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File 144816727064.jpg - (92.89KB , 500x354 , f867112b0f324f23c6c550501b2291b6.jpg )
262 No. 262 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Who here is racist? Against which race(s), and why? Was there any particular event which turned you into a racist?
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>> No. 345 [Edit]
Since I live in Europe I hold a huge disdain against Muslims and Blacks because they're savage rapists and murderers. Specially Muslims. They really should be removed.
>> No. 362 [Edit]
File 150736973143.png - (134.92KB , 331x547 , WiseChineseMilitaryMen.png )
I hate the Chinese so god-damned much. They are like Jews if you minus the intelligence and add billions (literally) of bodies.

They are also VERY ethno-nationlists, if you are not Chinese you are inferior (the irony is so many of them LEAVE CHINA because it is a shit-hole). Even if you are Chinese, if you are not rich, you are still inferior; all they care about is money and ethnicity.

I mean, this is a country so devoid of morals that they HARVEST ORGANS of their own god-damned people, and then cry about supposed Japanese war-crimes against them.
ANYTHING they do is to gain money or ehtnic superiority, they do not actually care about any sort of morals or politics or.

Suffice to say, I want them out of my country.
Places without mass Chinese immigrants think of them as hard workers, sure, they are, but they would sell your fucking liver if it was legal. They abide by the law out of fear of losing money, not any sort of moral grounds.
>> No. 367 [Edit]
I'm not racist in the sense of being a shittier person to certain races IRL or even having an emotional attachment or hatred with one race or another. But I am racist in the sense of being on the pro-racial side of the biological argument. Based on the scientific articles that I've read, I have become racist.
Usually, when a scientist or scientific journalist writes that race is an illegitimate idea or that races are not different mentally, they use little to no data and throw some bullshit sophistry at you, like "Intelligence and crime are caused by socioeconomic and cultural factors." when almost every adoption study from the past 30 years disproves this. They also love the argument from concensus, even though most scientists outside of the ideologically influenced West and ego-preserving brown person-populated countries, like scientists from China or Russia generally agree on racial differences.
>> No. 857 [Edit]
Even among "second generation" Chinese born in the US, I've still felt the vestigial lack of sympathy. They have no qualms taking advantage of others, and this behavior particularly emerges when they form their own cliques.

Relatedly, It's shocking to me how universities and companies in the United States welcome Chinese immigrants by the boatload (no doubt lured in by their money), when it's well-established that a majority of these people are sent by the PRC to spy and transfer intelligence/knowledge back.

File 150885623535.jpg - (308.24KB , 1200x869 , Beijing_Castle_Boxer_Rebellion_1900_FINAL.jpg )
363 No. 363 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I can't wait for war with China. Those fuckers have been getting too cocky.
They'll learn their rightful place as national inferiors soon enough.

File 150485736425.jpg - (631.01KB , 1836x1256 , John_Singleton_Copley_001.jpg )
342 No. 342 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
'We would not say anything if the U.S.A. were aware of its intellectual and moral defects and was trying to grow up. But it is too much when it behaves in an impudent manner toward a part of the earth with a few thousands years of glorious history behind it, attempting to teach it moral and intellectual lessons, whether out of innocence or a complete lack of genuine culture and learning. We can forgive the mistakes of youth, but this degree of arrogance gets on one’s nerves.

We therefore have no appreciation for the Americanism that can be found in certain of our circles. We fail to see why we as the leading musical nation in the world should borrow even a single note from the U.S.A. We have a level of culture and civilization that is denied to most Americans. One who understands this can hardly have much sympathy for what they understand as culture and civilization. Although we affirm the technical achievements of our age, we see behind them an intellectual strength that grows from the roots of our people. Machines are a means to an end, not an end in themselves. As much as we appreciate the achievements of modern civilization and use them to improve life, we know that they are not the sole meaning of life. There are national values that are the result of centuries of history and tradition. They cannot be purchased, only built by the labor of generations.'
>> No. 344 [Edit]
Condense it into one sentence, or explain your point without copy-pasting.

File 149483568098.jpg - (1.17MB , 1289x1402 , ba2334e36739fb7eef642130cfeee830.jpg )
183 No. 183 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Here's a controversial topic that hasn't been discussed yet. What are your thoughts on private gun ownership? Do you support or oppose it?
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>> No. 209 [Edit]
>You don't go for freedom because it's easy.
Freedom is very easy. Go into the woods, uncontrolled by the opressive government.
You will get a disease and die, that is freedom.

>If it is, then so is enjoying 'stability' and 'order'
Stability and order bring harmony of society. That is the opposite of fear. There is no fear, to the point of boredom, but that can be remedied.

>Though I'd add that any country that calls itself free should be doing the same thing of their governments
America probably the worst of the developed nations. Without its money, America would look as if though it is only a developing nation.
>It's a lot of power to blindly trust to be used for the good of the people
Power always finds a place to rest it's head. Government is not a omnipotent being, who props up instantaniously simply to spoil a good time. Government is formed through thousands of years of bloodshed and primitve savagery, then those who are the strongest and most benevolent will gather a following larger, and that group will be called 'government'.

>It was generally held in British Common Law in the colonies prior to the Revolutionary War that there was a right to keep and to bear arms
Very unfortunate for them, then. After having defended America from French colonisation, their own citizens attack them.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 211 [Edit]
Now the 'fear' of a government taking the country to its demise is 'hatred'... just not in the case of the USA? Don't devolve into semantics.

>There is no living in perputual fear of his government, as in the USA.
But this isn't really the case. It's a strawman you conceived out of someone making the argument that guns can be used as a system of checks and balances against a theoretical tyrannical government. Nobody except the most insane SJW, who wouldn't touch a gun in the first place, has any serious fear of military action of the government on its citizens in the US.

Your arguments seem vested in personal, emotional dislike (especially with use of subjective adjectives like 'worst' and 'trash') of the US rather than rational observation.
>> No. 212 [Edit]
>rather than rational observation.
I used to be pro-American, so I have knowledge from both sides.
>> No. 219 [Edit]
If I were to run a country, I'd make it the following way:
-there are gun ranges where you can go and fire guns just for fun, sport and leisure, just about anyone can open one and anyone can play with anything in those ranges: automatic guns, explosives, artillery etc.
-you can own guns for self defense at your home and carry them around your home freely, but there would be some restrictions such as no automatics, no explosives, magazine and caliber size etc
-people who have gone through vigorous checks, tests etc can conceal carry for self defense in public
Anyone with strong mental disabilities, criminal backgrounds or substance addictions would be automatically excluded from any gun ownership.
Other regulations or deregulations would be up to the congress, parliament or whatever equivalent of said country to debate and implement.

File 149412997119.jpg - (16.65KB , 480x360 , 0.jpg )
155 No. 155 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I've been thinking. Countries around the world have folk stories and songs and heritage that dates back hundreds or even thousands of years. The US has very little of that since we started off from a blank slate not all that long ago. That's not the problem here though. The problem is along the path of development we became a nation obsessed with money, material goods, personal gain, and created a legal nightmare in the process at the expense of friends, family, and neighbors. As a result our folktales and songs all became trade marked copy written products. Now these products have become ingrained in American society and have become part of our culture. It's a lot easier to identify as a starwars nut or band/artist fanatic when there's nothing else for you. East coast states have some 'some' history, but what about the rest of the country? A hundred years ago the city I was born in was nothing but dirt. Can you blame me or anyone else for becoming a weeb?)

That would all be well and good if it wasn't very clearly mass produced products made for profit that are defining our culture. Not just media but brands too. Even when I was a little kid I thought it was weird the other kids were more than happy to be walking billboards for whatever product/brand was trendy at the time. It's next to impossible to get away from it all. You've even got brand slogans that creep into our language and become part of our culture. Everything from "That's a Kodak moment" to "Got milk?". Then there's companies like coke that spent millions to become associated with Santa clause and Christmas. The Disney corporation meanwhile actually owns a dang city. Meanwhile every site you visit collects data on you to sell to people who sell it to other people who try to sell you shit in return.

Most countries have heros and historical figures based on real people with stories that fall into public domain. Anyone can make any story about any character they want. Here we get TV/movie characters and comicbook superheros, most of whom are property of the highest bidder and always will be. It feels very wrong to me that companies have control over the stories behind historical characters and can rewrite history if they want. Did you grow up believing "The Force" was magical and anyone c
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 180 [Edit]
>you and your country would probably not exist today.
First you joke about how Europe is multiculti, now, in light of the fact that it is Americas fault, you say Europe is lucky to even exist. Your points are childish. You genuinely think Hitler was a comic book villian. Or you are making a mockery of me.

>The US was pretty much an isolationist nation
''The outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1937 saw aid flow into the Republic of China, from the United States under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. A series of Neutrality Acts had been passed in the US with the support of isolationists who forbade American aid to countries at war. Because the Second Sino-Japanese War was undeclared, however, Roosevelt denied that a state of war existed in China and proceeded to send aid to Chiang''

>and a "racist" one, did you say?
I quoted an American Black man, from the 1930s, saying the USA president was worse to him than literally Hitler, literally literally Hitler.

This is a deliberate joke, everything you say simply causes me to repeat myself.
Whatever man, I'm bored of it which either way it is. At the very least you have been a tool, for me, to simply dump National Socialist propaganda.
>> No. 181 [Edit]
File 149471458638.jpg - (20.26KB , 300x300 , 1458270437448.jpg )
I think the bigger problem is that nobody gives a damn about our culture, our history. It's routinely reshaped, reinterpreted and thrown to the side for whatever cheap thrill comes next. When you talk to the average American today they don't know many of our influential figures. They're not even familiar with the founders outside of what they've been told by the media, who distort it wildly. Liberals honestly believe Jefferson was a closet muslim and conservatives honestly believe Franklin (among others) were fire and brimstone conservatives. Granted, you can't really blame people too much. Whites are instilled with massive guilt and browns are given colossal inferiority complexes. It's no wonder people go to such lengths to invent clear bullshit, they're all suffering trauma from things that they never did or experienced. The lies wouldn't be so bad if they weren't ripping the country apart.

I actually somewhat agree with >>159 despite despising his tone of "America never made anything good.". We DO lack great artists, philosophers, scientists. We have them, but how many? And of those how many are first, second generation immigrants instead of people who've put roots down into this soil? In fact a lot of them are people who've just came here because of economics; not because they actually wanted to come here.

And America, it seems to take people in and rip them apart. When I look around the people who've been here for most of our history aren't that well off. People come in, do well for a time and begin to degenerate. I'd know because my family is no different. We've lived in the same general area for almost two-hundred years. The first several generations did great. We owned huge farms, took part in local politics, people had dozens of children. But now... well, we're shit. Reduced to emotional children without a clue in affairs of finance, nature, philosophy, religion. Just barking about some perceived slight or inconvenience so we can pretend we have worth, pretend we're something. Disgusting.

People like us, people discontent with the current state of affairs. We need to work on creating
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 182 [Edit]
Your seem to be confused. I'm not the same person you were arguing with above; you are rambling on about nothing.

Never once have I stated Hitler to be a villain.

Post edited on 13th May 2017, 3:58pm
>> No. 357 [Edit]
File 150667731931.jpg - (42.42KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
all we can do is fight, take back what's rightfully ours

File 149328532424.jpg - (89.93KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Teekyuu - 76 [723A491C]_mkv_snapshot_01_3.jpg )
142 No. 142 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Lets pretend you are given 10 trillion dollars with which to make the world a better place. What do you do?
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>> No. 144 [Edit]
Buy myself some body guards, do some research on and invite top researchers and engineers to an all expenses paid conference on how to make the world a better place, put the money into the proposals they make
>> No. 145 [Edit]
>giving women voting rights when they still have the social and legal responsibilities of children
To be fair, I don't consider most people in general to be responsible voters. In my country it's even the law that you must vote. If people voted intelligently based on reducing the influence of others on their lives instead of for whoever jerked them off the most, then we wouldn't be in this situation.

>allowing leftover stigma from Nazi Germany to forever equate legitimate (and at this point in the game incredibly necessary) non-lethal eugenics with genocide
Read Article II my man:

General Assembly Resolution 260 (III). Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

Article II
In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily of mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 146 [Edit]
>I don't consider most people in general to be responsible voters.
Neater does the US government. That's why voting rights were originally restricted to just white male land owners. Even after caving into demands from the common folk over time they still don't trust the people to vote for it's own leaders. As such we have an electoral college that to my understanding has representatives for each state with their votes being the only ones that matter. Depending on the state's laws, they may or may not look at what people in their state voted for and decide to vote the same way. In a number of states they have every right to ignore the popular vote and vote for who they see fit. In a sense, voting is just a means for commoners to ask the higher ups to vote the way they want.
>> No. 149 [Edit]
>To be fair, I don't consider most people in general to be responsible voters.
While I also agree with this, to imply that the female voting bloc hasn't devastated the western world is naïve at best and ignorant at worst. Giving anyone power without responsibility is a terrible idea.

>Read Article II
This article was created after World War 2 and included a ban on non-lethal eugenics as you pointed out. That's exactly what I was getting at. Nobody saw non-lethal eugenics as "taboo" before Nazi Germany.

>I think that one should strive to be morally correct. The difference here is that I don't try and impose my morals on those around me.
The problem is that morals are not and never have been objective. There are very, very few codes of ethics that are universally agreed upon by all groups of people across the planet. And when you mix very different groups of people together, conflict is inevitable. Look at the United States currently: even people of the same race in the same nation WILL force their morals upon each other, using violence as a means of subjugation for non-conformity if necessary.

>The fact that you hold the concept of nation so highly speaks of your own morals being focused in that direction.
I think that's a bit of a stretch and an assumption. In an ideal world I merely see separate nations being respectful of each other as an easy means to "get people to leave each other damn well alone", as you put it. And I'd agree with that being a great goal if you could somehow manage it.

No. 109 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
American education depends on witholding testimony and evidence contrary to the great moral quagmire of justifying the use of atomic weapons on highly concentrated civilian centers within days of each other, on a country incapable of feeding itself or launching a significant strategic counter attack, which had already been seeking to enter peace negotiations since May of the previous year.

No major American General or Admiral was involved in the executive order to drop the bombs. If they had been, chances are the bombs would not have been dropped. MacArthur himself, the man who had been involved in the brunt of the fighting against Japan, and who had just recently liberated his troops from prisoner of war camps after the Bataan march, said the bombs were not necessary, and that diplomacy which would result in the same outcome, would have precluded and circumvented an invasion, kept Soviet Russia out of Japan, and ended the war.

If even the men who lead the fight against Japan agree that the bombs were not justified, why does "common knowledge" in the US justify it?
3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 138 [Edit]
The whole war by America against Japan was because FDR was a Sinophile.
FDR wanted China as a puppet-state in Asia.

'The outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1937 saw aid flow into the Republic of China, from the United States under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. A series of Neutrality Acts had been passed in the US with the support of isolationists who forbade American aid to countries at war. Because the Second Sino-Japanese War was undeclared, however, Roosevelt denied that a state of war existed in China and proceeded to send aid to Chiang'
>> No. 139 [Edit]
China's war-plan was to keep fighting, knowing they cannot win, to garner Western sympathy and have the West beat Japan because China certainly could not.

'A major reason that the Chinese army held onto the city as long as it did, even though it was on the brink of collapse, was that China was hoping for a western intervention in the Sino-Japanese War.'
'Thus, Chiang Kai-shek had to devote everything China had to offer to make sure the Western powers know that the present conflict between China and Japan was a major war, not a collection of inconsequential "incidents" as had been the case previously. Based on this political strategy, Chiang Kai-shek had to order his troops to fight to the death in an attempt to arouse international sympathy and cause the international community to adopt measures that would help China and sanction Japan.'
'In addition, on October 5, President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave the Quarantine Speech, calling for the United States to help nations fight against aggressor nations. This speech had a tremendous effect on raising China's morale.'
>> No. 140 [Edit]
So America was not 'neutral' in the slightest, before Pearl Harbor, as is commonly thought.
>> No. 141 [Edit]
Also, the Japanese POW camps were manned by Korean soldiers. So most POW abuse, in Japanese POW camps, is actually from Koreans.

'After the war, 148 Koreans were convicted of Class B and C Japanese war crimes, 23 of whom were sentenced to death, including Korean prison guards who were particularly notorious for their brutality during the war.'

'The figure is relatively high considering that ethnic Koreans made up a very small percentage of the Japanese military. Justice Bert Röling, who represented the Netherlands at the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, noted that "many of the commanders and guards in POW camps were Koreans – the Japanese apparently did not trust them as soldiers – and it is said that they were sometimes far more cruel than the Japanese."[58]'

'In his memoirs, Colonel Eugene C. Jacobs wrote that during the Bataan Death March, "the Korean guards were the most abusive. The Japs didn't trust them in battle, so used them as service troops; the Koreans were anxious to get blood on their bayonets; and then they thought they were veterans."[59][60]'

'Korean guards were sent to the remote jungles of Burma, where Lt. Col. William A. (Bill) Henderson wrote from his own experience that some of the guards overlooking the construction of the Burma Railway "were moronic and at times almost bestial in their treatment of prisoners. This applied particularly to Korean private soldiers, conscripted only for guard and sentry duties in many parts of the Japanese empire. Regrettably, they were appointed as guards for the prisoners throughout the camps of Burma and Siam."[61] The highest-ranking Korean to be prosecuted after the war was Lieutenant General Hong Sa-ik, who was in command of all the Japanese prisoner-of-war camps in the Philippines.'

U.S. laws of war
a. Crimes against peace.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 145802767219.jpg - (301.92KB , 800x600 , angelbreath_ev_031.jpg )
8 No. 8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
My religion > your religion.
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>> No. 124 [Edit]
File 149049114765.jpg - (258.99KB , 1000x1196 , gonna slice u up like bread.jpg )
>invisible old man in space
Did you get all your knowledge about God from cartoons in the Sunday newspapers?
To have such an infantile attitude to the very idea of God, let alone how He may manifest or in what way he exists in this world is actually troubling. You've trivialized and misunderstood a concept that all civilizations have dedicated their best minds and thinkers to conquering, in a self righteous and profoundly stupid way.
Congratulations, you successfully skeeved me out.
>> No. 126 [Edit]
File 149056091019.jpg - (555.45KB , 1128x1532 , Ammôn-Min.jpg )
I am he who came into being in the form of the god Ḫ-P-R Ré, and I am the creator of that which came into being, that is to say, I am the creator of everything which came into being. Now the things which I created, and which came forth out of my mouth after that I had come into being myself were exceedingly many. Heaven had not come into being, the earth did not exist, and the children of the earth, and the creeping things had not been made at that time. I myself raised them up from out of Nûn, from a state of helpless inertness.
I found no place whereon I could stand. I worked a charm upon my own heart. I laid the foundation of things by Tme, and I made everything which had form. I was then one by myself, for I had not emitted from myself the god Shôu, and I had not spit out from myself the goddess Teféne; and there existed no other who could work with me. I laid the foundations of things in my own heart, and there came into being multitudes of created things, which came into being from the created things which were born from the created things which arose from what they brought forth.
I had union with my closed hand, and I embraced my shadow as a wife, and I poured seed into my own mouth.
>> No. 127 [Edit]
is it
>> No. 129 [Edit]
File 149057811446.jpg - (464.92KB , 1138x1514 , Ammôn-Ré (iv).jpg )
He Is.

File 146034858552.png - (121.96KB , 400x350 , bc7cce8254e96e6f3da0cc1f922c3acc.png )
35 No. 35 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do you feel about females being on TC? Do you think their presence here negatively affects the post quality and atmosphere?

This is a legitimate question and in no way meant to disrespect Tohno nor the person he was discussing things with in the locked thread. I'm genuinely curious about how other users feel about this. I stopped browsing TC about two years ago, and looking back on it, the increase in female users was a large reason for it.

I agree with Tohno in that implementing a "men only" rule would be impractical, though I disagree in the oft-expressed sentiment that [3D] females can be the same as us or hold the same views as us. Even if they don't blatantly advertise their gender, the way all females conduct themselves is very similar. Their behavior in the past has oft been disruptive and somewhat stereotypical despite their apparent interest in similar hobbies. I'm not saying that they're better nor worse than us per se, but simply different- biologically, physiologically, and psychologically different- in a way that is very much not compatible with the general views and lifestyles that most of us hold here, regardless of their individual quirks as people.

But on that note, sometimes I wonder if I'm generalizing when I say "most of us", which is why I made this thread to ask. Are there still others here that would rather female users were kept to a minimum? I placed this thread in /tat/ instead of /fb/ because I'm not calling for any sort of changes, and I don't want to start a shitstorm on a visible board if it comes down to that.
29 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 69 [Edit]
You don't see the point in it, yet you're still here, fighting against muh soggy knees.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this debate board is not immune to the global rules, one of which is:
>Do not complain about the community's opinion on certain groups of people (ie: normalfags, females)

It's one thing to say "I don't mind if females are here". It's another to incessantly whine that Tohno-chan is "misogynistic", and bitch about people not wanting females here even when evidence and off-site citations have been provided to back up a perfectly legitimate reason for it. The argument against it is what, that misogynists are quote "bad people"? That it's supposedly morally and emotionally incorrect to not want females here? Keep that shit out of here.
>> No. 71 [Edit]
No, I've read that. Thanks for asking though.
>> No. 84 [Edit]
Thanks for the citations. They were interesting reads.
>> No. 949 [Edit]
File 160069547120.jpg - (1.34MB , 2352x1218 , degredation of a fanbase - hobby.jpg )
There used to be a time when I had a view like >>36. So long as they keep their gender to themselves, follow the rules, post on-topic, and don't raise any problems, what's the harm? While I still feel that a good anon belongs regardless of gender, my faith in their ability, or rather willingness, to blend in is gone. I'm probably uninformed and should have seen more examples before feeling so much conviction on my stance but I've seen that they'll skirt the limits of what is acceptable in a community, never state their gender but every post is so horribly clear about it, and are pretty determined to not just go the fuck the away. Add in their usual bragging about their social lives and it makes for an unsavory user I don't like being around. Mind you, this is one of the better case scenarios. There are plenty of examples of women tearing things down, intentionally or otherwise, and one could possibly even say the entire internet serves as an example. Anybody who doesn't live under a rock could look at what they've done to politics, gaming, movies, and just about every hobby they cried to be let into and see the proof. To say that a woman could be a good anon is fine, to believe that it's anything more than very rare is just deluding yourself. Pic related rings very true.
And if you haven't seen the proof then "you might think you're living under a rock but let me tell you... it's a rock worth living under."

I know this is an old thread but I just don't want to see any more communities turn to shit. I don't want to endure the sight anymore.

File 146069216950.png - (1.36MB , 1520x1080 )
74 No. 74 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Prove me wrong.
>> No. 75 [Edit]
The fact alone you think you're better than anyone else is enough to prove that.
>> No. 78 [Edit]
File 14606924591.gif - (592.50KB , 370x335 , 1431073832439.gif )
Everyone is better than me.
>> No. 79 [Edit]
File 146069251988.jpg - (34.46KB , 1008x720 , ss.jpg )

I'm just putting the idea out there, I don't necessarily believe it.

File 145802745617.png - (431.89KB , 1640x2368 , mens rights.png )
7 No. 7 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What are your thoughts on men's rights?
3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 16 [Edit]
It's something we inevitably have no control over as random 'nobodies', so I try not to fret about it.

Yes, women have easier lives in western culture (especially if you're introverted or a NEET). Yes, it's irritating to watch them dismiss mountains of rock-solid contrary evidence and statistics as "misogyny" or "mansplaining" in favor of promoting their own fallacious and frankly warped worldview in which they're eternal victims and men are eternal perpetrators. And it's definitely irritating to see their buzzwords being regurgitated all over every corner of the internet even when nobody even brought up gender politics (good luck finding video game articles or reviews that don't have feminist quips or commentary attached). But at the end of the day, there's not much we can do about it but try and avoid it.

Why, are there still histrionic 'femanons' on IRC? I haven't bothered to check for years.
>> No. 18 [Edit]
For as much as feminists bitch and moan against Capitalism and the right wing, they certainly are the most efficient tool the establishment has for distracting the public from the real oppression: class and income based.

Maybe it's because their "leaders" are from privileged upper class high income families, but want to take advantage of low-information 'oppressed' people.

Just look at Jonathan McIntosh and his dad's Puerto Rican private island with a yacht with "spotty wifi", his puppet Anita Sarkeesian who already was privileged enough to get shat through uni with a bogus major and gets $20,000 every time she trips and skins her knee and blames it on "teh ebil menzzz", Brianna Wu, whose dad paid her college debts and gave her an extra $200,000 to make her shitty game (which her husband basically did all the harder work, she just used her 7th grade doodles she made in tech ed as character designs) and even then she still gets thousands from a Kickstarter for the same game, and over $10,000 per month for sitting on her ass.
>> No. 20 [Edit]
>only violent and ruthless like some women like to portray us

Is anyone here violent and ruthless in their daily life?

I mean, I hear this argument from both sides, but by default the sum of my masculinity is just a passive stoicism. The last time someone gave me a black eye, I just kind of looked at them with a questioning look and shrugged.
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I think that was the point. Men aren't the savages that women have a tendency to portray them as. Quite the opposite, actually- they've been shown to have greater control of their emotions and inhibitions compared to their female peers. Males' comparatively greater ability to remain calm under pressure is an often cited (but not "socially acceptable") reason behind the discrepancy of "leader roles" between the two sexes.

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