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File 144816727064.jpg - (92.89KB , 500x354 , f867112b0f324f23c6c550501b2291b6.jpg )
262 No. 262 [Edit]
Who here is racist? Against which race(s), and why? Was there any particular event which turned you into a racist?
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>> No. 263 [Edit]
I don't care much for Hispanics here in the US. I find them to be very dirty, annoying, and stupid people. I don't care about them 'stealing jobs' because they do the shit no one wants to anyway. They come into this country illegally and because they have no documentation they can easily get away with theft, rape, and assault. Many who are caught only get deported which for them is a free ticket back home. Because this isn't their home land they have little incentive not to fuck it up. My mom let one rent a room of ours and he kept stealing our stuff the whole time he was with us. They're surprisingly self entitled too and most of the time outright refuse to learn English and expect translators to be made available to them everywhere. As I said I don't care about them taking shitty jobs, but they're a direct drain on the economy as they send the bulk of the money they make here back to their oversize families in Mexico while living in complete squalor here. They'll pack themselves like sardines into run down houses to pay the least possible for rent (again to send money out of the country) and decimate property values in the surrounding area. Because they thrive in filth and refuse to adapt to the ways of this country they essentially infect areas like a disease and convert them into primary Hispanic areas where you need to know Spanish in order to get by. This isn't their country so they couldn't care less about vandalizing property in their area, or being annoying shits that blast the most fucking obnoxious and repetitive music imaginable endlessly. They take over the radio waves and set up disgusting run down restaurants and repulsive grocery stores all over where none of the employees speak English. Then they breed like there's no tomorrow starting with the girls getting pregnant at around 15 and popping out a litter of at least five per family, regardless of weather or not they can even support the kids. They're mind boggling ignorant people too, they almost seem to take pride in it. They're extremely religious and superstitious people that I've found will either laugh you off if you question their beliefs or get angry and even possibly violent with you.

Post edited on 21st Nov 2015, 11:04pm
>> No. 264 [Edit]
I'm racist. I'm racist against everybody because I hate everybody.
>> No. 268 [Edit]
I really don't get racism. How can you hate a race and think other races (most likely yours) are better?
Just open your eyes. The majority of pretty much everything is shit. Every human is an egoistic asshole, some show it more than others but deep down we're pretty much all the same. Most of the time racists are biased by their images of races, full of stereotypes and prejudices. In my experience the difference in race doesn't change anything. I know a lot of white scum that would make me embarrassed for being white, if I cared.
>> No. 269 [Edit]
I try to not dislike anyone or any group as I don't find it very useful in my current life. Hatred can be quite intoxicating but overall it's a negative experience, and I see it as a weakness in myself when I let myself feel it.
However, I would prefer to live in a white homogeneous society. Not only because my opinion so far is that whites are responsible for most of the things that I find positive about human culture, but also because it is much easier to get on with your own life when you know what you can expect from the people around you. Before mass immigration I could feel confident when standing at a bus stop that my fellow countrymen, if also waiting for the bus, would politely position themselves at least two meters away from me, now with all them ugly imported trolls its a different situation.
>> No. 270 [Edit]
>Every human is an egoistic asshole
>hate a race and think other races (most likely yours) are better
Looks like you just answered your own question. It's not limited to race either.
>> No. 278 [Edit]
Sure, I'm projecting having been assaulted by Hispanics, robbed by Hispanics, and bullied during my school years exclusively by Hispanics. I'm projecting that a Hispanic person tried to break into our house a few months ago. I'm projecting knowing multiple Hispanic people who have been in this country for decades but refuses to learn the language and has stated many times they have no reason to learn it because everyone they know here speaks Spanish anyway. I'm projecting having worked in the loss prevention industry and seeing the majority of theft and crime committed by Hispanics. I'm projecting having a family member in the real-state industry that has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars due to the incursion of Hispanics into areas where they owned property. I'm projecting having lived south of the boarder for a year in a run down dump which was somehow the nicest place on a block that looked like a landfill.
Sure bro, I'm 'projecting', and you're in denial.
>> No. 281 [Edit]
I mostly hate the corrupted politicians who bring them here to Europe, not the invading people themselves. Yes, I'm racist but I don't hate other races on their side of the globe.

I think multiculturalism is fine but blending all races together brings only one brown culture. In order to cultures to flourish peoples need to live separately.
>> No. 282 [Edit]
Biologically I don't know since I don't know enough about genetics to answer.

If it's about results we can agree that whites and northeastern Asians are the best.
>> No. 284 [Edit]
The stuff happening in Europe pisses me off more than I'd like to admit, but I'm not really a racist. Though that being said I don't go into any black part of town in the rare occasion that I have to go outside.
>> No. 285 [Edit]
I don't hate other races. I just hate savages. And a lot of third world immigrants, who also happen to be brown or black, are unfortunately just that - savages. If they were civilized I wouldn't care one bit.
>> No. 286 [Edit]
Southeast Asians in general. There literally fucking everywhere when I go to Toronto.
>> No. 287 [Edit]
East Asians tend to be manipulative & sneaky though and love bulshitting and acting fake and using other people. Especially Chinese, but Japanese & Koreans do it to to a certain extent.
>> No. 288 [Edit]
I think all races and ethnic groups have their flaws and strengths. That's always how I looked at it anyway, sure, there are the select few who differ from the norm of their cultural group but for the most part ethnic and even racial groups tend to have ways of acting that differ from other groups. So the way I look at it, every race and ethnicity is pretty crappy and the only way to get around having a crappy experience with them is to avoid getting into a situation where their crappier side would be exposed.
>> No. 289 [Edit]
File 145542466979.png - (9.68KB , 313x339 , 1455423687927.png )
People keep telling me to go back to the jungles but they don't understand. Thats exactly what I want but I'm too poor to move
>> No. 290 [Edit]
I grew up in a multiracial family so I'm mostly okay with Latinos and even most black people. I know the "hood" shit is just a choice, it's not like blacks genetically act like assholes.

It's the fucking Koreans, gypsies, and northern Chinese I can't stand. Gypsies and Mongol shits are a given, but Koreans are whiny, self-centered, and idiotic. When they aren't violent and smug, they're matronly and smug.

Since you're the Ireland of Asia, take a fucking hint from the Micks and just keep to yourselves instead of constantly whining about your historical inability to keep your country independent as if it's anyone else's fault but your own. If you build your entire cultural image on hating Japan and eating rotting shit caked cabbage nobody is going to give a shit about you besides wanting to fuck your carbon copy production line stamped "pop stars".
>> No. 291 [Edit]
Keep in mind that the Mexicans we get in the US are the worst of them. The cool Mexicans have it well off at home since they actually work hard and act like socialised people.
>> No. 294 [Edit]
I used to despise the general of my fellow mexicans, until I realized it was vulgarity and idiocy what I really loathed, disregard the etnicity. There really is a severe and ever growing decadence within mexican culture, but that's due to political and social abashment of no racial origin. In the end, I much prefer dealing with certain dark-skinned semiologist that I utterly respect, than with, say, blond christians.

Post edited on 21st Feb 2016, 1:49am
>> No. 295 [Edit]
>I'm not really a racist. Though that being said I don't go into any black part of town in the rare occasion that I have to go outside
You're most definitely a racist, buddy. It's just that racism is simply common sense.
Look up racial crime statistics in the US (or whatever country you live in), avoiding Blacks is perfectly logical if you want to avoid becoming victim of a crime.
It's called inductive reasoning, a philosophy professor I know made a good video about it:

>I don't care about them 'stealing jobs' because they do the shit no one wants to anyway
You should care about it. Mass-immigration messes up the distribution of wealth in society.
The laws of the market dictate that if a job needs to get done but nobody wants to do it, employers need to raise wages and improve working conditions until they attract enough workers who are willing to take the job.
But instead of doing that, employers simply lobby the government to flood our country's labor market with unskilled immigrants so that companies can get away with paying their employees the same shitty low wages.
Look up the Gastarbeiter program that flooded West Germany with cheap unskilled labor imported directly from the Balkans and from Turkey. Before that program was started, doing "the shit no one wants to do" was a good way of making money, back then garbage collectors made almost as much money as doctors or engineers.
Back in the day when leftists like W.E.B. Du Bois still actually cared about workers, they were against mass-immigration:
Today all they care about is destroying Western civilization.

>Who here is racist?
I'm a racist and a nationalist. I'm not offended if you call me a Nazi.
I believe that every ethnic group should have its own nation-state. Making different kinds of people live together in the same country creates tons of problems (we wouldn't be having this conversation if I wasn't right about this point). Just take a look at Syria, that's multiculturalism at work right there.
Also learning 日本語 helped turning me into a nationalist, because the more I became immersed in Japanese culture, the more envious I grew of the fact that they actually have a country of their own where they don't have to spend all day dealing with fucking immigrants who hate their nation and don't even speak their language.

>Against which race(s)
Mainly against Jews and Turks.

With Turks it was mostly a gut reaction that stems from living around them (in my school, there were more Turkish immigrants than native Germans). I simply thought their behavior and culture were absolutely disgusting, not to mention the horrible stench many of them give off as the result of their diet and poor hygiene.
I'd be perfectly fine with Turks if they'd simply stay in their own country. I don't think much about them anymore now that I live in a city that has very few of them, although the recent Muslim Rapefugee invasion has made it impossible not to think about immigrantion in general.
On an intellectual level, I try not to hate Turks and other immigrants too much, because the individual immigrant isn't at fault for my country's immigration policy.

As for Jews, I used to think positively of them, but then I read the Torah/Tanakh (i.e. the Old Testament) which made me realize how wicked their religion and subsequently much of their culture is.
Just take Isaiah 60 for example, which promises to the Jews a Jewish world government under which all nations of the earth will have to either bow down and serve Israel as slaves or be destroyed, and serves as an inspiration for today's religious Zionists:
None of this would matter if they weren't so powerful in our society. I mean just look at the big six media conglomerates that control 90% of American media and check out the ethnic background of the CEOs:
The Jews control virtually everything you see, hear and read in the mass media, thus unless you are aware of their power and their agenda, they practically own your mind.
>> No. 296 [Edit]
You make a very good point about Mexicans stealing jobs, I never thought of it that way. Thanks.
>> No. 298 [Edit]
You know what's stealing more jobs? It's not an ethnicity.
>> No. 299 [Edit]
Audio Counter-Currents Publishing - Greg Johnson, "The End of Globalization" - (4.26MB - 50 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 11:53

I'm generally against globalization. And mass-immigration is the globalization of the most important market of all, the labor market.
>> No. 300 [Edit]
You kidding me? It's so much easier to sing than English because of practically all the words ending in vowels. (Of course, Italian is even better on that count, as is Japanese.)
>> No. 301 [Edit]
If a country has to be one ethnicity to work, then how the hell has America ever worked in any capacity?
>> No. 302 [Edit]
>the more I became immersed in Japanese culture, the more envious I grew of the fact that they actually have a country of their own where they don't have to spend all day dealing with fucking immigrants who hate their nation and don't even speak their language.

Zainichi Koreans are a fucking enormous pain in the ass. Don't kid yourself. The government doesn't help matters since they give them special status shit and offer them handouts and special privileges instead of forcing them choose to either just accept Japanese citizenship or get the fuck out.

Oh and the bullshit they get people outside of Japan to lap up is incredible. Foreigners actually believe that the government won't give Zainichi citizenship. No, fucker, if anything, Koreans can get Japanese citizenship far, far easier than anyone else.
>> No. 303 [Edit]
I'm racist by the original meaning where you recognize the obvious differences between different human races. I don't want any sort of "supremacy" (it's a buzzword btw) but rather a pure homeland for my people in Europe. Every people deserves a land they can call their home. This multiculti cancer needs to stop and the handrubbers funding it their necks sliced.
>> No. 304 [Edit]
>If a country has to be one ethnicity to work, then how the hell has America ever worked in any capacity?

To play devil's advocate, the argument could be made that America has been declining sharply as the rate of mixed and non-white ethnicities continues to rise. Racist or no, human beings do have cultural differences. The resources it takes to maintain and overcome these boundaries costs valuable resources, to say nothing of the violence that stems from racial differences and tension.
>> No. 305 [Edit]
File 145892406034.png - (19.90KB , 644x413 , 2012election_by_race.png )
>If a country has to be one ethnicity to work
A multi-ethnic country can "work," it's just that ethnic diversity causes instability and a general reduction in the quality of life.
Just look at how Americans are constantly walking on eegshells for fear of saying something that could be construed as "racist" or otherwise "politically incorrect."
Democracy cannot work for long in a multi-racial society, the only way to keep such a place together is through autocratic government like in Singapore and the empires of the past.

>then how the hell has America ever worked in any capacity?
Mainly because America was 90% European American for most of its existence, with little to no power in the hands of African Americans. Being alone on a continent with vast natural resources and no serious geopolitical enemies also kind of helped.
But as America's racial homogeneity is being destroyed following the Jews' introduction of the 1965 Immigration Act, American politics are becoming less and less about what is best for the country and more about identity politics with the parties pandering to different ethnic groups.
America is essentially in the process of devolving from a nation-state into an empire. The fate of nations in times of political turmoil is to fuse together even more tightly, as was seen with the reunification of Germany during the break-up of the Eastern Bloc. The most common fate of empires is to break apart, often in a series of violent civil wars like those we witnessed during the disintegration of Yugoslavia.
>> No. 306 [Edit]
On occasion yes. When I'm socializing with racists, I change my mindset to one more like theirs, so I could get along with them better.
>> No. 313 [Edit]
Yeah I'll do this.

Everyone's a bit racist. That awkward white guy in high school who had a black best friend? He's a racist because he felt more comfortable around blacks because he'd never met any.

Honey bunches of oats? It relies on racism for it's success in their commericals.
>> No. 314 [Edit]
Because some people are different from you. Learning to accept everyone no matter what is at the core of what it means to be a good person

You must wash the feet of your enemies, and enjoy it. This is lesson one to achieving both peace and power
>> No. 322 [Edit]
Respect is a two-way street. The world would be a better place if more people understood this instead of hypocritically demanding tolerance and acceptance from people that they have no respect nor tolerance for.
>> No. 323 [Edit]
>eating rotting shit caked cabbage

I find kimchi to be in the same category as bleu cheese and natto:

If you grow up with it, it tastes wonderfully pungent, and its a flavor that is often craved. However, if you are not used to it, the fact that it is decomposing and fermenting is obvious to your senses, and your body will reject it. I learned to enjoy natto and kimchi simply by forcing myself to acquire a taste.
>> No. 324 [Edit]
Natto is excellent

...drenched in spicy mustard and soy sauce.
>> No. 325 [Edit]
Natto is good on rice, in a similar manner to soy sauce.

However, after acquiring a taste for it, kimchi also tastes good on rice, and is at least tolerable on its own.

On the same note, try to find a first-generation Chinese immigrant and seeing how much they like bleu cheese. You might just make them vomit.
>> No. 329 [Edit]
File 15016461204.jpg - (21.51KB , 375x284 , NEET Lulu.jpg )
I wasn't always racist but now I am a little bit against black people sometimes and I don't like it. I don't know how it happened but I think it's because I just spent time around the wrong kind of people, that is, racist people.
>> No. 339 [Edit]
I believe races should live separated, but I don't consider myself a racist. It's not black people's fault that they are inferior, they were born that way because of evolution. I guess Muslims have a larger role to play in their own degeneration, seeing as they culturally normalize cousin-marriage, with dire consequences for the health and IQ of their offspring.
I look up to the east-Asians, and I hope they don't fall in the same trap of racial suicide that the West has.
>> No. 345 [Edit]
Since I live in Europe I hold a huge disdain against Muslims and Blacks because they're savage rapists and murderers. Specially Muslims. They really should be removed.
>> No. 362 [Edit]
File 150736973143.png - (134.92KB , 331x547 , WiseChineseMilitaryMen.png )
I hate the Chinese so god-damned much. They are like Jews if you minus the intelligence and add billions (literally) of bodies.

They are also VERY ethno-nationlists, if you are not Chinese you are inferior (the irony is so many of them LEAVE CHINA because it is a shit-hole). Even if you are Chinese, if you are not rich, you are still inferior; all they care about is money and ethnicity.

I mean, this is a country so devoid of morals that they HARVEST ORGANS of their own god-damned people, and then cry about supposed Japanese war-crimes against them.
ANYTHING they do is to gain money or ehtnic superiority, they do not actually care about any sort of morals or politics or.

Suffice to say, I want them out of my country.
Places without mass Chinese immigrants think of them as hard workers, sure, they are, but they would sell your fucking liver if it was legal. They abide by the law out of fear of losing money, not any sort of moral grounds.
>> No. 367 [Edit]
I'm not racist in the sense of being a shittier person to certain races IRL or even having an emotional attachment or hatred with one race or another. But I am racist in the sense of being on the pro-racial side of the biological argument. Based on the scientific articles that I've read, I have become racist.
Usually, when a scientist or scientific journalist writes that race is an illegitimate idea or that races are not different mentally, they use little to no data and throw some bullshit sophistry at you, like "Intelligence and crime are caused by socioeconomic and cultural factors." when almost every adoption study from the past 30 years disproves this. They also love the argument from concensus, even though most scientists outside of the ideologically influenced West and ego-preserving brown person-populated countries, like scientists from China or Russia generally agree on racial differences.
>> No. 857 [Edit]
Even among "second generation" Chinese born in the US, I've still felt the vestigial lack of sympathy. They have no qualms taking advantage of others, and this behavior particularly emerges when they form their own cliques.

Relatedly, It's shocking to me how universities and companies in the United States welcome Chinese immigrants by the boatload (no doubt lured in by their money), when it's well-established that a majority of these people are sent by the PRC to spy and transfer intelligence/knowledge back.
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