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File 143737328843.jpg - (29.39KB , 400x400 , 1416784576583.jpg )
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Post videos you find funny.

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>> No. 1465 [Edit]
I think this video is the greatest side-product to have come out of initial d (3D warning, although it's blurry ojiisan bus drivers)

>> No. 1471 [Edit]

File 165075519057.jpg - (0.99MB , 2117x2823 , 20211214_180942.jpg )
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HI, my name is Jonny John. I live in Fortnox Texas and my zip code is 19934. I am an out and open homosexual. Homosexuals are the new controllers of society, so I'm very proud of myself.

By the way, I have social anxiety. I hope you don't mind me tripfagging and all. It's just part of my treatment. Pic is my platonic waifu, Yuki-chan.

With lots of love and kisses
-Johnny John
>> No. 1467 [Edit]
Where did you find this picture of me?
>> No. 1470 [Edit]
What are you talking about? It's obviously a picture of me.

File 160702556731.png - (2.06MB , 1920x1080 , chitose4.png )
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Post edited on 28th Apr 2022, 12:16am
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File 160753570756.png - (2.54MB , 1920x1080 , chitose3.png )
>> No. 1464 [Edit]
File 164992871955.jpg - (18.65KB , 262x192 , 1639545132366.jpg )
I'm not quite sure...who is she talking to? Anon, do you know anyone called Yuu?
>> No. 1468 [Edit]
File 165084966421.jpg - (82.56KB , 800x600 , 優.jpg )

File 15001416949.png - (36.17KB , 192x151 , 1499155902191.png )
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15th of July.
We're halfway through the three shittiest months of the year.
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>> No. 1167 [Edit]
The sun takes it up the ass
>> No. 1432 [Edit]
No its the 6th of July.
>> No. 1460 [Edit]
I still have a lot of nostalgia for summer, because it was the time when I would bike to the library to read manga as a kid. Now sure they had a pretty shitty, small selection, but I really enjoyed it at the time not knowing any better. That feeling of picking up some snacks at my local gas station and feeling the wind without any responsibilities or cares, was amazing.
>> No. 1461 [Edit]
Even reading your reminiscence is nice. Thanks for sharing.

File 162442260985.png - (7.03KB , 260x239 , 1616351025775.png )
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Today I am posting on tohno-chan.com/lol/!
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>> No. 1448 [Edit]
I'm posting this from fuckin dillo. Nobody uses dillo. DILLO
>> No. 1451 [Edit]
Dig 'em up and fuck 'em!
>> No. 1452 [Edit]
More like DILLOL
>> No. 1459 [Edit]
File 164843194195.jpg - (72.50KB , 750x546 , FKc3iw6XIAEo546.jpg )

amirdoinitrite guise

File 162530051466.jpg - (15.79KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
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Nyan nyan
Nyan nyan
Nihao Nyan

>> No. 1430 [Edit]
For some reason this caused carmelldansen to pop into my mind

And knowing 0 swedish and non-zero (yet still trivial amounts of) JP I can't help mishear parts of the lyrics as "shizen na melody... balsamic yappa irahen ne..."

Post edited on 5th Jul 2021, 9:21pm
>> No. 1454 [Edit]
I haven't seen Macross Frontier in a long time. Maybe I should watch it

File 151892833677.png - (203.88KB , 370x576 , 1500500478762.png )
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Liru is a miracle of the universe.
>> No. 1024 [Edit]
Looks like a tumblr reject.
>> No. 1026 [Edit]
File 151926445616.png - (362.48KB , 2704x2755 , 11ba394b332b26680121966142147c02.png )
How furthest from the truth can you stray?
>> No. 1445 [Edit]
File 163615104338.jpg - (131.60KB , 1024x640 , 1636136510438.jpg )

File 153127259284.jpg - (781.54KB , 2329x3000 , liru_b01.jpg )
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I am posting the greatest Werewolf. LIRU!
>> No. 1069 [Edit]
File 153130760862.png - (816.03KB , 614x602 , qgpw5W5.png )
>> No. 1444 [Edit]
File 163615100189.jpg - (117.51KB , 500x860 , 877c756c778445443c3a35be9ca65334.jpg )
She is great!

File 155563056399.jpg - (86.62KB , 626x650 , Titian_-_Cain_and_Abel.jpg )
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What's the most annoying word you keep seeing?

I can't stand "yikes." I guess it really is the perfect sound for a normie to emit when they're triggered.
Must be why it's so fucking annoying.
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>> No. 1390 [Edit]
File 161610512992.jpg - (127.06KB , 1006x1557 , 110c318432a42bd48ee70ef700c0657a.jpg )
No need for the self-hatred, delusion, and vitriol, friend. Here's another trap for which you're desperately begging and whining.
>> No. 1392 [Edit]
File 161616681981.jpg - (872.50KB , 900x1200 , c55dfccc71e851a2172612b16a7748d9.jpg )
Your entire purpose in posting this is to try pissing me off. My first comment >>1356 wasn't even meant as a an insult, but you've successfully gotten me to hate you and your kind when before I was mostly indifferent. So congratulations? It doesn't bother me when somebody calls me gay because it's so far off the mark, but you decided to write an entire essay and are still replying to this thread when I point out how gay your femboy fetish is. You've failed to provide an argument. Femboy is what they're called now, faggot.
>> No. 1393 [Edit]
File 161616852988.png - (1.09MB , 1920x1080 , ayase.png )
I know this board is supposed to be shitposting containment but I've had enough. Locking this thread temporarily.
>> No. 1441 [Edit]
lurk moar is another one. I hate it when it is used to imply that you shouldn't have opinions that go against the consensus

File 16274057652.jpg - (38.66KB , 225x350 , 86664.jpg )
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tohno is bohno

File 154364328230.jpg - (176.50KB , 1002x958 , 1536732814337.jpg )
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why didnt you invest, tc?
>> No. 1105 [Edit]
I don't invest, I mine it myself every day.
>> No. 1433 [Edit]
Forget cryptokitties, where are cryptonekos? There's a billion dollar industry waiting to be tapped right here: you can use GANs (á la thiswaifudoesnotexist) to create cat girls and then people can own NFTs for these cat girls and their ownership will be verified via the blockchain. We will partner with anime studios to release limited-edition exclusive cat girls that all the otakus will fight over. All the bitcoin miners in China will switch to mining cryptonekos overnight once their otaku staff get word of this.
>> No. 1434 [Edit]
So do it and become a millionaire.

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