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File 141385930548.jpg - (289.71KB , 1280x720 , kraftwerk-12_3_2013.jpg )
1962 No. 1962 [Edit]
Does anyone here like Kraftwerk?
What versions of their songs do you guys prefer? The German or the English ones? Or maybe even the Japanese?
>> No. 1963 [Edit]
Eh, who doesn't?
I got into the english versions first, so I like them best, but I don't mind listening to the others every once in a while.
>> No. 2405 [Edit]
i leik the one about the train
>> No. 2729 [Edit]
Minimum-Maximum is my favorite album of theirs. It was also the first. Just something about the production and the live sounds of the audience really hits differently than their studio albums for me.

I also got to see them live years ago before Florian died. The 3D show was amazing. They actually had it on a college campus. During one of the songs, they showed a picture of the campus with an animation of a UFO landing in its courtyard.

Apparently they're on tour again now.
>> No. 2740 [Edit]
i recently got into them,i listened to radioactivity and i really liked the album (specially the remix of radioactivity)
i dont really care about the songs being on german or english

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