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File 16567729426.png - (5.37MB , 2000x1659 , 幽霊図.png )
3807 No. 3807 [Edit]
You're not supposed to look at her upclose, nor while there's too much light, it doesn't work that way and she won't be there, you'll be looking at a nice toy, not the intended entity. It's a ghost, her dominium is at the end of dusk or at night, cornered in shadows and dying colors. A tricky figure, but beautiful sculpt. Smooth, long lines for the clothing and a lovely, oblique gaze. I like traditional Japanese art and this figure really captures the long, unobstructed lines and bewitching quality of those characters. This is based on a painting by Maruyama Okyo, and despite being a solid object, if you place her under the right circumstances, her diffused appearance will be fully exposed to you. You have to give it some thought in order to respect the needs of this figure.

I never really felt like buying any toys from anime and games despite liking many titles over the years. It never felt like I wanted a piece of that media beyond experiencing them for a while. This one is different though. As soon as I saw it I knew this is the one I wanted to have and it's the only one I own. I bought it back in October 2020, when the pandemic was just starting out. I didn't realize all mail services were closed or working in reduced capabilities until weeks later. It finally arrived at the end of July 2021, 2 months short of a year later. I didn't forget about it and was always checking the package tracking on a weekly basis.

I don't think this is a popular figma. Not much about it online. A couple of reviews on yt. It never sold out anywhere and you can buy this at increasingly lower prices. There's a Japanese guy on yt who posted a figure he bought and I mentioned I was waiting for this one. He basically said 'Why did you get this though, she doesn't have any legs'. He didn't get it. He's a toy collector so in his eyes the lack of legs means less posability and therefore less value. He's right though, it is less posable than a traditional Figma but he failed to see that this is really unique as far as Figma goes and of course he probably doesn't particularly care about ghosts like I do. Also, this is something very important that needs to be said, she's not anime attractive, she's a different type of attractive. It's a pity, she is beautiful but it takes a particular type of beholder to see it.

Also I don't think it would work in a room with lots of toys around. She would virtually disappear. She's small, in a naturally inhibited pose and pale, fading colors. She would become just part of the wall if lined up with the cool kids. No, she needs a room all to herself and someone willing to make it work. I think I managed to do it, but not right away. At first I left her for months right beside my computer and she looks good enough for daily gazing, but it wasn’t bringing up the ghostly qualities. So I played around with hands and the extra head and copied all the poses from the professional photographer who did the promo and the suggested pictures shown in the box but the main problem was too much exposition on the table, so I finally managed to find a good place for her at the corner of the room, in a rather unassuming spot to bring out her special characteristics.

Taking a good picture is very hard though. If you look how the professionals at figma did it, though it looks good, it doesn’t look like a ghost should look like. Of course they can’t play too much with the colors or hide parts of the figure in the shadows, they need to show it as a product and every part needs to be clear and visible. I understand but that necessity kinda obliterates this figure quite a bit. Her design and colors are simple and diminutive and the stand will be very visible there at all times and it shows even more for this one if you compare it with a very colorful figure. I took about 50 pictures before going with this one. I also changed the colors of it on photoshop. My camera is very shitty so it was a challenge. I didn’t manage to capture how well her lines sink in the shadow or her oblique ghostly gaze very well but I think this is the closest I’ll get for now. Maybe I’ll try to take more pictures as the light in the room changes and see if there’s any improvement I can make. For now here is the best one I got.

On the promo material, she's often posed with Yakko Edobe which makes sense in many ways but it's also quite awful to pair her with a probable murderer, but I guess if you would ever get another figma to go with this one, that would be it. Still, given the source material and what it's trying to inspire, she'll always be better off as a lone figure. The only thing better would probably just get a very high quality print of the original painting but I'm sure something like that would take a lot more money and consideration.

This is part of Figma's Table Museum collection. It's called Yurei-zu.

Post edited on 2nd Jul 2022, 7:45am
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>> No. 3809 [Edit]
File 165774499085.png - (1.05MB , 1000x1000 , 02.png )
A litle more of a straightforward ghost picture this time, so I don't have to take any background into consideration and focus on the figure itself. Not very happy with it, but that's the best I managed to do today.
>> No. 3810 [Edit]
That looks pretty nice. If I saw that when I woke up in the middle of the night I would be rightly terrified.
>> No. 3811 [Edit]
Thanks. It's very far from the quality I want to reach. Basically I want to produce the best, most atmospheric picture of this figure you could find anywhere. Granted there's not much competition but there's plenty of room for improvement.
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