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File 160978357784.jpg - (108.38KB , 879x1267 , b8db3932f68dcf996caceb589451ba63.jpg )
37253 No. 37253 [Edit]
What are some things that really bug you?
Things that genuinely piss you off?

I thought it would be nice to have a thread to vent about any little annoyance, no mater how big or small.
Any and all complains about the world around you are welcome here!
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>> No. 37254 [Edit]
File 160978466721.jpg - (180.73KB , 850x476 , sample_5b2099a8f7425b454893fe8473cf2d25.jpg )
I don't like junk food. Fast food, american candy bars, stuff from cans. Lately I've been noticing that these things lack vibrancy somehow. They taste "dead". There's lots of sugar and salt and oil, but it reminds me a reanimated corpse. Something like dried cherries are a lot nicer to me, but those products don't sell as well as those breakfast cereal abominations.

I like fresh ingredients and some raw things and I can't stand over-cooked meat. The acidity and mild sweetness of a raw tomato and berries can't be replicated by artificial flavors or if they're more processed. Yet lots of people are satisfied with and actually like dominoes and burger king, so do they not detect this difference? Can they not tell when food tastes more "alive"?

Post edited on 4th Jan 2021, 10:25am
>> No. 37256 [Edit]
Never been a big foodie personally. I know junk food is shit and unhealthy but since I don't tend to think much about food, I don't really care. I will say however that I'm genetically predisposed to drink mountain dew, given that my fathers family all also drink it in copious amounts.
>> No. 37258 [Edit]
I don't know what your diet is like, but if you don't care much about food in general, wouldn't eating healthy be just as easy and eating junk for you?

Some studies indicated eating Oreos got a greater pleasure response from rats than cocaine. The few times I ate one though as a kid, I got the sense that whatever I was eating was toxic just from the taste and immediately wanted to stop. I don't remember if I ever drank Mountain Dew before, but I have drank Gatorade and that also reminded me of poison.
>> No. 37261 [Edit]
It's astounding that most snacks in america are so sugary. Oreos are cloyingly sweet. And especially worrying that popular cereals are just means to funnel sugar (people eat cookies for breakfast?). It's hard to find things that aren't drenched with it (and you always have to be on the lookout for products that claim 0 sugar but then just use aspartame or some other substitute; it's still sweet!).
>> No. 37263 [Edit]
Does any of that even have real sugar? I'm sure it would taste far better if it did. Sugar "replacements" are so much worse than what they're supposed to save you from.
>> No. 37264 [Edit]
File 160981253888.jpg - (275.56KB , 800x1284 , a0869263ceb9123aa0b610f8414abb33.jpg )
They use corn syrup a lot because it's cheaper. It's possible to avoid it if you're willing to pay a bit more.

Post edited on 4th Jan 2021, 6:10pm
>> No. 37265 [Edit]
I think the majority of fast food is garbage but some of it is tolerable, we don't have burger king here but some fast food places do serve decent BBQ burgers, it must be the sauce it has more flavour so it can conceal more. I never had American sweets but our local chocolate tends to be quite bad, Swiss and Belgian chocolate are good though, some local chocolate can be good if it is a kind that has some other flavour with it like licorice coated chocolate but even then it's just alright.

Also it seems that many people are just too lazy to cook. It really surprises me but for example my sister and my brother cannot cook and do not cook, they pretty much have takeaway every night. I don't understand how people can be so lazy and waste so much money like that.
>> No. 37270 [Edit]
I'm not a fan of barbeque sauce. It's sweet and like you said masks the flavor of the meat. Sweet and savory isn't a combo I'm into. Maybe it's different in your country. Chocolate's not generally my thing either, but when I do eat it, I prefer it to be as dark as possible.
>> No. 37271 [Edit]
BBQ sauce isn't necessarily sweet; it's just that Kansas City-style (and similar ones like Memphis) is the most prevalent among the mainstream brands. The best sauces are the ones that permeate the meat and accentuate it with the sauces' spices. With that said, if you want a sweet BBQ sauce, cook down fruit to make it, and then pour it on some hearty rice. The result will be deliciously decadent, filling, and if done right, healthy enough.
>> No. 37272 [Edit]
"Junk" food tends to be cheaper in my experience with careful reading of price tags and calorie count, aside from actually baking my own bread or just eating nothing but rice. I guess if I really think about it, most junk food tastes like bready sawdust with some salt and flavorless sauce. But since junk food is "easier" to make and eat, I prefer it over food that might take some time to prepare and that I can't just shove down my throat to maximize caloric intake. What I lack in vitamins I make up for in not actually making up for it and accepting my shortened lifespan due to laziness.
>> No. 37297 [Edit]
Red lipstick annoys me and I don't know why anybody likes it. Lighter colored lips always look better.
>> No. 37298 [Edit]
I don't like make-ups in general.
>> No. 37302 [Edit]
File 161008159556.jpg - (424.78KB , 1187x1895 , edb11a344582620b8a16b3db85f4ad54.jpg )
Make-up is funny in the sense that it practically represents the dishonest nature of women. They (used to) do whatever it takes to look all pretty and nice but it's all a facade for the hideousness underneath and this doesn't just apply to their outwards appearance. Supposedly it's bad for the skin that they act like they care about so much so I didn't like the sound of it much.
>> No. 37303 [Edit]
I agree. I think it looks like shit and I don't get it.
>> No. 37304 [Edit]
I've been reading a book that explains the biological reasons for things like lipsticks, comparing it to monkey and other animal behavior.
While natural, it kinda makes it even more disgusting.
I'm at this point were I dislike women so much that I'm afraid the disgust could even reach the 2D world.
>> No. 37305 [Edit]
Often the reason they use makeup in the first place is because they have bad skin.
>> No. 37306 [Edit]
File 161010955737.jpg - (114.54KB , 850x939 , sample_d53940ffad41bfea19cd265b5a5fcbad.jpg )
>I'm at this point were I dislike women so much that I'm afraid the disgust could even reach the 2D world.
Men like women for the way they look, or an ideal of how they look(2d characters). Woman don't own that though. They think they do, but they don't. It doesn't belong to them. They'll all grow old and unappealing, but those ideal images were created by men and are eternal. I have hope that there's light at the end of the tunnel. That ideal can become completely independent of its disappointing model.
>> No. 37307 [Edit]
File 161012076578.jpg - (1.35MB , 933x1268 , 7637612e0139bb614650a4dd2111dcdf.jpg )
>I'm at this point were I dislike women so much that I'm afraid the disgust could even reach the 2D world.
I'm already there. Not completely, of course, but I notice similarities between the behaviors and opinions of characters and 3d sometimes.
Sometimes I wonder if the reason women screech so much about how fictional characters looking good is somehow sexist is really just rooted in their own case of body envy. But I'm extremely insecure about my own body and I've never done the same so that explanation always felt too simple for me to believe while also being too believable to dismiss.

Post edited on 8th Jan 2021, 7:50am
>> No. 37308 [Edit]
I know it's not rational, but sometimes I can't help but be remembered of them by any representation. I hope that doesn't make me completely fall for the trap trap. Sometimes I like to apply platonism and think 3DPD is just a bad, flawed copy of the ideal 2D, so more real that what we usually call real.

I suspect I know the reasons for that. You don't compete. Even if you did the worth of a male is just marginally related to his physical form. 2D (or porn, sex-dolls, prostitution) is a serious competence, not because they need us losers for any kind of relation but because an higher demand adds to their value. I could easily find women that feel the most extreme disgust for me, but at the same time express perplexity and almost feel indignant to my disdain for any relation with their kind. It's also a matter of simple power.
>> No. 37309 [Edit]
>at the same time express perplexity and almost feel indignant to my disdain for any relation with their kind
I haven't seen much of that. Maybe they think that way, but it seems more common for them to dismiss people they don't like not trying as a good thing. It really doesn't matter. Just ignore the annoying ones.
>> No. 37310 [Edit]
File 161013512726.jpg - (130.01KB , 800x520 , dadb97758365289e3cc5d3962ff0a6bd.jpg )
Evolutionary Psychology. I looked at some of it, watched a few videos made by "experts" in the field. From what I've seen, it's 99% speculation. It's actually worse than psychology because their "findings" aren't directly based on the things they're about. It's also annoying how it drags evolution into itself.
>> No. 37314 [Edit]
Psychology in general is often seen as barely being a science. Having said that though, we have been making progress in brain chemistry and how that relates to mental states, but is that really psychology?
>> No. 37315 [Edit]
No, that's neuroscience. Psychology is the study of "the mind and behavior". It's entirely founded upon the idea of a "mind" and the assumptions that comes with it because that was the best people could do at the time of its inception. Neuroscience will eventually subsume psychology.
>> No. 37317 [Edit]
File 161016776879.png - (1.48MB , 1000x1200 , 1986f7fdeb564b8b602c23a373c57601.png )
Self-deprecating jokes. They aren't funny to me because the punchlines are often recycled and it just comes off as someone trying to make fun of themselves before anyone else can or because they are desperate to be seen as funny and be liked. Youtubers like doing this sometimes and that just makes it more annoying because I don't understand why those creatures need to try so hard to be liked when their life will be handed to them because they are normalshits. The only defense that I know of is the most common one that says people should "not take themselves too seriously and learn to laugh at themselves" but self-deprecating jokes don't ever feel like that. I thought "not taking yourself too seriously" would be something more along the lines of keeping your ego in check, learning to yield when the time calls for it, valuing another person's viewpoint equally instead of rooting yourself in your own position, and other things that can make a person more reasonable. I think I have seen one or two self-deprecating jokes that were actually funny but I have seen it very rarely.
>> No. 37318 [Edit]
Doesn't seem like you have a beef with self-deprecating jokes--just boring and recycled jokes in general, employed by egotists and egoists.
>> No. 37319 [Edit]
Another problem with such jokes is that if they aren't true it just comes across as incredibly fake like if an attractive person jokes about being ugly and if it is true and they joke about it it just sounds sad and like he had given up and is now even putting himself down to fit in.
>> No. 37320 [Edit]
>Things that genuinely piss you off?
People like this guy >>37317. What an absolute dick.
>> No. 37321 [Edit]
If you disagree with something someone else says, either explain why or ignore them. Passive aggressively insulting them in the third person is being a dick.
>> No. 37322 [Edit]
Dude you're an asshole plain and simple.

>> No. 37323 [Edit]
I'm not the same anon.
>> No. 37324 [Edit]
Must have hit the soft spot.

Refer to rules 11 and 3
>> No. 37325 [Edit]
I assume most of them are attempts at not taking one's self too seriously, and highlighting one's faults to demonstrate humility while showing that the person knows they aren't perfect. But as you said, many don't seem to understand this and instead use this type of humor simply because it's popular to do so.
>> No. 37326 [Edit]
I think it can also be a coping mechanism. If you make fun of yourself, your problems also seem more trivial. I do that in my head sometimes.
>> No. 37346 [Edit]
Kids on the internet giving their snarky takes on how outdated old worldviews were/are and how we "need to progress past them". Jesus Christ, it must smell having your head that far up your own ass. I'm no one to praise the past as a perfect ideal in any way, and I really do mean that, but it just gets me off the wrong way to see people acting so arrogant of their own supposedly un-anachronistic platitudes. Especially knowing most of these are late highschoolers or uni kiddies who just ran into a different worldview from their dads for the first time. As if the heavily impressionable youth of today and the decade before is anymore knowledgeable about "true right" than people who knew about the very same ideas they laud now, over a hundred years ago. I know they really believe in their pea-sized brains that it's their moral duty to drag everyone kicking and screaming into the future, and it's obnoxious as hell. Maybe you don't have to reinvent the fucking wheel.
>> No. 37347 [Edit]
Politics in general have became something that annoy me. People get way too engrossed in these narratives and it's bad for the country. I just want to enjoy my goddamn escapism without getting told I'm a racist or a cuck. I'm not even an "enlightened centrist". I'm just tired and want a nice and peaceful life that doesn't have some contrived drama trying to get me to hate my fellow countrymen.
>> No. 37349 [Edit]
File 161047350514.jpg - (393.99KB , 850x1192 , sample_9185c0c1b5bad88e53c584598676f5bf.jpg )
People get so into politics because they're spiritually starved and faced with a constant existential threat from people with power. They have no identity or validation from society. They don't feel comfortable or in control. There's no reassuarance that you're all right, things are all right and everything will get better. When you're in your own little town and things are going good and everybody is on the same page, that's when people are happy.
>> No. 37350 [Edit]
The obsessive nature of people currently into politics has come across to me as almost identical to religious zealots from before. It should have been obvious in retrospect that people's lost of faith would create a void. It absolutely seems that political parties have now replaced religions among the weak of mind.
>> No. 37351 [Edit]
I think you're onto something here. I can see how we're closing in into a 21th century Spanish Inquisition.

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