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File 160175711521.jpg - (2.33MB , 2237x1580 , a3e4fc4f8916974cac86496d79e2914c.jpg )
3912 No. 3912 [Edit]
What is your dream manga? What do you want it to be about? Do you want to discover it after it ended so you can read it at your own pace or so you can read it all at once? Who do you want it to be made by? Do you want it to be short or long? Do you want short or long chapters? What kind of characters do you want it to have? What kind of setting and atmosphere? Please post any and all of the juicy details of your ideal manga.
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>> No. 3913 [Edit]
>What do you want it to be about?
I want something to get me like Punpun did when I first read it. It wasn't like a "literally me!" get me but it was the first thing that put male depression in a way I found relatable. Call it suffering porn, but it was the first work that felt like it understood it and the kind of people that surround those that choose to remain in society.
I doubt I will ever find something like that, though, considering that part of the reason it worked is because I didn't know what I was in for.
>Do you want to discover it after it ended so you can read it at your own pace or so you can read it all at once?
I rarely ever read ongoings because authors tend to drag shit out, especially in manga that don't have a set/serious plot.
>Who do you want it to be made by?
Written by whoever, but I would really like to see Go Nagai's art in something that's not a cheese fest.
>Do you want it to be short or long?
5-10 volumes is best, it isn't too short but succint and not drawn out either. Couple of hundred pages a voluume.
>Do you want short or long chapters?
30ish pages is comfortable and digesgtable. Give or take.
>What kind of setting and atmosphere?
Modern, urban Japan and both a surrealist and realisitic atmosphere, hopefully contracting the two.
>> No. 3914 [Edit]
File 160176503231.png - (513.78KB , 484x624 , 487c9ad7e26e84dd43fff2e87133e38bf0e8d8f7.png )
More that don't get a handful of chapters translated, and then are forgotten/abandoned. That is the main reason I prefer anime.
>> No. 3919 [Edit]
>What is your dream manga? What do you want it to be about?
When I'm not indulging in Japanese media I read Western web serial fiction like Worth the Candle or Mother of Learning or the multiple stories by Wildbow. My dream manga would be a really faithful adaptation of Worth the Candle to manga, one that kept all of the psychological elements, as much as it is possible to keep them in the transition. Maybe it wouldn't work too well as a manga though. Mother of Learning would be more straightforward to adapt.
I'd also like to discover it after it ends and have it be my first exposure to the material. It would be cool to read the web serial version afterwards.
>> No. 3922 [Edit]
Schoolgirl Burp Party: Surrounded and Smothered by Schoolgirls and Treated to the Highest Class High Volume Burp Service at the Underground Culture Festival
>> No. 3923 [Edit]
File 160191640347.jpg - (118.67KB , 1280x720 , [Erai-raws] 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatt.jpg )
Good God! The idea of schoolgirls' farts is appealing, but burping is disgusting.
>> No. 3924 [Edit]
File 160202515444.jpg - (216.83KB , 1000x666 , 743e7b7246672b447a3a6bfdf2bb6233.jpg )
>What do you want it to be about?
A university professor takes an interest in cluster a personality disorders and goes through great pains in identifying students he strongly suspects of having them and inviting them to join his tea drinking club under some pretense. He enjoys taking notes on their behavior and interactions. While initially, none of the five he managed to find and get to agree seem enthused to be there, after half a year of meeting, they warm up to him and each other enough to see it as a valuable part of their routine. Then he goes missing before his corpse is found in some bizarre place he couldn't have gone to on his own. The tea drinking club continues to meet up without him. Together, they start speculating that he was murdered by another student at the university and decide to try to solve the mystery. It's five cluster a's vs an enigmatic cluster b.
>Who do you want it to be made by?
Urasawa Naoki probably. I can't think of anyone better.
>What kind of setting and atmosphere?
A generic prestigious college where everybody dresses nicely. Surreal and desolate.

Post edited on 6th Oct 2020, 4:01pm
>> No. 3925 [Edit]
That plot reminds me of one of the Agartha Cristie's novels
>> No. 3932 [Edit]
File 16026048909.jpg - (101.59KB , 850x850 , sample_2d745bc5d20d7b0f1db9219579f701d8.jpg )
>What do you want it to be about?
It's winter. Outside of some semi-rural school, a massive blizzard starts out of nowhere and doesn't stop. They decide to wait it out, but soon enough, exiting the school becomes an impossibility and contact with the outside world is cut off. Mysteriously, the school's freezer gets continuously stocked with some kind of edible jelly and the water still runs. It's livable, but they're stuck there for the forseeable future. Even more mysteriously, the faculty and students all start developing delusions, emotional disorders and bizarre obsessions, except seemingly the main character. Nobody but the main character notices either. In actuality, the main character is losing their ability to empathize with others and understand emotions, but they don't realize it. I'd also like an ambiguous, open ending.
>Who do you want it to be made by?
Yagi Norihiro
>What kind of setting and atmosphere?
A school with at least thirty students, but not large. Bleak.

Post edited on 13th Oct 2020, 9:02am
>> No. 3934 [Edit]
That seems somewhat close to gakkou gurashi (modulo precise setting).
>> No. 3935 [Edit]
A normal highschool boy living a boring normal life, is one day introduced to a VRMMO that he quickly masters, but then on the forth day of the forth month, during an thunderstorm, as a server update is about to start. His headset beaks, so he does his homework instead. The next day on his way to school, he turns a corner and bumps into a beautiful girl running to school that he's never seen before. He gets a glimps of her panties and apologizes. Her boyfriend runs over to help her up and they proceed to school. He arrives at class to find a cute girl around his age instructing the class, but then she hurries up and takes her seat as the real teacher shows up. He takes his seat on the opposite side of the classroom from the windows. The teacher then announces they have a new transfer student joining the class, and in walks a chubby Chinese boy who can't speak Japanese very well. He introduces himself, takes his seat, and the class goes on. During lunch, our main character takes his bento to the roof, but finds it's packed with students so he goes to eat in the bathroom, but finds all the stalls are full with kids eating lunch too. By the time he finds a place to eat, lunch time is over. On his way back to class he see a crazy looking poster for a school club looking for members. It doesn't say what the club is called, just where it's meeting room. After school he heads to the clubroom and walks in to find a two people in fursuits hugging. He closes the door and goes home. On his way home he sees in a trash pile what looks like a human figure, when takes a closer look he realizes he was mistaken. He back to his empty home, and finds a note saying his two very much alive and not traveling parents will be home in a few hours and they left him dinner. Near the note he finds a strange package with his name on it, but on closer inspection realizes it's the wrong address, something to return the next day. We then see many pages of him eating dinner alone in silence. He turns on the tv where a news caster is talking about a recent murder in their area, and how the criminal was quickly captured by police. He then goes up to his room and finds the window is open, as he closes it he remembers he left it open in the morning. He hears something make a sound in his closet, and when he investigates he finds it's a neighbors cat which he opens the window for and lets out.
He then does his homework and goes to bed. This... is how every day goes for our protagonist.

I call it: "My life isn't some fun cliché manga with a stupidly long tittle that everyone abbreviates into something a lot more convenient but might not even make much sense anyway because a run on sentence would make it hard to bring up in a conversation when people talk about garbage manga they dropped after a single chapter."
>> No. 3936 [Edit]
That sounds like a bad dream.
>> No. 3937 [Edit]
That's life.
>> No. 3984 [Edit]
This would actually make for a good oneshot.
>> No. 3992 [Edit]
File 161422371112.jpg - (497.46KB , 850x1240 , jj.jpg )
I took the basic premise from a shitty tv show, but changed a lot. Maybe it's cheesey, but it sounds really good in my head.

It would be about how on earth there was some calamity that happened a long time ago, and up in space a last vestige of humanity from before remained, a space colony that was hurriedly made in anticipation of the event. The colony has became bureaucratic and draconian in an effort to preserve order and resources throughout the centuries, but now they're near the end of their rope and need to go down to earth or die. They have next to no idea what's down there now because of story reasons. Overall, they have no optimism about their chances of success.

They decide to send 30 of their worst performing, or delinquent students, the people least valued in their society, as a preliminary test, to see if earth is survivable. Among them is a human experiment, the main character. The space colony had a research department for the sake of advancing humanity, and the culmination of their biological research was a genetically modified super soldier, the daughter of their lead geneticist, a cold and sadistic woman. The mc was grown in an incubator and has no father, basically being a modified clone of her mother.

At first she was diligent and trained/studied hard, but started to crumble under the pressure her cold, ever criticizing mother and other adults put on her, the complete lack of meaning she saw in her own life and the isolation from her peers she felt. She started drinking and slacking off excessively, eventually giving up on putting in any effort at all. As punishment, she was being kept in a holding cell for months already, which she didn't really mind. She was fine laying on the flood and staring into the ceiling in a daze all day, only really missing alcohol.

So they get sent down to earth, with vague instructions and little training. They've been extremely repressed their entire lives, so even the delinquents are like scared mice. Earth has transformed into an overgrown, fantasy like setting with bizarre races and cultures scattered about, most of which being superstitious and hostile. The organizers of the mission secretly expected the mc to take control of the group and lead it despite her current state, but because of story reasons, an adult male stowayayed on their ship and takes charge of it instead.

Some stuff happens and the mc sets off with a small group of companions she makes. At some point, something horrible happens to the colony, leaving the group sent completely cut off. The mc's mother and some other people try to come to earth, but their small ship malfunctions, killing everybody on board. The mc never gets closure with her mother and from then on is sometimes haunted by memories and visions of her or her voice criticizing and mocking her.

The mc and her companions goes from place to place, struggling and fighting/strategizing constantly against their hostile environment. Her companions slowly get killed off and replaced over time, making the mc more and more despondent. She can't cry and all of her emotions are somewhat muted, but she can feel frustration and self-loathing plentiful. Maybe there would be a happy ending, where she finds a nice place to settle down in, or maybe she'll keep on suffering with no end in sight.
>> No. 4012 [Edit]
Was fapping to an isekai where the elves find the isekai portal and go through it to conquer normalfaggotworld and I was thinking. Neat. But then the manga ended. I'd like to see that expanded upon in more detail.

I'd also like an isekai where Heroes are treated like sexpats in China who get entrapped with lolis and drugs IRL then do all sorts of menial shit for whatever demon king. Funny aff.

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