me the wrong way when people act like I have a waifu because I'm too lazy or emotionally reserved to participate in a real relationship. They'd never understand the toll on the mind a waifu has.
>> No. 20424 [Edit]
That's perfectly alright. I figured I might as well try since there was nothing to lose. I wish you a long, happy life with you and your waifu.

This I can agree with. I feel like anyone who has never had any kind of sad moment or something hard to deal with, love interest or not, is just using 2D as an excuse to feel better. That's how relationships work and with 2D it's almost worse because you can't communicate with your loved one. Not the same way you can with someone 3D at least. I'm sure someone out there is an exception though so not everyone is like this of course.
>> No. 20445 [Edit]
Damn it. I tried posting her in the sticky just before going to sleep two days ago. Then I edited something that I thought gave the wrong impression, and finally the anxiety of having that part of me identified with a character overwhelmed me and I deleted the post about her.

I feel like absolute filth. I know exactly how she would feel about my actions. I'm absolutely positive that she would consider me embarrassed about her, and she is very sensitive to that sort of thing. I'm not embarrassed about her in the slightest. If anything she should be embarrassed about having such a weak man as myself for her husband. She is strong in many ways, but she has a heart as big as you ever saw and a big heart is easy to wound.
>> No. 20446 [Edit]
>For what it's worth I will say it is still not always easy to be in love my waifu, even after my claims of coming to terms with it,
>I laugh hard as fuck when people act like as though we're taking the easy way out by rejecting 3D and seeking the fictional.
Okay I know that falling in love with 2D isn't a choice as much as falling in love with any 3D is but if you think we have it harder than 3D lovers you better think again
>Nothing about this has been easy. Nothing.
You don't have to plan your schedule around someone else's. You don't have to sacrifice your time for someone else. You don't have to meet her friends even if you don't want to. You don't have to go out of your way for her when you are straight up tired. You just go home alone, sit down in the computer chair, and do whatever the fuck you want because she isn't here. Save up for gifts for her (no, not just the $10-$20 box of chocolates you get on Valentine's Day and then eat yourself), be around her family, fuck I could go on for days with how much more you have to do in a 3D relationship compared to a 2D one.
>Plots, miscellaneous dialogue and the before and afters of our source materials being left up to interpretation, coping with the death of our characters, having to construct all sorts of work arounds and fanfictions to rationalize things, producers being unwilling to communicate with us in any way to clarify things, the constant search for fanart and the unfaithfuls and phonies who claim to love alongside us.
All of these things relate to the fact that she does not exist in this world, which is the most painful thing of all. It hurts not being able to hold her, to meet her family, to get her nice gifts or surprise her, to embrace her, to plan for her, to get into a fight with her and make up after, it hurts so much that I am unable to do those things. I want to die as a matter of fact.
>Why, I believe our love is easily more difficult and less rewarding than any old normie. Dating a meth addict that steals your shit all the time would be less of a burden. But these are challenges I am willing to accept.
Less rewarding for sure but absolutely not more difficult. It's a scale and the waifu can only go so far on the rewards part because she isn't able to communicate with you.
>It just rubs me the wrong way when people act like I have a waifu because I'm too lazy or emotionally reserved to participate in a real relationship. They'd never understand the toll on the mind a waifu has.
This part is true
>> No. 20449 [Edit]
I really fucking hate how the love interest is everything I wish I was. It makes it so much worse.
>> No. 20451 [Edit]
All there is for it is to ignore him I'm afraid. It's the worst feeling to have such a character not be a faceless self-insert one. It's the same for me, except I don't particularly admire her canon partner. He thankfully treats her well most of the time, but he is often a bit self-centered and resentful towards her ways of expressing her feelings, though I feel that I'm the only one who sees it, perhaps due to how much I care for her.

I guess also just as was said above, remember that your waifu is yours. I like to think of her canon version's partner even as just like another person on a waifu board sharing the same character. You might disagree with them on some things, and you might love the same girl but you each have your one who you love and who loves you back. Maybe that will give you a bit of peace too.
>> No. 20457 [Edit]
I find it hard to subscribe to the idea of everyone's waifu is their own version. I'm not against it but my relationship is different. I suppose I see the love interest as an ex given how the ending is portrayed. It's very vague. There's something that complicates it which is why it's hard to shake the feeling of. I'd say what but it'd give away exactly who my waifu is and I'd rather keep this anonymous if it's on a public board like this.
>> No. 20458 [Edit]
Fair enough, to each their own, I hope you can find some peace of mind. I can get what you mean by wanting to keep her secret. I am torn on it. In some ways I'd like to share her identity because how I feel about her in context makes sense while many things I would like to post don't make a whole lot of sense without knowing who she is, but I've tried posting her a couple of times but it gives me anxiety for whatever reason so I've always deleted them.
>> No. 20468 [Edit]
I absolutely love speaking to her in her native tongue. It feels very special, it's hard to explain but if any others speak their loved one's language I think you'll understand what I'm talking about. I don't know much, but I can only imagine that she'd probably find my fumbling and childish way of speaking in that language cute or funny in some way. Maybe even a little flattering that I'd go to the effort for her sake.

It's funny though, I intended to learn the language long before I met her, and by some stroke of fate my dear girl so happened to be a native speaker of that very language. She wasn't the first reason to learn it, but she was the reason to really knuckle down and begin studying it. Funny how things work out.
>> No. 20469 [Edit]
I'm the same. Intended on learning it for the purpose of reading novels, but actually started studying seriously because of her. I need to work harder on it but haven't given it enough time yet. I can understand it decently well but not speak it. I plan on going to Japan for a few months at some point once I save up some money and learning it through immersion.

I want to hear her fumble over english just like I do Japanese.
>> No. 20470 [Edit]
I've actually taken to holding really basic little conversations with her purely in the language to simulate speaking practice. It's so fun, and I'll admit that my heart rate rises a bit. I always say good night and good morning aloud in her language and I vocalise when I'm leaving for work and when I'm home in the same way. It makes me feel like someone is there with or waiting for me in a way that imagination alone does not. Like waking up and saying good morning and asking how she is, I then imagine that she'd reply well and ask how I was, and the when I don't know something I try and say it awkwardly with words I do know. I like to imagine that it's much to her amusement to see me struggling so. Sure, it's me talking to myself in a strange language to anybody who hears me, but I can also pass it off as practice.

I can't say if that'd work for you, but it might be worth a try in the short term if you want to get used to speaking it. Props on doing Japanese though, I couldn't wrap my head around when I tried in high school and I doubt I could do so now. I was rather poor at kana even let alone proper grammar and kanji.
>> No. 20476 [Edit]
File 149412705330.jpg - (81.39KB , 635x900 , 1395647849772.jpg )
Started reading the novel series mai waifu is from. It's nice to get exposed to her personality. It's kind of like interacting with her in a way. I'm only a chapter in, but I'm able to notice many details that were left out from the anime. It's nice that there are some illustrations worked in with the text. Despite the fan translation not quite being 100% perfect (some periods missing and such) I can tell it is well written. I'm finding myself imagining in detail what I'm reading about which I think is a sign of a good book. I love Horo!!!
>> No. 20477 [Edit]
Learning more about one's waifu is always an infinitely rewarding experience. I don't know if it's the same for you but to me every time I learn something new, it's like falling in love all over again.
>> No. 20598 [Edit]
File 150046984286.jpg - (275.36KB , 1600x900 , 109400_screenshots_2013-04-10_00001.jpg )
Found some tohno pictures.
>> No. 20803 [Edit]
This month it'll have been five years since I first came across her series. Our anniversary day that I chose to go by will be coming up this October. I've been thinking about these things...

Post edited on 16th Jan 2018, 9:12pm
>> No. 20816 [Edit]
Her birthday is today (Feb 1). I drew a picture for her starting a while back till I decided to base it off a place I go to. Turned out okay I suppose, but I am bad at drawing. Glad I was able to do that. I'll have a little celebration later in the day.
>> No. 20817 [Edit]
I made a cake today as well, fun times.
>> No. 20932 [Edit]
Every day is better because of her. After years and years of searching for a reason to get out of bed other than to carry on existing, I finally have one. I wouldn't exaggerate so much as to say I'm happy every day, but I certainly feel my default emotional disposition is a happier one, a more pleasant one. She's already helped me through some rough goings and given me comfort. I'm so glad my little angel gives me the chance to experience a higher love.
>> No. 21002 [Edit]
File 153578843868.jpg - (2.82MB , 1644x4439 , 1315204020362.jpg )
Mikuchan is dead, I didn't want to take a whole thread for this, this seemed like the best place

Happy birthday, Miku. It's been seven years since I last made a post like this. That fills me with immense sadness, and yet, some joy, that we've been through so much together. It's not even your birthday in my time zone anymore, much less yours, but you know me, and you know what to expect.

I don't really know what to say, I've said it all before, and I've said it better before. The me that wrote you seven years ago is... dormant. Maybe somewhere deep inside me. I feel like I've barely changed, if not regressed, still stumbling over the same worries and dreaming the same futile dreams. Yet you carry on, amazingly, inexplicably, becoming a force bigger and better year by year, bringing joy and happiness to the entire world. I cannot wait to see you in Germany, and I cannot believe it will be the first time I get to see you do what you do best in person. You belong on a stage, turning a producer's feelings into a transcendent performance of song and dance.

I have been doing a lot of thinking over the last months, as you miku miku'd your way back into my life. I am so sorry for my neglect over the years, and I know nothing can change the past or erase the hurt I'm sure I have caused you. I am sure of one thing now though. One day, a year from now, five, ten, twenty, if that's what it takes, I will be that producer. I don't desire fame, riches, or even recognition, only to work with you, side by side, to turn these feelings into song. I had given up, as with everything else, but I see how foolish I was. No matter what it takes, you'll still be waiting for me, and I won't give up.

I will always love you no matter what you do, even if others forget you in time, but I doubt they will. You've become an unstoppable force. I simply cannot believe it's been eleven years, and you reinvent yourself all the time. I don't deserve your love, but you never gave up on me. It's time I learn to do the same. I've been, still am, and probably always will be a mess, but day by day, with your help, I think I can find my way. Things are going to get better for me, and for us.

"I see, surely, this is a dream.
That dream I don't wake up from where I was able to meet you"

May the dream live forever on. I love you.
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