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File 151125413161.jpg - (109.84KB , 1280x720 , [aniKoi] Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu S.jpg )
380 No. 380 [Edit]
What are some thing you believe that most people wouldn't agree with, or would possibly get upset about if you told them how you really feel about it?
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>> No. 381 [Edit]
Chivalry should have died when feminism was born. That's not to say feminism shouldn't have been aborted with an old rusty coat hanger.
>> No. 388 [Edit]
File 151132629220.jpg - (113.98KB , 400x400 , 76e2784b2b0eee9aa7ad4264d63cb68bb992da41.jpg )
I think women have life much easier than men do. They do have a couple of things harder than men do but their difficulties don't outweigh the things that come easy for them.

I don't know how popular or unpopular this opinion is but I think that it's not wrong to stop kids from being bullied because I feel like kids getting bullied is what can lead to school shootings in the first place if it doesn't lead to them growing up severely crippled in some way be it in terms of emotional competence or lack of self-esteem. I read a study once about hardship actually making it harder for you to deal with problems the future brings but I don't have the exact source in which case this one may have to do:
This is relevant to what I'm talking about because they might not have been able to deal with those things in the past and then they get denied self-esteem and inner strength at a time when it most needed to develop. They are essentially cut off from a vital resource early on in their life and as they go on it becomes harder for them to get that resource.
Sometimes the child does not go on to become miserable but instead becomes violent, in certain cases this violence is controlled or it is not. Some strive to learn how to fight and have their anger directed, this is a case of "getting stronger" but other times their anger is uncontrolled for various reasons. Those could be what cause some kids to lash out at everybody in that school. For these kids imagine this scenario: a man keeps kicking a dog he found at one point. The dog, usually calm, wants the man to stop but finds no way to do so by any other means than violence so he bites the man. I would imagine it is the same way for humans. "Asking doesn't work? Use force."

Frozen yogurt is better than ice cream. It's not as unhealthy and the texture is smoother and softer. The only problem is the price but it tastes so good.

I don't like chocolate ice cream, it leaves a bad aftertaste all the time and for much of my childhood I preferred vanilla over chocolate. Also I didn't like strawberry because there were always strawberry bits in there and I don't like the texture.

Comedy is dying. Memes are becoming increasingly common, are very effective, and seem like a much better alternative to having to make up your own jokes and actually be clever until you pay attention to the fact that it really is just the same joke over and over sometimes done differently but it's all way too similar to other instances of it that it's not worth calling it a joke, not in my opinion. I don't know if comedians are using it now but I dread the day when they do.

I like music without lyrics better, I think it allows the imagination to wander and can be good for promoting creativity.

I know it isn't unpopular here on TC but I do think 2D women look better than 3D women. Aside from the face usually looking prettier, they don't have to wear makeup for any reason and actually look worse with it on, their faces are usually perfectly proportional, and their bodies don't have wrinkles up until a much later age. Older women still look good later on in 2D.

Also I just think makeup makes women look uglier altogether, it looks so artificial and ugly to see unnatural colors on people's faces and drawn on eyebrows with eyelashes that look like they double as fans. Moderation, dang it.

That's all of the unpopular opinions I can think of for now. I don't know how many of these are unpopular because I don't get out much anymore and haven't for a while.
Why are we posting our unpopular/controversial opinions on /tat/ though? I don't really look forward to arguing about petty opinions. Can't we post about it on /ot/ where we can take it easy?
>> No. 389 [Edit]
Amen to all of that brother.
>> No. 390 [Edit]
>Why are we posting our unpopular/controversial opinions on /tat/ though?
Maybe so that no one gets annoyed by any opinions they might find too controversial.
>I don't really look forward to arguing about petty opinions.
It's not like you ever need to reply to anyone replying to you. Just saying.
>> No. 391 [Edit]
>I don't really look forward to arguing about petty opinions
I think that's the point of the board.
>> No. 392 [Edit]
File 151138265811.jpg - (361.61KB , 750x750 , b6f171125643d00578053f0311324ea7a911bb6b.jpg )
I know that, which is why I asked if it couldn't just be posted to /ot/ where we don't have to debate.
>> No. 403 [Edit]
File 151355321676.jpg - (28.54KB , 450x331 , 8noyvfmt5z301.jpg )
anime > western animation excluding feature films.
People like to bash on anime endlessly but it's at least nice to look at while some cartoons don't even do that.Anime has a lot of worn out tropes but it's not like cartoons are never guilty of this either and to bash on one thing for it's flaws while what you're pretending is superior has the same flaws and even more is just silliness.
>> No. 404 [Edit]
File 151356652168.jpg - (372.43KB , 2500x1000 , 1343177989521.jpg )
I think just about anyone who has actually bothered to give anime a chance knows this to be true. Why else would so much anime be creeping into western media? Western made animation mostly comes in three flavors. capshit, poorly drawn low brow """adult""" comedies, and even more poorly drawn mindless kids garbage. I'm not a fan of capshit cartoons, but at least they seem to put in 'some' effort into the art and animation of those.
It's decent reflection of American culture where in most everything is crude and ugly but over bloated and convinced of it's (misplaced) superiority, there's very little creativity and even less originality. Meanwhile the only fields it excels at is excessive strength and power.
But no one really respects the medium so that's the best you can hope for. Meanwhile anime has a large range of genres from light hearted to soul crushing stories. Art that can range from crude and ugly, to stunning and beautiful.
As far as I know they don't even make cartoons anymore. Last I saw and heard it was almost nothing but 3dcgi now with just a few long running exceptions.
>> No. 414 [Edit]
>it's not like cartoons are never guilty of this either and to bash on one thing for it's flaws while what you're pretending is superior has the same flaws and even more is just silliness.

Indeed. It's amazing how fast people are to jump on the hate bandwagon.
'Young people get the foolish idea that what is new for them must be new for everybody else too. No matter how unconventional they get, they're just repeating what others before them have done.' - Yukio Mishima
>> No. 415 [Edit]
Loss of life isn't inherently bad, it only depends on the situation. Also, human life is not inherently important and can only matter from the subjective viewpoint of people who care about specific individuals that they know. It seems pretty obvious to me but so many people have this idea that life is the main priority of all humans, regardless of the quality of their life or whatever other factors may come in to play.
>> No. 416 [Edit]
Settling is a behavior that should be actively discouraged. If everyone learned to be happy with what they had, then no one would ever try to change or improve anything and the interesting things in the world like technology and knowledge would stagnant and be ruined. Being insatiable makes you a respectable human.
>> No. 419 [Edit]
Striving and content don't have to be mutually exclusive.
>> No. 427 [Edit]
I think there's a balance that needs to be found but I come from the opposite perspective as for how hard society should push their people. I dislike how strongly pushed the sentiment of "follow your dream" is. Especially regarding art. I dislike the push that your job is your identity and not having a concrete single aspiration and fulfilling it is treated like something morally wrong. My ambition is art. Not because the world needs art but because no matter how hard I tried I couldnt keep up. I was a shitty student but I was better than average at art so I thought pursuing that was the best chance I had at being better than average at anything. At being able to give back anything to society. It was all I had. So I've spent a lot of my early adulthood in self loathing because I couldn't make it. All I had. All I was. I tried my hardest and I wasnt good enough so I had this general life feeling of being a morally corrupt person because I was born myself and couldnt overcome that. Now sure these problems are more from how mush you pressure that ambition yeah? But it's only during my summer break that I realized how much better my life is as a neet. What it feels like to study out of genuine curiosity. To detox from all the adderal and sleeping pills I relied on to have a chance at being worth shit. To have the time to start doing exercise, doing art projects I actually care about, becoming informed about the world. My goal has simply become finding a decent job I dont have to work a lot to support that lifestyle and slowly keep working at improving it at my own pace. Since I become more productive in my free time this doesnt sound too much like a disagreement except it means accepting that Im never going to hit it big. It means finding a life style I can be generally "content" with. Personally I think drive doesnt need to be enforced by a culture because generally the desire to help and improve is an inherent human quality to most people. It's when we push ambition for the sake of ambition that we've started working just to justify our existence and our reasons for working become so muddy were not actually doing anything but putting effort into hurting ourselves.
Now this is just projection out of a desire to relate to your viewpoint so correct me if Im wrong, but you sound like your perspective is of someone who defaults to doing nothing when they have free time but it makes you depressed and self loathing so you have to push yourself with self imposed obligations to give your life meaning. Therefore it is for every individuals own benefit that a society should discourage complacency.
I come from a perspective of continuously setting my ambitions too high, failing, pushing myself towards self destructive acts, bitterness towards everyone and contemplating suicide. All necause Im scared I'll only be some "normie". Because growing up and finding an average job and living an average life is "pitiful". It would mean I'm not the "main character". But life has only felt worth living once I gradually started forgiving myself and seeing value in the possibility I could one day "settle down". Life has inherent value. As you long as you're being a good person and take care of yourself a person should be allowed to savor their life and achievements.
I could go on a lot about this sort of thing because even though there needs to be a balance as not to spoil our culture, I strongly believe there is way too much shame put in a making a modest living. I get scared when I think of how easy it is for a large organizations to manipulate ambition for the sake of ambition to make wage slaves and soldiers until it becomes the norm and we expect it of people to prove their worth through them.
Continuous ambition is an important part of the human spirit but I believe most people carry that enough that enforcing it too strictly into our culture only serves to break all drive more often than achieving greatness.
>> No. 438 [Edit]
I feel like I'm probably the only anime fan out there who dislikes Shaft. It seems like it's cool to hate on DEEN for making a few mediocre anime, or kyoani just for making 'Free' when people used to treat them like the kings of anime. On the other hand everyone seems to love Shaft and will defend them to the death as a studio that can do no wrong. I usually 'try' to avoid expressing any negative opinions about the studio because it usually leads to arguments but that's what this thread is for right?
While I admit I have enjoyed some of their stuff in the past, and they've got some undeniably good music, fact remains I hate two of their biggest franchises, they ruined one of my favorite anime by proxy, and I find their edgy punk goth whatever style obnoxious. Maybe if I was still in my own edgy 16 year old phrase I might like them more, I don't know. They seem to love incorporating cut outs of real world objects in most of their anime, and I think it looks ugly when they do. Not a fan of the power point text play stuff either, or lazy set designs passed off as intentionally minimalistic. Akiyuki Shinbou's style can be extremely hit or miss (Cossette no Shouzou for example was frustrating to sit through due to it's obnoxious style of animation, while Gen Urobuchi meanwhile is someone who's work I rather avoid since he seems to be a one trick pony who's trick is one I don't particularly like in the first place, both of them being key elements of Shaft.
>> No. 439 [Edit]
File 151672080522.jpg - (97.12KB , 750x394 , Motonosumi-inari-Jinja.jpg )
They started out as a very poor animation studio.
Their style reflects their roots, of minimalism by necessity (from being poor), which also reflects, in part, Japanese aestetics as a whole (id est: wabi-sabi).

KyoAni fans were never fans of Shaft, and vice versa. They are opposite ends of the spectrum.
>> No. 440 [Edit]
I think the problems are your personal outlook and where you're looking validation of your opinions. Hating KyoAni for making Free is just retarded because you can just not watch it and the issue is over. Hating Deen for some anime considered a disservice to their source material is more warranted, but still, as a studio they have dozens of classics and have participate on dozens more. Their positives vastly outweight whatever negatives. So hating on the studio itself is childish (in these cases, at least).
>On the other hand everyone seems to love Shaft
You wouldn't know if you look online. Lots of people hate Shaft for the same type of things that are relegated to subjective tastes.
>they ruined one of my favorite anime by proxy
That's on you, not them. If they release an anime series that ruined another (I assume disconnected) just because of your feelings, then they're not the ones to blame. If they ruined one of your favourite anime because retroactively changed something important about it (e.g. a sequel) then that's different, but you mentioned it being by proxy.
>I find their edgy punk goth whatever style obnoxious
>Maybe if I was still in my own edgy 16 year old phase
You're allowed to dislike Shaft and call out their flaws if you give relatively objective criticism like you just did (e.g. "incorporating cut outs of real world objects") but then you devalue your exposed opinion by adding things like the quoted sentence which is immature because you're assuming you need to be edgy and young to enjoy one or another art style. The first step to end silly "Studio Wars" is to acknowledge people have different tastes -and- that there are things that can be regarded as objectively bad regardless of whether people like it or not, like bad writing, pacing, edition, animation, etc.
>while Gen Urobuchi
>key elements of Shaft
What do you mean? Urobutcher has only done one series with Shaft. He has not been involved in anything with them besides Madoka.
>KyoAni fans were never fans of Shaft, and vice versa. They are opposite ends of the spectrum.
Speak for yourself. I like both studios and have enjoyed everything I've seen from both, and so does a lot of people. Very few (vocal) people are engaged in these moronic studio pissing contests.
>> No. 443 [Edit]
I'm sorry if not knowing the proper term for that style of theirs came across like an insult. I'm also sorry if I blurred the line between subjective personal opinions and objective criticism. That wasn't my intention. I really don't know what you would call the style they so often use as someone who has little interest in anything like it. punk/emo/goth is honestly the closest I can come up with. If you know a more appropriate (and less offensive?) term, I'm all ears.
I assumed from my first sentence it would be clear I knew this was only my own personal unpopular opinion. That I realize people like Shaft and their style, but that it's not for me. I'm not telling people to boycott them or telling you you shouldn't enjoy their works, or anything of that sort. I'm just saying I don't like them and why I don't like them. Much like the minimalistic style I mentioned which I know is very popular these days but that is not for me. The point was also that no one cares if you have a negative opinion about any other studio, but if you don't like Shaft people will be all over you about it. As shown for example by the relatively fast responses that post got on a partly hidden board on a half dead site. -not that there's anything wrong with that.- Just an observation. But again, sorry if that's wrong. I don't really hang out on other imageboards much so I wouldn't know if this wasn't actually true. Just the impression I got.

>you're assuming you need to be edgy and young to enjoy one or another art style.
Not at all. I realize people of all ages in a range of demographics like their works, I'm just saying that if I myself was still that age I might have liked their works better.

>That's on you, not them.
Yup, I'm well aware of that.

>What do you mean?
My mistake, I thought he had more of a hand in their works.

Obligatory (apparently) disclaimer:
The views and opinions expressed in this post in no way reflect the opinions of any person other than maker of this post (from here out refereed to as the "poster") and are not intended to influence or manipulate the thoughts and opinion of other readers. Readers of this post are entitled to their own opinion on the contents of this post, with or without coloration to poster's stance or opinions on the mater in question. By responding to Poster, the reader there for acknowledges and agrees to these terms.

>> No. 444 [Edit]
>I assumed from my first sentence it would be clear I knew this was only my own personal unpopular opinion.
I think you misunderstood my post as a defence against your views. I wrote it in regards to the OP text. You mentioned that you feel like you're alone in disliking Shaft. My post is about why most people would agree with you (in disliking shaft), and why people would not get upset if you revealed how you feel about such Studio. The issue is the crowd, hence "where you're looking validation of your opinions". Reasonable people who like Shaft will understand if you don't like Shaft because of art style choices, but reasonable people will also roll their eyes when you expose your opinion in a way that is deriding, because it would make them think (perhaps unjustly) that it's likely your observations are shallow, otherwise you'd have gone through enough reflection of the flaws you found to properly explain what bothers you.

No need to be so apologetic either. The disclaimer makes me feel like I made a mistake in replying because I ended up hurting your feelings or made you feel attack, despite that you chose to write this in /tat/ instead of /an/. You'd make it worse if you address this paragraph, so I hope you won't.

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