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File 150898801115.gif - (3.46MB , 320x176 , shut-up-and-take-my-money-level-anime_o_742644.gif )
364 No. 364 [Edit]
I don't understand. How is Mexico still so piss poor after all this time? They've been sending swarms of Mexicans to the US for decades to collect money and resources, who then send those resources and money back to their families in mexico? Anyone who's lived around them would know how much of a drain they are on the American economy. They spend as little as they can here so they can send to Mexico everything they can. They're content to live in squarer or pack themselves into small homes like sardines just to save a few bucks to send to Mexico. The question is though, where is that money? Are corrupt police, politicians, and drug lords really sucking it all up or is there more to it?
>> No. 365 [Edit]
There's the crime, there's also that: if they work in the U.S they aren't paying Income Tax to the Mexican government nor are there any substantial businesses paying Income Tax due to nobody working in Mexico (and then there's obvious tax-dodging even when they should pay).
Roman Empire was built on taxes, just sayin'.
>> No. 366 [Edit]
Most of South and Central America and its people are very corrupt and have fluid morality, which is most likely due to the mixing with the natives. If you have ever been to a village or town where the majority of the people are Amerindian you'd notice their proclivities in a couple of days.

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