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File 159139744464.png - (22.69KB , 640x400 , LLS Normal clear 4.png )
2345 No. 2345 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Forgot the results.
>> No. 2348 [Edit]
damn nice job

File 159012286877.jpg - (811.51KB , 900x1272 , 512b0444ef8cf542a16424395cd01d20 (1).jpg )
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What's your headcanon for the "vampire incident" mentioned in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense? Presumably, between the windows and pc-98 era games, there was an incident where some vampire(probably Remilia?) came into Gensokyo, amassed a a lot of followers, and went on a rampage. A powerful youkai defeated the vampire and the spell card rules were formed. Another thing mentioned is the "devil's contract", which was formed when vampires first appeared. It prevents vampires(and other youkai?) from eating human residents. Whether or not these occurences are the same is unclear. There's a lot of other details that are left vague too. What do you think?

File 157019103587.jpg - (179.90KB , 724x1023 , Toho Mayumi 4.jpg )
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Picture of Mayumi but in two pieces.
>> No. 2314 [Edit]
File 157845933016.jpg - (207.52KB , 882x1254 , EK-jax9UYAAeyn6-orig.jpg )
Please don't damage my clay daughter

File 15897264026.jpg - (51.84KB , 570x730 , eb99683d4724f3949e21a8c5022c57e1.jpg )
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What the hell are Sakuya's powers and how do they work???
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>> No. 2335 [Edit]
Sakuya is just Yumeko using a fake identity to commit fraud.
>> No. 2336 [Edit]
File 158976475313.png - (354.98KB , 600x600 , Sakuya 004.png )
It's magic.
>> No. 2337 [Edit]
Makes sense. I figured Remilia was just -that- fast and could react in an instant once things change and knives popup out of nowhere.
>> No. 2338 [Edit]
Maybe she voluntarily serves Remilia or actually gets her power from Remilia.

File 129532116118.jpg - (702.91KB , 1400x998 , 6f86a9cd7d0480af8812e72a268919b5.jpg )
1137 No. 1137 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Hit me with your best/favorite Tōhō art.
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>> No. 2317 [Edit]
File 158507646618.png - (938.05KB , 1200x1213 , 1584965048704.png )
>> No. 2327 [Edit]
File 158939702143.jpg - (399.00KB , 708x1000 , bfb0ad0d93b2e2279ceb6ed7eb6f2803.jpg )
>> No. 2328 [Edit]
File 15893971846.jpg - (712.59KB , 1403x1000 , 2033f2c23756159cebdca21cf08e9b6a.jpg )
>> No. 2329 [Edit]
File 158939736761.png - (1.79MB , 716x1020 , c94f1b15d1d41a96074d7664fd5179a5.png )

File 158932436913.jpg - (370.19KB , 1920x1080 , 484757.jpg )
2325 No. 2325 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I thought it'd be interesting to see what everyone's opinion on general things about touhou
List your games favorite to least favorite, your favorite characters, favorite tracks, etc.
You can say why and why not, or just list them without going into detail, anything goes.
I will start with my opinion on the games, I love all of them, but some are better than others
1. Perfect Cherry Blossom
2. Story of Eastern Wonderland
3. Undefined Fantastic Object
4. Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
5. Imperishable Night
6. Highly Responsive to Prayers
7. Wily Beast and Weakest Creature
8. Mountain of Faith
9. Phantasmagoria of Flower View
10. Subterranean Animism
11. Mystic Square
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 2326 [Edit]
File 158932623127.jpg - (108.35KB , 850x666 , __fujiwara_no_mokou_houraisan_kaguya_van_darkholme.jpg )
Favorite Characters:
1.Fujiwara no Mokou
Her backstory is interesting, her personality is appealing, and her dynamic with Kaguya is one of the most interesting things in touhou to me.
2.Reimu Hakurei
I like the idea of a lackadasical, financially struggling heir to a shrine who doesn't put that much effort into anything and isn't even that good at what she's supposed to do besides fighting.
3.Sakuya Izayoi
Her powers are cool and I like the hyper-competent servant trope a lot. I like how she's disconnected from other humans, which is something these have in common come to think of it.
4.Suwako Moriya
Her design is appealing and I like the old man in a girl's body thing. Her backstory is also interesting and I like her theme a lot.
I like the whole, exception to a fantasy race thing. She's a fairy, but she's large and relatively powerful. She has the underdog thing going for her and her stupidity is also endearing.
6.Satori Komeiji
Her powers make her alienated from others and she acts cold and distant because of it. Her theme's also great.
She's from my favorite of the games. She's mysterious. Her theme is cool.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 157721450364.jpg - (693.76KB , 755x1000 , Merry Christmas by makuwauri.jpg )
2296 No. 2296 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Hello everyone, rather than divide everything into a bunch of threads, I think it would be a much better idea for a place of this size to have a general thread for everything touhou. Of course you're free to post in the other threads if you'd like.

This is just for civil discussion of everything touhou related. Anything and everything 2hu goes in here, fangames, official games, music albums, fanart, printworks, 1cc progress etc, everything.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!
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>> No. 2310 [Edit]
I've actually got a few lunatic 1cc's under my belt, but I still failed to 1cc the new game on my first try. It was pretty embarrassing...
>> No. 2311 [Edit]
File 157729197985.png - (477.58KB , 640x480 , Sakuya philosophy.png )
Were you trying to normal 1cc or lunatic 1cc it? Either way, it's perfectly normal, especially if it's been a while since you played 2hu.

Don't fret anon! Try again and you'll surely prevail.

Personally, I'm still stuck on Mokou.
>> No. 2312 [Edit]
File 157738542756.png - (1.76MB , 1012x1452 , Spoiler Picture.png )
New Chapter of the new touhou manga is out, thoughts?
>> No. 2313 [Edit]
File 157805335010.png - (221.97KB , 522x364 , 1564644614313.png )
I'm sorry but general threads are NG.

File 157104239293.jpg - (248.29KB , 950x1286 , Marisa.jpg )
2284 No. 2284 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
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>> No. 2290 [Edit]
No it's not, I made >>2285
>> No. 2291 [Edit]
File 157122557851.jpg - (204.18KB , 500x699 , __kirisame_marisa_touhou_drawn_by_satou_yuuki__c1f.jpg )
That's just want the other guy here wants you to believe.
>> No. 2292 [Edit]
Would you let Marisa steel your shit?
>> No. 2293 [Edit]
I don't know why she'd want it but sure. I was just going to flush it anyway.

File 155851473099.jpg - (174.82KB , 1280x960 , Touhou 17.jpg )
2253 No. 2253 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Demo is out
>> No. 2254 [Edit]
I like it. The achievements are a fun distraction. They add more to the experience in a full game than they do in the ISC/photo type games IMO.
>> No. 2264 [Edit]
I hate how tanky everything is, even max power feels way too weak.

File 140322306570.jpg - (75.33KB , 700x630 , myon.jpg )
1606 No. 1606 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Who, of all the however many characters there are in Gensokyo, is your favorite?

For me, Youmu is. What about you?
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>> No. 2261 [Edit]
File 156064390151.jpg - (198.12KB , 850x1293 , 5EF7F720-927F-49C7-BA99-9078006556F2-15866-00000FA.jpg )
>> No. 2262 [Edit]
>> No. 2263 [Edit]
That's what makes her great. She's not pure and clean, or above human in any way but her body.
>> No. 2270 [Edit]
File 156640604097.jpg - (125.31KB , 1000x750 , 1561688053651.jpg )
If I had to pick one, it would probably be Koishi. From her lore to her to actual gameplay, I just really enjoy her character.

File 151210227541.png - (1.78MB , 1766x2500 , 1510548567564.png )
2175 No. 2175 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Junko thread?
1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2177 [Edit]
Junko's infiltrated NASA!
>> No. 2239 [Edit]
File 15442307385.jpg - (830.53KB , 706x1000 , 74c.jpg )
>> No. 2240 [Edit]
File 15442307659.jpg - (66.51KB , 678x960 , cdb9de382d2c992ab15d7c344ae54bc2.jpg )
>> No. 2260 [Edit]
File 15604477655.jpg - (130.32KB , 450x600 , Junko.jpg )

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