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File 156476312094.jpg - (27.02KB , 480x240 , 499c52fcc578e5c237b53d923816d3c58efcde311d9ae8978b.jpg )
660 No. 660 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Regardless of :



-skin colour

-political views



Most people in every country in the world is just uninteresting and boring .
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>> No. 661 [Edit]
Most people have hobbies. Nobody actually only talks about finances and health. You may not find sports or fishing or tv shows interesting, but there's a lot of average people who could talk about those things for hours. Most people aren't that intersting, but your view of them is totally innacurate. I doubt you spent much time with average people. I don't find most of your links particularly interesting, but i'm sure there's some completely average car enthusiasts who would.

Post edited on 2nd Aug 2019, 3:44pm
>> No. 719 [Edit]
I get what you're saying, but it seems to me that it's a vacuously true statement. Of course the average person is likely to have an "average" hobby (one that is conventional and mundane).
>> No. 720 [Edit]
It's accurate. Finances and health really is what they talk about, almost exclusively.

File 151125413161.jpg - (109.84KB , 1280x720 , [aniKoi] Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu S.jpg )
380 No. 380 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
What are some thing you believe that most people wouldn't agree with, or would possibly get upset about if you told them how you really feel about it?
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>> No. 713 [Edit]
Trying to preserve endangered species is (mostly) a waste. Sure, killing animals for stupid reasons (like using their body parts as snake-oil "medicines") should be opposed, but extinction of species has been a fact of life on Earth for millions of years before humans even existed, and outside of the fools who think something like Jurassic Park would be the coolest thing ever, we don't miss them. If they can't compete or coexist in the current ecosystem, human activity included, tough shit to 'em.
>> No. 714 [Edit]
File 157211764838.jpg - (164.38KB , 850x478 , __original_drawn_by_watermother2004__sample-32419c.jpg )
>human activity included
Letting coral reefs or bees go extinct would be extremely stupid. There's such things as keystone species, where if they go extinct, many other things are fucked. Human activity isn't something most animals can compete with just like an ice age isn't. The difference is we have control over our own activity. Trying to not fuck everything up goes further than not making snake oil or fur coats. Unless you want everybody who doesn't die to eat insects and drink filtered piss, that's just how it is. Trying to save something like pandas though is a waste of resources.
>> No. 715 [Edit]
If they die, they die. If humans can survive without them, fuck em.
>> No. 717 [Edit]
There's more to life than survival. A lot, if not most people would also die.

Post edited on 26th Oct 2019, 2:25pm

File 156387472268.jpg - (231.72KB , 640x480 , lonely-house-in-the-meadow-4608x3456_30362.jpg )
657 No. 657 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Less noise, less congestion, less corporations, less rules, less taxes, less concrete... maybe not quite a world of hunter-gatherers and stone huts, just a simpler and more free one.
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>> No. 662 [Edit]
What's wrong with any of that? I would love to do that if I only had the chance. In this world, it's been made increasingly prohibitive to live that way to the point it really can't be done.
>> No. 664 [Edit]
Move to Moldova, or some other poor as fuck place. It's simply not hygienic. It's really fucking gross man, I'm not joking.
>> No. 716 [Edit]
I dont mind primitive living, I go camping/hunting all the time. Some people dont care that its gross or dirty, they prefer the simplicity and connection to nature.
>> No. 718 [Edit]
You always have a comfortable house to return to though, right? Camping and sleeping in a tent is different from actually permanently living in a filthy shack.

File 152796676011.png - (192.48KB , 800x1200 , index.png )
519 No. 519 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
So, what's your current political standing? Find out:
Mine, pic related and:
>Additional characteristics (textless icon at the bottom):
>Pragmatism : politics objectively boil down to looking at where the problems are and trying to solve them according to the means available.
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>> No. 670 [Edit]
I tried taking this, but the questions were loaded and stupid.
>marriage should be abolished
When the real question should be:
>should the government be involved in marriage by providing tax incentives
>> No. 671 [Edit]
File 156645137810.png - (221.24KB , 800x1200 , eco-fash gang.png )
It's barely close to what I believe, but probably the closest there is. Eco-fash? Sorta.
>> No. 688 [Edit]
File 156941774030.png - (179.40KB , 1268x604 , my political view result.png )
>> No. 712 [Edit]
File 15720984417.png - (219.47KB , 800x1200 , canvas.png )

File 157054465064.jpg - (221.78KB , 850x1202 , __original_drawn_by_tori_qqqt__sample-fcb58474267f.jpg )
691 No. 691 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I made a thread on a Christian forum for fun. I don't have any problem with them, it's just interesting, but you can see how anything you say to them rolls off like water on a leaf. They can't seem to accept human similarities with animals. They're really convinced we're the most important thing in the universe. It's like they're stuck in this little box. They know a lot about the bible and that's about it. I'm not "debating" them or anything. Why do you think people get stuck in these bubbles?
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>> No. 708 [Edit]
File 157143711914.jpg - (208.26KB , 850x1200 , __original_drawn_by_komeshiro_kasu__sample-e49bba8.jpg )
>Sister Agnes lost her hearing on the 16th of March, 1973... she was again plunged into that world of silence
>It was about the time of Ash Wednesday, in February, that headaches and buzzing of the eas assailed her, plunging her again into the world of silence.
>The Municipal Hospital delivered the following medical certificate: “One must fear a brutal lowering of hearing in both ears. First consultation 7th of March, 1975.

Maybe it really was holy magic, but the video is innacurate anyway. Her deafness didn't come all at once either. It's not like her hearing was fine the day before.

>Are you saying that 1970s Japanese medical industry was unreliable? That due to the human body's complexity, there's a naturalistic explanation for why her hearing would come and go?
Yes and yes.
>since she was without sin and since she was crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth (in Revelations, if I'm correct), she is believed by Catholics to be the greatest saint- God's greatest creation.
First of all, Revelation is a complete mess and its canonicity is very debatable. I haven't gotten to it yet(i'm on exodus now), but from what I know about it, it is very suspect. Every human is born with sin which cannot be removed, every single one, and nobody is the ruler of heaven or earth except god and god alone. There's god at the very tippy top, and everybody else is infinitely beneath him. That's how it works according to protestants. You can't even get any kind of help from dead saints or loved ones because they have no power after death. The only special "human" is Jesus because he's part of the trinity. Mary is not.

It's very dry and uninspiring, but if I had to accept some form of christianity, that would be it.

Post edited on 18th Oct 2019, 3:20pm
>> No. 709 [Edit]
On what basis do you assume the 1970s Japanese Medical Industry was unreliable?
>First of all, Revelation is a complete mess and its canonicity is very debatable.
I need sources on this. From my understanding, the Bible is a product of the Church and the Church heavily reviewed these things. They even removed the Book of Enoch at one point.
>Every human is born with sin which cannot be removed, every single one
What do you think of this article?
>and nobody is the ruler of heaven or earth except god and god alone
What do you think of the The Annunciation when the Angel Gabriel greeted Mary? I've read some say that in the past, it was human beings greeting angels with reverence since angels were so close to God and yet, in the The Annunciation, it's the angel greeting Mary with reverence- a complete role reversal. I believe Catholics believe that Mary is the Queen of Heaven and Earth and that the angels, despite being superior to man, still revere Mary. If it helps, even if you were to accept Revelations, it wouldn't change the fact that the Queen is not the ruler and really has no say in things beyond gentle influence in the King's decision. In a nutshell, she's the Queen and the while the King never denies the Queen's request, the Queen is powerless.
>You can't even get any kind of help from dead saints or loved ones because they have no power after death
What do you think of this article?
>> No. 710 [Edit]
File 157151817593.jpg - (159.01KB , 850x1189 , __original_drawn_by_haori_iori__sample-21f3a4cf6fe.jpg )
>On what basis do you assume the 1970s Japanese Medical Industry was unreliable?
The modern medical industry is unreliable, just less so then 40+ years ago. We don't fully understand the body now and we certainly didn't back then.

>So generally, the canon of the New Testament, our twenty-seven books, is accepted by all Christian churches, generally. Except that the Revelation of John is still not part of the lectionary or canon in some Eastern and Middle Eastern churches... And some of them don't have the Revelation of John in their New Testament. The canon of all the scripture therefore has never been completely the same for all Christians everywhere.
>The Western Roman Catholic canon, and the Greek Slavonic bibles, have for example, Tobit, part of the Old Testament, Judith, the Wisdom of Solomon, Ecclesiasticus, Baruch, and the letter of Jeremiah, and 1 and 2 Maccabees. They also have a longer version of Daniel and a longer version of Esther.
>It's the Easter letter by the Bishop Athanasius, who was Bishop of Alexandria. Bishops at this time, especially of major cities, would sometimes send around what we call a paschal letter, an Easter letter. In which they'd give instructions or different kinds of things to their churches. And in one year when he's doing this, he says, "These are the books that you should read and should not read."
>when Bishop Athanasius sent around his Easter letter. And they say that's when the Christian canon of the New Testament was set. Because it's the earliest that we have. But that's not really right. He was just bishop of one area. His letter was not binding on anybody else, except the churches in his Alexandrian diocese. So it didn't set the canon. 367 is simply the time when we get the earliest list that matches our list of twenty-seven books of the New Testament.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 711 [Edit]
Here's another source on Revelation.

File 153108960040.jpg - (51.07KB , 1024x819 , 1524791284_84038297.jpg )
533 No. 533 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
/tat/ do you feel that anime artists depict females with unreasonably outsized and protruding genitals in order to appeal to homosexual, bisexual and other cock-hungry viewers?
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>> No. 637 [Edit]
They have a sports bra, short hair, thin arms, and a massive ass. The crease in the middle is from the seam. There's no reason to think that's a male. The labia is emphasized so much for the same reason every other feature is. Cartoony drawings exaggerate things.
>> No. 638 [Edit]
Also it's Taihou from kantai collection.
>> No. 643 [Edit]
>unreasonably outsized and protruding genitals
If one give a damn about unreasonably sized or uncharacteristically drawn body parts, I don't think that image would be appealing to one regardless.

I like both!
>> No. 687 [Edit]
According to my understanding, I think it's either baboons or chimpanzees for whom, when in heat, the genitalia of the females swells to an enormous size so I don't think the people who have the puffy vulva fetish are closeted gays. I think they're just more animalistic than normal. Just out of curiosity, has anyone here ever been aroused at the sight of a mare's genitalia? I know I have. It's like regular genitalia, but larger.

File 156878376362.jpg - (57.45KB , 300x300 , threadmill.jpg )
684 No. 684 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Psychiatry only exists as a means for charlatans posing as doctors to trick individuals into forking over large amounts of cash in exchange for complicated excuses for their terrible behavior as well as access to otherwise illegal addictive feel-good pills.
Agree or disagree and also would an airplane be able to take off from a treadmill or not?
>> No. 685 [Edit]
What do you mean by terrible behavior?
>> No. 686 [Edit]
Oh no not this stupid airplane question again (>>/navi/1012). I'm also not sure why it needed to be posted since it's probably going to derail any discussion towards your main point.

I think that the field of psychology and psychiatrists in particular are mostly ineffective. That being said for a large majority of normal people's problems (hypothetically sadness due to a breakup or some other surface-level trivial issue) it's possible that just having someone to "talk it out" with and being patted on the back with platitudes is sufficient to re-patch their facade of life. But psychiatrists are pretty much ineffective for anything else, and any advice they give is vastly overpriced for what amounts to items found in self-help books.

File 149041246859.jpg - (177.86KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Flip Flappers - 08 [720p]_mkv_snaps.jpg )
112 No. 112 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do you feel about the concept of global overpopulation?
3 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 122 [Edit]
Africa and South Asia aren't countries.
>> No. 123 [Edit]
"developed nations" isn't a nation either, it refers to a set of nations. My point still stands.
>> No. 665 [Edit]
>> No. 667 [Edit]
File 156580589648.png - (300.52KB , 1000x1000 , 1424115917098.png )
Too many niggers and chinks, every day I pray to Ebola-chan.

File 151716594268.jpg - (98.74KB , 839x1280 , 130580967753.jpg )
445 No. 445 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What has you political evolution been like?
25 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 635 [Edit]
Americans as a whole are extremely opinionated and self-righteous in general. They have an inflated sense of self-worth. American losers are both extremely dissatisfied with life and frustrated by their inability to change the world around them in a way that's meaningful to them. That's why you see people circle-jerking to politics in english speaking boards. Nobody else cares about whatever esoteric label you want to put on yourself guys.
>> No. 653 [Edit]
File 156322492374.png - (3.54MB , 1409x949 , 69d.png )
Nothing -> Minarchist -> Fascism -> SocDem -> Anarcho Syndicalism -> Socialist -> Marxist-Leninist.
>> No. 654 [Edit]
This is the low-intelligence route

[group] as a whole are extremely opinionated and self-righteous in general. They have an inflated sense of self-worth. [group] losers are both extremely dissatisfied with life and frustrated by their inability to change the world around them in a way that's meaningful to them. That's why you see people circle-jerking to politics in english speaking boards. Nobody else cares about whatever esoteric label you want to put on yourself guys.
>> No. 663 [Edit]
libertarian > anarchist > anarcho-primitivism > anti-society anarchism

File 156448662920.jpg - (9.31KB , 255x165 , bluepilled people.jpg )
659 No. 659 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
it's not that you're sad. The worst thing is the complete lack of motivation. It's useless. You don't want to eat, you don't want to sleep, walk, work, watch movies. Literally nothing. So you often end up staring at one point without even thinking about anything (at least that's how it is with me).

I feel that I am not helped by medicines, psychiatrists, psychologists, motivational speakers, etc. In general, a strange belief that a psychologist is able to get to know my psyche better than I am during a short conversation and convince me to choose life. Can they read minds? I have no idea why doctors turn into such alpha and omega doctors. I think that I know myself best and going to psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists is a waste of time and money. These people are only… people. They will serve me their standard speech, ask me questions that I could have come to myself if I had just thought about it and tell me what I already know very well. Most of us know the answers to the questions they can ask us and can imagine what we will hear during such a conversation with a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Nothing new, nothing we don't know. Nonsense about them offering me a new perspective and turning back from a depressing path can be put between fairy tales. If you are a man who thinks about his life and knows himself well enough, psychiatrists with all their talk become useless. I know all that they can tell me. The problem is that I can't apply this knowledge. It is like listening to a logical and rational argument and when a part of you nods your head that "yes, right, you are right! The texts about talking on the phone support line don't convince me either. Depressed people don't really want to talk to the receiver, to strangers, because most of them are so closed in themselves that they'd rather hang themselves on a dry branch than talk to strangers about their problems. "Talking is a myth. You will tell someone about your problems and what? What will it actually change? The problems will still remain the same, the weight will be lighter for a minute, and then it will come back with a doubled force, because the truth is that we are always completely alone in the end.

I feel that with age man simply becomes limestone, I see it particularly clearly in myself. The
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 156370196398.png - (477.95KB , 860x306 , Perfect communism.png )
655 No. 655 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
True communism, never existed in the world. We can talk about communists -people with a certain definition of communism, views and possibly communal ownership, in a state reality which has as much to do with communism as design space ferries with chicken farms.Even
the communist government, composed of communists, does not determine the communist regime and sooner on the more or less real or more or less utopian version of socialism.

First of all, communism has never been built, maybe apart from the Sultanate of Brunei and the United Arab Emirates, where thanks to the small size of the country and with large oil deposits, a system was introduced that the citizen gets what he needs from power and for free. But even there there are class differences and money,which in communism should not be necessary.

Meanwhile in a society which fully understand idea of communism , each individual will intuitively know what to do and where to go
to enter into resonance with another unit that is able to provide it (whether it's a service or a good). There will be no currency in this a society. Everyone will do what he is passionate about and excitement. For example, one person is passionate about producing healthy food and other person is passionate about producingtools for the production of this food. Some of them will satisfy the needs of others without the need for money. In our present society, this solution exists partly among passionate people. The one who lives with passion and excitement will notice the same as "things" always happen in the right place and time, and one does not have to strain too much to live in abundance.

Unfortunately, today's society is dominated by the desire to dominate and having more than others. This creates a hierarchy and social problems . Let changes take place they must occur at the level of the individual and then at the level of the collective.
>> No. 656 [Edit]
>Meanwhile in a society which fully understand idea of communism , each individual will intuitively know what to do and where to go
No, they won't. People are not blank slates and people are not ants. What if there is not enough people passionate about growing food, or driving buses, or cleaning toilets, or working in a factory? If I want a laptop, how would I get it and how would it be made? Would there there be a laptop guild? Would they have the resources to get the supplies and equipment plus maintenance and electricity for it? With the help of people who just happen to be passionate about providing those things? What would I give in exchange for the laptop? Would they really just give it to me, let alone 500 other people? How long would it take to get mine?

How would the people passionate about growing food decide on who gets what land? I don't want to share land. Who will stop me from fighting over it? What if the guys who grow food decide to only give it to people in exchange for servitude and other forms of authority? They could team up and basically form a new, non-real communism government? They'll want to do it to, regardless of how well they know communism. What about their kids? Will they give a shit about ideology? Who will be responsible for teaching real communism if not a government?

Any government will take advantage of their power to live better than others. You need a government to stop another government from being formed by people who posses necessities or weapons. "Domination" is simply a means to an end, a better life for you and your family.

Or, I could just do nothing and live off others work. What about people who are passionate about nothing or watching TV all day? Or eating and breeding? What if way more people are "passionate" about things that aren't beneficial to others?

If I work harder than some fucker, I want to live better than him, otherwise, why bother? Many people think like that, at least to some extent, and then things turn to shit. You can't reprogram human nature, which did not evolve to be compatible with communism
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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