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File 14173720574.jpg - (111.13KB , 1280x720 , image.jpg )
1989 No. 1989 [Edit]
How do you guys download music?

I remember I used to download single songs from mediafire by google site:searching and similarly albums from megaupload by doing the same.

Do you download from private trackers, or what?
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>> No. 1990 [Edit]
Torrent, Bandcamp if I like it and have the money.
>> No. 1991 [Edit]
bandcamp, and doing the same thing you did but with Mega, also
>> No. 2004 [Edit]
Soulseek and Bandcamp.
>> No. 2005 [Edit]
>>1989, jpopsuki,, kraytracker, rutracker, mutracker, soulseek.
>> No. 2006 [Edit]
I only just discovered rutracker so I went wild, downloading music I didn't think I'd ever own without paying for them. You can make an account and use that if you like.
>> No. 2529 [Edit]
bandcamp, various forums with mediafire links to albums and torrents

and obviously rutracker, great site
>> No. 2572 [Edit]
I torrent everything.
>> No. 2616 [Edit]
File 157791642148.jpg - (187.68KB , 850x599 , __reisen_udongein_inaba_houraisan_kaguya_yagokoro_.jpg )
This thread needs an update. Everything listed here is invite only. I've been trying to find the Azumanga Daioh ost for over an hour now and I want to stab somebody in the neck. Some little fucking retard said
>there's complete torrents all over the Internet.
It takes 2 seconds to find the actual anime. THAT'S what "all over the internet" means.
>> No. 2617 [Edit]
It's on rutracker, which requires sign up but doesn't need an invite.
>> No. 2618 [Edit]
Wow, Ruskies are good for something. Thanks.
>> No. 2619 [Edit]
You don't need to register if you just use the magnet links.
>> No. 2620 [Edit]
It's on FLAC in bakabt too.
>> No. 2621 [Edit]
>in BakaBT
Interesting, they seem to have irc based interview invites like used to. I've never used either myself, but I always appreciated that offered a way for people without any friends to join in as well, and the interview questions seemed pretty well structured to ensure that you had a baseline knowledge about encoding and such.
>> No. 2622 [Edit]
>ensure that you had a baseline knowledge about encoding and such
Why the hell should tech-knowledge be a prerequisite for piracy?
>> No. 2623 [Edit]
It's certainly doesn't need to be a pre-requisite for torrenting in general. However, if the goal is to build and maintain a collection, some amount of quality control seems necessary, so it shouldn't be too far-fetched to hope that someone should have a basic understanding of lossy vs lossless, sampling rate, etc. Maybe it would suffice to only impose this restriction on uploaders, but having most members be aware of them seems like it might help catch bad encodes/etc. sooner.
>> No. 2630 [Edit]
I have bought maybe 3 albums in my entire life. I have listened to over 1000. A nostalgic thread, back in the day you could get anything off of mediafire. I had a gap in my music listening when mediafire got canned, but eventually I just picked up soulseek. No sense in using anything else.
>> No. 2634 [Edit]
Just YouTube and SoundCloud.
>> No. 2639 [Edit]
These days, I get most of it from Deezloader since it has a large libray in MP3/320 with proper tagging and no encoding shenanigans.

Most of the other new music I download comes from Jpopsuki, Bandcamp if the artist doesn't charge for it, Doujinstyle, or occasionally from a mirror of the Touhou lossless torrent.
>> No. 2646 [Edit]
Sadly, Deezer just patched their API so all you can rip from it is 128kbps files. The dev has abandoned Deezloader because it was too poorly written to maintain, but he's working on a new program called Deemix which will have a workaround.
>> No. 2647 [Edit]
Private trackers and Doujinstyle.
>> No. 2653 [Edit]
Soulseek for the most part.
>> No. 2654 [Edit]
blogspot sites
>> No. 2657 [Edit]
Its getting harder to download free music.
>> No. 2688 [Edit]
Just googling and visiting those sketchy looking webpages.
One interesting thing that I recently realized is that for some reason a lot of mp3 rips are encoded in 320kbps CBR even though encoding in V0 or V1 (max end of variable bitrate) would be imperceptible and result in slightly smaller filesizes (~30% smaller?). Or perhaps better would be using a newer codec like aac or ogg. Even the anime ost/album rips obtained from those sketchy sites use 320kbps CBR (which is quite odd since I don't think any modern software has that as a preset). Although I suppose in the end it doesn't matter too much since disk space isn't an issue (my modest collection of OSTs is < 2GB), and beggars can't be choosers.
>> No. 2690 [Edit]
It certainly is.

I used to do as >>2654 >>2688 did but a lot of those have either died or became way too "sketchy" or complicated to download off. I also use rutracker and private trackers but none that are specifically for music and it's getting harder to find what I'm looking for. I don't have a bakabt account, what is the music selection like in comparison to animebytes?
>> No. 2722 [Edit]
It really is.
I finally gave up on my pride this year and installed spotify with premium mod. I use soulseek for obscure stuff
>> No. 2723 [Edit]
What kind of music are you listening to? Isn't nearly all of it on youtube?
>> No. 2724 [Edit]
I wouldn't use YouTube for music even if what I listened to was on there.
>> No. 2725 [Edit]
Why? You can download the audio.
>> No. 2726 [Edit]
Presumably because of the audio quality being terrible
>> No. 2737 [Edit]
Question: do you guys bother getting flac or are you guys fine with mp3 rips downloaded from the random online sites? I'm honestly not that picky about music quality (and I probably couldn't even hear a difference through my laptop speakers), but lately I've been getting the feeling that not storing the lossless version makes it in principle "imperfect."
>> No. 2738 [Edit]
loseless is a meme. Thought I do like to keep a copy of my all time favorite albums in flacs, just in case.
>> No. 2739 [Edit]
Yeah I just went back and downloaded the flac versions of the few albums that I _really_ like. But other than considering I download my songs from those anime ost sites (that always seem to only have 320k CBR mp3 rips – don't know why they won't use V0 or even more modern codecs), I probably won't bother with much else.
>> No. 2748 [Edit]
I get flac when I can but I'm fine with lossy stuff if that's all I can find. The benefit with flac isn't so much the quality itself as it is being able to encode it into whatever format you want with no quality loss.
For example, I like using opus for its good quality to size ratio but there are rarely, if ever, any opus rips. That's not really a problem with flac since I can just encode it myself, but if that's not available then I'm stuck with bloated 320kbps cbr mp3s, which aren't terrible but I'd prefer to choose the format myself.
>> No. 2749 [Edit]
Why flac and not ogg?

I see flac is loseless. Converting an mp3 to flac gave me a larger file.

Post edited on 6th May 2022, 6:06pm
>> No. 2751 [Edit]
Yeah, flac is lossess. Although, if you convert something from a lossy format like mp3 to flac then the flac file will also be lossy despite the bigger file size.
>> No. 2754 [Edit]
i use soulseek for all my pirating needs, that if the album isnt already free on bandcamp/ive purchased it. there are probably better torrents out there but soulseek is what ive been using for years and what im most used to
>> No. 2755 [Edit]
Does anyone else like to own music on physical media? I'm not a complete hipster about it, but I still get most of my music from going into record stores and picking up CDs. I like to go through the bins where CDs are like $2 each and look for strange random stuff that I probably wouldn't otherwise hear. A lot of my favorite albums are just things I picked up at random. I download stuff too but the vast bulk of my mp3 collection is ripped from actual discs. Even stuff on Bandcamp I will usually spring for the physical copy if one is available. Also to answer the topic of the thread I usually torrent when I download.

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