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File 153108960040.jpg - (51.07KB , 1024x819 , 1524791284_84038297.jpg )
533 No. 533 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
/tat/ do you feel that anime artists depict females with unreasonably outsized and protruding genitals in order to appeal to homosexual, bisexual and other cock-hungry viewers?
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>> No. 540 [Edit]

sexy girl pic got my attention (yes, i'm that shallow and weak) and then i was annoyed by her over developed labia bulging in her panties. then i saw you posted the pic to bitch about this issue i cracked up laughing because it annoys the shit out of me. when i see adorable girls putting themselves on display, i don't like having something making me thing of ballsacks.

made me laugh. so true. but i still couldn't help posting...
>> No. 543 [Edit]
I wonder how many of the people who like puffy vulvas are closeted homosexuals who enjoy the similarity to a cock bulge.
>> No. 550 [Edit]
>> No. 623 [Edit]
vulvas arent that big

File 151716594268.jpg - (98.74KB , 839x1280 , 130580967753.jpg )
445 No. 445 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What has you political evolution been like?
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>> No. 619 [Edit]
the blind masses must be lead down the path to reason
>> No. 620 [Edit]
Spoiler and don't post 3D.
>> No. 621 [Edit]
Libertarian socialist --> Anarcho-syndicalist --> Anarcho-communist --> Libertarian --> Anarcho-capitalist --> White nationalist --> Fascist --> National socialist --> Nazbol --> Falangist --> Monarchist --> Neoreactionary --> Paleoconservative
>> No. 622 [Edit]
I started out very bluepilled by the education system and remained that way for a pretty long time. In my early teens I began seeing through the facades I called the truth. I went through a minor depresssive phase in my mid teens which in the end made me see the world in a clearer, more realist way. I eventually switched to the right and later found my personal belief in a classical, high risk, libertarian world, with some right wing swing to it, and stayed that way since. Sure, there were some small changes and phases, but my overall belief is still the same.

File 151529321766.jpg - (130.73KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Gabriel DropOut - 02 [720p]_mkv_sna.jpg )
567 No. 567 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
This country is not only financially bankrupt but morally as well. This nation has become a den of depravity debauchery, greed, gluttony and degenerate behavior. Worst part is, people here actually take pride in it. It's a place where bad is good, where people think it's cool to be a trouble making hoodlum. A common saying is that rules are made to be broken. People here have no respect for anything, but of course they'll demand it all the same.

Meanwhile you have this wide spread hug box mentality where everyone is over sensitive and easily offended. you aren't allowed to be mean or say anything hurtful, question anyone's life styles, or really disapprove of anything. The modern day treatment of racism makes a complete mockery of everything people fought so hard for just decades ago. They call this the land of the free in spite of the fact it's economy was founded on black slave labor, the transit system and expansion was built on the backs of Chinese, meanwhile Americans systematically slaughtered the natives to the point of near extinction while destroying their culture and breaking their spirit, turning them into fat drunken drugged up wastes of human lives. Only to then oppress women too in the many years that followed. Land of the free my ass. Used to be racism meant segregated bathrooms or not allowing blacks into schools. Racism was refusing to hire or sell to someone based on their race. Now people call you racist if you ask someone their race, if you don't have x amount of colored people working for you, if you say "colored people" or even say "black people". They want you to say "African American" enough though many black people here have never been to Africa or have any ties to the continent. Used to be it was sexist to not allow women to vote or drive, now you get called sexist for telling a girl she looks good that day. They'll even call games sexist if the girls in them look cute and not fat/ugly like themselves. Just mistaking a person of one race for another will get you labeled as racist, as if to put you in the same boat as kkk members who burn crosses in front of people's homes.

People here are paranoid to insane degrees about anything that might harm their children and baby them to an extreme while banning everything in sight that so much
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>> No. 615 [Edit]
That's just how imageboard debates (hell all debates) work. Anon will cherry pick a few points from each other's arguments to in order to invalidate the overall message or stance of the person. You can say 99 things out of a 100 right, but people will rip into you for that 1 thing you got wrong.

I agree this should be moved to /tat/ by the way.
>> No. 616 [Edit]
Then don't make 100 complaints at once and be shocked when the contentious ones are protested against
>> No. 617 [Edit]
Who's shocked? I'm just telling him like it is.
>> No. 618 [Edit]
Also to the people reading this on /tat/, a lot of the frustrated replies are from people upset this was posted on /so/.

File 152796676011.png - (192.48KB , 800x1200 , index.png )
519 No. 519 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
So, what's your current political standing? Find out:
Mine, pic related and:
>Additional characteristics (textless icon at the bottom):
>Pragmatism : politics objectively boil down to looking at where the problems are and trying to solve them according to the means available.
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>> No. 553 [Edit]
>the definition of alt-right changes quite fast being a new ideology.
That's because it was never a ideology too begin with. It was a made-up blanket term resurrected by Hillary Clinton's 2016 election campaign. It conflates MANY groups (that never liked or agreed with each other in the first place) into one. Of course fucking faggots like that cingelord Dicky Spencer or that Millennial Woes faggot allow their enemy's too define them playing right into their hands.
>> No. 559 [Edit]
File 153937526966.png - (156.86KB , 668x972 , Save.png )
>> No. 565 [Edit]
I am apparently constructivist, rehabilitative justice oriented, progressive, and a whole lot less definitive answers. Not sure if I fully agree with this, as I would feel these answers need more nuance. Equality, humanity, work. Also pragmatism with mild hints of missionary.
>> No. 566 [Edit]
File 154605746057.png - (205.15KB , 800x1200 , political_opinion.png )
I got a pretty boring flag

File 151949238591.jpg - (36.82KB , 640x480 , 034958.jpg )
460 No. 460 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Food production is a big issue for the world. Food shortages, booming population, deteriorating croplands are usually the reason for the collapse of many earlier civilizations... And now the whole world is feeling the same kind of pressure. It's hard to feed so many people. I read a book called "full planets, empty plates" by lester brown, i thought it was a good book... it has a sense of dread and urgency, makes me feel like the problem is beyond our saving.

There are too many humans on earth. The eternal struggle to reproduce. How do you feel about all of this?
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>> No. 503 [Edit]
I think the biggest problem is going to be the spread of "the western diet" with the increasing wealth in poorer countries, which means an increase in consumption of meat. We're already seeing it with China, but if projections are correct then it is going to spread to places like India(possibly, religion may effect it there), South-east Asia, and Africa in the coming decades. Meat is far less efficient than crops and vegetables, not to mention that livestock are major producers of greenhouse gasses.
>> No. 516 [Edit]
Indians mostly eat chicken, and SEA Asians are freaking out about their health and only eating fish.
Meat is just as efficient as vegetables, otherwise we would not be evolutionarily inclined to eat it. That is, it provides much more calories the body needs per gram than vegetables.
>> No. 546 [Edit]
Read the book Can Life Prevail? by Pentti Linkola for more info about deep ecology and overpopulation. Technological Slavery by Ted Kaczynski is another good book which critiques modern industrialism and cultural issues. The Collapse of Western Civilization by Erik M. Conway and Naomi Oreskes is also okay (it's about climate change), though it has an annoyingly liberal slant to it. Linkola's brand of right-wing ecology and advocacy for small and sustainable communities is nicer, in my opinion.

Capitalism and democracy will be the death of humanity. We will continue to consume unsustainably and increase our numbers if we don't make drastic changes to society.
>> No. 560 [Edit]
The issue as I see it will not be a lack of food but the type of food. Meat takes much more to produce than rice or wheat does, if it ever came to such that we were facing food shortages the answer would be to stop producing meat in as large amounts.

File 153801777356.png - (173.22KB , 1439x773 , crunchyroll.png )
554 No. 554 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Crunchyroll is finally starting to catch flak for something we've known for years
>> No. 557 [Edit]
About time!
>> No. 558 [Edit]
But mai supporting dur industry!!

File 151871641512.png - (339.48KB , 918x1000 , 1490227715572.png )
458 No. 458 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Don't you think it's just a little suspicious that the first nation to get a drug bust, in the Korean Winter Olympics, was Japan?
>> No. 548 [Edit]
There were olympics this year huh?
>> No. 549 [Edit]
Glad to know I wasn't the only one who paid basically zero attention to it. It feels like it was barely mentioned in general.

File 15239375011.png - (95.46KB , 1080x393 , Danmemocensor.png )
489 No. 489 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Not me ;_;
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>> No. 507 [Edit]
The way I see shit like this, is that it only supports piracy in the long run. Funimation is desperate despite keeping up appearances, not that their dubs were anything more than slightly longer abridged series anyway.

They don't pick up all airing shows because of licensing. Netflix keeps taking advantage of studios with "deals" and end up killing the hype because of their shitty practices and refusing to simulcast (Hisone definitely is going to be completely missed by the majority of Anglophones because of this, just look at the lukewarm LWA reception).

CR is just doing what it thinks is profitable, and consulting with this "anime fe#ini#st" for now. There is nothing indicating that they will not listen to her more in the future, especially if titles become labeled as "problematic" in the future (I.e.: not passing her ideological litmus test). The fact that she is only judging these shows based on their merits in her ideology is very telling of what the future may look like, and how sanitized things will be if anime becomes more mainstream and "normalized".

In essence, the issue isn't just limited to licensors and localizers and streaming platforms. It has wider reaching implications for the subculture at large, and there is a very real possibility that the efforts of bullshit Western culture imperialists will have an effect on the anime industry. Be on the lookout or your backlogs will be the only thing you have left. In the end, the decision lies with the people who think they can make money by doing something differently.
>> No. 508 [Edit]
Dear god, you can't be serious.
>> No. 510 [Edit]
File 152494820982.png - (226.92KB , 500x360 , kannatears.png )
If only that was the case:
>> No. 541 [Edit]
File 153166208883.jpg - (789.01KB , 3024x3527 , 2017-07-06-912960.jpg )
this fear is common in the anime community, and has been brought up many times. but the fact that this fear is so commonplace should reassure you. a big reason anime fans like anime is because of the ethos which is so distant from the ethos of the west. if they were to significantly change anime to make it more PC then it would alienate the majority of its audience while appeasing a tiny minority that only exists in western nations.


every anime fan i know hates official dubs (excluding nostalgia ones like cowboy bebop) and i would argue dubbed anime is aimed towards more casual western fans and as such, this PC fucking garbage jammed into the anime is meant to appeal to this audience. however, those casual western fans make up a small fraction of the global market. as such these fears that anime will be poisoned is not realistic.

we all just get into a panic when we think our loli girls are at risk.

the issues that are poisoning the gaming community will not spread to anime in the same way. the videogame issues refered to in this thread pertain purely to what is happening in the western market, where trends are set by western compaines making games aimed at westerners which are subject to western evaluation and censorship. the horrifying shit going on in this facet of the media world is not indicative of what is going on in the anime world.

tldr; don't worry, our lolis are safe

File 153160611937.jpg - (205.58KB , 1059x754 , n.jpg )
538 No. 538 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
you ever think of all the humans in the past that struggled so hard for whatever cause they believed in? and now they're all gone like dust in the wind.

File 151125413161.jpg - (109.84KB , 1280x720 , [aniKoi] Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu S.jpg )
380 No. 380 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What are some thing you believe that most people wouldn't agree with, or would possibly get upset about if you told them how you really feel about it?
33 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 518 [Edit]
I fully agree with you, except on the "extreme perversion". I believer that to qualify as depraved, you have to be conscious of what you're doing being morally wrong, yet I have noticed (specially in the last 3-4 years) that there's a lot of brainwashing agenda going on trying to "convert" people into it by normalizing it in all forms as an ideal lifestyle. Point being that for some people, being gay is just "all they know" and get out of that prison without help. I guess the same rings true for all outcomes of degeneracy in general.
>> No. 528 [Edit]
Yeah, I suppose that's possible considering something like "affluenza" is a term that exists as well.
>> No. 532 [Edit]
Fahrenheit is a better measurement of temperature, in any use outside of scientific fields/math/etc. or where anything needs precise measurement. For regular use when describing weather or temperatures that don't have to be precise or specific, fahrenheit is best. It happens to be in a perfect range (0-100) of almost all temperatures we have to deal with on a daily basis and makes sense particularly with weather. I don't care as much about the other units of measure, but I do like fahrenheit.
>> No. 537 [Edit]
I couldn't disagree more, it's a dumb, obsolete and outright useless measurement. Celsius makes perfect sense: At 0°C water freezes at average pressure and at 100°C it boils. You just think that way because you use it. Literally everyone else in the world except for literal-shithole Liberia regards it as pointless.

File 152394716031.png - (72.69KB , 452x102 , were%20not%20interested%20in%203d.png )
493 No. 493 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
do you ever worry that certain elements of society misinterpret the enthusiasm we express for 2d girls and think that it somehow means that we value human females in the same way? does drooling over anime cuties empower feminists?
>> No. 494 [Edit]
>does drooling over anime cuties empower feminists?
They might be delusional and insane, but "anime cuties" display a type of female that psychotic feminists hate. Those girls are in good physical shape, they're well liked with good personalities and style, and purity to match.
Feminists tend to be fat whorish entitled nasty bitches. What anime girls represent is 'possible' for women, but it takes a lot of work to stay fit and take care of yourself among other things. Most of them are too far gone anyway to ever be decent people. So instead it's easier to just lash out with bitterness and hate, call anime girls whores and unrealistic standards, and claim the men who like them are pathetic sexist pigs virgin losers ect. If they had it their way they'd ban anime, or make all anime women masculine fat sluts with shaved heads.
>> No. 500 [Edit]
No. Women hate being compared to idealized females, real people are imperfect and ultimately shitty.
This is also why fujoshi almost never have boyfriends, noone can match up to what is designed to be perfectly attractive instead of to function in the real world. Men resent competing with fictional characters, same as women.
The queers seem to be more of a mixed bag, as usual. Some gay men read yaoi or crossdress cosplay, I've seen some lesbians identify with lesbian characters.
2D girls and guys are closer to religious idols than people, they are superior yet incomplete imitations of people, that's why some people adore them and other people mock them.
Whatever happens with this supposed Animegate nonsense, the truth will be buried in insults, attacks, and lies from both sides.
>> No. 530 [Edit]

Yeah this is why feminists nowadays latch to cartoons with animesque elements instead since cartoon females are as ugly, if not more so, than themselves.

SJWs love to see themselves "represented" on fictional media for reasons I just don't get, Anime is aspirational and idealistic, so it represents what the Japanese people value as ideal.

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