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File 166460383372.png - (460.33KB , 1200x800 , 1663338016575834.png )
1510 No. 1510 [Edit]
So how many hidden boards are there on TC? Maybe this is a game we can play, see how many hidden boards we can uncover. Here are the ones I know of (and these boards aren't exactly alive nor I think intended to be secretive, rather merely forgotten remnants, so I hope no one would mind if I compiled the list).

Anyone know of any not in this list? Board names are usually 2-3 letters, so you could possibly brute force the entire space.


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>> No. 1511 [Edit]
Sounds fun, can I play too?
>> No. 1512 [Edit]
File 166460680995.png - (235.65KB , 652x498 , 1663182097466780.png )
But that would ruin the fun! (since I assume mods can view all boards). Maybe if no one gets them all within a few months you can start giving out hints.
>> No. 1515 [Edit]
I like this idea. I tried putting random, typical board name ideas into the address but didn't uncover anything, other than a whole lot of 404s...
>> No. 1516 [Edit]
This does not work. And /kf/ is listed in the main index.
Also /mop/ and /mei/ and /spc/
>> No. 1517 [Edit]
Also /r/ and /rules/ and /idol/ and /ban/

Post edited on 3rd Oct 2022, 11:17am
>> No. 1518 [Edit]
>/日本/ (unspoilered since it doesn't work anyway)
Hm I'm pretty sure it used to work a short while back (2 or so years ago). I guess the board got deleted since then?

Nice finds on the other ones.
>> No. 1519 [Edit]
>the board got deleted since then?
Yes. On the news tab tohno says
>/日本/ has been removed, It's content shouldn't need more than a single thread on /ot/
You can't read the board name anymore, due to the glitch involving japanese fonts a while back.
This was on 24th Dec 2017 by the way.
>> No. 1520 [Edit]
How do we know if we found them all? Can we get a total number of boards to know how many still remain?
>> No. 1521 [Edit]
I can't believe nobody's mentioned /a/ yet!
Over the years, I've also found

It seems this thread still has a long way to go. But I think we've at least covered all the boards mentioned in >>/fb/3108 except for a seiyuu board if it exists.
>> No. 1522 [Edit]
There used to be a board called /luv/ it seems.
>> No. 1523 [Edit]
Wow that last one is also case-sensitive. Extra special!
>> No. 1534 [Edit]
File 16676029564.jpg - (144.12KB , 850x602 , __misty_jessie_and_duplica_pokemon_and_2_more_draw.jpg )
I went looking a while ago, but the only one I've found not yet mentioned is /90s/
>> No. 1535 [Edit]
Very nice! I'm surprised that Tohno keeps these boards still running. (pun intended)
>> No. 1536 [Edit]
Doesn't really hurt.

Oh, and there's still more btw~
>> No. 1621 [Edit]
The mystery of disappearing /日本/ has been solved. For some reason, an additional character was appended to the directory name, which went unnoticed until today.

Post edited on 25th Oct 2023, 2:20am
>> No. 1622 [Edit]
>> No. 1653 [Edit]
File 170682239763.jpg - (787.24KB , 1800x2450 , F_739DVbwAAtPKQ.jpg )
Found another!!
And it's /jp/!!
There are zero posts currently.
>> No. 1698 [Edit]
Interestingly, /lol/ appears to be one of the few (only?) boards that _doesn't_ have a catalog page. Even going to /catalog.html doesn't work.
>> No. 1699 [Edit]
Even more interestingly, it seems /lol/ only goes back to 2021. Was it always this way, I could have sworn that it used to go back much further, like all the other boards.
>> No. 1702 [Edit]
You're right. They're gone, and I don't see them on /arc/.
/lol/ didn't have a catalog back then either.

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