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File 151125413161.jpg - (109.84KB , 1280x720 , [aniKoi] Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu S.jpg )
380 No. 380 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What are some thing you believe that most people wouldn't agree with, or would possibly get upset about if you told them how you really feel about it?
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>> No. 478 [Edit]
It does seem like the increased faggotry in the western world is a reaction to men just not being able to keep up with modern women. Have you ever heard about the mouse utopia experiment? I recommend you reading a bit about it, the mouses were forced to live in a "society" which reflected that of ours and both males and females gradually became homosexual due to the risks that were attached to mating with mouses of the opposite sex simply not being worth it in their eyes.
Could you perhaps explain why you think Steins;Gate is so great in your opinion? I have only seen praise online for it so far and have never seen anyone really criticise it so I really feel alone in disliking it strongly. Here's my stance on it:
One of the main issues with the show to me is the characters, who are insanely annoying. The MC behaves like a chuuni and while it was probably the writer's intention to make him come off as an eccentric "geek", it really just made it painful to watch any scene with him in it. His behaviour was quite unrealistic for someone his age.
Another main issue is that while I did like the second half, the first half was quite boring and it had nothing in it to make me keep watching. The only reason why I kept watching those first episodes was because it was Steins;Gate, it's famous and I wanted to see why the hell people liked it so much but the show itself had nothing going for it. I have seen the first episode serveral times yet I dropped it constantly half the way through because it was just difficult to get through it.
Then there was the ending which seemed badly paced to me, I would have preferred if the whole ordeal with Kurisu had been given a few more episodes.
While many online claim it to be one of the, if not, the best sci-fi anime of all time, in truth it's really just a bad harem show which tries to come off as deep by using somewhat obscure scientific terms which the writer had probably read a few google search results of and barely understood himself.
>> No. 479 [Edit]
>men just not being able to keep up with modern women
Men are perfectly able to, just unwilling. Marriages and families are very much still commonplace, it's just that entertainment and access to it has made life much more fun and comfortable than it has ever been, so socialization and its annoying micromanagement mini-games are taking a back seat.
>have never seen anyone really criticise it so I really feel alone
I'll assume you don't frequent any other imageboards because tons of people think S;G is overrated and cliched, specially women who argue the whole scenario is built with the basis of dating sim (which I don't fully disagree with).
>The MC behaves like a chuuni
This is explained in the series. [SPOILERS]Okabe acts as a eccentric mad scientist for the sake of Mayuri, who is stated and shown to be depressive due to her childhood trauma(s), and as a deterrent of her (apparent) potential suicidal tendencies.
>His behaviour was quite unrealistic for someone his age.
Now I'll assume you connect to the internet on a 32 kbit/sec modem from a remote 1-person island because I can't believe you have never met anyone over 18 (Okabe's age in S;G) who acts like a weirdo or even role plays for fun, specially online, where it seems people that act that way are practically in every single online community. And it's not just men.
>it was just difficult to get through it.
You're allowed to dislike what others seem to enjoy. If it's not for you, that's the end of it. I don't get sports / e-sports / space operas fandom and find them boring and lame, yet a massive amount of people love these, and that's fine.
>many online claim it to be one of the, if not, the best sci-fi anime of all time
More than sci-fi, it's the anime (or even just media in general) that has used time trav
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 480 [Edit]
>Men are perfectly able to, just unwilling
Yeah because they don't want to risk getting divorced and then being forced to pay alimentation for the rest of their life while lonely and poor and being played off as the "bad guy" by their mother to their children. Which is pretty much the same as not being able to because why the hell would you want to live like that? It's just not worth it.
That one scene where he talks about her being a hostage doesn't really excuse all the other retarded behaviour nor is it really a proper explanation since it's only shown once and never brought up again.
>I can't believe you have never met anyone over 18 (Okabe's age in S;G) who acts like a weirdo or even role plays for fun
I'm glad I haven't. If you're one of these people then you're sadly my first annoying encounter with this sort of person.
>And it's not just men
Why are you so obsessed with mentioning the differences between men and women? This is the third time in your post already, keep the subject to anime please. I'd like to keep identity politics and hobbies seperated.
>it's the anime (or even just media in general) that has used time travel with the most respect to the physics and (relatively) realistic consequences
That's just because there barely exist any anime about time travel. When there's barely anything to compare it to it's easy to say it's the best one. When you stop looking at it from a comparison angle and just see it as it is though you'll realise that it's really not that realistic. I mean, the trap guy becoming a woman has no influence at all on them becoming friends when him being a trap was an essential part of their first interaction? They didn't even bother changing his/her memories of this first encounter, it's just exactly the same. It's
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 481 [Edit]
>nor is it really a proper explanation
Hmmm, maybe it's a language barrier thing or lack of attention. It seemed crystal clear to me why he acts the part of a mad scientiest.
>keep the subject to anime please
I was talking about anime, which I assume you have watched practically none of, at this point, if you have never encountered this stereotype.
>If you're one of these people
I'd say you'd qualify if you're the same anon who puts quotes when replying to others, like in that political stance thread.
>It's also never explained why some characters still have their memories of other timelines
They explained it several times. No wonder you can't see past your vitriol if you don't even pay attention. Unsurprising though.
>you're just going straight for the ad hominem
I didn't insult you though. An opinion can be ignorant and tiresome without the commenter being so overall. The irony is that you proved yourself to be the very same thing you described: extremely biased and obtuse. Why would I write a detailed sequence of posts to explain you the series, when you'll end up replying whatever you deem convenient to keep your position, specially when you can easily find that information already written online? You want me to spoonfeed you for no other purpose that to appeal to your own ego. And I never said you were wrong, because what you like or not is subjective based on your own personality and experience. Moreover, I even emphasized that there wasn't anything wrong with you disliking the series, but at this point you're just reading what you want to fabricate an excuse not to move from your standing.

File 151716594268.jpg - (98.74KB , 839x1280 , 130580967753.jpg )
445 No. 445 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What has you political evolution been like?
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>> No. 459 [Edit]
File 151919916622.jpg - (57.50KB , 640x480 , Animeliberty.jpg )
Centre Left Social Democrat (Childhood) -> Far Right Nationalist (Adolescence) -> Centre Right Libertarian (Now)
>> No. 469 [Edit]
Political apathy but with highly conservative beliefs on specific social matters -> Libertarianism (but more socially conservative than its mainstream form I guess) -> national socialism/fascism/any ideology that is against a certain group that starts with the letter 'j'
>> No. 475 [Edit]
i'm a kind of average/slightly below average hikki neet failure at life and i'm absolutely positive that i know exactly how anything and everything should be run. just ask me an i'll tell you. its the secret of all of my success, don't doubt me.
>> No. 477 [Edit]
Are you mentally retarded?
Who are you to decide what is best for everybody? You are being such a hypocrite that it is impossible for you not to be retarded, to not noitce it. I'm aware it is satire, that is exactly where the hypocrisy comes from.
And I'm sure you've been pointed out before, yet again and again you come back with your special opinions, as if though nothing had happened.

'But if you really struck one of these fellows so telling a blow that, observed by the audience, he couldn't help but agree, and if you believed that this had taken you at least one step forward, your amazement was great the next day. The Jew had not the slightest recollection of the day before, he rattled off his same old nonsense as though nothing at all had happened, and, if indignantly challenged, affected amazement; he couldn't remember a thing, except that he had proved the correctness of his assertions the previous day'.

File 151992395331.png - (100.02KB , 327x867 , Mary-san.png )
467 No. 467 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
The Korean War, and I guess the Vietnam War, would technically be civil wars wouldn't they?
>> No. 468 [Edit]
yes and so was the communist revolution in tibet

File 151949238591.jpg - (36.82KB , 640x480 , 034958.jpg )
460 No. 460 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Food production is a big issue for the world. Food shortages, booming population, deteriorating croplands are usually the reason for the collapse of many earlier civilizations... And now the whole world is feeling the same kind of pressure. It's hard to feed so many people. I read a book called "full planets, empty plates" by lester brown, i thought it was a good book... it has a sense of dread and urgency, makes me feel like the problem is beyond our saving.

There are too many humans on earth. The eternal struggle to reproduce. How do you feel about all of this?
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>> No. 463 [Edit]
Haber-Bosch process.
>> No. 464 [Edit]
If population is the issue, just unleash viruses in Africa, the Middle East and India.
>> No. 465 [Edit]
File 151974068977.jpg - (382.35KB , 1160x795 , BoxerTroops.jpg )
You forgot People's Republic of China, which has the most population of the Earth (and probably pollute the most as well).

And bio-warfare is too boring, I traditional war would be more fun.
>> No. 466 [Edit]
Nah, China is for getting nuked. All of it. Including Hong Kong.

File 151871641512.png - (339.48KB , 918x1000 , 1490227715572.png )
458 No. 458 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Don't you think it's just a little suspicious that the first nation to get a drug bust, in the Korean Winter Olympics, was Japan?

File 151084937447.jpg - (385.48KB , 1291x650 , 1391169946941.jpg )
374 No. 374 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Did you know that, ever since the US forced Japan to do Democracy, the Japanese have elected the Liberal Democratic Party 95% of the time?
That means the LDP has been in government ever since 1945, with only maybe two exceptions.

What ever the Americans had hoped Democracy would do, I don't think they achieved it.
>> No. 375 [Edit]
It's more difficult for East Asians to accept individualistic features into their societies. I think it's probably biological. Also reinforced by thousands of years of cultural development.
>> No. 451 [Edit]
Every time another party or coalition gets power, they royally mismanage the whole thing.

Murayama statement, which Japan is still dealing with since any apology is considered an admission of national guilt, Hatoyama who was and is an impotent lunatic with a batshit insane wife and fucked with the SOFA, Kan, who mismanaged the 3/11 disaster so spectacularly you would think he was doing it on purpose. DPJ is a laughing stock for a reason.

If the opposition were hellbent on making your country a defenseless shithole that can't recover from the disasters that the country is known to be prone to, you would vote for the only party with a competent track record, too, instead of the Yoko Ono style whackjobs who live in some sort of land where putting flowers in QBZ-95 rifles does anything.
>> No. 453 [Edit]
I find it interesting how the LDP is practically guaranteed victory but tax money still has to be spent to put on the show of Democracy.
Mottai nai, yet they have to do it because of the foreign, military enforced constitution.

Also just saw this:
>From the 1950s through the 1970s, the United States Central Intelligence Agency spent millions of dollars attempting to influence elections in Japan to favor the LDP against more leftist parties such as the Socialists and the Communists,[14][15] although this was not revealed until the mid-1990s when it was exposed by The New York Times.[16]
The irony.

File 151591076418.jpg - (21.07KB , 500x273 , image.jpg )
429 No. 429 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
as an example on how things never play out the way they do in the movies, here's the ending to the original 1964 Willy Wonka as is followed by how it would play out in real life

>Willy Wonka movie

Grampa Joe: it's an elevator

Wonka: it's a wonka vator! an elevator can only go up and down, but the wonka vator can go up and down, side to side, long ways and short ways, and up and till now I've pressed them all! except that one! go ahead Charlie!

now lets see how that same scene would play out if Willy Wonka had Aspergers syndrome

>Willy Wonka real life

Grandpa Joe: it's an elevator

you: it's a wonka vator! an elevator can only go…
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 430 [Edit]
WARNING: Please refrain from misusing the quoting function in the future. I understand it's tempting to use it as a way to "format" a post, but it's still an infraction.

With that said, and taking the mod hat off, I don't really get the point you're trying to bring across regarding Asperger's, specially since there's little to debate. Fiction in general is hardly ever realistic so it'd be silly to expect such property from a children's novel, specially a fantastical one where a chocolate factory has a river of chocolate in it. To double down, expecting a children's book to be a guideline for how to behave towards people with mental issues is unrealistic at best and entitled at worst.
>it's the responsibility of society... that these types of societal problems don't stick around for future generations of Aspergers to suffer through
Society doesn't owe you nor others with Asperger's anything. It's not society's fault you have such issues and it's certainly not its responsibility to pander to you. Regardless, it'd be nice people in general were less adamant to keep a double-standard regarding personality and developmental disorders where they are embracing of some yet despondent to others.
>clean up your act and your reward is a brighter tomorrow.
Only eugenics will achieve that.

Post edited on 14th Jan 2018, 5:00am
>> No. 431 [Edit]
From both personal experience and observation of those with aspergers doing something similar to people on TV or even flat out mimicking word for word something a character said they end up getting a completely different reaction in real life then what the character on TV got, that's what the op scenario is meant to convey.
>> No. 432 [Edit]
"Please refrain from misusing the quoting function in the future."

Sorry about that, I actually copied and pasted this op to several different sites, and didn't remember that rule before pasting it here.
>> No. 433 [Edit]
>flat out mimicking word for word something a character said they end up getting a completely different reaction
Yes, I understood that. What I meant was that you may not think it but it would have a different reaction with people that don't have Asperger's as well. Conversations in media are scripted, written in particular way to achieve a particular goal. They don't generally follow a realistic scenario. I don't consider myself normal, but I'm relatively certain I don't have Asperger's, and yet the scene would have been vastly differently as well if I was opposite to the Wonka character.

File 149949739863.png - (87.35KB , 1888x714 , LinuxCommunistII.png )
254 No. 254 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Did you realise things like piracy and open-software are the tools of, and propogated by, anarcho-communists?
I would guess most people don't, yet lots are ardent defenders of such things but they probably do not even know why. I was once like that myself.

'Anarchist scholar Uri Gordon has said that:
"the collaborative development of free software like the Linux operating system and applications such as OpenOffice clearly approximate an informational anarchist communism. Moreover, for anarchists it is precisely the logic of expropriation and electronic piracy that enables a radical political extension of the cultural ideals of the free manipulation, circulation and use of information associated with the "hacker ethic" (Himanen 2001). The space of illegality created by P2P (peer-to-peer) file-sharing opens up the possibility, not only of the open circulation of freely-given information and software as it is on the Internet today, but also of conscious copyright violation. The Internet, then, enables not only communist relations around information, but also the militant contamination and erosion of non-communist regimes of knowledge—a technological "weapon" to equalise access to information, eating away at intellectual property rights by rendering them unenforceable.[129]'
22 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 434 [Edit]
yeah, cause capitalism works definitely well right?
fuck i'm becoming really tired of americans on the internet. You can't do anything against early-childhood macchartyist propaganda.
>> No. 435 [Edit]
I'm from the US but I've always hated the way people treat the concept of communism as objectively bad and the word itself like something foul. People here think no other system can work because humans are naturally selfish and greedy, ignoring the idea that they've simply been raised to be that way. Like programmed machines people point to Russia as the best and only needed example of why communism wont work, while conveniently forgetting what happened to Rome which had capitalist features and was just as big and powerful then as the US is today.
>> No. 436 [Edit]
File 151609305920.jpg - (123.88KB , 900x675 , ref2-24645.jpg )
American-style Capitalism is a shit show. Fuck that and fuck Communism.
Both preach that 'all men are born equal', so both are equally as stupid.

The Roman Empire alone lasted over one thousand years. And the USA is closer to the Roman Republic than the Empire. Roman Republic was pretty shit, which is why Julius Caesar started a civl war over it.
>> No. 437 [Edit]
File 151611787851.jpg - (6.22KB , 300x150 , goolag.jpg )
>Clearly computer nerds can't accept the fact that they have been the 'useful idiots' for Anarcho-Communists.
We're "idiots" because we've created an environment where we can now start IT-related businesses without paying thousands of dollars for shitty software packages? Interesting.

Having an Open Source software infrastructure isn't any more "communistic" than having a system of roads that anyone can use.

I actually hate it when Commies take credit for Open Source. Communist governments didn't do shit to support Linux compared to corporations like Intel. The Copyleft principle also cannot function in anarchy, because it relies on an established court system and the rule of law to enforce the terms of the GPL.

As far as political groups go, the chief beneficiaries of open source software and related technologies at the moment are nationalists, since they are the only group that is actively being fought by most globalist corporations.

For example, websites like and are all banned from PayPal, and the Institute for Historical Review is even being refused service by all major credit card companies. So they all ended up relying on Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies for donations and payments.
Daily Stormer was the first website in US history to be kicked off of its own .com domain without hosting any content that is illegal under US law, so they went on TOR so people could still read the site.
When you look at how Twitter, Facebook, Cloudflare and most webhosting companies kick (white) nationalists off of their services all the time, it would actually be conceivable that people would start getting locked out of their iPhones and Windows computers for their political beliefs. Can't do that with Open Source systems though, so Microsoft and Apple aren't going to risk this.

File 151365409428.jpg - (48.39KB , 1280x720 , pwnodera.jpg )
405 No. 405 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
this retard is going to die in jail because he was desperate to be one of the krazy kewl kids on 4chumps
warning that this link contains images of 3dpd larpers, tryhards, wannabes and posers
this loser was a scientology protester at one point a long time ago, a big fan of the chan clearly, but no signs he was never interested weeabootry of any sort.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 407 [Edit]
File 151369355577.png - (74.57KB , 180x227 , 1493230462206.png )
But the USA was the one who funds ISIS with weapons to fight 'oppressive dictators' like Assad.
Does this mean the USA should be imprisoned for life?
>> No. 411 [Edit]
Yes. Very much yes. A million times yes. Yes.
>> No. 413 [Edit]
Over here in Germany and Austria, even sending funny pictures to your friends on whatsapp can land you in prison for a year:
>> No. 428 [Edit]
>help i'm being oppressed, i'm a victim! everyone give me upvotes for sympathy
i don't understand this instinct, but i would also like to point out that the entire genesis of online ironic nazidom is that people were upset about video games being banned in germany because of swastika content around the turn of the millennia. i think there was a lucasarts luftwaffe game that was one of them.
so its not like you're discovering some new issue or something, kid.

File 151410356384.jpg - (124.92KB , 1280x720 , [BakedFish] Ai Mai Mii Surgical Friends - 08 [720p.jpg )
409 No. 409 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is earth flat, round, or upside down?
>> No. 422 [Edit]
Didn't all the flat earth people come out and admit it was just a huge practical joke?

File 151107707276.png - (135.20KB , 349x333 , 1080240_1342802474977_full.png )
376 No. 376 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
lets say there was a nation of otaku, the whole country populated exclusively by people who were only interested in anime, manga, and related games, merchandise and unauthorized pornagraphy, etc.
if a whole bunch of people who weren't otaku announced that they wanted to immigrate to otakuland and not adopt the local culture, but to try and change the otakuland culture so that it more closely resembles the place the immigrants originated from, do you think that the otakulanders should welcome the immigrants with open arms or do you think that they should try to keep the immigrants out?
5 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 387 [Edit]
File 151131049083.png - (3.01MB , 1768x2548 , 1490646148023.png )
Japan's birth rate is up over the past decade.
>> No. 394 [Edit]
And it's not going to die. They don't need to breed to be; though some benefit from people believing this myth. If anything it's good because populations need to start shrinking dramatically.
Desperately throwing more and more bodies onto the pyres of glorious market won't work forever. It's killing humanity, what irony.
Even if people are considered disposable and free (as in "free beer") space and resources are not unlimited. But this barbarian economy keeps the rich and powerful in control so nothing will ever change. Even if it means misery for billions and eventually extinction for all they'll keep us living like yeast, trapped in futile cycle of consumption and multiplication until there's no more sugar left, only a deadly amount of alcohol.

Immigration is exploited to prolong this suffering. Immigrants are used to fuck up locals and break up homogenous nations into more manageable melange, they also provide dirt cheap slave-fuel needed to keep the machine going unchanged. They're strikebreakers.
>> No. 408 [Edit]

*throws acid on your dakimakura and rapes it*
>> No. 410 [Edit]
Pretty much on-point. Though I doubt the extinction part, even the Black Plague couldn't finish us off (in fact made life better after-wards due to culling of people raised an individual's worth).

And there's the paradox stated by pro-immigrants: 1) they'll do the jobs we won't want to do, 2) they aren't stealing your jobs, you're being a fear-monger.

Funnily, I learnt first-hand how mass-immigration just pushes you down a class, to make room, from when they moved the Koreans and Taiwanese to the Global Love Live SIF.
Before they came I would often get two SR with average effort (from events), now I don't even get one.

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