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File 14629936184.jpg - (1.15MB , 1215x1300 , 47b1ef0c58bd40dc44f6b714d7ce0a45.jpg )
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What are your thoughts on genetically modified organism?
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>> No. 116 [Edit]
I hope they release new fruits and vegetables soon. It would be cool if they released the developer kit too so you could invent your own. And I think randomly mutating seeds is a bad idea but other methods of genetic modification seem okay. I also think there are some really unethical practices involved but that's a different thing that's more related to just the companies I guess.
>> No. 117 [Edit]
Also, are posts from hidden boards now showing up on the front page?
>> No. 118 [Edit]
So people like to cite those foods being bad for you in the long run, but I think it's sadly a necessarily evil. Buying organic in most cities is cost-prohibitive unless you are lucky enough to live with your parents, are in a good economical situation, or have some amazing deals with your local markets / marketplaces. For example, I could buy a sack of potatoes to make puree, or I could just buy those powdered ones that cost €0.20 the packet.
How can a country be a "cuckold"? It's unable to engage in a romantic relationship.
>> No. 120 [Edit]
I'm not sure about the science of it since it's one of those things that's going to have fudged science on all sides of the issue. So you can't really go off the "facts" since you're just picking facts that already support your kneejerk reaction.

As an idea though? I don't really like them. Every time mankind invents something it seems to result in a great deal of short-term happiness at the cost of long term misery. It's been that way since the industrial revolution. I don't see why GMO's would be any different. They can claim they're safe but how can we know really? Companies are out to make money and if people feel a bit too stressed economically the government will try and kick the ball down the street for the next generation. Borrow from the future so the present won't revolt.

And like >>114 said, we haven't seen any long term studies. They haven't been around long enough, so claiming to know is a bit of a folly.

It depends on what sort of thing you're buying. If you're going for 100% organic, no pesticides, 100% fresh. Then yeah, it's going to cost tons. If you just pick up say, a bag of frozen broccoli it's usually pretty fair.

Unfortunately you don't know if it's GMO or not since requiring a label on GMO products is some sort of great profit killing evil. If they're so great, so safe, why do these companies shirk back at the thought?

You can also get your food cost really low if you're willing to eat tons of dry foods. Like rice/beans/oats.

File 146034858552.png - (121.96KB , 400x350 , bc7cce8254e96e6f3da0cc1f922c3acc.png )
35 No. 35 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do you feel about females being on TC? Do you think their presence here negatively affects the post quality and atmosphere?

This is a legitimate question and in no way meant to disrespect Tohno nor the person he was discussing things with in the locked thread. I'm genuinely curious about how other users feel about this. I stopped browsing TC about two years ago, and looking back on it, the increase in female users was a large reason for it.

I agree with Tohno in that implementing a "men only" rule would be impractical, though I disagree in the oft-expressed sentiment that [3D] females can be the same as us or hold the same views as us. Even if they don't blatantly advertise their gender, the way all females conduct themselves is very similar. Their behavior in the past has oft been disruptive and somewhat stereotypical despite their apparent interest in similar hobbies. I'm not saying that they're better nor worse than us per se, but simply different- biologically, physiologically, and psychologically different- in a way that is very much not compatible with the general views and lifestyles that most of us hold here, regardless of their individual quirks as people.

But on that note, sometimes I wonder if I'm generalizing when I say "most of us", which is why I made this thread to ask. Are there still others here that would rather female users were kept to a minimum? I placed this thread in /tat/ instead of /fb/ because I'm not calling for any sort of changes, and I don't want to start a shitstorm on a visible board if it comes down to that.
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>> No. 69 [Edit]
You don't see the point in it, yet you're still here, fighting against muh soggy knees.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this debate board is not immune to the global rules, one of which is:
>Do not complain about the community's opinion on certain groups of people (ie: normalfags, females)

It's one thing to say "I don't mind if females are here". It's another to incessantly whine that Tohno-chan is "misogynistic", and bitch about people not wanting females here even when evidence and off-site citations have been provided to back up a perfectly legitimate reason for it. The argument against it is what, that misogynists are quote "bad people"? That it's supposedly morally and emotionally incorrect to not want females here? Keep that shit out of here.
>> No. 71 [Edit]
No, I've read that. Thanks for asking though.
>> No. 84 [Edit]
Thanks for the citations. They were interesting reads.
>> No. 949 [Edit]
File 160069547120.jpg - (1.34MB , 2352x1218 , degredation of a fanbase - hobby.jpg )
There used to be a time when I had a view like >>36. So long as they keep their gender to themselves, follow the rules, post on-topic, and don't raise any problems, what's the harm? While I still feel that a good anon belongs regardless of gender, my faith in their ability, or rather willingness, to blend in is gone. I'm probably uninformed and should have seen more examples before feeling so much conviction on my stance but I've seen that they'll skirt the limits of what is acceptable in a community, never state their gender but every post is so horribly clear about it, and are pretty determined to not just go the fuck the away. Add in their usual bragging about their social lives and it makes for an unsavory user I don't like being around. Mind you, this is one of the better case scenarios. There are plenty of examples of women tearing things down, intentionally or otherwise, and one could possibly even say the entire internet serves as an example. Anybody who doesn't live under a rock could look at what they've done to politics, gaming, movies, and just about every hobby they cried to be let into and see the proof. To say that a woman could be a good anon is fine, to believe that it's anything more than very rare is just deluding yourself. Pic related rings very true.
And if you haven't seen the proof then "you might think you're living under a rock but let me tell you... it's a rock worth living under."

I know this is an old thread but I just don't want to see any more communities turn to shit. I don't want to endure the sight anymore.

File 146069216950.png - (1.36MB , 1520x1080 )
74 No. 74 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Prove me wrong.
>> No. 75 [Edit]
The fact alone you think you're better than anyone else is enough to prove that.
>> No. 78 [Edit]
File 14606924591.gif - (592.50KB , 370x335 , 1431073832439.gif )
Everyone is better than me.
>> No. 79 [Edit]
File 146069251988.jpg - (34.46KB , 1008x720 , ss.jpg )

I'm just putting the idea out there, I don't necessarily believe it.

File 145802745617.png - (431.89KB , 1640x2368 , mens rights.png )
7 No. 7 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What are your thoughts on men's rights?
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>> No. 16 [Edit]
It's something we inevitably have no control over as random 'nobodies', so I try not to fret about it.

Yes, women have easier lives in western culture (especially if you're introverted or a NEET). Yes, it's irritating to watch them dismiss mountains of rock-solid contrary evidence and statistics as "misogyny" or "mansplaining" in favor of promoting their own fallacious and frankly warped worldview in which they're eternal victims and men are eternal perpetrators. And it's definitely irritating to see their buzzwords being regurgitated all over every corner of the internet even when nobody even brought up gender politics (good luck finding video game articles or reviews that don't have feminist quips or commentary attached). But at the end of the day, there's not much we can do about it but try and avoid it.

Why, are there still histrionic 'femanons' on IRC? I haven't bothered to check for years.
>> No. 18 [Edit]
For as much as feminists bitch and moan against Capitalism and the right wing, they certainly are the most efficient tool the establishment has for distracting the public from the real oppression: class and income based.

Maybe it's because their "leaders" are from privileged upper class high income families, but want to take advantage of low-information 'oppressed' people.

Just look at Jonathan McIntosh and his dad's Puerto Rican private island with a yacht with "spotty wifi", his puppet Anita Sarkeesian who already was privileged enough to get shat through uni with a bogus major and gets $20,000 every time she trips and skins her knee and blames it on "teh ebil menzzz", Brianna Wu, whose dad paid her college debts and gave her an extra $200,000 to make her shitty game (which her husband basically did all the harder work, she just used her 7th grade doodles she made in tech ed as character designs) and even then she still gets thousands from a Kickstarter for the same game, and over $10,000 per month for sitting on her ass.
>> No. 20 [Edit]
>only violent and ruthless like some women like to portray us

Is anyone here violent and ruthless in their daily life?

I mean, I hear this argument from both sides, but by default the sum of my masculinity is just a passive stoicism. The last time someone gave me a black eye, I just kind of looked at them with a questioning look and shrugged.
>> No. 21 [Edit]
I think that was the point. Men aren't the savages that women have a tendency to portray them as. Quite the opposite, actually- they've been shown to have greater control of their emotions and inhibitions compared to their female peers. Males' comparatively greater ability to remain calm under pressure is an often cited (but not "socially acceptable") reason behind the discrepancy of "leader roles" between the two sexes.

File 145135711661.png - (209.68KB , 246x305 , splendid.png )
1 No. 1 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What an agreeable board. No arguments here.
>> No. 15 [Edit]
They say that life is tit for tat
And thats the way I live.
So I deserve a lot of tat
For what I've got to give.

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