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File 167347145385.png - (2.31MB , 1287x1242 , 1619500705720.png )
1632 No. 1632 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Where does the rumor that anime turns you into a tranny come from? Why do so many people think that?
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>> No. 1686 [Edit]
If awareness/acceptance hasn't been widespread (or has been less widespread), how could anyone possibly know what's proportional?

Not that people wouldn't be confused by social pressure, I'm aware of one youtuber who misidentified their issue as being trans and ended up giving themselves gender dysphoria. But I think that would mean they *didn't* end up as trans.

Are you saying that, in your view, people who have homosexual desires but choose not to act on them aren't homosexual/bi? And analogously, people who may desire it but choose not to transition are not trans?
>> No. 1687 [Edit]
>If awareness/acceptance hasn't been widespread (or has been less widespread), how could anyone possibly know what's proportional?
This. You'd think there was fewer gay people a few decades ago too if you only looked at the number of self-identifying ones.

Post edited on 3rd May 2023, 3:51pm
>> No. 1719 [Edit]
Btw separate anon to thread progression over here...

You could be anything you wanted by the 80's. I think the difference is in you being told it's good for society. That you're gay or a furry or a MAP; it's positive. "Well if it's not bad for society and it's not hurting anybody, then I guess I'm a furry."

I don't think you're gay in having gay thoughts either. Latent homosexuality is born that way and can seldom help acting that way. You're just somebody who hasn't delineated for whatever reason between varieties of love e.g. Eros, philo, agape etc if you're in that sort of boat. Sometimes it's just immaturity. If the frequency of the thoughts is a daily occurrence, maybe you're gay, but then you could just have an Oxytocin addiction also and manifest that from the halo effect in a man's company.

Same goes for the anon below you - you're more likely autistic than homosex.
>> No. 1736 [Edit]
File 16997753381.jpg - (644.89KB , 2048x2048 , 1696161159997962.jpg )
I think what is key here is community and not content. Otherwise we would dealing with a lot more trannies from the past. I just really can't believe that anime, in isolation, no matter how girly the content may be that it would convince someone that they are a female. They would need to have this idea from the start or peer pressured into them.

Though I do wonder, if some of the problem comes from the corruption of waifu culture. Like normalfags that just pick some random cute anime girl and call it a waifu. They then get/let themselves be reinforced into the idea that they must embody that form. Which in turn creates some sort of positive feedback loop from interacting with "anime" communities. And through this disingenuity of the relationship, you get the results in all bad traits you usually see in trannies.

The tranny problem is one more of social media or what eventually happens when human cattle interact especially when some bad actors are able to wheel and deal there shit onto the masses.

File 151125413161.jpg - (109.84KB , 1280x720 , [aniKoi] Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu S.jpg )
380 No. 380 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
What are some thing you believe that most people wouldn't agree with, or would possibly get upset about if you told them how you really feel about it?
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>> No. 1726 [Edit]
There's no objective reason why you're wrong. There's also no objective reason why shouldn't stop giving medical attention to the sick and old. Or go back to caveman society where violence is the way any dispute is settled and there's no concept of human rights. Arguing about morality is kind of pointless and ultimately boils down to feelings and empathy.
>> No. 1727 [Edit]
>Or go back to caveman society where violence is the way any dispute is settled
Well at least for this one, there's an argument that avoiding violence is better for the long-term survival of the species as a whole. But that's not really an objective argument since it's based on the belief that there is some "goal" to be reached in the first place.

Questions of ethics/morality only make sense under a given framework, and what framework you use changes what the answers would be. E.g. to most people having children is clearly a "good thing" but under certain branches of pessimism, it's a horrible thing. By default people seem to very loosely work under something like negative consequentialism (they imagine the outcomes of actions as it would affect them), and they might also have spiritual beliefs that they're constrained by.
>> No. 1734 [Edit]
I think Hamas did the right thing. There I said it. I don't feel sorry for all those hipsters and egirls they killed. 1400 less IDF and normalfags.
>> No. 1735 [Edit]
Muslims are the ultimate normalfags. All they care about is fancy cars, religion, and producing as much spawn as possible.

File 153108960040.jpg - (51.07KB , 1024x819 , 1524791284_84038297.jpg )
533 No. 533 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
/tat/ do you feel that anime artists depict females with unreasonably outsized and protruding genitals in order to appeal to homosexual, bisexual and other cock-hungry viewers?
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>> No. 687 [Edit]
According to my understanding, I think it's either baboons or chimpanzees for whom, when in heat, the genitalia of the females swells to an enormous size so I don't think the people who have the puffy vulva fetish are closeted gays. I think they're just more animalistic than normal. Just out of curiosity, has anyone here ever been aroused at the sight of a mare's genitalia? I know I have. It's like regular genitalia, but larger.
>> No. 729 [Edit]
That's actually how they look on younger girls though, particularly 10-14(maybe later as well). I think it grows out of proportion to the hips and the hips catch up later.

I'm not a paedophile or anything I just have three younger sisters who were not always that shy about the way they dressed or acted at home.

It's their arse that gets bigger.
>> No. 1732 [Edit]
that pic is undoubtedly depicting testicles
>> No. 1733 [Edit]
It's not, sadly.

File 146084405649.png - (386.19KB , 720x540 , dc3wxFo.png )
85 No. 85 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
In your own words; what makes women today unbearable?
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>> No. 1720 [Edit]
Arguments about clothes are vain and I don't care very much.

What women have done is get together in New York circa 1848 and decide that they're going to be feminists, and that feminism entails that they're going to be just like men. In being identical to men, they're awarded responsibilities which they are bad at carrying, but refuse to delegate those responsibilities to anybody else even though they're not cut out for them, because they know those around them won't make them pay any accountability. This is also true for men. The difference is that men tend to self-regulate responsibility more, are held to it moreso, and don't latch onto it as though if they let go they'll be worthless and left for dead;- they were already held worthless from the start.

That's the problem. Women make such undesirable company because they're performing a drag act in which they all larp as men. If you got a Thai bride, she would still talk more than a Thai man. She would still use more deceit than a man. But you would not care half as much because she's behaviorally just doing woman things. I don't even care that western women have abandoned traditional beauty. But to have a nurturing element that manifests worse than mine is inexcusable.
>> No. 1728 [Edit]
I got an email from a woman peppered with exclamation points, and I thought "why the hell do they do this". Found an article about it, and as predicted, its explanation is that women are expected to as way of appearing friendly, and basically the patriarchy.

Colleges have more women, in a lot of places they get paid more, they get preferential legal treatment, and every mainstream piece of media puts them on a pedestal, but they STILL go on about that shit.

Anyway, that's not my expectation. I find it annoying and prefer people write like how I do. I don't want to be able to tell a woman wrote something just by reading it. I think that's the real reason why they do it, to communicate that they're a women, which is something they do subconsciously.
>> No. 1730 [Edit]
Low intelligence + low compassion + hatred of men.
>> No. 1731 [Edit]
The lack of compassion and hate of men seems really blatant and hard not to notice. Lot of them seem to even take pride in it.

File 15239375011.png - (95.46KB , 1080x393 , Danmemocensor.png )
489 No. 489 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Not me ;_;
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>> No. 628 [Edit]
Well it's finally here and it's fucking gay. There were two main goals of animegate: to stop censorship of anime/otaku media before it starts, and to cleanse to otaku community of posers and ironic weebs. Both, so far, have not been successful.
Most of the people involved in this movement are posers and ironic weebs. Hell, I actually saw a tweet where these neckbeards, claiming to be a part of animegate, were defending this Stacy from "harassment". So basically, instead of kicking out posers, animegaters are encouraging them and it's fucking frustrating.
The only good thing coming out of this movement is that Vic Mignogna is receiving support after being falsely accused of rape. Other than that, this movement needs to get it's shit together.
I remember that tweet (or tweets rather). I remember everyone in the online community I was a part of, were PISSED and were saying that it was the beginning of the end. Shortly after that tweet, I began seeing normalfags use anime as a social statement by changing their yt icons to anime girls and posing with katanas. Then, anime ops and eds began to skyrocket in views. Where there used to be around one to two million turned into twelve to twenty million. Anime became the "cool kid thing" and it pissed every otaku off because these were the same kinds of people that would kick their ass in highschool for watching anime. And then, of course, this led to companies already beginning to try to sanitize anime to make it PC and easy to swallow.
We wouldn't have to have these online mobs or "gates" if we simply knew how to tell these posers to fuck off. The metal scene in the 80s did a pretty good job of it, see we need to learn from them.
>> No. 629 [Edit]
>Well it's finally here and it's fucking gay.
It is? What is? before seeing this thread I don't think I'd have known something called "animegate" existed. In my eyes, not really much has changed lately, so how does this affect anyone side from those keeping close eyes on celebrity twitter accounts or what have you. I still have a real hard time believing anime is the "cool kid thing" now.
>> No. 632 [Edit]
>I actually saw a tweet
>I remember that tweet (or tweets rather).
>Most of the people involved in this movement are posers and ironic weebs

you've clearly got a social media obsession just like the rest of norman society, how certain are you that you're not part of the problem the you're complaining about?
>> No. 1718 [Edit]
I think the only reason left-wing boycotts work is not because little green haired goblins start boycotting you, but because they get all the banks that provide financing to look at boycotting you. Cultures within those banks are all universal, and are all foregone concluded. The co-opting of our financial services is a success. I don't know what we are going to do now.

We hurt budweiser to the tune of a billion dollars income a year, but due to the nature of the corpo we picked all it means is that they will make 14 billion dollars instead of 15 billion dollars.

Anime companies are smaller and can be hurt worse, but ultimately you are not their paymasters; ultimately that job goes to the banks.

File 146033725948.jpg - (114.92KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Teekyuu - 78 [C808B8C4]_mkv_snapshot_00_0.jpg )
30 No. 30 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What's your stance on abortion?
13 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1525 [Edit]
I was hoping for a bigger meltdown.
>> No. 1630 [Edit]
Its murder, but I don't care about people being murdered.
>> No. 1642 [Edit]
after having to spend some time around disabled people recently i can safely say i am pro-abortion. and you know what? why does it matter if theyre born or not, just kill them when theyre kids as well, hell, when theyre adults even. this topic troubles me, because beforehand i had thought i was pretty staunchly against murder, but when it comes to disabled people i find i dont give a shit. and well fuck it if were doing away with disabled people we might as well get rid of the blacks while were at it. no no, i mustve missed something somewhere, i just cant put my finger on it...
>> No. 1716 [Edit]
My stance is simple. I agree with both the Catholic, and the Satanist: Abortion is murder.
Predictably, I also agree with the Catholic on the matter of not permitting it.

File 167946068716.png - (302.09KB , 1077x606 , 1653947226969.png )
1669 No. 1669 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How does tohno-chan feel about ironic lolicons?

Basically, people who call themselves lolicons even though they aren't pedophiles despite the fact that lolicon and shotacon mean pedophile in Japanese.
7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1677 [Edit]
I think op is a bunch of tired, tribalistic bullshit.
>> No. 1678 [Edit]

Liking JKs is normal but Japanese normies will still call you a lolicon for liking 15–18-year-old girls. despite it technically not being pedo at all just like people being called pedos for liking 16-year-olds in America.
>> No. 1679 [Edit]

I beg to differ.
>> No. 1715 [Edit]
>Basically, people who call themselves lolicons even though they aren't pedophiles despite the fact that lolicon and shotacon mean pedophile in Japanese.
I would say the opinion of the Japanese on the "true" meaning of the word is irrelevant. Why assume the Japanese are the ultimate authority on what the word means? It's good to know how the Japanese see the word, but that's only when you're speaking to a Japanese person. Any word, can have any meaning. If a group of people are using it consistently, to convey a specific idea, then that's the meaning, for them. That's just how language works.

Also, what "is" an "ironic lolicon"?

Initially, I would assume an "ironic lolicon" was someone that enjoyed lolicon material, "ironically." They would do so, whilst looking down on it, and maintaining their self-awareness that it's actually bad.
I think the word "irony" here is being used weirdly though. It's more like "A guy that's ironically a lolicon" rather than "A guy that enjoys lolicon with a sense of irony".

And finally, I want to say that that image was confusing. Your post clearly describes the "ironic lolicon" as someone who calls themself a lolicon, despite not being a pedophile, and yet the image argues that the "ironic lolicon" is in fact, truly a pedophile! This was a bad post OP. Up until today, I've been confused every time I saw it.

File 168592444770.jpg - (1.19MB , 1008x1250 , e5916465bb79d8dcc04b6fa6a28bdb8c.jpg )
1690 No. 1690 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What are your thoughts on racemixing?
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>> No. 1692 [Edit]
All pussy is good pussy.

The british should not mix, their genes should not be passed on if we are to protect planet earth.
>> No. 1707 [Edit]
Ideally it shouldn't happen, but if it were to, the men should be white, and, on their land.
>> No. 1714 [Edit]
Not bad, but, unpreferred I think. I think it can work when both parents, despite differing in race, have been raised in the same culture. But yeah, if there's even cultural differences, perhaps, as the wife takes the father's surname, and, as the wife converts to the husband's religion in mixed-religion marriages, perhaps the parents should agree that the children should conform to the father. Perhaps in religion if that's a factor, but definitely in culture. That's my main point.

But yeah, when two races mix, they kind of create a new race, one that doesn't really fit in anywhere. Racemixing will always certainly be the unpreferred option. Acceptable, but not preferred. At the very least, I would hope that those in a mixed-race marriage create many children, because, I think in some sad sense, the siblings only really have each other.
>> No. 1723 [Edit]
>I would hope that those in a mixed-race marriage create many children, because, I think in some sad sense, the siblings only really have each other.
Only child here of mixed parents. Yeah, shit sucks.

File 163822959673.jpg - (1.58MB , 1171x1678 , the-boondocks_00304655.jpg )
1453 No. 1453 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Has anyone else here watched The Boondocks? What do you think about it? In retrospect, it's bizarre that is was ever made at all. A black American makes a satirical comic strip about race relations, black pop culture and politics, and that of all things gets an adult swim adaptation, styled after anime.

It's the kind thing that could have only been made at that specific point in time where American networks were trying to replicate anime, before they gave up on that.

The show pushes boundaries(at least the boundaries of that time) and makes quite of bit of fun of things you wouldn't typically be able to mock black people for. It's done under an interesting lens though.
All of the stereotypical "bad behavior" or tastes associated with black people, are attributed to "ignorance". Ignorance is The Boondocks' favorite word. Ignorance of what exactly, is never specified. What magical piece of knowledge black people are missing is never explained to the audience.

White people on the show are portrayed as caricatures. Either they're blissfully ignorant and unaware of how society works, greedy and morally bankrupt, or they imitate black people. The main antagonist of the show is actually not a white person, but an extreme uncle tom.

It's hard to piece together what exactly the show's overall message is. It's kind of exotic, as you can tell from it's lukewarm, bitter representation of Obama. Not exactly standard liberal propaganda. People have said the creator is a "black nationalist". I don't know anything about that ideology. The show does have some element of self-aggrandizing though. Huey, the main character, is a genius 10 year old who knows kung-fu. He's the show's main mouth piece of reason and has been called a writer self-insert.

So those are my thoughts.
15 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1661 [Edit]

>Then there's no debate.
There is if you anwser my questions. There isn't if you wish to concede.

In don't disagree that people in poverty aren't more likely to be stupid and impuslive. And I don't disagree that a god chunk of blacks live in poverty. 2+2=4? Its only a false equivalence if proven false. Otherwise its called logical equivalence.

Is mbtumbe who was born in beverly hills, who went to prep school and its a university teacher naturally more stupid and impulsive than billy bob the wife beater meth dealer?

>My response is that they didn't by my standards
1)Which are?
2)And should supercede the average person's because?

>You were never arguing in good faith.
I'm arguing for fun while in the toilet.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 1662 [Edit]
>In what?
Genetics. I'm not going to say anything else to you. And your nigger fetish is disgusting.
>> No. 1664 [Edit]
Shame that was good ascii art.

You refuse to answer anything like a black man on trial and make no points whatsoever.

I take teh

Thank you very much.
>> No. 1681 [Edit]
I wish rap music went back to its roots instead of promoting what they do now

File 14629936184.jpg - (1.15MB , 1215x1300 , 47b1ef0c58bd40dc44f6b714d7ce0a45.jpg )
105 No. 105 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What are your thoughts on genetically modified organism?
6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 120 [Edit]
I'm not sure about the science of it since it's one of those things that's going to have fudged science on all sides of the issue. So you can't really go off the "facts" since you're just picking facts that already support your kneejerk reaction.

As an idea though? I don't really like them. Every time mankind invents something it seems to result in a great deal of short-term happiness at the cost of long term misery. It's been that way since the industrial revolution. I don't see why GMO's would be any different. They can claim they're safe but how can we know really? Companies are out to make money and if people feel a bit too stressed economically the government will try and kick the ball down the street for the next generation. Borrow from the future so the present won't revolt.

And like >>114 said, we haven't seen any long term studies. They haven't been around long enough, so claiming to know is a bit of a folly.

It depends on what sort of thing you're buying. If you're going for 100% organic, no pesticides, 100% fresh. Then yeah, it's going to cost tons. If you just pick up say, a bag of frozen broccoli it's usually pretty fair.

Unfortunately you don't know if it's GMO or not since requiring a label on GMO products is some sort of great profit killing evil. If they're so great, so safe, why do these companies shirk back at the thought?

You can also get your food cost really low if you're willing to eat tons of dry foods. Like rice/beans/oats.
>> No. 1533 [Edit]
GMOs aren't inherently bad because they're genetically modified (we've been selectively cultivating to induce changes over a longer-timespan for millennia), but rather because genetically modifying them opens up lots of downstream consequences:
* It allows crops to now be "patented." We're in the age of DRMd crops, and you can get sued for growing them without a license.
* Knocking our or inducing gene expression in crops can result in a situation where you're presenting the body with a novel compound (or combination) that it has not adapted to handle. This is less of a risk for minor adjustments (e.g. up-regulating or down-regulating expression), but for more radical changes where you're crossing species liens, it's a definite risk.
* Probably the most significant one: "roundup ready" crops just mean that the crops that you end up eating get doused with more pesticide than they used to. Also almost always they end up prioritizing hardiness over nutrition, so what you're eating is tasteless gloop anyway.
>> No. 1645 [Edit]
I want them to make a GM banana that tastes like banana candy.
>> No. 1649 [Edit]
It's called Gros Michel banana.

File 167238260872.jpg - (499.28KB , 2048x1561 , ebea221ea0c13520a1ba1be9158630aa.jpg )
1619 No. 1619 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Driving is a privilege, not a right. Unfortunately the USA sees it the other way around.
There are far too many people who by all accounts shouldn't be allowed to drive. We should really have much stricter restrictions for permits.
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1625 [Edit]
Life is hard enough for me as it is, more legal requirements making me pass tests every year would just make it worse. I prefer as little involvement from governing institutions as possible. We already have waaaaaaay too many laws on the books regarding automobiles, and everything else.
>> No. 1627 [Edit]
I hate public transport and urban communities. Self driving cars sound like a good idea if they could be made to work.

I'm not sure how well that would work, I think we all know why drink driving is a bad idea but it does not stop people. If anything what stops people are traffic cops and speed cameras, not popular but it works or if nothing else if people do make break road rules they are more likely to get caught doing it and lose their license.
>> No. 1628 [Edit]
I suspect people only know it's bad in abstract, and don't really see how specific actions could lead to specific consequences. But then, I really don't understand people; it seems inherently obvious to me that driving inebriated is asking for death.

If people can't be taught then maybe more/better enforcement is a better solution. Though in general I think that just incentivizes people to get better at breaking the rules.
>> No. 1638 [Edit]
>I hate public transport and urban communities.
Do you really, or do you just hate the blacks? It's two issues, not one.

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