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File 160978357784.jpg - (108.38KB , 879x1267 , b8db3932f68dcf996caceb589451ba63.jpg )
37253 No. 37253 [Edit]
What are some things that really bug you?
Things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!
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>> No. 37254 [Edit]
File 160978466721.jpg - (180.73KB , 850x476 , sample_5b2099a8f7425b454893fe8473cf2d25.jpg )
I don't like junk food. Fast food, american candy bars, stuff from cans. Lately I've been noticing that these things lack vibrancy somehow. They taste "dead". There's lots of sugar and salt and oil, but it reminds me a reanimated corpse. Something like dried cherries are a lot nicer to me, but those products don't sell as well as those breakfast cereal abominations.

I like fresh ingredients and some raw things and I can't stand over-cooked meat. The acidity and mild sweetness of a raw tomato and berries can't be replicated by artificial flavors or if they're more processed. Yet lots of people are satisfied with and actually like dominoes and burger king, so do they not detect this difference? Can they not tell when food tastes more "alive"?

Post edited on 4th Jan 2021, 10:25am
>> No. 37256 [Edit]
Never been a big foodie personally. I know junk food is shit and unhealthy but since I don't tend to think much about food, I don't really care. I will say however that I'm genetically predisposed to drink mountain dew, given that my fathers family all also drink it in copious amounts.
>> No. 37258 [Edit]
I don't know what your diet is like, but if you don't care much about food in general, wouldn't eating healthy be just as easy and eating junk for you?

Some studies indicated eating Oreos got a greater pleasure response from rats than cocaine. The few times I ate one though as a kid, I got the sense that whatever I was eating was toxic just from the taste and immediately wanted to stop. I don't remember if I ever drank Mountain Dew before, but I have drank Gatorade and that also reminded me of poison.
>> No. 37261 [Edit]
It's astounding that most snacks in america are so sugary. Oreos are cloyingly sweet. And especially worrying that popular cereals are just means to funnel sugar (people eat cookies for breakfast?). It's hard to find things that aren't drenched with it (and you always have to be on the lookout for products that claim 0 sugar but then just use aspartame or some other substitute; it's still sweet!).
>> No. 37263 [Edit]
Does any of that even have real sugar? I'm sure it would taste far better if it did. Sugar "replacements" are so much worse than what they're supposed to save you from.
>> No. 37264 [Edit]
File 160981253888.jpg - (275.56KB , 800x1284 , a0869263ceb9123aa0b610f8414abb33.jpg )
They use corn syrup a lot because it's cheaper. It's possible to avoid it if you're willing to pay a bit more.

Post edited on 4th Jan 2021, 6:10pm
>> No. 37265 [Edit]
I think the majority of fast food is garbage but some of it is tolerable, we don't have burger king here but some fast food places do serve decent BBQ burgers, it must be the sauce it has more flavour so it can conceal more. I never had American sweets but our local chocolate tends to be quite bad, Swiss and Belgian chocolate are good though, some local chocolate can be good if it is a kind that has some other flavour with it like licorice coated chocolate but even then it's just alright.

Also it seems that many people are just too lazy to cook. It really surprises me but for example my sister and my brother cannot cook and do not cook, they pretty much have takeaway every night. I don't understand how people can be so lazy and waste so much money like that.
>> No. 37270 [Edit]
I'm not a fan of barbeque sauce. It's sweet and like you said masks the flavor of the meat. Sweet and savory isn't a combo I'm into. Maybe it's different in your country. Chocolate's not generally my thing either, but when I do eat it, I prefer it to be as dark as possible.
>> No. 37271 [Edit]
BBQ sauce isn't necessarily sweet; it's just that Kansas City-style (and similar ones like Memphis) is the most prevalent among the mainstream brands. The best sauces are the ones that permeate the meat and accentuate it with the sauces' spices. With that said, if you want a sweet BBQ sauce, cook down fruit to make it, and then pour it on some hearty rice. The result will be deliciously decadent, filling, and if done right, healthy enough.
>> No. 37272 [Edit]
"Junk" food tends to be cheaper in my experience with careful reading of price tags and calorie count, aside from actually baking my own bread or just eating nothing but rice. I guess if I really think about it, most junk food tastes like bready sawdust with some salt and flavorless sauce. But since junk food is "easier" to make and eat, I prefer it over food that might take some time to prepare and that I can't just shove down my throat to maximize caloric intake. What I lack in vitamins I make up for in not actually making up for it and accepting my shortened lifespan due to laziness.
>> No. 37297 [Edit]
Red lipstick annoys me and I don't know why anybody likes it. Lighter colored lips always look better.
>> No. 37298 [Edit]
I don't like make-ups in general.
>> No. 37302 [Edit]
File 161008159556.jpg - (424.78KB , 1187x1895 , edb11a344582620b8a16b3db85f4ad54.jpg )
Make-up is funny in the sense that it practically represents the dishonest nature of women. They (used to) do whatever it takes to look all pretty and nice but it's all a facade for the hideousness underneath and this doesn't just apply to their outwards appearance. Supposedly it's bad for the skin that they act like they care about so much so I didn't like the sound of it much.
>> No. 37303 [Edit]
I agree. I think it looks like shit and I don't get it.
>> No. 37304 [Edit]
I've been reading a book that explains the biological reasons for things like lipsticks, comparing it to monkey and other animal behavior.
While natural, it kinda makes it even more disgusting.
I'm at this point were I dislike women so much that I'm afraid the disgust could even reach the 2D world.
>> No. 37305 [Edit]
Often the reason they use makeup in the first place is because they have bad skin.
>> No. 37306 [Edit]
File 161010955737.jpg - (114.54KB , 850x939 , sample_d53940ffad41bfea19cd265b5a5fcbad.jpg )
>I'm at this point were I dislike women so much that I'm afraid the disgust could even reach the 2D world.
Men like women for the way they look, or an ideal of how they look(2d characters). Woman don't own that though. They think they do, but they don't. It doesn't belong to them. They'll all grow old and unappealing, but those ideal images were created by men and are eternal. I have hope that there's light at the end of the tunnel. That ideal can become completely independent of its disappointing model.
>> No. 37307 [Edit]
File 161012076578.jpg - (1.35MB , 933x1268 , 7637612e0139bb614650a4dd2111dcdf.jpg )
>I'm at this point were I dislike women so much that I'm afraid the disgust could even reach the 2D world.
I'm already there. Not completely, of course, but I notice similarities between the behaviors and opinions of characters and 3d sometimes.
Sometimes I wonder if the reason women screech so much about how fictional characters looking good is somehow sexist is really just rooted in their own case of body envy. But I'm extremely insecure about my own body and I've never done the same so that explanation always felt too simple for me to believe while also being too believable to dismiss.

Post edited on 8th Jan 2021, 7:50am
>> No. 37308 [Edit]
I know it's not rational, but sometimes I can't help but be remembered of them by any representation. I hope that doesn't make me completely fall for the trap trap. Sometimes I like to apply platonism and think 3DPD is just a bad, flawed copy of the ideal 2D, so more real that what we usually call real.

I suspect I know the reasons for that. You don't compete. Even if you did the worth of a male is just marginally related to his physical form. 2D (or porn, sex-dolls, prostitution) is a serious competence, not because they need us losers for any kind of relation but because an higher demand adds to their value. I could easily find women that feel the most extreme disgust for me, but at the same time express perplexity and almost feel indignant to my disdain for any relation with their kind. It's also a matter of simple power.
>> No. 37309 [Edit]
>at the same time express perplexity and almost feel indignant to my disdain for any relation with their kind
I haven't seen much of that. Maybe they think that way, but it seems more common for them to dismiss people they don't like not trying as a good thing. It really doesn't matter. Just ignore the annoying ones.
>> No. 37310 [Edit]
File 161013512726.jpg - (130.01KB , 800x520 , dadb97758365289e3cc5d3962ff0a6bd.jpg )
Evolutionary Psychology. I looked at some of it, watched a few videos made by "experts" in the field. From what I've seen, it's 99% speculation. It's actually worse than psychology because their "findings" aren't directly based on the things they're about. It's also annoying how it drags evolution into itself.
>> No. 37314 [Edit]
Psychology in general is often seen as barely being a science. Having said that though, we have been making progress in brain chemistry and how that relates to mental states, but is that really psychology?
>> No. 37315 [Edit]
No, that's neuroscience. Psychology is the study of "the mind and behavior". It's entirely founded upon the idea of a "mind" and the assumptions that comes with it because that was the best people could do at the time of its inception. Neuroscience will eventually subsume psychology.
>> No. 37317 [Edit]
File 161016776879.png - (1.48MB , 1000x1200 , 1986f7fdeb564b8b602c23a373c57601.png )
Self-deprecating jokes. They aren't funny to me because the punchlines are often recycled and it just comes off as someone trying to make fun of themselves before anyone else can or because they are desperate to be seen as funny and be liked. Youtubers like doing this sometimes and that just makes it more annoying because I don't understand why those creatures need to try so hard to be liked when their life will be handed to them because they are normalshits. The only defense that I know of is the most common one that says people should "not take themselves too seriously and learn to laugh at themselves" but self-deprecating jokes don't ever feel like that. I thought "not taking yourself too seriously" would be something more along the lines of keeping your ego in check, learning to yield when the time calls for it, valuing another person's viewpoint equally instead of rooting yourself in your own position, and other things that can make a person more reasonable. I think I have seen one or two self-deprecating jokes that were actually funny but I have seen it very rarely.
>> No. 37318 [Edit]
Doesn't seem like you have a beef with self-deprecating jokes--just boring and recycled jokes in general, employed by egotists and egoists.
>> No. 37319 [Edit]
Another problem with such jokes is that if they aren't true it just comes across as incredibly fake like if an attractive person jokes about being ugly and if it is true and they joke about it it just sounds sad and like he had given up and is now even putting himself down to fit in.
>> No. 37320 [Edit]
>Things that genuinely piss you off?
People like this guy >>37317. What an absolute dick.
>> No. 37321 [Edit]
If you disagree with something someone else says, either explain why or ignore them. Passive aggressively insulting them in the third person is being a dick.
>> No. 37322 [Edit]
Dude you're an asshole plain and simple.

>> No. 37323 [Edit]
I'm not the same anon.
>> No. 37324 [Edit]
Must have hit the soft spot.

Refer to rules 11 and 3
>> No. 37325 [Edit]
I assume most of them are attempts at not taking one's self too seriously, and highlighting one's faults to demonstrate humility while showing that the person knows they aren't perfect. But as you said, many don't seem to understand this and instead use this type of humor simply because it's popular to do so.
>> No. 37326 [Edit]
I think it can also be a coping mechanism. If you make fun of yourself, your problems also seem more trivial. I do that in my head sometimes.
>> No. 37346 [Edit]
Kids on the internet giving their snarky takes on how outdated old worldviews were/are and how we "need to progress past them". Jesus Christ, it must smell having your head that far up your own ass. I'm no one to praise the past as a perfect ideal in any way, and I really do mean that, but it just gets me off the wrong way to see people acting so arrogant of their own supposedly un-anachronistic platitudes. Especially knowing most of these are late highschoolers or uni kiddies who just ran into a different worldview from their dads for the first time. As if the heavily impressionable youth of today and the decade before is anymore knowledgeable about "true right" than people who knew about the very same ideas they laud now, over a hundred years ago. I know they really believe in their pea-sized brains that it's their moral duty to drag everyone kicking and screaming into the future, and it's obnoxious as hell. Maybe you don't have to reinvent the fucking wheel.
>> No. 37347 [Edit]
Politics in general have became something that annoy me. People get way too engrossed in these narratives and it's bad for the country. I just want to enjoy my goddamn escapism without getting told I'm a racist or a cuck. I'm not even an "enlightened centrist". I'm just tired and want a nice and peaceful life that doesn't have some contrived drama trying to get me to hate my fellow countrymen.
>> No. 37349 [Edit]
File 161047350514.jpg - (393.99KB , 850x1192 , sample_9185c0c1b5bad88e53c584598676f5bf.jpg )
People get so into politics because they're spiritually starved and faced with a constant existential threat from people with power. They have no identity or validation from society. They don't feel comfortable or in control. There's no reassuarance that you're all right, things are all right and everything will get better. When you're in your own little town and things are going good and everybody is on the same page, that's when people are happy.
>> No. 37350 [Edit]
The obsessive nature of people currently into politics has come across to me as almost identical to religious zealots from before. It should have been obvious in retrospect that people's lost of faith would create a void. It absolutely seems that political parties have now replaced religions among the weak of mind.
>> No. 37351 [Edit]
I think you're onto something here. I can see how we're closing in into a 21th century Spanish Inquisition.
>> No. 37369 [Edit]
Reminder that everything is political--including your bowel movements and digital representations thereof. (I hate it.)
>> No. 37402 [Edit]
File 161129594963.jpg - (165.70KB , 1440x1080 , cap_[a-s]_mobile_suit_zeta_gundam_-_23_-_moon_atta.jpg )
Politics replacing spirituality is an interesting observation, people also use materialism as a replacement for it, specifically brand loyalty. More thinking is required to make a point about this.
>> No. 37403 [Edit]
The general population are incapable of creating value for themselves and in the absence of religion they will always find a need to replace it with something else, an identity if you will. A (false) sense of belonging. It can virtually be anything that resonates and reinforces their extant inner values. You could say that this might be the natural order of things and what leads to the rise and fall of civilization although the cycle have probably been disrupted in the modern world and instead takes semblance as the materialism you've mentioned.

Post edited on 21st Jan 2021, 10:37pm
>> No. 37405 [Edit]
While I believe politics have replaced religion, I think brand loyalty may be to an extent a replacement for tribes and communities similar to sports for a long time now, but mainly it's about one's projected personal image.
In political obsession, I see people treat political figures like deities. I've seen some people even compare those who wont be named to Jesus. They hang on these people's every word, they think what the party/religion tells them to think, they buy what they're told to buy, they hate who the party tells them to hate, and they elevate the leaders to unrealistic levels while forgetting they're just people at the end of the day. I don't think it's a coincidence the word "cult" is being tossed around a lot in politics these days.

Hard core brand loyalty on the other hand, with the exception of perhaps apple or tesla, don't generally have a figure head for people to wordship. It's not about a belief set or life style principles as we're seeing with politics, it's about identity and belonging to a group or team. When someone buys "Supreme" products and ensures the name is plastered across everything they own, what they're really buying is an image, something that proudly boasts who they are and what group they're affiliated with. That brand might be something that says "I'm better than you because I know about this cool product only cool people like me know about". Or someone might subscribe to energy drink brands, falling for the advertising campaigns and trying to give off the wild cool rebellious energetic impression. They might cover themselves in Adidas to look like a rich athlete, or whatever the hell those Russians are going for when they do that.

That said, I think the more mild form of brand loyalty is simply a case of people sticking with what they know, or what has served them well in the past. I keep buying ThinkPads, because I've had little issue with them vs other brands which appear more unreliable in my limited experience. I'm also guilty of having a bias towards sony products in spite of disliking the direction the company has gone and having issues with their more recent products. In that case it's less objective decision making and more a nostalgia and a sticking with what used to work, even if it doesn't anymore. Humans do this a lot I think. If something works once, and it becomes proven, they'll assume it will continue that way and these people will stay with it even when it starts to do more harm than good. Hell, they even do this with other humans. Of course I may have also succumb to the 'image' appeal, maybe part of me felt that brand gave off a clean cut image, one of good reliable reputation.. Even when you know what industries do, it can be hard for someone who's only human to resist their manipulative tactics. Lord only knows how much money and research some of these companies have put into understanding the human mind and how best to take advantage of it. People who think they haven't been manipulated to even some degree, probably just don't realize how bad they have it.
>> No. 37406 [Edit]
I sometimes wonder how much of my own beliefs are really reflective of my core values and how much has been grafted on by politics and in-groups. I have had a rather tumultuous political journey and pretty much explored every single possible ideology to try and see what really resonated with me. I think at the end the only thing I came out with was a knowledge of simple likes and dislikes that I'd always been repressing, and the realization that if I wanted to do something, if I had an ambition or goal, I would have to have the power to do it. I guess, I just plainly don't like people who aren't the same race as me. I wish I could say I had some reason, but the truth is I just feel uncomfortable around them, and I don't care enough about world unity or whatever to try to force myself to like them.
>> No. 37413 [Edit]
Few seemingly take it easy these days.
>> No. 37418 [Edit]
File 161147525431.jpg - (136.14KB , 800x600 , 7e0b3a0369fccbe46a2a75570045d8f9.jpg )
It doesn't make me angry per se but it gives me more of a confused annoyance. I never understood or liked how unpopular people like robots or hikineets will be so eager to throw insults at normals like calling them "losers", "pathetic", or some other such insults that implies they look down on them. I don't mean this as if I think normals are above such people, but it is odd to me that such unfortunate people will look down on people who are more "successful" in some ways than they are just because they can brag about having chose their lifestyle unlike normals who do what they do because they want to but fail at it for whatever reason or still succeed but are still looked down upon by unpopular people. It makes even less sense to me when they call people like them such names.

Post edited on 24th Jan 2021, 12:11am
>> No. 37419 [Edit]
If you get raped as a kid you will rape as an adult, if you get abused, you will abuse. It's almost a natural law. And it's perfectly logical, you interact with the language you have been teached.
One of my sources of frustration is how I can't become an abuser in any context even after being abused, it feels like a biological malfunction.
>> No. 37420 [Edit]
>If you get raped as a kid you will rape as an adult

But that's wrong, though.
>> No. 37421 [Edit]
As the anon above me said this untrue. I personally know people who where raped as children and have not grown up to be pedos or rapists. Processing your trauma and realizing it wasn't your fault is way way better for yourself and everyone else then going out and repeating the same mistakes. Pain breeds pain, break the cycle because if you cause more pain you are only garunteeing to hurt yourself even more.
>> No. 37422 [Edit]
No, I didn't mean getting raped as a kid means a 100% mathematically perfect chance you will rape as an adult and absolutelly all persons that ever got raped became rapists, it's just common on sexual abusers to have a past of sexual abuse themselves, it's a common factor to take in consideration.

>Processing your trauma and realizing it wasn't your fault

Are you sure it wasn't, though? In all cases? Who decides that?
>> No. 37423 [Edit]
File 16115003219.jpg - (688.07KB , 1200x808 , 50362873_p0_master1200.jpg )
>it is odd to me that such unfortunate people will look down on people who are more "successful" in some ways than they are
That doesn't make much sense. People, including myself, look down on normalfags because of their mindset. "Success" isn't part of it, the obsession with "success" is.
>> No. 37425 [Edit]
Not him but what I think he's saying is that it's petty and a waste of energy. You're also acting like them in a way, playing the same game. Normals enjoy mocking and belittling those they see bellow them to feel better about themselves, often out of insecurity. They need constant reminders that there are people less successful than themselves, so they can say to themselves "I'm glad I'm not like 'those' people".
We can and should be better than that. Let the normals ruin their lives and pretend they're better off. Let them wage slave to pay for their useless degree, their 40 year mortgage, their child support for kids they never get to see. let them blast hiphop/rock from their generic muscle cars that they'll never finish paying off so they can feel oh so cool. Let them get drunk on their couch after work while screaming at successful athletes on the tv who they live vicariously through because they can't face the fact they haven't done anything with their own lives. We don't need their approval, we don't need to prop ourselves up by putting them down, we don't need anything from them.
>> No. 37426 [Edit]
File 161151613728.png - (353.47KB , 1000x1100 , 2efc6e838d5bddfcf9717c78037700ad.png )
That's fine and all, but normalfags are actually harmful and dangerous to me in a multitude of ways. They also outnumber us by a massive degree. Belittling normalfags isn't something I'd do to feel like I'm worth something, it would be a coping mechanism for being afraid of and nearly powerless against them.
>> No. 37427 [Edit]
>we don't need anything from them.

Sadly, most of us we do. Starting with getting a job and keeping it, basically means having to deal with them every single day unless you or your family are rich.
About the insecurity thing, it makes me think; I'm the most insecure of all and never did that, it's weird that insecurity serves as an explanation of being both and agressive bastard and a passive weakling. Not a particular criticism, just something that bothers me.
>> No. 37428 [Edit]
You seem very eager to belittle other people yourself, anon.
>> No. 37429 [Edit]
People who drive slow annoy me. They aren't driving slow because they're worried about being safe. They're often some of the worst drivers on the road. They think that by driving slow they're being safe and as a result pay the minimal amount of attention to what's going on around them. When you're driving quickly (within reason) you have to pay attention. It's a weird paradox but both my personal experience and statistics seem to bear it out.

I want more places with minimum speed limits. And higher top speed limits. Modern cars can do so much more than 60mph safely as long as the weather isn't bad.

You should keep in mind not all normalfags are like that. It's just that the ones who are stick out very strongly. Most normals seem more confused by our types than hateful but it's easy to miss when there does exist that certain subset of insecure normies who take offense at our existence.
>> No. 37430 [Edit]
>not all normalfags are like that
The only difference is their level of ignorance and authority. The more they learn and more influence they have, the more hostile they become.
>> No. 37432 [Edit]
Gotcha on the first bit. I'm saying it's cultural in the cases where it does happen and doesn't need to be that way. Who decides that? The act of rape itself is a violent coercive act, by definition the victim isn't at fault, especially a child because a child cannot consent to sex because they don't even understand what sex is.
>> No. 37434 [Edit]
The autobahn is a good example
>> No. 37436 [Edit]
I hate driving and I hate the competitive driving mentality. It's fucking retarded that people tap into their primal tribal brain for what in reality is a mundane, boring, and inefficient daily commute. It's not like it's a fun street race or something where you'll really get any substantial benefit in commute time, I can't understand why so many people put so much emotion into it. The amount of road rage I've witnessed between two dumbass drivers just boggles my mind. Are people really that desperate to get to mr. shekelsteins office 30 seconds sooner? I think the multi-lane highway was just a huge mistake. Why on gods green earth would you put people in a situation where their brains will instinctively get frustrated with any decrease in momentum or speed? I don't even blame the drivers, I understand perfectly well what it feels like to want to go a little faster in some task, but to have to wait for other things to get into place in order to do so. That's what makes it such a bad idea in my opinion, because it's not something that you should let that impatient part of your brain manage.
>> No. 37438 [Edit]
I've heard in many places cops will pull you over for it. I know I've spoken to a few who can't seem to grape the concept of slower drivers putting people at risk. People driving at normal rates of speeds or higher have to bob and weave around people like this, these people think they have the right to make everyone else drive slow and intentionally block faster drivers, hitting breaks for no reason, grid locking, ect. This only creates congestion and accidents, but good luck explaining that to these people who think they're heros.
>> No. 37439 [Edit]
That's true, we do need to cooperate with them on some level. What I meant is you don't need them to feel good about yourself.

You might be right, maybe I'm a hypocrite.
>> No. 37441 [Edit]
I'm a slow driver, I drive at what speed I am comfortable with and I don't care if I hold anybody up.

In my country and area at least it is not slow drivers that cause accidents, statistically it is fast drivers. I live in the country, most people that crash here do so due to overconfidence, it's not the city folk that crash as being in a new area they are slow and cautious, it's the locals that crash as they get overconfident and go faster.
>> No. 37442 [Edit]
In my case I don't think it's the decrease in speed so much as having someone block my way. I feel the same way when I'm walking in a store and people block the aisle and I'm forced to change how I walk while keeping behind these people or find another route to my destination, just because these people can't stay to one side. Be a slow driver or walker if you want, just keep to the side and let people pass. Yes it's silly to break speed limits and drive aggressively just to end up at the same stop light (this is why I think driving like that in the city is stupid) but I'd rather not have someone like that ridding my ass and potentially rear end me. I've already been hit once and it's not fun. The guy turned around and hauled ass in the opposite direction, leaving me to pay for the delectable on my car repairs.

Post edited on 25th Jan 2021, 7:25pm
>> No. 37445 [Edit]
For me it's not necessarily "competitive driving" but just the way I've became used to driving. Basically I had a commute that was pretty conducive to driving fast and after doing that every day for a few years it made me much better and more alert on the road. Some slow drivers are just patient but a lot of them really aren't paying attention or don't know how to make their car do what they want and drive slowly to compensate.
>> No. 37452 [Edit]
I'm eating an apple I bought only a few days ago and it has the consistency of wet sand. Kind of tastes like it too. Why are apples so inferior to pears? Pears get softer, but also sweeter with age. Fuck apples.
>> No. 37453 [Edit]
The fun of fast driving is not to hit the gas pedal during a straight line. It is to just cruise through the lines and go very fast on the curves. Doing fast curves makes driving more fun, and can be done in a urban setting.
>> No. 37460 [Edit]
Which type of apple? The most popular kinds in the US – red delicious and the green one – are tasteless garbage. If you're lucky you might find a honeycrisp. If you like sweet, maybe Fuji? I don't know where you can find any of these though.
>> No. 37461 [Edit]
The packaging says gala. Apparently this kind has surpassed red delicious as the most produced.

If I had to eat an apple I'd want it to be hard, crisp and tart, with some kind of unique twist to it, like bitterness, sourness or having a floral taste. Maybe it's because I ate them as a kid, but raw apples all seem to have a "generic taste" to them from what I've tried.

Post edited on 27th Jan 2021, 1:06pm
>> No. 37462 [Edit]
I'm sure there's an apple variety that fits that considering that there appear to be thousands of varieties (maybe Pink Lady? I've heard that those are tart and crisp). Interestingly even though a large number of varieties are grown in the US (~2000) I don't think these are all grown for mass-market consumption, and I don't know how you'd go about purchasing them (maybe you have to visit the apple orchard yourself? Or go to a farmer's market?)

If you like interesting content, may be worth a read. It's about the recently developed "Cosmic Crisp" apple which is "dramatically dark, richly flavored and explosively crisp and juicy" and has a lot of buzz surrounding it.
>> No. 37463 [Edit]
I have never eaten wet sand. I think I know the consistency you are referring to, it is atrocious indeed. Pure trash. Try Fuji, it is better. Also apples are better, you just don't know how to buy good apples. Also keep them in the fridge for better taste.
Any grocery store has Fuji apples, don't know about the other ones.
>> No. 37464 [Edit]
File 161179064588.jpg - (414.88KB , 583x700 , a468e0dc78d106186b2ee1f961408326.jpg )
In what way are apples better than pears?
>> No. 37466 [Edit]
I've never been a huge fan of the consistency of fruits in general. It's a bit like leaves wrapped around soggy potatos with way too much fiber in them. Never quite understood how humans have been eating that shit for thousands of years. Yeah yeah I know my palette is "immature". I don't have a problem with vegetables, I just don't like fruits. They also tend to be really pungent especially banana. People think I'm insane when I say this but I start suffocating from the stench when someone peels back a banana.
>> No. 37467 [Edit]
I'm the same, vegetables are fine but I don't like fruits. Don't understand why people tend to hold fruits in such high regards. Then again I also prefer the savory to the sweet and fruits are sweet.
>> No. 37469 [Edit]
File 161183759140.jpg - (49.78KB , 850x478 , sample_0a67929893382dcde1c2f6ae203d6584.jpg )
>the consistency of fruits in general
The texture of a banana and a plum or a raspberry or a pomegranate, has literally nothing in common. Potatoes are full of starch, while most fruits have next to none. Fruits are also basically the only natural source of a lot of sugar many people ever had access to(which you need to live). I don't think you're insane, just ignorant.
>> No. 37470 [Edit]
>natural source of a lot of sugar
I don't think there's much a difference between "natural" sugar and table sugar though? Fruit sugar is mainly fructose+glucose (=sucrose) which table sugar also is. I think the only difference is that it's easy to overuse table sugar whereas fruits have a natural limit. And fruits also have fiber/starch/etc. so there's at least some sustenance.
>> No. 37471 [Edit]
The difference is that people didn't always have access to table sugar.
>> No. 37473 [Edit]
They are sweet, have the perfect amount of hardness, easier to cut, and tastes better. However there has been years since I last ate a pear. In respect to you, I will give them one more try soon.
>> No. 37475 [Edit]
I usually eat Bartlett pears. I prefer them at their hardest, but they're also nice when they get more ripe.
>> No. 37480 [Edit]
I know fruits are supposed to be good for you or some shit. I just can't stand them. And there is something in common. The texture is just weirdly chunky/gritty/stringy , always. I can't explain it because most people probably aren't autistic enough to care about food textures that much. But biting into a fruit gives me the same sensation that nails on a chalkboard does. Even hearing someone bite down on an apple makes me cringe.
>> No. 37597 [Edit]
After upgrading git:

>hint: Using 'master' as the name for the initial branch. This default branch name
>hint: is subject to change. To configure the initial branch name to use in all
>hint: of your new repositories, which will suppress this warning, call:
>hint: git config --global init.defaultBranch <name>
>hint: Names commonly chosen instead of 'master' are 'main', 'trunk' and
>hint: 'development'. The just-created branch can be renamed via this command:
>hint: git branch -m <name>

The people who are pushing this garbage have probably never seen a black person, much less talk with one. Get me off this ride.
>> No. 37598 [Edit]
Take it to /tat/
>> No. 37599 [Edit]
File 161279898369.jpg - (55.63KB , 850x637 , sample_002e189e3ecf496be8f2084433ed97b8.jpg )
Jokes that go something like: Hey you, I want to kill you, your family and everybody remotely related to you because you're all evil. Ha ha hi hi. Just kidding.

Isn't it funny to be told for decades that you're the root of all the world's problems? Isn't that the best comedy material? There's nothing alienating about that.
>> No. 37600 [Edit]
I think anyone who thinks that's funny would surely have some serious mental issues, and he's probably not 100% kidding. What did you do to piss this guy off?
>> No. 37601 [Edit]
You're right, but I forgot to set a password, and now I can't delete it. I never learn.
>> No. 37602 [Edit]
File 161281418024.jpg - (252.08KB , 850x1133 , 5E9ED04D-6623-414F-ADF3-77E6710128BA-14446-000018D.jpg )
My dad's jewish. Never was a part of that community or felt attatched to it, but it still hurts a little and wears me down when people on sites I otherwise like make me feel like a pariah and paranoid.
>> No. 37603 [Edit]
File 161282705448.jpg - (276.33KB , 600x410 , wave.jpg )
>git branch -m <name>
Ah yes "-m" for renaming a branch. How clear and intuitive. You can tell that the maintainers of git truly embrace the aesthetics of measured asymmetry (perhaps inspired by sprezzatura or Japanese art) by how they playfully assigned branch deletion to "-d" but opted for succinct flagless-ness when creating branches. I especially love how to list all of the branches it's just "git branch."
>> No. 37604 [Edit]
Look man I'm not gonna say you're evil, because you personally probably are not, but you have to realize that the whole problem of ethnically homogeneous societies being diluted largely stemmed from the the "Jewish problem", where in the 18th, 19th and 20th century, jews had no proper ethnic homeland and could be found traveling around europe like the romanians. Regardless of what you think about modern antisemitism, that was a real and well documented problem that really happened and resulted in a lot of problems. In that sense it's to be expected that people will resent your race for representing those problems. I don't think you should take it personally. But unfortunately that in addition to the behavior of modern Israel is going to make it hard for Jewish people if there ever is a war that the modern western liberal democracy does not survive. I don't know exactly what to say, I'm sorry but I also sympathize with people who are not happy with the whole Jewish problem.
>> No. 37605 [Edit]
Sorry about that, a lot of people out there can really be assholes.
>> No. 37606 [Edit]
Well, anon, "-m" obviously denotes the application of a "-m"oniker. The fanciful beauty of git's UI is often lost on the plebeians.
>> No. 37607 [Edit]
Isn't Judaism passed down through the mother though? So you are not a jew. But regardless, many people think there is some kind of Jewish conspiracy to push leftist agendas but ignore the fact that many of the people pushing that are not Jews and most of the reason they do it is simply to make money, it just happens to be that many Jews are in positions of business so will make those leftist decisions to make money. The same thing happens here and we barely have any Jews in business. You could even be proud of being Jewish because of how successful many of these Jews are to get so much power for such a small community anyway.
>> No. 37608 [Edit]
File 161284437965.jpg - (102.12KB , 600x482 , a578d7499c5da83e45fec78ba94b1d9b.jpg )
Jewishness as a genetic thing is pretty well agreed upon. Nobody in my immediate family is religious.

I can't be proud of some other person's accomplishments. I don't feel like denying reality or hating myself either. I'd like to not care at all, but it always rears its head again eventually. If only everybody was as apathetic about it as Japanese people tend to be, Jews included. Just another gaijin is nice.

What's funny is that on stormfront/pol people talk about Jews being degenerates and pedophiles. On hentai related and /d/ like places, Jews are the ones censoring and ruining everything. Even on those boards that spam a lot and have actual, 3d pedophiles on them, Jews are the boogeymen causing anti-pedophile sentiment.
>> No. 37609 [Edit]
I think it's as simple as a lot of people just inherently dislike Jews. Not even saying that they're right or wrong, but jews are a small, relatively weird minority that have caused a lot of problems in the past even if it was just indirectly and as a result of them having no proper ethnic homeland. It's natural for people to dislike them. I do think it's fucking retarded that people think jews are behind EVERY thing, but you can't deny that there exists a long animosity between jews and europeans. People of the same races shouldn't be living together for both races sakes. Imperialism and multi-culturalism are pretty much one and the same problem.
>> No. 37610 [Edit]
I have pretty much no desire to live in Israel. Modern Jews are also a hodgepodge. I myself don't even neatly fit into one the categories they have.

Since when has what's "natural" for people been a part of image boards, a place originally for social outcasts?
>> No. 37611 [Edit]
File 161285759524.gif - (84.70KB , 501x585 , jewtrix.gif )
You can always be a jew that also hates jews. Sometimes I think I'm one.
Being accused of being the evil in the world isn't that bad. Evil is cool. It means power, intelligence, will. By the social darwinism most far-righters follow, if a ridiculous minority of just a few million people can control societies or even the whole world for centuries, they truly must be the superior race.
Anyway, if you were already an outcast it's just another thing to add to the pile, right?
>> No. 37612 [Edit]
This image set:
>> No. 37629 [Edit]
File 161303708365.png - (23.43KB , 330x258 , d12e37c11ba384cff9de7e1b1f98c85ef20e2c68.png )
This might come off as really autistic but torrent ratios really bother me.
It gets under my skin and nags at me when my ratio goes from 20 to 10 even though that is way more than most users get. 200 up, 20 down.
I am genuinely bothered that I lost a ~100 gb torrent that I had seeded for about 2 months, that nobody, including the staff and other users, would care is listed as snatched on my profile. It was even freeleech.
I don't understand why this stuff bothers me on such a visceral level, nobody not even the staff cares and have given my profile an "award" for seeding so long.
>> No. 37642 [Edit]
File 161315375465.jpg - (0.96MB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Hataraku Saibou Black - 03v2 (1080p) .jpg )
Thoughts like this and the idea that what's natural is bound to be right and good. I think what separates us humans from animals are precisely the opposite - that we have the capability to defy our own design.
>> No. 37643 [Edit]
Cells in your body are going to be biased. Don't hold it against them.
>> No. 37644 [Edit]
Right and good are, forgive the phrase, spooks. What is natural is technically the only RIGHT because it is the way things are driven by the forces of the universe. It's not that it is qualitatively desirable, but that there is no other choice.
>> No. 37646 [Edit]
Well they're cells, so of course they'd think so. I never personally understood why it was so important though, and appeals to abstract things like "lineage" seemed more like they wanted to sell me on some sort of ponzi scheme.
>> No. 37647 [Edit]
There's the mindset that having to die isn't as bad if you leave people on this earth. People who are kind of like you. It's like compensation. I don't buy into it, but I can understand it.
>> No. 37648 [Edit]
You're right, my perspective is probably biased by the fact that I'm neutral to mildly disinclined regarding existence in general. If someone viewed existence/life as a net positive thing, then I can understand why they would strive to create more of it: out of the belief that they're doing some "good," and as a counter against their own mortality.
>> No. 37651 [Edit]
File 161319344650.jpg - (202.07KB , 600x800 , 929fe4ed4e0bbbfd677de1069617d0f5.jpg )
A few times, when I felt afraid of the thought of disappearing from the world, nobody remembering me and nothing being left of my existence, I contemplated artificial insemination. Even if I could do that, I probably wont since it wont really be like how I'd want it to be. Being the patriarch of a large household kind of seems appealing to me, but that kind of thing doesn't exist much anymore.
>> No. 37652 [Edit]
>Right and good are, forgive the phrase, spooks.
I agree

>What is natural is technically the only RIGHT because it is the way things are driven by the forces of the universe. It's not that it is qualitatively desirable, but that there is no other choice.
Going further will only lead to a pointless debate but although I disagree, I will agree to disagree.
>> No. 37653 [Edit]
Pretty sure life goes against the natural direction of the universe since it takes simple things and makes them more complex.
>> No. 37654 [Edit]
Are you referring to entropy and how "life" seems to be a mechanism for locally lowering entropy (of course at the expense of a global increase in entropy elsewhere). In this view "life" is some sort of entropy-transfer mechanism. But there are other phenomenon in nature like this so although it's an interesting observation it's only a necessary but not sufficient characteristic of life.
>> No. 37655 [Edit]
>there are other phenomenon in nature like this
Sure, but aren't organic compounds the most complex in the universe?
>> No. 37670 [Edit]
Yes, thanks to carbon's ability to form many bonds with various other elements. In referring to "other phenomenon" I was speaking purely from an entropy-based viewpoint.
>> No. 37673 [Edit]
This is tangential (well I suppose it strictly counts as an annoyance) but I'm quite pissed that the non-black Hataraku Saibou S2 has skimped on medical content. I don't expect any sort of in-depth medical infodump, but S1 at least introduced some lesser known cell-types. S2 seems to have fallen prey to the issue of just sticking with the same formula and riding on S1's coattails; the most novel thing there is the (admittedly cute) lactobacterium but gut flora are relatively common knowledge at this point. Meanwhile the black version is willing to discuss things like reaction pathways and provides fodder for things to lookup in more depth later.
>> No. 37674 [Edit]
They did though, the lactobacterium episodes might have been dragged out too long but they also introduced langerhans cells and peyer's patch. They are certainly way too obsessed with cancer though and there were a lot of episodes that were definitely created with the pandemic in mind - viral infections, vaccinations and cytokine storms. The problem with "vanilla" is that the medium is so limited because they can't go "wild" as Black did. Black has more freedom to express many things because the "vessel" itself is also physically prone to illnesses. I might not have dropped Black if they hadn't pushed the whole adult angle so persistently and made the MC the "special one".
>> No. 37675 [Edit]
People's natural predisposition to belong to a "group" leading to everyone having the same mindless groupthink which in turn is very evident in every corner of the internet. There is no originality in thought, everyone speaks the same way and spouts similar tired nonsense everywhere and they are proud of it. Nobody looks for their own answers.
>> No. 37676 [Edit]
A sad fact that is. I'm not entirely sure if here is any different, but I'd like to think so.
>> No. 37677 [Edit]
People who "look for their own answers" will almost certainly come to the same conclusion or a slight variation of it which somebody, somewhere already thought of and wrote about. It's impossible to not be influenced by other people in some way, and a person who isn't influenced, like if they were raised by animals or something, can't make much of any ideas in the first place.
>> No. 37678 [Edit]
I miss 24/7 grocery stores. You were slowly seeing less of them before COVID but after they're completely gone. Officially they did it to "sanitize their stores at night" but that isn't happening. It's because of theft and overhead. They aren't coming back, they were already getting phased out. If it was about Corona they'd want people to spread their shopping out so there was less contact.

Long, leisurely trips to the grocery store at 3am. What a joy those were.

I've often had some "original" thought and only later discovered it was something already explored in greater detail. It makes me wonder if we came to those ideas independently or if some aspect of culture took inspiration from that idea and planted it in my head.
>> No. 37679 [Edit]
My initial rant is not about the originality of thought being independent of outside influence but rather the lack of critical thinking from people that leads to its conclusion. People are just parroting one another and taking things at face value wholesale. And now that more and more people from every corner of the world has access to the internet the whole situation is exacerbated further. It's normal to see these comments in places like youtube and twitter but you see them nowadays in places like mangadex as well even in lesser known titles. The whole imageboard situation isn't helping either with their tendency to promote hivemind behavior.

I'd like to as well, unfortunately small obscure imageboards are no longer that obscure and many are gradually dying.
>> No. 37680 [Edit]
> imageboard situation isn't helping either with their tendency to promote hivemind behavior.
I think imageboards proportionately contribute very little to the situation you mentioned. 4chan is the only imageboard with enough traffic in the anglosphere to make any impact, and even then the rate of language diffusion from 4chan to external sites is anecdotally a lot lower than e.g. the rate of diffusion from reddit to others. On the other hand even if there's little external diffusion, there's plenty of internal mixing so you still end up with most threads in 4chan devolving into the same stale, predictable posts.
>> No. 37682 [Edit]
File 161343463762.jpg - (468.02KB , 3080x4096 , texas' secret hobby.jpg )
Shipping. Ever since I first saw a character pairing when I was a kid I rarely saw pairings that actually make any sense. Many of them seem to operate on the idea that "opposites attract" but that's not only an inexperienced way to look at things but a very shallow one, especially when you consider that many opposites that are forced together tend to canonically hate and even try to kill each other, at times more than once. I sometimes assume that shipping is supposed to be about figuring out how two personalities would get along and love each other and what this relationship would look like. But that doesn't feel backed up when it looks like people drool at the thought of two characters with differing hair colors and constant feuds kissing. I guess that's just a consequence of it's primary demographic (women) but I can't help but expect better. Expecting better is something someone could probably tell me is unreasonable since even official media seems to put minimal effort into it's romances, even when the work in question is focused on that romance but that's a different rant.
What makes me angriest is that it could probably be done right and it wouldn't be as hard as people might initially think. But so few people think two people who get along and have common interests is "spicy" or "cute" so they make dumb "opposites attract" bullshit while they dumb people down to being as simple as atoms with opposing polarities and not finicky creatures with tastes, hobbies, personal beliefs, worldviews, and ambitions all while pointing to evidence that doesn't stand up to scrutiny unless anybody in charge of the official media happens to think the same way.
Also I don't appreciate seeing my waifu get paired with someone.
>> No. 37683 [Edit]
Yeah I just think shipping is fucking retarded. Romance is OK if it's done well, but it never is, so I can't care about it.
>> No. 37684 [Edit]
File 161343676242.png - (1.32MB , 950x1173 , __toki_ayano_yurucamp_drawn_by_nekosination__9fb41.png )
I feel the same way about shipping and the whole opposites attract thing. I never have interest in the romance genre although there are rare instances where it could "work". Perhaps my idea of romance is also different from what people usually seek. Personally I value platonic relationships higher than romance. I admire creators who have a clear vision of what they want to create without obfuscating it with unnecessary romance but sadly that isn't generally the case. I don't have a waifu but I can sympathize. Not directly related but not too long ago I watched an interview with a fujoshi and they mentioned how they retreated into BL to find a "safe space", I think this is probably also true to some extent for people who likes yuri. Also, it seems like the older I get, there are increasingly more things that I find off-putting and subsequently it makes it harder to find things to enjoy. On the plus side it can be as >>37544 mentioned.
>> No. 37689 [Edit]
Nobody knows what they're talking about. Shutting the fuck up is the only thing left to do. Trying to talk is a mistake. Listening is an unfortunate accident. 沈黙は金雄弁は銀お隠れは金剛。
>> No. 37691 [Edit]
The average person was already like that, it's just more noticable because of widespread use of the internet and probably more annoying because of the obnoxious behaviour they imitate.
I also disagree with the sentiment that everyone frequents the same circles, aside from facebook people tend to stick to linguistic spheres.
>> No. 37695 [Edit]
People who intertwine Japanese words or phrases into their otherwise entirely English message. It looks as ridiculous online as it does in real life.
>> No. 37697 [Edit]
ESL people tend to throw english words into their speech willy-nilly.
>> No. 37703 [Edit]
People who obsess over politics or make a singular thing/hobby there whole entire identity.
>> No. 37712 [Edit]
File 161358060435.jpg - (663.12KB , 850x1507 , sample_ed79b5bef314b28193fde4ffc8e4281a.jpg )
"No show socks". It's just another little thing about 3d women that annoys me.
>> No. 37715 [Edit]
File 161366469397.jpg - (95.13KB , 850x642 , sample_ad9cf28328e162fbce49f5dbdb22879c.jpg )
The idea of being a "game dev" or really anybody working on a long term personal project kind of annoys me. Not that they're making something, but that they choose to take the role of "person who is in the process of making a thing". Why can't people make their thing in quiet, and only talk about it once it's finished? I can't count the number of times I got excited about some project someone started only for it to be abandoned mid-way through or never released in any form.
>> No. 37716 [Edit]
I make a point to hide and never tell anyone about my plans because I always feel like a complete moron to get people excited about something I'm doing just to have to tell them I failed and I'm an idiot. Happened a couple of times. Told my parents I had decided to learn German and gave up after 4 or 5 months but mom and dad would constantly bring it up and ask me how I was doing. Did the same thing a year later telling them I was going to learn how to draw.

Now I never tell them anything and it's a good thing, too, because since then I have given up on a lot of stuff.
>> No. 37717 [Edit]
It's nice that you have supportive parents. Every interest of mine is point of criticism.
>> No. 37718 [Edit]
It is. I know I'm lucky, it's one of the reasons I feel so bad about disappointing them. I'm sorry to hear you don't have supportive parents. I was going to tell you to try to ignore their shit but I know it must be pretty hard thing to do, specially if it's happening since you're a kid.
>> No. 37719 [Edit]
I suppose it has to do with the initial excitement and euphoria, similar to how people feel the need to share every little thing on platforms like twitter. Personally I don't understand the need to express and feel embarrassed to share anything incomplete but there were times when I had to convince my parents as >>37716 did but ultimately ended up feeling like a complete idiot when I failed.

That's nice. My parents tend to keep quiet about my interests until it has become evident that I have failed after which they would pile miseries upon me.
>> No. 37728 [Edit]
It's not in my place to scrutinize about the proper usage of the English language but I'm mildly annoyed by the frequent use of addicting in place of addictive on the internet.
>> No. 37736 [Edit]
The trend of artists making doujin "shorts", I know its to milk fanbox subscriptions but its annoying to see on exhentai.
>> No. 37793 [Edit]
The kind of people who only check their email in the morning despite convenient, desktop email clients and phone apps making it possible to check them instantly with no fuss. When you need something from them within two to three hours, you end up having to wait an entire day.
>> No. 37794 [Edit]
I really hate how instant communication has made people feel entitled to instant responses. I check my email daily only on a good week. I just can't get into the mindset of constantly checking for new information every fucking hour. If someone wants to contact me quickly they'll have to call me, or just expect that I won't be available. I want to get rid of my cellphone for the intent purpose that I won't be "available" at all times of the day, but the modern world practically requires it.
>> No. 37795 [Edit]
File 161414524230.jpg - (1.54MB , 3000x2750 , 1610501270039.jpg )
People can get awfully mad if you don't answer calls even late at night. I don't even use the usual messaging shit and when people know about that they look at you like you're handicapped or have some mental problem, even randomly throw you a tantrum and tell you how you can't possibly live without it as if it was some sort of sin or sacrilege.
I hate living in this kind of world of permanent connectivity and socialization, I can't live like this from a pure mental health point of view but for most people is the only possible way to exist. It's like living in 1984 or one of those dystopic novels, I just don't understand how we have degenerated into this and everyone's happy about it. I can't imagine how harsh this could become if I ever reach old age.
>> No. 37796 [Edit]
I feel the same. For the longest of time I didn't have (nor wanted) a smartphone until I was gifted one by my father. I still get anxious about having to receive a call and hate the "social obligation" of owning a phone. Sometimes I feel like I've slipped into a parallel timeline where I shouldn't be, like I'm sitting on a lone boat drifting in a direction different from everybody else. Oftentimes I find myself struggling to understand how the world ended up the way it did and how everyone readily accepts it. The long years I've spent as shut-in adds another layer to make me feel like a time traveler each time I try to make sense of and "connect" with reality.
>> No. 37797 [Edit]
I relate this to the kind of feeling old people must be used to. Living in a world that's nothing like the world you were born, a world you don't understand, you don't like, taking refuge in the old things you're familiar with.
You don't know how new technology works, you don't understand what people talk, all seems ugly, tasteless, violent. You're scared, out of place, waiting to die.
But I'm only in my 30's, that's the fucked up part.
>> No. 37798 [Edit]
Yeah, I was reluctant to admit it before but that's how I saw it too. Simultaneously, I guess that point of view might be the thing that also helps them to eventually accept death. The funny thing though is that a lot of old people nowadays are also into this whole technological connectivity as well. I'm also in my 30s.
>> No. 37815 [Edit]
File 161447415153.jpg - (1.14MB , 850x1295 , sample_3b339c85815f0fc495d0b0c77b80d8af.jpg )
Lately I've been annoyed by porn where the girl shows no agency what so ever and is strung along by male characters. For some reason it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Nice, naive girls kind of disgust me. I gravitate towards femdom type stuff a lot more now because it's better for my mood.
>> No. 37816 [Edit]
You are overthinking and overanalyzing porn.
>> No. 37817 [Edit]
When you can spend several hours, multiple times in day looking at porn, that tends to happen.
>> No. 37832 [Edit]
I'm not sure if I understand you correctly but maybe that's the reason why NTR especially pisses me off so much. I also dislike nice, naive girls but I'm not exactly into femdom.
>> No. 37857 [Edit]
File 161496359576.jpg - (217.56KB , 1046x933 , 4799e76d3d1e116a49d39d017f2d1132.jpg )
Sukiyabashi Jiro kind of annoys me. It's a famous sushi restaurant located in a tokyo subway station. It can only accommodate 10 people at a time and doesn't even accept reservations from regular people anymore. The problem is the location. A subway restaurant is supposed to be for commuters to grab something quick to eat. It's supposed to be the opposite of ultra exclusive, and that's how Jiro's started out obviously. Now, if a random person goes in without knowing better, they get angry at you, like you're supposed to know this subway joint is off limits.

Instead of moving to a more suitable location, they've just kept occupying that subway location instead of letting an accessible restaurant take its place and make proper use of the space. To me this seems extremely selfish and I can't see how it fits into Japanese values. I wonder how Japanese people feel about this place.
>> No. 37860 [Edit]
Well, you're wrong. I am a little annoyed. I have complete confidence that reservation only, let alone no reservations open to the public, restaurants don't belong in subways. Doesn't matter what country you're in. The food is legendary. The location isn't and shouldn't be. It's not the same as when it first opened. When it first opened, that location probably made sense. Now it doesn't. I doubt they don't have the funds for a location change either.

If I'm in a subway, don't expect me to know that a specific restaurant there is in its "traditional" location, but is off limits. You can't make that sound logical. It's a subway, hole in the wall. There's nothing sacred about it just because an old guy has been there for some decades. Maybe when he dies, they'll convert it into a shrine to him. Restaurants in subways are for commuters. That is an unalienable truth.

Post edited on 5th Mar 2021, 12:36pm
>> No. 37861 [Edit]
That sounds pretty shitty.
>> No. 37863 [Edit]
You're glad I can't do anything to a restaurant you will never enter and eat in because you have an emotional investment in it for some reason. You're white knighting a restaurant. That sounds like a joke to me.

Post edited on 5th Mar 2021, 1:11pm
>> No. 37864 [Edit]
File 16149841759.jpg - (154.65KB , 850x554 , sample_114355d4e75c90f8846ba90922419c31.jpg )
5ch thread about Jiro, apparently some people agree with my sentiment.
>「写真撮影禁止です!(キリッ」 「あ?シュワちゃん!!どぞどぞ写真撮ってください(ニッコリ」
>> No. 37866 [Edit]
Did you forget to read this part of my first post?
>I wonder how Japanese people feel about this place.
Get over yourself. If you regret posting, maybe you should stop doing so.
>> No. 37869 [Edit]
File 161501884631.jpg - (477.59KB , 1200x1600 , 31280804_904999997_433156436_28499985_ENq-f_5UcAII.jpg )
>If you regret posting, maybe you should stop doing so.
If you're going to start an argument with someone here expect them to defend themselves in it.
>> No. 37870 [Edit]
People in that thread are also saying its the best sushi in Japan, I kinda get the exclusivity if its that respected but putting something like that in a subway station is pretty tacky.
>> No. 37879 [Edit]
File 161530109534.jpg - (26.45KB , 340x300 , __dia_bokujou_monogatari_and_1_more__0c27e63364a86.jpg )
The entire concept of localization. I don't know who came up with it, but they're an asshole. It's hard for me to understand the mindset of people who would go through the effort of learning a language, or like something enough to want to translate it, but also feel the need to change things about it. You would think this concept would go out of fashion and be looked back on as an embarrassing symptom of intolerance or whatever, but that hasn't happened and it's still seen as a legitimate practice. What's the "theory" behind why it's necessary to "localize' things?
>> No. 37880 [Edit]
The theory behind it is easy enough, different countries have different sensibilities but you know that already.
I speak from experience when I tell you the translators themselves are at the bottom rung of the whole thing, you just change whatever they tell you to. Now if you're talking about people translating something as a hobby and in full control of the whole thing and still fucks up on purpose then yes, that would be very odd indeed.
>> No. 37881 [Edit]
It seems to be getting worse too... A few weeks ago I was actually that enraged with the translation of Eiyuu Senki Gold(by Jast USA) that I contacted the translator though I could only find their twitter and discord and I don't have Twitter but I remembered I have an old Discord that I never used. The Discord Moderator asked me to list the issues, where the issues occurred, the Japanese used, the English used and what I think it should be and that he would send it to the Translator. Though I don't know if it did anything.

The Translation is incredibly localised with phrases like you do you, flex on and the customary nahs, swearing and other Americanisms(two Characters actually do swear in English but that was not the issue). All of that was bad but what really got me were the drug references, translating things like onaka ga suita to I have the munchies and what are you saying? To are you high? It's like they have absolutely no idea about Japanese society. It's also really disheartening to see how these references and this mentality are creeping into everything in the west.
>> No. 37882 [Edit]
Oh, and when I mentioned it in the discord there were a bunch of people saying things like 'you are overreacting'
'It's fine'
'I don't speak any Japanese but I think the way they translated it is accurate and fine'
and 'what you think you are better than the translators? Then why do you even play the English version? You are just trying to look good'.
>> No. 37883 [Edit]
They don't only try to make things more inoffensive now, they also add in crude Americanisms or political commentary. You'd think they would have learned something. How they justify this ideologically, if they even think about it, is what confuses me most.

We're supposed to not care about those things anymore in any other context though, so that makes no sense.

Post edited on 9th Mar 2021, 7:20am
>> No. 37884 [Edit]
It's more offensive though that is the thing, Japanese itself is a fairly inoffensive language compared to English, yet they add swearing the references I mentioned and things like that to make it offensive, even many in the west would find that offensive. There is no reason to add it at all, it doesn't add anything and will just offend some people. It didn't even remove what most people in the west would actually be offended by(loli) which surprised me as they are going to release the game on Steam(though maybe they will just remove it from there).

Oh I remembered something regarding ideology, they did also replace the word Bunka with diversity and there were a few other phrases like that.
>> No. 37886 [Edit]
I don't really see political commentary in most things I consume, but that might be because its mostly fan translations of print. You see memes and americanisms sometimes but that's mostly in hentai where its okayish to me because its sparing and the plot isnt that important usually.
I need to dig into to some of my downloads of official digital releases to see how common it is but yeah, for fan stuff if a translation is notably bad another group will pop up. Japanese pro wrestling is a weird spot, because English announcers just paraphrase the dialogue and japanese announcers so stuff is lost in translation but not on purpose.
What I dislike is that westerners must attempt to be funny and referential 24/7.
I think localisation is fine for children's media who cant fathom the cultural differences and the things changed should cause problems if imitated by the target audience or desensitize them to taboos, like a mascot making gestures that are harmless in the home country but offensive in the country being exported. But only for children. Adults know better.
>> No. 37887 [Edit]
The theory is unrelenteless unabatable faggotry.
>> No. 37889 [Edit]
File 161530856570.jpg - (166.00KB , 850x848 , sample_a42a12341cdcde821d1b69923b6ea2b2.jpg )
I was watching subbed anime since I was in middle school and I think it was actually good for me. Children's Media especially shouldn't be tampered with since being exposed to a wider variety of attitudes is good for children in my opinion. If they get too caught up in one mindset(especially a negative one), they'll have a harder time developing mental flexibility. Kids aren't as dumb as you think.

Children are usually better behaved in anime too, whereas localizations have tended to make child characters more obnoxious, loud and irreverent, along with cutting out any kind of subtlety or emotional resonance. I like these clips a lot for demonstrating how legitimately degenerate(in the real sense) children's media localization tends to be.
>> No. 37890 [Edit]
File 161531013943.png - (264.14KB , 488x768 , sonic.png )
I agree for older children, but I mean for like the under-10s that would be watching and playing stuff like sonic, and not even changing much. It is good for kids to be exposed to different cultures and ideas.

I just mean like the example of pic-related. It's iconic and harmless to most, but in some places it is offensive or even politically charged, I don't think changing it to a fist or thumbs-up for those specific audiences so some 7 year old doesn't imitate it and get in trouble or worse is as bad as the videos you've linked. I agree most of it is bad and has gotten out of hand but this is what localization is actually meant to be
>> No. 37898 [Edit]
File 161532385496.png - (16.72KB , 256x384 , Professor-Layton-Curious-Village-JP-Puzzle-10.png )
While there are countless examples of needless detrimental edits in localized works, sometimes localization is necessary. For example, some puzzles in video games that rely on linguistic or cultural knowledge need to be changed for them to be solvable by players outside the original target audience. Pic related, it roughly translates to: "Among the seven kanji in the picture, there is only one that does not belong. Which one is it?" Things like wordplay and foreign pop cultural references may need to be heavily changed too in order for them to make sense.
>> No. 37900 [Edit]

>> No. 37902 [Edit]
Localization is good and is often necessary for a work to make sense in another language. It's a careful procedure where you take subtleties from one language and attempt to work them into another.
Sadly, the term is now synonymous with "censorship" due to the work of some particularly awful translators, editors, and businessmen. Ironically, localization is often used as an excuse on things that aren't even localized properly.

Proper localization shows such a deep respect for the meaning of the work that the translator is capable of near perfectly translating the emotional meaning behind the author's words. The retarded script changes that get justified with "localization" are practically the exact opposite, sometimes those changes show such contempt for the work itself that it's almost amazing whatever hack wrote it chose to be an editor or translator in an industry they seem to despise so much.
Or maybe it's just the case that some retarded suit said that something would be a little too harsh for people he can't see as anything other than retarded goblins, so he demanded the script be changed or else it wouldn't air. The latter tends to apply more to children's shows, the former tends to apply to adult shows. Some cases of censorship are so utterly baffling to me that I'm honestly amazed they get made, like censoring sexual content in a game made for people who decisively aren't children.
>> No. 37903 [Edit]
File 161533074130.jpg - (252.11KB , 1002x1000 , fbdff628b7efc5d9e8c9c24a0e1f3a11.jpg )
Unless a game mechanic working depends on certain things being changed, I prefer as literal of an approach as possible. Even if certain cultural references get lost on the audience, that's okay. They can look it up, or translation notes can be included. Translation is not the same as localization. Translation is transferring meaning from one language to another. Localization means changing the meaning.
>> No. 37904 [Edit]
File 16153338888.png - (293.47KB , 500x385 , HHHJ4422.png )
Not him, and I don't mean any offense, but if you feel that way it probably is worth the time to just learn the language.
>> No. 37905 [Edit]
I know. I'm in pain.
>> No. 37906 [Edit]
Localizers tricked people into thinking things that make up good translations are "localization" so that they could more easily get away with changing or editing shit ofr no reason.
>> No. 37907 [Edit]
Mobile games and mobile gaming. What a curse that's been on the world. Who wants to play games on their phone? I don't get it. Just use a laptop or desktop computer. The screen is bigger. Why on earth would somebody want to play a game on a device with no keyboard, no mouse, and a tiny screen?
>> No. 37908 [Edit]
Handheld game consoles filled that particular niche for decades. There is a significant consumer market for portable video games whether it's by choice or necessity. It isn't something new and calling it a curse just because you can use the platform for other purposes is beyond melodramatic.
>> No. 37909 [Edit]
File 161534571247.png - (3.96MB , 1351x2021 , subs_humor_vn.png )
What's the reasoning for that? Is it some pattern in the radicals or stroke order?
When done right, localization should be subtle and unnoticeable. The issue is that doing it right requires a lot of skill, and the monkeys who companies subcontract to for peanuts certainly don't have that. If you're interested in learning more, Routledge Course in Japanese Translation is a good read (I've only admittedly skimmed it, but if you're into linguistics or theory it's nice).

Post edited on 9th Mar 2021, 7:09pm
>> No. 37910 [Edit]
Localization is more subtle than just "sushi into burgers"-type "localizations". You can see a lot of good localization in literary translations, and among any translation that you really feel is "good" there's at least some level of localization involved. What sort of translation will come out ultimately depends on what you're translating, but in general localization is a subtle manipulation of the author's writing so that it will get across the same way to one reader in a language as it does to a reader in another.
Translation without localization is like trying to play a song made for one instrument on a totally different one. Don't let terrible translation like the pic in
make you think localization is a bad thing. I don't even think I'd call that garbage 'translation'. It is doing quite literally the exact opposite of what a proper localization should do, and any real translator looking at that would probably die from 2nd hand embarassment.
Proper localization happens on a level you might not even realize if you can't read the original language, and it doesn't really take a genius to do either. It's just that awful, heartless, uninspired translators/editors stuck in what they believe to be dead-end jobs stop giving a fuck about what they're doing and take out their anger on the hard work of others. Or at least, I think this is the case. That's the only reason I could imagine why people would insert retarded shit about 'gamergate' and feminsim into shows.
>> No. 37911 [Edit]
Handheld gaming is obsolete in my opinion. I would never play a game like that now unlike when I was kid. Those consoles also had nice-feeling controls like a d-pad and other buttons, which provided a level of standardization and comfort absent in mobile games. Mobile Game culture is the even bigger issue. Free to play, corporate-approved(to get in the app store) gacha shit lacks both the quality of hand-held console libraries, and freedom from creative restriction of pc-games, so in every way it's the worst of both worlds.

Post edited on 9th Mar 2021, 7:37pm
>> No. 37912 [Edit]
Playing mobile games on a tablet is fine, it can be quite comfy playing from a table in bed even. But the most don't do that. It's part of the attention economy we now have, PC, Laptops or even tablets struggle to fit into that and many people seem not to have or use them, but almost everybody has a phone and it is on them all the time. It's how it works now, I see this frequently with my relatives, they will sit in from of the TV 'watching' a movie but actually they are on their phone on social media or some mobile game.

It's a separate niche. Handheld game consoles(which we still have, the Switch is quite popular) are portable consoles. You buy a game, put it in and play it. For a long game you may get 24-48 hours from it but it is a full experience and once done it is done, sure you may come back to it or some DLC may come out but overall it is a game like any other, it is just portable and does not require a TV. Mobile games are part of the attention economy, you cannot play a mobile game for a day, finish it and then move on. You play it bit by bit, a few hours or even minutes at a time over years as progress is slow and the game is long and they add more to it all the time. And because it is on a mobile the effort it takes to open and play it is minimal, you can open it and close it throughout the day from wherever you are to play it bit by bit and that could go on for years, this game can have your attention for years.
>> No. 37913 [Edit]
It's the only one you can't write with katakana characters.
>> No. 37932 [Edit]
I rue the fact that a lot of decent IPs are in the hands of undeserving large publishers and is the inevitable outcome for a lot of future IPs as well. The death of old eroge companies like Elf and C's Ware still leaves a feeling of regret. The conversation about VNs as a term in the other thread makes me realize that the death of older (PC-98) adventure game companies are probably catalyzed by the rapid rise of VNs and eventually supplanted by it. I'm not angry about this as it is an inevitability but rather I find it unfortunate. On the bright side, eroge doujin circles started to really gain a foothold at the same time that all of this was happening. As for the more general video game industry I can only hope that older IPs be gracefully laid to rest than to be dug up from its graves and be turned into an abomination.
>> No. 37936 [Edit]
File 161611614140.jpg - (245.61KB , 850x555 , sample_ce7ed6e8e0e83fb4256a37d66d9ccff6.jpg )
Now that I think about it, large laptops, the kind too big to fit in a backpack, let alone carry anywhere, are kind of stupid and pointless. Literally the only real advantage is that they have more space and are semi-portable, so you can move them in your house more easily than a desktop.

Buying one for the bigger screen makes no sense since you can get an even bigger monitor. Even buying them because they have more space makes no sense with the advent of external hard-drives. Its power or whatever else it gets from being larger isn't as good as a desktop computer's. They can't be called cheap either. Really they're the most middle-of-the road and useless.
>> No. 37937 [Edit]
Are you referring to those obnoxiously thick gaming laptops? I don't see who would use those considering their cooling isn't enough for actual gaming. At least for me 15" at 16:10 aspect ratio is the sweet spot: plenty for serious work while sitll being portable.

What really annoys me are those laptops that have a built in number pad. Not only is this completely useless for most people, it causes the trackpad to be off center, negating the usability of the portable form factor.
>> No. 37938 [Edit]
No, I meant any laptop that's really heavy in general. They tend to have number pads like you mentioned and built in disc drives.
>> No. 37939 [Edit]
She's using a Surface. I bought one, now those are "stupid and pointless.". It's stuck on windows 8 and wont let me install or update anything. For the life of me I can't even get into the bios on it to try and install a new OS.
>> No. 37940 [Edit]
I see a lot of surfaces in anime. Are they especially popular in Japan or something? Also which surface was it. One of the surfaces (surface rt or something) runs basically windows-lite (a special version for arm devices that micorosft will probably never update)
>> No. 37941 [Edit]
It can be good for drawing on, it's also super light weight too. I can see why they'd be popular. You just have to avoid the RT versions like a plague. you can't so much as install firefox on the damn thing.
>> No. 37942 [Edit]
Easy for you to say when you can just take thin and light stuff like the ipad for granted. Back in the day having a decent machine meant you actually had to be able to lift it up without snapping your twiggy wrists like some pathetic mobile user.
>> No. 37943 [Edit]
Desktops existed first and performed better than behemoth laptops. The first lightweight "netbook" came out in 1996, so by 2006 making a smaller, but less featured laptop(no disc drive) was certainly possible.
>> No. 37944 [Edit]
Go back further and everyone just used dumb terminals to a mainframe. And that's probably the direction we're heading now anyway
>> No. 37945 [Edit]
No one wanted it because making the simplistic mobile shit people readily accept now just wasn't even considered, the idea of a machine with no disc drive was ridiculous. It's not like laptops are that heavy either, I've never actually seen someone complain about if before outside tablet advertisements. I guess people don't bring briefcases with them either though so the habit of carrying something slightly uncomfortable around just isn't there.
>> No. 37946 [Edit]
File 16162548616.jpg - (160.05KB , 850x518 , sample_df2ff19c515053adc4635f7664f886dd.jpg )
My thinkpad t470 has a larger screen than a phone, keyboard, and two usb drives in addition to other ports. It's also light enough to fit in a backpack and walk around in all day without hurting my back like a Dell Inspiron 1420 would. Not everybody has a car. Some people have to stand during their commute the entire time and have other shit to carry besides their laptop.

Even if lighter-weight laptops were significantly bereft of features, having a light word processor with internet connectivity is useful in itself. Mobile phones don't even come close to meeting that requirement. No mouse, tiny screen, no keyboard. If I need a disc drive, I can get a usb connected one. Hell, I could get a usb connected floppy drive. Better than stuffing them inside the laptop itself.
>> No. 37948 [Edit]
I'm just going to say it, people who play music or videos in public without headphones/earbuds should have their skulls caved in. Your music isn't good, it isn't funny, you aren't cool or a "chad" or whatever you might think you are for being the worst possible member of society. You are an enemy of autists and tired people everywhere and you need to be put down.
>> No. 37949 [Edit]
I agree, I hate those people. Couple weeks ago I was in a place that had a few and got fed up. I said "headphones aren't expensive you know." and was ignored.
They're cunts, they're either self absorbed and don't care if they're being a bother to people let alone fathom the idea, or they're convinced they're cool for doing it as if they have their own theme music that should play to announce their presence to the world. The former is more obnoxious while the later is more pathetic. I'm not sure which is worse.
>> No. 37952 [Edit]
File 161652433116.jpg - (699.82KB , 2048x2048 , Corona chan symptoms by Neruvous on pixiv.jpg )
Any time anyone ever says "these times" in reference to 2020 and all it brought into 2021. It's like they wanted to express how bad it all was but they don't have the guts or the vocabulary to put it into words so they just say "these times". Of course, it's annoying when they add more words to the description to complain about how terrible it all is. Though maybe I should be happy, I wanted normals to suffer as much as possible after all.
>> No. 37953 [Edit]
File 161652824858.jpg - (197.30KB , 320x480 , 49bbc8289b294ef38e1ea8ced224c01d.jpg )
Today I found my old ds lite after losing it ten years ago. I like the physical make of it and the clam-shell design, but otherwise I'm amazed such a shitty piece of crippleware got so popular. You can't so much as connect it to your computer. There's no sd card slot. The ds has wifi capabilities, but you can't access wifi-settings except for in-game ones. Even the ui is kind of bad with the individual options in system settings not being labelled and only represented by pixelated icons. The psp(which I never owned) came out two years prior to the ds lite and had all of the above features, plus a built in internet browser, while the ds only had some clunky cartridge to fill that role. The ds being cheaper, and I guess pokemon, is the only explanation for its massive popularity.
>> No. 37954 [Edit]
File 16165506292.jpg - (260.34KB , 577x816 , 4397fefdc523ebaca04bcca43a968d8f6f832a30.jpg )
>There's no sd card slot.
>The psp(which I never owned) came out two years prior to the ds lite and had all of the above features
None of the PSP models support SD cards, either. They use Memory Sticks.
>The ds being cheaper, and I guess pokemon, is the only explanation for its massive popularity.
It also has a larger official native software library (with a significant portion of the titles aimed at casuals who weren't already into video games) and probably a larger official software library as a whole (not sure how many PS1 games were officially rereleased), due in part to its backward compatibility with most GBA cartridges (though it didn't allow multiplayer). The dual screens, the bottom one a touchscreen, also led to the development of unique games that wouldn't have worked as well on the PSP, such as Subarashiki Kono Sekai / The World Ends with You or Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan / Elite Beat Agents.
>> No. 37955 [Edit]
File 161655064524.jpg - (434.45KB , 588x829 , __cirno_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_by_cpu_hexivision_.jpg )
Not at all. The PSP's multi-feature suite is certainly useful and convenient, but they are, first and foremost, game consoles. The important thing for the DS was the games. The touch screen opened a lot of new possibilities in that regard. It also helps that since they were widely different consoles, there was an actual reason to get both as there was little library overlap. I really do miss handheld games, there's something to them that PC gaming can't replace as easily as it does for console games.
>> No. 37956 [Edit]
File 161655335386.jpg - (301.98KB , 1000x750 , a609d7ee5b94c9e3a3887007aa202ca2.jpg )
>They use Memory Sticks.
Oh. That's not as good, but still better at interfacing with other devices.

I don't know how many sales those game you mentioned pulled in, so I can't comment on that. I would guess the majority of best selling games could have done without the touchscreen aspect though.

>they are, first and foremost, game consoles
I would argue they are first and foremost personal computers. Computers should also be judged by their ability to interface with other computers. The ds is both severely lacking in this area and seemingly is so by design. Even graphing calculators of the time could be connected to a computer and had accessible, internal storage(ti connect was released in 2001). I take certain features for granted. I got a ds for my birthday as a kid, but I wouldn't buy one for myself knowing what I do now.
>> No. 37960 [Edit]
This is a bizarre standard to hold a handheld game console to.
>I would guess the majority of best selling games could have done without the touchscreen aspect though
Perhaps, but many of the most interesting games on the console could not have been, or would have been worse for it. Personal favourites of mine would be Sekaijuu no Meikyuu (Etrian Odyssey), which used it for a highly interactive mapping mechanic, or Hotel Dusk which is played by holding the DS sideways like a book and using both screens.
>> No. 37961 [Edit]
>This is a bizarre standard to hold a handheld game console to.
It not being a common standard is what's bizarre to me. A commercial computer is a commercial computer. Just goes to show people can get used to anything.
>> No. 37963 [Edit]
What do you mean "used to anything"? That's a more common feature now than it used to be, the following console generations all have those features you wanted.
>> No. 37964 [Edit]
You said my standard was bizarre, but that's because consoles being incredibly limited and closed off to the user has been normalized by the gaming industry. I don't own a 3ds, so I can't speak to its functionality from experience, but from what I could find, there's still no way of directly connecting it to your pc. The 3DS does support sd cards(while the newer 3DS xl only supports micro sd cards). The microsd slot on the 3DS xl can only be accessed by unscrewing its cover too.

Either way, what's out now isn't relevant to my criticisms of the DS.
>> No. 37965 [Edit]
File 16166312045.jpg - (166.50KB , 500x454 , 62335846_p0.jpg )
>there's still no way of directly connecting it to your pc.
Why does that matter? Has any console, ever, had this feature?
>> No. 37966 [Edit]
File 161663532732.jpg - (426.53KB , 850x765 , sample_fb4e6682f2fd92a859182a7ff09c31da.jpg )
>Has any console, ever, had this feature?
I already mentioned the PSP. PS vita also has that feature. Xbox has some ridiculous thing with windows. Even if it was completely unheard of, see
>Even graphing calculators of the time could be connected to a computer
>consoles being incredibly limited and closed off to the user has been normalized by the gaming industry

The point is being able to conveniently move files to and from the device like game screenshots and save files. Even better if you can remove from, add whatever you feel like to, and otherwise manipulate the device's internal storage.

Post edited on 24th Mar 2021, 6:29pm
>> No. 37967 [Edit]
If you homebrew, most of them do.
>> No. 37968 [Edit]
The PS3 also had a feature on it too which allowed you to share media over your local connection.
>> No. 37969 [Edit]
The DS doesn't even have save files on it. They're stored on the cartridge.
>> No. 37970 [Edit]
I know. That's another deficiency. But still, games could have had in-game options for save file transferring like they did for wifi support if connecting to a pc was possible.

Post edited on 25th Mar 2021, 10:33am
>> No. 37971 [Edit]
>if connecting to a pc was possible
In consoles with memory cards you could copy files to and from cards using just the console, without needing a PC. You know, Gamecube. Playstation 1/2. Dreamcast.
>> No. 37972 [Edit]
When I first got a psp, I ran into some problems due to not having a PC of my own at the time. It was real easy to download files with the built in web browser while being unable to access those same files on the psp UI. If you downloaded a video in the wrong file type or to the wrong directory, it would simply sit there on the memory card taking up valuable space which was very limited on early cards.
>> No. 37978 [Edit]
File 161673562195.jpg - (732.67KB , 850x680 , sample_de7d2af3062adc875f9e868075b4a462.jpg )
It's kind of annoying how limited and boxed in the "demonic aesthetic" is. It feels like it's been co-opted by a handful of boring cultural associations. There's even people who seriously consider themselves to be satanists(larpers), but they also go for the same boring look you see on metal albums all the time. No expansion or creativity comes from those people.

Why do demons have to be ugly, red and covered in fire? The whole point of demons is that they're deceptively beautiful, so why does hardly anybody depict them as such? Where are all the beautiful demons? Only Japanese people seem to break this mold a little.

Post edited on 25th Mar 2021, 10:14pm
>> No. 37979 [Edit]
I don't know about demons, but satin at least is often depicted as a handsome man(sometimes women) in western media.
>> No. 37984 [Edit]
There's tons of movies depicting demons as sexy temptresses, that anon is just unware of the trope. Vampirella comes to mind, too, though I think not many people still remember that character. Seems like she never managed to transition well to newer audience for some reason.
>> No. 37988 [Edit]
Shitbox aka Firefox new update blocks the backspace to return functionality.
I changed it back through about:config now.
>> No. 37989 [Edit]
FFT is one of my favorite games of all time and it's so sad to see the people involved in it wasting their talents working on undeserving projects. I've just read that Hitoshi Sakimoto and Akihiko Yoshida are working with a Canadian based developer on an RPG. The announcement trailer looked rather poor to me, it feels like a bootleg version of a Vanillaware game and I can hardly believe that the art were from Akihiko Yoshida. Yasumi Matsuno himself has been working with a western dev for a long time on a crowdfunded project which does not look promising either.
>> No. 37990 [Edit]
That explains why it didn't look very nice. Japanese companies should never work with westerners.
>> No. 37991 [Edit]
Made in Abyss's soundtrack was composed by an Australian, so that's a bit unfair. Plus this is Japanese people working with western companies, not the other way around.
>> No. 37993 [Edit]
Wouldn't Australia's be southerners?
>> No. 37999 [Edit]
This would be more appropriate for the thread with over used words, but that's locked now.
For the longest time I've found it annoying how overused the term "terrorist" is in American media. It gets used as a catch all term for antagonists, even when they have absolutely no political agenda at all. Often times characters are very clearly anarchists, but it seems like American media doesn't like to use that term, not in a negative light at least. I can only assume this is because our culture has shifted into a direction that views anarchy as "cool", along with various other terms and descriptions with formerly negative connotations. Regardless of the reasoning, if a character is an anarchist they should just call him such and stop overusing and misusing the phase terrorist.
>> No. 38040 [Edit]
How is it still cold? When's spring?
>> No. 38057 [Edit]
File 16183957963.png - (539.74KB , 800x800 , 0_c9f55_cbff22d7_XL.png )
You're funny, Anonymous. In the same breath you decry the meaningless use of "terrorist" you insist on ignoring the definition of "anarchist"! BAKA~
>> No. 38059 [Edit]
Yup you're right, I'm a baka. I misunderstood the definition of anarchist, I was going off what popular media suggest what it is rather than what it really is. My mistake. Guess you could say I fell victim to the same sort of thing I was criticizing. All the more reason for the media to stop spreading misinformation.
>> No. 38070 [Edit]
File 161860710491.jpg - (107.71KB , 1024x768 , dumb.jpg )
A PSA on not being retarded:
Day 0: a kitten was constantly and desperately meowing the entire day, I heard it roaming in the street outside my house, I ignored it since I've already got a cat and it would make her miserable if I adopted more.
Day 1: kitten starts meowing again, I hear it from 13:00 to around 19:00, almost constant and really desperate. I decide to go look for it to see if I can at least feed it, amazed that no one else has done anything about it. I find it on top of an outside wall of a house, meowing at me, I'm thinking it got stuck there and the house must be empty.
So I hold a platform for it to go down, it does. It starts following me around, I give it food and water, it keeps following me around into my house, my cat reacts badly, so I took it to the park and left it there, hoping I at least left it in a better situation than it was before.
Of course it's after all of this that my mom points out that he might really be from that house with the wall and the owners just left him alone for a few days. So instead of mildly helping out a stray as I thought I might have just snatched a cat and then gotten rid of it, which is beyond awful and I'm feeling retarded and guilty.
Lesson: Don't ever do anything if you are stupid and autistic. I still think it was a stray since it was so desperate and kinda dirty, but the possibility of wrongdoing isn't worth it.
>> No. 38071 [Edit]
File 161860789989.png - (808.46KB , 972x1073 , a2dcc355a8dbc8e173bc46905004d2bd.png )
The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Try not to lose any sleep over it.
>> No. 38072 [Edit]
>Try not to lose any sleep over it.
Too late!
>> No. 38073 [Edit]
>and the owners just left him alone for a few days
Wouldn't an outdoor cat need a collar or chip? Apriori it seems to me more likely to be a stray or a negligent owner.
>> No. 38074 [Edit]
Yeah, but I'm in the third world.
>> No. 38075 [Edit]
File 161863081385.jpg - (42.19KB , 578x451 , 0466fe0608e221e1704c90dd085a4b9d.jpg )
I hate sour coffee. I've tried supposedly premium coffee brands that taste sour and I could barely drink them. Do people actually like that? Do they consider that high quality? When I drink something, I don't the image of cat piss to come to mind.
>> No. 38077 [Edit]
Cats can have an amazing sense of orientation, so there's chances he could return if he pertained there. My parents had to get rid of an incredibly fit cat that has installed in our land and bullied our cats, so they took him to the nearest city, 20km away. Some days later he returned, so they have to take him to a more distant city, at 50km. This time it took him a few weeks. They had to make a trip of hundreds of km and leave him in another region to finally get rid of him.
>> No. 38078 [Edit]
You did good. Cats find their way back home if it comes to it. +if they look stray they usually are.
>> No. 38080 [Edit]
File 161872127112.jpg - (87.51KB , 1200x1107 , 20210425.jpg )
Coffee has flavors such that they are best described with a flavor-wheel. You just figured that you don't like your coffee sour (ie. fruity)
>> No. 38081 [Edit]
File 161872141691.jpg - (339.96KB , 2200x1700 , 1mtg.jpg )
However every coffee may still have a hint of that because it is from a berry. So focus on the flavors you like and get the coffee according to your taste.
>> No. 38083 [Edit]
>get the coffee according to your taste
Any idea how I'd do that?
>> No. 38085 [Edit]
I'm not an expert in the subject but coffee plants comes in two varieties, arabica and robusta. Arabica variants are more expensive and prized for its supposed depth of flavors but it is generally more sourish and lacks the body and bitterness of robusta varieties. That's why most coffees in the market tend to be blends rather than single origins.
>> No. 38090 [Edit]
Thanks. After more investigation, yeah it didn't belong to that house.
>> No. 38094 [Edit]
File 161932856282.jpg - (522.10KB , 709x1730 , ffd96fd715c6846c9c1d745c3760ddcc.jpg )
I wish 20+ episode anime were still made often...
>> No. 38096 [Edit]
It's honestly impressive how many words they had to think of to describe coffee, and all of them unpleasant.

Coffee plants comes in two varieties: awful and horrible. Arabica variants are prized for being excruciating while robusta varieties are commonly described as harrowing.
Coffee tasting is a form of ritualized cerebral masochism, it is not a pleasure; it is a struggle of wills between men and against the terrible strain of coffee's taste. The competition for domination continues until the last man standing, that is the last man able to pretend they enjoy coffee.
The losers go home with acrid miasma lingering in their coffee-puckered mouths.
The winner gets to enjoy a nice cup of tea.
>> No. 38097 [Edit]
File 161938933664.png - (837.05KB , 1200x1200 , 0074236521685_2_A1C1_1200.png )
Have you ever heard of cream?
>> No. 38100 [Edit]
Completely unrelated to the point at hand, but I remember when I was small I used to just guzzle those small prepacked cups of coffee creamer available at hotels/restaurants; they were delicious (of course considering that it's just sugar and vegetable oil, how could it not be!)
>> No. 38110 [Edit]
File 161955930726.png - (1.18MB , 1024x768 , 021c4b3671fd1fb8d9970eca9760b019.png )
It's kind of annoying software documentation isn't more standardized and is as a whole incredibly primitive and rudimentary. In my opinion, software documentation for user applications(user-facing applications that aren't development tools), should work like a reference, not a manual. Every part of it should be self-contained and assume as little prior-knowledge from the user as possible.

I've never seen software documentation with a glossary. If documentations was more standardized, users would even be able to lookup more general terms in separate softwares' documentation; so they'd be able to look up what CPU or RAM is without the internet(or the clipboard could connect it all to some dictionary of terms).

Error messages should always be human understandable and include suggestions on what may be causing the problem and what could fix it. And all of this information should come with the software and not require an internet connection to get.

The amount of time a user has to spend looking up how to do/fix something on the internet should be minimized as much as possible. They should be able to easily find out how to do whatever it is they want to do in offline documentation. Right now, people have to look things up on the internet, see if there's any solutions, see if questions that are tangentially related have applicable solutions to their needs, and if all that fails, ask on a forum and wait for somebody coherent to respond. That's not the way it should be.

Post edited on 27th Apr 2021, 2:43pm
>> No. 38111 [Edit]
The issue with writing error messages is that it's in general hard to write them in a way where the user can act upon them. Consider for instance a guard-clause that makes sure some pointer is non-null. In the happy path, things are great but what happens when the check fails and you have to log a message? Either you just terminate the program – which leaves the user unhappy – or you try to gracefully recover by just ignoring whatever event triggered the action, in which case you have to notify the user or log something. But you don't know apriori what specifically caused the nullptr; all you know is that you have one (since if you could have known that nullptrs were being returned from somewhere, then you wouldn't have coded that bug in the first place).

But yes software has gotten a bit worse over the years with regard to this: in the name of "user-friendliness" instead of displaying the actual assertion that failed (and leaving it to the user to decide if this is something he can act upon), things just display a generic "Whoops... failure occurred" message.

The other part of your comment about documentation is completely valid though; most devs just stopped bothering with it and leave it to the user to "explore" their app and try to figure out things. Interestingly, OSX actually does have a proper documentation service that 3rd-party developers used to make use of. You can see a legacy of it in modern Cocoa apps that still have the "Help" menu. People used to include thoughtful guides, both for novice and power users. But now people just shove a link to a webpage in there at best, or just leave it completely empty. Even Apple's 1st party apps have been skimping on documentation.
>> No. 38112 [Edit]
File 161956704434.jpg - (108.82KB , 600x714 , 1619153939390.jpg )
>things are great but what happens when the check fails and you have to log a message?
I'm a novice, but assuming a function was expecting that pointer and had logically named inputs, and you know why a null pointer could be received sometimes, you could print

"A function 'x' failed because its input 'input' received no value from 'whatever sent 'input''
This may have been because of 'reason1', 'reason2' or 'reason3'.
It's also possible this was the result of a bug.
Would you like a copy of the error log?
Would you like to see 'x''s documentation?"

Nice, friendly, and understandable. I'm a novice though, so for all I know, doing it like this is impossible in some situations. Otherwise, writing documentation sounds like the easiest part and may even be helpful to the developers. The docs are basically a compiled revision of the program design and comments. If they care enough to spend the effort writing software, and they want other people to use said software, why wouldn't they care enough to expound on their own design for the benefit of others?

Post edited on 27th Apr 2021, 4:54pm
>> No. 38113 [Edit]
File 161957116867.jpg - (127.06KB , 496x1122 , programming.jpg )
>you know why a null pointer could be received sometimes
>This may have been because of 'reason1', 'reason2' or 'reason3'.
That's the rub; you often won't know why a null pointer was received because in general you aren't expecting one. The guard-clause is there just as a failsafe. And if that failsafe trips, it's a completely unepxected thing (hence why it's a bug).

>"A function 'x' failed because its input 'input' received no value from 'whatever sent 'input''
I mean you could do this sure, but it's probably going to be _more_ confusing to the complete novices who don't even know what a "function" is.

To be clear, I completely agree that all errors should be logged and that detailed information should be made available for those who want to explore further. In fact, I'd be overjoyed if every single program also came with debugging symbols so I could just patch their shitty programs myself. But I disagree that presenting this information directly to the end-user upon any error makes much sense.

An example of good error-handling is kernel panics – on OSX, a kernel panic gives you a grey screen of death with a message saying that your computer encountered an error and needs to restart. To the end user who doesn't know anything about OS internals, this is as good a message as you can tell them. For those who actually care what happened, detailed info is also logged in the console. This satisfies both groups of users.

As a sidenote, because detailed error messages can sometimes leak implementation details, companies who are really protective of their secret sauce choose to have vague error messages as a form of protection. For instance, if you pass a malformed url to some google services you'll just get back a generic error message; they're not going to give you the entire stack trace since that would leak internal information (of course, their engineers _will_ have access to such information).

>writing documentation sounds like the easiest part and may even be helpful to the developers
Yeah I agree that good documentation is a boon to software projects. Unfortunately it's also the most boring part to work on, and documentation can quickly go stale if it isn't actively maintained. Writing good documentation is also tricky since as the project maintainer you're familiar with things so everything seems "obvious."
>> No. 38114 [Edit]
File 161957383086.jpg - (568.69KB , 1200x849 , de8bbdd129676a11a42da879e779619b.jpg )
> you often won't know
>To the end user who doesn't know anything about OS internals, this is as good a message as you can tell them.
That makes sense. For something straight forward like a missing dependency though, I feel like a better job of being clear could be done. Instead of:
"the expected 'somethingsomething' is missing, error: '32432342345325'"
It could be:
"program 'x' could not find a required dependency: 'somethingsomething' 'version 9.3' in the expected location 'path'. The required dependency is either no longer there, or was never added'

Since the user may not know what a dependency or function is, it would be nice if they could highlight any word and the context menu would have a "look-up in dictionary" option for them to use. I guess being forced to rely on the internet for everything is also grating.
>> No. 38115 [Edit]
>For something straight forward like a missing dependency though
By dependency do you mean missing shared library (DLL on windows)? Yeah those messages could be better, but I'm not sure I ever saw a numeric error code for these sorts of things. Windows's error messages is "The program can't start because foo.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." which is ok-ish but could probably be improved by adding the word "dependency" in there somewhere. (expected version number and dylib path would also be good info to log for more advanced users).

> it would be nice if they could highlight any word and the context menu would have a "look-up in dictionary" option for them to use
OSX has this (on any app that uses Cocoa widgets). I'm not sure if windows added this, but I'd expect not since I recall that right-click dialogs were generated by the application itself. And doing something standardized like that on any linxu distro is probably going to be impossible unless you convince both Qt and GTK to adopt it.
>> No. 38116 [Edit]
File 161957608982.png - (533.88KB , 600x800 , b613b7709b33363ceab6b367f0856ede.png )
>right-click dialogs were generated by the application itself
I assumed there was some sort of centralization since the context menu looks the same everywhere(style-wise). Guess not. Instead of a context menu then, a mouse/keyboard shortcut could be used instead, like superkey + d or right-click + d.

Post edited on 27th Apr 2021, 7:15pm
>> No. 38117 [Edit]
Hm you might be right; I don't have much experience with Windows and even less with windows internals. Someone can probably correct me here, but I guess most applications do call into win32 api – so the context menu is indeed ultimately handled by APIs the OS provides. I wonder why MS hasn't added a similar lookup feature then; probably because it might be a breaking change? There's also the newer metro (winRT?) window toolkit and associated APIs – I don't know if these are just a better wrapper around the old winAPIs or whether they're actually a separate thing entirely.

>mouse/keyboard shortcut could be used instead, like superkey + d or right-click + d
There should already be third party apps that can provide this feature. If not, it'd be easy to write one!
>> No. 38118 [Edit]
>There should already be third party apps that can provide this feature.
I looked and found Artha, which pretty much does what I described(using hotkeys). You can't add new words/dictionaries though. Goldendict lets you do that, but requires you to put words in your clipboard to look them up, which sucks. I'd personally consider this a feature worth being built-into a desktop.

Edit: Artha also puts selected text into your clipboard, just not as overtly. Maybe~~ this is necessary, but it's annoying.

Post edited on 27th Apr 2021, 9:32pm
>> No. 38119 [Edit]
>also puts selected text into your clipboard
I assume it's implemented by first copying selected text to the clipboard on the hotkey press so that the dictionary app has access to it. This would be the easiest way to go about implementing it, but it's not very elegant (but at the very least they could restore the clipboard afterwards). There's surely got to be some native API for getting text under the cursor considering that this is crucial for assistive devices (e.g. screen readers for the blind).

Some quick searching shows that UI Automation [1] is apparently the recommended way to do this for "modern" windows apps, but this requires the application to actually implement the relevant callbacks. I think in order to oroperly support all the possible types of windows apps you have to support all the various hodgepoge of assistive technologies that microsoft has used ("UI Automation, Microsoft Active Accessibility, and IAccessible2"), which I presume is how screen readers like JAWS/NVDA [2] are able to do this. What a mess!

>> No. 38120 [Edit]
I think one of the biggest problems with documentation is that barring large corporations who can invest at least some effort in documentation, most dev teams don't have that same luxury because what documentation there is often has to be written by them, which is time they can't exactly afford to waste. Similarly, the scope of a lot projects is such that documentation is either impractical, or not worth it if you pre-suppose the end user is competent. That said, a lot of projects work with the assumption that they will be depreciated in a short amount of time, making any considerable efforts at documentation essentially a waste effort.

But... Like you I'm a novice so perhaps my conjecturing is wrong as well.
>> No. 38121 [Edit]
>perhaps my conjecturing is wrong as well
No, I asked somebody who's a professional developer for a non-IT company, and that's basically what he said. Whatever they write is assumed to be quickly deprecated. Another part is, not writing documentation can actually protect a person's job a little since that makes the programmer who wrote undocumented code more necessary to keep around.

For open source projects, I don't think any of these reasons are applicable though.
>> No. 38122 [Edit]
With most larger companies, new projects will usually require a design doc which is then reviewed by the team. So at the very least there's some sort of initial documentation of the high-level ideas. (And people are usually very good about this because having a design doc is evidence that you will often need to submit for promotion). Of course as times goes on and more features get bolted on (or things get refactored/rewritten) the original design doc goes out of date, and there's no real incentive for anyone to update the doc because there's no reward for it. And then people leave, and some of the implicit knowledge gets permanently lost.

Some of this can be mitigated by requiring all non-trivial commits to be associated with a bug where the motivation for the PR is described. Or equivalently, requiring people to have good commit messages. Coupled with git blame, this can at least help document "why" some workaround was added, although it still doesn't help convey the high-level design if that goes out of date from the initial design-doc.
>> No. 38123 [Edit]
File 161968433940.jpg - (52.48KB , 800x562 , Let's despair next week too!! Illustration - .jpg )
I dislike it when anime encodes leave out the end card. Or the next episode preview. Or when the OP and ED for all the episodes are replaced with their creditless versions and the credits aren't included in the release at all.
Incidentally, it seems as though this end card was never actually used for the Hidamari or SZS anime, but is a colored-in version of an end card for a Hidamari Radio event held on March 30 at Tokyo International Anime Fair 2008.
>> No. 38124 [Edit]
I'm as sure as you can get about anything that there is an afterlife. Yet reading about the topic there's a sea of not much to find; the religious just stick to their dogma, the new agers and book sellers seem to seek comfort(and money) more than the truth, philosophers don't dwell on it too much, scientists don't really touch the subject, NDErs are interesting but I'm fairly suspicious that a lot of them are fake or exaggerated.
Afterlife may even be a misnomer, there's probably a layer of existence and consciousness that is happening right now that will persist after the physical body dies.That's just continued existence and not dependent on happening "after" anything.
This to me should be the most urgent subject of research we could possibly have, and yet my mind dedicates more energy to garbage like "omg new madoka movie" than the introspection needed to find out more about this layer of existence, even though I attempt the latter way more. It's frustrating.
>> No. 38125 [Edit]
>'m as sure as you can get about anything that there is an afterlife.
>> No. 38126 [Edit]
Mixture of personal intuition and reasoning that the act of stuff appearing in consciousness does not belong to this specific human creature.
>> No. 38127 [Edit]
>the act of stuff appearing in consciousness does not belong to this specific human creature
Stuff doesn't appear in consciousness from nowhere. Everything a person thinks and does is a reaction to what happens around them and what they already know. People are born with some things hardwired into their brain too. Nothing appears in a persona's head out of nowhere.

This information and the ability to receive more of it, is tied to physical parts of the body. When those physical parts fail, the entire thing breaks down into nothing. There's no reason for an "after-life" to exist because consciousness is a purely physical phenomena. People are machines made out of organic compounds.

Post edited on 29th Apr 2021, 4:05pm
>> No. 38128 [Edit]
>consciousness is a purely physical phenomena
I can't even begin to define physical phenomena without consciousness first though.
And I don't mean that I need consciousness to define it, but that the notion of "physical stuff" is absolute nonsense without consciousness(awareness,perception,qualia, whatever you wanna call it). Every definition you get for "phenomenon" or "existence" ultimately hinges on perception.
>> No. 38129 [Edit]
Oho, the universal consciousness theory. Nice.
If there is really a universal consciousness, it means that "omg new madoka movie" is entirely relevant. Study it well.
>> No. 38130 [Edit]
>If there is really a universal consciousness, it means that "omg new madoka movie" is entirely relevant. Study it well.

Why? Because art is a navigation of consciousness?
I still feel it's a misplaced sense of priority.
>> No. 38131 [Edit]
>Every definition you get for "phenomenon" or "existence" ultimately hinges on perception.
Because humans are limited to take in and process information via our perception. We have no other means of doing so. Your options are to work with those limitations, give up, or make shit up.
>the notion of "physical stuff" is absolute nonsense without consciousness
We reliably perceive atoms, therefore atoms exist. Either you assume perception is accurate, or you decide not to trust perception as an accurate means of gaining information about the universe. Trusting perception means believing that what we perceive would exist without anything to perceive it, and if something that could perceive spontaneously came into existence, they would perceive the exact same thing. There is no valid third option.

Trusting perception has proven to be more useful than making shit up("intuition").

Post edited on 29th Apr 2021, 4:42pm
>> No. 38132 [Edit]
You seem to be looking in the wrong place. The idea is mostly explored in applied metaphysics aka magick, and I don't mean the new age stuff, but stuff from centuries BC right up to today.
To give a theoretical start, the Corpus Hermeticum is good, along with Plotinus, followed by learning the basics of theurgy with something like The Practical Art of Divine Magic (admittedly modern, but based on ancient sources and far less obscure) along with something to give a grounding in the basics of magick practice in general, like The Sorcerer's Secrets (again, modern, but the ancient sources are either vague or consist mostly of bashing your head against a wall until it gives). Chthonic theurgy, what some might call necromancy, is what you're looking for. Or at least the theory behind it, if it is to remain a thought experiment.
If you wish to deduce the theory from the practical, Greek and Roman Necromancy might be what you're looking for.
>> No. 38133 [Edit]
Has literally anything been accomplished with this "knowledge"?
>> No. 38134 [Edit]
File 161974177268.png - (62.69KB , 806x424 , sshotintuition.png )
As I said, I'm as sure as you can get. As in, more sure of my existence beyond being a human than the chair I'm sitting on or any atoms it or this body may be composed of, because I reliably perceive this existence through both inference and intuition(direct insight, like understanding that 2+2=4), unlike atoms which I only perceive through abstract theory and a collection of memories. (atoms)matter may outlive and influence consciousness beyond this physical body, that does not restrict consciousness to existing only in atoms though.
Oh I see what you mean, I've read some of the enneads and some of the corpus hermeticum. Nothing on necromancy or the other 2 books. I'll give it a try. Honestly I hesitate from wanting to know more to not wanting to read much because I don't want it to pollute and add other people's illusory material to my experience, most of what I know or think I know comes from direct practice.
>> No. 38135 [Edit]
>I reliably perceive this existence through both inference and intuition
To me, this looks like a coping mechanism for reality as it is right in front of you being too cruel and scary.
>> No. 38136 [Edit]
It'd be far more reassuring to be sure that nonexistence follows, I don't know what form existence without this body will take, it's quite scary.
If I assume that you do have an inner experience, I don't understand your position at all though. You place the existence of that experience as dependent on a theoretical universe that you only know of because of a collection of experience, and you say that the matter in that universe can give rise to your experience. Even within that assumed universe you also know that we know very little of the matter in it, a tiny, tiny percentage, the standard model isn't even complete, but yet you are sure that it can only give rise to your inner experience once. Why?
>> No. 38137 [Edit]
File 161974563092.png - (1.43MB , 957x1237 , 63651183_p0.png )
>To me, this looks like a coping mechanism for reality as it is right in front of you being too cruel and scary.
I think people who say this are cruel and scary people projecting themselves on their environment. Must our lives be terrifying?
>> No. 38138 [Edit]
File 161974669284.jpg - (171.60KB , 674x993 , 4967de31136254cfc35dd00e896f3cef.jpg )
>If I assume that you do have an inner experience
My inner experience is a stream of thought, and impulses derived from my temperament and stimuli that occurred in the long and short term. I do things because I feel compelled to. I think things because something or another(external or internal) triggers that thought. That's why I'm writing this post, because I feel the impulse to. I often feel like I don't control my own actions and am a puppet to impulses.
>the standard model isn't even complete, but yet you are sure that it can only give rise to your inner experience
Because there's nothing completely original about myself(or anybody else). I'm a derivative product of external, material things, and so are you. My parents, my surroundings, my experiences. Those are material things. It builds on itself so quickly and in such a complex way, the illusion of free-will is created.
I'd love to worship a deity if I was sure it existed and would benefit from it. I didn't choose the way things are.
>> No. 38139 [Edit]
That always makes me think that it is not inconceivable for AIs to achieve a similar level of awareness/consciousness as we do, though probably not with current technologies. Neuroscience is a relatively recent discipline but they are making huge progress in researches into these as well.
>> No. 38140 [Edit]
>>/tat/1262 is a good place to continue the thread of discussion on consciousness/afterlife. To avoid cluttering this thread, I posted my thoughts in there.
>> No. 38143 [Edit]
File 16198063375.png - (41.96KB , 400x500 , 7ddfe9a59da9da0fc252dffc10a721e6.png )
Sleep procrastination. It's like a strange addiction. Everyday I tell myself I'll go to bed at some reasonable hour, but once that time rolls around, I get this strong feeling of dissatisfaction that holds me back. Like "I haven't had enough. I still need something first". When I get into good habits, that means resisting that feeling, but it doesn't go away. Depression? Loneliness? I'm not sure what it is.
>> No. 38144 [Edit]
I really like this image for some reason, can't stop looking at it. Makes me want to cuddle a caterpillar. I'm also quite similar with regards to sleep schedules, I wonder if it's a common thing among people like us.
>> No. 38145 [Edit]
The lack of headphone jacks in modern day smart phones. Not because I'm bothered by the thread of stripping features out of phones, but because this encourages a culture of shitty behavior. Ever since headphone jacks went away, people have since started playing music on their phones in speaker mode. Needless to say, they're cunts. I think they're using the lack of headphone jacks as an excuse for not using headphones to listen to their garbage that they're forcing everyone else to listen to too.
Bluetooth headphones exist, but they're a lot more expensive than the wired versions so people likely can't afford them or don't want to spend the extra cash.

You might say; "but they're spending up to $1,000 on these phones, surely they can spend $100 for the headphones". Keep in mind, people who get those shitty over priced phones aren't likely dropping $1000+ for them right then and there. I can't speak for other countries/areas, but this one is a materialistic one in which no one owns any said materials. The norm here is to rent/lease pretty much everything. Debt is a standard thing, people make payments on houses they don't own, cars they don't own, phones they down own, education, furniture, you name it. They're probably paying $50 a month to show off their $1000 iphone that isn't really theirs, and bluetooth headphones probably aren't going to be included in these plans. The kind of low class dipshit that plays music in speaker mode in public likely sees $100 as a ton of money, two months of payments worth, so they take a pass and make everyone suffer instead.

Further more, I really hate how the culture here not only tolerates, but encourages loud obnoxious behavior. It's not just speaker phone music, but people blasting their horrible taste in music from their car stereos, cars around here are often modified to be extremely loud and heard from many blocks away. I can even hear a motorcycle off in the distance while typing this, and now someone's music. It comes across as pathetic and immature. These people have done nothing with their lives, they have nothing to make them respectable members of society, so they take pride and fun in more sub human practices, seeing who can make the most noise. This is the kind of behavior you'd expect from animals, not a civilized person. Far be it for me to call people losers, being one myself, but at least I keep to myself and don't go out of my way to bother other people. Is that really so much to ask for of others?

Post edited on 2nd May 2021, 7:02pm
>> No. 38147 [Edit]
I'm sorry you live in a shit hole and don't have enough money to isolate yourself from the riff raff.
>> No. 38148 [Edit]
> I'm bothered by the thread of stripping features out of phones
I'm bothered by that. Apparently companies don't even include chargers in the box these days. I'd be perfectly fine using some generic (albeit bootloader unlocked and rooted) android phone but all carriers are discontinuing traditional 3g services and lower LTE bands in their move to 5g.
>> No. 38149 [Edit]
That bugs me a lot too, it's just it's own separate rant is all.
When shopping for my last phone I was shocked to find that not only have headphone jacks been stripped away, but they're also doing away with micro SD card support. The very idea seemed insane to me, but they're all doing it. They want you to upload all your content to the cloud. Putting aside privacy issues with that, it has a number of practicality issues. My main reason for upgrading in the first place was because my old phone with it's 16gb of internal memory just couldn't keep up with new games. I couldn't keep more than 1-2 games on it, which with every update only increases in size. At least with SD cards, you can transfer content to said card and in some cases run apps off the cards too. You've got extendibility there. That cloud storage tends to come with a monthly fee, and even if it doesn't, what happens if you're not on an unlimited data plan and uploading your content ends up screwing up your bill or using up all your data for a cycle? Then there's not being able to access any of your content if you have no reception, which was the case for where I worked. I like storing anime and manga on my SD card. I couldn't stream content (even if I wanted to) where I was working when I upgraded. I brought this up with a salesmen who was trying to sell me on these new phones, he was at a loss. Far as I'm concerned, they're useless without some form of storage card support.
The other thing I noticed was curved screens. I doubt the average person ever notices or thinks about this one, but most modern phones have curved front glass screens. This is a problem for screen protectors. Glass screen protectors can't attach properly to a curved screen, and the other option is screen protectors made of flexible soft materials, but from what I've seen those almost always yellow and peel at the edges. I'm just guessing here but I think phone makers do this intentionally to discourage the use of screen protectors. Manufactured obsolescence is a proven fact in the phone world, so it stands to reason they wouldn't want you extending the life of your phone or it's components. They're probably banking on the idea of people smashing their screens and deciding to trade in their phone for an upgrade, or in the case of apple pay ridiculously marked up prices for repairs at their shops. Apple after all 'tries' to discourage third party repair services.
Not a big deal but loops for keychains pretty much disappeared from all phones too, and I don't think anyone noticed. Mine still has one but I don't honestly use it because my case blocks it anyway.
It's funny they do these things, while at the same time raising prices.
>> No. 38150 [Edit]
I'm not sure where he's from but it's funny how shitholes are generally the same no matter which corner of the world they are in. Whatever he said applies here as well.
>> No. 38156 [Edit]
I hate the format that most books use. So often even though the title is about a very specific thing, books intersperse the relevant information in between "it was london 1993 when I met dave and blah blah blah".
I understand context is important but leave it at the preface for god's sake
>> No. 38157 [Edit]
Are you reading fiction or non-fiction? Isn't all the extra details the whole point of fiction (which is why I've never liked it that much)? Otherwise you'd just be left with a factual list of events
>> No. 38158 [Edit]
Non-fiction, yeah I avoid fiction for the same reason.
Anything but strictly technical papers has this problem.
>> No. 38159 [Edit]
>leave it at the preface
Nobody wants an exposition dump in the beginning before they have any reason to care. Information should be introduced gradually and with the story.

Post edited on 4th May 2021, 2:03pm
>> No. 38160 [Edit]
I'm just saying, if I'm reading a book about growing plants, I'd really prefer if the author stopped babbling about their personal life.
As to factual stories, they should at least have the decency to have the commentary on context labelled in its own paragraph.
>> No. 38169 [Edit]
File 162018500156.jpg - (29.48KB , 486x604 , 1620052803246-0.jpg )
The latest pale moon update doesn't support legacy firefox extensions, which was like half-the point of the project. Palemoon hardly has any of its own too. I don't know what to do.
>> No. 38170 [Edit]
Waterfox classic? Otherwise there's always seamonkey.
>> No. 38171 [Edit]
I've thought about waterfox. Heard it was bought by an advertising company, but I don't really have the luxury to give a shit. Rikaisama, or something like it, is an essential, and now palemoon doesn't have it.
>> No. 38172 [Edit]
Out of curiosity, is Yomichan lacking in comparison to Rikaisama?
>> No. 38173 [Edit]
Never used Yomichan.
>> No. 38174 [Edit]
Go check it out, my friend:
>> No. 38175 [Edit]
After trying waterfox, my bookmarks, of which I have hundreds, would not import. In fact, trying broke the library, seemingly permanently as even after reinstalling multiple times it stayed broken. So now I'm using firefox and it works. Kind of depressing, but whatever.
Looks nice, but I don't use most of those features. rikai saves me the trouble of looking things up which is all I'm after at this point.
>> No. 38178 [Edit]
Oh my god, I looked to see how hard forking the rikaisama extension would be. I had heard rumors that the dev was a furry and a complete cunt, never looked into it. Regardless of the furry thing, he makes a post practically begging people to help with the porting of extensions and then refuses to post even the most simplified guide on how to do so, while calling the users entitled for wanting to help.
I think I'll stop using palemoon now, nothing good can come out of this.
>> No. 38179 [Edit]
As a long time Pale Moon user, this saddens me.
>> No. 38180 [Edit]
>I think I'll stop using palemoon now
What will you use now?
>I had heard rumors that the dev was a furry and a complete cunt
I think he has an overly idealistic image of a "community" where everybody is totally self-sufficient and sees their browser as a hobby rather than a tool they rely on. The few interactions I had with him were unpleasant.
>> No. 38182 [Edit]
I've used it for years too.
I don't know what I'll use, I tried Falkon, it has really bad extension support. I tried installing icecat but it's a really unwieldy process. Right now I'm on "ungoogled chromium", which has all the add ons of the chrome store, it's alright, hopefully safe. Rikaikun on it works. There's really no good choice.
Honestly this is getting tiring, keeping up with the web is like trying to climb an ever falling ladder that gets worse and worse as you climb.

Post edited on 5th May 2021, 9:07am
>> No. 38183 [Edit]
Do you have a really good reason to not just give up and use current firefox? I've been battling against browsers for years too until finally I said fuck and gave up. Turns out just using whatever recent version of chrome or firefox is little less annoying than the alternative. Then again, I only use rikaichamp and uBlock pretty much, so I didn't have to deal with addon problems.
>> No. 38184 [Edit]
Practical reason? Only that even though it runs fine on my desktop, last time I tried it really slowed down my old laptop and I like to use the same browser everywhere I can.
But mostly I refuse to out of principle and disgust with the people behind the big 3 mainstream browsers.
I'll probably give up on the internet before I give up on trying to use it in a manner I like.
>> No. 38185 [Edit]
File 16202339185.jpg - (1.17MB , 2819x3099 , 43ee1ec3f5a19d76320b109502962156.jpg )
>I tried installing icecat
From what I've heard, icecat is more about conforming to an ideological ideal than being functional. Having a special, pre-installed extension that breaks sites and reinstalls every update only makes sense in that context. If you're on linux and firefox isn't something you want to use, I've heard "librewolf" is okay(take it with a grain of salt).
>Right now I'm on "ungoogled chromium"
I used to use that. Do you know it automatically deletes history older than three months? Bookmarks also have no date added field or tags. I'm surprised it got as popular as it did, but I guess the majority doesn't care about those things much. Extensions are useful, but I don't think they should be responsible for core browser features since the result is usually slower, uglier and less stable. There's limits to what extensions can do too. "Thin-tabs" aren't possible on chromium extension or not.
>> No. 38186 [Edit]
Believe me I know what you mean. While I would prefer to have a browser just the way I want it, getting used to use whatever is quickly available turned out to be a better tactic for me.
>> No. 38187 [Edit]
>icecat is more about conforming to an ideological ideal than being functional
Definitely noticeable.
And librewolf seems to be killing the ram on my old laptop.
>Do you know it automatically deletes history older than three months?
No, thanks for the warning, that's absurd.
As I said, no good choice left it seems.
>whatever is quickly available-
Fine.(posted from links browser, it works!)
No, but seriously, I understand the temptation and I might do it one day, when my browsing is greatly reduced. Not now though.
>> No. 38188 [Edit]
If you like links, you should try elinks or w3m. It's good enough to be used as the main browser for text-only sites.
>> No. 38189 [Edit]
>I had heard rumors that the dev was a furry and a complete cunt
The open-bsd issue is still infamous as the example of how to not build a community:
Quite an attitude to take against someone who's doing you a favor by trying to get palemoon into the package repos – especially considering 90% of palemoon is just mozilla's stuff

I've never used either of these before – I'm curious, on a technical level do they actually do any parsing/segmentation of JP text (like kuromoji or mecab does) or is it strictly dictionary based-lookup for the highlighted portion?

Edit: I tried it out: it uses a "longest dictionary match" scanning rightward from the cursor. This actually seems to be implemented in the naive way where it executes a dictionary lookup for each possible prefix of the word, then takes the longest matching prefix. (See the "_getAllDeinflections" function). Although it seems yomichan also supports optional integration with mecab via a native extension

Post edited on 5th May 2021, 11:45am
>> No. 38190 [Edit]
Thanks, w3m seems interesting with its (kinda broken) image support.
Jesus what a power trip
>> No. 38191 [Edit]
I'm using Firefox with a custom user.js to block tracking as well as possible while not degrading functionality I care about.
At least sites work 99% of the time.
Graphical browsers are terrible and all sites should have be compatible with text-based browsers. It's not a solution, but it's as good as it gets with the modern internet. For better systems, try gemini or gopher. There's less sites, but at least they aren't actively trying to spy on you in every way possible while needing gigabytes of RAM.
>> No. 38192 [Edit]
Seamonkey still seems to be maintained and from what i can tell is basically forked from the old XUL-based firefox. I haven't read about very many people using it though; I wonder why?
>> No. 38193 [Edit]
Seamonkey is a "browser suite" with built-in email client and other stuff. Maybe that concept alone puts off people since it seems antiquated and excessive. There's better programs for those separate functions, so people assume there is for the browser too. Mediocre email client and browser put together loses to separate good versions of those. Never used it though.
>> No. 38194 [Edit]
>The open-bsd issue is still infamous as the example of how to not build a community:
OSS drama is always delicious. I've seen the ibara guy around in other places, and he's a nice guy. The fact the Pale Moon people acted the way they did with him is a little disgusting.
>> No. 38195 [Edit]
>Mediocre email client
If it's based on thunderbird, calling it "mediocre" is doing it a disservice. You'd be hard-pressed to find another extensible mail client. Plus it also does rss!
>> No. 38196 [Edit]
File 162025036448.jpg - (175.54KB , 850x637 , mozilla.jpg )
>If it's based on thunderbird, calling it "mediocre" is doing it a disservice.
I use thunderbird myself. I don't know how good seamonkey's email client is. Just the impression someone might get from it being included with the browser.
>> No. 38197 [Edit]
>You will revise your mozconfig
>You must comply with the directive
Resistance is futile?

Given all the chromium forks that exist you'd think that someone could at least pair blink + v8 with some shell that provides more extensibility. But for some reason even Brave basically just copies the existing UI wholesale. (Although I guess given how integrated Google's codebases are, you can't "just" replace the UI layer with a more extensible alternative without having to deal with the underlying sandboxing and process separation.)
>> No. 38198 [Edit]
Alright I'm trying seamonkey now.
It's pretty weird and really slow. I can't even tell whether I am on a private window or not. I think the location bar changes color? Also I'm getting no audio from youtube.
Strange, strange browser.
It's interesting though, and even though it is stuttering it's really not using much ram at all.
>> No. 38205 [Edit]
File 162053661575.jpg - (302.82KB , 744x905 , eeae628802573c1bb69ab15bde316f9c.jpg )
I still can't believe there's actually people who use a motorcycle.
>> No. 38210 [Edit]
File 162078163350.jpg - (837.44KB , 584x1375 , 728fa6da1f29915015ce494f97e9049f.jpg )
Most people don't don't connect the dots in their head when it comes to their moral hangups. They'll go on and on about how bad and evil incest and hebephilia is, but their ancestors almost certainly committed both of those. They wouldn't exist if their ancestors didn't get 13 year olds pregnant. It's like people think they came from a morally righteous void.

Post edited on 11th May 2021, 6:15pm
>> No. 38211 [Edit]
Your ancestors were cannibals too. People know these things but just because your ancestor did something does not mean you have to.
>> No. 38212 [Edit]
Cannibalism wasn't nearly as common and probably only done in desperation. I think cannibalism is less demonized than those things too.
>> No. 38213 [Edit]
It's fairly common in the anthropological record and often was done in circumstances that were not due to desperation.
>> No. 38214 [Edit]
Not as common. Especially not more recently.
>> No. 38215 [Edit]
Well of course not but then neither is hebephilia.
>> No. 38216 [Edit]
I'm comparing it to hebephilia and incest.
>> No. 38217 [Edit]
Your ancestors did a lot of things you'd find abhorrent, what kind of logic is that? For the record, "hebephillia", which is just a less mean word for 'pedophillia', is firmly disconnected from lolicon, if people complaining about that is your issue.
I've already seen one board where people talk about loli get infested by literal pedophiles thinking they're in good company, saying the 'age is just a number' shit and defending people (not the creepy bots that occasionally pop up) posting literal CP. It's fucking creepy and no one likes it, and no one is going to like it no matter how many excuses you make for how much you want to fuck 3dpd tweens.
>> No. 38218 [Edit]
File 162078937166.jpg - (150.79KB , 1000x713 , acd5d7e2e1b70da64201d734d53a772d.jpg )
>"hebephillia", which is just a less mean word for 'pedophillia'
No, actually.

You sound upset. I don't really care about if people fuck tweens or not. I find it annoying when people get so indignant about it like you are. Men are built to want to impregnate fertile girls. This is an undeniable truth. Getting uppity and pretending the truth is not the truth is what annoys me. And for your information, a lot of loli artists used nude pictures of under 18 girls as references.
>> No. 38219 [Edit]
And another thing, unless you're a parent or a 14 year old girl yourself, I don't see why you would care. In any other circumstance you couldn't care less about that demographic. I could show you a story about a bunch of 14 year olds getting run over by a train and you wouldn't really give a shit, but suddenly you're concerned about them in this context. And when they grow up, they become completely disposable and just like every other adult you don't care about.

Post edited on 11th May 2021, 8:32pm
>> No. 38220 [Edit]
I think people care because the young are relatively innocent, and have potential to possibly do good in this world.
Then they stop being so innocent and do rotten nasty things with their life, so no one cares as much then if they get hit by a train.
>> No. 38221 [Edit]
That makes no sense. By that logic you should not care if anything bad happens to anything in this world. People are torturing kittens? Well you are not a cat and don't have any kittens so why should you care?
>> No. 38222 [Edit]
I don't care about that. Not really. They do that in China, at least with dogs. Don't care. How much time do you spend on those issues? Does getting mad about it on the internet accomplish anything besides making yourself feel good?

Post edited on 11th May 2021, 10:40pm
>> No. 38223 [Edit]
That's you though. I don't mean this in a hurr durr ur autistic kind of way but I think you may actually be autistic. Your brain seems to work in odd ways and you don't seem to be able to comprehend basic thought patterns and emotion within normal people.

>How much time do you spend on those issues? Does getting mad about it on the internet accomplish anything besides making yourself feel good?

That could be said about literally any argument or even opinion on the internet even >>38210
>> No. 38224 [Edit]
I'm annoyed by other people because I'm forced to be around them. What they say and do affects me because of that. What somebody does to a cat or kid doesn't as long as I don't know about it. I'm annoyed by things because of my own convictions. Other people care about things because they feel obligated to, but they're totally hypocritical, fanatical and inconsistent about it. Complaining on the internet about things that annoy you is fine. Doing it out of a sense of moral obligation is for self-righteous normalfags.

Why is it okay to keep farm animals in bad conditions, but people care about cats getting killed? Pigs are smarter than cats. It's hypocritical nonsense. I understand people perfectly well. They're irrational and stupid. They care about kids because of culture and the chimpanzee part of their brain telling them to.

Post edited on 11th May 2021, 11:22pm
>> No. 38225 [Edit]
They don't feel obligated too and in fact probably feel the same way you do.

Most of the people that care about cats getting killed also would not want to see farm animals being mistreated(Australia even stopped live exports to Indonesia because of that). You are creating a strawman.

We don't view cats as food like we view pigs and pigs are disgusting and not really practical to keep as pets. Because we keep cast as pets and don't eat them they become anthropomorphised. Well this happens to all animals in the west to some degree, it's why non religious veganism is rising so much.
>> No. 38226 [Edit]
>They don't feel obligated too
No, they think "their beliefs" make them good people, and that disagreeing with them means somebody is a bad person. I don't believe in good people.
>Most of the people that care about cats getting killed also would not want to see farm animals being mistreated
It doesn't matter what they'd want to see. The majority would still happily eat them. That's not real conviction, it's passive distaste for some gory details.
>We don't view cats as food
Speak for yourself. I'd eat a cat if offered.
>> No. 38227 [Edit]
Personally I care about cats because I grew up playing with them, while I don't care about pigs because I grew up eating them. I don't care too much about people because they have mostly been a source of suffering for me, while cats have been the opposite. I don't see how this is particularly irrational or hypocrite. In moral grounds I would be against unnecessary cruelty against cats, pigs or people, if some particular culture had the habit of eating cats and keeping pigs as pets I couldn't really complain, I would just be disgusted by it.
>> No. 38228 [Edit]
Some do, some don't. Again, many think that all people are bad like you do, yet they still like cats and don't want to seem them mistreated. It's actually a common view.

They don't though. Many boycott such products.

Well I mean sure, many would, many don't like cats and you think differently as I already said.

I grew up around cats and cows and I like cows even if I do eat them too.
>> No. 38229 [Edit]
>Many boycott such products.
We're not talking about vegetarians or niche activists, we're talking about average people. That's why you brought up cats as an example of things people "should care about". This is why talking to you is pointless.
You're explaining your irrationality. You didn't really think before deciding a cat's life is more valuable. At least you don't think your view on cats is objectively correct.
>> No. 38230 [Edit]
You tend to lump people together too much. Cats are a thing people should care about and a thing most do I would think. But that does not mean everybody does.

It's not just niche groups that boycott such products. In my country stores used to sell eggs form caged hens, nobody really spared a thought for caged birds as they didn't really know it was a thing. They didn't know the details of where their eggs came from. But once some people started talking about it and it gained attention people stopped buying these eggs and supermarkets stopped selling them. You could even say this is a reason for people to argue about these kind of things on the internet, because it can start conversations and get people thinking about these things that they may not have known bout before.

I think the reason you see talking to me as pointless is again, because you think differently so many things that may be common sense or not that difficult to understand elude you. You tend to think in a very black and white manner and can't really see anything in between that.
>> No. 38231 [Edit]
>Cats are a thing people should care about
Wow, riveting.
>In my country
Hope you like overpriced eggs then. In MY country, people don't give a shit.
>I think the reason you see talking to me as pointless is again, because you think differently
Somehow it's not a problem with anybody else, so I'll go for the simplest explanation and ignore you again.

Post edited on 12th May 2021, 12:16am
>> No. 38232 [Edit]
This is getting into /tat/ territory, and trying to explain basic things to you certainly would take it to that so I'll leave it.
>> No. 38233 [Edit]
File 162081318433.jpg - (393.86KB , 1280x941 , 1619869167743.jpg )
that's nice picture
>> No. 38237 [Edit]
File 162101031428.jpg - (574.33KB , 2205x2205 , 08418ab8e528b77ade7f1f27b3318021.jpg )
I think the three episode rule is bs since certain anime are nothing but slow build up, but the ending makes it worth it in its way. School Days was all worth it for those last few episodes. Anime can be enjoyed in so many different ways for different reasons, so the rigid measures of "objective quality" anime reviewers like to pretend exist are annoying. People subscribe to these nonsense standards because they can't appreciate the uniqueness an anime can have.
>> No. 38238 [Edit]
Also often 3 episodes is way too generous
>> No. 38324 [Edit]
Events/shows that make people buy tickets in pairs. Not all of us have friends or partners, what the fug yo.
>> No. 38326 [Edit]
That almost encourages scalping
>> No. 38330 [Edit]
File 162221696971.jpg - (1.50MB , 2149x3035 , 4bc3953866fa5177ff30d07cd332a5e0.jpg )
It's weirdly annoying when characters waste food. A lot of the time it's ramen for some reason. They'll show a full bowl and the characters just picking at it while talking about something. It'll get cold. There's no way they'll eat all of it. I wouldn't mind watching characters eat in silence with lots of different angles and panning shots to show off their little idiosyncrasies.

Post edited on 28th May 2021, 8:55am
>> No. 38331 [Edit]
File 16222364063.jpg - (2.13MB , 4083x5919 , __koizumi_megami_magazine_and_1_more_drawn_by_ozek.jpg )
>> No. 38332 [Edit]
File 162224187960.png - (1.29MB , 831x1079 , [HorribleSubs] Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san - 03 [108.png )
>> No. 38333 [Edit]
File 162224349676.png - (2.27MB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san - 01 [108.png )
>> No. 38352 [Edit]
File 16224755718.png - (1.08MB , 1500x1439 , 2249b1b17e6f5e98952794adb35ac19d.png )
I've figured out that I just hate any coffee that isn't light roast. Light roast has the most caffeine and tastes the best by far. There is literally no advantage to roasting coffee more. Dark roast and medium roast are only more popular because the world is a sick, twisted place. In a sane world, they'd call those burnt.
>> No. 38354 [Edit]
File 162248066013.png - (306.32KB , 671x793 , 3789346_p0.png )
I've seen a lot of artist(at least ones who make money on their art) who get better technically over time, but seem to lose their creative edge or guts. Looking at random, long-time pixiv artists, a lot of them seem to have been more willing to have fun with their art in the past. They drew humorous things and parodies and were more free-spirited. Konno tohiro is one example(who drew pic in 2009).

Now they stick to trends and never deviate from some set, popular subject-matter they decided for themselves. Some westerns artists likewise used to draw more taboo subject-matter, but have since stopped. I don't get it. Why work that much if you reduce the breadth of what you draw? Why do they get more timid and boring? It's sad to see creatives "degenerate" like that.

Post edited on 31st May 2021, 10:11am
>> No. 38355 [Edit]
I assume that's just part of growing up.
>> No. 38356 [Edit]
In my opinion, it's an artist's job to never "grow up".

Post edited on 31st May 2021, 10:34am
>> No. 38357 [Edit]
I think it's a matter of the times we live in now. Expression is more limited and people feel more constrained. It's not specifically about them getting older, so much as adapting to the current environment. Otherwise you'd see newer artists having similar sorts of fun.
>> No. 38361 [Edit]
>Now they stick to trends and never deviate from some set, popular subject-matter they decided for themselves.
One explanation of this change is that, over time, an artist becomes associated with certain things, and thus deviating from them would result in fewer fans and money. This goes for musical composers and bands too.
>> No. 38362 [Edit]
I'm not sure that I have noticed that so much. But I do believe it probably happens and there are a number of reasons why.

1. The artist got too popular and now has to cater towards a wider audience, maybe he started out drawing weird futa centaur images but as his fan base grew he had to divert from that.

2. Connected with 1, what he is commissioned to draw is changing or maybe he was not commissioned at all before, of course if he is drawing what he wants he can do what he wants but even if he is drawing commissions, as that fan base widens it will average out and become more normalised so what he draws may become more normalised. He also may choose not to draw weird futa centaur images any more because he wants to appeal to a wider audience to get more commissions.

3. The most worrying one. The nature of art in general is changing, it's now increasingly based in the realms of social media. The more niche an image the less clicks it gets(if it is not outright banned to begin with).

I don't think it has anything to do with 'growing up'. I think it happens the other way around too, some artists start of normal but then go weird. Or at least it used to, now maybe not so much.

I don't mean this in an evil money grubbing way either, though of course that happens. But with this age of social media and the way it connects the audience to the artist, if he posts a drawing of x popular anime he will get more fans commenting on it and saying they like it and even if his motives are purely altruistic, he will draw images simply for the enjoyment of people and that will skew those images to be more mainstream as the opinions of people sway it that way.

Post edited on 31st May 2021, 9:51pm
>> No. 38380 [Edit]
I'm a little annoyed at how overused the slow motion sfx are in contemporary media. It's practically everywhere.
>> No. 38407 [Edit]
File 162407776876.png - (28.54KB , 401x403 , 1cd41e820659df6a44b4afb51a82977d.png )
Image board culture as a whole. The vast majority of people who use image boards are obnoxious pricks. It's impossible for them to have a civil conversation when the other person has a different opinion. They perceive other opinions as an insult or challenge.

They don't value the ability to understand why others think the way they do. Instead, they use their own opinions and tastes as internet status symbols. They flaunt them around constantly for no other reason but to stroke their own ego, like some kind of symbol of virtue.

The concept of expecting civility offends them, and they would not be caught dead apologizing for anything. 8chan compounded this. Pretty much all of the most abrasive cunts you'll ever talk to on an imageboard were regular users of 8chan.

At this point, I don't think there's any way to avoid it. Any (english)websites with the basic format of an imageboard which manages to attract anybody will inevitably be besieged by people with this attitude.
>> No. 38408 [Edit]
I'm not sure if this is exclusive to image board users, seems like more of a human problem in general.
>> No. 38409 [Edit]
I agree, though I think a large part of the problem is actually represented in your post.

>obnoxious pricks.
>abrasive cunts

It would be interesting to see what would happen if there were imageboards that simply banned anybody that sweared or even personally attacked anybody in a similar manner.
>> No. 38410 [Edit]
File 162409084514.jpg - (183.66KB , 850x1006 , 1556335671955.jpg )
I don't know if posting this here is appropiate but at least it should count as venting.
My brother told me about some coworker that had to work 320 hours last month but didn't get paid for most of them because someone forgot to count them and now "nothing can be done about it". And that kind of shit happens all the time, my brother lived like that for decades (I barely had a taste of something similar for a few years and my only wish was to die as sooner as possible), working 12-14 hours all days of the week, and while I have it a lot better I'm slowly degrading into a situation where I'll need to be available 24h.
Along with other things it made descend into a depressed state. Not like I wasn't already depressed, but now I'm depressed differently. It's a mix of guilt, because I'm not as fucked but I'm still complaining about my particular situation, fear, because I could end like that or permanently unemployed (and that means I might need to end myself sooner or later) and the realization of what the world really is about. This is reality, the adult world, if you're lucky you'll have to work all the time in any fucked up condition to simply survive, there's no alternative and maturing means to accept that simple fact. It's like suddenly I took consciousness of how the vast majority of human beings have to live their lifes. I saw the abyss of life and I'm scared.

Considering all I said and how this was a thread about things that piss you off, it really makes me mad when people say things like "money can't buy you happiness". To me that's like saying breathing or eating won't bring you happiness, it's necessary condition for life! It's an stupid statement only a person with enough money and who doesn't know the value of things could say. It's an insult to all those people that are literally dying at work.
>> No. 38411 [Edit]
I think what most people mean by that is that assuming you have enough money to live comfortably, additional money doesn't result in a proportional increase in happiness. I.e. the utility of money is logarithmic. Since most people who make that statement are probably living comfortably themselves, they only look at the sublinear regime past the threshold.
>> No. 38412 [Edit]
That's like saying money isn't important as long as you have money.
I know what you mean though, but I can't help but feel is the kind of entitled things people in a better position than the vast majority like to say. Like saying, I have so much money I don't even care about it.
>> No. 38414 [Edit]
>there's no alternative
That's just what this fucked up system wants you to think. A system this horrible can't exist without conditioning people to be so dependent on it that they can't even imagine any other way of living. I think this also takes advantage of people's natural fear of change, where in people will choose to continue living in a less favorable situation that has if nothing else has proven to be stable. The idea of change and taking a chance might be fun to fantasize about, but fear of the unknown will generally keep people from doing anything more than just that. No mater how bad a situation is, a person will still find one excuse after another to defend the shitty situation they're in and why they can't leave it when pushed to do something about it.
You could leave, go somewhere new, find a new trade, make new friends, make a new life for yourself, far far away from there if you have to. If you get to the point where suicide starts to sound tempting, then what do you really have to lose? At least you'd have a chance of a better life, and it's not like the suicide option goes away if you try your hand at a better life.

And in case you're thinking "that's easy for you to say", this is coming from someone who is in the process of traveling across the country and looking for a new place to settle down. It hasn't been all fun, but even at the worst of times I've never once considered going back to the rotten shithole town I came from.
>> No. 38415 [Edit]
File 162412096580.jpg - (101.35KB , 627x776 , b7a8f3517b2fb37b2831ff44b18565c6.jpg )
>can't even imagine any other way of living
So does that mean you have any suggestions about a better way to live? What's a good trade to get into?
>> No. 38416 [Edit]
Sorry, you got me wrong.
I don't make excuses to stay in shitty situations because I don't even have the will to stay in shitty situations, I always try to avoid pain, nothing heroic about it. I'm actually quitting my job because it turned into shit and I hope I can find something better. But when I see so many people going through hell I wonder if I'm just naive and that's how things are supposed to be and I'm just a complainer. I have lots of conflicted feelings. But I always try to stick to my decisions. My problem is, I can easily imagine myself in another shitty job or just finally ending terminally unemployed = dead. It's tiresome when you don't see any progress at all.

About suicide, it's an escapist fantasy. Years ago I planned to do it, now it's just a thought I like to have because at least it means an exit. I look back and life hasn't been particularly worth living until now. If I could know for sure the next 30 years are going to be the same shit or worse I think I would give up. Just living because you're afraid of death isn't truly living.

I think we are in the same ship. I suspect I have answered you in other threads in similar ways you answered to me, also you probably expressed suicidal ideas too.
Maybe we are going trough the same rollercoaster of doubt, despair and hope.
>> No. 38422 [Edit]
I think that depends on the person. Maybe this seems like a cop out but I can't just say "Do this then this and this, then you'll have a happy life!". It's never that easy. All I can recommend is perusing something you have a passion for. Careers in computers and IT tend to work out well for people such as us, but even those can apparently be soul crushing. At least with something you has a passion for, you'd have the motivation to keep at it even when things get hard, which they likely will regardless of what one decides to do.

Sorry to misunderstand then.
I don't think a living hell of a life should be normal by any means. For all the advancements we as humans have made, you would think things like that would be behind us by now. Have the people there ever considered forming unions? going on strike? that sort of thing?
Either way, it's good to hear you're at least trying to do something about it. I don't think that makes you a complainer, I think it makes those other people cattle.
Also, humans are pretty resilient, when pushed to the edge they generally find a way out of whatever problem they're in.

>Maybe we are going trough the same rollercoaster of doubt, despair and hope.
Yeah, no kidding...
>> No. 38423 [Edit]
>Careers in computers and IT tend to work out well for people such as us, but even those can apparently be soul crushing
Looking at the medium to long term, software engineering isn't exactly the golden ticket that it once was given that the VC money that had bene sloshing around for the past few years will likely dry up in the next downturn, and the number of people you're competing with keeps increasing. Then again, this might vary by location: you'll have a much easier time being hired for an IT-related role in e.g. central US than in the bay area for example. At the very least, don't fall for the machine-learning/"big data" fad.
>> No. 38424 [Edit]
>you'll have a much easier time being hired for an IT-related role in e.g. central US than in the bay area for example.
I know someone in that area who's studying the stuff. Apparently all those type of classes are run by morons and some of what they teach is outdated.
>> No. 38427 [Edit]
Which type of classes are you referring to? IT is a broad field, and I was referring more to the traditional software engineering role. I've never seen classes for this stuff outside of the so-called "coding bootcamps" which are mostly just a scam considering the wealth of information available online. (In university "computer science" classes are really more of a hodge-podge mix of systems, DB, PL theory, and networking.)
>> No. 38429 [Edit]
This might be tangential to the thread of discussion, but one field that I think will be growing for the next few decades is chip/IC design and surrounding fields. My reasoning is as follows: 1) Over the past few years we've seen disruptions to the usual dominance of x64 arch. In particular, Apple has shown arm CPUs can indeed be a viable desktop-class alternative, and even beyond arm there has been experimentation with risc-v, as well as developments in the broader field of software accelerators (TPU). 2) There is a dire shortage of people going into the EE field; for every thousand people going into CS, maybe one person will choose the EE path (and even then, EE is broad enough that he may not end up doing chip design). 3) China has already been putting efforts into chip design and fabbing as they attempt to achieve self-sufficiency and especially wrangle control from TSMC; the US will probably not want to be beat on this front and will start funding/pushing (via private and public interests) this area.
>> No. 38433 [Edit]
I was just listening to a cute anime bgm on youtube that was uploaded on 2017 and it got dmca'd as I was listening to it. Fuck you sony, I don't know what you are even trying to achieve here.
>> No. 38434 [Edit]
I know it's not as convenient, but getting into the habit of using youtube-dl instead of streaming would do you well.
>> No. 38435 [Edit]
Thanks, it's a good idea, my youtube playlist is a goddamn graveyard. My current method of writing down the titles and hoping to source them from somewhere else is even more inconvenient and I don't always find them.
>> No. 38436 [Edit]
>writing down the titles and hoping to source them from somewhere
You know bookmarks record the title already, right? Plus bookmarks don't get deleted even if the video does. You don't have to physically write them down.

Post edited on 23rd Jun 2021, 5:39pm
>> No. 38437 [Edit]
Titles won't help if there's multiple songs in the video.
I just copy and paste the descriptions to a text file.
>> No. 38438 [Edit]
File 16245028602.png - (381.21KB , 800x738 , 0606c44502ca68c462dd4309f89df83c.png )
I've been watching "true crime" videos recently. Like always, people in the comments are smug, self-satisfied and chiefly concerned with patting themselves on the back, but they're particularly obnoxious in this context.
>> No. 38439 [Edit]
Fuck "Pride".
[Disclaimer; this is going to piss some people off. Stop here if you're easily offended. You've been warned. ]

I'm not sure where to start with this because it bothers me on multiple levels for various reasons.
Before you read on, I should make my position clear on the hijklmnopqrs nonsense. There are only two genders, and homosexuals have brain problems. Those are just the facts. I don't hate fags or attack helicopters or whatever. Take a dick up your butt, pretend your dick is a vagina, shave your head and call yourself a pony, I don't care, do whatever the hell you want to do in the privacy of your own home. But the moment you talk that shit outside, that's when the problems start.
Believe it or not, when I go out I don't wave banners depicting what I masturbate to, or announcing it over a loud speaker. I don't meet up with people who masturbate to the same things as me, and I don't throw parades to let the world know what makes my dick feel good. That would be disgusting, vulgar, and obscene.
The way I see it, these "pride" assholes are no different than furfags taking to the streets and throwing pride parades for themselves. You know why people hate furfags? because they can't keep their damn perverted interests to themselves. No one wants to see that shit, but they keep spreading it everywhere.
It's pathetic to see corporations do the same thing with "pride". Everyone knows they don't really give a shit anyway, they're just jumping on a bandwagon to try and stay relevant. When companies do shit like this it's also very alienating. They're picking teams, and when I as a sane heterosexual male see them pushing these various causes, it feels like they're saying their product isn't for us, like they don't want our money anymore, they want those SJW bucks. I guess they still haven't learned that going woke = going broke, because I know I'm not the only one who feels alienated by this garbage.
And it's not just feeling alienated, I simply don't want to do business with companies that support and encourage mass insanity along with the destruction of culture and society, just for personal profits.
Like I said before, do what you do in your own home, but don't throw parades and events for it and slap that shit on half the products in every store, the fuck is wrong with you? Being gay isn't something to be "proud" of, anymore than being straight is something to be proud of. These people need to get over themselves. To be proud means you've achieved something, you're doing something admirable that should command respect and honor, and maybe even envy from those around you. A person should be proud of the successful life they made for themselves and their family, they should be proud of their contributions to their growing community, they should be proud t be a part of something grand. Getting fucked in your ass isn't something to be proud of.
I'm pretty sure pride is one of the deadly sins anyway. If you're religious or not, those sins are still generally negative attributes. If this is pride month, maybe next month can be gluttony, and wrath the month after that?
Here I thought it was bad enough when they ruined rainbows.
Is it really so much to ask for, for self respecting adults to keep their sexual preferences to themselves? Do these people and corporations not know how badly they're fucking up future generations by spreading this stuff, or do they just not care? Kids growing up in the world the way it is today are going in lost and confused, they're being given a dumpster fire and told it's great. The younger people I speak to leave me feeling sorry for this world and the people being brought into it. boys can't be boys, girls can't be girls, no one knows what they are anymore. One thing they do know they are, is depressed and miserable. I used to hang out on forums populated by lots of younger people who kept coming to me for help and support, and it was soul crushing to see how modern society was ruining their lives. I think it's just as well I'm going to die alone, besides being made next to impossible to find women who don't have dick envy, I wouldn't want to raise a family in a world like this anyway. Why would I? Just to watch them get brainwashed by the media into playing roulette with their gender and sexuality, then get horribly depressed when they fail to form stable meaningful relationships as the realization they've ruined their life starts to creep in? I don't want to have to one day explain to my fat ugly lumblerjack looking non-binary life partner that our pronoun-unicorn whatever just slit their hooves in a bathtub after their pronoun partner dumped them for not being woke enough and accidentally calling them "her" or some shit. Fuck this bat shit crazy world, these people are fucking insane and it needs to stop being promoted as anything but that.
>> No. 38441 [Edit]
I feel it's purposely perverse. Things like associating something cool like rainbows and fun to this trash are well planned actions. At least the world is burning, so this disgusting spectacle won't last long.
>> No. 38443 [Edit]
Go to Sunday school and get a trad wife then you fucking normalfag volcel. My husbando spits on you. You obviously don't belong here. You are the other side of the same coin, a member of a cult centered on procreation, or at least brainwashed by them, if you try to claim to not be driven by religion.
Your country has no culture, mutt. Your society is centered on decadence. In my country the pride marches have no degeneracy, so kindly take care of your filth, because I don't want it spreading to my parts of the world.

The companies you so much complain about, wouldn't hesitate a second to use pander to religious people and desecrate religious symbols, if it happened to be the current hip thing. Their behaviour annoying to everyone, not only if you are against pride.
While we are touching this topic, I would like to express my disgust in the heterosexual hypersexual shit spread by Americans through their movie industry, putting sexual themes in all kinds of media. It's not homosexuals who put advertisements for viagra, condoms and other sex products everywhere, from the internet, through TV, to newspapers and magazines, either.

The deadly sin you speak of is hubris, you pseudo-Christian. The pride in equality movement is used in opposition to shame, that your sinful kind tries to impose on others. YOU are the one who commits sin of pride, sin of hubris, the most deadly one, trying to present yourself as superior, putting your own desires, urges, wants, and whims before the welfare of other people, shaming others, and committing the sin of wrath.
>> No. 38444 [Edit]
That's a whole hell of a lot of projecting there anon.
>> No. 38445 [Edit]
File 162483460646.png - (14.66KB , 1140x252 , tohno.png )
>You obviously don't belong here.
Tohno is the one who posted it. I agree that it doesn't belong on /ot/, but this is Tohno's site at the end of the day. Your mentioning of a "husbando" outs you as either gay or a women, either way making you an extreme outlier here. I suggest you leave for your own mental well-being and the well-being of Tohno-Chan.
>> No. 38446 [Edit]
It's not a christian thing .
I dislike christians as much as homos. You've been recognized as mentally ill since before christianity even existed.
>> No. 38447 [Edit]
File 162483887898.jpg - (67.40KB , 800x800 , pleather.jpg )
I have a stupid pleather chair that is disintegrating into carcinogenic bits all over my room. How on earth is this legal to sell.
>> No. 38449 [Edit]
Ditch it and get a decent used one. The ones from brands like steelcase are overhyped and overpriced, but you can get lesser known but still good ones for ~$150 which is a fair price I think.
>> No. 38451 [Edit]
I've had a chair and couch do that. It's horrible and there's really nothing you can do about it once that stuff starts to come off. I've tried fighting it with glue and only made things worse. Best bet is to just toss the thing out before it makes even more of a mess.
If money is tight or you're really attached to it, maybe take it out someday and peel/scrape off every corner of the thing yourself.
>> No. 38452 [Edit]
Did you not read the disclaimer, friend?
>> No. 38453 [Edit]
I think I have an unassembled one somewhere that isn't made of this hellish stuff.
I just feel bad about throwing away a structurally functional chair, the lifting mechanism is so clever, and I couldn't fabricate one of these no matter the amount of time you gave me, what an environmentally unfriendly waste. I probably will throw it away though.
>and peel/scrape off every corner of the thing yourself.
I tried! Bad idea. The material underneath is slowly dissolving.Into dust this time, instead of flakes. Evil.
>> No. 38454 [Edit]
>The material underneath is slowly dissolving.
Is it the foam like material holding the fake leather to the fabric?
>> No. 38455 [Edit]
Oh you are right, it's just a layer of foam and the fabric underneath is felt like stuff. Maybe that won't dissolve.
>> No. 38456 [Edit]
the fabric should hold up fine. It'd be a messy job but all that fake leather and foam adhesive stuff can be scrapped off. Tends to stick a bit more where there's stitching though.
>> No. 38457 [Edit]
Sounds like you managed to rescue some pleather furniture? That's pretty neat.
I'm now just puzzled though. The product would obviously be more valuable if they skipped the layer of crap on top and it was just a fabric chair.
>> No. 38458 [Edit]
There's tons of products of all kinds on the market which have dumb finishing touches added on just to move the product off shelves.
I'm reminded of glossy monitors made to look shiny and nice on display, but produce annoying reflections and glare during actual use. Just yesterday I was watching a review of an axe in which the guy had to scrape and peel off all the shiny coating on the handle so he could oil it proper.
If you put a chair that looks like leather next to the same chair with just fabric in a furniture store, people are likely going to find the leather looking one more appealing and pay more for it. Hell you can tell them it's fake leather and they'll still find it more appealing. By the time they learn their lesson the warranty might be up.
>> No. 38459 [Edit]
Also getting real common with stuff that isn't electronic getting electronic bits tacked on to it.

Post edited on 28th Jun 2021, 10:01am
>> No. 38469 [Edit]
File 162493137680.jpg - (66.34KB , 580x409 , Samurai_kiss.jpg )
The Christianity you speak of must be a very new thing, then. Homosexuality only became subject of research in medicine and psychiatry in 19th century, competing for jurisdiction over its definition with law and religion. Freud argued bisexuality is the natural orientation of human, thwarted only by society. It became considered a disorder in 1950s thanks to one influential crook notable only for his obsession with conversion therapy, and no longer considered one not even 25 years later. Third Reich targeted LGBT people for ideological reasons, taking a step from the norms at that time into a very dire direction.
Homosexuality was accepted and expected in Ancient Near East[AME], which was surrounding Israel. Israel is source of the scriptures that forbade certain sexual acts to differentiate themselves from pagan Egyptians and Canaanites.[Levictus 18] These specific scriptures, and rewriting and reinterpretation (mistranslation) of other parts of Bible, are the source of further laws, all taking their source in Christianity.
It proves that condemnation for homosexuality is not older than Judaism, which Christianity is just a form of.
So, no, believing something doesn't make it true. I'm happy to hear if you are able to prove me otherwise, though.

As for other cultures and continents, both Americas haven't had concept of binary sexuality and various forms of homosexuality were common and accepted. It includes Native American, First Nations, Aztecs, Mayans, Quechuas, Moches, Zapotecs, and the Tupinambá of Brazil. Condemnation came with Spanish conquerors.
Same for South Asia: Hindu have same-sex relationships described in Kama Sutra, using term "tritiya prakriti" lit. "third nature" (which is not pejorative like "kliba") and describes two types of sexuality (where a man behaves like a woman, and second where a woman behaves like a man);
South Pacific: same-sex relationships were integral part of many cultures of Melanesia[Herdt 1984], hostility came with Christian missionaries;
Europe: Ancient Greece did not have concept of sexuality. Similarly to Ancient Near East, they only concerned themselves with dominance and submissiveness, same-sex relationships played a vital role in the society; Latin also lacks terms to describe these concepts, Romans enjoyed sex with both men and women; only later Christianity brought condemnation of the acts;
Africa: Egypt is the source of the earliest documented same-sex relationship dated to 25th century BCE, Levictus 18 suggest that such practices were also common in later times;
Last but not least, since it relates to Japan, same-sex love has been documented in East Asia. Homosexuality in Japan only started to be discouraged during Meiji period due to westernization.
[Herdt 1984]:

I see the "husbando" bait (for a lack of better description) works perfectly to make you start calling me mentally ill, showing your true colors. If you are American, your whole worldview is warped by American Christianity, whether you like it or not.
The topic might be better suited for /tat/, but I don't believe either of us has any will to engage in further discussion to challenge either of our views.
>> No. 38470 [Edit]
File 16249316723.png - (40.61KB , 770x220 , welcome to imageboards.png )
>getting it off our chest 3.0
I think both of us achieved what we wanted.
The original post was only much needed context. The reply wasn't targeted at anyone in particular, just the view and mindset. I don't see need for appeal to authority.
>> No. 38471 [Edit]
>You know, in the FAQ on the front page, where it says:
>"Q: Someone posted something I don't like, what should I do? A: Whine and complain, call the person a normalfag, or report the post."

>That's actually satire, not something meant to be taken literally.
>> No. 38472 [Edit]
>but I don't believe either of us has any will to engage in further discussion to challenge either of our views.
Boy are you right, let's leave it to the reader and their ability to discern what's true.
>> No. 38473 [Edit]
I agree that it is much more widespread in early civilizations than a blanket statement such as the one he made warrented but you also have added some fairly problematic arguments.

Greece and Rome are nowhere near as simple and gay friendly as you describe. Being on the receiving end in Rome was illegal for a citizen and judging by the mud they flung at Nero and Tiberius it was not seen as a positive thing in general either. Greece is a big place, well it is a big place in that it had many independent states with different values and ideologies. So like the the other poster you are making huge blanket statements. The Spartans were disgusted by it, it was accepted in Athens but it was paedophilic in nature. In Japan as well it was paedophilic, more so than it was in Athens and it was also shamefull and illegal to sleep with a man(as in an actual man not a boy). I would not bring up Freud either, he is nuts.

Post edited on 28th Jun 2021, 9:43pm
>> No. 38477 [Edit]
Youtube alternatives are awful. Bitchute is just american politics and Odysee is bound to only promote trash due to its "boosting" system where you use their crypto to promote videos.
>> No. 38478 [Edit]
There's also freespeechtube, but I don't really use it last time I even checked on it was years ago. It doesn't look very interesting. I'm surprised it's still alive.
>> No. 38479 [Edit]
There's PeerTube, but it is quite slow and clunky on my machine.
I switched to looking for content in text format and since then I haven't opened YouTube even once. I still do download videos linked on other sites with youtube-dl.
>> No. 38481 [Edit]
Yup it's mostly dead.
I guess I'll do the same. I usually prefer listening to the person since it gives you more hints on whether you are paying attention to a crazy person.
Maybe I just need to try and make stuff instead of "consuming"
>> No. 38489 [Edit]
File 162534051889.jpg - (105.98KB , 1302x403 , 012a012e03b74e4b6a849d738bf22633.jpg )
It's kind of annoying when you're reading a book or watching something, and you're confronted with the author's ignorance about something. Like in Harry Potter, math isn't a subject taught to students. At best, they have number fortune telling. The obvious reason for this is that J K Rowling is a middle aged women who doesn't know anything about math or how integral it is to the world. A writer who did know that might have done something creative with the concept of math and wizards, but she wrote it out of her world entirely even though the story is about a school. I think to be a great writer, you have to have broad knowledge and be willing to research things.
>> No. 38490 [Edit]
I've seen people mock and criticize Hogwarts a lot over the years for not teaching math, among other subjects. It's like they're raising generations of morons.
>> No. 38491 [Edit]
And they have a misplaced sense of superiority too. Muggles went to the moon and could easily kill all of them with modern weaponry.
>> No. 38493 [Edit]
I think that example is annoying but it's relatively harmless compared to the norm. It's not like she is adding Maths into the books but has no understanding of it so every calculation she puts in is wrong, which is essentially what a great many authors do. She just leaves it out. I think it depends on what they are actually teaching them to become as well and what jobs they expect them to have. I never finished all the books or movies so I don't know what they actually end up doing but if they are just mixing potions and fortune telling then elementary school maths should be fine.

Maybe they went there with Kraut Space Magick and Neil Armstrong was a wizard and Nuclear bombs are magic too.
>> No. 38494 [Edit]
File 162551802643.jpg - (257.26KB , 850x1030 , card.jpg )
At least 70% of discussion on any /tg/ board is about role playing, hyper-commercial crap like war hammer, or the kind of throw away board games released all the time. The t in tg stands for traditional, not table-top, but there's nothing traditional about these three types of games.

There's very little place for people to talk about traditional games as everybody who doesn't use imageboards understands them. I can't relate to most discussion because I have nearly zero experience with those three types people actually talk about.
>> No. 38495 [Edit]
It's funny you should say that. The first time I went to an anime con, I got a bit excited when I saw they had table top games, and I assumed it would be stuff like board games. Then I got there and saw nothing but a bunch of fat nerds whipping their decks out, comparing deck sizes, rubbing their decks together and covering each other in mana. It was very disappointing, I quickly learned that's all table top means to the average person.
>> No. 38496 [Edit]
I've been living on the streets for a while, which means using lots of public restrooms. You know what drives me nuts? Assholes keep pissing all over the seats!
Even when urinals I available, I've seen/heard people use toilets to take leaks and they never lift the seats when they do. Just use a fucking urinal you insecure faggots, no one cares if you have a baby dick!
>> No. 38497 [Edit]
File 162559829458.jpg - (202.43KB , 789x1116 , 05bee5a70464829e7034da381892a830.jpg )
I've complained about this before, but it's fucking maddening. Why are smartphones such massive pieces of shit? Why is it so difficult just to get a god damn picture from your phone to your computer? USB-C ports are shit. They are not reliable or durable in the slightest. My phone doesn't even charge anymore unless I mess around with its physical position just right, and forget about using that port to transfer files. It got this problem only a few months after buying it and it's supposed to be a top of the line samsung model.

Bluetooth sucks too. It's like it's psychic. Every single time I really need it, it doesn't work. It just doesn't. It works reliably for wireless earbuds, but for some reason, not file transfer. Who makes this crap? Who goes out of their way to make such bad technology and then has the gall to pretend it's the holy grail?

I think they make it crap on purpose. They want you to use the cloud for everything, but the cloud is slow as hell among other problems. Uploading anything to the cloud is slow as hell, so it's not even convenient. Maybe it's just my connection, but that's still bullshit since I have no better options. Meanwhile, my camera from 2006 doesn't have this problem. It has removable storage, an sd card slot, like phones used to. I can take a picture and get it on my computer in literal seconds. Only problem is the resolution sucks.

This should not be a problem. You can't justify it by saying phones have to be small or whatever. Screens are massive now, so keeping your phone in your pant's pockets isn't comfortable at all anyway. Consumer technology has regressed.
>> No. 38498 [Edit]
>Why is it so difficult just to get a god damn picture from your phone to your computer
I always just email it to myself. Still the easiest way I know. There's also which uses webrtc to transfer files without needing to upload to a 3rd party server, but I can never remember the URL.

On a technical level, blame the fact that MTP is a garbage protocol that for some reason Android has adopted, and for which support varies between platforms (almost universally a terrible experience though). Back in the day (~Gingerbread era) things used to actually work because phones had a USB mass storage mode and it would show up just as a regular thumb drive on any platform and work flawlessly. But apparently that was deemed obsolete by the gods at Google or something. As far as usb-c ports themselves, they're at least better than micro-usb which had a much higher failure rate. Lightning is probably the best cable I've seen in terms of sturdiness but that's apple only.

Agree on bluetooth, and the reason why it doesn't work is because everyone cheaps out on the hardware and doesn't bother about implementing the software stack. Bluetooth stacks on windows are known to be terrible, and forget about having it be reliable on linux. I think osx is ok here, but probably only because they support one configuration so all the workarounds are known. And not only do manufacturers cheap out on hardware, but bluetooth itself is comprised of serveral protocols (e.g. audio via SBC or APT-X, file transfer, etc.) and a lot of manufacturers only implement the audio protocols because that's what most people use. Besides, bluetooth is way too low bandwidth anyway so transferring files will be a miserable experience.
>> No. 38499 [Edit]
Email is pretty reliable, but there's limits to file size and there's a delay between sending and receiving it. If you need that file on your pc NOW, it's not a good option either.
I just tried this with my pc to my phone, and it failed for some reason. Even if it did work, to do it the other way, I'd need to input the url manually, or send it, or try and get qr codes to work on my pc.

Post edited on 6th Jul 2021, 2:03pm
>> No. 38500 [Edit]
>Why is it so difficult just to get a god damn picture from your phone to your computer
No kidding. This is why I use a personal discord server to upload photos to, then save them on the desktop app.
I used to use the imgur app for this but that broke.
>> No. 38501 [Edit]
> and there's a delay between sending and receiving it
What email provider are you using? Gmail is < 1 min delay.

And looking again at the justbeamit site, I'm actually not sure it's using strictly webrtc, so I'm not sure there's no 3rd party server involved.
>> No. 38502 [Edit]
I personally use ADB to transfer files and it isn't difficult to use in my opinion. It being a command-line program may not appeal to some people but I like the tab completion feature.
>> No. 38503 [Edit]
File 162562238845.png - (416.45KB , 500x859 , 7f57d503a1a2272bc5f79ea5d0f23ff7.png )
Maybe it's because I use an email client(thunderbird).
>isn't difficult to use
>command-line program
There's no such thing as a command line with no learning curve, and for this purpose I don't feel like putting in that much effort or that I should have to. The prospect of using a touch screen keyboard to type something into a command prompt also sends shivers down my spine.

Next time I get a new phone, it needs to have removable storage. I wont settle for less. I need something as reliable, simple and fast as possible.

Post edited on 6th Jul 2021, 6:46pm
>> No. 38504 [Edit]
Good point, I forgot about adb. But honestly transferring files via CLI is a pain compared to using a gui for this purpose. Especially when you're used to graphical conveniences like file preview.

For the technically minded, there's a fuse filesystem that uses adb under the hood which is reportedly more stable than mtp. But that's still ugly.

There are also solutions of installing an app to allow you to connect to your phone over ftp or smb (be sure to get your app from fdroid so the source can be vetted though) [1]

>> No. 38506 [Edit]
>using a touch screen keyboard to type something into a command prompt
You only need to plug your phone into your computer and run adb from your computer.

>But honestly transferring files via CLI is a pain compared to using a gui for this purpose. Especially when you're used to graphical conveniences like file preview.
I agree with this, but adb is good enough for my use case. Tab completion alleviates that pain to some degree.
>> No. 38507 [Edit]
File 162565092262.png - (522.34KB , 1035x740 , IOPM7327.png )
I don't post on imageboards at all anymore, and I sort of feel guilty for contributing to the rot and the userbase anemia of the medium.

It makes me sort of glum to see TC so deserted, I can see posts I made before I left on some of the slower boards but I'm glad people are finally posting on /an/ again. I hope the site migrated into the IRC as many other imageboards have.
I didn't mean to come off critical of the current state of the site or anything, if anything I feel partly responsible for the desolate feeling a lot of boards have.

I don't know if I will start again, it feels like a lost cause at this point and always leaves me feeling more depressed than normal because of the wistful nature of a lot of communities these days.
>> No. 38509 [Edit]
File 162565888894.png - (245.42KB , 640x360 , RZTK6635.png )
I hope everything is OK with you, anon.
>> No. 38510 [Edit]
Personally I barely spend time in hobbies anymore so I don't feel inclined to talk about them, it makes me feel bad in a particular way I don't really know how to describe. I guess I'm not the only case and that would explain why we have more depressing-posting than anything else, it must be part of growing up.
>> No. 38511 [Edit]
>You only need to plug your phone into your computer and run adb from your computer.
If I could do that, I would just transfer the files through the cable. The only thing that port works for(if I mess around with it enough) is charging.

>over ftp or smb
I guess I'll try that.
>> No. 38512 [Edit]
There's adb over wifi as well actually.

I'll take quality over quantity any day, and tc still has the best snr ratio I've seen.
>> No. 38513 [Edit]
It really bothers me how irritated I get over things, sometimes. My head can reason out why I shouldn't be, and I genuinely believe that...-But, it's like my body can't put it to rest.
(´。・ △ ・。` )⁾⁾

I don't show it, but I'm honestly seething sometimes, and realizing that bothers me even more. I think, "maybe I'm really not a good person".

Really, so many pointless things irritate me.
>> No. 38514 [Edit]
"Open relationship" is one of the most disgusting combination of words I can think of.
>> No. 38515 [Edit]
If it makes you feel any better "open relationships" are often just a polite/politically correct way to describe consensual cuckold relationship/swinging/group arrangements etc. Most of the shit people go on about it are just attempting justifying it non-sexually/trying to rationalize it but they know deep down that it's a fetish.
>> No. 38516 [Edit]
That contributes to it being disgusting.
>> No. 38517 [Edit]
File 16259069924.png - (47.50KB , 1128x510 , horror2.png )
Who the fuck did this? Who designed this? Which mental midgets at google thought this was an improvement?
>> No. 38518 [Edit]
File 162590820935.jpg - (28.19KB , 500x355 , 08854257.jpg )
"Relationship" already feels disgusting to me.
>> No. 38519 [Edit]
I think they want to increase comment engagement
>> No. 38520 [Edit]
??? I don't understand. what that is meant to be and what the issue is.
>> No. 38521 [Edit]
Recent change to the youtube ui. They've made the title of every video bold, centered the menu, combined the metadata(date, views and description) into one line, and added a box below that to display the most liked comment.

Post edited on 10th Jul 2021, 8:47am
>> No. 38522 [Edit]
Use invidious. The only annoying part is instances going offline or out of date.
>> No. 38523 [Edit]
It looks like it is designed for tablet PCs.
>> No. 38524 [Edit]
I guess they don't want to maintain a mobile version, so instead they'll drag everybody into the hell that is "smart-phone friendly" design.
>> No. 38530 [Edit]
Could be worse. "living on the streets" makes it sound worse than it really is.
>> No. 38531 [Edit]
What's your hygiene situation?
>> No. 38532 [Edit]
I'm able to take showers nearly everyday. It's been a while since I've been in a situation where I couldn't.
>> No. 38533 [Edit]
How do you deal with the lack of privacy?
>> No. 38534 [Edit]
File 162604046521.jpg - (486.58KB , 1920x1080 , 2021070818134666.jpg )
Again I think living on the streets was misleading. I'm living in a motorhome. Privacy could be better but when I lock myself in it's little room with it's block off windows it's easy to forget where I am, even if that location is on the side of the road, a parking lot, or a dirt field.
>> No. 38535 [Edit]
I suspected it was you, Tohno...
>> No. 38536 [Edit]
You got me...
>> No. 38541 [Edit]
Repetitive greek symbols in various fields. Just make a new symbol for that specific usage. It's like the least difficult part and people somehow managed to make it needlessly confusing.
>> No. 38542 [Edit]
Huh? Instead of choosing an existing symbol which usually already has established conventions (e.g. theta = angle, psi = wavefunction, etc.) you're proposing to create an entirely new symbol each time? I don't see how that's any better, and it's going to make things physically harder to read since you have to lex these previously unknown symbols.
>> No. 38543 [Edit]
Here are some of the things lower case pi can represent
>The mathematical real transcendental (and thus irrational) constant π ≈ 3.14159...
>The prime-counting function in mathematics.
>Homotopy groups in algebraic topology.
>Dimensionless parameters constructed using the Buckingham π theorem of dimensional analysis.
>The hadron called the pion (pi meson).
>Economic profit in microeconomics.
>Inflation rate in macroeconomics.
>A type of chemical bond in which the p orbitals overlap, called a pi bond.
>The natural projection on the tangent bundle on a manifold.
>The unary operation of projection in relational algebra.
>Policy in reinforcement learning.
When looking at an equation, I'd rather know exactly what it is because the symbols are unique than rely on context. There's a reason programmers use every variable in one way and one way only. Yes they make a new variable for every usage.

Post edited on 14th Jul 2021, 2:50pm
>> No. 38544 [Edit]
Yes all of those are true, but it's usually clear from context. If you're reading an ML paper and you suddenly see π, you can bet it's not going to refer to bonds.

In some sense this is just convention you have to familiarize yourself with. Assigning a new symbol each time seems strictly worse to me because it's like reading a new language every time, it's harder to physically recognize the symbols. E.g. if we started randomly using kana characters or wingdings so that we can assign a unique symbol, it's going to take you about three times as long just to physically parse it. All your muscle memory on recognizing glyphs goes out the window, all for not much benefit in the first place since it only marginally benefits those who are new to the field.

There are larger fish to fry. You could take issue with the overloaded use of the word "normal" in mathematics. Normal distribution? Normal vector? Normal subgroup? These are much more ambiguous, and unlike π where it is clear just from the context whether it's being used to mean the irrational number, or as a function, "normal" as an adjective so overloaded that you can't really tell at a glance.
>> No. 38548 [Edit]
File 162640221724.jpg - (199.81KB , 850x1130 , __clover_theater_drawn_by_observerz__sample-28c789.jpg )
I hate ragefags and I hate how common it is to tolerate them. The type of people who type in all caps and fly off the handle at the slightest of slight provocations. They actively look for more things to get pissed off about and give them an excuse to antagonize others. Not only do they never produce anything worthwhile themselves, they actively make things worse for others.

It takes just one of these cancerous lumps of bitterness and spite to ruin a place. And yet mods don't care 9/10 times. Mandating the most basic level of civilized behavior is seen as an over step on imageboards. It makes no sense. Websites that are about having fun have no interest in keeping people like that around.
>> No. 38553 [Edit]
File 162676654834.png - (1.90MB , 2048x1446 , 1626330697578.png )
Recently I've been playing an rpg. I don't play them often, but when I do, I spend entire days sucked in. Thinking about why I do this, I realized it's because these games and their stories are so much more interesting than my own life and real in general, I'd rather live in them to the point of ignoring my actual life.

The question is, how'd people ever even conceive of something so much more interesting than reality? Where did they get the ideas from? In any game dungeon, you can walk around and find all sorts of interesting things left by other people or just naturally there. Real life caves are pretty much nothing like this.

So how'd someone get the idea to make an interesting cave?
>> No. 38611 [Edit]
People who talk to themselves out loud. Especially around other people.

All three of my roommates do it. It has to be the single most obnoxious non-violent habit that a person could ever have. The people who do it have no reason to do so, and it's offensive and inconsiderate. I grew up with just one parent who didn't speak unless they were speaking to me, and so I naturally stay quiet. Hearing a voice makes me thinks something is happening and it raises my anxiety significantly any time it's happening.
>> No. 38612 [Edit]
I completely sympathize with you, anon. People are inconsiderate and disrespectful. I wish every single person in the modern western world could experience a week of what it's like to be a neurotic and noise etc sensitive person. They would suffer so much, but the world would be better off for it.
>> No. 38654 [Edit]
File 162979504974.jpg - (254.59KB , 700x840 , 354ece707f60c5b22fccff97c1ece0d1.jpg )
"Realistic" military combat is an awful premise for games and the culture that's formed around them is one of the most noxious hell pits of faggotry ever. In real life, "camping" is the go to strategy, but people endlessly bitch about it being done in video games among other "unfair" tactics(offensively sniping). You never see chess players complain about forking.

It's almost like real life combat is boring as hell + luck-based and video game designers should be blamed instead of players for easy exploitation.

The whole aesthetic is ugly as hell too. People waste hundreds of dollars to feel like they're in the middle of a dirty, decrepit shit hole. It doesn't make sense.

Post edited on 24th Aug 2021, 1:56am
>> No. 38655 [Edit]
I agree, and I think I saw a lot of the same sentiment when Day Z was at the height of it's popularity. The general consensus seemed to be that no one cared about the boring and lame arma until that mod came along, and that it was the only reason most people even bought the game.

I think people are drawn to those types of games because it's a sort of Disneyland grade facade. See, these parks have various themed areas and rides to match, they let people feel like they're in the middle of a jungle or alien world while still being (mostly)safe and comfortable. I've noticed las vegas does the same thing. One of many examples is the location based on Venice, which of course focuses on the best and most romanticized parts, and even has gondoliers who aren't massive duchbags who treat you like cattle. One of my favorite spots to hit while there is a facade that mimics the streets of newyork, but without all the hobos and taxies and constant fear of being mugged.
The point being, these people can pretend to be soldiers, get a taste of that feeling, without having to do any of the hard work or step out of their comfort zone.

Very related:
>> No. 38660 [Edit]
In real combat most of the time you wouldnt be able to see who you are shooting and the people shooting you wouldn't be able to see you. Its pretty lame.
>> No. 38755 [Edit]
File 163363252888.jpg - (1.38MB , 1900x1800 , a3eae0a2ce34be7d4abba0653f129775.jpg )
Too much sauce. I hate it when perfectly good food is drenched in and marred by these sickly sweet sauces that are so popular, meat is especially a victim of this. BBQ is one of the worst offenders, but American Chinese and a lot of Indian food are also guilty. More than half of the menu at an Indian place is pieces of meat swimming in a vat of sauce. I don't know if it's mainly a US thing or what, but it's revolting.

Post edited on 7th Oct 2021, 12:54pm
>> No. 38768 [Edit]
File 163378692842.jpg - (488.58KB , 687x1026 , flowers.jpg )
I think Monster Hunter fucking sucks. I played it a few months ago, and can't think of anything remarkable about that game. Why do people like that? There's no story or character development whatsoever, and the design fucking sucks. Seriously, the ambience is too generic grass river snow bullshit and the monster are as generic as it gets. They look like an AI generated average face amalgam of dinosaurs species. If the just did BIG versions of normal animals, and incorporate their behaviours, it would be much better. The combat is supposed to be some unforgiving exhilarating experience, but all I saw as a cooki-cutter approach to hunting.
Is there something I'm missing about this game? Maybe it's supposed to be a coop experience? Do the hunting quests get cool later on or is it all the same? Please, do tell.
>> No. 38769 [Edit]
File 163379835965.jpg - (427.83KB , 1280x800 , 1282261204557.jpg )
>Maybe it's supposed to be a coop experience?
I have a love/hate relation with monster hunter.
I like the character creation and the enormous equipment variety, that's among the things I appreciate the most in a game. But I don't play on-line and off-line Monster Hunter can be an slow and excruciating experience. It's basically a game about killing monsters to get materials to build better equipment to kill more monsters, and it's really slow to do it all by yourself.
>> No. 38770 [Edit]
File 163387337815.jpg - (483.65KB , 868x1044 , cute.jpg )
Do you like the monster design? Is there a reason for why you don't play online? Maybe we can play it together someday, no strings attached? I just want to see what it is like to have the coop experience before dismissing the game, so I was thinking we could play together if you don't mind.
>> No. 38771 [Edit]
>There's no story or character development whatsoever
That's a good thing. Games don't really have to be about that, and my complaint about a lot of games is that they have too much story.
>> No. 38772 [Edit]
Sorry, I just don't play on-line. Too autistic.
>> No. 38824 [Edit]
I'm sorry to hear that. Can you play with irl family or friends?
>> No. 38827 [Edit]
I have no friends and the only family I keep in touch are my quite old parents so no.
>> No. 38829 [Edit]
Monster hunter world seemed like it tried to address this by slapping on a story mode for single player. As someone who also doesn't like multiplayer, I think it helped.
>> No. 38836 [Edit]
I actually like realistic shooters. My problem with them is that they are generally multiplayer and lack progression. Operations flashpoint red river was single player and had progression and was a really good game but that is about it. Enlisted had potential even though it is multiplayer but they turned it far too arcade like and the progression is not great.
>> No. 38837 [Edit]
The combat is not hard but because monsters have so much health killing them is rewarding and also because of the progression system. I liked it, I never played with another person and I did not finish it though. Once you get past Nergigante it just becomes way too grindy and the reward is no longer worth it.
>> No. 38859 [Edit]
I was reading a book, liking it, but had to take a day off from reading after a really bad day of sleep. Now I'm having trouble to get back to read it again.
>> No. 38860 [Edit]
Email is so fucked up. Email services either sell your data, pay wall basic functionality, pay wall the whole thing, or are invite only. Or they do multiple/all of these things. I just want to send and receive messages that can be sent even if the recipient isn't online, without the messages being visible to anybody but me and the sender. That's all I want.

You know how this can be fixed? If the email service just deleted anything after like a week. Basically, a person would send the message, and the service would hold it for a week. One of two things will happen after. Either the recipient will log in, receive the email, and download the message to their own machine, where it can be stored offline. Or if they don't log in by then, the message is deleted without them receiving it. Problem solved.

Post edited on 1st Nov 2021, 8:19pm
>> No. 38867 [Edit]
You can't self host either or gmail and the other provider cartel will reject your stuff. Even if you get all the DKIM and other stuff set up.
>> No. 38868 [Edit]
File 163592931042.jpg - (1.94MB , 1920x1080 , 3bc370725ec729c80698fa5a57c475cfff0d42bd.jpg )
I haven't watched anime in a long time, I was a mangaonly for a while, but slowly stopped doing that aswell, although I have a sizeable backlog of manga that I need to get on, I just cant keep up with ongoings anymore because of how much of a pain translations for unpopular ongoings and even finished stuff are, I don't even know why people translate 1 or 2 chapters and then disappear.

I kind of miss it, but also don't for multiple, by the time I stopped watching seasonals I wasn't really enjoying it. I fell off of the seasonal horse pre-COVID so I don't know how dire things have gotten because of that, but I wonder if it was simply burnout. Maybe the lack of genres I was interested in combined with the proliferation of genres I disliked, maybe it was because of the demise of a lot of western piracy resources, with most venerable services going offline or underground. Maybe I fell for the constant fearmongering the western sphere enjoyed, maybe my love for old anime and its styles turned me into a bitter old curmudgeon about the modern stuff (even though I enjoyed both). I don't really know, but like games I played for years one day I just kind of stopped, but the more I think about it there are more reasons than I initially thought.

I'm not gonna whine about the western community because it doesn't and will never matter even though I resented a large portion of it, but as someone who went mangaonly for a while I actually think the anime community was better, the pockets I frequented anyway but it was way less self-aware and ironic meme-y. The anime fans I hung out with online took it serious and didn't like to be "smart-marks", for lack of a better term and think they were clever and cool for pointing out cliches and demanding the opposite just because. Also because of things like Horriblesubs (or whatever is used now) many more series got translated so perhaps unpopular anime attracted a different crowd than popular anime.

Maybe because using escapism like a lot of anime fans of my day did was unhealthy and perhaps in one of my self-improvement kicks I ditched the habit. I don't know. I am interested in getting back into it but it make me more wistful for things that no longer exist than I already am.

This isn't to say I am no longer into 2D though, I still listen to varieties of anison and other japanese music, play JRPGs and other japanese games, I am also still a voracious reader and player of hentai media, to the point where I have bought copies of some of my favorite artists' work so they make more. It probably wont, but I hope it makes doujin creators see westerners in a less pirate-happy light. I made sure not to upload it anywhere.
>> No. 38869 [Edit]
Maybe I'll finish my backlog before all of this is over.
>> No. 38870 [Edit]
I hate broscience tards. The only thing nofap gives you is early start on prostate issues.
>> No. 38871 [Edit]
I've been following at least 1-2 shows every season since 2011 or so (with an average of 4-6 most seasons, and about a dozen in peak seasons) and there's always something that's worth watching. In last decades we have tons of shows every season so I always find something worth watching, with some exceptions like last one (weakest I can remember in years). Thanks to being "forced" to watch at least a couple of shows I discovered great things I could have missed if I just watched critically acclaimed or popular works. Also it's recommended to drop anything that doesn't catch your attention in the first 1-2 episodes.

About the escapism thing, everytime I try to cut the escapism it almost kills me. Some hours ago I watched a video of a young lady (7x yo) who explained for an hour how getting into very niche videogames (NIS, Atelier, Neptunia, Fate) helped her to overcome a terrible depression in the worst moment of her life. She ended getting so much into it to the point her home is now indistinguishable of one of our nerd caves, figurines and posters everywhere and a massive collection of physical games.
That would be what you call escapism too, but I didn't feel like there was anything unhealthy about it, if something, it was beautiful. There was no shame, regreet or prejudice, just pure enjoyment and passion.
It just made me think a little, not trying to make a point here.
>> No. 38872 [Edit]
File 163594594196.png - (26.86KB , 256x224 , Majin_Tensei_2_(J)_109.png )
>I don't even know why people translate 1 or 2 chapters and then disappear.
Ha ha, I did that a few times. I usually don't get paid for doing unauthorized translations and in fact risk being sued by the rightsholders, so once the initial bout of passion for the content and the desire to show it to others subsides, and the translation work becomes more a drudgery than anything else, there's not much of a reason for me to keep going. So I stop, and instead do things with my time that are either more fun or earn me money.

Post edited on 3rd Nov 2021, 6:27am
>> No. 38873 [Edit]
File 163597862621.jpg - (1.70MB , 1050x1400 , 23fcaf13bab0d1d28bb9e39b58de37677c6f883f.jpg )
You know what, that's fair and actually a good reason, I am surprised to hear that manga rights holders are actually protective of their work with westerners whereas anime owners consider western piracy a lost cause. I totally get not enjoying it though, if it's gonna be tedious and unfun you might as well make money off of it.

Doesn't make following unpopular ongoings any less frustrating though.
>> No. 38874 [Edit]
>I hate broscience tards. The only thing nofap gives you is early start on prostate issues.
While I agree that the "nofap" cult blows things out of proportion, that prostate thing is a faulty conclusion from a shitty studdy that's only really used by people to justify their hedonism.

"nofap" conflates (at least) 3 facets: the effects of porn, the effects of repeated self-gratification, and effects from the loss of semen. I suspect most of what people claim as the "benefits" of nofap are from the first two, making better use of their time and increased awareness of themselves. (The latter is similar to how people switching to a vegetarian diet might feel better, not for the actual lack of meat but just because they're now watch what they eat).
>> No. 38875 [Edit]
File 163602639010.png - (646.80KB , 713x1806 , a8bddd1879b380464cf799f58e492d60ae235086.png )
I feel like the more I read real books, the less I understand things, or more distressingly, even know what to believe. Perhaps I'm just indecisive and wishy-washy and internalize whatever I am told, but so many people make compelling arguments and most things now boil down to what you want to believe. Even the warm blanket of empiricism has been torn away by the replication crisis. Maybe I'm just dumb.
>> No. 38876 [Edit]
It literally causes cancer.
>> No. 38878 [Edit]
Nobody actually knows what causes cancer so they just say a lot of different things cause cancer. Perhaps drinking chocolate milk gave you cancer. Maybe looking at that CRT gave you cancer. It's probably not not-masturbating that makes your body give itself cancer.
>> No. 38879 [Edit]
It's also dairy, meat and sitting down for long periods that give you cancer. I've never heard of this study he refers to but I have seen a few about other things and generally they just pick x that modern western countries do and that developing countries don't and because developing countries have lower rates of many cancers they say that it's x that causes that, a classic example of correlation not causation. I mean crucially there is the fact that many of these cancers are only found in older people and often the life expectancy in these developing countries is quite low and there healthcare is subpar, so they likely won't even live to the point where they would get such cancers and even if they did they may not be diagnosed for it where as in my country whenever you turn 50 you get a letter in the mail asking for a stool sample to test for bowel cancer, so if you have it they will find it. And there are many differences in western life that could cause cancer, people just tend to pick whatever they have an agenda against.
>> No. 38892 [Edit]
Websites with autoplay videos. what the fuck is wrong with you?! This isn't myspace. Fucking stop it!
>> No. 38981 [Edit]
This "thanksgiving" I'd like to post a rant against the fake positivity that everyone always seems to espouse this time of year. The kind of people who just assume that life is a gift and then use that to justify whatever trite platitudes they spout. It's almost as if they're brainwashing themselves with their false positivity to convince themselves that whatever life they're living is "deeper" than it really is: yet people invariable spend their time immersed in leisure activities to avoid confronting the bitter truths. And those who catch a glimpse past that veil – who refuse to partake in the feel-good rituals of society are deemed mentally unsound (read: depressed) and loaded with drugs until they "feel good" again.
>> No. 38997 [Edit]
File 163839034286.jpg - (261.13KB , 800x1122 , c9c4c806371fd65a05d59a2c008ce8c6.jpg )
Thanksgiving is actually about Turkey, gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce. Everything else is window dressing.
>> No. 39021 [Edit]
"Skim" or reduced fat milk is an abomination. There is no good reason to drink it. And they peddle this crap in schools; no wonder so many kids get diagnosed with adhd; their brains don't have enough fat to work with.
>> No. 39022 [Edit]
It's probably a byproduct of the stupid ideas in nutrition like "fats are dangerous for you" and such. I'm willing to bet the trend of ultra high pasteurization is going to be another one of these stupid ideas since you end up literally burning (i.e. denaturing) some of the proteins/amino acids in there, making the milk harder to digest. And speaking of abominations, why is "chocolate milk" still offered as an option in schools.

If you really wanted to fix America's health issues, just serving yogurt at every meal (the plain stuff, not the sugary crap) would make a huge difference. Helps promote a good microbiome in both the stomach and mouth, decent amount of protein and rich amino-acid profile, and I'm willing to bet that it will also help reduce the number of lactose intolerant people [1]

[1] It's my understanding that while lactose intolerance has a genetic component, under some conditions even people who are genetically deficient can nonetheless preserve ability to produce lactase from their time as a baby if exposed to it in childhood on a regular enough basis. There's also the possibility that gut flora may play a role here.

Post edited on 18th Dec 2021, 2:14pm
>> No. 39023 [Edit]
I drink 3% whole milk. At least it is what it says in the box. Wikipedia says whole is 3,25% to 5%, so I don't know if that counts, but it is what they sell around these parts and it says whole in the box. I heard straight out of the cow could go even higher maybe 8%. What percentage of fat do you have on your milk? Do you have difficulties to find or buy whole milk? Is the taste of milk with low fat different? Also, I'm very glad the local milk distributor decided to ditch the carton style they were using, it had this fucking thing you had to lift to open, the milk would always fly all over the table when doing that.

Post edited on 21st Dec 2021, 2:26pm
>> No. 39032 [Edit]
"Ironic" personalities. Just be genuine about something for once, good god. Its hard enough to work without everything every coworker says being laced with an undertone of irony.
>> No. 39033 [Edit]
Ask them about something they hate. They'll be genuine then.
>> No. 39034 [Edit]
People who release open source software and complain about people utilizing it. I always thought that one would release code because he thinks that others would find it useful, and that the development was fueled by either need or fun. It seems many developers just want their ego stroked, or are physical manifestations of pusillanimity.
>> No. 39036 [Edit]
If people don't want companies coming in and using the released source code, just release under a poisonous license like GPLv3, LGPL or even WTFPL (companies won't touch the latter don't due its legal ambiguity). Then if your library is popular enough to actually matter you can license it out. Independent users who are hacking on their own projects don't care about licenses anyway, so whatever restrictions are imposed by a license doesn't matter to them.
>> No. 39037 [Edit]
That's another thing. I don't know why anybody would care if a company uses his software. To me, that goes against what OSS is all about, and it reeks of petty envy.
>> No. 39039 [Edit]
>what OSS is all about, and it reeks of petty envy.
In some sense it goes directly against what oss is about. In the stallman-ist view, OSS is not just about having the source code to software. but about the end-user having control and freedom over his entire technology stack. The software being open-source is only a means to that end, but it in itself is not sufficient if open-source software is locked behind DRM'd hardware or software stack. See tivoization as an example. Or look at how many bootloader locked android phones are out there.

In addition, many companies don't even obey the wording (let alone the spirit) of open-source. There are many cases where vendors have not published their changes to gpl2 licensed open-source software that they ship on end-user devices.
>> No. 39040 [Edit]
That's fair if one subscribes to that view, and you and many do, but I believe that a true "free as in freedom" license is one that doesn't have stipulations besides, say, a no liability clause, e.g. 0BSD. The GPL and other copyleft licenses impose a restriction on freedom.
I think we can agree, however, that IP law should be burned at the stake.
>> No. 39041 [Edit]
Yes, I agree that it depends on what your viewpoint is. E.g. as you said, so called "copy left" licenses impose restrictions on the developer with the goal of promoting freedom of the end consumer.

If you want no-strings attached do whatever you want kind of open-source, there's 0BSD and MIT and derivatives, (and WTFP).

My personal viewpoint leans a bit more towards GPL-esque stuff. Since I like tinkering and hacking on things, I like when the source code is made available when redistributed, and moreover when a mechanism is available for me to make modifications myself to that released source and run it. A copyleft license benefits end-users, and poses no real roadblock to small-time developers who aren't monetizing a project.
>> No. 39042 [Edit]
>with the goal of promoting freedom of the end consumer.
Funnily enough, the end-user is the one that is given the most "freedom" while simultaneously being the one that least requires it. Decades ago, the end-user has a higher probability of making use of the protections conferred to him, but the situation nowadays is quite different.
>> No. 39060 [Edit]
>Funnily enough, the end-user is the one that is given the most "freedom" while simultaneously being the one that least requires it
Sure, today's average smartphone user is strictly a spoon-fed consumer rather than a tinkerer, but how much of that is because companies have conspired to prevent all modifications? Just 5 years back, Jailbreaking was still pretty popular and even those who didn't know how to program could benefit from the work of others. Now that Apple has closed off most of the exploits and left no option for people to inject their own code, even those who would make use of the opportunity if it existed are stifled. (Which goes back to the point of how xnu is a textbook example of technically OSS but not in spirit. Good luck running your own compiled kernel on your iPhone.)
>> No. 39061 [Edit]
File 164057198987.jpg - (716.57KB , 1280x1024 , 9f547ed5190018faecd55fbde5da7fb1.jpg )
I don't generally like people with interests tangential to mine. For instance, western fantasy nerds, video game nerds or cartoon nerds. People who are generalists, who like all sorts of things including anime, tend to be better, but the mostly exclusive ones annoy me.

Normalfags don't understand any of the language of these niche interests, they can be brushed off as totally ignorant, but these people are more familiar with it, and they're more likely to occupy the same online spaces.

They don't share my tastes and they probably don't share my values, but they occupy similar spaces, and know something about the things I like. Probably criticize or look down on it too.

They just annoy me I guess.
>> No. 39063 [Edit]
File 16405745404.png - (144.62KB , 588x884 , niggerlicense.png )
If all you want is to prevent western corporations from using your code, there's an easy way to do that
>> No. 39064 [Edit]
That's awesome.
>> No. 39065 [Edit]
Thanks for the hearty laugh. That screencap leaves out the punchline at the end of the faq though:
>> No. 39066 [Edit]
>but how much of that is because companies have conspired to prevent all modifications?
This is a question that I see posed often, and one into which I put little stock. Similar to cars, as technology becomes easier to use, people need to know less and less. (Emphasis on the "need.") Whether this is good is a different topic.

I prefer MIT+ロリ.
>> No. 39069 [Edit]
File 164060149635.jpg - (868.35KB , 1100x1070 , 1455335769464.jpg )
I think the strongest hate for anime I've seen have always been in anime related imageboards, or at least tangentially related.
I can imagine different causes, if you are into something else, even if just it's slightly different, you would like to feel superior, and even if you're into anime, there could be a component of self-hate, see this crazy post-modern thing of ironic anime watchers. Maybe it's just about feeling smarter, quite often I read something in the lines of "every anime/videogame/pop culture artifact it's shit compared to literature/art/high culture artifact you haven't even heard of" which I use to translate to "my brain is so big everything looks like shit to me and I can't enjoy a thing, be in awe of my presence".
Also the closest two persons are the worse can be the hate for each other, little differences can make for the most irredent antagonisms.
>> No. 39070 [Edit]
I don't have an issue with them but then I never really see them. Video game nerds maybe but then anime and video games overlap. I don't have a problem with western fantasy either, well in general, sure there are bad examples just like anything but I do occasionally read western fantasy and I don't often see people talking about it.

I don't really understand what you mean by language of these niche interests either.
>> No. 39077 [Edit]
I can't stand listening to a soundtrack where the producer thought it would be a great idea to include a character's quote before the song. I don't get tired of a song after dozens of times relistening to it but of a quote after the second time listening to it.
>> No. 39081 [Edit]
What about when the quote is incorporated into the song?
>> No. 39143 [Edit]
File 164244287037.jpg - (1.59MB , 2748x4096 , c24e82cbfd6194bffe977c798a4d38a1.jpg )
In my opinion, good ux means the simpler the feature, the more accessible it should be. Programs with many features tend to fuck this up. When doing simple tasks requires as much research and steps as doing a complex one, that's bad ui imo.

mkisofs compared to xorriso is one slight example. If all you want to do, is take files and shove them into a new iso, mkisofs is more straight forward. (looking at the documentation now, it's not that different, but when I actually had to do that task, xorriso confused me).

Photoshop is a very clear example. If you want to "select" part of an image, and move it to another part, one of the most basic ways a person can manipulate an image, you have to select it, cut in into a new layer, change into the move tool, move it, then merge the layer with the one it was cut from.

In paint, you select part of the image, then drag and drop.

You could argue this fracturing of the simplest functionality is an inevitable consequence of having many features which provide the user with granular control. Or you could say this is a non-issue since programs with complex features need not cater to people with only simple use-cases. Maybe that's right, but I don't think having it both ways is impossible.

So a user can immediately do simple tasks, then later study up if and when they have a more complex task, rather than having to switch the software they use and relearn how to do the most simple things in a more complicated way.
>> No. 39158 [Edit]
I mostly agree but the photoshop vs paint comparison is invalid since the former is explicitly meant to be a layered editor whereas the latter is not. You dont't even have to use photoshop as the basis for comparison since the same would hold even for something like

But yes programs (especially command line programs) should have sensible defaults such that the most basic/common action is the one you get by default.
>> No. 39160 [Edit]
A lot of people don't use photoshop because they want "layered editing". They use it to edit pictures, same as paint. Some people use photoshop on occasion because it has specific features paint doesn't. That includes me.
>> No. 39162 [Edit]
Huh? Layered editing is half the reason why people use photoshop in the first place. Look at any video of people using photoshops to perform edits and you'll see layers being used heavily.

The parallel being drawn between photoshop and paint is flawed. You have to segment it by intended target audience:

For light weight editing (simple cropping, drawing annotations, etc.) the comparison should be between paint and something like (Sadly here I have to say that nothing beats paint. On linux and osx I have found absolutely nothing comparable, so there's a clear gap for this in the marketplace). For this, your point would be valid – I don't believe offers a "no layers" option, etc. In fact as I mentioned there's no real "basic image editor" available at all that beats paint.

For a purpose of digital image creation, the comparison should be between Krita and photoshop (I recall Krita was actually designed for artists drawing using wacom, whereas photoshop is just a mixed bag of everything). Here layers are crucial to the experience.

Somewhere in there you can throw Gimp which is basically the worst parts of the linux desktop experience combined with the feature bloat of photoshop. I still don't know if they added a draw circle feature...
>> No. 39163 [Edit]
Yeah, is also layered based. Besides the name it's got nothing in common with paint. I'm biased since paint and photoshop are both things I actually use and often in tandem with each other.

Post edited on 23rd Jan 2022, 8:41am
>> No. 39164 [Edit]
NO no NO, I disagree. Pain is not paintnet is not gimp. Paint is quick drawing fun, not big editing. Paint net is great editing with chromakey and magic stamp annd great. Gimp has channel of rgb very great, can change channel, also had the thing steganofgpry hide image once on the past people used it fo hide images, very great, is movre complex editing.
>> No. 39169 [Edit]
The gofags screeching about generics and their perceived detrimental effects. They're probably the minority of users, but they are loud and righteous.
>> No. 39170 [Edit]
Lucky for you anon, go now has generics! Now you won't need to see any more "generics considered harmful" articles anymore
>> No. 39171 [Edit]
You misunderstand, my fine anon. They're still scaremongering about generics and the eventual creep into codebases of their projects and open source ones. I too thought that when the proposal was finally implemented and shipped, this would go away, but I was wrong.
>> No. 39200 [Edit]
I confess. I go into political threads on small imageboards and flame, posting fascist propaganda when liberals are talking and liberal propaganda when fascists are talking, posting whatever when centrists are trying to be centrists. It's not that I'm politically agnostic or neutral, I'm constantly thrashing between the competing ideologies being promoted on imageboards, unable to fit into any of them. Every time I get deeper into any of these philosophies I only get reminded how much every political option and every crowd out there hates people like me. So I end up knowing all the arguments and talking points but feeling alienated from all, I choose to fan the flames trying to push the level of discussion into the gutter and get them to drown themselves in their own noise. Even though I will never become any wiser and will forever be allowing all the different rhetorics to again fool me and again take turns pulling me in random directions, I will always come back to the realization that their politics have no place for someone like me. So I just want all of them to be mad and miserable.
>> No. 39201 [Edit]
File 164358538288.png - (190.35KB , 1000x543 , lisp.png )
come home, White man.
>> No. 39203 [Edit]
>I only get reminded how much every political option and every crowd out there hates people like me.

Why do you think that? What about you do they hate?(aside from inciting political arguments).
>> No. 39204 [Edit]
One day, anon, one day.
>> No. 39221 [Edit]
Not the guy you're responding to but he's probably referring to hikikomori. Neither political camp likes those and both love to vilify them whenever possible.
>> No. 39245 [Edit]
File 164512594781.png - (809.77KB , 1000x1187 , 45fc6f482917e9353a9a85ecff8f4267.png )
Why are "smart" phones so stupid? Why is it not a standard, built-in feature to automatically block any calls from numbers not on your contact list?

That would be so simple and basic to implement. Painfully basic. So why in the ever loving fuck is that not a built in feature? How retarded are the people who write phone software?

These phones are not "smart" just because they have higher specs, a touch screen, and app support.
>> No. 39246 [Edit]
I haven't seen nor felt any snow this winter, taking a walk when snow is everywhere would usually grant me half a dozen of good memories per year. Warm, bright blue and bright grey weather is so boring it seems to me the fitting example for the definition of congestion or suppression.
>> No. 39247 [Edit]
You used to be able to do it quite easily if you rooted your phone. But overall it's a ploy to kill off open standards and move everyone into closed ecosystems. I can't wait for year of the linux smartphone (pinephone et al.) but considering that we've just now arrived at "year of the linux desktop" and have got another decade to go before "year of the linux laptop" I'm not holding my breath.
>> No. 39248 [Edit]
File 164513753979.jpg - (866.57KB , 1377x936 , 00a6974de3080304109e52a39c6116fb.jpg )
How is desktop usage substantially different from laptop usage(besides gaming I guess)?
>> No. 39249 [Edit]
On laptop having good power-management, hibernate support, trackpad support, and hidpi supoprt is much more cruciai. Windows only recently became "usable" on laptops thanks to their "precision touchpad" efforts, and while hibernate, power-managent, and hidpi isn't steller it's good enough for most people. OSX sets the gold stnadard here but that's only possible because of full vertical control over the entire stack so I don't expect linux to come close.

Where linux can make an effort is to support basic things like multitouch gestures, but that's far from a priority and even it were implemented in the lower-levels you'd need to get all the gui toolkits to support it as well.
>> No. 39250 [Edit]
Aah. I guess that makes sense. I don't happen to prioritize any of those. I bring my laptop charger with me, hardly ever put it to sleep, and I use a mouse, a tiny one.

I didn't know it was "the year of the linux desktop" either. Has user share spiked or something?

Post edited on 17th Feb 2022, 4:04pm
>> No. 39251 [Edit]
>I didn't know it was "the year of the linux desktop" either. Has user share spiked or something?
Meant that more as tongue-in-cheek since every year seems to be proclaimed year of the linux desktop. But pragmatically things are much better than a decade ago, and with most applications now being web or Electron based combined with Steam's Proton efforts the application parity is not as big an issue.

Also in case anyone gets nitpicky I guess thanks to Android we actually had "year of the linux smartphone" _before_ "year of the linux desktop." Maybe I should have said gnu/linux like Stallman wanted...
>> No. 39253 [Edit]
I'm convinced there's a lighting conspiracy. And no this isn't the incandescent bulb cartel, this is something far more sinister. Hear me out.

For a long time we had incandescents, and in terms of light quality this was perfection. A perfect black body spectrum, smooth with no peaks, with a shift towards the red spectrum to avoid disrupting circadian rhythms. Not only was the CRI perfect by definition, but these bulbs also had exhibited minimal stroboscopic effect (< 10% flicker frequency) owing to the thermal inertia of the filament. Their only downside was waste energy as heat, but considering that most people spend money to heat their homes anyway this really isn't a big deal.

Then we had fluorescent bulbs. At their inception these were horrendous. Go look at the spectrum of a fluorescent bulb and tell me you think that's sane. Spikey as fuck, resulting in shit color rendering, a large blue peak that throws not only circadian rhythms off but likely wreaks havoc with the visual system as well (remember that we evolved to see well under daylight and fire, both of which have a smooth continuous spectrum). And not only were early fluorescents garbage in their spectrum, but magnetic ballasts exhibited a severe stroboscopic effect at 120Hz flicker. The neurologic effects of this cannot be understated – not only does this act as a trigger for migraines/headaches, but having your entire environment strobe has side-effects on brain patterns; whether this has any negative effects is not certain, but the influence exists, and is something that is not well known.

And don't let people tell you that you can't perceive flicker past 60Hz. This is absolutely not true, when you take into account things like visual saccades you end up needing to go up to the high KHz range before you're safely at the point where the body's sampling rate is below the flicker frequency.

Electronic ballasts solved the flicker problem by bumping up the rate to that KHz, bringing the flicker index roughly on par with incandescents. But still the spectrum problem remained.

And then we get to LEDs. Holy fuck I hate these things so much. In principle LEDs are strictly better than CFLs: their spectrum is smoother, and they're driven by DC voltage so they shouldn't flicker right?

Wrong. If you have a smartphone that can do slow motion (960fps if possible), go film your LED bulb. I'd be willing to bet money that your bulb flickers like crazy. Doesn't matter if it's from a "reputable" brand like Cree or a fly by night Chinese import, the drivers in these bulbs are universally garbage, with resulting flicker frequency of 30% or higher.

And let's talk about the spectrum: most bulbs still make use of a blue phosphor, leading to a large spike in that part of the spectrum. You might write this off as a fundamental physics limitation, but you're wrong. The issue was solved 5 years ago. Seoul Semiconductor + Toshiba introduced a led+phosphor design that gives you basically a perfect spectrum that mimics incandescent. This isn't prototype technology, you can actually go buy those components right now. But after 5 years no one has bothered making a decent bulb, with a decent driver.

Well almost no one. Apparently there's some guy in the ex-soviet union who posts on a flashlight forum (who knew there was a forum dedicated to flashlights!?) who assembles bulbs in his garage and sells them via the sketchiest looking site.

To reiterate the absurdness of the situation, with all the regulations and push for these stupid "energy-efficient" bulbs that are utter dogshit compared to a humble incandescent at the only thing that matters, quality of light output, the only decent bulb you can get is by a russian guy (who's now been imprisoned for unrelated things?) building these in his garage. And the entire push to outright ban incandescents is why I believe there's a conspiracy: not only do they not want you to have access to these for some reason, but it's like everyone has buried their heads in the sand when it comes to the issue of spectrum and flicker.
>> No. 39255 [Edit]
I always disliked fluorescents. I perceived them as "too white".

Could it not be practical due to material cost or availability? Even if making them in small batches is possible even for a hobbyist, maybe it's not practical in bulk.

Post edited on 23rd Feb 2022, 5:57am
>> No. 39272 [Edit]
File 164598403461.jpg - (631.81KB , 1547x1000 , minami no mamori.jpg )
>only downside was waste energy as heat, but considering that most people spend money to heat their homes anyway this really isn't a big deal.
I disagree, this is only true for cold countries, in warm countries this is actually a problem.
>And don't let people tell you that you can't perceive flicker past 60Hz. This is absolutely not true, when you take into account things like visual saccades you end up needing to go up to the high KHz range before you're safely at the point where the body's sampling rate is below the flicker frequency.
I must admit I don't understand shit about lightbulb physics, but I think you may be wrong here. I remember many years ago in college, during a VHDL class, the class did this experiment where we put a LED in a breadboard and controlled the Hz. Basically most people couldn't perceive flicker past 40's. After 50 Hz is almost impossible to perceive any flicker.
>> No. 39273 [Edit]
I think anon meant while you wouldn't be able to consciously perceive the flicker, your body would respond to it.
>> No. 39274 [Edit]
I've been swearing by LED lighting for the last decade or so. I don't like the yellowish color of 'normal' bulbs and think the "daylight" white bulbs give off a brighter cleaner look.
Meanwhile, I find LED strips easier to set up in a way that distributes lighting more evenly, and looks nice when lined behind or under furniture.

That said, the first time I started using white bulbs (which was because I got into photography) it felt oddly cold, sterile, and anything but inviting. Almost like part of me felt something was wrong in that room. Eventually I got used to it. The issue wasn't as striking when replacing all the other bulbs in the house too.
I'm not sure, but I think after a decade of this they may have damaged my vison. Real daylight hurts my eyes, and lately I've been having a lot of 'floaters'. It could be entirely unrelated however. Possibly due to staying indoors too much in general, and for much of my life swearing by sunglasses (so people won't notice I'm not making eye contact).
>>39272 Every now and then I actually do notice a flicker. I think it's like one of those trick photos where for the most part you don't notice it if you're not paying attention or looking for it, but your mind kind of has to adjust to see it, and once it does you can't unsee it. I've noticed it without trying to however, often when in a room with bright LED bulbs for a while, I then start to notice a very subtle strobe like affect. I think it's my imagination, but then realization slowly dawns on me that it's the bulbs. Maybe it's because they're cheapos, I dunno, but I can definitely see it.
>> No. 39275 [Edit]
>started using white bulbs (which was because I got into photography) it felt oddly cold, sterile, and anything but inviting. Almost like part of me felt something was wrong in that room.
I know this feeling. My city used to abide by the yellow lights on every lamppost, but some years ago a few lampposts got the white light treatment. The feeling was horrendous, to this day I still prefer the yellow ones, luckily my neighborhood still has the yellow lights. But a new supermarket just opened nearby, in a dark not very illuminated part of town, and it has some of the whitest lights I've ever seen. The sheer contrast of the whiteness with the dark night around produces a unsettling feeling every time I see the supermarket. I actually feel sorry for whoever has to work there, that level of whiteness is just abnormal, like some kind of camera filter used in a horror movie.
>> No. 39280 [Edit]
Are you referring to color temperature (there are 2700k CFLs available which should be be similar to incandescents purely in terms of net color temperature.) However as noted this spectrum is not smooth but instead composed of dintinct r/g/b spikes. Between the 120hz flickering of led and spiky spectrum of CFL though, in terms of health I'd probably take the CFL since even thouogh the blue peak may not be optimal for evening/night-time lighting (and you wouldn't want to use CFL in an art museum), I can't think of any mechanism at the moment by which non-broad spectrum lighting would be _harmful_ (esp. since we only really have tristimuuls receptors). Perhaps there might be an argument to be made about how a spiky spectrum could alter perceived luminosity (since I believe sensitivity to each of the 3 primary stimulus is not uniform).

>Could it not be practical due to material cost or availability?
It's possible, I think a more realistic reason might be effeciency. From what I can tell, even though TRI-I based phosphor is strictly more efficient than CFL, it's not as effecient as other LEDs. And hence since the market cares only about price and energy efficiency, and TRI-I fails on both, it's not sold here.

Correct, just because you cannot consciously perceive the flicker does not mean it has no effect. Look at [1, 2] for animal studies on this. Quoting some snippets from [1]

>Although the flicker from most fluorescent sources [n.b., they're referring to magnetic ballasts which result in 120Hz flicker, same as most LEDs] cannot be resolved perceptually, ther eis evidence that the sensory system detects the oscillations. Schneider found that evoked potentials in the rabbit's visual cortex pulse in synchrony with flahses of light presented at a frequency greater than the critical fusion frequency. In the cat, phase-locked responses to the oscillations of fluorescent light were found in the retina and the lateral geniculate nucleus. Eysel and Burandt found a two-fold increase in the mean firing rate for fluorscent light in comparison to incandescent light and nautral daylight, and found phase-locked neural responses to a fluorescent light stimulus at frequencies above the perceptual CFF.

>In humans, evoked potentials and electroretinogram responses above the levels of perceptual CFF have been detected in response to luminous modulation. Berman et al. found that rhythmic potentials in the human ERG can be elicited by fluorescent lighting at frequencies as high as 147 Hz.

>Rey and Rey found that working under a low-frequency 50Hz fluorescent lght caused a larger drop in perceptual CFF and a larger increase inreactino time than working under high-frequency fluorescent light. THey inferred from these findings that low-frequency flicker causes more visual fatigue.

Given this body of evidence I think it's not too far-fetched to concluded that 120Hz _does_ have an impact on the body. There aren't any studies showing what exactly the long-term impact is (if there is any), but why would you want to subject yourself to this (especially given that there's a vested interested in the lighting industry to not topple their empire).


You can have CFLs at 5000k/6500k, or LEDs at 1900k, so the issue of color temperature is mostly orthogonal here (well I guess with black-body radiators like halogen/incandescent you're stuck at 2700k/3000k though).

>I find LED strips easier to set up
One advantage of LED strips is that you can bring your own driver and don't have space constraints so theoretically you can avoid the issue of flicker here. But I don't know if the situation here is better than bulbs.

>think the "daylight" white bulbs give off a brighter cleaner look.
5000k work well during the day. Hence why almost all offices use them, and it mixes well with sunlight. But it's not a good idea at night because it wreaks havoc with circadian rhythms (or so the studies show, but it holds true in my experience at least).

>Real daylight hurts my eyes, and lately I've been having a lot of 'floaters'
It's possible. Real daylight has IR, UV, and full-spectrum range which current LEDs do not replicate (in principle there is no reason why they could not, but again no one wants to put in effort to develop the technology). Chronic lack of exposure to these bands may influence eye development in some manner. Even if not the specific wavelengths, sheer amount of light is an important factor. Unless you go crazy overboard on your indoor lighting you will not be able to match the brightness of the outdoors, and this by itself might be an important factor in eye hormesis.

>Maybe it's because they're cheapos, I dunno, but I can definitely see it.
Yes that is exaclty the effect I am talking about. You notice it out of the corner of your eye because of eye saccades. Go film your bulbs in 960fps slow motion (some smartphones can do this, which is very handy. Although newer smartphones might also compensate for the flicker?). [240fps technically also works but it's not optimal since you're on the nyquist border and so you won't get a sense of the amplitude of flickering].

The old yellow ones were sodium lamps. As you mentioned the sodium lamps are perfect for night-time walkers and drivers because if you look at the sodium emission spectrum it's mostly in the mid (yellow/orange) part, with no blue. This not only makes it not-jarring to the eye at night, but was coincidentally also good for astronomers since it's easy to filter out with bandstop filter.
>> No. 39282 [Edit]
>Are you referring to color temperature
Yes. Most of what you've talked about it health related, but aesthetics are probably more important to me. I see there's something called "warm white" which describes the color range I prefer.
>> No. 39285 [Edit]
Franchises end up pumping out so much content so frequently, I don't even have time to digest it all.
Everything demands your attention solely because it's new and then afterwards you're expected to just discard it in favor of New Addition to Franchise.
Maybe I'm just getting old, but it's making me feel quite burnt out. I don't know how much I can keep up with shit anymore. It's making me reconsider even keeping hobbies like anime, manga, games, etc.
I know I can always stick to the old but even then something old can come back and the problem starts. Or if I want to talk about other series in different spaces besides Tohno, I'll be left behind because everyones talking about New Thing.
I hate it...
>> No. 39286 [Edit]
>you're expected to just discard it
What do you mean discard it? Sounds like the problem is more social than anything else.
>> No. 39287 [Edit]
Solution: don't bother talking to anyone else besides anons on TC.
>> No. 39289 [Edit]
What Franchise? It really depends but most good ones don't seem to. Fate does but it's garbage.
>> No. 39291 [Edit]
There hasn't been a new "Fate/Stay Night" since 2005.
>> No. 39292 [Edit]
I know what you mean and have felt that way a lot lately, but I also feel like that's more of a problem with western media than eastern stuff. They don't remake stuff as much, or bleed things dry nearly as much. Few anime make it past 3 seasons. You can thank Japanese superstitions about the number 4 for that.
They do it a bit more with games that have more regular releases in a franchise, but rarely would anyone think you weird for playing an older entry in a game series. I suppose manga is a lot more like this, where the expectation on both consumer and creator seem to be to just consume more and more, particularly as it gets released.

Western media seems terrible with this. Movies in franchises are more like episodes than stand alone movies. The latest entry in a franchise gets hyped to hell and back up till release, then when it comes out it's what everyone talks about for a week before moving on to hype up the next big thing. It was amusing when the mcu did it, but it's horrible seeing everyone else do it too. It's like these movies are just junkfood or snacks now.
Then there's videogames. While no one would bat an eye at you for playing classic Japanese games, you might be considered strange for playing western games from a previous console generation, unless it's a remake or remaster, then it's okay, but as with movies only for a little while after release, a few months at best. Online multiplayer games seem to enforce this even harder, were everyone expects you to play the newest release and only that one. If you're trying to play the second to last CoD it's like "wtf is wrong with you?!" Then there's those horrible sport games that attach numbers at the end of release for the year. They're little more than roster updates most of the time, and they become practically worthless once they're a few years old. Some game shops won't even accept them, or if they do they'll give you pennies for the things. TV isn't much different. People only care about what's new and recent, anything old is as good as trash.
>> No. 39293 [Edit]
>Online multiplayer games seem to enforce this even harder
Not unexpected considering those are inherently social. Single player, pc games don't have this problem, like Fallout 1 and 2.
>> No. 39294 [Edit]
>Fallout 1
I tried playing it a few years ago. The automatic entering of combat mode everytime anything came "close" to me, even if the fucking rat was the other side of a wall and it would take an immense detour through a multitude of tunnels just to get to the motherfucker left me raging. Also getting rejected by the girls because I played as a girl.
>> No. 39295 [Edit]
Pretty much everything, the only ones that have a slow turnout of content is Touhou or any other indie/dojin series.
Though I'll say the only reason I posted that was because Pokemon's coming out with another game despite releasing two full games back to back recently. Boiling pot Gamefreak kusoge yadda yadda.
I definitely feel like it's more of western influence with eastern media. They want western money, so of course they'll copy how their release schedules. Though back then many projects didn't even have the budgets to continue expanding, so it's not exactly fair to say that.
Whatever the case is I hate binge culture.
>> No. 39296 [Edit]
File 164606890646.jpg - (366.46KB , 640x610 , b3a1c6d27fa91568cedb914657238eb6.jpg )
Pokemon is a cash-cow husk. Nobody would blame you for ignoring it.
>> No. 39297 [Edit]
Gen 1 - 5 was good. Gen 6 - now is shit. Leaf best female protagonist.

On another note, Eldenring is out since a few days and it looks just like Dark Souls. So damn tired of seeing them "remaking" it again and again. I love Demon Souls and Dark Souls 1, but afterwards it went downhill. Sekiro and Bloodborne were unique enough in my opinion, the Dark Souls influences there don't give it a look and feel like it's simply Dark Souls all over again.
>> No. 39298 [Edit]
I've been playing Pokemon since Yellow and I loved those games for about 10 years straight, then began disliking them a lot for about 6 or 7 years and it's been almost a decade I really enjoy playing it again. You just have to keep playing them with the right mind and ready to take its charm for what it is for over 20 years, it ends up going full circle I tell you. Also if you have the opportunity of seeing children having fun with the cards in gameshops, it really helps you remember the magic of the franchise and why you cared in the first place. Also you can't be too bitter of a person I think, those are doomed to dislike everything in the end.
>> No. 39299 [Edit]
Looking back on it, gen 5 was good(and I love Hilda), but at the time I remember disliking it. At that point, I had only played gen 4 and 3(in that order).

Gen 5 felt less naturalistic and "fantasy-like", probably because it was based on NYC.

It had nice polish and stuff, but the aesthetics were a divergence for sure. I hear the story is the best pokemon has ever had, but I wasn't paying too close attention at the time.

Pokemon was also never intended for adults. There's a reason there's no difficult settings and pretty much any battle can be won if you have enough potions.

Post edited on 28th Feb 2022, 10:17am
>> No. 39300 [Edit]
More or less the same for me. I started playing them as a kid with Gen 1, red. From there on I loved them until Gen 5, there I had an edgy phase and didn't like it anymore. Later I started to play them again, but continued to dislike them because of how lackluster they are. Then I went back to replay the old ones and still loved them and even realized how good Gen 5 is. I still care about Pokemon and play games from Gen 1 - 5 now and then, but I just can't like Gen 6 onward. They are lacking (after game)content, get shorter and shorter, mons are getting kicked out of the game, the models and animations suck, it just goes on and on.
Hilda is really great too. Would like her even more than Leaf if she had a different hair style. Gen 5 was harsh with only having the new mons around, the older ones only joining in B&W 2. Couldn't agree more on NYC, the first huge city in the game that made it lose quite a bit of charm. Luckily there are more than enough places to compensate for that place. Can confirm that the story is the best the main series ever had, this is one of the many points I dislike. They just got worse and worse after proofing they can improve and improve before. The franchise prints money, they don't even have to put in effort anymore and it stills sells like it were chocolate or something. They know that and act like it. B&W 2 had a difficulty setting after you have beaten the game, you can start a new one and choose between easy, normal and hard. Once again one of the many points I dislike, the battles are boring. Make them harder and remove the feature that your mons hate you when they faint too much. Or at least make items not useable in battle for player and AI. They have so much potential and nothing is being done with it, frustrating and disappointing. The games are still aimed at children, yes, but the people who grew up with them are adults now. Instead of offering them something too, they keep producing for children. It works because there are new children of course and many who are adults now remember that stuff and buy it for them. Every Gen has even 2 games, they could make one for children and one for adults, but this if too much effort of course, why change when it still sells?
>> No. 39305 [Edit]
Well it's more than just Touhou, in fact I think it's the norm not to release much, Last Exile has not made an anime in 10 years or something like that.

I never have an issue keeping up with Pokemons. They don't actually releasee that much that often. It's probably a game every two years or so with remakes sprinkled in the gaps. It's just that they have been doing it for so long.

I hated Sun and Moon but I like Sword and Shield. I still look forward to the newest games.
>> No. 39306 [Edit]
Elden Ring is also Open world though, so it is quite a departure in that way. But I agree that other than that it looks the same, even the animations are the same. I have not played it yet but I will because of the open world part(I would not buy it otherwise). I was going to write about how I think they should do more to change the game with each release but then I am not a huge Souls fan so I am probably not the target audience anyway. Nioh is a different take on souls type games though, I think in many ways it's better as well.
>> No. 39307 [Edit]
File 164612579963.jpg - (51.23KB , 514x800 , 1295464677_77595952.jpg )
I feel like I've been completely left behind by the world. It doesn't bother me that much, but I'm strongly feeling that with most imageboards. It feels like there is less variety, something you can see if, for example, you were to look at an archive from 2000's. One fairly major thing I've noticed is, it seems like posters are almost reluctant to make threads. I wish some sites would have at least an occasional shitty thread with a small amount of replies. It would make things feel a little less stagnant.
Maybe most of the people posting on imageboards these days aren't as "enthusiastic". I'll just have to be the change I want to see.
>> No. 39308 [Edit]
File 164616019117.jpg - (369.53KB , 800x900 , 91731351afcc703d0cf0a3a621dc1850.jpg )
It's might not be fair, but I quite dislike "fake" or "forced" creativity. It's hard to put into words, but hipsters exemplify it the most. It seems to me like there are many people who are "creative" because they think it's cool, much more so than because they feel they have something of value to express.

There's nothing wrong with taking pride in making good things. Making ugly nonsense because it's "cool" is different. These people think anyone can be a creative regardless of their craftsmanship. Even people of this sort with skill, make lifeless, "edgy", "different" stuff, just for it's own sake. Pic related.

Like maybe they'll take something intrinsically ugly, and try to "spin" it into something more appealing, when really it'd be better off without that no matter what. Graffiti "culture" fits this to a tea. It's partly a political thing too.

Maybe this is completely in my head, but I get this feeling sometimes when I see somebody go on about their crappy art project and how totally not corporate they are.

Post edited on 1st Mar 2022, 10:44am
>> No. 39309 [Edit]
>I'm strongly feeling that with most imageboards. It feels like there is less variety, something you can see if, for example, you were to look at an archive from 2000's. One fairly major thing I've noticed is, it seems like posters are almost reluctant to make threads. I wish some sites would have at least an occasional shitty thread with a small amount of replies
Aren't "modern" imageboards (especially 4chan et al.) basically all "shitty threads with a small amount of replies?" I'd personally take few but high quality threads over garbage threads any day, because the internet is filled with the latter but lacks the former.
>> No. 39310 [Edit]
Most places I visit seem to have only a couple active threads that are broad in scope. There's nothing wrong with that, however I find more in depth conversation to be more entertaining. That said, those places tend to have only a handful of users.
>> No. 39311 [Edit]
I hate it too, it's also not creative at all. I would compare it to throwing different buckets of paint at different walls. Sure the results are all 'unique' in that they are different from each other or from proper art but one bucket of paint splashed on a wall looks a lot like another regardless of whether it is technically different or not and you are not putting any effort in.

Many artist these days just don't have any talent.
>> No. 39312 [Edit]
Another reason to hate LED lighting: even putting aside 120Hz flicker, the sharp voltage-luminance dependence of LEDs means that they end being extremely sensitive to transient electrical noise on the same circuit. Run a printer or something at the same time and the induced voltage fluctuations will cause your lights to slightly dim. I'd bet SMPS noise from power supplies might also induce flicker (although the switching frequency is at KHz range so this should not be a major issue).

In principle solvable by adding beefier capacitors, but this would hurt power factor, increase size of drivers (infeasible for A19 retrofits), and increase costs, so it's never done. Guess you need a dedicated circuit for all your lighting then...
>> No. 39314 [Edit]
Adding more detail here, since I wanted to make sure that last statement on power factor being affected by larger capacitance was indeed correct (it seemed intuitively correct since I think of power-factor as resulting from phase differences in voltage vs. current waveforms, which can be caused by non-resistive elements like capacitors and inductors; the larger the value, the more the skew. But looking at it more, poor power factor can also result from higher-harmonics induced by things like SMPS).

I found this article [1] which has the best overview I've seen of this topic. From the section in LED driver circuits (which is really applicable to any switched-mode power supply) you can see clearly that while a high-capacitance value (C1) before the chopper stage ensures stable output (which is then further stabilized by the C2 capacitance), it adversely affects power factor. This also accords with what seems to have played out in the market. If you look at analysis of older LEDs, e.g. on the now-defunct, many of the early ones (from name-brands at least) actually had pretty low flicker frequency (< 10%), which is because I suspect power was not really a concern at the time (they also had beefier heatsinks too). But then the combination of consumer/market forces pushing price downards combined with regulations on power factor meant that they skimped on that C1 capacitor to increase the power factor (*).

Also I think CFLs are actually better in terms of 120Hz flicker than I originally thought; I managed to find an old incandescent, and filming it side-by-side with a CFL at 960fps I'd say the CFL actually flickers _less_, possibly because the driver in model is better at minimizing the 120hz ripple, which combined with the persistence of phosphor ends up edging out the mere thermal-intertia of the incandescent's filament.

In terms of spectrum, I found this wonderful page [2] by the F.lux devs which has spectrums for a whole bunch of things. Playing with that, it seems the spectrum for 2700k CFL actually has a negliglbe amount of blue-peak, and the net melanopic impact (via M/P ratio) ends up being better than even incandescent. So it should actually be fine to use these at night-time. The fact that even incandescents have a higher M/P ratio than CFL and 2700k LEDs perhaps means that the blue-light peak might not actually be an issue in practice, since I don't think anyone has ever complained about incandescents disrupting sleep.

Another surprising thing is that even with the color temperature fixed, increasing CRI actually leads to a higher net melaopic impact (larger M/P ratio) due to the impact of addition to the blue-end of the spectrum far dominating the additions to the red end (compare CFL – 84 CRI – vs Cree 2700k – 95 CRI– for instance). It's surprisingly hard to actually find spectrum comparisons for 80 vs. 90 CRI LED bulbs (and amusingly the best resources here are in the marijuana growing communities). Take a look at [3, 4] and you'll see that (at least with the current set of available LED technologies), higher CRI ends up leading to a larger blue-peak to compensate the additions on the red-end, making the high CRI bulbs technically _worse off_ in terms of melanopic impact.

I suppose if you really wanted to get the "healthiest" lighting option for evening/night you'd want to use "candle" as the reference, which is heavily-loaded in the red and almost negligible in everything else (even more so than incandescent – look at the shape of the curve). The best way to do this might be to combine a 2700k CFL with a 1900k or less LED to boost the deep-reds (this will probably mix-out to around 2200k-ish? (I don't know if the temperatures average like that).

(*) It's not exactly clear to me what the "proper" solution is here, given the space constraints. I think for computer PSUs and such there's usually some sort of "active" power factor correction which seems to involve an additional chopper right before the rectification and DC->DC converion stages. And there seems to be "passive" power factor correction using a low-pass filter to reduce input haronics, but I'm not sure how that affects flicker (I'd suspect it would?). Not an EE guy though so please chime in if you know more here.

>> No. 39319 [Edit]
I hate pedantry, and generally those who interpret everything too literally. Some autistic people can't help but be these things. Regardless, they're insufferable and impossible to talk to.

Post edited on 7th Mar 2022, 11:08am
>> No. 39321 [Edit]
I sincerely fucking hate 4/vg/. They embody everything horrible about video game culture. Even /v/ isn't as bad as them.
>> No. 39322 [Edit]
Same, but then in some contexts that is necessary. Because often people might use a word which might seem like it is very similar to another but it actually has a completely different meaning in that context so can change what they are saying quite a lot.
>> No. 39323 [Edit]
I can't think of any examples of that. If the meanings are similar, it should be possible to infer what they mean.
>> No. 39324 [Edit]
I can't think of many examples of the top of my head but it happens often enough. Probably the most recent example of something like that would be the Ukrainian ambassador to Japan meme. I see it come up everywhere I go and whenever I say what's wrong with it people get confused with the difference between the Ukrainian ambassador to Japan and the Japanese Ambassador to Ukraine and don't seem to realise why the difference would be such a big deal.
>> No. 39325 [Edit]
File 164701653824.jpg - (1.39MB , 2480x3507 , 65d6d01da22c59117abe0c8d6a0d0afd.jpg )
I don't like lesbian porn artists. First of all, they're all profit driven. Second of all, they lure you in with attractive women, and insinuations of heterosexuality in the characters they draw. pic not related

But they never actually follow through on that. Never ever, because they're a lesbian. I once saw an artist I kind of liked doing this, but it was the same story. They did draw a man once, but it was of him being railed by another man of all things.

They even wrote a snarky post addressing people that complained, something like "if you want 'sexy art' then go somewhere else. This isn't the place for your 'sexy' art, of which there's plenty of out there already humph". Their wording was actually something like that. Needless to say, I did stop paying attention to them.

Lesbians in this space, their prime clientele is a group they have utter disdain for, but they still want their money. So they'll begrudgingly tease and hide their actually thoughts, plenty of heart symbols in their messages and shit too. Don't feed them. If a porn artist is a lesbian, DO NOT feed them, attention or money.

Post edited on 11th Mar 2022, 8:50am
>> No. 39326 [Edit]
That sounds like a westerner, they're all like that in one way or another.
>> No. 39327 [Edit]
I really don't have an issue with that and if anything I appreciate that they are sticking to their guns and not just pumping out smut to get the most money possible(which is ironic considering you claim they are all profit driven). That statement you posted is correct, there is loads of heterosexual porn on the internet, not every artists has to draw it. Not every artists even has to draw ero at all.

I don't understand why you would hate a group of artists for drawing what they want and following their passions instead of changing what they do to appeal to the biggest audience.
>> No. 39328 [Edit]
They aren't up front about it enough, and try to gain male followers through roundabout means. I thought I made this very clear in my first post.

Post edited on 11th Mar 2022, 5:27pm
>> No. 39329 [Edit]
>if you want 'sexy art' then go somewhere else. This isn't the place for your 'sexy' art, of which there's plenty of out there already humph
Sounds pretty up front to me.
>> No. 39330 [Edit]
Because they draw attractive women and sometimes have insinuations of heterosexuality whatever that means? That's not clear at all. Also you seem to feel like lesbian art is made solely for women and no men appreciate it, which is silly, I like lesbian art more than hetero art.
>> No. 39331 [Edit]
The fact that it's "lesbian" porn as opposed to yuri makes me think this is a western artist? Most artists on pixiv that focus on yuri are pretty upfront about their target audience being men who like looking at cute girls doing each other.
>> No. 39333 [Edit]
>makes me think this is a western artist?

>sometimes have insinuations of heterosexuality whatever that means?
It means exactly what it sounds like.

Post edited on 11th Mar 2022, 6:35pm
>> No. 39334 [Edit]
Found the image which caught my attention.

It's misleading, and it pissed me the fuck off. Just today, I saw someone running a similar racket. It's extremely annoying, I don't appreciate it, and I don't like these people. I don't care if it's irrational or not, it pisses me off.

Post edited on 11th Mar 2022, 6:59pm
>> No. 39335 [Edit]
>>western artist
There's the problem right there? Filter out all western artists and quality goes up immeasurably.
>> No. 39336 [Edit]
Looks like shitty art not even worth spending the time it took to open and close the tab on.
>> No. 39337 [Edit]
besides the point
>> No. 39338 [Edit]
... Your just being silly. Just because they drew a dumb tinder image or whatever that is meant to be does not mean they have to then make every image after that hetero porn or even that they mislead anybody if they do not. I don't even know how you could mislead in that context, it's not like the artist is saying 'look I drew this tinder image that 100% means next image is a hetero porn image because every image must 100% be connected and in a liner story and images are not allowed to stand alone'.

My issue with that image is that it seems like it's meant to be Tinder or something, I really hate that kind of thing.
>> No. 39339 [Edit]
How so? Getting angry about a piece of art like this is like getting angry at a puddle that got your socks wet.
>> No. 39340 [Edit]
>Getting angry about a piece of art like this is like getting angry at a puddle that got your socks wet.
More like getting angry at a storm that's not even in your state. Just add a filter for the artist/genre. There's countless other garbage on gelbooru et al. Better yet, use danbooru which effectively already high-pass filters the selection for you.
>> No. 39341 [Edit]
There's a seemingly endless stream and reservoir of high-quality erotic Japanese art. It's hard to fathom why anybody (except fellow goblins?) would want to drink from the swamp waters of Western artists. And if one does, then I don't know what the expectations were going in.
>> No. 39342 [Edit]
File 164705666073.jpg - (130.97KB , 1280x1800 , ad8eb05b7298026d7773631a10e34417.jpg )
I had expectations, and those expectations were not met. I got something completely different, and on top of that, I learned the artist has contempt for the kind of content I do like. It's very simple. I don't care it's silly. It's an automatic reaction.

This happened a few years ago, I'm bringing it up, cause something similar happened recently. And you know what? I don't like puddles either. I wouldn't still be talking about this, if people didn't feel the need to "correct" me for having the "wrong" reaction.

This is the letting off steam thread, not scrutinize what annoys people thread.

Post edited on 11th Mar 2022, 7:46pm
>> No. 39343 [Edit]
Better yet, quit using boorus and letting other people pick and choose what you're allowed to see.
>> No. 39344 [Edit]
>I wouldn't still be talking about this, if people didn't feel the need to "correct" me for having the "wrong" reaction.
You didn't have to respond.
>> No. 39345 [Edit]
Boorus have the edge on tagging though. Pixiv tags can be inconsistent. And pixiv's site is a bloated mess that causes the fans to spin up even when all its doing is displaying static content.
>> No. 39346 [Edit]
A small price to pay.
>> No. 39347 [Edit]
That and Pixiv just isn't the same after the migration. One has to build his own local aggregator.
>> No. 39348 [Edit]
>> No. 39355 [Edit]
It's annoying/bizarre that there's a site called "betaarchive" that claims to be some sort of sanctuary for abandonware with a pretense of archiving, but ends up requiring you to jump through hoops to actually retrieve anything they've archived. In principle the "contribute something in order to get access" might be fine, but in practice despite claiming to be some sort of software archive they don't accept the vast majority of things you'd expect and would actually be useful. Instead the "price" of entry (which is ironic because even donating doesn't get you access, so it isn't even about funding) is that you rip some obscure physical cd of software. It doesn't matter that you have a hard drive full of old software (that were originally distributed digital form anyway) from developers that have disappeared off the face of the earth, or drivers for an obscure peripheral. They may as well drop the pretense of being an "archive" and rebrand themselves as a a semi-private collectors club for windows beta versions.

Good thing the internet archive exists and actually does what they say.
>> No. 39356 [Edit]
Ah forgot to add that I also have a mixed view on private trackers. On one hand I recognize that the "privateness" helps to prevent a tragedy of the commons esque scenario, but on the other 99% of private trackers communities are insufferable, the mods enjoy power tripping over trivial things, and barriers to entry are often erected for no good reason other than exclusivity.

An ideal system would be set up in a way that helps preserves content (especially obscure content that is likely to disappear) over the long-term, but also in making that content available to whoever needs it. Private trackers are only semi-decent at the former (since obscure content is going to have far fewer seeds, if any, remaining) and fail at the latter.

In fact all file-sharded distributed solutions (like traditional p2p) will inevitably have the same issue where obscure/unpopular content is going to have fewer mirrors than popular ones. I've had more luck finding obscure things on shady filehosting sites than relying on torrents here.

I wonder if there's any equivalent of internet archive that ignores copyright entirely where people can upload content they want preserved and shared with the world? I could imagine a tiered system where popular things are maintained p2p-esque and thus freely downloaded, slightly less downloaded things are maintained on a centralized server (s3 or whoever is cheap these days), and even rarer things are pushed to archival services like amazon glacier. For the latter 2 you would only pay a small fee for the s3 egress charges.

Of course using s3 wouldn't work for pirated content, but I'm sure there might be other hosts more willing to do something like this (e.g. mega).
>> No. 39357 [Edit]
File 164717492436.png - (1.16MB , 1280x948 , mado picnic1.png )
It bothers me that of all the YN art I've seen over many years, this one is the only picture I actually like.
>> No. 39358 [Edit]
File 164718543924.png - (1.18MB , 1372x1049 , 1caeae4a3ff983fac43e88721d1c1e96.png )
>even rarer things are pushed to archival services like amazon glacier
Why would you want to use technology you have no control over and no idea how it works? Amazon could pull the plug any time they feel like.

>other hosts more willing to do something like this (e.g. mega).
Mega has its own problems. They'll readily take down content they deem obscene.

It's supply and demand. If you have money, you can make back ups of what you want, and you can host it yourself on a server. I do this myself with pc-98 files, and I didn't have to spend that much.

New forms of data storage are being made which will be more reliable and store even more. So do can do it yourself and not rely on others.
>> No. 39359 [Edit]
File 16472426669.jpg - (693.60KB , 850x1273 , size.jpg )
I feel frustrated that people don't share my mindset. I'm in an environment where nobody sees eye to eye with me. Other people just go along with things, or buy into them. I can't do that. I always criticize and reject things. I can't stand compromising, but I'm surrounded by people who are proud of the lengths they'll go to compromise, and their hypocritical complacency. It's maddening.

All the hippie shit. I hate it. I'm totally disillusioned with all the hippie shit. Fuck "the community". I'm not part of any community, nor do I want to be. I'm not a hippie. I'm never going to be a hippie. I don't believe in that mindset's ability to make good results. It produces shit people people pat themselves on the back for cause of HOW it was made.

Post edited on 14th Mar 2022, 12:25am
>> No. 39361 [Edit]
File 16473022428.png - (905.65KB , 1091x744 , tk02.png )
I've fallen into a horrible trap where whenever I find something that I'm interested in, I almost immediately look for a way to spoil it and ruin it for myself, like looking up what all the broken things are in a game so that it completely deflates the challenge and sense of discovery for me or scouring for the spoilers for an anime/manga. I do this almost obsessive-compulsively now and I don't understand why. It's one thing I don't want to have happen when trying to enjoy these thing and yet I'm forced to do it to myself. I think I've convinced myself that I'm OBLIGATED to expose myself to this information at the first opportunity or else I'm deliberately withholding information from myself and therefore being an anti-intellectual hugboxer.

I hate this so much. I hate it more than anything in the world. I just want this to go away and to be normal again.
>> No. 39362 [Edit]
Most communities like that aren't actually about preservation but collecting.
They'll flex and tell everyone what they have, but if you wanna see the goods you've got to partake in retarded social groups and drama.
In their eyes, if they shared the files the value of the content is diminished since everyone else and their mom would have it and not a handful of people.
This kind of mentality usually stems more so from people who already had the source of files, and they're the ones organizing such communities to begin with.
Most people are just happy having something saved for personal use.
You'd think they'd be satisfied with just being the "first" to have it digitally but people place value onto really meaningless shit sometimes.
>> No. 39365 [Edit]
They all left for shitter

Post edited on 15th Mar 2022, 7:49am
>> No. 39383 [Edit]
good riddance
>> No. 39387 [Edit]
It's really odd. This is the second time I submit a manga for MAL's database but whoever approves the entry changes my synopsis to something worse. This time way worse, it barely makes sense. Added Shima-san and look at the synopsis they went with; "At a certain late-night convenience store, an old man who was a little unreliable, but a little reliable, had a part-time job."
What? My synopsis wasn't Shakespeare but at least it was a lot better than this. Something like "The daily life of Shima-san, an old guy working late-night shifts at a convenience store." Why use MU shitty translation from some blurb somewhere that doesn't even make sense in English? Besides it's not even true, he's completely reliable, in fact he's the everyday hero of that store, it's just he can't use the computer very well but that was just for a gag in a single chapter that one solitary time. Ridiculous.
>> No. 39389 [Edit]
Calling him a "guy" is pretty bad wording.
>> No. 39390 [Edit]
I used man when I sent it, I just fixed MU's broken synopsis and removed the nonsense. Well, doesn't matter, they went with the broken, incorrect one anyways.
>> No. 39394 [Edit]
I'm annoyed by people completely deluded by the "civilized bubble". Anybody brings up the arbitrariness of modern, western moral standards, and they'll start giving you shit about how all of their values are actually completely "natural", logical, and based on cosmic realities or some shit.

Some people, seem to have a eugenics like belief that not only are they perfectly inline with modern morals, but they're the descendants of people who were too, and anybody who sees differently must be genetically inferior, because otherwise they wouldn't even think about the objectivity of predominate moral values.

I strongly believe, all humans have the same animalistic traits within themselves, no matter how contrary those traits are to current values. Nobody is exempt. Nobody is pure or clean, even if people who suck up starbucks lattes and post on twitter think they are.

Post edited on 24th Mar 2022, 12:44am
>> No. 39395 [Edit]
>and they'll start giving you shit about how all of their values are actually completely "natural", logical, and based on cosmic realities or some shit.

But isn't that what you yourself are doing right here?

>I strongly believe, all humans have the same animalistic traits within themselves, no matter how contrary those traits are to current values. Nobody is exempt. Nobody is pure or clean, even if people who suck up starbucks lattes and post on twitter think they are.

I guess it depends on what kind of morals really.
>> No. 39398 [Edit]
>isn't that what you yourself are doing right here?
I haven't mentioned even one of my own values. If you think my values are "act like an animal", you got my point wrong.
>> No. 39399 [Edit]
You need to take a break. Just clear your mind for a while.
>> No. 39402 [Edit]
I hate it when scanlators start translating some manga but stop 60+ chapter in. It's fucking infuriating. If you spent that time and energy translating it you should go all the way until the end. But then I suppose it may have something to do with the manga getting licensed in the anglosphere. Which causes the weird effect of many manga being fully translated in other less spoken languages but not in english. I managed to find this particular manga in another language I can also speak, but it's a little disappointing the fact that I can see some very subtle differences in the speeches as assigned to the characters, as sometimes the way the speak sound different from how it would in other language.
>> No. 39403 [Edit]
If you can speak the other language as well, why not pick up the mantle and continue the translation work?
>> No. 39404 [Edit]
A translation of a translation is bound to be pretty awful at representing the original I think.
>> No. 39408 [Edit]
I despise the chibi art of Chinese kusoge as featured in the likes of Girls Frontline and Azure Lane.
>> No. 39410 [Edit]
Translate it to english? But I think the reason the english scanlator group stopped is due the licensing of the manga, therefore if I were to try and finish this work wouldn't most sites remove my uploads due to legal issues?
>> No. 39414 [Edit]
Yes, to English but as >>39403 mentioned if you don't also know enough JP to cross-reference as a sanity-check then the quality may not be very good. But I think even if you don't know Japanese you can cross-reference against the "official" English translation, and armed with a halfway-mediocre machine translator you could create something better than the official transaltion. The issue is whether it's worth the effort. Not sure how big the audience is for the manga you're referencing, but it'll probably be mostly a labor of love rather than one motivated by finding an audience for your TL works.

>wouldn't most sites remove my uploads due to legal issues
Maybe, but when has legal issues ever stopped things? You can always upload to sites like mega (or p2p it) and drop a link somewhere it can be found by those who will look for it. That's what I've done for some ova rough-translations where I can't be bothered to upload to nyaa.
>> No. 39438 [Edit]
File 164943265167.jpg - (774.44KB , 1200x1200 , FPAEo1QagAITkiL.jpg )
Why do people willingly obsess over mainstream attention that once obscure media suddenly gets? I bring up Japanese Goblin as an example, that video apparently got really popular (seems to be a meme now) and I saw people in an IRC channel earlier getting frustrated over it as they've done with other things in touhou that've become trendy. Sure it's bothersome that it gains some mainstream attention, but I just move on with my day and shy away from dedicating my attention to that content and the trend followers that come from that. I don't exactly understand why some people waste so much energy fawning over it.

Don't misinterpret me, I'm not suggesting that these things deserve all the mainstream attention in the world (goodness no), but I feel like people really need to take a break off of social media, it comes off as an unhealthy obsession. I'm not on social media, though it seems like twitter, youtube and tiktok is where this stuff seems to stem out of? I don't want mainstream attention to ruin my favorite shows and music, but it also comes off like there's this idea of not being able to enjoy something because it's become popular?? I still enjoy touhou, and I still think Japanese Goblin is a cute song and listen to it now and then, mainstream attention shouldn't cause you to stop enjoying a series unless it has a full direct effect on the content, of which touhou is not going to change just because a few internet 13 year olds with fumo pfps exist. People should just enjoy what they enjoy and if mainstream attention is preventing them from enjoying said media, I think they should really re-establish their approach to these things.
>> No. 39439 [Edit]
Alienation and identity crisis.
>> No. 39440 [Edit]
I feel a lot of those who freak out over such things misunderand what mainstream even means. A meme going viral within a certain subcommunity doesn't really count as mainstream.
When your average person outside has known or heard of it, then it's in the mainstream consciousness. Fortnite is a good example.
As of now, things like Japanese Goblin, fumos, etc etc whatever other Touhou secondary stuff only gets popular amongst those terminally online ironic weaboo types. I don't forsee that ever changing.
>> No. 39452 [Edit]
More of a mild annoyance at worst. Websites with a photo of an unrealistically happy looking family on their front page. Seems like a crappy attempt at making the business seem more family friendly and inviting than it really is. They're not fooling anyone.
>> No. 39457 [Edit]
Don't forget the multiracial family that's needed these days.
>> No. 39458 [Edit]
Funnily enough, while I despise 3DPD, I prefer it to this:
>> No. 39475 [Edit]
File 165039906129.jpg - (274.93KB , 1920x1080 , brige.jpg )
I hate condescending relatives.
>> No. 39476 [Edit]
Who does? Honestly? Parents who condescend their child instead of being supportive in their endeavors need to be brought to children's services.
>> No. 39477 [Edit]
File 165046594836.jpg - (739.92KB , 1721x2725 , winter girl.jpg )
99% of the events that cause me to rage are directly related to insufferable relatives.
>> No.