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File 141555304836.jpg - (250.53KB , 640x692 , Emperor_Penguin_Manchot_empereur.jpg )
1183 No. 1183 [Edit]
Why use linux?
>> No. 1184 [Edit]
Here are reasons why I use linux. I probably forgot a hundred things.

-Linux has a package manager

---This is really big, installing and searching for things is insanely easy and you don't get fucking toolbars and adware shoved into your face when you want to install something.

---It's much faster than going on google, searching for a program, downloading the executable, running and installing it. You just type in a list of things you want to be installed and the system installs and downloads all those things for you and does it all on it's own.

---You can update every single program on your computer by just running one command. It all happens automatically.

-Multiple desktops! Though I think Windows 10 now has those too, linux has had them for almost 20 years.

-Linux based operating systems are (usually) free, you can just download it without ever paying for it or cracking it. There's also no stupid version stuff, like in Windows for example "Home premium" which is cheaper than "Ultimate" but has less features.

-There are no viruses at the moment. You don't need an antivirus program or any of that shit, don't have to be afraid of getting your computer infected.

-You can choose between multiple desktop environments and window managers and login managers. This gives you a lot of extra features, like tiling window managers and you can customize the looks more easily.

-It's flexible. If you don't like that thing right there, you can just replace it or change it. You can costumize practically everything you want to your liking, not just the looks but also under the hood.

-Superior file system support, for example you never have to defrag your drive. Linux supports more than 30+ file systems, Windows supports 4 file systems.

-You don't always have to install a driver every time you plug something in like a usb drive, on linux shit just works. Even very obscure hardware drivers are all integrated into the kernel, you plug the thing in and it works. (graphics drivers you have to install seperately exactly like in Windows(except if you use intel graphics))

-The shell is really really powerful, much more than on Windows. Some of you won't care about this but the things you can do in bash are fucking awesome. If you don't want to use the shell you can of course always move away from it and get GUI based programs instead.

---It's just insane how powerful it is, on windows you wanna mount an ISO? You might have to install a program for that first.. You wanna update your system in Windows? Oh, you have to reboot your computer and that takes a while, and if you want to update your installed programs you will have to do that manually.. You want to assign Ramdisk in windows? Or just change your partitioning? Oh, you might have to download a program for that first.. On linux you can just do it all in house, all those features are already there.

---It also brings stuff like SSH, you can control your computer using your phone and vice versa. It's just handy in general.

---I also really like terminal based applications because you can run them on almost all kinds of platforms and they tend to be much more faster thanks to shortcuts.

-Linux is fast and leightweight, good for older hardware or simple stuff like netbooks or phones. It boots really fast and has low resource usage. (When I boot my netbook it uses about 100 megabytes of RAM.)

-It's great for servers in many ways. Running it headless for example is very easy because of the great shell.

-It can be whatever the fuck you want, it just depends on how you customize it. Take stuff like arch for example.

-If you use a rolling release distro you (in theory) won't have to ever reinstall your system as it updates automatically. With Windows or OS X you have to upgrade or reinstall your system when a new version comes out. Like a jump from Windows 8 to Windows 10.

-You get security updates more frequently, every day is patch day so to speak.

-It's great for software developers. If you want to program something on linux it just works. Like Windows is great for games linux is very good for developing software.

-It's not hard to maintain your system, it's stable and you can leave it running for days without it crashing. The performance does not degrade over time.

-No rules, you can use it in whatever way you want. It does whatever you tell it to do, and it does it in that exact way. You don't have to fight with your system if you want to get off the path the developers wanted you to take.

-When you want to shut down your computer you don't have to wait 10 minutes for it to install updates. You don't always have to reboot your computer in order to finish an installation (of drivers for example).

-When you broke your system you can go out and fix it. With Windows I felt like every time it broke I had no choice but to reinstall it all.

-Awesome documentation and help on the internet.

-When troubleshooting it's easier to run terminal commands provided by people who help you. It's easier than explaining on how to navigate the GUI.

-In my opinion a lot of the software you get on linux is better than the stuff on Windows. For example Transmission or Pidgin or ffmpeg. The Windows versions of those are not nearly as good as the linux versions in my opinion.

-You can run it on all kinds of platforms. Video game consoles, phones, smartphones, tablets, TVs, even a few calculators.

Things I don't like about linux:

-You can't play games, really. Wine works for me and there's steam coming and stuff, but let's be honest. You can't play games on linux nowhere near as well as on Windows.

-Pulseaudio sucks, I always uninstall it.

-Depending on your hardware, graphics drivers may or may not suck dick.

-It's not as user friendly as Windows or Mac OS X. (though this highly depends on what distro you use) Linux mostly targets tech savvy users.

inb4 someone comes and tries to refute every single point I brought up. I can't give you source for a lot of the things I mentioned, it's all based on my experiences.

Post edited on 9th Nov 2014, 10:30am
>> No. 1185 [Edit]
Elitism and being a super 1337 haxor.
>> No. 1186 [Edit]
More customization, more broken things to fix, more working things to break so you can fix them later, less resource usage.
>> No. 1191 [Edit]
>Linux mostly targets tech savvy users.
Why do some Linux users still think this? For many of the reasons you listed yourself, Linux is not at all hard to use nowadays- in some ways notably more convenient than Windows, even for those that understand little to nothing about computers. One might even argue that it's easier for novice users to get "hurt" in Windows (such as not paying attention to the toolbars tacked on to programs you mentioned or getting loaded down with viruses), as I don't think a novice user will do much rooting around under the hood to break things in Linux.
>> No. 1192 [Edit]
I see your point. I don't think linux is hard to use at all, it's much easier to use than Windows, but I'm good with computers anyways so I don't think I'm the best judge.
You surely can set it up so it's very simple and easy, I did that with my mom's computer too and she never has any problems with it even though she's not tech savvy (but she's not retarded either). I had to configure it for her and ask her what she wants and what looks she is comfortable with, though.

But I think realistically speaking when your average idiot would get a new computer and it had linux mint or ubuntu preinstalled they would be pretty freaking confused why it doesn't look like their friend's computer, where internet explorer went or why windows executables won't run, etc.

Of course this is not the system's fault at all, but I think you're underestimating how stupid the average user really is. I think this problem is a bit deeper than just what the system alone can do. That's how I look at it.

Edit: something like this for example does not suprise me: (3DPD warning)

Post edited on 9th Nov 2014, 5:15pm
>> No. 1194 [Edit]
>I think you're underestimating how stupid the average user really is
You may very well be right. I always tend to assume that most young adults are very computer literate... but thinking back on it, that wasn't always the case. I can see where an average person that isn't computer literate would be pretty dumbfounded if they were used to seeing Windows elsewhere and booted up a Linux distro.
>> No. 1217 [Edit]
freedom for the awaiting autist inside of you. open-source, package-manager, freedom, secure(?)
completely customizable, so you can chose what program to install, so it can get faster as you know everything that is installed and can remove whatever that is not needed
>> No. 1233 [Edit]
I once put ubuntu on my dad's computer because he kept getting viruses, and he used it for a while, but he had me switch him back to windows because he liked it better. To each his own.

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