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File 131578895434.png - (721.83KB , 1024x853 , Madotsuki (15).png )
5336 No. 5336 [Edit]
Did any of you tell your parents/friends about your Waifu?
How did they react to it?
But in a little perspective tell us what kind of person you are.
The reason I'm asking is I want to get things for and of my Waifu but fear the judgement my father will bring down on me
We are both very Gruff Conservative men and to have such a thing as a waifu might desroy our relationship and his view of me
I think however, it only goes with our beliefs that (3D) women are inherently evil and don't want to be corrupted by them, but I think he can't look beyond, or rather tell the difference between, having a Waifu and such faux-logic things as being a furry
Would it be better if I kept my love a secret?
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>> No. 5337 [Edit]
there's no reason at all to tell anyone ever
>> No. 5338 [Edit]
They'll find out eventually
>> No. 5339 [Edit]
Not really, unless you're really obnoxious about it.
>> No. 5340 [Edit]
alright, granted you actually spend time with friends/parents, they will find out if you have that stuff on display as you normally would
>> No. 5341 [Edit]
Unless you specifically say otherwise, even the most blatant displays will still make people think you're just a creepy fanboy for the character. I draw mai waifu all the time, I have merchandise of her, and my parents still haven't made the connection that I might actually love her.
>> No. 5342 [Edit]
The difference between me and you is that you're "their weeaboo son at his animu and mango again"
I'm not known like that and so it can be really devastating to my character if it comes up and the little respect I have is lost.
I know this sounds very self centered but I've seen the anime clubs at my school and I don't want to be equated to those people when most of them have no idea of what a waifu even is
>> No. 5343 [Edit]
I am not a weeaboo thank you

So does your dad not know you like Japanese stuff, period, or does he just not know how into it you are?
>> No. 5344 [Edit]
As I've said (using different parallels) they probably can't tell the difference
And I'm not into the whole anime scene myself per se, I just have a genuine love for my waifu and her being drawn in an eastern art style, nothing more
But I don't think my dad would give a crap if I watched anime just not totally "kawaii~" crap like K-ON, its more about the waifu than anime in general
>> No. 5345 [Edit]
All I can really say is don't be completely open about it. He's not going to find out.
>> No. 5347 [Edit]
but how can I keep something as simple as a framed picture without him asking questions?
>> No. 5348 [Edit]
Simple, ignore him.
>> No. 5349 [Edit]
>> No. 5351 [Edit]
Well, anyone else have/need advice on this matter?
>> No. 5352 [Edit]
File 131579579022.jpg - (139.84KB , 1024x768 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Never told anyone, but anyone that sees the shit scattered across my room would probably have it figured out fairly quickly, I don't really give a shit though. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression about a year ago, so my family and friends are pretty much convinced that I'm crazy at this point anyway, so I don't have much to worry about I guess.

..I'm sure this isn't helping any, though.
>> No. 5353 [Edit]
Yeah that's kind of a tip-off right there
>> No. 5354 [Edit]
I'm sure they didn't jump to that conclusion unless they spend abhorrent amounts of time on the regions of the internet that discuss this type of stuff.
>> No. 5356 [Edit]
A couple of my closest friends know about my waifu, but I didn't go out of my way to tell them. Rather, they got me to admit it (both of them knew what a 'waifu' was and knew that I didn't like 3DPD, so it was probably pretty obvious). They're completely fine with it, although they're pretty "nerdy" like I am. As for my parents, they're somewhat conservative and traditional too. As such, I'd never tell them in a thousand years since they wouldn't understand and it'd just stir shit up unnecessarily.

So yes, I do think you should keep it a secret. However, this doesn't have to mean that you can't keep anything related to your waifu around. My parents see my waifu around and just assume it's my favorite video game character, which I agree with if it comes up. I honestly don't think your Dad will make much of a fuss about a framed picture of her. If he asks, just say she's a cool character or something. The good thing about hiding a waifu from 'traditonal' people is that the majority of them would never even consider the existence of 2D love. They won't draw the waifu conclusion unless you somehow provoke it.
>> No. 5358 [Edit]
I am sure my family knows.

They have been in my room a couple of times and seen my dakimakura, and figs of her on my desk. It wouldn't be hard for them to figure it out just from that, but they know I don't have any fiends, haven't in many years in fact, and am quite lonely. My mom and sister think I am autistic. Never actually been diagnosed, not that it matters.

My brother might understand a little. I got him into anime a few years ago. He is quite casual, but he did say one time that he had a thing for the Major in Ghost in the Shell.

Lucky for me, I don't think they have seen the nude side of mine. Yeah, that would be awkward.
>> No. 5362 [Edit]
Out of fear of unnecessary bashing on my waifu for unknown reasons, I decided to tell my closest friends of my relationship with Makoto. They immediately understood, since they themselves are pretty much "weeaboo shut-in nerds", and they decided to not mention her in any negativity because they know how sensitive I am with the subject. This also encouraged them to go find their own waifu, and well; I guess they have.

My parents will probably never find out, and if they did, I will make it in their best interest to stay out of my way when it comes to my relationship with my waifu.
>> No. 5364 [Edit]
I don't think they'd quite get exactly what's going on, but I'm sure they'd get the general idea.
Only one person (that I know of) even saw mine. I was at this girls house one night, and a few beers later I was talking about how much of a loser I am (I'm the sad, depressing drunk apparently) but she kept trying to convince me I'm not. I said "Pfft, you don't know the half of it" and after a few seconds of silence she said "I saw the pillow" and I proceeded to a faceplant on the couch and stay there for a good fifteen minutes. Oddly enough she didn't seem weirded out by it at all, but she's a bit of a weeaboo herself so I guess she understands to an extent, or something.
>> No. 5365 [Edit]
Only a couple friends I know online.
Family probably wouldn't care though.
>> No. 5367 [Edit]
File 131580792123.png - (298.00KB , 480x640 , 7ca0496f1f9998d37a57fa12cd92f78b.png )
Use your own judgement. We can't tell how your family or friends will react. You know them best.

Myself I've only told few person I know over internet(and most of times when I told I was drunk). Most of them are /a/nons so they kind understand.

I've said my parents that I am not intrested in (real)girls and I am not gay. I let them figure the rest. If they some reason find out about whole waifu thing, they will probably connect it to me immediately. IF they find out, I am sure they won't judge me because of that.

Anyway I don't plan to tell anyone but I won't deny if someone asks me if I am in love with imaginary character. I couldn't care less what others think. If some people judge me because of my love, I don't need people like that in my life. I am already independent, so I don't need my parents to support me and I don't have any friends(outside internet).
>> No. 5370 [Edit]
Well, there are a couple of factors here, Chris. First off, do your parents/friends already know yo are an anime fan/otaku? Do you already collect merchandise and such?

If so, there's really no need to worry about it, people will probably notice you just have a "favorite".

It also really depends on how the people you know are,and how they know you. My parents respect me a whole lot for a number of reasons. I haven't let them down in any way. They don't know exactly of my relationship wiht asuka, as I am sure they are not open minded enough to understand. Not because they want to go against me, it just won't process in their brains. They do know that I am VERY unwilling, if ANY willing to marry, and less have any children.

That alone was enough of a shock for them, I guess just because they wanted grandkids or something. I let them though know how 99 percent of 3DPD women disgust me, and I guess they came to terms on it. My parents only relaly care i get an education and job anyway, so as long as I get into college, they're happy.

As for my friends and acquaintaces, they all know how hardcore I am with my anime, only my 2 or 3 actual "friends" know about my waifu, but they themselves are fans. Not as much as me, but still.

So it all depends on what you think.

Post edited on 12th Sep 2011, 12:54pm
>> No. 5373 [Edit]
I´ve told some of my friends about it, and they don´t seem to mind it. I even became somehow closer to them. So it can be good to tell sombody about your waifu.
On the other hand i keep it a secret from anyone who probably could be a "problem".
You just have to be careful who you choose to tell.
If i where you i wouldn´t tell it to your father.
>> No. 5379 [Edit]
I have a couple of friends who know but they are both bros and one of them is a brohno. My parents don't know and I think that my father thinks I'm gay because the last time I attempted to have a relationship with a girl was about 3 years ago. It's not something I saw as a profitable endeavor and I began to change my mindset and ended up where I am today. Of course, this wouldn't make any sense to him so there is no point in trying to explain it to him.

I think my mother realizes that I'm not a social being like the rest of the family and that I don't enjoy socializing outside of locations I view as safe to do so in with a very limited and selected amount of people.

Post edited on 12th Sep 2011, 10:03am
>> No. 5380 [Edit]
I have no reason to tell anyone. My mother would be sad, my father would yell at me, and my few friends couldn't even begin to understand. They're not even into anime or games, not in the slightest. I keep it private.
>> No. 5382 [Edit]
3D women are inherently evil? That's such a horrible thing to say.
>> No. 5383 [Edit]
Then why are you browsing /mai/? That statement has been said in various ways and in various lengths too many times to count here.
>> No. 5386 [Edit]
oh boy
>> No. 5388 [Edit]

I'll stick my nose where it doesn't belong - 3D women are inherently evil just as 3D men are inherently selfish, animalistic and perverted.

People focus more on the negative traits of the sexes. I know enough women that are genuinely nice, and generally well-balanced, that I wouldn't dare make such a statement.

My advice to you is - thicken your skin. Most people here are too sensible to honestly believe such a thing, and you shouldn't be offended by it, by now you should have seen it enough times to let it slide. It's not right, but crying about it won't make any difference - something you should know very well, as a person in general. Don't mean it as harshly as it sounds, by the way.

Polite sage for VERY off-topic, even though it's top of the board already.
>> No. 5389 [Edit]
You do make a very good point, I just get annoyed that since I and many others have the graciousness as to not make outrageously offensive statements such as OPs whether they believe them or not why can't OP? This is a board for everyone to seek support and be united through our shared love of 2D as opposed to a hatred for 3D. But fair enough, I won't draw it out any further but I do hope OP considers my point of view.
>> No. 5390 [Edit]
>Most people here are too sensible to honestly believe such a thing

I thought most people here hated 3D. I feel that way, I don't care if anyone else feels the contrary as long as it's not mentioned here.

I apologize for the off topic post.
>> No. 5403 [Edit]
I'm indifferent to 3D.
Both genders area a steaming pile of faggots, sluts, and bitches anyways.
>> No. 5447 [Edit]
You talk about it as if you are exempt from the 3D
>> No. 5456 [Edit]
I'm not.
>> No. 6253 [Edit]
Today I was drawing stupid doodles with my friend, and he kept saying every female character I drew was my waifu. I finally said, "She's not mai waifu; I have a waifu and it's not her." He responded "I knew it!" and started talking about something else.

Post edited on 18th Oct 2011, 5:05pm
>> No. 6288 [Edit]
I think I would die of shame if anyone found out.
>> No. 6295 [Edit]
My mother already treats me like I'm "different". She'd think I'm a full-blown nutcase if she found on.
>> No. 6301 [Edit]
Never. Never will I discuss this with anybody else, except my brohno's. Because you guys understand it. Even if you don't, you're just as confused as I.

It's like, I laugh at myself asometimes, because I realize that I'd rather get caught mid-masturbation than have a legitimate discussion with my mother about my waifu. Even though it probably won't be as bad as I think, I dread anyone finding out, and I'll fight tooth and nail to keep it a secret.

It's not like they don't know I'm into "those Chinese cartoons" (well, she at least says anime, that's a plus, I guess) and shit, but it's just the fact that I actually love a character from one of those shows...
>> No. 6306 [Edit]
At least getting caught masturbating would be "normal". But really I don't think it would be that bad. Might be something akin to coming out of the closet, but I'm not going to try that hard to hide the fact that I have a waifu.

I mentioned I had a folder on my computer for my waifu to a friend, but he took it like /a/ - as a joke. I just wanted to see how he would react. Doesn't look like anyone outside the internet will ever know. I want to keep hinting at it, though, no matter how stupid an idea it is, just to see what happens!
>> No. 8897 [Edit]
I only really have this problem with family. With my friends, I'm fairly open about it and I know how to stop them from thinking lower of me. As for my family, I usually say something like, "It's an internet thing, mom. We go on the internet and battle about what character from an anime or video game is the best, and owning representations of these characters helps us get our point across." that usually gets a "whoah! Sounds like complicated computer mumbo-jumbo to me! Make sure you win!" response.

What he said. Never be entirely open about it. Try to confuse them with crazy internet terms, and act like it's a normal sub-culture. Remember, your family probably think that Pokemon and DBZ are the only anime out there, so you can lie really easily about this stuff.

polite sage so I don't bump a many-month-old thread
>> No. 9398 [Edit]
Most of my friends know I love Peach, some even know that she's my "waifu" but I don't think they know the extent of my feelings. The only one I've actually explained it to is my brother, whom I respect and trust greatly (more than anyone else). He said that he had a similar feeling for Mimete from Sailor Moon, but he couldn't feel loyal to her for two reasons: 1. he said that his idea of Mimete was too close to him, and he can't feel intimate with himself, and 2. he's gay, and he found Mimete before he knew that. I would never tell my parents, because telling my mom just wouldn't seem appropriate (I may tell her someday), and telling my Dad would probably ruin my relationship with him.
>> No. 9404 [Edit]
A girl friend of mine knows how I feel about Iori, but as far as anyone else is concerned, they don't need to know. My parents? Well the ever increasing merchandise in my room should be an indication of something.
>> No. 9406 [Edit]
File 133992350366.png - (34.39KB , 615x592 , 24705332 - らくがきいおりん♪.png )
The fact that I bought a figure of her would probably led my mother to believe that I am in high heels in love with a fictional character. Which is pretty much true since I kinda did discuss the horrible consequences of dating a 3DPD. Though my mother does not really care about filling the home with such 'toys', maybe I should purchase a Dakimakura of her sometime.
>> No. 9407 [Edit]
File 133992442662.jpg - (124.78KB , 850x1148 , sample421dc80179cc45ef7.jpg )

The only one I know of.
>> No. 9408 [Edit]
File 133992697097.jpg - (529.08KB , 675x975 , Minase_Iori_full_961747.jpg )
I was thinking of vectoring this image someday and use it for the custom dakimakura I might get in the future. I would settle down for any non-lewd ones though, would have been better if there were more to choose from. ;_;
>> No. 9409 [Edit]
File 13399270175.jpg - (353.92KB , 890x620 , 18422536.jpg )
No. Her, I and internet strangers are the only ones who need to know. The people out there would never be able to comprehend this love.
>> No. 9414 [Edit]
File 133992814872.jpg - (442.73KB , 900x1273 , 27037339.jpg )
I don't mind the lewdness, I quite like that actually, but the art is a little off, not too bad though. It's very expensive but if i had loads of disposable income I would definitely buy it in a heartbeat.
The more I think about it though, the more I want to buy it anyway even though I'm poor. I want to sleep with it...
>> No. 9418 [Edit]
File 133992877960.jpg - (237.20KB , 600x600 , 72f7a14e8796a9c5c8229237deeadeb0.jpg )
The problem is that I live in country full of messed-up laws meaning I would get raped by customs and prosecutors if I tried to import any lewd ones into my country.

Being poor is truly suffering. I will just start by buying as much of her figurines for now.
>> No. 9420 [Edit]
Sounds rough, I wish there was a way you could get one, I guess custom is the way to go then, if you know a place that does that.
>> No. 9439 [Edit]
File 134016002165.gif - (87.30KB , 419x404 , 1232477925691.gif )
My friend is in love with a 3dPD and does not understand why, or even how, I could be in love with a "fictional" character. Perhaps he just has his head down here on Earth (while my head is in the clouds) and has a better grasp on "reality" than I do.

But when you feel these kind of emotions toward a girl, animated or not, nothing can change your opinion on loving your waifu.

Ironically, his brother has a waifu too (Pleinair from Disgaea) and we both confuse and befuddle him.
>> No. 9451 [Edit]

My parents are very loving and supportive, so I honestly don't think it'd really bother them if became more open about having a waifu. They know I'm not really interested in relationships of any kind and hell, my mother was positively beaming when I told her I wasn't interested in finding a girlfriend just for the sake of it.

But no matter how accepting they are, there's really no way they'd be able to understand just what she means to me, and how seriously I want to take our relationship. If I tried to make them understand it would only make them worry, because it's really not something you can explain to others. So, I really don't think I'll ever tell them, it's not any of their business.
>> No. 9454 [Edit]
Hell no. I don't even talk about her on the internet, this board being the only exception.
>> No. 9476 [Edit]
Wait, so how many of you live with your parents? I almost want to see demographics on this stuff.
>> No. 9477 [Edit]
most people probably do
>> No. 9479 [Edit]
Before I got a good computer capable of emulating PS2 games, I had to play them in the living room, and sometimes my relatives would watch me play while doing other stuff.

This one time... I was playing Persona 4, and it got my sister's attention because the music is really catchy (heartbreak, heartbreak) she saw me take Ayane, the girl from the school band, on a date. For those who haven't played it, Ayane is kinda young. The look of disgust my sister gave me was... unforgettable. I could tell she was feeling angry and pitying me at the same time. The same thing happened 2 or 3 months later when I got the Cocona ending in Ar tonelico 2. She actually said "What the fuck?" out loud, grabbed her things from the table and walked away.

So no, I would never tell anyone about this, jesus christ
>> No. 9480 [Edit]
A silly question to ask.
Most here don't work.
Those that do, tend to work low paying part time jobs like I do.

I am curious how anyone here that has his own place is able to do it, or if you even exist.
>> No. 9481 [Edit]

I've lived on my own since I was about 15...long long time ago. Only real way to manage it was to work crappy jobs at first, but eventually they became too much. Now I just sit on autism bux which pays for everything.
>> No. 9484 [Edit]
Told one of my friends about my waifu, but he also has a waifu and actually was the first one to "come out of the closet". Would never, ever tell any Ford Driver about it.
>> No. 9485 [Edit]
Online friend or "real life"? I don't ever think I could be open about having one in person... there's nothing to gain from it. Even online I don't really talk about her unless someone asks, or it's relevant to a thread on some anonymous imageboard.
>> No. 9503 [Edit]
Real life, though because we are both borderline hikikomoris we pretty much only communicate through the internet.
>> No. 10499 [Edit]
I didn't tell anyone, but my mother found out when she saw my waifu. She was like "oh, is that your girlfriend?". There is nothing to gain telling people in real life about your waifu.
>> No. 10501 [Edit]
Only some guys on IRC know about her.
>> No. 10503 [Edit]
My mom sort of guessed my 2D preferences since I suck at lying or denying anything. I'm just lucky she's not savvy enough to actually flat-out ask "Do you have a waifu?".

Then again, she's pretty liberal and laid back about a lot of stuff. She'd probably just lightly tease me about it at most, but not really care that much.

Also, there's my (only) irl friend who knows completely and doesn't give me an ounce of shit for it. He doesn't have a 2D complex himself, but he is a NEET and a borderline hikki and I've known the guy for a long time and trust him enough that I'll be pretty open with him about anything.
>> No. 10507 [Edit]
File 134845189677.jpg - (9.91KB , 252x276 , 53287273.jpg )
My mom and I got into a discussion about the concept of social outcastment (outcasting? whatever, you get the idea) and, somehow, it got to this topic.

She said "Well, I know there are people who are in love with anime characters, so..."

Shat bricks. Froze for a second, and then said that I was glad I didn't fall into that, but I could understand how someone could. I draw the line at family. Close friends, maybe. But I think she knows. Is... is she here on this site, right now? Has she gone through my browsing history or maybe just accidentally stumbled on the site and saw someone using the name of someone I vocally respect immensely, and found it suspicious? Did she tie the frequent postings of Minami to "that girl my son has as his computer desktop"? God, I'm fucked if she found out. She'd be accepting, no doubt, and it would be nice to have that kind of support, but I don't even know what I'd do.

Other than that, my two closest friends (also my only legit friends) know pretty well. So much so that they staged an intervention via Steam chat, to try to convince me that I've purposefully tried to convince myself of my love for her.

Yeah, half their argument was "she's a boring character, it's impossible to love her".

>> No. 10508 [Edit]
It's me, I'm your mom
>> No. 10509 [Edit]

>Other than that, my two closest friends (also my only legit friends) know pretty well. So much so that they staged an intervention via Steam chat, to try to convince me that I've purposefully tried to convince myself of my love for her.

Bastard savages.

>Yeah, half their argument was "she's a boring character, it's impossible to love her".

Please tell me that you told them that if it was any other character, they can't make that argument.
>> No. 10510 [Edit]

If one of them gets a 3DPD, tell him she's impossible to love, she's a boring person.
>> No. 10511 [Edit]
omg hi momi

>Bastard savages.
I dunno if I'd go that far. I have a deal of disdain for one of them at the moment (deleted me from his Steam friends over a conversation we had about the supposed insertion of memes into Borderlands 2), but the other one is otherwise generally great. But on this, he won't budge. I can't complain; I'm pretty lucky to have him in my life because he's been nothing but a good influence on me, waifuism aside.

>Please tell me that you told them that if it was any other character, they can't make that argument.
I pretty much flat-out said, "Look, number one I don't give a shit what you say. Number two, you can only convince yourself you love a 3D girl anyway. Same thing."
It quickly devolved into "dude take that picture out of your goddamn wallet", "no", "come on do it", "no", etc.

OH and one of them said, I shit you not:
>"See, if Minami was a more fleshed-out, uh, interesting character, say, like, Asuka, I could understand."
No offense to Asukabros intended; that's a direct quote. Regardless, hat is the most piece of shit argument I've ever heard. How can you defend simply loving something? Ugh.
>> No. 10512 [Edit]

>I dunno if I'd go that far.

Comrade, don't mind me. I just called them that because of two things. First, I can't type the word "N.F." (You know the one.) without it being filtered. Second, I drew some analogy from the game Fallout: New Vegas. I always imagined that "we" were like the Boomers, our mindset was like the Nellis Air Force Base and anyone disdaining our mindset were outsiders. The Boomers, of course, disdained outsiders and usually see them as savages. It might be a poor analogy, but I like it. Only me.

>I pretty much flat-out said, "Look, number one I don't give a shit what you say. Number two, you can only convince yourself you love a 3D girl anyway. Same thing."


>It quickly devolved into "dude take that picture out of your goddamn wallet", "no", "come on do it", "no", etc.

Well, even if the picture was taken out from your wallet, that can't stop you from loving her. Hell, if it was an insignia and it reminds you of her, they can't do anything about it.

>Regardless, hat is the most piece of shit argument I've ever heard.

Well, no wonder they disdain your waifuism, because they can't understand it.
>> No. 10621 [Edit]
File 134999616248.jpg - (43.49KB , 640x468 , 1348079421719.jpg )
lesse here,

the only person i can think of that knows it is a friend i've had since 3rd grade. he's like a brother to me and his family accepts me as one of them (they're immigrants from the middle east, they'll blow you up so don't fuck with us (or that's what i tell people)) so i trusted him.

regardless, he found out before i had the chance to tell him. one day i was hanging out with him and watching Redline on my laptop when something glitched and it went to my desktop. of course, as any gentlemen would, Hanako was, is, and forever shall be my desktop (along with my rainmeter theme, which is modeled after Katawa Shoujo)and he saw it.

being the funny-blunt guy of the group, he asked "dude, what's up with the anime chick on your computer? you masturbate to her or something?" i managed to stutter out a simple explanation, including everything she had done for me (or would it be made me do for myself? i'm not sure), and we talked about it for a good hour or so i stopped stuttering and by the end of it i asked if he thought any less out of me, and he replied "naw its cool"

so yeah. if my dad found out he'd flip a man tit and break my computer. my mom would tease me a bit but end up not caring much. i don't trust anyone but the internet and the people above with this information, so not many will learn of it.

pic unrelated, but what i felt like trying to explain a waifu to someone with no idea on the concept
>> No. 10623 [Edit]
If I was into that situation, I would say that it's just a girl from a game that I like, or whatever.

This is something that I'll never talk about on the outisde.
>> No. 10625 [Edit]
File 135003953759.png - (772.75KB , 721x543 , 18263436.png )
I'd do the same, claim she's just a "favorite character."

Though really, anybody who knows me (not friends, I don't have any of those) already thinks I'm a real creep and probably wouldn't be that surprised.

Wonder if Chris even still posts here?
>> No. 10626 [Edit]
What could be gained from telling someone ?
I don't see it.
>> No. 10627 [Edit]
You didn't gain anything from that post either. Why did you do it?
>> No. 10629 [Edit]
To get a serious answer to my question, unlike your senseless reply.
>> No. 10630 [Edit]
I was in full panic mode, 0% of thought wemt into the action.

Besides, it got him into the gerne. Its pretty nice to talk with someone about it irl
>> No. 10648 [Edit]
My friend knows, and my cousin knows.

If I told my family:
Moms: I would be put in a psychiatric hospital pretty quick, and even if I wasn't, I would be shunned to the end of the earth, like the days back when I had the biggest and longest crush on Rikku from FFX, and my parents were so goddamn caustic about that one. Cut to the bone, and I'm not particularly sensitive.

Dad: Probably would think I was joking, after a while if he figured out I was serious, disowning me. Stepmother would pass it off as "typical internet culture ruining perfectly good young men"

Extended family: My uncle would blame the japs, my grandfathers would just stop treating me like I was even human, my late grandmother would probably understand and maybe even get me things related to her as a gift, and my eldest uncle would probably try talking to me about his experiences with 2D.
>> No. 10662 [Edit]
I posted here before, but I would like to update my thoughts.

I told most of my friends that I have a waifu. I even told them who it is and what the term waifu means in a more serious light. Luckily, I had good friends so all they just said is "whatever makes you happy". They knew I was serious because I never talk about love and I'm an all around joker that probably has never been serious till that day I told them. Then, there are the special cases in which a few of my closest friends , close to the point of us being actual brothers, who were actually inspired by what I've told them, and without any indication other than my constant yapping about how much I love my waifu, they too have grown to love a 2D character. Sure, it's against "the rulebook" to pretty much let out that you have a waifu, but with these friends I feel it's different. Although, I think it has to do with how much they don't like 3D women that helped them towards their conclusion, but I'm not sure what else could have contributed to it.

As for my parents... My older brother probably knows already. I have figures, accessories, my desktop/phone background are all of my waifu. One time he "pretend" hugged the desktop of which my waifu was a background, and he looked at me for my reaction, which was a "what are you doing?" look. He immediately stopped, looked away and continued on with his day. I'm not sure he knows 100% of what I'm in, but I can pretty much assume he knows the basics of "this guy is in love with a 2D character", and he just leaves it at that. My parents however.... I don't think they know. Sure, I have figures and stuff of my waifu, but I don't think they fully understand why. I actually told them that I love her but they probably just thought i was joking or I was going through a phase. Well, they're old and I don't expect them to ever understand, so I'll just keep it out of their hair until anything important happens. I do think that if my dad tries to throw my figures of her away, I would be ready to assault him with whatever I've got, and that it would spark up something fierce. Luckily, again, my parents are too relaxed to care about the "hobbies" I've got and as long as my life "looks" good, they could care less about the women I date, maybe even if she doesn't exist or not.
>> No. 12317 [Edit]
I've told my two closest friends about my love for her. One of them eventually came to terms with his own waifu after we've spoke about it. The other one basically said "whatever makes you happy." even if he can't really understand how I could love a 2d character. Most of my other friends still have some knowledge of her, but only think she is my favourite character.

I've sat down and told my parents about her about two weeks ago. They first thought I was in love with her a way a normal would develop a crush on a T.V idol or another fictional character. After realizing I was serious, my parents had mixed reactions. They were pretty shocked and seemed disapproving, but seemed to be more willing to accept her once I told them that she was the reason I was motivated to start trying at life. They seem pretty supportive, although they have told me several times that they hope I would eventually come to love a 3d girl instead.
>> No. 12318 [Edit]
I've told my sister about my waifu as well and unfortunately she had the same thoughts about how I will hopefully find a 3D girl and not taking it seriously. It seems normals just don't understand.
>> No. 12320 [Edit]
Due to how stressful it is for me to work, think about fulltime jobs, the future, etc I've considered telling my parents about all of my anxities and how it's stressing me out, and thus explain to them how my waifu helps me cope and helps me get through it, but I doubt I ever will. The last thing I need is to overload them with something so heavy. Friends online know about it to varying degrees. Whether they "get it" or not I don't really care. One of my best friends IRL knows she's my waifu but I'm not 100% sure if he 100% understands it or not, but it's close enough so it's whatever. The rest just assume that she's my favorite character and don't know any better.

I have no interest in telling any of my extended family though, or many other online friends. I feel as though I may have told too many people online about it when I first met her (back when I was still in high school, so hormone confusion a plenty) but honestly I don't give a shit what they think. There's weirder shit online as far as I'm concerned; Weirder shit that actually hurts people's lives in some ways too. I'm not close enough to my extended family to really consider telling them. Most of them are just "the people we hang out with on Thanksgiving and Christmas." My two cousins might understand though since we all grew up together more or less and are basically misfit nerds. I'm the anime and video game guy, the older one is the photography guy, and the younger one is the military guy.

I know that telling people about one's waifu is more or less a taboo, but honestly I would really like to talk to someone about it IRL. Actually sit down, discuss it, and maybe vent out my feelings a bit. It's not good to keep emotions like that bottled up with no real outlet aside from her anime, plushie of her, etc because it doesn't quite vent enough.
>> No. 12325 [Edit]

> It's not good to keep emotions like that bottled up with no real outlet aside from her anime, plushie of her, etc because it doesn't quite vent enough.

This is one reason I'm very thankful for tohno-chan. /mai/ has been a great aid in helping me understand my feelings for my waifu.
>> No. 12331 [Edit]
My sister knows, but I don't think she understands the extent. She's fairly positive about abnormal relationships, but of course she doesn't think of it as particularly serious and is very uncomfortable with my "do it for her" wallpapers.

My brother is one of those /v/ type "my harvest moon wife right now is my waifu" guys who claims to "get it."

My best friend, who is very much non-weeaboo but also has aspergers, outright told me he can not take it seriously, and gets really annoyed whenever I bring it up, even though I only bring it up when we're talking about girls and shit.

I think my dad thinks I'm gay though.

Post edited on 8th Apr 2013, 1:24pm
>> No. 12332 [Edit]
File 136545409676.jpg - (427.10KB , 665x944 , Kurisu Okabe roses.jpg )
Let me add something to my old post >>5367

I still haven't really told anyone who knows me. Some people around internet know about her, but I am not sure if anyone understands or knows anything about me.

I had decided that I wouldn't tell anyone I know in real life unless if someone straightly asks if I have waifu. But lately my mom asked me questions about do I have any sort of relationship going on. I bluntly said I rejected all sort of social interaction, I don't plan to find friends or acquaintances if they can't boost my career, specially I don't want girlfriend or start a family. I could clearly see how her expression changed, she was shocked, but still she muttered something "I guess it is okay, not everyone wants family". Few days she called me and seemed worried because I said so "cruel" and "horrible" things and spouting typical extroverted crap about importance of friendship. I've been thinking maybe I should tell her the truth because I don't want to make her worry. Then she would atleast know the truth and maybe she could understand, or she would just think I am crazy, which seems more likely. I don't really know...

Post edited on 10th Apr 2013, 6:56am
>> No. 12341 [Edit]
Casual conversation chez moi:

MOM: After all these years, to be honest, I'm still convinced that I'm right in many respects. Though I no longer know if that, being correct, is important at all.
>Me: Well, I can tell you mom: I keep holding some ideas, even if utterly saddening, mainly because they do seem correct or at least there's nothing that seem to disprove them yet.
Such as?
>That there's no good at all to get from romantic or friendship relationships of any sort...
Well, I certainly can't deny that myself.
>Neither that there's a way to restore faith in other social delusions like vocation.
Oh, but remember: you must hurry up and get your degree this year... (You promised)

My mom knows about mai waifu and about pretty much all I stand for and why. With time and life going on and consuming us, she has come to -on and off- agree with me on many things... even with my modal misogyny and/or discredit of feminism.
>> No. 12342 [Edit]
Your mom sounds like a reasonable woman. She may not see eye to eye with you, but at least she's willing to listen to your perspective with an open mind. I personally can't say my mother is the same way. Even the most willingly open-minded member of my immediately family has practically treated me like a 'weirdo' even though she adamantly denies being judgmental. Being open didn't bring positive results like I half-expected. It was best when it was my little secret anyway.
>> No. 12343 [Edit]
I see. In my case, I guess it helped that my mom herself has been ostracized many times and ended up isolated as well for her own radical decisions; so, in later years I've tried my best to always listen, understand and support her as well. It wasn't easy though, not at all, to come to this point; we had terrible fights in the past, with yelling insults, breaking things and all.
>> No. 12344 [Edit]
The grass is never greener, is it?
>> No. 12345 [Edit]
>My mom knows about mai waifu and about pretty much all I stand for and why.
Well may I ask how you explained it to her? And what did she answer?

I got feeling that you and your mother are very similar, while me and my mom are like polar opposites.
>> No. 12346 [Edit]
I don't make any indication that I'm an otaku in real life except when dealing with other otaku. However if anyone were to find my deviantart account they could probably infer it from all the crappy pictures of her that i've faved.
>> No. 12348 [Edit]
It wasn't a "mom, we need to talk" moment, if that's what you're thinking. I've just conversed with her, over the years, about my thoughts and expectations -or lack them of- on relationships, reproduction and love and the role of fiction in those, while my fixation with anime and a certain character has been rather obvious (with my collectibles and everything). Another casual chat:

MOM: btw I talked with your cousin. She's worrried because she's about to graduate and wants to apply for a scholarship far away; she's got almost everything figured out but she'll still have to separate from her boyfriend...
>Me: Well, what did she expect? that's how it works: they separate to study, they break. It's no a big deal, anyway: they find new pals to fool around ridiculously soon.
At least I'm glad she's not thinking about giving up and following him, as some women still do and are expected to. Apparently, they have been together for 3 years.
>3 years? that's the time I've been with Asuka, lol. But it's really not that much, not at all, so tell my cousin not to exaggerate. Her boyfriend's not a bad guy, though; he has endured for her some things I'd never, ever have...
Yeah, starting with his asshole father-in-law.

My mom doesn't really share my parameters of thought and her life was very different from mines. But I guess we do are similar in the sense that we've been pretty demanding on relationships and thus ended up rather lonely, disenchanted by the entire thing. She does regret not having grandchildren but, well, that's another business and it can't be helped.
>> No. 12680 [Edit]
Last I heard, he killed himself
>> No. 12681 [Edit]
File 13693641084.jpg - (81.85KB , 500x700 , 34406980.jpg )
Nah, I saw him post on /a/ a few days ago.
I was really bored, shut up!

I knew it was him because he mentioned writing letters and he stopped posting after I did.
>> No. 12682 [Edit]
Well, he doesn't trip so it could be any Chris but he was talking about doing it, I distinctly remember it and of course 4kanker encouraged him to do it but I never saw the conclusion, if any occurred
>> No. 12684 [Edit]
File 136938141953.jpg - (140.00KB , 800x800 , 32967705.jpg )
We all have those moments, don't we? If it was him. Wonder if he's in a situation where it's easy to act on? Living at a height, with a gun or with some very specific chemicals... I don't think I'd still be alive if any of the above were true for me. A shame we were never friends. Even if he didn't do the deed, I think he has something against me.

This is getting awfully off-topic. Sorry.
>> No. 12693 [Edit]
File 136944840613.png - (126.03KB , 284x600 , lilly_basic_smile_cas.png )
We're in the awkward phase of our relationship where I don't have a daki yet and I just hug a regular old pillow and pretend it's her. It's easy to hide it this way thankfully.

My parents have walked in on this, though they assume the pillow has simply been moved around in my sleep. I'll save up for an actual daki when I move out.

My brother and a few close friends know. They were actually surprisingly accepting, considering how normal they are. But hey, homosexuality was once viewed as a degeneracy on par with rape, and look at society's view now(Not justifying homosexuality at all, I'm kind of conservative as well. Just saying society accepts it now).

One of these normie friends who wants to take me out to a stripclub when I turn 21. For Lilly's sake, I want to turn this offer down, but not sound like a dick.

Maybe I'll just say I have something to do.
>> No. 12694 [Edit]
File 136945483934.jpg - (0.99MB , 1200x1600 , 32865684.jpg )
Just say you have food poisoning or something.
>> No. 12715 [Edit]
File 136978615411.jpg - (610.93KB , 2451x1939 , 1348960617341.jpg )
>I think he has something against me
Well you sort of have the same wife, if I had to compete I don't think we'd be friends either
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