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File 129386728696.gif - (482.05KB , 155x229 , 1238147965811.gif )
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File 129359851564.jpg - (413.88KB , 1500x938 , fanonvscanon.jpg )
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Everyone knows there are some glaring inconsistencies that will spark infinite debates but Touhou fan work has to have had some of the biggest influence on its source material thank most properties in video game history. Even ZUN admits that he references fanon in his creation of new material.

Discuss your feelings on fanon and the positive and/or negative impact it has had on established continuity.
>> No. 1361 [Edit]
File 129369971423.png - (376.10KB , 800x1015 , Suppa Tenshi evolution.png )
Fanon is great, to an extent: the problems come in when you get fanon based on fanon based on fanon etc. For example, Alice was originally cold and antisocial, and fans used that to turn her into a tsundere. A bit far from her original personality, but still okay. However, then some fans emphasized the dere part until she eventually turned into a moeblob. New fans often think canon Alice acts like her depiction in Marisa Stole the Precious Thing, when that's almost the opposite. The same can be said for altering the character designs: there have undoubtedly been times when a character was drawn so differently from the official designs that you would never know who it was if the artist didn't say.

On a more personal level for me, I accept that Tenshi could be a masochist, but it's annoying how she's been reduced to a drooling slut whose sole purpose in life is to get people to beat her up.
>> No. 1362 [Edit]
Pad was NEVER funny.
Ran and Yuyuko are practically retarded.
Shiki is a midget.
I'm upset.
>> No. 1363 [Edit]
To reference IOSYS for a second time, I would like to draw attention to their interpretation of Shikieiki, which they made out to be a vengeful bitch, rather than the caring girl she is shown to be in PoFV. The character took a complete 180, and has been used as reference for many fanworks, which ultimately ruined the enjoyment of fan work containing Shikieiki for me.

File 129248987027.jpg - (56.35KB , 284x400 , PyonPyonBoxart.jpg )
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What are you guys looking forward to this coming comiket?

For me it's Suwako's Jumping Shooting Game (諏訪子の弾幕ぴょんぴょん大散策) a semi-3D STG featuring Suwako.
Available at day two (30th) C79 R-13b "UTG Software". The premise of the gameplay is that she hops through, over and around the danmaku patters while throwing stuff back at people.
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>> No. 1356 [Edit]
Adding another 10GB of Touhou music to my library.
>> No. 1357 [Edit]
I stopped caring about it when its quality dropped dramatically.
>> No. 1358 [Edit]
Didn't it already come out? Or was that just a demo? Because I have it on my computer but i've only played up till the 2nd stage before getting bored.
>> No. 1359 [Edit]

File 128918811391.jpg - (318.42KB , 1920x1200 , 1288107677255.jpg )
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What is the best way to improve your bombing reflex in Touhou?

I can do decent with most of the patterns I just suck at bombing, if I could bomb better I'd probably be able to clear normal mode.

Do you just practice it continually? One idea I had, would be to start playing, but don't look at the screen and practice deathbombing one you hear the sound to get you more accustomed to it, or run into it intentionally when you practice and try and deathbomb then.

Is this way a waste of time or do I just need to practice playing them normally more?
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>> No. 1063 [Edit]
I abuse the shit out of bombs now. If I think I've put myself in a poor position I just press the bomb without tempting fate. I find that if I wait for the last moment I usually get his by something my eyes weren't even tracking in the first place.
>> No. 1064 [Edit]

I just use the default configuration for controls but I'll try this.
>> No. 1065 [Edit]
Eww, playing Touhou with the keyboard?
>> No. 1066 [Edit]
You're the first person who mentioned keyboards, who were you referring to?

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